Freundel Writes His Name on History’s Page

I did not dissolve it – deliberately – and of course the experts have been giving expressions to their surprise. ‘This is the first time in Barbados’ history, that a parliament was allowed to stand dissolved by effluxion of time’. That is how history is made. History is not made by things happening the same way all the time. History is made by doing things differentlyPrime Minister Freundel Stuart

The quote is credited to the Prime Minister of Barbados in response to wide public disquiet his decision to encroach on the 90 day period the framers of the Constitution provide to have a general election after the dissolution of parliament. For sure the statement can be generously described as puerile and strips bare the reputation earned by Barbados post Independence as a model Black democratic nation punching above its weight class.

Barbados has been reduced  to the butt of jokes brought to a head by a story in the Russian media space with the title Swapping Erections for Elections: Prostitutes Dip Toes in Caribbean .…. We have the ridiculous state of affairs a former prostitute entering the race and a political party by the name of PPP – you guessed it – indicating an interest in contesting the next general election. Say what you will, one cannot imagine this state of affairs occurring if Errol Barrow, Tom Adams  or Owen Arthur were leading the country. Is it accurate to conclude it has to do with leadership?

Prime Minister Stuart has revealed his value-set to Barbadians on numerous occasion, the best example is when he failed to censure the former Speaker of the House MICHAEL CARRINGTON for withholding payment to a client. Monies based on standard procedure should have been deposited in his Clients Account awaiting final disbursement. Because BU is rated a PG blog the blogmaster will be generous in language to describe CARRINGTON. You will recall the prime minister’s advice was to publicly advise CARRINGTON to get a lawyer.  Given the fact there was no crescendo of noise emanating from civil society led by NGOs, Bar Association and others, it brings into question the extent to which political morality is honoured in Barbados.

Notwithstanding, the blogmaster is unable to fathom what political capital Stuart and team is benefitting from subjecting Bajans to the humiliation currently being being experienced. As if the psyche of the Bajan has not suffered a deep puncture and the swagger transformed to a limp as a result of the protracted economic performance downturn.  Today we heard it all when perennial local political scientist Dr. George Belle described our government as a de facto dictatorship.  From a model Black country punching above its weight class to being described by a local academic as a de facto dictatorship!

It seems like yesterday in 2007 the same political arguments were being had. What has changed? TwiddleD has replaced TwiddleB. How will the cycle be disrupted? Besides Natlee championing the cause of the invisible people, what new political narrative have we been hearing?

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  1. The Leader of the Opposition is usually listed among the officials that are present during the IMF consultation. So, it would surprise me if any individual in that post does not know the contents of the report.

  2. As some of us have clearly seen, the conflicted politicians have to reconcile to the fact that when they are elected BY THE MAJORITY POPULATION, they are PAID by the majority population, they do not work for neither are they paid by the UK or buckingham palace’s beasts or a few minorities who bribe them for personal gain…they not understanding this results in blurred lines and ignorance of boundaries and priorities.

    I think the lines get so badly blurred after the people elect these clowns or after they are given yardfowl positions at taxpayer’s expense read DPP and GG etc, that they fail to remember or recognize how they got there to begin with, if they did, they would not create such problems and difficulties for their own people and ultimately for themselves by their lack of loyalty and treachery to the majority population.

    it is fair to say that politicians are no longer mindful of reality once elected.

  3. One has to feel a bit sorry for Freundel on reflection…
    Starting with his mothers selection of a first name, and continuing throughout his whole career, it seems that the poor chap has either been handed the short end of the stick , or have somehow managed to self -self-deprecatingly shave any sticks that he has been handed to become the shortest possible.

    It is almost as if the man – somewhat like Trump – was destined to captain the ‘Titanic’…. having inculcated all the needed deficiencies in character to do so ‘successfully’ against all possible odds.

    It CANNOT be easy to sleep at night with such huge personal responsibilities on one’s conscience….

  4. Good Mr TheoGazerts, I am not a seer otherwise my earthly wealth would be beyond compare. However I believe I can still see an approaching train !

    If you compare my comment to be a seer type prediction rather than the simple awareness of oncoming calamity of said train that’s ok…

    … incidentally, the views on how public protest could or could not develop into strong political activity can not be equated to a comment that the US hierarcy would never confirmat that in fact Russia succeeded in planting one of their controlled confederates as US President.

    And again if you realistically think that would be tenable in the US of A and would not be a precursor to a totally ruptured nation and definitive rumblings of war then OK, too!

  5. I see that you have bought into yet another Bajan’s view of the US when you ‘imagine’ a war with Russia.

    A war between the US and Russia will not/never happen. Even a fool like me realizes that is a bridge that cannot be crossed.

    But not only did you cross that bridge but you did so by an amazing leap … linking the exposure of The Dunald to a resulting war with Russia.

    Indeed the blogmaster must post a warning at the doors of BU. “Enter at your own risk’ or “Don’t swallow everything you read here”

  6. “such huge personal responsibilities on one’s conscience”….skippa, you need a conscience to begin with. This gentleman lives a delusional existence. What maybe fantasy to you, is very real for him. His arrogance is without limit.
    For how many years has he been, on the few occasions that he speaks publicly, referencing the poor state of the economy. Everywhere else has recovered, even the IMF states “Following the economic recovery in 2016”, but he remains firm on the negative economy, and then wonders, and his ministers too, why ‘people are so negative’.

  7. @TheoGazerts, good sir on would offer that the Blogmaster sign-post more aptly say : Pay Attention As you Read, Misdirection Often Attempted🤣.

    I rather noted “definitive rumblings of war”!

    Would you not say that Mr Trump’s early bombast towards DPRK and their then continued missile launches, Japan near-fly overs, threats to Guam at al were not “definitive rumblings of war”….Has there been A WAR? Does any sane person really expect one to be started?

    Read please and understand!

    I also clearly stated there would be a ruptured nation…and I should have added, well beyond its current rancorous divide.

    I am not here to convince bloggers of anything but to lend a cent or two to robust thinking, debate and thus planning for action.

    So I repeat if you in your wisdom can accept a report from the independent counsel which affirms the a sitting US President in a confederate of the Russian empire then you sir are sitting in a completely different reality to the one in which I sit…and that is absolutely OK by me.

    And of course, please don’t ever swallow before reading labels carefully…bad for the health bro!

  8. David

    I would like to know what significant achievements happen under the BLP government after Grantley Adams that we all can give praise too. Is it new buildings? Is it good roads? Is it finding housing for bajans and improving housing infrastructure throughout Barbados? Is it extending the infrastructure of UWI cave hill campus? Is it having eloquence? Is it leaving over a Billion dollars in reserves? Is it the ability to attract foreign investment. Is it giving Barbadians a new transport terminal. Is it reconstruction of the Seawell Airport to Grantley Adams International. I would like to know what stands out under their leadership that advance the causes in Barbados. I want to know diversification under their rule that provided a solid foundation for economic growth. Not going to waste my time talking about the cunt that does not want to call elections and his misfit brigade. Mottley must be put on the platter to prove she got balls to lead..

    • @SSS

      Yours is an interesting comment. Barrow gets credit for the transition from colonial to Independence- using the vehicle of free education as a key strategy for human and economic development. Tom Adams will be remembered for diversifying the economy i.e. from agrarian to services. Owen Arthur managed the economy in a boom cycle and in the view of the blogmaster padded the position of Adams without creating any legacy of note. If one is to ascribe a legacy- if it cn be so described- it would be all of what you mentioned and a political craftiness to leverage the ‘politics of inclusion’ to weaken his opposition. Mia, if she wins the next government, will have to show she has her own plan. It will be challenging in an austere climate and leaking forex.

  9. April 8, 2018 2:30 PM

    In 1961, when the first DLP government came to power, Barbados already had internal self-government. Only our foreign affairs and defence were the responsibility of the British.
    As to Barrow’s so-called free education; one unintended result of this policy was that private secondary schools which flourished in the 1950s, such as the Modern High, Federal Barbados Academy, Green Lynch, etc were slowly killed off. The undoubted excellence of the first grade schools lost its shine, good preparatory schools were killed off, and those schools teaching a broad curriculum (I am told) no longer do so. Latin and Greek, I am reliably told, are no longer taught. I am not sure if this is still true.
    About great achievements, comparing the DLP of the Barrow government with the achievements of the first Adams/Cummins administration is like comparing chalk with cheese.
    Admittedly, the 1961 government, to use a worn out phrase, hit the ground running: filing in the Careenage, creating the white elephant of the Marketing Board, promises (such as to create a glass factory, making chipboard from bagasse, etc) tax breaks for foreign businesses to create new jobs, which were abused (Texas Instruments), new industries that we allowed to fail (ie the 15 shrimp trawlers), we had a thriving seafaring industry (Blue Star line, Harrison, etc), expansion of the university, etc.
    But many of these projects have either grounded to a halt or have died a natural death.
    But Adams gave us the Deep Water Harbour, the QEH, a well-structured Transport Board, the civil service offices on Bay Street, and a spectacular expansion in secondary education: Parkinson, Princess Margaret and St Joseph Secondary.
    It was also under Adams that we had an incredible number of social organisations, such as the Civic, Symmonds bank, the strengthening of the trade union movement and a society hungry for knowledge (in the mid-1950s, Barbados had seven newspapers).
    Part of the problem is that our politicians have failed to write their memoires, our academics have failed to write up the economic and policy histories of the period, our journalists have filed to write the ‘first draft’ of our post-war history.
    Then finally, there is the voodoo of popular beliefs, such as the circumstances of our independence, none more so than the nonsense of Barrow as the father of independence.
    I suggest to those who believe that Barrow is God that they read Benn Steill The Battle of Bretton Woods, which suggests that Harry Dexter White, the US officials who led the Bretton Woods talks was the one who forced Britain to get rid of its colonies after the disastrous Second World War.
    This was when Britain offered the US Guyana (then British Guiana), Jamaica and Trinidad as collateral for a loan and Dexter White turned them down. Instead of offering the colonies as collateral, he made their liberation part of the negotiations. Further, the independence negotiations papers are lodged in the Public Records Office in the Kew. Why don’t our historians go and read them, rather than engage in fantasy?
    As to the colonial masters, Britain gave the Federation three ships to encourage inter-island trade, whatever happened to those?

  10. dpD, re your post at 10:06 am;

    You have a huge point that the USA, writ large, CANNOT ever admit that Trump and many of his inner circle during the campaign and perhaps even since then, might have been Putin puppets. That is clear from a number of happenings that you might recall, e.g.

    When the Intelligence agencies briefed Obama that the Russians were interfering in the US electoral system, big time, Obama’s reaction was to try to enlist Mitch McConnell and Paul O Ryan to join him in pushing back, only to be repulsed by these former patriots. Obama chose to suggest that it was not serious as the voting system itself did not appear to be compromised and in any case Hillary was leading in the polls. Never mind that there were credible reports in the media, even then, that the Russians had been found to have been probing and even breaching a few state electronic voting systems. Now it has been found that the breaches have been far more widespread than suggested in those early reports.

    As an outsider, the varied response to the Steele dossier by the Congressmen seemed to be very passing strange. Using the same facts from the same investigations, the Democrats professed that the majority of the claims in the dossier (only excluding the salacious Golden showers part) had been substantiated while, contrariwise, the Republicans went so far as to attempt to bring criminal charges against Christopher Steele and rejected everything in the dossier. Indeed, if most of the claims in the dossier were true Trump would have been a proven Russian asset so, according to your premise, the Republicans could not allow the claims to be seen as being credible or substantiated.

    The responses by the Congress to calls for sanctions have been interesting. On the one hand they have passed serious sanctions against significant Putin oligarchs identified in the Mueller Russian probe and linked with a number of Trump operatives, while at the same time pooh pooing or even scuttling calls from the Democrats for serious investigations of indicative possible Trump connections.

    The Republicans have done everything they could to support Trump’s several departures from the norm even while they must be aware that the Mueller probe might possibly or even likely find significant malfeances vis-a-vis connections between many Trump operatives and Putin surrogates.

    Many stories were reported last year on the Mainstream media about the various Russian investigations that suggested tangible links between Trump’s staff and a surprisingly large contingent of Russians and Americans with significant links to Russian big money. Many of these links have now been identified in plausible filings by the Mueller probe as reported in WAPO, NYT and MSNBC.

    So there is a lot of smoke out there that suggests that Trump was or is a significant player in the successful Russian attack on the US electoral system in 2006 and its possible current links within the Government at this time. The problem to your thesis is that much of this information is in the current information domain. It’s not hidden in secret files only. It has been reported last week that Mueller is writing his report in sections dealing with separate parts of the investigation. This has been taken as a ploy to mitigate the effects of his being prematurely fired by President Trump and ensuring some continuity in the investigation if he is indeed fired.

    DpD, your premise has a lot of merit and is actually the most likely denouement that can be expected but the overall story cannot be easily hidden now. If say Muellers reports are maintained as Top Secret and denied to public view the eager beavers at WAPO MSNBC, CNN and NYT press, and even the other pro-Trump press, will not let the matter go. At sometime the unvarnished truth will become known and those who would seek to hide it under a bushel would lost that battle.

    Either way, there might be hell to pay.

  11. Enuff

    Serious as a fart from a pooch hole. Because I know you all got a viewpoint or a definition of achievement base on which party did what or simply put- political expediencies. Me, however, measure success base on a different yard stick and base on what the eyes see.

  12. If for nothing more Tom Adams should be remembered for the Tenantries Freehold Purchase Act. Prior to that act, persons whose families lived on plantation tenantries for generations could only construct chattel houses and to use pit toilets. By legislation, Tom Adams forced the owners to sell the land at 10 cents per square foot. This was probably the best piece of social legislation since the abolition of slavery. How quickly you forget.

  13. Okay, I agree that “what the Business people ought to doing is advancing a growth method that is dual with a purpose in mind for economic sustainability for their business and the Barbados economy.”

    However, this objective can only be achieved if government creates an attractive, competitive business environment for investment………that fosters transparency and free of what is known as “discrimination among investors.” Government should also exhibit transparency in the process of awarding concessions, licenses or contracts.

    There has been a blatant lack of transparency in the process of this inept DLP administration’s awarding contracts and concessions to Mark Maloney, Bjerkham and Gordon Stewart.

    Many in the tourism sector, for example, have been unable solicit concessions similar to those that were given to Sandals. There are instances where certain investors have been able to circumvent fulfilling their statutory obligations, such paying taxes and employer NI expense, or ignoring T&CP standards.

    This would obviously create an environment that discriminates against those investors that comply with the “rule of law,”…………and also creates a climate conducive for investors bribing officials to “get piece of the cake” or “level the playing field.” Surely, this does not inspire the confidence of legitimate investors.

    When these “unscrupulous” investors “don’t get their way” how do they usually respond? A perfect example is Butch Stewart’s actions in Antigua relative to Sandals with-holding $EC101M in taxes from the Antigua government and manipulating his obligation to pay social security contributions in respect of Sandals’ employees. When the Social Security Department launched an audit of Sandals books, Stewart, threatened to close down the hotel. Although the Antiguan government “wrote off” the taxes and rescinded the directive to audit Sandals, Stewart still closed the hotel for “renovations.”

    Antigua’s PM responded by introducing the Investment Authority Amendment Bill by Parliament, which was designed to prevent any similar arbitrary and unilateral action by hotel operators in the future.

    Can you imagine Freundel Stuart making such a decision?

  14. @ Caswell Franklyn April 8, 2018 4:46 PM
    “If for nothing more Tom Adams should be remembered for the Tenantries Freehold Purchase Act. Prior to that act, persons whose families lived on plantation tenantries for generations could only construct chattel houses and to use pit toilets. By legislation, Tom Adams forced the owners to sell the land at 10 cents per square foot. This was probably the best piece of social legislation since the abolition of slavery. How quickly you forget.”

    Excellent contribution Caswell!

    You beat me to it while I was lying on the beach trying to respond to your man Bush Tea on another thread you initiated.

    If there is one tangibly successfully implemented measure introduced in the last 50 years to right the wrongs of chattel slavery in Barbados was that same piece of socially transformative miraculous legislation.

    It certainly represents a large slice of the Reparations cake which black Bajans are definitely entitled.

    It was dished out not in any politically condescendingly way as to convey the message that ‘we are doing you poor black people a big favour, so don’t forget who you owe at the ballot box’; much unlike the message about free tertiary education now worked to a ‘costly’ death by the current DLP administration with little benefits to show in return.

    It would be most interesting to find out who was the brainchild behind this Wynter Crawford-type socialist transformation policy proposal.

  15. The other highly successful piece of social engineering attributed to the genius of Tom Adams was the legislation permitting contributions to credit unions to be tax deductible.Credit Unions never looked back since and have become a tour de force in the financial market in Barbados to this day.

  16. @DpD, @AWTY… will get back to you at some stage.

    The historical review is quite interesting.
    I will hop in my time machine and go back to the past.
    Wait! My time machine is in the shop, so I have to ask
    “What is Barbados getting in 2018?
    We don’t want FS nor do we want a history lesson.

  17. Sir i am speaking of all the many financial resources that were thrown into the laps of many business some start ups some already developed none of which had any thing economical viable to stave off the negative effects of the failing economy . Then to make matters worse if enough was not enough of what was handed out to them during the booming years some of these business still had the nerve to stand on line with cup in hand while knowing that govt was struggling financially to make ends meet.
    Sandals has become the whipping boy of the opposition supporters but least we forget Sandals was not around during the booming years but came at a time when barbados economic wheels were running dry . The concessions which has become a never ending cry and to those who have pick up the concession baton to run with it seemingly forgets that Sandals has delivered in the few short years in many ways in helping to create a growth margin applicable to production and employment.

  18. SSS

    And to add to Caswell’s contribution, the Act was extended to include non-plantation tenantries under Owen. The fact that you depend on what the eyes see to judge achievement/contribution, is enough for me to exit stage left. Keep looking!!

  19. Caswell,i was about to point out the Tom Adams led freehold act to the nuisance SSS,who wants to forget,such great acheivements by the BLP,along with Mr adams vision for the ABC highway ot open up development in that area.Mr Adams wanted a four lane highway right through but retract as he was criticized by Mr Barrow and the Dems as wasting money.Mr Arthur took up a struggling economy andwith astute leadership opened up theoff shore sector,bringing Barbados significant foreign exchange.These were men of vision,surely needed today,instead of silent procrastinators.SSS were you in Barbados at the time or you now come town.These are historical facts that you ,nor any other Dem can refute,so reel and come again,talking shite.In my opinion Ms Mottley is the only way forward for now..You are always willing to give the Dems a free pass,i wonder why?As far as Mariposa and theophilus Gazerts is concerned you both sound like disillusioned Dems and as such I understand the rubbish you both wrote above,nothing but Dem rhetoric,of little substance,why would Ms motley bring ideas before an Election date is announced,based on Mr Arthur experience in 2013,with the old lady on the bus.What is the ideas coming from the Government going forward Theophilus?Enough said all will be revealed at the correct time.

    • @enuff

      ‘Padded’ it wasn’t a ‘net-new’ initiative.

      Don’t you get the impression SSS is searching for a body of achievements to explain the contributions of the BLP in a period?

  20. Good policy often evolves. It was new as it formed part of government’s urban renewal agenda of which housing, not just quantitatively but more importantly qualitatively, formed an integral component. Acknowledging that security of tenure/land ownership was key to improving the quality of the housing stock, and recognising that there were many Barbadians, especially in urban areas, in tenancy agreements similar to those associated with plantation lands the Act was amended. The amendment allowed non-plantation tenants to buy land with government’s financial assistance. The old act did not include a government subsidy. Maybe you and SSS should hunt down info on the number of households who have and could benefit from this. I understand in some cases it could be over 75% of a constituency.

    What engendered what we now see in Oistins?

  21. Lorenzo u need to get a grip and face reality. Mia has no feasible or viable plans that would be accepted by the electorate. Why is she hiding any plans . Isnt it the story that this govt never listen to the opposition ideas so why would they listen now.
    The truth of the matter lays hidden in mia past comments all in which she has come close to embracing the IMF solutions.
    The truth of the matter just like privatization Mia knows that any such revealation coming from her mouth to the public would recently hand her a election death nail.
    Furthermore how about Mia presenting her past record of those achievements(not) which she has acquried during her 14yeqr tenure as a govt minister . One would think that she would . but then again what does her record have to show that can be of a saving grace as one who has accomplished much during her political years
    Say what you may of this govt .history would stake claim to the fact that under tremendous financial strain a small country called barbados was able to hold its own because of policies that kept its social enviroment in tact.

  22. madam……rather than spewing the usual “broad statements” and political rhetoric……..

    ……….. please inform this forum what were “the many financial resources that were thrown into the laps of many business(es)” and what are the NAMES of these businesses?

    Please present the EVIDENCE and/or STATISTICS to SUBSTANTIATE your claims that:

    (1) Sandals been able to “deliver in the few short years in many ways in helping to create a growth margin applicable to production and employment.”

    (2) Barbados derived significant benefits from the tax concessions and what are these benefits.

    (3) In your former “ac” persona, you always mentioned that Sandals has been responsible for an increase in tourist arrivals. Please present the STATISTICS and other RELEVANT information, preferably from the Ministries of Finance and Tourism, to substantiate this claim.

    Under these circumstances, do you believe your DLP administration was justified in granting 40 years concessions to Sandals at a time, according to you, “when Barbados’ economic wheels were running dry” and “knowing that govt was struggling financially to make ends meet?”

    Failure to satisfy these requirements will be a clear indication that you’re spewing political rhetoric.

  23. Madam

    I’ll give you a simple task………

    Please present to this forum, a list of the “policies that kept Barbados’ social environment intact?”

  24. This Mariposa character could really go off the blog. The DLP government raised taxes, borrowed money, printed money and owes sam coochie and the duppy. Nothing in that strategy is innovative or ingenuous and certainly not sustainable. Hence the reason people are still awaiting their 2016 income tax returns.

  25. Lorenzo

    Interestingly, the DEMS felt comfortable and agreed with David Thompson saying prior to the 2008 general elections that he “will not help the BLP by issuing his plans and propose policies.”

  26. @ Mariposa April 8, 2018 8:07 PM
    “Lorenzo u need to get a grip and face reality. Mia has no feasible or viable plans that would be accepted by the electorate. Why is she hiding any plans . Isnt it the story that this govt never listen to the opposition ideas so why would they listen now.
    The truth of the matter lays hidden in mia past comments all in which she has come close to embracing the IMF solutions.”

    Well, on that score both Mia and Owen Arthur are in the same choir singing from the same IMF hymn sheet.
    And they, coincidentally, are not alone singing the same song.

    What do you have to say about the turncoat doctor Deliar Worrisome who was once your DLP choir boy but is now treated like a leper since a new puppet has replaced him?

    Why not ask your own MoF the Stinkliar -whose Pinocchio nose seems to have been broken off since the foreign reserves tank is about to run on empty- why he has been mandated to seek IMF assistance before the end of June?

    No more Credit Suisse type loans to keep the leaking forex tank reading ¼ F can only result in one final act; that is, a visit to the lender of last resort for major financial surgery by Dr. IMF.

    Do you think the elections have been deferred only because of Fumble’s arrogance and downright vacillating incompetence? The DLP just can’t afford to go into general elections with any bailout ‘negotiations’ in an official or formal state of progress hanging over their political heads like the sword of Damocles.

    Whichever party forms the next administration would be faced with a plan of action stamped “Fait Accompli” only awaiting the seal of a sovereign approval from a 2018 to 2023 sitting Parliament.

    Just a matter of time before all parties to the elections gambling game have to declare their hands full of all foreign loan plans even before the IMF card sails down the river.

    My dear Mariposa, it is you who need “to get a grip on reality”. You are clearly mistaking Lorenzo for a Venus flytrap.
    Lorenzo is a ‘pure’ man of wisdom, a real Lawrence of Bullbadus; not a political pansy like you.

  27. Enuff . Yes the govt borrowed money.To pay bills
    Yes .printed money .To pay bills.
    Raised taxes. To pay bills and keep the economy from collasping.
    Also bear in mind none of the above would have been necessary if the past govt of the day did not pursue a path of rogus spending and borowing all of which must be paid by which ever govt is in charge .
    So this chant about govt policies and mention of formulas govt has embarked cannot be simplified as that of a govt inability to find corrective measures unless one can state unequivocally that there are alternative measures which can be applied to the economy which would remove the burden of debt and not be financially burdensome to the people.
    But then again we will have to hear Mia word on such measures

  28. “Enuff . Yes the govt borrowed money.To pay bills
    Yes .printed money .To pay bills.
    Raised taxes. To pay bills and keep the economy from collasping.”

    So what use is a government that does not have anything more creative or intelligent to offer other than to BORROW money, sinking the island into massive debt, reducing the pension fund significantingly by borrowing too heavily, or RAISE TAXES too high to govern a country, sinking the citizens into poverty, a government that clearly lacks essential economic skills, no wonder there were over 20 downgrades, the government ministers were never intellectually equipped to be successful financial drivers to lift the island out of the economic morass that they themselves helped create….they are still unequipped to be progressively creative..

    And don’t let’s talk about the 2 billion in reserves they found 10 years ago, where did that money go, it should have been grown to 4 or 5 billion during those 10 years, instead of being reduced to nearly nothing, which proves my point.

    They were useless for 10 years and can only get worse if bajans were foolish enough to reelect them, look at all the shame and disgrace they brought down on themselves and on the island.

    A prime minister who is not educated or savvy enough to hold the minister of finance portfolio is useless….and doomed to fail.

    • Well Well

      It is a cruel irony that the Minister of Finance is not educated or savvy enough to hold the Ministry of Finance.

      Oh by the way, at your age, you should be asleep.

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  29. Yall letting ac yardfowl pull you into regurgitating the same old discussions you been having on the blog for 10 years….the ministers were all useless from the beginning, they rode into parliament on deception and that is their legacy, secrets, lies, deception and all the scams in between to relieve taxpayers and pensioners of their money.

    They should never be forgiven, but severely punished at the polls instead.

    • Hal

      Like you, I am operating on GMT. LOL!

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  30. @ Caswell
    It is a cruel irony that the Minister of Finance is not educated or savvy enough to hold the Ministry of Finance.
    Demonstrably true.

    But how about the irony that the PEOPLE of Barbados are not savvy enough to even know that they are being misled, misused, abused and confused? …You included?

    Why would you think that the Tenantries Freehold Act was a good piece of legislation?
    Boss, that was the most stupid and backwards piece of law that has EVER been imposed in Barbados – not counting the Shiite Tax that your friend Stinkliar attempted more recently….which should be in the Guinness Book of Records for Idiocy.

    The fact that you, as well as known BLP ‘yardies’, and even many DLP lackies, support and like this legislation – only confirms Bushie’s theory of 99.9% brass bowlery.

    Lotta shiite!!!

    Basically what Tom Adams did was to formalise what the white people had done during slavery and apprenticeship by allocating the black people to VERY small bits of UNPRODUCTIVE rab lands …from where they then became eternally dependent on the same plantocracy for every basic necessity of life – from food, water, energy, household items …. EVERY SHIITE.
    Just like the SLUMS of the USA.
    How was that innovative?

    Then Arthur came along in his albino-centric ignorance and made it MUCH WORSE by extending it to include lands owned by PROGRESSIVE BLACKS, who had sacrificed to acquire land – and who facilitated others by renting them spots. These PROGRESSIVE BLACKS were then forced to sell off their lands – just like the whites who had acquired theirs through plantation slavery over centuries of exploitation of black people.
    So instead or REWARDING progressive black people, Arthur penalised them and stigmatised them. Clearly he did not understand the parable of the talents.

    Finally, because of this idiotic law, black persons with relatively large land holdings – or even moderate – STOPPED renting land to needy Bajans – for fear of losing their investments, thus driving HOARDS of brass bowls to the NHC, RDC and UDC looking for free houses and for assistance with land for housing….and of course becoming political yardfowls in the process…

    The fallout from this legislative IDIOCY continues to impact the national psyche today, where Bajans resign themselves to the fact that the GOVERNMENT is just a black version of the old plantocracy…… because it has mostly been a wholly owned subsidiary of that plantocracy. Just look at how government has treated the ZR industry of Barbados for another example of shiite legislation.

    Actually Sandiford was an outlier in that regard – and of course they systematically destroyed him – with the firm support of the same mendicant brass bowl blacks.

    What would have been an INNOVATIVE bit of legislation instead of the stupid Tenantry Act would have been laws mandating that – JUST LIKE NIS contributions, employees AUTOMATICALLY receive annual bonus allocation of shares in ANY BUSINESS in which they were employed for more than two years. This should have been designed roughly, such that after 40 years of service, the total employees holdings would collectively be about 40% of the total.

    What would have been ALSO innovative would have been to promote cooperative ownership of any operation doing large scale business with government. Rather than having COW having enjoy 50 years of road building largesse, such contracts could easily have been consigned to cooperative businesses (owned by COW AND employees – but on a co-op basis).
    Instead, the government RESTRICTED credit unions from doing business investments…

    Imagine what Barbados would look like today…. instead of hoards of brass bowls begging for handouts, we could have seen entrepreneurs in multiple areas blossoming out…
    Money B and his father could not have sold out that company to Trinidadians -after exploiting Bajan workers for centuries – if the workers owned 40% of it… Nor could BS&T, BARTEL, BL&P etc have just given away our birthrights like they did, ….to strangers with money…

    The only problem with this approach is that you, Caswell would have to look for a REAL job – instead of depending on the existence of oppressed, slave-like, ‘workers’ to defend….. cause they would all be ‘business persons’ and employers themselves by now…

    Perhaps then you would have BUPPED…..

  31. Caswell…at my age, I had a 3 day long birthday party and a 3 day long recovery.

    Sinckler is not worth mentioning, an abject failure, but prime ministers who are intelligent and confident enough to hold the finance minister portfolios are usually quite successful in keeping the economy stable, there is a track record.

    Another reason Grenville is not even worth taking seriously.

    Ha, Ha Fraud, I thought you were too busy giving Natlee advice on how to win her parliamentary seat to be on BU…you will soon be getting a whole gang of former sex workers to advise, hope ya can keep up.

  32. BTW Ha, Ha, Fraud…ah forgot to mention, Natlee needs a new campaign manager, the pimp moved on to bigger things and gave up his post, so now is your time to shine, you can take his place, make a real name for yourself.

  33. Bushie
    You epitomise the Wonderland thinking. What is the average size of plantation tenantry lots? Any bigger than Coverley or Kingslandnor West Terrace? Do some also include the land former tenants used for agriculture purposes? Thousands of your population are in unsecured security of tenure, which prohibits them from basic amenities such as an indoor toilet, but because they are renting from another black person they should not be allowed to own the lot? The proceeds from the sale of the lots have no value? By the way the heights, terraces and gardens were all once plantation land too.🤔

  34. Boss…
    Bushie epitomises the thinking of someone who has become acutely aware of his ROYAL lineage and heritage. …while you continue to see yourself as the ‘serf’ that black people were conditioned to think themselves of as ….over centuries of slavery – physical and mental…. thankful to be allowed to live and eat a pudding ‘n souse.

    It is why Bushie accepts that only the very best is good enuff for princes, princesses and bushmen.

    You don’t even seem able to contemplate a scenario where blacks OWNED the commanding heights of business, industry and commerce in Bim- which would have been the INEVITABLE result of the creative laws outlined by Bushie. Laws that placed APPROPRIATE value on the labour and contributions that blacks have made to business, commerce and industry in Barbados over the past centuries.

    …all you seem able to conceptualise is the mendicant shiite that drips from useless politicians and ‘legal scholars’ of the ilk that current contaminate our Parliament….

    Do you REALLY think that if Bajans were PROPER shareholders in Barbados INC. you would be able to say that “Thousands of your population are in unsecured security of tenure, which prohibits them from basic amenities such as an indoor toilet, but because they are renting from another black person they should not be allowed to own the lot?”

    THIS IS THANKS TO THE MINDLESS, BRASS-BOWLIC THINKING AND LEGISLATION that is characterised by the self-deprecating thinking such as yours and Caswell’s …. and 99.9 % others in brass bowl land…

    It is no wonder that the ‘intellectuals’ of the time crucified Jesus….
    Were he here today, his donkey would be similarly disposed of….

    ..,.and then wunna have the GALL to pretend surprise at the shiite flowing in the streets, in the parliament, in the business places and even in sports and culture… and seek ‘solutions’ by doing more of the same shiite….

  35. @ Bush Tea April 9, 2018 8:47 AM

    Bushie, why don’t you preach such a sermon to that gang of traitors who have been in charge of the ‘commanding heights’ of the political landscape for the past 10 years?

    Don’t you think the CLICO lands should be treated like ‘tenantry’ lands and ‘sold’ at peppercorn prices to the same poor black-brass bowls to turn them into real shareholders in Barbados Inc?

    Check and see who will be the ‘inheritors and beneficiaries’ (hiding like white shadows) of those CLICO lands whose underwriting will fall in the financial lap of the fully mortgaged taxpayers.

    The economic future of the ordinary black Bajan brass-bowl lies not in tourism to be waiters and cooks, cleaners, waiters and pimps in that business of economic prostitution (your own apt description, Bushie) but in your god-approved business called agriculture.

    Don’t you think that if those lands are leased to young hardback black men and women they can become productive again?

    But this time not to produce sugarcane for the white man’s financial taste but cannabis sativa to meet the requirements of the pending pharmaceutical industry as recently announced by your buddy the MoH John Boyce.

    There is a lot of foreign exchange to be saved here, don’t you think so, Bushie?

  36. @ Miller
    You have NO clue of what Bushie is ranting about….
    The ONLY difference between your lot and Froon’s morons, is with …to WHOM the bribe monies will be pain in the next five years.
    The only thing wunna deceitful lawyers can think of is how to grab all available material assets at any cost.

    Why can’t the CLICO policy holders form a co-operative and take over legal control of the CLICO lands? What is wrong with a collaborative approach to owning and utilising such properties?

    Trust you to want to devalue the whole shiite ….and hand it over to brass bowls with ZERO history of accomplishment…. lost term failures. You mean to say that you have learn NOTHING from the stupid ‘Land for the landless” scheme?

    The master said as follows….
    “For to everyone who has, more shall be given, and he will have an abundance; but from the one who does not have, even what he does have shall be taken away.”

    … this was in response to the EFFECTIVE use of talents provided to servants.
    One does not provide MORE assets to brass bowls who show scant regard for those talents that they were given… quite the opposite.

    • @Bush Tea

      Good suggestion, a nice to know is the demographic of the Clico investors. Many are likely senior citizens with little energy to do anything except depend on government. Sad.

  37. I have certain knowledge of a situation where about 2 acres of land is taxed and paid by the owner yet the tenants refuse to pay rent for the ‘spots’ rented and firstly threatened the rent collector who withdrew in fear of his life and subsequently threatened the owner and the surveyor,both of whom also withdrew in fear of their lives.The owner has the burden of paying the land tax while the squatters live in substantial walled homes free of tax and rental expense.

  38. A projection made by the U.K. House of Commons is forecasting that by 2030,the world’s richest 1% will own 2/3 of the world’s wealth opening up the possibility of more corruption and more influence on government policy.Barbados seem to have started that process in 2008 and gained momentum with the advent of the Doolittle ain’t-got-a-clue man at the helium in Bay St.

  39. Look Bushie you rant, rave and end up confusing and confused. Attempting to insult me does not give your shite argument anymore soundness. The economic enfranchisement you speak of is not dependent on black owners retaining ownership of tenantries. In fact the opportunity to do so is expanded and BOTH can and should co-exist. In one breath you promote land ownership as a stepping stone to enfranchisement and in another against it simply because it involves “redistribution”. You don’t sit and criticise policy based on emotions only, you need evidence. Do you have any evidence to show that the TFPA disadvantaged black land owners or led to ghettos?🖐🏾

  40. “Artax

    The difference is that the Governor of the Central Bank is a creature of the MoF, he reports to that ministry in law doesn’t he?”

    A myth popularized by former Governor Mr Blackman and propagated by a press too lazy to investigate its truthfulness
    read the Central bank Act and the recourse it provides for the Governor should disagreement on policy arises between him/her and Minister of Finance.

    • Wasn’t it Minister Sinckler who just fired the former Governor Worrell? Enlighten us please!

  41. Wuhloss
    History repeats itself:

    Over 40 years ago the Anglican Dean of the Cathedral railed against Dipper and the DLP, now another Dean has stepped up to the plate with a “mene mene tekel upharsin”- sorry that should be Moses crossing the Red Sea (I am a Bible illiterate) against Freundel.
    I thought the old school tie was “the ties that bind” but it ain’t working for Freundel he is from another generation.

  42. @Bush Tea April 9, 2018 5:24 AM “Then Arthur came along in his albino-centric ignorance and made it MUCH WORSE by extending it to include lands owned by PROGRESSIVE BLACKS, who had sacrificed to acquire land – and who facilitated others by renting them spots. These PROGRESSIVE BLACKS were then forced to sell off their lands – just like the whites who had acquired theirs through plantation slavery over centuries of exploitation of black people. So instead or REWARDING progressive black people, Arthur penalised them and stigmatised them. Clearly he did not understand the parable of the talents.

    True. The legislation could have been better designed. An elderly relative of mine, who herself never went beyond elementary school lost her few acres near to the west coast this way. She worked as a plantation labourer, a candy seller, a Saturday pudding and souse lady, and worked her land on the side. Continued working until she was way past 80. Lived very modestly, and bought a few of acres of land, Was soft hearted, let some people put their houses on it. The act permitted her tenants to acquire the land, and now her grandchildren and great grandchildren have to butt ’bout the place looking for land to buy. No acknowledgement at all from any political party that some hard working poor families disadvantaged by the legislation.

  43. When what the government should have done was to compulsorily acquire plantations land, because after all had not the plantations benefited form hundreds of years of free labour? My elderly relative never got any body’s free labour, she worked like a dog from 5 to 85, starting with picking pond grass. and yet she and her grandchildren and her great grandchildren have ended up the losers.

    So an elderly poor black woman ended up paying reparations…for what? She never deprived anybody of their labour.

  44. There is a contradiction in that land was compulsorily obtained for long-standing renters, while at the same time squatters ere allowed to claim land after ten years. With a large number of property owners out of the country, this squatters’ rights encourage criminality.

  45. @David April 9, 2018 12:14 PM “Good suggestion, a nice to know is the demographic of the Clico investors. Many are likely senior citizens with little energy to do anything except depend on government.”

    Just to remind you David that everyone of the CLICO policy holders have sons and daughters, grandchildren, great grandchildren and nieces and nephews etc. All of these descendants have to eat, have to live, can prosper from access to land and money.

    So if the old people can’t manage o work the land anymore, why not pass it on to their children, and their children’s children. Isn’t that what the white people/plantocrats have always done?

  46. @Gabriel April 9, 2018 12:22 PM “I have certain knowledge of a situation where about 2 acres of land is taxed and paid by the owner yet the tenants refuse to pay rent.”

    @Hal Austin April 9, 2018 12:34 PM “The failure of our criminal justice system.”

    Matthew, Chapter 21-verses 33 to 39 “There was a man, a landowner, who planted a vineyard; he fenced it round, dug a winepress in it and built a tower; then he leased it to tenants and went abroad. When vintage time drew near he sent his servants to the tenants to collect his produce. But the tenants seized his servants, thrashed one, killed another and stoned a third. Next he sent some more servants, this time a larger number, and they dealt with them in the same way. Finally he sent his son to them thinking, “They will respect my son.” But when the tenants saw the son, they said to each other, “This is the heir. Come on, let us kill him and take over his inheritance.” So they seized him and threw him out of the vineyard and killed him.”

    There has always been wufless tenants.



    It is rumoured (on CBC REporting Lies) that, in an upset vote at the HQ of the Demonic Lying Party, DLP Fumbles Stuart was ousted by the Eager 11, and has quit the DLP.

    It is also rumored that Fumbles will run as leader of the Pimps and Prostitutes Party.

    When contacted the PPP spokesman is alleged to have said “Fumbles is the most Qualified Pimp and Prostitute that our party could have attracted”

    The spokesman also went on to say “..we are expecting the rest of the incumbent prostitutes, including the Eager 11 from the DLP, to join him…since water finds its own level”

    “The other 14 prostitutes scheduled to run on the 30 person slate, we are not too sure of since they are “sitting on the Hill, not fence, at this time”

    Prostitutes from Bush Hill are protesting at this time and have said that this is an insult to their profession.

    Lead prostitute *** (name withheld for various reasons heheheheheh) is said to have said “we are prostitutes, we sell fronts, WE ARE NOT LOWEDOWN SLUTS and we are insulted by this news…how low can Barbados go…the next thing you know and we will have de average coolie man and trinidians running for parliament…!!”

    The Leading Garrison Prostitute Man, thusly called because he went to the Garsun, NOT BECAUSE HE SELLS FRONTS, OR BACKS. on the Garsun, could not be reached for comment


  48. @ The Honourable Blogmaster, Your worthy assistance please with another item of little import

  49. Hants @ 2:21 pm

    Your news is usually not Fake, but the date of June 7th sounds impossible under the Law.

    Source Please!

  50. Was it under the Arthur administration that the tenantries freehold purchase act was extended to the urban tenantries and all other parcels of land with 5 tenants or more? I thought this was done during the Sandiford administration.

  51. IN 1990 the Tenantries Freehold Purchase (Amendment) Act, 1989, came into operation and made significant changes to the original act. Section 2(1) outlined its purpose and reads:

    “The purpose of this act is to modify the right of qualified tenants residing on non-plantation tenantries of five lots or less to purchase the lots of which they are tenants, and to establish a right of sub-tenants who satisfy the requirements of the act to purchase the freehold of the lot on which they are residing.” The main change effected by the act was that for a non-plantation tenantry, the land had to be sub-divided into at least six lots; while the original law had required only two.
    Additionally, the law specifically granted sub-tenants the right to purchase “in the absence of the tenant or in the absence of the spouse, child, brother, sister or parent of the tenant”. Originally sub-tenants were not covered by the tenantries legislation.

    Further changes were made to the Tenantries Freehold Purchase Act in 2001. These were made for the “widening of the scope of the Tenantries Freehold Purchase Act to allow certain tenants to benefit from its provisions”. That act provided, among other things, for a government subsidy to assist tenants with the purchase of their lots.
    When the law was changed in 1990, provisions were inserted to preserve the rights of some tenants who resided in tenantries of two to five lots who had satisfied certain conditions as at February 1, 1990.

    The combination of the 1989 and 2001 amendments has resulted in the following situation. The right to purchase is retained by tenants in tenantries of two to five lots where as at February 1, 1990:

    The tenant had exercised his right to purchase. The tenant exercises his right to purchase by giving notice to the landlord of his intention to do so; or
    The tenant had carried out substantial improvements to the lot in respect of which he had the right to purchase (The act defined “substantial improvements” as “the construction in stone, brick and concrete, of a dwellinghouse and includes the construction of water-borne toilet facilities”.); or
    The tenant was residing on a lot for a period of 20 years or more.

    The amendment at (3) above was made in 2001 and came into effect on August 9, 2001.

    Even with the amendments mentioned above, some tenants who would have qualified under the legislation introduced in 1980 would have lost their right to purchase. To assist them, provision was made in the act to permit them to purchase from the Crown a suitable lot at a price to be agreed between the Crown and the tenant.

    Right to be paid

    Where the Crown is unable to find a suitable lot, the tenant has a right to be paid by the Crown a sum of money “that fairly represents the value of the right to purchase the freehold”.

    For the avoidance of doubt, I should mention that tenants who occupy single lots are not protected no matter how long they have been residing on the lots, and they can be evicted if given the appropriate notice.

    The purchase price of land in plantation tenantries has been fixed at $1 per square metre (with a minimum price of $300) “or by agreement between the parties, whichever is the smaller amount”.

    In non-plantation tenantries, Section 10 of the Tenantries Freehold Purchase (Amendment) Act 2001 provides: “The price payable by the tenant for a lot in a tenantry other than a plantation tenantry shall not exceed $2.50 per square foot, but where the open market price of the lot exceeds $2.50 per square foot, there shall be payable to the landlord a government subsidy of the difference between the open market price and the $2.50”.

    Under Section 10 of the act, the Government pays the subsidy of the act up to 5 000 square feet. The tenant pays the market price for the remainder of the land. This policy has been effected through the agency of the Urban Development Commission.

    • Cecil McCarthy is a Queen’s Counsel. Send your letters to Everyday Law, Nation House, Fontabelle, St Michael. Send your email to

    • It should be noted that the Belle, St. Michael was included in the list of plantation tenantries in the First Schedule to the Tenantries Freehold Purchase Act. As such, the land should have been sold at 10 cents per square foot. However, the present administration sold the land at Licorish Village, My Lord’s Hill (a tenantry of the Belle) at $2.50 per square foot.

      Sent from my iPad

  52. @ Enuff
    Look Bushie you rant, rave and end up confusing and confused. Attempting to insult me does not give your shite argument anymore soundness.
    Boss, just the fact that Bushie got you to post such long expositions today should be a clear sign to everyone that there is bush under your skin….
    By now you must have reread your 12.41 post and regretted hitting the “post comment” button…. you wrote that in Hastings..?

    How the hell can the BLP be engaged in enfranchisement, when wunna deliberately target hardworking BLACK entrepreneurs and rip them to shreds?

    Someone works like hell to buy a few acres of land, kind-heartedly agrees to rent to some BB who could not be bothered to buy their own, and your government comes along and confiscate the damn land and gives it to the loafers… leaving both poor, and the productive person disenchanted and reluctant to start over.

    A fellow scrunts and buys a ZR, works his ass off to get it on the road… and helps commuters to get to and from work on time in the absence of busses… What wunna do? ….Tax their donkeys to kingdom come; hound them with police and court; keep them in a pissy van stand; and FORCE them to subsidise bus fares for loafers like Simple Simon who refuse to buy a damn car….while the inefficient Transport board gets millions of free money.

    …and how about wunna treatment of the VERY people who for centuries exploited black people as slaves… ?
    Those fellows are even richer now than when we were their physical slaves….thanks to wunna shiite laws.
    They are living like kings.
    Getting money from NIS to build their play grounds;
    Getting free money for water NOT even desalinated…
    Guaranteed contracts for shiite roads, 3S, VECO,

    Then you minding Caswel, playing that you praising the Tenantries Act….?
    You should not feel insulted…. wunna should feel ashamed….

  53. If you think that is bad, wait until the patsy Grenville with his delusions of being prime minister accidentally succeeds and the Weatherhead clan who are the REAL DRIVERS BEHIND SB, GET THEIR SLIMY HANDS ON ANY POWER IN Barbados…given Grenville’s dictator tendencies, I am not at all surprised to find out that their end game does not include the majority population.

    they have all been getting free money at the population’s expense for decades, let them get their hands on any free power and you will then have something to cry about….shit happens all the time, Fruendolitte and his gang of idiots happened didn’t they, by a freaking fluke and they happened for 10 whole years.

  54. Nobody is noticing that the public CBCTV is being used everyday to favour the ruling DLP.Tonight it was the word-biting tongue of Bobby Morris giving fake news on the state of health of one Denis Lowe,that he is sick but he send his regards and he will expect them to support his candidacy when the truth is that Stuart delaying the election date to accommodate Lowe’s hopeful return to health.Lowe is a very sick man.That should be obvious to the people of Ch Ch East. Public funded CBC TV is continuing its favouritism by giving lots of exposure to the candidate for the City.There must be a foreign body such as the OAS that the other parties can lodge a complaint of this one sided TV coverage designed to favour the ruling party whether D or B.

  55. Not to bother Caswell…

    Only about 71 people bother to watch CBC …and at least 50 of those turn around and moon the parade of government ministers and lackies like Bobby when they show up….

    Man join the majority and make it 51 nuh….!!
    that way, it is worth having them on CBC.

  56. Bobby Morris is a jackass trying to fool bajans as usual, last word I had about Lowe, he was doing so poorly he had to be flown off island.

    I dont know how Morris could be so disrespectful and deceitful to his own people as to tell them “that is all they need to know”…Lowe is still being paid by taxpayers and so is Morris and they have a right to know more, who the hell does he think he is, who the hell do any of them think they are…

    … top it off ya have Dumbville spewing even more and a very special brand of shit at the people.

    These negros are too deceitful to their own people.

  57. Fruendolittle is doing everything in his power not to call that election date..

    Lowe’s illness should not interfere in the election process, he is very ill and someone else should have been already chosen to run in his place.

    More the reason to punish Fruendolittle and this government for the shit they are doing to the people…still, even after parliament expired and there is no reason not to get the election over with..

  58. Caswell Franklyn April 9, 2018 7:34 PM

    However, the present administration sold the land at Licorish Village, My Lord’s Hill (a tenantry of the Belle) at $2.50 per square foot(Quote)

    The land that was sold was not technically Licorish Village. The tenantry which belonged to the owners of the Belle (and Neil’s) plantation, the Harewood and Lascelles families (related to the Queen from her mother’s side).
    Licorish Village was previously owned by Licorish (as in the name) which was related to the owner of the neighbouring Welches plantation. The father of the famed footballer and soldier, Walter Tull, now being celebrated in the UK, came from Licorish Village.
    The person with expert knowledge on all this is Elombe Mottley, our best cultural historian. Or have I got it wrong. I used to walk through the Gully, as we called it, from school; the area formed part of the landscape of my youth. Bradford cricket team, which played in the BCL, played on land owned by the Belle. It was the team that produced the Riley family (Cecil, Tom and Dick).
    @John, maybe you have a record of he religious affiliations of the Welch and Licorish families.f

  59. @ Hal Austin April 10, 2018 6:33 AM
    “The father of the famed footballer and soldier, Walter Tull, now being celebrated in the UK, came from Licorish Village.”

    Since you like to style yourself as a 100% ‘educated’ Bajan why not educate the ignorant illiterate Bajan keyboard warriors about this great man of Bajan heritage?

    A ‘man for all seasons’ who, had he been born 50 years later, would have been in the league of Muhammad Ali, Pelé, Sir Garry or even Paul Robeson.

  60. @Gabriel April 9, 2018 9:54 PM “Denis Lowe,that he is sick.”

    Don’t know the man. Don’t know if he is sick. Don’t know whether he is so sick that he is unlikely to recover. But what i do know that a whole nation should not be kept waiting because of the alleged poor health of one person. if a person is too ill to do their job and if they are unlikely to recover it is ok to send them on medical leave, with all the benefits people on medical leave are entitled to.

    When the person recovers then they can return to their old job or to seek a new job. They may not have taught that at Boys Foundation but we all learn more–a lot more–after we leave secondary school or at least we should.

    When David Thompson was sick Bajans were made to go through the same thing. I looked at the data for pancreatic and saw that the 5 year survival rate was 4%. I inferred that David was unlikely to recover–if Steve Jobs with all his money did not recover why did Freundel, the pastor and the others act as though David was well on the way to recovery.

    If Lowe is seriously sick and unlikely to recover then the Honourable Freundel Stuart should send him on sick leave and let the rest of Barbados get on with life and with business.

    But this business of waiting for a man to expire is bare foolishness.

    Just as it was bare foolishness when David Thompson was seriously ill.

    We act as though we do enough and if we pray hard enough we can permanently beat back death. We can’t.

    Hebrews 9:27-28 King James Version (KJV) “It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment”

  61. Simple Simon re. your 11:00 am post;

    Great post!

    The silly season appears to have now ensnared, Bobby Morris, an otherwise very sensible man, to produce verbiage that could be taken to suggest that one of the reasons for Stuart to do the silliness he has done in relation to the calling of the election is to facilitate Denis Lowe coming out of his sick bed to run in the postponed elections.

    It is perhaps the most ingrunt rationale that could have been given for Stuart’s incomprehensible delaying tactics, surpassing even his inane proffer that suggested the delay was to put him in future Barbados History Books, without considering that the section of the history book in which it would be sited would have few people, Himself and a few comics like King Dyall.

    • @Hants

      You should have posted this link to the Digital blog below. The encroachment of technology on our way of is an inevitability.

      On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 7:25 PM, Barbados Underground wrote:


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