Dr. Ronnie Yearwood Delivers the Errol Barrow Memorial Lecture 2021

For those who missed the 2021 Errol Barrow Memorial Lecture which was delivered by Dr. Ronnie Yearwood see video links and text (PDF).


Errol Barrow Memorial Lecture_Dr Yearwood_2021 (PDF)

23 thoughts on “Dr. Ronnie Yearwood Delivers the Errol Barrow Memorial Lecture 2021

  1. “The service zone is a physical space that can be a centre or hub for finance,
    banking, tech, shipping and arbitration.”
    A topic worth discussion.

  2. Mr Yearwood says that most prisoners went to eight of the country’s secondary schools. Can someone please name these schools?

  3. For those interested in serious policy-making, here in real time is the UK Chancellor, a right-wing politician, giving a Budget statement that even Mottley would be proud.
    She and her fans should read it for how a Conservative government is preparing for a post-CoVid economy, proposals for a freeport and, most of all, for community ownership of property. All of which can be applied in Barbados.
    More important, the many pages of his speech was just the theatre, not the real meat. Read the hundreds o pages of Budget documents, for the real deal.
    As I write this, journalists, politicians, economists and others are pouring through them. That is what financial journalists do in order to provide proper analysis.
    Also read Keir Starmer’s response


  4. Should we have a look at Mottley’s post-CoVid economic programme and what the UK’s chancellor has just announced?

  5. Seriously. How did you manage to post from the C: drive? Or was that a copy and paste gone bad. A smartphone would have allowed you to achieve in one go, what took several.

  6. Any guidance from the UK Budget for the Minister of Finance’s post-CoVid economic plans? Is it worthy of discussion?

  7. Is there room for a discussion about an economy of ideas, starting with @PLT’s idea for remote working? Is there room for the creator of an idea to go on and monetise that idea?
    Can a small island economy compete with the superpowers when it comes to trade in ideas? Do ideas matter?

  8. Are we going down an economic cul-de-sac by trying to grow our economy through services? Is this the right course? Is it even necessary?
    Should we be thinking long and hard about a post-CoVid economy?

  9. When are we going to get down to a discussion about a post-CoVid economy? It is now over a year since we were told that White Oaks had reached a provisional agreement with our external creditors. When is the full and final settlement going to be published?
    Sometime ago Dr Greenidge, who has assumed the mantle of economic spokesman from Prof Persaud (who elected either of them?) told us he was looking for fiscal space. Has he found it yet? If so, where?
    We also know that to enter talks with external creditors about restructuring our debt, there must have been an audited list of what we owed and to whom? How much do we owe the Chinese?
    Has the government considered an inheritance tax to provide fiscal space? I remember saying when Dr Greenidge made his statement that fiscal space was like beauty, in the eyes of the beholder. It is economic waffle.
    So much so that even the president now talks about fiscal space, no doubt picked up like a virus from her economic gurus.

  10. Guy Hewitt has just given a rather interesting interview to Barbados Today. I think this should form part of a discussion on post-CoVid Barbados?
    Has the Mottley government got a grand plan? Is it playing it by ear? Discuss.

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