‘Natlee’ the Former Prostitute Vying to Expand Her Job Description in the City

News that featured in the local media on the weekend is that adult worker- a euphemistic description for prostitute- Natalee “Natlee” Harewood has declared her interest to contest the City seat when prime minister Freundel Stuart feels to ring the bell.  We know he has to do it in the next couple of months so there is no mystery as to when.

Natlee seems to be popular within the social media space with over 40, 000 Instagram followers in Barbados and overseas AND in the environs of Bush Hill. We have received a few requests to share an opinion on her decision. The truth is there is no need for the blogmaster to be prolix on this matter. The way she conducts herself in public would not encourage the BU household to support her candidacy. Our position has nothing to do with her gender, we simply do not like the fact that she is has to resort to vulgarity to express herself or sell her body. She chooses to be a prostitute and that is her business. We would encourage her if she wants to help people in the City, especially the poor, to reconsider the business of disrespecting her body.

The truth is we have no stomach to debate this matter but have not allowed a personal view of the BU household to prevent discussion in this space.



  • @Hants March 26, 2018 at 10:10 AM “Yes we would like all our parliamentarians to have high morals but we have always had SOME bad apples in politics in Barbados.”

    Some bad apples in politics in all countries. Barbados does not have a copyright on sinners.



  • @de pedantic Dribbler March 26, 2018 at 10:10 AM “I don’t know Natlee’s upbringing but to suggest that at the same age of 33 that the successes of the men you highlighted can be equated to hers seem rather absurd!”

    What if I told you that I do know about her upbringing? And that those people who knew her from infancy, who brought her up, are rooting for her?

    What I am saying is that by age 33 most great people have not yet achieved greatness.

    What I am saying is that we have to give people time to become.

    What I am saying is that people need time and opportunity to become great.

    What I am saying is that we all stand on the shoulders of others.

    What I am saying is that some of us have been fortunate to have inherited broad shouldered parents.

    Me too.

    And some of us have been fortunate to have inherited billions.

    Not me though.



  • they can whine, groan, bitch and moan as they like, Natlee is going nowhere.

    not one of them can throw the first stone.

    not even the hypocrite church is willing to throw the first stone.

    as I said days ago just wait until the gay men of the night understand that they too have something to offer their country and exercise their rights as citizens to run for parliamentary seats.

    this nonsense about only certainly people in a society are deemed respectable, when in reality they are the vilest demons…….is nonsense..people are people and a piece of paper does not make anyone better than the next person.


  • @Bush Tea March 26, 2018 at 7:29 AM “leadership by popular acclaim…RATHER than by performance and by having a record of success.”

    Owen Arthur and Mia Mottley:

    Owen Arthur earned his bachelor’s degree in the year in which he turned 22; and his master’s in the year in which he turned 25 (not that I am showing off or anything, but my little Johnny earned his bachelor’s at 20, and his master’s at 24) Arthur was appointed to the Senate in the year in which he turned 34. first became an MP at 34/35, became PM in September 1994 a few weeks before his 45th birthday.

    Mia Mottley, daughter of a Member of Parliament, and granddaughter of a mayor (so yes politically more privileged than most) finalized her training as an attorney and received a law degree from the London School of Economics in 1986, the year in which she turned 21. Became an MP when she was 29. She will be 52 1/2 on April 1 and on that date will not yet have become Prime Minister.

    And yet some idiotic people are demanding from 33 year old Natlee “performance and a record of success”

    Evidence based decision making please, please, people.

    Show me the evidence that our greatest men and women were great men and women when they were 33.


  • As Georgie Porgie would ask:

    Ah lie?


  • @Bush Tea March 26, 2018 at 7:29 AM “It is one thing to NOT condemn the parros, hoes, drop-outs, bullies and other rejects of a society…”

    Can you tell me whether the parros, hoes, drop-outs, bullies and other rejects of a society were rejected by their parents, and by the rest of society whey they the parros, hoes, drop-outs, bullies and other rejects of a society were still infants?

    And if so do the parents and the rest of us bear any culpability.

    And have we ever asked any member of parliament past and present whether thy rejected their own children.

    And in addition didn’t slave owners sit in our parliament for hundreds of years? At what point in our history has our parliament become a place of abode for the righteous?

    Gimme a hard working ho, before a slave owner, or a neglectful father any day.


  • The beautiful part of the Natlee issue is due to her admitting her past and working on a future than those who keep denying and lying about being upright.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “Gimme a hard working ho, before a slave owner, or a neglectful father any day.”

    Or tiefing, lying, deceitful, backstabbing, sellout politicians/ministers who still act like slaves.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service



  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Oops, that yep was meant for another screen…

    Barbados needs to let go the hypocrisy though, as Dr.Simple said, ya had white savages, rapists, murderous slave owning liars frauds whoremongers and thieves in ya parliament for centuries abusing ya ancestors. ..they created the stench still permeating from the corridors of that parliament and abviously possessing the weak minds of black leaders who present themselves to squat in the parliament..

    So what makes all of that so self righteous, respectable and upright since independence was obtained…ya see the hypocrisy now, ya see why it can never be anything other than corruption and thievery, deceit and lies oozing out of that cursed parliament…that is how in started in the 1600s…that is how it will end…..it needs a purge.


  • Gimme a hard working ho, before a slave owner, or a neglectful father any day.”
    If those are our choices why don’t we all just line up orderly, …and jump off Hackleton?

    How about some choices such as Caswell – people who have lived lives in pursuit of justice and fairness for the small man?

    How about the Jeff C’s of Barbados – who have achieved personal and professional success through consistent, honest hard work and perseverance ?

    How about Grenville – who is a local, world class engineer – with the capacity to command respect in any global engineering forum?

    How about Cynthia Forde – a woman with an infectious, life-long dedication to community-centric development?

    Human development is about looking to continually CLIMB to higher heights.
    But brass bowls just keep digging deeper and deeper into the jobby….

    @ Simple Simon
    You are making no sense whatsoever….
    Bushie don’t do emotional…

    So what if slave owners sat in Parliament
    And what if idiots are there now?
    What if Natlee was rejected by her parents…?
    What the hell has any of that to do with choosing CAPABLE leadership going forward?
    You absorb too much of that ZR music……


  • @Bush Tea March 26, 2018 at 5:25 PM Bush Tea March 26, 2018 at 5:25 PM “If those are our choices why don’t we all just line up orderly…and jump off Hackleton?”

    Becausin’ me ‘fraid of heights, maybe? Lolll!!!

    That said I have nothing against Caswell, Jeff C, Cynthia, or Grenville.

    But Cynthia has already offered herself to the political life. I hope that she wins her seat again.

    Caswell and Jeff C are serving well in other capacities and haven’t offered themselves for elected office.

    And Grenville has already offered himself. I wish him well.

    But my words against neglectful daddies and slave owners still stand.


  • ….and the ZR music…?


  • You did not know that I am deaf and so I’ve never heard the ZR music? But I do love the handsome guys.


  • Natlee will encourage voter apathy which favours the incumbent


  • SS
    Anyone who rides the ZRs as much as you claim to do, will likely be deaf,
    and if you think that those guys are handsome…
    then you may also have an issue with blindness…

    We are beginning to see why Natlee seems so attractive to you…
    ha ha ha


  • What De ef going on heah?

    Wunna getting on like we got time pun we hands for a spiritual experiment in feigned morality.

    I am surprised by Simple Simon’s simple rationale though.

    De cuntry in duck’s guts and wunna heah polemicizing bout how we must elect a former lady of the night cause she got potential

    Dear Simple Simon, you remember Professor LaHa?

    Suppose he was alive and there was a need for a neurosurgeon at QEH, were you going to apply this “cuh dear he genuinely wants to be a doctor, leh we gi’ he a chance to operate pun de woman police officer who up death fighting fuh she life?”



  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Piece…I understand the young female police officer also died.

    All these dead demons who once occupied and squatted in that parliament century after century committing crime after crime against our ancestors, could never have left any good aura inside the building.

    Politocians always claim to have good intentions for the populace prior to being elected and as soon as they too start squatting in that parliament…..it all turns into mayhem, disenfranchisment, disadvantage, unfairness, theft from the same people who elected them and injustices against the same people….there is a 50 year old pattern.

    Apart from their greed and never come see come crazy behaviors upon being elected, exposed to the treasury, status and a small group in the society, what else can possess these ministers to totally neglect their mandates, turn against and mistreat, sell out and ignore the very majority population who pay their salaries….

    …..not to mention the pitchfork monument they built just so without it being necessary and nowhere as important as fixing the sewage ststem, the roads and a whole lot of other infrastructure this government willfully neglected…..believing it is the most brilliant idea ever devised while shit flowed…is still flowing….in the streets.

    Only the demon possessed would be that uncaring, neglectful and callous….and cannot see it,.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Piece…UPDATE…now it is said the female office is not fighting for her life, is not deceased, but was discharged from the hospital….let’s hope it is the latter.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    And the Commisiong article only proves my point about the demon possessed ministers in a centuries old cursed parliament.


  • Back page of Barbados Today.

    ” at least I never bite out anyone’s clitoris ”

    and I am willing to bet she was not talking bout Natlee.


  • ” Austin slams fellow UPP candidate Agard over Facebook post ”


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Hants March 28, 2018 at 12:05 AM

    Shouldn’t we all see this as a bit unintended marketing and promotion of the alleged performer of such an incisive act of a little (‘lillit’) tongue proportion?

    Men from the days when the Devil’s snake pointed that stupid Adam the way to a woman’s pleasurable zone of supreme orgasmic ecstasy have been trying to just that but without ‘resounding’ success.

    Why do you think such male life-long undertaking has never been successful until a woman showed the way achieve such a severe(d) bob job.

    Why do you think you men associate such a difficult to perform arduous task with the words ‘eating’, ‘biting’ and (more lovingly pleasing) ‘sucking’, with the knowledge that neither the Mighty Sparrow nor 60 million Frenchmen all over the world including French kissing Canadians can never be wrong when it comes to the tasty consumption of salted female fish?

    So why not give a wo(e)man (whom some call ‘Aman’) the chance to prove in the art of political governance her ‘ironless’ mettle well honed in the ‘consuming’ art at which men have been failing for generations?

    At least she has proven that she has the oral gonads to complete the job without a lasting scar of damning evidence or a ‘tear’ being spilled.

    BTW, the goodly dentist trained in the art of oral examinations should have known better that it is far easier for a male camel with an overgrown hernia to pass through the eye of a needle floating on a sea of oil than for a hungry man to remove by use of dentition the last piece of artwork God created who then broke the mould to be never replicated by man.


  • @ millertheanunnaki,

    I thought the goodly dentist was referring to an act of genital mutilation. lol


  • @pieceuhderockyeahright March 27, 2018 at 1:35 AM “De cuntry in duck’s guts and wunna heah polemicizing bout how we must elect a former lady of the night cause she got potential.”

    My dear piece, you mis-understand me, but I forgive you. I have never said that anybody MUST elect anybody.

    But I have said that the lady Natlee has a right to offer herself for elected office.

    And I have said that one cannot gain elective office experience until such time as one is actually elected, and i have pointed out that some of our best men and women did not achieve greatness until they were well into middle age.

    In addition I don’t think that Natlee needs anybody’s “cuh dear” vote.

    In addition has the country not been brought to duck’s guts by experienced educated politicians? The country wasn’t brought to duck’s guts by the natlee’s of this world.


  • @Hants March 28, 2018 at 7:28 PM “I thought the goodly dentist was referring to an act of genital mutilation. lol”

    An act of genital mutilation would be sexual assault. But an act of cunnilingus is deeply pleasurable as anybody who has tried it will tell you.


  • @pieceuhderockyeahright March 27, 2018 at 1:35 AM “Dear Simple Simon, you remember Professor LaHa?”

    Yes I remember Professor LaHa. Great fun. Lolll!!! He came to my elementary school and made a boy lay an egg, and turned some lumps of coal into CCC nut crisp candies. Enough for the whole school. You know that great tasting candy which is shaped like a peanut in the shell, and is lovely and crispy?

    Brain surgery may not be the most difficult thing in the world. If you doubt me ask Ben Carson as he experiences the learning curve at HUD.

    A fella like Professor LaHa who can make a boy lay an egg and can turn coal into candy has my permission to magically cure my brain disease.


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    @ Piece,

    Given the number of big bottom black bajan beauties residing in the island who are currently underemployed we should expect to see a huge growth of females who may be tempted to participate in the sex industry.

    Natalie is entertaining. She has probably earned a ton of money whilst working on the streets and like Al Pacino – in the superb Godfather two film – she is looking at moving to the next level and becoming legitimate.

    Given the chronic lack of growth industries in Barbados, it may be argued that prostitution could well supplant our fabled tourist industry in terms of revenue earnt. After all, so many of what we now consider to be respectable named companies would have been built on highly dubious foundations.

    Liked by 1 person

  • I said Natlee would be a voice in parliament not the prime minister. By the way, the behaviour of our current members when in parliament, political meetings and otherwise is very little better than hers. And in private……


  • It could be time for DAVID BU to change the title of this thread.

    I am told Natlee is no longer a prostitute.

    Heading could be……




  • Natllee is a politician.

    “City hopeful Natalie Harewood has made a donation to St Mary’s Primary School.”


  • “she attended church last Sunday for the first time in years and it was “so nice”, independent candidate for The City, Natalie Harewood, has vowed to do it more often.”



  • Natlee looks amazing.

    That outfit is elegant, the accessories and the colour coordination is awesome.


  • Who is paying the Canadian PsycOps company it’s rumored in diplomatic circles to be helping Natalie. If this is true what’s the motivation by her backers.


  • Who are Natalie backers and what is their vested interest


  • You should be more concerned about the backers of the BLP and DLP rather than a beggar prostitute.


  • Wuhloss St. David’s! Wonder what the old Rev. Payne would think about this? Payne prior to going to St. John was a stickler for Anglican high church rules e.g. he frowned on acolytes wearing brown shoes during service but times may have changed let me correct that-times have changed.

    BTW wouldn’t it have served her better if her first church appearance was in her home Constituency e.g. The Cathedral or St.Mary’s etc.


  • @ David,

    You are being very intense calling Natlee a ” beggar prostitute.”

    I have no problem with the young woman taking a break from her former profession.

    In my estimation Natlee is no worse than women known to me who plucked multiple partners.

    How about the honourable ministers and their outside women ?


  • @Hants

    Beggar in the context of how her campaign is being financed compared to the traditional.


  • @ David how many of the Government ministers have done a good job over the last 5 years ?


  • Can’t think of one.


  • doan worry.In a few months Barbados will have MIA / BLP squeaky clean competent

    productive ministers to rescue Barbados.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Dr. Simple Simon

    We are agreed on it being the right of any lawbiding citizen to offer themselves for the House of Assembly.

    We are agreed on the fact that one’s former profession irrespective of it being the oldest profession should not be a deterrent since “we all have sinned and fallen short of The Glory of God”

    The point I have been suggesting for over a year now is that this experimentation at the level of governance should be eradicated.

    Any candidate must have attended a formal institution where they are taught what our governance system requires AND SHALL BE REQUIRED TO PASS SUCH CLASSES.

    In those cases people like Patrick Toad Minister of Sidewalks and Christopher Decimals minister of Fineants who were superannuated out of the UWI after 12 and 8 years respectively WOULD NOT BE ON THE FINAL BALLOTS BECAUSE THEY ARE IDJITS

    Additionally each candidate would be required to have done at least two years of national community services in a viable sustainable programme.

    In addition to any other professional designation

    So men like Hamila or Trevor Prescod would not be disqualified if they lacked other professional designations but Natalee and other 2 week City cleanup campaigners WHO HAVE NO STAYING POWER CREDENTIALS OF NOTE, WOULD NOT QUALIFY


    And to the blogger who has made the comment about the Canadian Psychowarfare firm all that is required to destroy their campaign is two psychographics and Natalee’s campaign is done.

    @ Bro Hants.

    Your comment about how the title of the blog should be changed is interesting

    Maybe the insertion of “former” might be agreeable?

    Are you intimating that the Honourable Blogmaster has used this salacious title like a Cambridge Analytica logarithm?


  • @ pieceuhderockyeahright,

    I cannot speak to the intent of the blog master but I am just asking that he change it since

    Natlee is no longer a prostitute at this time and to the best of our knowledge she has never

    been accused of causing actual harm to anyone’s genitals.

    Natlee is no “experimentation at the level of governance ” because we all know that the BLP

    will win the next election by a large majority and the morality of politicians will not now nor

    has it been an issue during my life so far.

    MIA will be the next Prime Minister of Barbados and your party the BLP will be tasked with

    repairing the ” damage “.


  • @Hants

    The ‘former’ inserted in the title . Note the blogmaster has no ‘proof’ to validate ‘former’ and in the spirit of fair play is willing to give Natlee the benefit of all doubt.


  • @David,

    Thanks for your commendable action.

    Her morals are superior to some of the “Lawyers in the news”.


  • Market Vendor on you tube.


  • David March 30, 2018 at 5:58 PM #

    Has the blogmaster got proof she was a working prostitute?


  • @ Hal Austin.

    “Well-known sex worker Natalie Harewood is contesting this year’s general election.”



  • @David

    Hal A wants proof, wuhloss ma belly, ma back, hol ma………

    Since I can’t locate “the Big shot laugh” I’ll substitute this

    Hey its Saturday night


  • @ Sargeant,

    I was just watching Eric Lewis on you tube and he had me laughing so hard I had to stop watching.

    His Archie Bull Cox video is awesome.


  • @ Sargeant


  • @Hants



  • Hey, wondering how we have all this talk for Natlee and we never mentioned sex tourism.
    Always found it interesting how it is acknowledge that sex tourism is a part of the Asian tourist industry.
    The ‘beach bums’ may be male but some local cherries are also for sale.
    NBatlee crime is that she was out in the open…
    Hate to wake you up to this fact on this beautiful Monday morning.


  • The decision of a former prostitute to enter Barbados’ election campaign by seeking the Bridgetown parliamentary seat is a credible effort that’s focusing national attention on prostitution in the island-nation.
    That’s according to Dr Myrna Lashley, a Barbadian who is a McGill University psychology professor and an expert in cultural diversity in Canada. She said Barbadians were making a mistake if they dismissed Natalie Harewood’s vote-getting drive as laughable or meritless.(Quote)

    Another confrontation to the conservative Barbadian moral ambiguity.


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