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Grenville Phillips II, leader of Solutions Barbados

CADRES recently conducted a poll in order to identify voters’ political party preferences.  Most voters polled reportedly preferred either the BLP or the DLP.  After analysing the poll, I understood how voters could be easily manipulated.

When asking questions, there is normally a context around which each question is framed, that can result in different answers.  For example, there is a difference in asking “Should we ban Gromoxone?”, “Gromoxone is an effective herbicide that keeps gardens tidy, should we ban Gromoxone?” and “Gromoxone is the poison of choice for suicidal persons, should we ban Gromoxone?”  The results will tend to vary depending on how the question is framed.

In the first question, responders are not given a frame of reference.  In the second, the frame is positive – “keeps gardens tidy”.  In the third, the frame is negative – “poison of choice for suicidal persons”.  The frame in which the question is placed can allow us to accurately predict the majority response to the last two questions.  However, the majority response to the first unframed question can also be determined based on the national frame at the time.

For example.  If in one week, there were 5 publically reported suicides by drinking Gromoxone, just before persons were polled, then the question would have already been framed by the tragic events.  The emotional response would likely be that many would support some type of restriction.  However, a different response can be expected if there were no suicides by drinking Gromoxone in the past 15 years, and if the media were not participating in a campaign against Gromoxone.  Therefore, what is trending in the media can result in misleading poll results.

CADRES’ poll questions were already framed by the news media reports of current events, and by public commentators who have access to the media.  News media have a higher responsibility to be fair during times of national decisions.  One side of a national discussion should not be deprived of ‘oxygen’, while allowing the other side unfettered access to the media.  The public should be exposed to both sides of a debate.

The national frame around any question of the economy is that the ruling DLP administration is responsible for the current economic hardship, and they are incapable of managing our national economy.  The recent poll results appear to confirm this public sentiment.  However, what if the public were given the whole truth?

If the public is not told about the reckless and unsustainable borrowing during the BLP administration, then they will reasonably tend to blame the DLP, who must repay these debts, for their current circumstances.  However, if the public was told the truth, that both the BLP and the DLP administrations have brought us to the point of economic ruin, and that both parties’ policies are designed to generally keep most Barbadians house-poor and living pay-cheque to pay-cheque, then perhaps they would be willing to look at the policies of a third party.

If the public is told to dismiss all third parties because they are just parties of 1 or 5 persons, then they would likely dismiss them.  However, if they were told the truth that Solutions Barbados is the only third party with 25 candidates and intends to run 30 competent candidates, then perhaps they would dismiss the clever but inaccurately defined frame, and actually consider Solutions Barbados.

If the public is told that Solutions Barbados has no plan to address Barbados’ failing economy, then they would likely dismiss them.  However, if they were ever told the truth that Solutions Barbados is the only party to have published a non-austerity economic plan over 2 years ago, for rigorous public scrutiny, then they would have an accurate frame, and not the fake frame that others are actively promoting.  The plan is on

What if the austerity, harsh medicine, long hardship, bitter pills, and no-easy-fixes that the BLP and DLP are promising were actually explained to voters?  What if the BLP and DLP actually told the voters “If you vote for us, then your salary will be reduced, you will lose your job, you will lose your house if you are not earning foreign currency, and you will also lose everything that you are purchasing on credit.  You will suck salt, and your children will suck whatever is left after the salt that you have voted to suck is gone.”

In Guyana, the IMF made them double their income tax rates and devalue their currency by 70%.  Guyana was left with a ruined economy, dilapidated infrastructure, shortage of critical supplies, reduced social services, mass emigration of professionals, and 75% of the population in poverty.

Who would be so lunatic to vote for that bitter pill?  The CADRES poll demonstrated that Barbadian voters would enthusiastically vote for the economic ruin of their households, communities and country if the question was not accurately framed.

For completion, I should identify another possible explanation.  We are so accustomed to not believing what our elected politicians promise, that we simply do not believe them when they promise us that their policies will drive us and our children into poverty.

Grenville Phillips II is the founder of Solutions Barbados and can be reached at

126 thoughts on “The Grenville Phillips Column – Telling The People The Truth

  1. @ My Dearest Suzanne,

    I spent a little time yesterday (and today) with the grandson creating this

    The words used to compose this video animation are those of ARTAXERXES.

    Artaxerxes please forgive the “adjustments” that were made to what you wrote here such was to permit de grandson software to do “it thing” – the “synching” of the hands/mouth and pics.

    I am back with you now my Dearest Suzanne.

    Artaxerxes’ message, albeit in favour? of Mugabe, has been used to make a few points.

    The first is that Grenville and Lynette and a few of the others while they may have a valid issues of national import, some say arguably so, lack the requisite finesse and ability to deliver these issues with any panache.

    They do not have any stage presence and, as a result, the masses that they are addressing with the objective of ultimately swaying, in their people, bluntly put the sheeple, will have some difficulty to identify with them.

    They have monotone lacklustre voices worse than that of the dragon dictate.

    Second issue dearest.

    After they get over the first hurdle of “who will speak on their behalf”, tHe second hurdle is the message that they are bringing and in what format they deliver it.

    This animation is 90 seconds.

    First of all, that timespan is too long given the attention defecit of the sheeple who need to be swayed.

    The third issue is that this THird Movement havs its genesis in the others of the duopoly.

    THey are relying on the old modus operandi of waiting till the bell rings and consequently, do not have a “proactive engagement programme” with the public the have little presence and few venues for these type of town hall encounters to occur.

    All like now them *** almost said a bad word) should be in rumshops and pun de block rubbing shoulders (Mugabe calls if Rubbing Pudendas) with the common man and woman.

    So, I might be impassioned like you but to be truthful, it is quite disheartening to see what has floated to the top

  2. @Artaxerxes August 7, 2017 at 1:17 AM #

    “And similarly, the DLP’s 2008 Youth Manifesto (A Pledge to the Young People of Barbados) and the 2008 and 2013 election manifestos are “likened unto a man who tries to sell a big foot horse as a cow. They only mean something of worth to the DLP yardies. What good is having (these) documents whose views are only regurgitated by its supporters.”

    I will prove that the above statement is correct, criticisms of the BLP’s “Covenant of Hope” could be similarly made of the DLP’s 2008 Youth Manifesto and that both documents spew the relevant party’s political rhetoric.

    Recall in 2008 the Democratic Labour Party used a dub fete in Haynesville, St. James to launch their Youth Manifesto.”.

    I really admire how you do the research to show what hypocrites the Dems are.

    I was searching for the 2008 manifesto I had in our study and when I could not find it, my spouse told me that nothing DLP stays in the study………..So I am glad for your research to expose the morons.

    But wait, whatever happenend to the multi media state of the art cultural centre that was to be built by Sinckler on Spring Garden?

    Any wonder the gangs in St Michael North West are restless and want to hold all of us to ransom?

  3. What de wrasse whole wrong with Barbados.

    “AT LEAST THREE WOMEN were shot in the latest violent incident this Grand Kadooment Day”

    “Police preliminary reports say a 37-year-old man was stabbed in the neck while a 30-year-old man was shot in the hip.”

  4. UPDATE: Man killed on Spring Garden; QEH issues call for staff

    A YOUNG MAN is dead following a shooting incident earlier tonight on Spring Garden Highway.

  5. @ pieceuhderockyeahright and Bush Tea.

    Wha wanna got to say bout all dis murder and mayhem you predicted ?

    Can we expect ?

  6. @ Hants

    De ole man humbly retracts my statements about the mayhem and the killings and the attempted killings.

    De reason de ole man retracts these statements is becausing de DLP Stinkliar and Fumbles only now gots reason to say dat de ole man is “the cause of all this sedition and mayhem” that has beseiged de “Paradise of Land of the Sea and Sun”

    If you lie as long as I have Hants and have been where I have been and seen what i have seen (and been the author of things as de ole man has been) it is very easy to extrapolate to this point.

    The thing about this crime and violence brother Hants is that these young boy criminals is not brainiacs AND THEY CAN BE STOPPED permanently or for a short time during their incarceration.

    Looka I going predict? a few more “elementary tings”

    De deaf of is that death rate is going to soar to close to 40 this year and it shall do so not because of the turfs wars but because of the retribution murders that are en vogue right now.

    Now de slit eyed Adriel Nitwit Brafwit is going to read de ole man comments and take his usual offense AS WILL THE CURRENT COMMISSIONER OF POLICE but the way to stop the criminals is very easy.

    Let de ole man speak a riddle to you cause you is a man with unnerstanding, and Bush Tea and a few of de others here but de ole man ent want to be prolix.

    “Stray dogs and bitches in Heat”

    Yu ever saw stray dogs running around behind a dog in heat in the city in the bus stand before de RSPCA used to come and pick dem up? or dat chinie restaurant dat used to cook “bow wow” get dem?

    All de dogs does come out be they big dogs or small dogs, they does come out and run down dem pheromones or whatever.

    Now de ole man has explained how the mechanism to attact de dogy got to work in the first place.

    Now how is it going to be possible to tell when a dog stick so to speak?

    Remember Hants dat while I can tell you de entire plan step by step I can do um heah causing de criminals does come heah too (no i ent mean Stinkliar and Froon, dem does come heah too) but i mean de criminals in Trufe.

    So it may be cryptic but jes extrapolate on the how it used to be done in the past and replace that and you gots the answer to all dis gun problem and killings and badboys and all de resta ingrunce.

    And I going try to say a likkle bit more

    Today at around 3 oclock a radio announcer announced that a 14 year old was missing and that the police needed help to ocate her. and they asked people to call 1-888 TIPS

    Now i ent know bout you but i ent calling no 1888 tips to give no information bout a young girls who some ole man read drug lord wanna be ef**g specially when dem ingrunt police going give my telephone number to de same drug Lord who is dem cousin.

    No siree, what i want you to focus on is what the ole man saying bout (i) location (of the criminals (ii) the conveying of said location to the police (iii) safety of the snitchers from police crooks and de other crooks and (iv) decreasing Crime and Violence @ August 7 2017

    I ent know how to find de collinses but one thing that i can tell all uh wunna is that I know how to find the guns (and the drugs)


    MEMBERS OF THE public are being asked to avoid the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s Accident & Emergency Department except in the case of life threatening injuries.

  8. @ Hants I ent even finish talking bout my fanciful Crime and Violence Stopping Idea whan “Whaplax” dem cat dis Bajan scammer Ronald Brown.

    “…After Browne’s photo and description were sent to Crimestoppers, tips began to flood in giving law enforcement the information needed to finally catch him…”

    But that was done by international police in Fairfax.

    Dt man did running bout heah in Bulbados all de time and not a feller ent say a ting bout he to de police causing dem fear de crimestoppers and ultimately that de police going rat dem out.


  9. Wait, Hants are you home? You are up to speed on all the happenings. A police officer was also injured in a collision with a car.

  10. @ pieceuhderockyeahright ,

    imagine its is cropova and instead of me posting Caribana videos to compete with Crop over

    videos of the pulchritudinous womens and their movementions we have to be focused on how

    to protect family and friends.

    There was a time in Barbados when the middle and upper classes owned the majority of the guns .

    Now it is the boys on the block that have the civilian fire power.

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