Barbados a Country in Abeyance

It is generally accepted in the few months leading into a general election, the lack of significant decision-making of the incumbent government becomes an accepted characteristic. So much so there is the frequent  reference to the term ‘lameduck’ to brand a period of political abeyance.

Today is a historic day in Barbados. For the first time in the country’s history a Prime Minister has decided to take the country into a period where the Parliament has been dissolved and yet the country waits for Prime Minister Stuart to ring the bell. Of course the DLP surrogates will state the obvious, that is, Stuart is operating within the boundary of the law.

The decision by Stuart to encroach on the 90 day period the Constitution of Barbados  provides is hardly the point. Yes a Cabinet will be in place to administer government albeit without the oversight of parliament which is integral to the governance framework we practice. The decision to keep the country anchored in abeyance surely cannot be in the national interest. Point being there is hardly any significant progress the government can make if assessed using the economic measurement of cost benefit. It does not matter how many policies, law, discussions are had by a lameduck Cabinet, the country has shut down. We have become a country in waiting. There is no confidence to drive innovation, creativity, no esprit.

To add to the economic fatigue Barbadians have had to endure for the past several years, the resultant deterioration in the standard living and decimation of the middleclass, a once proud Bajan psyche has suffered another big bruise with the spilling of sewage on the South Coast stretch frequented by tourist and locals. We have lost our shine!

There is no need for BU to be prolix on this matter except to say Barbadians everywhere are hoping that good sense prevails during this protracted period of abeyance and the reputation of being a stable political nation is uninterrupted despite the best effort by PRIME MINISTER FREUNDEL STUART and his CABINET.

43 thoughts on “Barbados a Country in Abeyance

  1. Fruendel while playing slick has inadvertently given everyone more time to find out more about all the Cahill like, Pharcipicle secretive scams that he and his ministers have entered into without the knowledge of the citizens and voters..

    90 days is more than enough time to find out what other lies they are telling and what else they are hiding. from the people.

    ah bet Fractured Criminal dont feel so smug anymore..

  2. It does not matter how many policies, law, discussions are had by a lameduck Cabinet, the country has shut down. We have become a country in waiting. There is no confidence to drive innovation, creativity, no esprit.”

    An administration that is making law and new appointment and selling off the furniture cannot be described as a lame duck.

  3. Definition of lame duck. 1 : one that is weak or that falls behind in ability or achievement; especially, chiefly British : an ailing company. 2 : an elected official or group continuing to hold political office during the period between the election and the inauguration of a successor.

  4. My point is that you cannot call these jokers lame ducks… 2 does not apply and 1 is debated here daily.

    We might think of them as lame ducks, but as long as they are actively doing business, the phrase does not apply.

  5. I really wonder who advised this fool we have as a PM that it would be the right thing to venture into this 90 day period.

    I am convinced that the writers of the Constitution intended that to be only used should there be a hurricane, earthquake or pestilence.

    These dlp people care only about themselves, not Barbados. If he cared about the state of this country, hewould have called the election as the country is virtually on auto pilot…….. everything else has shut down other than Mark Maloney and Jada.

    There has to be underlying and other reasons why the man is holding on to power. We will find out eventually. In the mean time, all of Barbados suffers because of a selfish, stubborn individual who should never have been a PM……..a role for which he was certainly not cut out.

    • You will recall the country was on auto pilot when Stuart took over with Thompson withering on his dying bed for more than a year. Now two terms later it is deja vu?

  6. Gabriel March 5, 2018 at 9:23 PM #
    “Have not his advisers told him that investors and business people are in limbo during periods of uncertainty.”

    You are clearly confusing him with someone who could care less what his advisers tell him. This is one of the most arrogant, ignorant people to be in the wrong job for far too long already. His nasty hass should have long since been gone.

  7. I am hearing that the man intends to travel to attend some Commonwealth Secretariat meeting in April?

    I checked the CS website and I dont see anything planned for April………unless the website is not up to date.

    I wonder if he will ever pull his pocket to travel after enjoying traveling free for 10 years. Sweet life is coming to an end.

  8. And the BLP donkeys are braying every day & night !!

    90 more days in wunnah tail !

    90 more days to prepare MAM jail !!!

    90 more days of fete & spree !

    As the country awaits the DLP victory ! !!

  9. It’s official !!

    His Majesty King 👑 Freundel Jerome Stuart has skillfully guided the affairs of this fair land for the past 5 years !

    With a 2 seat majority in February 2013 ……by February 2018 the Bees lost 2 more seats – including their former leader OSA !!

    During the 5 year period the BLP charlatans tried every evil in the book :

    • Strikes
    • National shutdown
    • Raw Sewage on the streets
    • Lies about house in Rollins Hill
    • Marching with the Private Sector
    • Scaring the citizens about currency devaluation

    But through the fog and din of lies & deceit, His Majesty kept bestrooding the land like a colossal !!

    And to think of it ……he has done so well ……his loyal subjects have given him 90 more days !!

    Before we crown him again – at the rendezvous of victory !!!

    All hail the KING 👑 !!!

  10. The man is a pseudo-intellectual who thinks that the only people worth his time are those who praise him and other perceived intellectuals.
    The only way he would be made uncomfortable is if the other so called intellectuals in Barbados stood up and said enough.
    He is the worst type of leader, he doesn’t want women, he doesn’t want power, he doesn’t want money, he simply wants affirmation that he is the smartest man in the room. But it is never enough, his insecurity rules him and forces him to focus on petty squabbles about secondary school attended even while the shit hits the fan.

  11. Excerpt from Auditor General’s Report 2016 laid in 2017

    Four Seasons Development Project
    The Government of Barbados guaranteed a loan for $120,000,000 in
    respect of the Four Seasons Development project during the financial year
    2011/2012. This guaranteed debt was called during the financial year
    2013/2014 by the bankers. The guarantee and the outstanding interest
    which totalled $124,329,766 were paid by Government through its holding
    company, Clearwater Bay. This amount was subsequently brought to book in the accounts of the Treasury as an account receivable. There has been no movement on this receivable account for the past four (4) years. There is no information available on whether there might be a need to write down this receivable or when or how this amount will be repaid.

  12. I certainly hold no brief for the Prime Minister . He feels that there is more to do and the constitution allows it, so pray tell what does it matter in the long run because almost all the pundits believe that the people minds are made up to dump the Dees.
    This is much ado about nothing. He either running out the clock and will face certain calamity or he out foxing the Opposition……time will tell.
    One ting uh gine say fuh sure: if Freundel win dis wun , we gine welcome tird parties because the bees wid out Mottley useless. And leh muh suh: if Mottley get about 28 seats, tird parties gine spring up all ovuh de place.
    Ah hope one uh dese serinioes play out and at least one head of the two headed monster will be severely or hopefully fatally damage.
    Sooner one uh dem dead de better. If both dead the same time de country will move forward betta and quicka………………….


  13. Barbados Today article:

    Election uncertainty affecting investment, banker warns
    Uncertainty surrounding the general election date is taking a toll on the country’s investment climate, according to one senior banker.
    Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Republic Bank (Barbados) Ltd Anthony Clerk said potential investors had pulled back and were in a “wait-and-see” mode as Barbadians await a poll date.
    “Around this time – pre and post elections – you would find there is a lull. There is a sort of wait-and-see attitude.
    So we are seeing some of that,” Clerk told Barbados TODAY in a wide-ranging interview.
    In addition to the indecision linked to the election, the banker also singled out the economy for a reluctance by investors to put their money into projects here.
    “Those circumstances would lead to a reduction in what would normally be a higher level of investment,” he said.
    Clerk said there was “still relatively good demand” for mortgages, although, he said, even this had diminished.
    He also said there were several opportunities for investment, most of which concentrated on tourism sector, with some in the renewable energy sector, albeit on a small scale.
    “Barbados has traditionally been a tourist destination and I think that we have some level of advantage in that area.
    So I think we should continue. Barbados is a relatively safe country with a stable political climate [and] a good quality of education. So those are some of the positive areas that will continue and the concentration in tourism has held Barbados in relatively good stead over a number of years.
    So I believe they should continue that area,” he said.
    The banking executive recommended that the country be positioned as a high-end destination, with a strong focus on medical and health care tourism.
    “That would be a good advantage. Barbados is a good place to recuperate,” he added.
    Pointing out that financial institutions here were “ready and willing” to back a number of investments, Clerk said he also saw tremendous potential for investments in retirement homes and assisted living “for both residents [since] Barbados is an aging population . . . but also tied into tourism and foreign visitors”.
    The banker of more than three decades, who took up his current position in October last year, said he was most concerned about the island’s poor ranking in the World Bank Doing Business 2018 Report, in which Barbados is ranked 132nd, down from the 119th in the 2016 report. The country was not ranked in the 2017 report.
    “We are going in the wrong direction,” he said of the island’s performance.
    “So one of the things I would like to see is the whole ease of doing business being improved and Government laying the foundation to facilitative framework for the private sector led growth, that is a very important initiative that must happen,” Clerk stressed. (MM)

  14. Redguard March 5, 2018 at 10:44 PM #

    The man is a pseudo-intellectual who thinks that the only people worth his time are those who praise him and other perceived intellectuals.(Quote)

    What evidence is there that prime minister Stuart is an intellectual? That he went to Foundation? That he worked as a school teacher after himself leaving school? That he became a lawyer?
    None of these achievements qualifies him as an intellectual. Maybe, he is a Barbadian intellectual, but that is different.

  15. “2011/2012. This guaranteed debt was called during the financial year
    2013/2014 by the bankers. The guarantee and the outstanding interest
    which totalled $124,329,766 were paid by Government through its holding…..”

    For yardfowls who do not understand economics, the usual 5 or 6 well known minority thieves on the island who are consistently allowed by two stupid governments in the past couple decades to dip their thieving hands in taxpayers and pensioners by the hundreds of millions of dollars despite all their defaults and nonpayment of previous loans….still owe this 60 million US dollars to the government. …

    ……taxpayer’s and pensioner’s money government used to repay the bank when said thieves defaulted on the loan…..for white thieves….who had no 60 million US dollars in 2014 when the loan was called but suddenly and miraculously have 60 million US dollar to purchase the same property secretly from government in 2015…

    …..yet no one in government or NIS can say where, how and to whom the money to purchase the property was paid, no existing paper trail can be found….and according to stinking Sinckler, he cannot show anyone the Conveyance.

    The DLP has to be disbanded once and for all, they are a pox, blight and curse on the lives of the majority population….who will never see progress in theur lifetimes long as these dumb politicians continue to steal from the majority population to give minoritiy business people for their failed scams..

    … Black government with that level of stupidity existing between everyone of them should be allowed in parliament ever again, not even as Opposition.

  16. And lose he will…, this level of criminality and combined stupidity should never be tolerated by any majority population who care for their future generations.

  17. After ten years in office the only plan this administration can affix the title of “properly thought out” to is one for civil unrest. Without asking someone just happened to offer not much needed busses,not garbage trucks, not desalination equipment. They offer armoured vehicles to a country that has no history of instability. To the Philipine up North I say this. BAJANS CALL WUNNA BLUFF.

  18. It is simple really, the loiteringbministers all know what they did, are trapped and are looking for a way out, once again at the expense of the people ….. give them all that way out by not voting for any of them….

    ….all it will cost the people is one X and busfare to get to that destination to put the X….where the ministers dont want it to go.

  19. @David “Has it occurred to the BU family this braying JA wants Freundel to lose?” On behalf of all braying JA’s, I resent you classifying Fractured as a JA. We deserve better than that.

  20. @ Redguard March 6, 2018 at 8:20 AM

    Brilliant riposte!

    That should put Hal back in his ‘basic’ English class.
    But he must be prepared to attend first a few days in GSOL (Greek for speakers of other languages) including those of that much ‘plagiarised’ language now called English.

    It’s time he uses a pseudonym’ instead of this constant exposure of his silly self called Mr. ‘Ignoramus’ the shallow Hal.

  21. Wily is finding it difficult in keeping up with the BU Blog these days, there is an un-ending list of interesting/critical/ethical/compelling etc topics. Wish the prime minister would get off his ass and call the election so the blog can concentrate on more mundain issues, ha, ha.

  22. @Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service March 6, 2018 at 8:11 AM “all it will cost the people is one X and busfare to get to that destination to put the X…”

    Not even one busfare. Thank Jesus that even though I am old I can still walk to my polling station. The parties all offer me a lift there. And I always refuse as did my parents before me. I would rather walk. Thanks.

    I want nothing in exchange for my vote. Not even a $2 busfare.

    Too old to eat corned beef.

    Too old to drink rum.


  23. David BU

    All the braying you did & still doing can’t sway King 👑 Freundel Jerome Stuart from calling the General Elections for 2018 !

    So go back to your hole !

    You cannot dictate to nobody!

    The PM will call the elections when he is ready, according to the Laws of Barbados

    So you can eat yuh heart out until then!

  24. @Miller n Rearguard you guys are funny. Hal is perfectly right in my estimation….although pseudo technically means fake the ‘intellectual interpretation he is making argues that Stuart is not an intellectual in any sense. Period. Neither false or half real.

    Thus not pseudo anything but just a BS artist who brings no thoughtful, well reasoned analysis and fresh insights.

    And all that is the exact circuitous palaver that created the term pseudo intellectual in the first place.

    If u can understand that then you maybe in fact a pseudo fella or gal…🤣

  25. “Thanks Kerri. BAJANS gine reshuffle FRAUDEL de Fraudulent and Bandits RIGHT OUTTA P0WER.”

    Lol…this was totally funny Fruendel up in NYC talking about not humiliating his ministers and not reshuffling, well commenters let him have it..

    ….cause only a jackass prime minister dont know that they must reshuffle cabinets regularly to keep intelligent ideas, positive energy and vibrancy in their parliaments and in management of their countries….

    ……no wonder the island has sunk into stagnant dispondency, everything is stale and outdated.

    Dr. Simple…lucky you, short stop to cast your X.

  26. @de pedantic Dribbler March 6, 2018 at 1:42 PM

    You know that in Bajan a “half uh idiot”, is a bigger idiot that a whole idiot?

    Go figure.

    Don’t ask me to explain.

  27. @ de pedantic Dribbler March 6, 2018 at 1:42 PM

    Are you trying to say in a most circuitous convoluted way that the grandiloquent magniloquent sesquipedalian Mock PM now expired or past his ‘used-by’ date is just a cross-breed between a full-bred bullshiter and a well-trained mongrelized liar loitering in the corridors of government?

    Then we are certainly on all fours while watching a jackass destroy a once proud nation now brought to its knees and suffering from a 5 year period of constant abuse with its electorate so battered that it is prepared to accept any other suitor that comes along offering a path to salvation.

  28. wont they be shocked speechless though, ya wont hear another lie coming from any of them ever again.

  29. Could never stand this disgusting, greedy pig from Sandals, now that the fools in parliament have allowed him into the island to do crap in his intent degrade and demean the majority population, he has to be watch very carefully.

    “Sandals meddling in Antigua-Barbuda elections
    February 28, 2018168120

    Prime Minister Gaston Browne (L) and Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart
    By Caribbean News Now contributor

    ST JOHN’S, Antigua — In the latest in a series of articles vilifying Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne and his government, the Jamaica Observer ran yet another “story” on Tuesday (after last weekend’s announcement of early general elections on March 21) replete with false claims and assertions.

    Given that the Observer is owed by Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart, who also owns Sandals Resorts International (SRI), with whom Brown has been engaged in a long-running battle over the nonpayment of taxes owed to the government, the newspaper is clearly acting as Stewart’s mouthpiece in yet another attempt to meddle in regional elections.

    Regional commentator, Melanius Alphonse, who first raised the issue in October last year in an op-ed piece entitled “Is Butch Stewart hacking regional elections… again?” responded to the latest Observer article, saying, “Democracy and the rule of law are severely threatened when Stewart manipulates a newspaper he owns for his narrow, selfish, financial ends.”

  30. Barbados has been in economic abeyance since the 2013 election results were announced.

    No-one with any business sense could believe Bajans could be so stupid as to vote them in again.

    We didn’t nail up the doors, grab our cash and emigrate like our brethren in Jamaica and Guyana, we simply economically disengaged and did the bare minimum to keep the doors open, the lights on and our best people employed.

    To the business world that keeps this country afloat, this period of no law-making is of absolutely no consequence. This gov’t has been a ‘lame duck’ since 2008.

    What is very much more a worry is the last-ditch backroom deals and outright teefin’ that is going on in this period.

    There was never any chance of economic recovery under Fumble’s Fools but they certainly coming out of our misery set for life.

  31. Fractured BLP March 6, 2018 at 5:46 AM #

    At long last Akanni “loose cannon ” McDowell admits he misled his followers !


    I accept that ignorance should be cured and stupidity, while incurable, should be concealed.

    Never have I witnessed such a celebration of stupidity.

    Unless I’m missing something, you seem elated that your gov’t has lost all credibility with both of Barbados’ largest unions?

    Ds will always vote D, Bs will always vote B, the swing vote has always been the civil servants. Good luck with that Fool!

  32. @ Frustrated Businessman: Animal Farm sequel playing out in Bim. March 7, 2018 at 7:09 AM
    “What is very much more a worry is the last-ditch backroom deals and outright teefin’ that is going on in this period.”

    If you can spot so keenly such behind-the-scenes openly-known bold-faced acts of blatant misappropriation of taxpayers’ money with the cowardly collusion of the senior ranks of the snivel service what do you think would stop this lot of thieving wild boys from carrying out a similar heist of the upcoming elections?

    The American Don Johnson might have been portrayed as a glitzy cop in the popular TV series Miami Vice but his Bajan namesake is nothing but a professional ‘rigger’ of all things underhand including elections.

    Just look out for his overbearing presence even beyond the legally permitted ‘electoral boundaries’ under the guise of having received a ‘consultancy commission’ from the most politically despised man in Barbados now loitering in the corridors for the sole purpose of sealing the economic fate of Barbados.

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