Solutions Barbados Announces Candidates

Solutions Barbados

Solutions Barbados – from left to right: Robert Toussaint, Grenville Phillips, Julie Chalbaud, Angela Edey, Cherone Martindale, Andrew Banfield and Andre Griffith

Solutions Barbados would like to start announcing its candidates.  Anyone who has been able to maintain a business in this economic environment, without Government assistance, has done well.  Managing a business for over a decade can help prepare an individual to manage our national economy.  Each of the Solutions Barbados candidates that we are announcing today have over a decade of experience, and are willing to represent the people in their constituency in Parliament, and manage the national economy for the benefit of all of our residents and visitors.

We have decided to run because we cannot watch our country decline and simply watch from the side-lines.  We are also not prepared to leave our national debt to our children.

Some of our candidates follow.

  1. Grenville Phillips II, Structural Engineer, 25 years of experience – St George North
  2. Andrew Banfield, Computer Software Specialist, 25 years of experience – St George South
  3. Benjamin Niles, Building Contractor, 25 years of experience – St Philip West
  4. Ronald Lorde, Businessman, 21 years of experience – St Philip South
  5. Julie Chalbaud – Businesswoman (Photography), 20 years of experience – Christ Church South
  6. Angela Edey, hair specialist, 33 years of experience – St Michael West-Central
  7. Cherone Martindale, Administrator, 16 years of experience – St John
  8. Andre Griffith, Computer Specialist, 13 years of experience – St James North
You may contact Grenville Phillips II at for any additional information



  • So all of Solutions’ candidates will be Ministers if they win? #icaaaaant


  • @ David,

    At last a white Bajan Candidate. lol


  • @ David,

    Note the positioning of the candidates in the photo to form a V for Victory.

    Attention to detail. lol


  • David

    Good pic.

    …I note he has not responded to my concerns on Ag.

    …..possibly needs to identify the individual with that portfollio and let him answer.


  • @Vincent

    He did.


  • David

    If you say so and are satisfied with the first and no second…..fine with me.


  • bajans April 21, 2017 at 3:12 PM #

    “I voted in Barbados when I was either 18 or 19. It was sometime between 1965 and 1967. I skipped the island in ’67.”

    @ bajans

    One contributor mentioned the voting age in Barbados was reduced to 18 years in 1963, while you and another contributor are suggesting “sometime between 1965 and 1967.”

    However, the following information can be found on the BARBADOS PARLIAMENT’S web-site:

    “In 1964, voting age was reduced to age 18.”

    Additionally, “Box 2” on page 9 of the IMF working paper: “Colonial Origins, Institutions and Economic Performance in the Caribbean: Guyana & Barbados,” which was prepared by Michael DaCosta in February 2007, has the following information under the Barbados section:

    “1964: Voting age reduced to 18.”

    I would want to believe Parliament’s web-site is accurate.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Caswell Franklyn

    You know the SSS like you bad but I really do not see the reason why you must point out the fact that Permanent Secretaries are to manage ministries. I mean Bushie already highlighted that that is not the case now for countless donkey years. So if Granville is stating that his elected few and set of other batch will manage a ministry then by George let the man do what his vision is telling him to do. I believe Granville will put in place in Supervisor system to manage the same elected ministers and keep them in check. Right Mr. Grenville Phillips the third?


  • Caswell Franklyn


    Grenville would start out by breaching the Constitution. Is that what you want? I would have thought that you would be expecting him to follow the law. Ministers don’t manage anything. That is why the Permanent Secretary is accountable even if some of them are foolish and allow ministers to usurp their roles.

    Sent from my iPad


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    The law in Barbados is played out on left field not the right one. It is executed under the sake of convenience and applied to certain folk with different strokes while leaving out the special others. The laws in government are respectors of persons thus you saying that Granville will start out breaking it does not do justice to your comment when you have not, and maybe you have, pointed out that ministers of ministries do not uphold it and their Permanent Secretary operatives have been breaching it. Anyway point taken.


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