Dr. Ronnie Yearwood: Points to Ponder on Going Republic

Let us consider that the Government will continue with its intended plan, it appears of swapping one ceremonial head for another, the Governor General for a President.

Then I think that any new President of a Republic, ceremonial or executive should be directly elected and all Barbadians afforded the opportunity to run for and vote for this office.

The Prime Minister likes to talk about every Barbadian boy or girl aspiring to the high office and knowing it is not representative of the Queen.

Let us make that aspiration real and not just talk.

Dr. Ronnie Yearwood: Lunch time Lecture at Barbados Yacht Club

Read Full Speech (PDF)Dr. Ronnie Yearwood’s lunch time lecture at Barbados Yacht Club


  • @Northern Observer

    The Electoral College can be defined by whatever the government wants it to be?


  • Question of interest on the ground being asked
    Why didn’t Mia have a referendum vote brought to the people on such an important issue
    Does Mia believe that Committes formed by a group of people giving their own assessment of how and why Barbados should become a Republic is a true and tested form of a democracy one that all but shuts out the voices of the majority
    Also many of the ground are finding a form of dictatorial messages that emits from Mia mouths in her PR on this subject
    The Right Hon.Errol Barrow gave birth to Barbados becoming and Independent nation on Nov 30th 1966
    Should not that day be reserved for such an important time in Barbados History and why would Mia chose the very Day of Independence to mark as a day when Barbados become independent
    Many eyes on the ground are beginning to see what they believe is Mia attempt to downgrade the important role which Errol Barrow played in the History of Barbados
    Some one recently asked after her first blowing up of NIS Building
    When is she going to blow up the QEH after all that institution is a symbol of things colonial


  • Thinking Republic
    Questions of concern on the ground
    Does Barbados has a military presence financially and military equipped enough (if()chance there is upheaval chaos and domestic or political internal problems lends itself to the over throw of govt.


  • The unintended consequences of us becoming a republic could backfire on us very quickly. It is a well-known fact that Barbados is sitting on oil and gas reserves. There is the potential for serious money to be made. We also know that there are a number of wealthy individuals both on off the island who are hungry to enlarge their assets. These people are impatient and could in the near future instigate a coup. They know that Barbados is low hanging fruit and does not have the capacity to defend itself.


  • NorthernObserver

    it should really be the Constitution, but the lines get blurry at times?


  • And we should depend on the BRITISH to defend us??????

    You who were born there and cannot even expect them to seriously defend YOU?????

    My God, you people are like little children, wanting to be more independent but afraid to step away from your mother, even an abusive one.



  • How many other republics have we in the Caribbean????


    These people are not interested in meaningful debate.


  • Is Barbados heading down a path where the term shoot first and ask questions after becomes a reality
    Who will guard the guards
    For what all have seen and observed
    The media are toothless giants unto themselves


  • We should not get a drivers license because we are afraid to be in an accident.


  • DavidJuly 28, 2021 9:31 AM

    We should not get a drivers license because we are afraid to be in an accident
    Which brings to mind those who are sitting at the wheel of Barbados economy
    Makes for wonder who and where was their license issued


  • Go and wear you mask.


  • Food for thought

    Hewitt: This is just not right!
    CONFOUNDED and concerned.
    That’s how presidential candidate for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), Reverend Guy Hewitt, has described his reaction to the announce- ment on Monday evening by Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, that Barbados will become a parliamentary republic and swear in a president on November 30, this year. His comments came in a
    statement released yester- day morning to the media, as he charged that the decision goes against the democratic principles Barbados is accustomed to.
    He added, “I am con- founded and concerned that we hear that the Government will start on the 1st of December, a journey of the settlement of a new Constitution will be subject to extensive consultation and commu-
    nication with the people of Barbados. I am the only one confused here? How does the Government an- nounce that a new presi- dent will be sworn in on the 30th of November, but that we the people will only be consulted there- after, on what has already transpired?”
    Expressing concern about the approach being taken by the Mottley Administration, he said the onus is on Barbadians
    to ask pertinent questions regarding that decision, namely – why now?
    “This is not good enough. This is not the Barbados we love. This is not the Barbados we know, this is not the democracy that we are accustomed to…” he maintained.
    Meanwhile, Hewitt is suggesting that Monday’s defeat at the polls of the United Workers’ Party in St. Lucia, after just one
    term in office, could hold some lessons for the political directorate in Barbados.
    “What a blow to them, and what a blow to other similar regimes in the re- gion. To me, the outcome of the general election in St.
    Lucia was an affirmation that salesmanship is a poor replacement for sound leadership. It is something that leaders across our region and pos- sibly here in Barbados, need to take note of,” the DLP member contended.


  • How rude .how undemocratic can Mia be thinking that 30-0 gives her the right to stomp on the Constitution
    The majority voices all but shut done in this important change
    Where is the democracy in allowing four or five talking heads to make decisions on behalf of the people and country
    This will backfire in her face
    Let freedom ring


  • She is right


    For generations now, we as a country spoke romantically about a move towards a Republic. It is viewed in some quarters as the next step in maturity and severing ties with our colonial past.

    Truth be told, that is not a convincing argument, as there are several Republics within the Commonwealth of Nations grouping, formed almost exclusively of former British colonies.
    And there is no whispering of severing our ties from the Commonwealth.

    What then is the benefit to the country and people?

    The former Democratic Labour Party Government supported Republican status but not without consultation.

    It is disrespectful to come to Barbadians and speak to a report, the Forde Commission report from more than a generation ago and behave as though the present generations have no voice in their own destiny.

    It is ridiculous as well to waste a momentous opportunity.

    This runs deeper than a swap from Governor General to President, but reaches into our civil service, police force, judiciary, and the Director of Public Prosecutions.

    Any major Constitutional change should insist that our people are engaged at every level and this Government promised to come to people in June and September. It never happened.

    Ms Mottley you have to revisit the relationship between the people and the Government on this matter!

    There can be no greater disengagement from the people than to rule by edict.
    It runs counter to all the principles of democracy.
    This is too weighty a change not to be put specifically to the country by way of referendum.

    The views of the private sector were specifically sought by the Commission.
    Are not the views of the citizens of Barbados also important? Especially as there are some worrisome features. Those who follow US politics are uncomfortably familiar with the Electoral College and the lack of democracy it represents.

    Why a figurehead leader when our people are crying out for greater involvement in their own destiny? Why this rush when there are currently serious deficiencies in governance of the main pillars of this society?

    The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) insists that this matter needs to be ventilated in the public domain.

    This Government is going down a rocky road. Our people need to be allowed to determine their own future.
    Anything else is not democracy!
    Verla De Peiza
    President of The Democratic Labour Party


  • I hope Verla makes good use of this issue all the way to Nov 30th 2021 and twisted it tightly around Mia’s neck
    Who de hell does Mia think she is taking Barbados towards a style were Her word is the last
    Who gave her such authority
    She does not own the country the people collectively does
    Her in 2021 when all have the right to vote on such issues that creates a Constitutional change
    Mia takes matters into.her own hand like a bone headed dictator


  • February 17th 2016
    Prime minister revives republic plans

    The prime minister, Freundel Stuart, has announced his aim to make Barbados a republic by November 30th, when the island will celebrate its 50th year of independence.


    Speaking to a meeting of the governing Democratic Labour Party (DLP) in December, Mr Stuart said that it was no longer appropriate for public officials to pledge allegiance to the British monarchy, and that a parliamentary vote should be held by November 30th on whether the country should become a parliamentary republic.

    This would mean replacing Queen Elizabeth II—formally styled as Queen of Barbados in the island nation—with an elected ceremonial head of state. Barbados would remain in the Commonwealth of Nations—a loose intergovernmental organisation of 53 states that belonged to the former British Empire—but under its own head of state, a status enjoyed by 37 Commonwealth states.

    A vote to amend the constitution would require a two‑thirds parliamentary majority, which the DLP, as the largest party in both the House of Assembly (the lower house) and the Senate (the upper house), would have a good chance of securing. The opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) would be likely to support such a proposal. In 2005 the BLP oversaw the adoption of the Caribbean Court of Justice as the final court of appeal, replacing the London-based Privy Council. The then prime minister, Owen Arthur, also outlined plans for replacing the Queen with an elected head of state.

    Nevertheless, Mr Stuart has not made further statements on plans to table a parliamentary vote or referendum. Removing the Queen, while likely to be popular in general, would prove controversial among older voters. Procedurally the vote would also be complex, and ranks as a low priority as the country struggles to recover from six years of economic stagnation spanning 2008‑2014.

    The prime minister of nearby Jamaica, Portia Simpson-Miller, pledged to replace the Queen as head of state before that country’s 50th anniversary of independence in 2012, but as yet has failed to hold a vote. Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Grenada, St Lucia, and St Vincent and the Grenadines also continue to maintain the Queen as their head of state.


  • The only difference is Stuart spoke to a small privileged group of party insiders, as was his style, while Mottley spoke to all as is her style. Both renegade dictators in their own way.


  • @ Frank July 28, 2021 2:03 PM
    The only difference is Stuart spoke to a small privileged group of party insiders, as was his style, while Mottley spoke to all as is her style. Both renegade dictators in their own way. (Unquote).

    ‘Frankly’ speaking, that not ‘quite’ true.

    The former PM, the R H FJS, did indeed make his administration’s republic plans publicly known to all and sundry.

    And it was done right in the halls of the Parliament in a “Throne” speech delivered to commemorate the 375th anniversary of the said Parliament.

    Even the Queen was informed -through Her Son Prince Edward- of his, (not Hers), the RH FJS government’s intention of turning the Independent State of Barbados into a fully-fledged republic.

    At least the man had the blue and yellow guts to tell Her Majesty that’s its time Barbados cut the last ceremonial thread of ‘English’ royal vestige in the governance of its affairs since 1652.

    It’s inevitable that Barbados will have to take this final step to achieve full political adulthood.

    MAM is only echoing what others have relayed to her. There is nothing novel about the republic baby.

    FJS might have been the ‘consulting’ obstetrician but MAM is merely the midwife-in-waiting.

    For heaven’s sake, the old queen Lizzie is 95 years and must abdicate the throne either to the old Charlie or to a young Willie.

    Now who, in 2022, would want to swear allegiance to a white man as king of Barbados when both king sugar and tourism (the queen of prostitution) have fallen from grace?

    What you should be more concerned about, ‘Frankly’ speaking, is whether Barbados- by cutting all ties to the British monarchy- has weakened, severely, its chances of extracting reparations from the British Crown for its dastardly role in the institution of black chattel slavery in Barbados.


  • AC 1:00 p.m.
    Verla has upped her game. Very good.


  • TheOGazertsJuly 28, 2021 4:00 PM

    AC 1:00 p.m.
    Verla has upped her game. Very good

    On an issue this serious which should involved the whole country input
    Her voice is necessary to speak on behalf of the people and one which would send a message to Mia and her govt members that a democracy is made up of a whole country and not four or five hand picked house negroes speaking on behalf of the country


  • At some stage this post went off the track. A few good posts, but most are below BU weight category.
    Let’s get back on track
    Wura – get out of covid and back to corruption
    John – back to water
    CA- back to ivermectin
    AC- back to your poetry
    Lawson- please recycle old jokes


  • Oops.. that was for the covid post.


  • God save the gracious queen!


  • A whopping 246 million increase of debt should be of concern to all barbadians given the slow economic state of the economy
    The gov was quick to point that because of Barbados entering an IMF program loans were accessible
    The realization of those loans hinges on having the ability to pay
    However within an ongoing Covid environment
    The probability of repayment would be long and sacrificing to the barbadian household


  • “Morning. I agree with Barbados becoming a republic.But is it true that the government wants to replace Independence Day by Republic day. Why? It is just another attempt to erase Errol Barrow’s legacy. How sad.”

    Michael Howard


  • Many are concerned that Mia is on a hostile attempt to undo Barrows legacy
    Some are even suggesting that what they are seeing reminds them of how in ancient times blacks arts and writings were destroyed as a way to write them out of history in any significant manner
    The NIS building cuts deep for many and her placing her name on a plaque dedicate to Erroll Barrow


  • With Barbados becoming a Republic
    Don’t see Mia removing the Queens name from buildings and Park or even a school that reminds of the monarchy and it’s control in Barbados
    Queens Park
    Princess Margaret School
    Queen Elizabeth Hospital
    One would think that those symbols would be first and foremost to be removed
    She needs to answer those questions
    But why Barrow?


  • NorthernObserver

    When Sinkyuh oversaw a >1 BILLION debt increase in ONE year in ’13 & ’14 you had no issue. $246M is chicken feed. But I do appreciate your new interest in Debt.


  • NorthernObserver

    And the B’s will pass that debt load onto the next guvment. This is how it works. Further you will understand no amount of debt can get you re-elected or the D’s would have won a 27-3 decision in ’18.


  • NorthernObserverJuly 29, 2021 8:08 PM

    When Sinkyuh oversaw a >1 BILLION debt increase in ONE year in ’13 & ’14 you had no issue. $246M is chicken feed. But I do appreciate your new interest in Debt


    You speak of a 1 billion debt increase in 13 and 14
    What u failed to realize is that past govt was in office for five years before going on a massive borrowing spree
    Now the rate and fast speed that Mottley is riding this broken down economic horse going up hill with loads of debt attached and within a one to two year period of her being finance Minister
    It begs the question what would happen to the Barbados economy if she continues at such a high speed within the next year or two
    Just think after a default the only repayment plan Mia has available is more massive borrowing
    Then u say 246 million is nothing we’ll do the math x another two years with an equivalent of the same amount plus interest attached
    Then on top all of that no repayment plan
    Btw Barbados debt in two years is about the same amount when Mia took office even with a restructing which include lower interest rates


  • NorthernObserver

    What you fail to realize is Debt is Debt. The $$ entries are numbers. 246 x 5 is what Sinkyuh did in 2013 alone!!!
    How long one has been in power is irrelevant. B or D, they will rack Debt up. They are void of revenue generating ideas, but have more expense items than u can shake a stick at. Have no fear, the Chinese are near. They are a double D threat, they understand Debt and Democracy well, even though the Mandarin translation is literally Deeds and Dictatorship.


  • In other words there is a systemic issue to be solved.


  • NorthernObserver

    Lol.. the WFO, the currently embryonic UN agency, the World Financial Organization, has declared Sovereign debt accumulation a pandemic. Several bodies have been working on a vaccine, but the frequent mutations, have made any solution currently beyond our reach.


  • The global economy is constructed on a foundation of demand for debt, a key ingredient is making developing countries addicted to the taste of products and services of the ‘first’ world.


  • NorthernObserverJuly 30, 2021 6:43 AM

    What you fail to realize is Debt is Debt. The $$ entries are numbers. 246 x 5 is what Sinkyuh did in 2013 alone!!!
    How long one has been in power is irrelevant. B or D, they will rack Debt up. They are void of revenue generating ideas, but have more expense items than u can shake a stick at. Have no fear, the Chinese are near. They are a double D threat, they understand Debt and Democracy well, even though the Mandarin translation is literally Deeds and Dictatorship

    No! you were the one using comparisons
    Now back peddling about debt is debt
    Then going on to point out what Sinckler increasing debt levels
    My response was one of showing how ridiculous your comparison was
    Anyhow one thing we might agree is that DEBT is debt
    But underscoring that debt is the ability to repay
    One which present govt has not presented to the people such a plan or policy


  • I voted for Errol Barrow all my voting days until he died and beyond.

    And I don’t give a thought to his legacy. He is dead. Barbados is for the living.

    But….his name cannot be removed from history’s page no matter what Mia does.

    To be honest, I thought she was trying to continue the legacy not erase it.

    This is a non-issue. The issue is – what will be Mia’s legacy? Or to put it in more relevant order – what will Mia do to take Barbados and in particular, its majority population forward to better days.

    What will this republic be?


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