The Grenville Phillips Column – House Poor

Grenville Phillips II, leader of Solutions Barbados

We have consistently received the same criticism over the past 2 years – we are running too many candidates.  We were then advised that if we wanted to build a political party, then we should focus on 3 to 6 constituencies where one of the established parties had marginal victories.  We were also told that we had to get supporters in each constituency who would demonstrate their commitment by paying membership dues.

We were supposed to attend every community event in the constituency, especially funerals, and out-perform the other candidates.  “Out-perform them? How do I do that?”  I queried.  “If the other candidates attend the church, then you go to the gravesite.  If they do not sing the hymns, then you sing the hymns.  If they sing, then you sing louder.  If they sing loud, then you shed a tear.  If they shed a tear, then you bawl.  If they bawl, then you jump into the grave and hug the coffin.”  I rejected this advice.

I recently attended a funeral of a relative.  While I was escorted to the front of the church with my family, I acknowledged the Parliamentary representative who was seated at the rear of the church.  I bowed my head while prayers were being said.  When I looked up, the Parliamentary representative was seated in the front row.  Perhaps he received similar advice.  However, I already decided that we were not going to play that game.

All of Solutions Barbados’ candidates are aware that we cannot compete with the BLP’s and DLP’s political machinery.  They have been in the communities for decades.  They have attended their constituents’ parties and funerals.  They have provided assistance during tragedies, and guidance to access Government services.  Many of these politicians are loved by voters.  Their photos prominently adorn the voters’ walls, and they are treated as sons and daughters.  We know that we cannot compete against that method of campaigning, and so we will not.

When I appeared on Down to Brasstacks two years ago with Peter Wickham and Hartley Henry, I was asked where we would get the millions needed to mount a political campaign?  “Millions?”  I asked.  “What will we do with millions?”  No one responded.

If any of our candidates give any voter any money, pay any of their bills, make any promises of employment, or do anything that can be construed as attempting to buy their vote, then that candidate will be expelled from Solutions Barbados forthwith.  What we can promise voters is that they will be finally allowed to prosper if they want to, because our policies are specifically designed for that purpose.

Both the BLP’s and DLP’s tax policies are intended to limit consumption.  What this means is that you are taxed so high that you are forced to spend what you earn on what you need, not on what you want.  Therefore, you are kept in a state of perpetual poverty, where you can always barely make it.

Their tax policies are designed to give you an illusion of prosperity because you have a job and accommodation, but their policies are designed to keep you house-poor.  You are to make just enough to pay your rent or mortgage, utility bills and food.  However, you are to struggle to pay for anything else, so that you do not purchase unnecessary imported products which will negatively affect our foreign currency reserves.  Their policies work perfectly if you are living pay-cheque to pay-cheque.

There is a small difference in their policies.  The DLP tended to increase taxes on your income leaving you with less money to spend.  The BLP tended to increase taxes on products, leaving you with less money after spending on your now expensive necessities.  The intended end result was the same, you were to remain in poverty regardless of whether you were renting or paying a mortgage.

The DLP is fast running out of options and has decided to increase taxes on both incomes and products.  There will be weeping and sucking of salt.  However, if voters decide to vote for the BLP’s or the DLP’s policies in the next General Election, then they should prepare their children to suck whatever is left after the salt that they have voted to suck has run out.  It has been described as bitter medicine.

Grenville Phillips II is the founder of Solutions Barbados and can be reached at


  • Hope and health, Solutions. Show us the how.


  • Your biggest hurdle is the first-past-the-post system. Even if you get 15% of the vote you will almost certainly win no seats.


  • The contribution of the third parties is to help shape a new narrative on the political landscape. Barbadians are locked in conservatism to start with and so far the offerings from the third party are not compelling to disrupt entrenched behaviour.


  • Your logic, arguments, ideas, etc. are great and aligned with my way of thinking but your belief that only a ‘business person’ is capable of managing the country turns me back to the established parties.

    Are you trying to tell us that Doctors, Lawyers (yes Lawyers …. every single one is not a crook!), Scientists, Clergymen, etc….. are all incapable???? Only ‘business persons’ are capable??? There are quite a few failed ‘business persons’ around who I would not want to see in your party!

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  • The only thing Grenville is admitting is that he doesn’t know what he is doing. From tax policy where Colin Daniel had to point out his party’s mistakes on FB to thinking he could somehow block porn to finally admitting he doesn’t understand politics. He has become a distraction against the establishment.


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    Their tax policies are designed to give you an illusion of prosperity because you have a job and accommodation, but their policies are designed to keep you house-poor. You are to make just enough to pay your rent or mortgage, utility bills and food. However, you are to struggle to pay for anything else, so that you do not purchase unnecessary imported products which will negatively affect our foreign currency reserves. Their policies work perfectly if you are living pay-cheque to pay-cheque.

    problem with that argument is, bajans have for the last 30 years wasted nothing but foreign exchange on unnecessary imports of food and everything else…aided and heavily subsidized by both governments…

    and…living paycheck to paycheck is an ugly global phenomena deliberately built into the global system by the greedy and selfish who created it…

    ….how do you counter that, without drastically changing the system, which would be a welcome change.


  • Bush Tea has to agree that Grenville appears not to know what he is doing.

    He is promoting an honest, above board, transparent approach to governance where citizens will not be fed bullshit politics and lies in order to get their vote – only to be treated like nothing after elections …while being squeezed of every cent – which then finds its way to the Bizzys and Baloneys of the country.

    Such upright and honest representation belongs in a country of proud people. It WILL NOT work in a little island full of brass bowl mendicants – who, despite being tricked OVER and OVER, continue to believe the lies of the traditional politicians…. Grenville is misguided.

    Grenville is indeed clueless.
    When in Rome, do as the Romans do…
    When in Brassbados, he should get with the brass bowl politics of bribery and trickery.

    Learn to tell some damn lies Grenville…
    …and get some known crooked candidates like Wuk 4 Wuk and Lynch….. if you want to impress Bajans.

    Also this business of choosing SUCCESSFUL WINNERS as potential leaders cannot make sense bout here. This is Barbados. We want people who do not understand decimals….. people who multiply $10 dollars by 200,000 and get $20M…. people dumb just like us…. NOT successful, confident, EXPERIENCED leaders – who are known to have made WISE choices in the past…

    Look Grenville… just forget it.
    Next thing you will want to dig up the damn monument that adorns the Garrison…..


  • Honest Voter:

    Colin did not point out mistakes in our tax policy because they are none. He noted that the effective tax rate is applied to net profit. Since we are taxing gross revenues, the effective tax rate would increase. We still intend to tax net profit, since taxing net profit is an administrative intensive tax loophole that needs to be closed.

    He would prefer if we called it a sales tax, which Peter Thompson also suggests. However, this will have the adverse effect of forcing all businesses to simply add it to the cost of their products. It is best to allow all businesses to decide how they will pay their corporate taxes. However, as currently obtains, and will always obtain, the consumer will always pay the corporate tax.

    Best regards,


  • KS:

    We initially invited business persons, then we invited experienced managers, and then we invited any responsible persons. Please visit our web-site for a full description of our candidates.

    They include: Structural Engineer (with 25 years of experience), Computer Software Specialist (25 years), Manufacturer (25 years), Accounts (26 years), Beautician (33 years), Businesswoman and Home Manager (30 years), Pharmacist (25 years), Clothing designer and manufacturer (40 years), Youth Advocate, Entrepreneur (15 years), Electrical Contractor (18 years), Businessman (25 years), Photographer (20 years), Joiner (29 years), Public Administrative Officer (30 years), Chief Executive Officer (25 years), General Manager (20 years), Computer Specialist (13 years), Contractor and Hospitality (15 years), Administrator (19 years), Supervisor (17 years), Communications and Business Development (20 years), Water Resources Scientist (10 years), Businessman/teacher (40 years).

    You will note that we have not been able to attract a single lawyer.

    Best regards,


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger



  • Want to diversify and restimulate agriculture, increase tourism and foreign exchange earnings, cut crime, end pay increase demands, reduce hostility, manage hypertension, formalize go slow and work-to-rule, drive with care and consideration, promote staycation, abolish classism and racism, earn more international cultural awards, play better music, whine up less, have more children . . . . . . and generally make everyone happy . . . . ?

    Easy: Just legalize the growth and use to recreational marijuana !!


  • If Solutions Barbados win the next election I will live in Barbados 180 days per year.


  • Grenville Phillips July 20, 2017 at 8:35 AM #

    “You will note that we have not been able to attract a single lawyer.”

    Solutions Barbados

    ………….. And I also “note that (you) have not been able to attract a single” “grass roots” politician, (which suggests elitism), economist or agriculturist.


  • Grenville

    In spite of Bushie missive we would suggest that neither traditional nor present lifeless strategies of SB can deliver anything other that failure.

    We believe there has to be a clear break with the past.

    That pretensions about honesty or promises about good governance will not suffice.

    These critical times require critical interventions

    And no kinds of perceptions about goodness can deliver the SB ahead of the BLP or the DLP. As national default settings.

    If SB were serious it would have been following the script, well known, for removing regimes. They have always appeared, at best, to want to be the established regime. No more. That will always be impossible.

    For establishment politics must be defeat for a third party to win. The calculus should have been – SB against the system.

    If SB had a modicum of seriousness the whole country would have been ‘caught up’, to use a term from the Christians, in alternative discourses. Discourses which sneer at the ordinariness which SB misguidedly seems to believe it can make better.

    And we have had these political moments before. Grantley Adams, Errol Barrow, the Association of Concerned Policy Holders of BMLAS.

    Even the CIA has given us a guidebook as to how a regime can be removed, with certainty, and non-violently.

    SB is like the NDP. It has no radical discourses. It prefers to play a game of ‘honest boy’ in the den of thieves. The political culture will make that impossible for even the most honest of people to win and maintain a modicum of honesty, anyhow.


  • @Solutions Barbados “There is a small difference in their policies. The DLP tended to increase taxes on your income leaving you with less money to spend. The BLP tended to increase taxes on products, leaving you with less money after spending on your now expensive necessities. The intended end result was the same, you were to remain in poverty regardless of whether you were renting or paying a mortgage.”

    It seems as though the parties have run out of ideas. Just recently someone on “Talk Ya Talk” was suggesting that the government tax the churches, as though the church goers and the taxpayers are two different sets of people. People pay their taxes, then out of their after tax income some people chose to give some of their money to the churches, and now desperate DLP hard liners are suggesting that this money should be taxed again because “the churches have a lot of money” and as though the churches do not provide valuable spiritual and social services, including teaching children right from wrong, counseling families in grief and other crises, feeding and clothing destitute parishoners, providing employment for pastors, sextons, groundsmen, secretaries, organists etc. all of whom pay taxes on the income which they receive from the churches.



  • David July 20, 2017 at 7:14 AM #

    ……… far the offerings from the third party are not compelling to disrupt entrenched behaviour.

    I would say that so far UPP is the one to watch,as they are listening to the people and holding meetings with the grass roots,they have attracted a number of young community minded candidates and will be a force to be reckoned with in the future especially if the DLP implodes after this election as has been rumoured.


  • lmao!!


  • The new third parties have to find a way to be accepted across more than one segment. Appealing to the grassroots only will not cut it.


  • David

    Ok…should have said …….community minded lawyers,doctors,business people and artisans……


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    i do like how UPP is addressing every concern and taking it public…it shows that Eastmond is thinking, the younger generation will appreciate that..

    you want leaders who can think.


  • So, I went to the private sector meeting today. Great presentation by Shane Lowe on the economy. Told us where we are. Partially told us how we got here. And gave a very clear explanation of what we have to do to get out of this mess. Put Sinckler in the shade.

    A consensus was reached that the private sector and the union have to temporarily put their differences aside and join forces to pressure the government to do what, just about all economists agree, needs to be done:
    -Go to the IMF in order to reduce the interest burden
    -Cut out goverment wastage by, for example, eliminating overlapping departments and increased accountability by Statutory Corporations
    -Increase the ease of doing business
    -Adopt policies that will attract foreign investment
    and many other good ideas

    The problem that was not addressed and that was the elephant in the room is that Sinckler already knows all this. Ministry of Finance and Central Bank officials and other economic advisors would have told him all of this. What no one dared say (not even me) is that Sinckler and Stuart are driven by partisan political calculations not by what is best for Barbados.

    So, good luck to Charles Herbert and company. Sinckler and Stuart do not want to hear them. The only way they will sit up and listen is if they smell mutiny on the ship.


  • Jeff Cumberbatch

    You will note that we have not been able to attract a single lawyer.

    You will need one for the office of AG though!


  • Good to hear from you, Jeff.
    Thought you would have weighed in on the discussion of the court system.


  • David

    A year or so ago when I said that any new party mounting a platform on transparency and integrity in 2018 can’t get my vote, I was ridiculed. Barbados is in an economic morass, the electorate is looking for leadership, experience and a track record that combine to instil a level of confidence and belief in the people that the government can get us out of the current situation. The new parties are peddling catch phrases and sound bites–innovation, entrepreneurship, restructure, 11+, food security, AE, culture and of course FOI and IL. Nothing short of palaver more suited for Alice . If the last 9 years has taught us one lesson it should be that talking policy and actually implementing policy are not the same kettle of fish. This is not an election for alternative parties.


  • ………”You will note that we have not been able to attract a single lawyer”.


    Ooops, Grenville did not think about that????

    Maybe he thinks an engineer can be the AG or with the way he thinks, an AG is not necessary. Tells you that Solutions is not serious and is out to be a spoiler.

    Who know with Solutions?


  • These private sector vultures sicken me.

    They know that the country is in serious trouble.

    The PM and the Minister of Finance have told them that the action that is needed they will not do for political reasons yet they are condemning the unions for taking action to force the PM to at least get real and call an election.

    It is very clear that Barbadians are fed up with this government and instead of the selfish private sector joining the union, they are now talking out of both sides of their mouths. Read Eddie Abed’s rant in today’s paper. Alvin Jemmott was ranting on VOB this morning but we know where his loyalties lie.

    They are only thinking of their bottom lines not of the suffering people. No wonder crime is so high.


  • @Old Baje

    Did Shane Lowe know the state of the foreign reserves as at the end of June?


  • Give us a break do… Enuff…
    No matter what ….you will vote Bee….
    so stop telling lies about ‘not supporting a third party’
    You are already a confirmed, certified BLP fowl….

    You have no ‘third party crowing’ in you…

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  • @ Prodigal

    He didn’t give that figure. Let us know if you find out.


  • Ok thanks, Old Baje…………we will probably have to wait until the Governor gives his second quarter report.


  • Wendell Callender’s Citizens Action Partnership (CAP) seems splintering before it can get off the ground. I heard a news item in which founding member Lynroy Scantlebury’s New Barbados Kingdom Alliance seems to be ready to do its own thing.


  • ….seems to be splintering*………..


  • Enuff, Cert. Yardfowlology, Uni of BT


    Rest muh nuh! But then again you would take offence to my comment, after all your much heralded BUP can’t even attract one candidate including its founder–you.


  • LOL @ Enuff
    Yuh got Bushie there….

    But time is linger than twine.
    When all these joke parties have had their chances to fail …
    There will come from heaven, a sign
    upon which, you and all your party fowl associates will wail…

    Wunna gwine hear the real trump sound – not the shiite Don..
    …to be followed by a great BUP !!!
    No doubt then you will think of the whacker and look..
    …and wish that you had not dissed the bush man
    back in the days when BU was on..


  • Have we seen any of the new parties joining with the unions (labour) to support workers?

    What BU is struggling with is the justification for public sector wage increase given the perilous state of government finances.


  • The ” new parties ” will make the election season entertaining but the BLP will win the next elections.

    Votes will be bought based on promises that will not be kept.

    Without a revolution the cycle will continue and all the intellectual bullspit on BU will not make the slightest difference to the average Bajan voter.


  • Either a revolution or a revolutionary leader who is prepared to keep the snouts out of the trough. We can always dream.


  • Hants, sales of the book Animal Farm will continue to increase.


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    lol…good one Bushman…lol


  • I note that Grenville didn’t bother to respond to the other half of my comment about banning porn. Clueless .
    I do like the UPP also they will win seats. My gripe really is with the other new parties who are content in not attracting anyone of quality knowing this and still running. They are only hurting the UPP.
    When you are fighting the establishment you unite, bunch of old men with egos.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    THE WISDOM of Ambassador Robert ‘Bobby’ Morris, Trade Unionist, Former Deputy General Secretary BWU.


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    …very good, this is the future, innovation, genius, brilliant young man…let the young lead.

    Entrepreneur launches medical records app
    Added by Barbados Today on July 20, 2017.
    Saved under Features
    Barbadian entrepreneur Dale Trotman has launched an innovative app that he believes can revolutionize health records management, not only in Barbados but across the Caribbean.


  • A comment from Grenville posted on FB to further my point that he now openly acknowledges he isn’t getting the support yet persists.

    “The media (including social) have already chosen who they will support and who they will either ignore or attack. ”

    Those are his own blasted words. AS I SAID …
    Bunch of old men with egos. Join Lynette or drown, don’t carry the whole of Barbados with you being distractions just because you couldn’t get over your egos.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Grenville should follow Lynette’s lead, he is not instilling confidence, to make matters worse, he wants to be prime minister, but is not aware that the second highest post after PM is attorney general and that person must be a lawyer, with vast knowledge of the law……

    ……it cant be a hair dresser, or photographer or argricultralist or computer specialist…it must be a lawyer…and not one like Adriel Brathwaite either.

    Has he and his 16 candidates gone into the depressed ghettos by foot to introduce themselves yet…ya cant be aloof and expect people to guess who or what ya are…,.

    Politicians will no longer be elected because of status in the society.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    And to blame social media is just childish, he was warned very early in the game on social media what was required because of the incestous nature of DBLP, but he has his convictions, he held on and stuck to them steadfastly and they failed…..

    ….Grenville should blame Grenville.

    Maybe now he has seen that his convictions, some of them, are misguided and distasteful, he will use the remaining months to reconfigure his plans.

    Put some spark into his campaign.


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  • @Jeff Cumberbatch July 20, 2017 at 5:11 PM “You will note that we have not been able to attract a single lawyer.”

    Why do you make that sound as though it is a bad thing?


  • @Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger July 22, 2017 at 4:01 AM “attorney general must be a lawyer, with vast knowledge of the law.”

    My response: You sure?

    @Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger July 22, 2017 at 4:01 AM “and not one like Adriel Brathwaite either.”

    My response: Well for the last 9 years we have had Adriel.


  • The lawyer/politician class has failed the nation. Drain the swamp, get rid of all lawyers from parliament.


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    Simple…with those 2 interchangeable nuisance governments DBLP in Barbados…anything goes…sorry.

    attorneys general through the ages have always been lawyers, with real knowledge of the law….not what passes for…

    some PMs who are lawyers hold the AGs portfolio because of their legal training…

    Grenville…though infested with degrees, according to a friend of mine….maybe was thinking he could handle it lol…since he cant attract any lawyers….he said


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Grenville has his moments, but he gotta stay consistent….

    new political party
    “KERRI GOODING CREATED : 19 JULY 2017 BARBADOS NEWS FILE – Founder of Solutions Barbados, Grenville Phillips
    FILE – Founder of Solutions Barbados, Grenville Phillips

    Heavier punishments are in store for violent criminals, but both perpetrators of violent and non-violent crimes can bank on helping to rebuild the Barbadian society if Solutions Barbados (SB) gets at the helm to steer Barbados forward.

    Founder of Solutions Barbados Grenville Phillips told Loop News:

    “On crime, we plan to distinguish between violent and non-violent crime. Yesterday, a fellow was sentenced to six months imprisonment for stealing three chocolates. That will never happen in a Solutions Barbados administration. Every offence will carry a cost. The cost will be 10 times the value of the offence, with a minimum cost of $500. Those who cannot afford to pay their fines will maintain Barbados’ high maintenance infrastructure until the fines are paid.

    “Our philosophy is that we want all people to participate in Barbados national economy, rather than being incarcerated. Mandatory imprisonment will be reserved for violent offenders, who will also have to work to pay their fines.”

    Setting the record straight he said things such as having ganja, irregardless of the amount, is not a violent crime, “therefore they will simply be fined and let go. Violent crimes are those where the victim is physically hurt or threatened with a weapon.”

    Convicted individuals will be seen hard at work doing what it takes to keep the island safe and aesthetically pleasing to the eye of locals and visitors alike.

    Phillips listed painting buildings, weeding the pavement, cleaning gullies, removing and processing seaweed, and more as some of the tasks which will be ascribed to the offenders.

    When told that some persons have expressed the idea of convicted persons helping the country to reduce its high food import bill through farming, he said that farming will be amongst their duties and responsibilities as well.

    Speaking following the recent fatal shooting of a mother, 58-year-old Colleen Payne when she made a routine stop to withdraw money from a St. Michael-located Automated Teller Machine (ATM), Phillips promised that Solutions Barbados has “a plan to effectively address violent crime, but we cannot disclose it publically. However, it will be implemented within two weeks of us taking office.”


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