Stuart Going Where His Predecessors Failed to Tread

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

Tomorrow will be the last sitting of parliament before it is dissolved.  Under the Constitution of Barbados the Prime Minister can- and it appears he will- extend his government into the 90 day unchartered discretionary period within which a general election must be called.  This decision by the government to loiter in Government House against a less than stellar performance and deteriorating social landscape without calling for a mandate from the people, has seen a crescendo of public debate about when will the general election be called. The delay serves to deflate an already low confidence level by civil society which comingles with the notion that not much gets done in a lame duck period of government. The Stuart government seeks to prove 20 million Frenchmen wrong.

Since Barbados weaned itself from under the Union Jack it has nurtured a reputation of being a politically stable country, in fact a model studied by the world. That this government would rupture a well earned reputation by a wanton disregard for the niceties and conventions of a system of government we claim to follow is a worry. The reality is that when parliament is dissolved all ‘seats’ are declared vacant. The Cabinet will continue to function in their roles but without the oversight of parliament. This is where abuse of power can be questioned. Is it worth the reputational damage to secure a couple months in office during a time when it is accepted that the country will mark time until the genera election is over?

In an interesting parallel albeit ironic that the ruling communist party of China plans to remove the 10 year restriction on the president. If achieved it will see the all powerful President Jinping continuing in office possibly for life. Experts opine that this is China’s signal to the world that it has no interest in dismantling a system of government which has served it well enough to be the global power economic superpower it has become. The flipside to the irony unfolding in China was the decision by the UK government in 2011 to impose fixed term elections every five years. The Act allows for a variation if by a two thirds majority a no confidence vote is successful.

If we examine the decision by Stuart against what is unfolding in China  by following a path which precedent and convention in our Wesminsterlike model of government does not support, AND, one that departs from the decision taken by the UK government in 2011 to impose fixed term elections then it is clear Barbados is playing the Rh with how we govern.

It is instructive President David Granger of Guyana declined to attend the 38th HOGs Summit in Haiti but Prime Minister Freundel Stuart essays no similar concerns with foreign reserves at about 4 weeks and the country gripped in abeyance.

It is also instructive that members of the Stuart Cabinet would have allowed partisan politics to define  the non existent legacy they richly deserve.


  • Scour the big cities of the world. Hire some of their engineering staff. Fix the mess. Afterwards you can put the local jokers in charge again. Repeat next 15 years
    The frigging best solution so far


  • Elections in Barbados: changing batteries in a searchlight and expecting more than light.


  • Eff I wuz Dr.David “We Have Failed” Estwick and Blackett I wud keep quiet, because when Mia raised the issue initially the DLP responded in a similar manner and look where we are now. Anyone that listened to the press conference would know that Mia was obviously advised by “scientific/engineering” people. However, the issue is bigger than science/engineering. If it isn’t why St.Lawrence School shut down? MAM’s comments clearly struck a nerve, and shows that she sees the bigger picture. I guess we’ll wait until there is a health problem or the tourists stop booking to act.


  • The worsening of the problem on the West Coast clearly demonstrates that the government is struggling to solve. Further a big contributing factor was the inaction by the government as a result of rabid political considerations.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Enuff March 3, 2018 at 3:12 PM
    “If it isn’t why St.Lawrence School shut down? MAM’s comments clearly struck a nerve, and shows that she sees the bigger picture. I guess we’ll wait until there is a health problem or the tourists stop booking to act.”

    There is a health problem, alright, and which will soon be spreading like a pandemic.

    Commonsense should dictate that if human shit is left to flow at will its ‘disease-carrying’ followers would find their way into the food and water distribution systems, the basic pathways to good health.
    The occurrence of so much water on the road must indicate a similar flow underground playing havoc with the foundation of the already leaning utility poles.

    What is happening to the collapsing road surface is just a clear sign of what is taking place underground.

    “As above so below!”

    It’s just a matter of time (if there is no quick-acting solution to this long-known problem)
    before those poles carrying the electrical and communications lifeblood to the South coast begin to fall like dominoes.

    People, you have been warned just like you were warn for over two years about the game of Russian roulette the government was playing with the health and economic well-being of the residents of the South coast and by extension the wider country.


  • Heard a message read on Brasstacks which I thought was clever yet factual.The whatsapp wrote … prove the water that flowing in the streets on the south coast is not safe,not a bird swimming or playing in that water.


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    Why is Mia so committed to this Canadian option? A wise leader (and she is) would seek to detach the country’s growing dependency on Canada, a country that has been exploiting Barbados for well over a century.

    We should be looking at developing mutual relationships with smaller, leaner and fitter countries such as Norway, Israel, Finland, et al.

    Am i the only Bajan that abhors this one sided relationship that we share with our North American neighbours?


  • Should she commit to China?


  • Where was the toothless pitbull for the last two years when MAM raised the alarm on this problem? I guess he was still pouting that he was again by passed for the Finance ministry by an economic neophyte.

    The incompetent ignoramuses in government sat on their rear ends and decided to do nothing………..MAM asked the PM to call her to discuss the matter……….in his usual nasty condescending way, he got up at a dlp yardfowl event and said he does not call people like MAM.

    Well, their ignorance now has all Barbadians hanging their heads in shame at the raw sewage flowing on our streets. I had dinner last night at a south coast hotel with some friends who have been visiting yearly for umpteen years and they cannot understand how Barbados has been allowed to deteriorate like this. They said this is not the country that they have been visiting for so many years. I tried to encourage them to come again next year……..but that may be a tall order.

    This is the legacy of the dlp………….sewage flowing in our streets with no solution from a “dead” minister only can only now come out at the end of the parliamentary life……..having offered no solutions but want to think that anyone of us care what the hell he has to say after the fact.

    I hope to God John King can beat this greedy idiot!


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing March 3, 2018 at 4:31 PM #

    You are not alone. Canada is a middle ranking country that really punches above its weight. Its two greatest exports are oil and vehicles, both declining, with the US as its major trading partner (Alberta’s tar sands are very expensive to produce), and with Trump’s protectionism, this is withering. Look at what has happened to the NAFTA.
    Canada’s GDP is set to grow by 1.5 per cent over the net fifty years, under performing the global economy, and reducing the nation to near third world status.
    Last year it grew by 3 per cent, but looks set to grow by 2.2 per cent this year and 1.6 per cent next year. Foreign trade is valued at about 64 per cent of GDP and the US buys 75 per cent of its exports.
    Canada has a problem with productivity: 61 per cent of working age women, and 70 per cent of working age men are in employment.
    In the past, the nation dealt with this by increasing immigration; now under the Liberal Trudeau, it wants to reduce its dependence on immigration and encourage more women to return to full-time employment.
    Interesting enough, the Canadians now want to create artificial intelligence cluster – a lesson for UPP and its so-called creative economy and the need to create clusters.
    In real terms, we always seem to hitch our kites to falling stars. On the one side we have the highly dangerous DLP flirtation with China, and on the other an undecided BLP, making itself available to anyone with a big enough wallet.
    Barbados, and the rest of the Caribbean, is a lost cause. Our poverty of ideas is leaving us exposed.


  • Wow Hal a lot of canadian doom and gloom,but I got to tell ya I havent been feeling it ,all my friends are travelling buying new cars, renovating their houses life is pretty good at the moment but it may be coming I will keep an eye out for it.


  • lawson March 3, 2018 at 5:43 PM #

    Not my predictions, blame Bill Morneau. Also have a look at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute and the Fraser Institute for interesting reports.


  • I am not among those who think the BLP is undecided in anything.Experience teaches wisdom.When I hear UPP,DLP,SB and all the other crackpots pretend to be suggesting the BLP is not providing the people with their prescriptions and programmes,I think how hypocritical one can become.Owen Arthur,always one to put Barbados first and party second must by now realize it was that strategy inter alia that cost him victory in ’13.Mia is no fool.She is biding her time for when the clown opens his hand and declare the day of reckoning.The DLP won last time out with 31% of the electorate endorsing their foolishness.Providing the 40% or a significant number of them vote this time out,the choice is clear.None of the third runners stand a chance other than to reduce some victorious candidates’ margin.


  • NorthernObserver

    as I posted before….as a Canadian….please leff we outta dis.

    @HA…”it wants to reduce its dependence on immigration and encourage more women to return to full-time employment.”… where did this come from? Don’t forget, on top of “normal immigration” we had (at least) 30,000 Syrian refugees in 2017, and our southern border has been under increased assault ever since the Donald began. Haitians fah so, plus others. Being a nation of immigrants, even if cut to zero, the family appendages who follow will still form a tidy number annually.


  • “The Barbados Water Authority’s (BWA) Waste Water Division (WWD) has started dye testing

    on the first of four proposed injection wells, designed to allow the discharge of pre-treated

    sewage deep underground, so remedial work can be carried out on the south coast sewerage network.”


  • Yeah their testing to see if anyone dyed from their incompetence.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Lawson…ya mean dieING, lol, lol

    It is dyeing that should have been used, orange hair, orange skin, lol, lol, hahaha

    Facebook and Twitter are still in an uproar over that one.

    “but I got to tell ya I havent been feeling it ,all my friends are travelling buying new cars, renovating their houses life is pretty good at the moment.”

    did I not tell you a couple days ago that life is too good for you right now why you post so much rubbish.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “We should be looking at developing mutual relationships with smaller, leaner and fitter countries such as Norway, Israel, Finland, et al.”

    Forget racist israel,, they are openly and blatantly racist against Black people, last time I checked the island is majority Black, though some still want to pretend otherwise, check recent news about what Israel is doing to Africans, spitting on them in the streets among other extremely nasty things…. stay away from racist countries.

    There is a lot one can learn from the Norway and Finland models to upgrade the island.

    The island can do with a break from Canadian Lawson, let him go vacation in Trinidad, Guyana and Jamaica for a few years…..and all those crooks from both North American countries under Panama and Paradise Papers investigation, no one needs them.


  • Well well

    Why you don’t show more commonsense than you are displaying at the moment ??

    Facebook & Twitter can vote in the Barbados General Elections ???

    Who cares what is posted on those platforms ??

    Wha in 2013 those 2 platforms were filled with all sorts of vitriol against the Dems ……and who won then ??

    I really suggest you go and help MAM find her Law degree & LEC !!



  • Fractured dunce and I suggest instead of talking sewerage why you do not relocate to the South Coast where you will be right at home and help them clean it up,since the DLP seems to be lost as to what to do.Lately have not heard the arrogant Ms Inniss or the pretty talker Ms Haigh nor even the Mr Halliday who must be wondering what he has gotten himself into,while the Ministers Estwick,Dr Lowe ,Mr Boyce and the PM hide in the background.What sayeth you Fractured,forget LEC and concentrate on the real problem J/A.


  • Sir, you asked for BAPE’S comment on the matter raised about membrane bio reactor (MBR) technology as an option for use on the South Coast.

    The Barbados Association of Professional Engineers is not a functional engineering consultancy. It is the national body that represents the interest of such consultant groups; of individual engineers; and of the engineering profession itself. It is therefore not within BAPE’S remit to engage in the technical specifics of any particular engineering solution – such as the use of membrane bio reactor technology or even options such as secondary or tertiary level sewerage treatment. There are multiple viable and valid options that are available for such solutions.

    Our concern is that, in the national interest, these complex infrastructural decisions must not be taken in the heat of political rhetoric, but after careful, deliberate, methodological and professional consideration that is led by our best experts – who truly understand the ramifications of the decisions made.

    The original final design choice was a poor compromise that was taken largely on short term political and economic considerations. The lack of an emergency back-up outfall, and the pairing of different pipe systems in a common duct clearly point to this fact.

    Now that the inevitable crisis has come, millions of dollars are being assigned to deep injection wells, bypass systems and other expensive fixes, while the environment and economy suffers the bad decisions taken by non experts over 20 years ago.

    Recent suggestions, that whole new philosophical approaches such as MBR technology should now be introduced is exactly the kind of thinking that gave us the flawed level one plant in the first place. Clearly these political decisions are well intentioned and genuinely conceived, however we continue to reiterate that the technological world of the 21st century is far too complex and sophisticated for such decisions to be made without full involvement of the experts and even the public, in the various pros and cons, and the justifications for the final choices made.

    Unless we establish a new regime for decision-making with respect to national infrastructural projects such as the SCSP, our road and transport network, the water works system and other critical assets, we will only encounter even worse failures. It simply is not possible to successfully conceptualise and manage such complex, large-scale, projects in the absence of professional, dedicated, and transparent management – empowered with full control of the resources needed to follow prescribed construction standards and maintenance schedules.


  • BAPE

    So no engineers were involved in the original design or no local engineers? I can remember BAPE’s outrage over the flyovers (foreign engineers again), but don’t recall any opposition to the calamity implemented in Wildey as a traffic management solution, “designed” by a local engineer.


  • MIA said “We will seek the direct assistance and intervention of the Canadian government to send a team of experts”


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Fractured and Duncy….so you are telling yourself that Bajans who can vote in the coming upcoming election dont go on Twitter and Facebook…and voice their opinions loudly and vehemently that they never want to see the current dummies of parliament ever again..

    Jamaica is complaining that your leader Fruendel is slow witted, dumb and lazy….so it begs to reason that his yardfowls are even worse…thanks for the confirmation…..

    …….ya better start caring what is posted to those platforms, in 2013 you could not get a Bajan to give an angry opinion on social media…not so in 2018, 5 years makes a big difference and it is completely outside the backward government’s control.

    But dont you have bigger problems though, like where will you source scratch grain by June and going forward, no more mooching off taxpayers as a yardfowl to useless government ministers…,

    Cow is hiring.


  • Well well

    You gine have 5 more years of bellyaching!!

    There are 4 seasons of harvest !

    JAH ..,..knows the money 💰 is in !!!


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Fractured & Duncy…dream on, all of that is wasted bribe money and the electorate is intelligent enough to digitally tape the politicians, ministers and yardfowls who bribe them for votes.


  • It is neither legal, or even possible, to implement a project on the scale of the sewage project without the involvement of professional engineers. But that is not the point.
    As it is now in Barbados “he who pays the piper, calls the tune”
    Engineers can, and will, design and build whatever they are contracted to execute by the financing agency employing them once it falls within the constraints of the law and basic engineering ethical guidelines.

    What BAPE is talking about is a need for professional and ethical guidelines and Laws, that must override parochial financing considerations in the interest of long term national good.

    We posit that such considerations are best achieved by forcing such complex, large-scale decisions to be driven by non-partisan professional authorities which transcend political and even financing boundaries. Obviously those involved will inevitably have some political biases, but with total transparency, and the involvement of ethics-driven professional bodies such as BAPE, the BAR Association, the BIA, Auditors body etc, there would be far greater chances of us making long term successful decisions.

    We are suggesting that the tune should be called by good sense, extensive professional consideration, public buy-in, and national consensus, rather than just the ability to pay the piper.


  • Was doing good until he mentioned the BAR Association…..


  • Well well

    You lost before the bell 🔔 ring !!

    So go back to your cage !!

    With your Facebook & Twiiter accounts !!

    You should know by now thousands of people does shout one thing …….and vote the next !!

    If you doubt yourself……ask Akanni McDowell…….he kept telling the public THOUSANDS of civil servants ……backing he and the NUPW !!!

    Where are these thousands today ????? The last thing they do to Akanni is give him one kick in he ARSE …. and tell he NUPW not leaving CTUSAB !!

    They tell Akanni before that we ain’t supporting you and no – 2 day strike ??

    Well well……FARTHOLE !!

    You have to wait on His Majesty King 👑 Freundel Jerome Stuart !!!


  • Why criticize for doing it sake? We have a BAPE President who is willing to share information with the BU family and we bellyache? Are all lawyers bad? If they are bad apples it does not defeat the role of the legal officers- lawyers included- system in balancing the justice scale. We all have heard over and over and especially from Dr. Hugh Sealy who was the local consultant for one of the critical stages of the South Cast sewage project, the appetite for the build/spend was a function of what the country could afford and what the lender wanted to advance.



  • 🙂
    did not rise to the level of #ja status
    Some of us get tired of hearing the same thing over and over
    high-falluting answers but the problems remain unsolved
    big words but the problems remain unsolved
    Are all lawyers bad? Is the BAR Association helpful/useful to the poor man
    The island is decaying
    One thing is certain, as it gets worse, blinkers will fall off
    Wake up


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Duncy….dont forget BU, Instagram, and Nekkid Departure.

    ….they are social media too ya know..


  • BAPE President wrote ” As it is now in Barbados “he who pays the piper, calls the tune ”

    That statement COULD mean that corruption and bribery is the norm in Barbados.

    Note I wrote “COULD”.


  • Interesting comment by a FB poster.

    Freundel Common Entrance exam is in May. CXC exams where the schools’ halls are set up for exams starts in may all the way into June; you inconsiderate human being why don’t you call the elections so as not to disrupt these important events. You think an extra month or two salary going help you. If that is your goal I hope it last you till the day you die. You think because you know something that no one else knows that makes you important well in the next three months you going to be a regular nobody like most people, and you will never be remembered for anything good. Savor the moment while you can.


  • A point to ponder.The Guyana election of May 11th 2015 caused havoc with CXC having to postpone exams to June.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @David March 4, 2018 at 1:08 PM “You think an extra month or two salary going help you?”

    My old man used to say that if you don’t fill your bucket when it is raining, don’t expect to fill it with dew.

    The “dew” of these next ninety days won’t fill anybody’s bank account.


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