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The following documents shared with the BU family by Dr. Ronnie Yearwood

I believe that at no point in a country’s history, should a single generation be faced with the decisions my generation will have to take to restore the fortunes of Barbados, but there can be no hiding. We are at a point in our history where the next generation to come may have less than the one before. That should simply never be, but again there can be no hiding. There is something resoundingly sobering – and frightening – about this as I speak this evening. Equally, sobering is that I am speaking of governance and truth. Truth is, they should be one and the same. But in Barbados today, elsewhere too, in both developed and developing countries, there has been a vicious divorce of the two principles.




  • Guyana has been warned of the ruthlessness with which large,well funded industries operate and to be on guard.The topic State Capture refers to oil companies in particular especially pointing to a rapacious French oil company.Is not Rubis a French company?Is SOL affiliated to oil interests?Cahill?What of these French interests who now own our rum industry.Do we know these people?Follow the money……


  • WWC

    Sorry to confuse you with the facts.

    Asia is rife with corruption, but that hasn’t seemed to matter much to economic growth. Some aspects of corruption seem to hurt economic performance. Some aspects of corruption seem to help economic performance.

    Of course, Africa and Latin America are also corrupt and have not done as well, so guess what. Every Tom, Dick and Harry insists that corruption is to blame.

    It’s like the stupid police officer who insists that if you have had three drinks, and then had a car accident, the alcohol MUST have been the culprit. As if accidents don’t happen to people who never touch alcohol.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Chadster9000…….ya just dumb is all

    Asia and South East Asia have ALWAYS been proactive business people and have for decades had over 1 billion people to drive their businesses and economyn while paying slave wages….not even corruption can stop that.

    Africa has only this decade reached it’s 1 billion population mark and only in the last 2 decades started driving serious, proactive business….it will take time, given their high levels of corruption.

    South and Latin American governments are just too corrupt and they may never be released from that grip of poverty because of that corruption.

    You do realize that most studies is pure shit.

    If ya dont have commonsense….you will forever rely on useless studies.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Besides…they execute politicians and business people for corruption in most South East Asian countries…so right there, you are lying.

    Your argument is weak since you keep relying on some white man with ulterior motives for your information. …Chadster, you are still unable to think for yaself.

    And all that Ph.D. talk is crap, I have met very few intelligent Ph.Ds…I can count them all on one hand…and you are definitely not one.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Frauds always get their comeuppance Chadster…no rest for the wicked.

    “Bill Cosby retrial in November
    NORRISTOWN – Entertaine Bill Cosby will be retried on charges of sexually assaulting a former employee of his alma mater in November, five months after his first trial on those charges ended in a hung jury, a Pennsylvania judge ruled on Thursday. Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Judge Steven O’Neill said the 79-year-old comedian… Read More”


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Black men, real black leaders in the Caribbean need to open their eyes….a major shift os on it’s way, either join the program or remain the enslaved….in the Caribbean.



  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Fruendel, being the idiot that he is, caused this delay in the case by questioning Commissiong’s standing..lol


    “THE CASE surrounding the construction of the Hyatt hotel will continue on August 10 in the Supreme Court.

    When the matter returned to the No. 6 Supreme Court yesterday, political activist David Comissiong said that at the next hearing the court would hear Prime Minister Freundel Stuart’s application suggesting that Comissiong, as a citizen, did not have the standing to bring such an application for judicial review.
    Comissiong said the court would have to deal with the matter, which he described as a key issue.
    Justice Sonia Richards will preside”


  • Another slant on the governance by the political class…..

    Sinckler taking a risk | Barbados Today
    Sinckler taking a risk
    I am prepared to wager a bet that the recently concluded Budgetary Proposals and Financial Statement represent only the prelude to a work which will be reviewed in six months’ time and completed some three months thereafter – that is, the…


  • If the role of the media is to report the news without fear or favor why is the only announcements on the Hyatt case from one side. Isn’t the media allowed in the courtroom and why not. Commssiong tells us what transpires in the case. If his version of the Venezuela rebellion is any guide then God help us. Another postponement in the case anti- government activists are delighted with the delays which halts employment for hundreds . Will this case ever be resolved or is the end a game a frozen project to the detriment of the economy.

    Delisle Worrell and Nicholls filed a suit and a court sat a Sunday. Not so the Hyatt case that was delayed for months we are told a judge was on vacation. Citizens pay hard earned tax dollars for a proper functioning judiciary is it too much to to ask for cases to be heard in a timely fashion. With only Commsiong’s account to go by where is the impartial media. The struggling economy the unemployed and citizens who care are the biggest losers. Commsiong grins.


  • Piece

    Wha happen……..yuh ain respond tuh muh lass poss…….David run you????


  • It would seem that the Prime Minister is quite happy waiting untill Aug 10th for the case to be heard as was rightly stated above if he felt a need for urgency he would have gone the road of Nicholls&Worrell…..being the PM who has the ear of the AG&CJ I cannot see a difficulty.

    Interesting comment about it being a detriment to the economy by not starting…..many have stated the opposite…..they see a local loan to build it with an outflow of fx to buy cement and materials,furthermore no bajan crew has been picked to be on standby for the commencement of this project.

    One suspects that the PM is fully seized of the true nature of this project and has no desire to speed up the pursuance of it.


  • @Commentator aka waiting aka fan aka Fair and Balance etc

    You need to answer two questions first:

    Was the case heard in chambers?

    Is it the Prime Minister’s action for the court to determine if Comissiong has standing helping with the delay?


  • All those who are hoping for an IMF intervention in barbados economic problems better pay close attention to the unfolding of chaos in Jamaica as the social environment continues to deteriorate under the strain of IMF policies which have played a counterproductive role in its inability of helping to maintain a socio-economic basket which provides help for the most vulnerable


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Vincent…especially if Maloney has his hooks in expecting taxpayer’s or pensioners money by the millions of dollars should be given up for Hyatt project because Fruendel the dummy committed to it by approving Hyatt.

    A la Cahill.


  • Two men reportedly dropped a big rock on the windshield of the car and when the woman stopped, she was dragged out of the vehicle and they drove off.



  • $50,000 bds. Fifty thousand dollars.lemme shout it out. FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS


  • David I promise NOT to pollute de blog nuh moh fuh de time being.

    Wunna could go an listen to “wood” effin wunna want more bashment.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Vincent Haynes July 8, 2017 at 10:31 AM
    “Interesting comment about it being a detriment to the economy by not starting…..many have stated the opposite…..they see a local loan to build it with an outflow of fx to buy cement and materials,furthermore no bajan crew has been picked to be on standby for the commencement of this project.
    One suspects that the PM is fully seized of the true nature of this project and has no desire to speed up the pursuance of it.”

    Sometimes we get can a bit too much ahead of ourselves and dismiss our old school mate Bush Tea as a BBE clown.

    But we must admit he does seem to have some extraterrestrial or ‘god-given’ talent of prescience in being able to smell a ‘scamming’ rat even before the rottenly corrupt cheese is placed in the construction trap or the “boar-cat” is let out of the financial bag.

    Unless the money to erect and outfit the Hyatt is coming out Maloney’s privately-arranged resources why haven’t any foreign or local construction firms been invited to bid for the building and outfitting of the hotel?

    Bush Tea can tell you without fear or favour that this Hyatt is just another scam à la Cahill or Andrews Sugarcane Factory to secure financial contributions from the taxpayers via a range of fees to build up the war chest for the upcoming battle of vote buying as I-Web has so pertinently satirized.


  • Looka Bushie crosses nuh!!!
    Miller has become the spokesman for the bush man…

    …an anunnaki wannabe without even a proper whacker…!!

    Anyway, yuh just happen to be correct on this occasion….
    Even the part about the BBE clown… 🙂


  • Vincent Haynes


    Chuckle……I whole heartedly agree with you on the some time prescience of our fellow Alma Mater scamp the Rt.Hon. Bush Tea……he can be sound at times when he is not into excessive bush which leads to him and BBE discussing revelations.

    Back to the topic at hand I do agree with Bushie and you that something is not smelling right in the state of Denmark and the PM does not want that smell to adhere to him.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    @ Vincent.

    No, not running just that I listened to what Pachamama had to say about this duopoly matter and, based on your informed information as part of the BLP Inner Chamber, understood that proposing that Dr. Ronnie do something that was principled was indeed a waste foop initiative.

    Onanism is not one of my strong points.

    But I do caution you, not to mistake silence for inaction.

    Having said that, de ole man will ask you a question.

    Seeing that you are always talking bout “educating the electorate” and all dem crap aspirations, sorry Vincent I get carried away, “noble visions of Dr. Ronnie making Barbados Great Again” how do you propose to employ, rather deploy and employ this quixotic vision of an educated electorate empowered to MAKE Government do its will, @ today, with the Fumbles group and the Hyall Down your Throat or Up your *** depending on which way you want to call it?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Piece…I am patiently waiting for all these new fangled politicians with good intentions, including Grenville to tell us what they will do about this level of corruption between government ministers and insurance company executives and other business people, not one of them ever broach this subject, just a lot of long useless talk.


    How can the econmy ever grow when this government is paying civil servants….NOT TO WORK….. with taxpayer’s money….paying them to cover up their friend’s crimes,, paying them so they dont sue government fir wrongful dismissal.

    Carson…this is the question you should be asking and answering, ya a a real carrion bird no joke…

    Along with the Kutappa-Harris CGI scam against Bajans, the CLICO scam against bajans will make sure this government is never elected to parliament again, singularly or individually.

    “GOVERNMENT HAS PAID more than $1 million to two senior public officers who did not drive a stroke for up to seven years.

    The two had been sent on special leave, but continued to earn their salaries.
    In what a trade unionist has described as “a coward’s way out” of dealing with matters head-on, the Freundel Stuart administration has paid former Commissioner of Inland Revenue, Sabina Walcott-Denny, her annual salary, excluding allowances, of $135 024, or a total of $540 096 over the four years she has not worked.
    Former acting Supervisor of Insurance, Vernese Brathwaite, who has been on leave for seven years, is being paid her annual salary of $98 087, or $686 609. (MB)”


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    @ Hants

    How you?

    Thank you for the link to that story for two reasons.

    I now see as do you why the BEES and the DEES are together.

    Take a look at the purportedly whisky bloated face of Pornville!

    He look so badword badword drunk that he would have hug up Jerome (purportedly a doctor who is a nurse) though de ole man is reliably informed, that he would be liabe to get more encouragement from the former than the “wife” who is a Husband plural.

    You got to be careful whu you saying heah nowadays boasie causing de fellers got dem xframes (no familly to xfiles) running constantly.

    But the second point that you acquaint me with is how Ronnie Yearwood was played from the beginning.

    Hants you is a man who has seen some things in your life.

    You every was interested in a woman and got a best friend who interested in she too and invite she out and “forget” to invite he? or give he wrong directions? or de wrong date?

    Heheheheheheh dat is why i like you, you does kep it real unlike a fellow heah dat i going call he chuckles. lololol

    Now when you do dem tings dat is to keep he out of de running.

    Mugabe dun know that Ronnie is she competition so she gone fuh he in Englant and AND bring he back heah to be she lap dog.

    But, jes to mek he feel good she enter he in a race against a THREE TIME LOSER, I SAY LOOSER HEAH, (not WIKR) in de Drunken Pornville cuntstituency.

    Now you see whu i tell you bout how you used to block out you best friend??

    She bring he heah to be she lap dog, AND, so as to mek he feel good get he to run in dat cuntstituency where de loser is being proposed again AND TO MEK SURE DAT RONNIE NEVAH GET IN, dem (note dat i did not say de wife dat is a husband, nor de PM who is a husband) dem bring busloads of bribed cunstituents and mek he lost.

    Now Hants check out dis ingrunce.

    De man is not good enough for de cuntstituents of St James BUT he is good enough to canvass for change for Barbados and to full up all of Harsun College wid de ingrunt populace dat one Chuckles always telling dat need educating.

    Whu Dr. Ronnie gone back to being a real wuss fuh trufe!!

    Spurned at the cunstituent level yet to be lauded by Hal and de rest uh we as de Messenger Par Excellence



  • Vincent Haynes


    Chuckle…..when or if you become a rational human being again(if you ever were?) and you wish to have a discussion on how I see the future of Bim,the purpose of communities and why I say Party’s do not matter…..feel free to contact me on this very said spot.

    Note….I stated the test for Ronnie will be when he faces the various communities around the island and has to answer to the future of Agriculture,smal businesses,community tourism,education,etc,etc


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    I noticed Carson C. Cadogan and fellow yardfowls have all absented themselves from the main topic circulating on Facebook, both blogs and Nation News….

    Why are taxpayers still paying the salaries of the former supervisor of insurance who tried to regulate the CLICO scam and was sent on leave by government 7 YEARS AGO…for her efforts.

    Why has this not been resolved…

    …with the latest austerity measures imposed on taxpayers by government, why are taxpayers paying for 2 civil servants on leave.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    I realise something though Vincent.

    You nor the Honourable Blogmaster DO NOT LIKE IT WHEN WUNNA IS THE SUBJECT OF A BARB or two heheheheheh.

    Again, I put it to you that Ronnie ent got to answer for nuffin.

    You dun now that.

    The papers have been created and he has been handed the script as have they all.

    No innovation nor variance to what is the Mugabe vision.

    Without “recourse” a structure which does not exist in barbados all of the fancy chuckles you are expressing here mean nothing.

    I made the observation about the meeting that Ronnie had at college being ram pack with all sorts of people who like you thinking seriously about how dem see the future of bim too.

    I went on to observe that, had Ronnie held such a discourse at Haynesville Pavillion or let us not even go so far but had he just gone to Weymouth B pasture jes opposite Marl Hole and the Globe/Prescod Bottom area, there would not have been that turnout that had Shantal Munroe Knight talking all bubbly and saying that she doan want anytime to be taken of her alloted 5 minutes while she soaked in all the faces of the people who was at harsun.

    It is not that I am irrational Vincent, no siree.

    The reason that wunna fellers ent like de ole man is causing I does get real and tell wunna dat wunna is hypocrites who are disconnected with anything and everything that is happening in dem communities dat you telling me that Ronnie is scheduled to talk in.

    And I, simple man that i am, understand that.

    I sense the pulse of disdain that borders on hatred that flows through people like Sandra the Wife that is the Husband and the other one that wunna touting.

    But the thing is not that wunna is roughshod nor nuffin to quote the next feller Beorge B who is similarly lost, the thing is that wunna simply cannot connect.

    It is like how Sir COW wipe he hand in the back of he pants during the interview with the nigger from BBC at he house.

    He would go and play with the wife pet pig, the one that got four legs not two, and doan feel no way to come and shake you hand straight while not washing them, but there is disdain for the nigger’s hand.

    Now try not to bust a fuse with that truth.

    I am only underscoring what is a bridge too far for wunna to deal with “these communities” that you love talking about BUT NEVER VENTURE IN.

    Bless your soul


  • Vincent Haynes


    Chuckle….keep on trucking……when yuh realise dat ah ain gotta a party a’we can talk.


    P.S. make sure and offer your condollences to the DPP family.


  • Vincent Haynes

    Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger July 9, 2017 at 3:23 PM #

    They are awaiting new directives on the above waste of money as well as the question I posed a day ago…….

    …..Why has the PM allowed the Hyatt court case to be delayed,knowing of its supposed urgency….the same way the pair of Worrell&Nicholls were able to get court dates in a hurry,why cant he as he is a lawyer and must know the ropes…….or how come in the national interest the CJ&AG cannot speed up the courts.

    I suspect the PM has smelled something and is staying far.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    @ Vincent

    You is a good piece of gallows bait Vincent lololol.

    Imagine dat I, who hath spoken of him here glowingly as ex officio leader of the community that David Thompson sought to deport, would even come now and say one iota with his passing.

    I can see it now with me making mention of any comment and you, in the vein of “But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil…”, jumping up pun my behind and castigating me for speaking anything but good of the dead.

    There is a thing most strange that will attend all our passings Vincent.

    The evil that we are known for is buried with us and all professional mourners recall only the good men/women that we are.

    I have learnt that it is our own mortality that we are observing when we do acts like these Vincent.

    We are slowly coming to grips with our own imminent death and it is ammmmm natural for us to not speak ill of the dead cause we do not want to be remembered in that light.

    I tend to adopt the stance of the children in whose eyes daddy and mummy were the best daddy/mummy in the world, FOR MOST OF US AT LEAST.

    So, to his children specifically, de ole man joins you, and all other ole menses here, to say condolences.

    I pray for the healing that only time will bring, AND EVEN THEN IT WILL NOT TOTALLY SOOTHE THE VOID DEATH WILL BRING.

    But it is our imminent destination…


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    Strange….hmmmm why did it submit the item like that? all off the page?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Vincent…all their stink is starting to bubble to the top.

    Even the stink of Cow playing with his pet pig with one hand…… tiefing black taxpayer’s and pensioners money with the other hand….and pretending he is too white and superior to shake black people’s hand.., the common class thoef that he is originating from a lice infested shack in St. John.

    Yep….all their stink is bubbling to the top,


  • Piece

    Chuckle……we are born to die…..no need for all de pampalam.

    I can see the healing process has already started….the truth shall set you free.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    So Vincent,

    I said that I would only come back here and speak if/when there was something to speak about and you have, IN THE CLASSIC VEIN OF A MUGABE PIMP asked de ole man for some governance ideas to give to your master/mistress ammmmmm (i ent to sure what to call dem but you know what i mean)

    But to give dem some ideas for dat Covenant of Hope piece of useless paper dat Mottley sharing bout de place..

    The Court System and Addressing Collusion

    De ole man going rely upon the mechanism called GCE O Levels to mek dis point.

    When you did your exam under Cambridge and you put your # on those papers, de white people in englant did not care who you was, for unlike de CXC Caribbean counterparts, dem marked you based on your content.

    So here is what de ole man would do.

    (a) get de international community to underwrite a Pan Caribbean Pilot that would be geared at removing all the backload in the Justice System.

    (b) the Project would have these 3 working parts

    Input and Denuding
    HR Enrolments and Metrics
    Content Dissemination and Decisions
    Collections, Reintegrations and Dispersion

    Now Vincent I dun know dat you, plussing 98% uh wunna scvunts ent unnerstand whu de ole man saying here but dis is how dis going mork

    Every single case will be ordered by import and FIFO and systematically denuded of all “markers” so that while all the elements of a matter are there, THERE WILL BE NO NAMES, ADDRESSES OR SPECIFIC DETAILS TO IDENTIFY THE PLAINTIFFS. (Of course there will be matters where certain details will be required but, for the most part, a sanitization of the records can be successfully achieved.

    THe HR for the project will be assessed by External assessors and engaged based on their abilities and experience and track records. HR WILL BE TAKEN FROM A GLOBAL POOL of skilled legal persons, preferably those who are retired and they will be engaged using a metric that is Quality Assured AND Performance based.

    So ten cases which are assessed to require 10 man hours each will be paid for once 100 hours are completed.

    The Cases will be allocated based on expertise, congruent law, etc and the parties will be required to give their decisions based on the law.

    THe final output will be peer vetted for consistency in the jurisdiction of source and then “reassembled” with the requisite information attached for final dissemination.

    De ole man of course ent no legal man but I only looking at processes that are devoid of collusion, optimize resources and focus on resolution.

    It would tek men like Mr Caswell Franklyn and Mr Jeff Cumberbatch to leh me know dat um cant wuk AND WHY NOT but I was and am only looking at EQUITY and the administration of JUSTICE in a timely fashion devoid of de stinking collusion dat does obtain in Bulbados.

    Whu you tink of de idea Vincent?

    You going pass it to Mugabe?

    Though, now i tink bout it, Mugabe may not want to have an idea like dat in she manifesto causing instead of 10 years waiting pun specific matters some would be done in a year and she would not lie de outcome heheheheheheheh


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