The Grenville Phillips Column – Telling The People The Truth

Grenville Phillips II, leader of Solutions Barbados

CADRES recently conducted a poll in order to identify voters’ political party preferences.  Most voters polled reportedly preferred either the BLP or the DLP.  After analysing the poll, I understood how voters could be easily manipulated.

When asking questions, there is normally a context around which each question is framed, that can result in different answers.  For example, there is a difference in asking “Should we ban Gromoxone?”, “Gromoxone is an effective herbicide that keeps gardens tidy, should we ban Gromoxone?” and “Gromoxone is the poison of choice for suicidal persons, should we ban Gromoxone?”  The results will tend to vary depending on how the question is framed.

In the first question, responders are not given a frame of reference.  In the second, the frame is positive – “keeps gardens tidy”.  In the third, the frame is negative – “poison of choice for suicidal persons”.  The frame in which the question is placed can allow us to accurately predict the majority response to the last two questions.  However, the majority response to the first unframed question can also be determined based on the national frame at the time.

For example.  If in one week, there were 5 publically reported suicides by drinking Gromoxone, just before persons were polled, then the question would have already been framed by the tragic events.  The emotional response would likely be that many would support some type of restriction.  However, a different response can be expected if there were no suicides by drinking Gromoxone in the past 15 years, and if the media were not participating in a campaign against Gromoxone.  Therefore, what is trending in the media can result in misleading poll results.

CADRES’ poll questions were already framed by the news media reports of current events, and by public commentators who have access to the media.  News media have a higher responsibility to be fair during times of national decisions.  One side of a national discussion should not be deprived of ‘oxygen’, while allowing the other side unfettered access to the media.  The public should be exposed to both sides of a debate.

The national frame around any question of the economy is that the ruling DLP administration is responsible for the current economic hardship, and they are incapable of managing our national economy.  The recent poll results appear to confirm this public sentiment.  However, what if the public were given the whole truth?

If the public is not told about the reckless and unsustainable borrowing during the BLP administration, then they will reasonably tend to blame the DLP, who must repay these debts, for their current circumstances.  However, if the public was told the truth, that both the BLP and the DLP administrations have brought us to the point of economic ruin, and that both parties’ policies are designed to generally keep most Barbadians house-poor and living pay-cheque to pay-cheque, then perhaps they would be willing to look at the policies of a third party.

If the public is told to dismiss all third parties because they are just parties of 1 or 5 persons, then they would likely dismiss them.  However, if they were told the truth that Solutions Barbados is the only third party with 25 candidates and intends to run 30 competent candidates, then perhaps they would dismiss the clever but inaccurately defined frame, and actually consider Solutions Barbados.

If the public is told that Solutions Barbados has no plan to address Barbados’ failing economy, then they would likely dismiss them.  However, if they were ever told the truth that Solutions Barbados is the only party to have published a non-austerity economic plan over 2 years ago, for rigorous public scrutiny, then they would have an accurate frame, and not the fake frame that others are actively promoting.  The plan is on

What if the austerity, harsh medicine, long hardship, bitter pills, and no-easy-fixes that the BLP and DLP are promising were actually explained to voters?  What if the BLP and DLP actually told the voters “If you vote for us, then your salary will be reduced, you will lose your job, you will lose your house if you are not earning foreign currency, and you will also lose everything that you are purchasing on credit.  You will suck salt, and your children will suck whatever is left after the salt that you have voted to suck is gone.”

In Guyana, the IMF made them double their income tax rates and devalue their currency by 70%.  Guyana was left with a ruined economy, dilapidated infrastructure, shortage of critical supplies, reduced social services, mass emigration of professionals, and 75% of the population in poverty.

Who would be so lunatic to vote for that bitter pill?  The CADRES poll demonstrated that Barbadian voters would enthusiastically vote for the economic ruin of their households, communities and country if the question was not accurately framed.

For completion, I should identify another possible explanation.  We are so accustomed to not believing what our elected politicians promise, that we simply do not believe them when they promise us that their policies will drive us and our children into poverty.

Grenville Phillips II is the founder of Solutions Barbados and can be reached at


  • Angela Skeete is swiping blind, trying make the DLP’s failures Mia Mottley’s fault.
    The point is, as Artax correctly stated, the BLP presented alternative solutions, which the DLP failed to embrace.
    Any bet the yard fowl did not read the Covenant of Hope, but after asking for solutions, she is critical of the document.
    You have proven time and time again you are an idiot.
    The state of the economy must be blamed on the DLP.
    Refusing to accept the BLP’s proposals and continually implementing failed policies is an exercise in futility.


  • gf paro man

    You stated “why must we choose debt as a solution” – I suggest you need to read more and try to understand where Barbados really is already. The choice about debt was made a long time ago.

    We are in a debt situation already!!! If you can’t even understand that then you would believe in Solutions Barbados SIMPLE solutions.

    But the fact (whether we like it or not) is that we as a country have a big problem of a lot of debt owed to a lot of people / institutions / banks / funds (all representing peoples money from small investors to big ones and countries – some of it even on Barbadians backs in money from pension funds etc around the world and locally) and have to pay it back – we can’t hide from that one. Why else do you think the present govt has to tax us so much – they have to make the payments or then we will end up in a real mess.

    It’s a very big world and very complex that we live in and Grenville’s simple solutions don’t even speak as to how he is going to make those payments that we have no choice but to make in the future.

    It will be interesting to see how al the parties answer that question in the next election – and then what they do after the election.

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  • Fool this is an election cycle and all questions going forward should be asked of all parties .The repeated narrative by the blp yardfowls of criticisms and blame does not hold water to win an election when the blp has nothing better to offer and a determination voters in the long run would decide. However what is relevant are the solutions these parties are offering.outside the blp yardies and supporters not many have paid attention to a long winded document called a Covenant of Hope suffice it to say that after its official launching it has been shelved with little or no fan fare having no real meaning or dignificance as to forming solutions
    Mottley solution of privatisation was rejected
    How much of any solutions has she stated since is laughable a mostly regugitated the blp supporters who attend blp meetings.. but for those who does not then what?
    The fact being that Mia has embedded herself between two entities to drive a divisive narrative in order for her to win an election when reality states that barbados economy needs solutions with she has less been open to stating but more affluent and ready to criticze differing alternatives by govt.
    A Covenant of Hope means nothing unless the country becomes informed and engaged as to what it means but so far only blp supporters can and have supported


  • The Covenant of Hope is largely a collection of vague political platitudes hardly anyone can disagree with.

    It is not a political platform with concrete, specific policy proposals that have cost estimates attached.

    How stupid is the electorate?


  • @Chad99999

    What other ways do you recommend a poltical party convey to the public it’s plan if it were to be elected? Didn’t your man Trump promise to repeal the ACA? What is your point again?


  • Chad99
    That’s the point!!! You start with a broad set of principles/goals, then you create policies that adhere to thise principles. If executed robustly, the Covenant of Hope can be a game changer because of the opportunity to create cohesive policies that are both vertically and horizontally integrated across government as a whole.


  • @Chad45, the electorate is as stupid or intelligent as the 15 year old A level student who can talk the subject matter like an expert but still has the temerity to assert …and I paraphrase you here… that Trump was not a deceitful professional politician.

    Anyone who classifies themselves as intelligent but yet perceives that Trump has not been steeped in politics all his life simply because he has never held elected office clearly is acting as a member of the stupid electorate class.

    Intelligence as you so proudly display therefore has not one damn thing to do with book learning n multiple degrees!

    An actual intelligent person…and I am sure we can find many in Deacons Rd or such….would know that this deceitful businessman who surely played politics for years with his many donations to the politicians is absolutely no different than they are.

    But you can look down on the stupid electorate because you picked Trump based on your intellect. What a lark!

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  • Dribbler

    Donald Trump broke many taboos in American politics. He took on the Hispanic lobby, the feminist brigades, the Wall Street Establishment, the Tech industry of Silicon Valley, and the progressive Jews in Hollywood and the broadcast media.

    He denounced all of them publicly and repeatedly to their faces. Almost unheard of in American politics to take on more than one of these groups at a time.

    I didn’t say he was a man of integrity. I said he doesnt hide from the truth on TV every day.

    Get over your Trump hatred.


  • David

    I am surprised at your comment! Do you really understand American politics?

    When an American presidential candidate makes a campaign promise, it can mean one of three different things:

    If he says, “I’m going to fire the Chairman of the Fed”, that is a straightforward promise that he will either keep or break, because the White House can eventually decide on the appointment of a new Fed Chair when the term of the current Chair expires.

    If he says, “No new taxes” that is not a straightforward promise because tax legislation must be initiated in the Ways and Means Committee of the US House of Representatives. He is really saying, ” I will not propose new taxes in suggested legislation I present to the Congress and I will veto any tax increases the Congress passes.”

    If he says, “I will put a stop to abortions” that is a matter decided by the courts, so what he is really saying is, “I will use the presidency to put the abortion issue back on the political agenda and contest its status as settled law. Furthermore, I will try to appoint more anti-abortion judges to the federal bench”.

    American voters understand all this. When Trump said he was going to repeal ObamaCare, he was really greenlighting Congress to come up with new health care legislation because he would not veto it, like Obama would have.

    That is all.


  • Chad99999

    Ok, thanks for the lesson.


  • Sorry Chad it has nothing to do with a Trump hatred…that is a wasted emotion as it consumes the hater infinitely more than his object. I do not hate the man.

    Trump like DT or Fruendel is an absolute hypocrite who lies prodigiously.

    If you did say that Trump does not hide from the truth then you would as deceitful as your hero.

    Because he says outrageous things which are bluntly accurate in their specificity but just as bluntly false in general; or say things which are unpalatably true but which the regular politician would not say DOES NOT make him a man who speaks TRUTH to the people.

    This man said Mexico would pay for the wall…a lie when first said and a proven lie since the leak of his convo.

    The man said Scout leaders called him to say his was a great speech…a lie. What type of person goes before a scout gathering and spews the ridiculous rhetoric he did….I have been out of scouting for a long now time now but none of the basic credo I recall embraces anything this man did.

    Were I leader at that Jamboree I would have been in trouble….because I would have told my troop of young folk next morning that you do NOT boo one former president at the urging of another…you RESPECT the office….

    The scout credo and promise is to obey God….and COUNTRY ….and the Scout law…that in the eyes of anyone other than your hero means to respect the office of the presidency (all of them).

    Good heaven’s man what does this have to with ‘hating’ an insidious, narcissistic politician.

    The man is wealthy, vigorous and smart…hip, hip hooray… he is also vile, disgusting and a pathological liar…. you find that appealing….no problem.

    Just as how hate says more about the hater than the one hated…so too bro, does love and affection.

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  • This from the resident yardfowl

    “Why not consider third parties if as suggested by blp yardfowls govt is inept what so wrong with third parties. at least their is willingness on their part to make suggestions unlike the blp and its leadership Mia who have used a political narative by way of marches and chaos and onesided polling as alternative remedy to our nation economic woes”


    Have you no shame?

    Did you not get the memo from Donville to the Opposition leader in 2008 in the House of Assembly and Sinckler, the manipulator chimed in to back him like a tag team………….

    “we aint want to hear anything from wunnah, wunnah had wunnah time, now is we time, we gine do things we way, any ideas wunnah got, keep to wunnah self”.

    And Sir Sandi worries……..”how did we get back here?”


  • The Covenant of hope is likened unto a man who tries to sell a big proposes a big foot horse as a cow.
    It only means something of worth to the blp yardies . what giid is having a document whose views are only regugitated by its supporters
    Mia knows that the convent will give her little or no leadwat to winning the election reason why she has been in the forefront of every march since 2008 another .
    Soon her efforts to use Unions and public servants as a tool to win elections would be exposed as she tries to manipulate the sector knowing full well that her biggest chances of achieving a war chest of financing would be headed by Charles Herbert who has openly recommended the massive lay off of public workers .Her hypocriscy of pretending to be friends of all is on point to what OSA finds mindboggling and distrubing about her


  • peterlawrencethompson

    @David said “Ok, thanks for the lesson.”

    I trust you were being sarcastic in your response to Chad99999’s drivel where he tried to obscure Trump’s stupidity and incompetence.

    I mean really… “When Trump said he was going to repeal ObamaCare, he was really greenlighting Congress to come up with new health care legislation because he would not veto it, like Obama would have.”

    Actually when Trump said he was going to repeal ObamaCare he went on to stipulate that the replacement would cover more people and cost less money. He knows that this is all lies… he isn’t quite that stupid. He is stupid and incompetent enough, however, to misjudge the Republican controlled Congress and embarrass himself on multiple occasions.


  • “Peter

    BU could have prolong the exchange with Chad99999 by adding that Trump reported interest in stopping subsidies to insurance companies suggests he meant what he promised on the campaign trail.


  • And similarly, the DLP’s 2008 Youth Manifesto (A Pledge to the Young People of Barbados) and the 2008 and 2013 election manifestos are “likened unto a man who tries to sell a big foot horse as a cow. They only mean something of worth to the DLP yardies. What good is having (these) documents whose views are only regurgitated by its supporters.”

    I will prove that the above statement is correct, criticisms of the BLP’s “Covenant of Hope” could be similarly made of the DLP’s 2008 Youth Manifesto and that both documents spew the relevant party’s political rhetoric.

    Recall in 2008 the Democratic Labour Party used a dub fete in Haynesville, St. James to launch their Youth Manifesto.

    I’m sure Barbadians remember the young political aspirant, Khaleel Kothdiwala, speaking at BLP’s “March of Disgust,” in March this year.

    On page 2 of the youth manifesto, under the caption “Getting Young People Involved,” the DEMS mentioned the following:


    Yet, Khaleel’s presence on the BLP’s platform PROVOKED the ire of Steve Blackett, which he described as being “EQUIVALENT, as far as I’m concerned, to SEXUAL abuse or PHYSICAL abuse” and made persistent threats to report the youngster’s parents to the Child Care Board. And of course we can recall Mara Thompson’s “childless” slurs.

    On one hand, the DLP is supporting the involvement of young people in politics, but if they become involved in politics from the BLP’s perspective, it is tantamount to “sexual or physical abuse.”

    Hypocrisy of the DLP!!!!!

    “This Manifesto is therefore a CONTRACT between this great Party and the YOUNG PEOPLE of Barbados. It is the means whereby we intend reclaiming and empowering you to craft our fate.” [page 2]

    Interestingly, on page 6 of the said document: “The Democratic Labour Party recommits to high quality education for Barbados, FREE FOR ALL, from pre-school to TERTIARY LEVEL.”

    The DLP BREACHED this “CONTRACT” because UWI students are now required to pay UWI tuition fees.

    During the past 9 ½ years, the Democratic Labour Party has NOT kept any of the promises made to the young people of Barbados, (as outline in the youth manifesto) relative to:

    1) Promoting a better family life (page 4)
    2) Better opportunities in education and training (page 6)
    3) Securing decent employment for young people (page 10)
    4) Achieving and enjoying better health (page 12)
    5) Sports for all (page 12)
    6) Making culture work for us (page 14)

    The members of the DLP have demonstrated that the 2008 Youth Manifesto was nothing but an empty, vote-grabbing gesture.


  • PLT

    Your coarse, obnoxious and disrespectful comments about me are as surprising as they are shameful.

    Let’s hope you were having a bad day.

    God bless The Donald. Make America great again.


  • peterlawrencethompson


    The disrespect was intended for Clown Donald himself. I’m having a great day because Trump is having consecutively disastrous ones.

    You know perfectly well that Trump has no agenda beyond destroying Obama’s legacy for racist reasons and delivering huge tax cuts to his billionaire buddies… everything else is just political theatre for the stupid peons who vote for him. He will deprive millions of his voters of any health care by sabotaging ObamaCare, but he doesn’t give a shit… they were stupid enough to believe him when he promised to create a replacement would cover more people and cost less money.


  • I cannot understand how any sane, intelligent individual could be fond of Donald Trump………. A man who has proven time and time again that he is pathological liar.

    Trump has a problem with trans-genders joining the US military, but surrounds himself with racists as members of his administration.

    By his actions, Trump has also demonstrated he hates Obama……….. hate that could only be developed in the mind of a racist. And his repealing of Obama’s policies is enough proof to conclude he that, because Obama is an African American, he wants him to be remembered as the worst president in the USA’s history.


  • @ PLT (re Trump)
    …..He knows that this is all lies… he isn’t quite that stupid.
    You err.
    He IS worse than stupid…..

    Why is it so hard to see the common thread running through events and ‘leaders’ of this world?
    Trump is Karma’s curse on America …and on everyone living there or tied to their coat tails. He is MUCH worse than ‘stupid’….

    ‘Stupid’ is like Carl Moore or Alvin…… Petty, ill-informed, and slow witted….
    Trump is better described as “possessed”.

    Compare him to Froon…. and the other clowns in our parliament.
    Look at Putin… or look closely at almost ANY other of this world’s leaders…

    Our world has been conquered by ‘the enemy’. We are all under serious siege …and under enemy occupation. We just do not get it – because brass bowls have this way of dismissing REALITY…

    Everything of any REAL consequence is spiritual.

    Our physical experience …called ‘life on earth’, is a temporary aberration – designed to achieve a single critical SPIRITUAL objective…. and it is nearing the end of its purpose…..

    While great spiritual battles for REAL relevance are being fought and lost, …brass bowls are focused on the trappings of temporary nonsense …. the literal urine of reality.

    Trump is merely a tool. He is being used by the same forces that are using Froon and Stinkliar to operate so illogically in Barbados.

    Here is a riddle for you…..PLT
    Why, of ALL places on earth, would that controlling ‘force’ have selected Froon & Co to build his monument in Barbados? …with his pitchfork emerging from the earth…?
    Could he be challenging a big-ass whacker yuh think…?

    Unlike wunna uninitiated pawns here on BU, these “controlling forces” are frighten as shiite for ‘whackers’…..
    ha ha ha


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    ….trump will cull millions of Americans…mostly trumptards, in an attempt to diminish Obama’s legacy…but unsuccessfully. ..that means trumptards will die for nothing, I say good riddance to the whole useless lot of them.

    Hopefully Chadster will be among the culled, but I suspect he is still pretending to be in the US….cause even what those squatters call legal immigration is being sidelined by the orange retard…..

    …,……the coming months will be entertainment galore in the US… stock up on popcorn. …


  • It is alarming reading on BU, with some of the comments that I have read.
    One would think that with the new political propaganda machine in place, intellectuals from all walks of life would be willing to pool resources for the betterment of the country.
    The facts are there and quite visible.
    Censorship of the media.
    A lack of transparency
    A lack of accountability
    Stagnation of youth development, both primary and secondary.
    The inability to create new schemes in Agriculture. Etc.


  • Hmmm…..has anyone stated a viable policy as yet to deal with the myriad of things affecting Bim?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ my dearest Suzanne

    The reason I would have started the Stoopid Cartoons campaign is a matter of BU record for all and sundry to see.

    AC opened her mout and laid down a challenge and de ole man took her up and showed her that “a carefully delivered message packed in a “flier” that is 8 x 11 inches CAN and HAS DONS the DLP serious damage locally, regionally and internationally”

    15 Seconds!

    That is the average time that the majority of internet inserts and other advertising campaigns have to deliver ones message.

    And it is that we informally enjoined in a “sensitization campaign” which (i) brought attention to (ii) laughed at (iii) emoted derision and sought variously to focus people on what was/is happening in Barbados

    In 15 seconds!

    What we collectively did as 3 parsons on this Blog can be independently verified by (i) the Honourable Blogmaster (ii) subsequent ip pixel trackers like the one *** used (iii) the ongoing dissemination of said stoopid cartoons and (iv) THE SOON TO BE VISIBLE BLP CAMPAIGN during the UPCOMING ELECTIONS where they will be using cartoons and animations and a few other things that I wont mention here but which Bell is assisting them with heheheheheh.

    (“what is done in the darkness shall be known in the light” a message to my man who always talking bout GOD while being in the employ of the nameless one. Of course you ent tell them that it is my idea but such has always been your style of engagement – to teif the thoughts of others and claim them to be your own, SELAH)

    But back to you dearest and Solutions Barbados.

    I have “particular skills” heheheheheh and I will speak of one passingly heheheheh

    The Report & Recommendations of the Boundaries and Electoral Commission to the Rt. HOn Prime Minister Owen Arthurdated 2002 (

    It says to but would it not have been better to have said “by” heheheheh, whu after all you see who were appointed members of said Commission for 200 until 2005?)

    But de ole man slipping again dearest.

    Most people here on BU come here and talk cause dem likes to see whu dem write afterwards but i does talk cause I does see LA1, AA1, EA1, I does see the constituencies and its registered voters, the number of voters who voted, (percentage male/female heheheheheh) who voted for who etc.

    Now I know that you going say that this is not pertinent to what you said earlier but I want you to understand the “science behind politics” and how unlike the rabble, de ole man KNOWS INTIMATELY what Solutions Barbados and all the rest of this Third Movement HAS TO DO.

    you understand me honey?

    Before the fellers like Steven and my friends at de Elections place dat CANNOT PUBLISH DEM NAME OR GIVE THE REGISTERED OWNERS OF THE DOMAIN was around, I AM!

    So do not get confused here.

    I will repeat this so that you understand.

    I did a flier in similar vein for this Solutions Barbados precisely because I am in support of a Third Movement Initiative.

    The fact my dear is that, barring Mugabe NONE OF THESE PARTIES comprehend the mechanisms of ascertaining, ascribing and affirming voter support (and even then, if you are not in the voter boxes with them when they place their “x” even that aint worth diddly squat.

    I had started doing a second level of “intervention” for the Third Movement in general and, since this is the Grenville Philips column, i had hoped that he would benefit from it, in particular.

    You DO NOT UNDERSTAND ME, few IF ANY DO, but I am not a light switch that is activated as needed by some dweller in the house, I come to my own decisions, and having arrived there, i dont just turn off, but I am cautions to shed light in houses WHERE THERE IS NO ONE AT HOME


  • @Vincent

    What we need to observe is leadership being demonstrated by the players. We will not know if proposals put forward out of office will make good policy until people are in the chair. We have to look at Mia, Grenville, Lynette Eastmond, Holder et al and observe how they interact with the public, their colleagues, by example etc.

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  • pieceuhderockyeahright August 7, 2017 at 9:31 AM #



  • @ girvenr2015
    One would think that with the new political propaganda machine in place, intellectuals from all walks of life would be willing to pool resources for the betterment of the country.
    Agreed! …One would think so indeed….

    But suppose the ‘intellectuals’ were even more confused than us ordinary folks?

    Suppose they had no idea of how to achieve ‘betterment’? – even for themselves and their families – far less for a resentful, ungrateful, and uncooperative public…?

    What then…?


  • David

    No disagreement.


  • peterlawrencethompson

    @Bush Tea
    I totally agree that “He IS worse than stupid…” When I said that he isn’t that stupid I was trying to distinguish between merely stupid and truly evil. Stupid is simply unfortunate, but evil is a moral failing.

    While my own cosmology includes nothing of the supernatural, I have an idea what you are getting at when you refer to “great spiritual battles” that are being fought, and I am resolutely on the side that opposes Trump and his ilk.


  • @Bush Tea

    What is the definition of intellectual and what is the role in society?


  • @ PLT
    Noted and appreciated.
    However you cannot be “resolutely on the side that opposes Trump and his ilk”

    The situation is much too complex for such a simplistic position.
    Unfortunately, Trump’s side is the default team.
    The ‘other’ side is by invitation and selection only. Many are called …and a few are chosen.

    You are just lucky enough to escape the direct focus of the evil powers-that-be … and to have the intellectual ability to see the glaring inconsistencies and dangers in the blatant evil being deposited on this world by the Trumps, Froons, Stinkliars and other agents of evil.

    Were you to be elected PM tomorrow….pressures would be brought to bear to ‘Stinkliarize’ …or “en-froon” you….in VERY short order.

    Consider, for example, your current intellectual view of ‘Bajan’ Banks – owned and controlled by foreigners …and doing REAL shiite – CLEARLY not in Barbadian interests…

    Let us say that you get appointed Island manager next Monday…. by Friday, you will be imposing …and defending, the VERY same shiite that the current Bajan managers are…

    …unless of course you have a whacker…. 🙂


  • @ David
    BU is overwhelmed with ‘intellectuals’.

    These are persons who have been gifted with the ability to apply logical analysis to human situations and to come to intelligent conclusions.
    Such persons perform a critical role in society by recognising and pointing out the consequences of our decisions and actions.

    The average brass bowl on the street tends to see only short term consequences – like having easy money in their pockets…. while an intellectual is able to ‘see’ the consequences down the road …of overwhelming debt, bankruptcy, loss of freedom, and effective slavery and serfdom.

    By electing ordinary (but popular) brass bowls as politicians – and discarding all ‘intellectuals’ from Parliament, we have managed to live the ‘brass bowl philosophy’ for about 25 years now…. Starting when we appointed a PM who was unemployed…
    Our philosophy has been to…borrow, borrow, spend spend, lime and fete… work shiite!!!

    The intellectual warnings will kick in VERY soon….

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  • Hmmm…..too far east is west ………A sensible PM must surround himself with a mix of talents and be willing to accept and implement the advise offered.

    Our last 50 years have been one of borrowing as if no tomorrow exists.


  • Revolutions are never “popular.” They can be “populist” in nature. And without an “idea” there can’t be a revolution, because there is nothing to gain (ie freedom, liberty, equality, self-determination, democracy


  • Worthy of thought…..


  • Areas to focus on, in terms of rebuilding the country
    ( Water Management )
    We need to dam our underground streams, it was done before and it it still done now at the few gun ranges that we have.

    ( Agriculture )
    Land use, in terms of crop diversification.
    Create a textile industry ( We once produce some of the best cotton in the world )

    ( Privatisation )
    Government agencies needs to be downsized


  • LOL @ girvene2015
    Bless you….but…
    You have NO IDEA of the enormity of the challenges with which we are REALLY faced….

    In some ways, that may be better that you don’t…..
    …like a drunk probably is better off not knowing what is in store …as he barrels down the highway of life…
    Some even think that the faster they go, the sooner they will get home….


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ My Dearest Suzanne,

    I spent a little time yesterday (and today) with the grandson creating this

    The words used to compose this video animation are those of ARTAXERXES.

    Artaxerxes please forgive the “adjustments” that were made to what you wrote here such was to permit de grandson software to do “it thing” – the “synching” of the hands/mouth and pics.

    I am back with you now my Dearest Suzanne.

    Artaxerxes’ message, albeit in favour? of Mugabe, has been used to make a few points.

    The first is that Grenville and Lynette and a few of the others while they may have a valid issues of national import, some say arguably so, lack the requisite finesse and ability to deliver these issues with any panache.

    They do not have any stage presence and, as a result, the masses that they are addressing with the objective of ultimately swaying, in their people, bluntly put the sheeple, will have some difficulty to identify with them.

    They have monotone lacklustre voices worse than that of the dragon dictate.

    Second issue dearest.

    After they get over the first hurdle of “who will speak on their behalf”, tHe second hurdle is the message that they are bringing and in what format they deliver it.

    This animation is 90 seconds.

    First of all, that timespan is too long given the attention defecit of the sheeple who need to be swayed.

    The third issue is that this THird Movement havs its genesis in the others of the duopoly.

    THey are relying on the old modus operandi of waiting till the bell rings and consequently, do not have a “proactive engagement programme” with the public the have little presence and few venues for these type of town hall encounters to occur.

    All like now them *** almost said a bad word) should be in rumshops and pun de block rubbing shoulders (Mugabe calls if Rubbing Pudendas) with the common man and woman.

    So, I might be impassioned like you but to be truthful, it is quite disheartening to see what has floated to the top


  • @Artaxerxes August 7, 2017 at 1:17 AM #

    “And similarly, the DLP’s 2008 Youth Manifesto (A Pledge to the Young People of Barbados) and the 2008 and 2013 election manifestos are “likened unto a man who tries to sell a big foot horse as a cow. They only mean something of worth to the DLP yardies. What good is having (these) documents whose views are only regurgitated by its supporters.”

    I will prove that the above statement is correct, criticisms of the BLP’s “Covenant of Hope” could be similarly made of the DLP’s 2008 Youth Manifesto and that both documents spew the relevant party’s political rhetoric.

    Recall in 2008 the Democratic Labour Party used a dub fete in Haynesville, St. James to launch their Youth Manifesto.”.

    I really admire how you do the research to show what hypocrites the Dems are.

    I was searching for the 2008 manifesto I had in our study and when I could not find it, my spouse told me that nothing DLP stays in the study………..So I am glad for your research to expose the morons.

    But wait, whatever happenend to the multi media state of the art cultural centre that was to be built by Sinckler on Spring Garden?

    Any wonder the gangs in St Michael North West are restless and want to hold all of us to ransom?


  • What de wrasse whole wrong with Barbados.

    “AT LEAST THREE WOMEN were shot in the latest violent incident this Grand Kadooment Day”

    “Police preliminary reports say a 37-year-old man was stabbed in the neck while a 30-year-old man was shot in the hip.”


  • Bernard Codrington.

    @ PUDRYR at 6.05 pm

    Disheartening indeed.


  • UPDATE: Man killed on Spring Garden; QEH issues call for staff

    A YOUNG MAN is dead following a shooting incident earlier tonight on Spring Garden Highway.


  • A POLICEMAN WAS stabbed in the neck in the area of Combermere School during today’s Grand Kadooment festivities.


  • @ pieceuhderockyeahright and Bush Tea.

    Wha wanna got to say bout all dis murder and mayhem you predicted ?

    Can we expect ?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Hants

    De ole man humbly retracts my statements about the mayhem and the killings and the attempted killings.

    De reason de ole man retracts these statements is becausing de DLP Stinkliar and Fumbles only now gots reason to say dat de ole man is “the cause of all this sedition and mayhem” that has beseiged de “Paradise of Land of the Sea and Sun”

    If you lie as long as I have Hants and have been where I have been and seen what i have seen (and been the author of things as de ole man has been) it is very easy to extrapolate to this point.

    The thing about this crime and violence brother Hants is that these young boy criminals is not brainiacs AND THEY CAN BE STOPPED permanently or for a short time during their incarceration.

    Looka I going predict? a few more “elementary tings”

    De deaf of is that death rate is going to soar to close to 40 this year and it shall do so not because of the turfs wars but because of the retribution murders that are en vogue right now.

    Now de slit eyed Adriel Nitwit Brafwit is going to read de ole man comments and take his usual offense AS WILL THE CURRENT COMMISSIONER OF POLICE but the way to stop the criminals is very easy.

    Let de ole man speak a riddle to you cause you is a man with unnerstanding, and Bush Tea and a few of de others here but de ole man ent want to be prolix.

    “Stray dogs and bitches in Heat”

    Yu ever saw stray dogs running around behind a dog in heat in the city in the bus stand before de RSPCA used to come and pick dem up? or dat chinie restaurant dat used to cook “bow wow” get dem?

    All de dogs does come out be they big dogs or small dogs, they does come out and run down dem pheromones or whatever.

    Now de ole man has explained how the mechanism to attact de dogy got to work in the first place.

    Now how is it going to be possible to tell when a dog stick so to speak?

    Remember Hants dat while I can tell you de entire plan step by step I can do um heah causing de criminals does come heah too (no i ent mean Stinkliar and Froon, dem does come heah too) but i mean de criminals in Trufe.

    So it may be cryptic but jes extrapolate on the how it used to be done in the past and replace that and you gots the answer to all dis gun problem and killings and badboys and all de resta ingrunce.

    And I going try to say a likkle bit more

    Today at around 3 oclock a radio announcer announced that a 14 year old was missing and that the police needed help to ocate her. and they asked people to call 1-888 TIPS

    Now i ent know bout you but i ent calling no 1888 tips to give no information bout a young girls who some ole man read drug lord wanna be ef**g specially when dem ingrunt police going give my telephone number to de same drug Lord who is dem cousin.

    No siree, what i want you to focus on is what the ole man saying bout (i) location (of the criminals (ii) the conveying of said location to the police (iii) safety of the snitchers from police crooks and de other crooks and (iv) decreasing Crime and Violence @ August 7 2017

    I ent know how to find de collinses but one thing that i can tell all uh wunna is that I know how to find the guns (and the drugs)



    MEMBERS OF THE public are being asked to avoid the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s Accident & Emergency Department except in the case of life threatening injuries.


  • The following statement was issued by the Opposition Barbados Labour Party’s Shadow Attorney General Dale Marshall in response to today’s spate of shootings.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Hants I ent even finish talking bout my fanciful Crime and Violence Stopping Idea whan “Whaplax” dem cat dis Bajan scammer Ronald Brown.

    “…After Browne’s photo and description were sent to Crimestoppers, tips began to flood in giving law enforcement the information needed to finally catch him…”

    But that was done by international police in Fairfax.

    Dt man did running bout heah in Bulbados all de time and not a feller ent say a ting bout he to de police causing dem fear de crimestoppers and ultimately that de police going rat dem out.



  • Wait, Hants are you home? You are up to speed on all the happenings. A police officer was also injured in a collision with a car.


  • @ pieceuhderockyeahright ,

    imagine its is cropova and instead of me posting Caribana videos to compete with Crop over

    videos of the pulchritudinous womens and their movementions we have to be focused on how

    to protect family and friends.

    There was a time in Barbados when the middle and upper classes owned the majority of the guns .

    Now it is the boys on the block that have the civilian fire power.


  • @Prodigal Son,

    Barbados news is updated online frequently.

    I am in Canada.


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