Ninja Man Hypocrisy

Ninja Man pepper spray incident captured on video.

‘We have all see the video of Ninja man being pepper sprayed. Surprisingly it has evoked public consternation. The following extract was posted to his Facebook page, he is the principal person who started the Weekend Water Warriors initiative. Does he have a point?’David of BU

 David Davis

Lets make love and caring constant!

The guy that sprayed ninja is dead wrong, just as wrong as all of you who pretend to love him now after neglecting him for so many years! Why do we think that love and caring is a band wagon to board each time national attention is brought to something that we haven’t shown any care or love towards before?

A lot of people who say they care have used Ninjaman for social entertainment by laughing at his plight, posting him on social media for laughs and shares!

When since does caring mean laughing at you when you are in a lesser place than me? If you had cared soooo much for ninja wunna would have step in long time to make a difference in his life so please take a seat now he has the spotlight! LETS LEARN TO LOVE AND CARE CONTINUOUSLY… This is de same Ninja that wunna walk past in de garbage weh de rats does share food with him! Shame of this society on every Level! Social media has created uh stage for the heartless to show they care but real caring happens in the real world! LETS CARRY CLOTHE AND FOOD FOR NINJA!

Who coming? D2.5

56 thoughts on “Ninja Man Hypocrisy

  1. Was that a Police vehicle that drove by without so much as a side glance? I’ve seen video footage of US cops going to unusual lengths to rescue a kitten.

    • Yes it was -let us face it, the majority of our society treat mentally challenged persons in a condescending manner.

  2. Mat 25:40
    And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

  3. David,
    Our attorney general, a man from St Philip, has recently called for courts for the mentally ill. Can someone plse tell this fool that mental illness is not a crime? Why do we have such people of limited ability in positions of authority in Barbados?
    Let us make social justice part of our political discourse.

  4. Well some of us are scared to approach homeless people, especially if they are acting “funny”. But we do give money regularly to BRA, the Salvation Army, our churches, and the Barbados Vagrants and Homeless society. We trust that these gifts help the homeless and alleviate our sins at least little bit, and that those who have the courage to interact directly with the homeless in positive ways will continue to do so.

    Ninja’s response to immediately wash the offending substance off his face with the nearest body of water was completely reasonable and rational, but I wonder about the unreasonableness and the mental health of the man who assaulted him.

    Don’t be too hard on the police. I watched the video, and it is not clear to me that the police in the vehicle would have been aware that Ninja had been assaulted. Ninja often behaves strangely, and the police might well have felt that he was up to his usual antics.

    I agree completely with the statement that “The guy that [pepper] sprayed ninja is dead wrong.”

  5. They are making it a criminal act to ill treat animals in the US and other societies, but black people still tend to treat each other as less than human,this little beast who pepper sprayed the mentally ill Ninja for the showoff value should be arrested…and be introduced to Baygon as his punishment. .

  6. @Hal Austin April 21, 2017 at 8:40 AM “Our attorney general, a man from St Philip, has recently called for courts for the mentally ill. Can someone plse tell this fool that mental illness is not a crime? ”

    I am sure that the Attorney General can defend himself, but maybe he means something similar to what happens in other jurisdictions where mentally ill people who commit crimes (especially serious crimes) can make a plea of “not criminally responsible” or “not guilty by reason of insanity” and the court is permitted to order that person into a mental hospital for for treatment of their illness, and to protect the society from the mentally ill offender for at least a while.

    I do understand that mental illness is not a crime, and that most mentally ill people do no harm to others, and in fact tend to harm themselves rather than other people.

  7. I am no lawyer. Maybe Jeff can weigh in here to tell us what legal authority exists to manage those who are BOTH mentally ill and criminal.

  8. I watch that video like four times. Ninja man is known to approach people and do some shite when he get ready. But, what I see here is a man who position himself for the deed he did, and who looks like he said something to Ninja man in order to get his attention. As Ninja man approach him, he simply waited on him and the rest is murder she wrote. Now we can get here and say that the man who doing the pepper wrong and so he is. It is obvious that he provoke to get a response so he could pepper the shite out of the Ninja. However, Ninja man, who obviously is beyond the understanding of right and wrong or so we think, has done some shite already and scared the crap out of a good few people he has approached. He got he own good sense, but the truth is, this looks like he could be the victim of some type of revenge plot and so the scene looks so premeditated. Perhaps he put a scare in someone known to this man and the man decided he will deal with his mental folly one way or the other.

  9. After reading the above comment filled with speculation and absence of evidence as to what might have provoke such as unconscionable and senseless response to the Ninja
    My curiosity is peeked and encourage to ask .What could Ninja man have done to the prepretator for him to execute such a sensless and deliberate response on Ninja

  10. When is the Guyana-born DPP going to act. Police are always looking for people, what about this thug who assaulted Ninja Man?
    By the way, is the police officer suspected of alleged murder, who our dynamic attorney general thought should have bail, ever going to face the courts?
    What about the grieving relatives of the dead man? Is there one law for police officer and another for ordinary working people? When are the media going to unearth the politics of this case?

  11. When around mentally challenge persons, one has to be on high alert to expect the unexpected.. I personally recalled a scenario where a well known “madman” who used to stage beach parties walked around all day repeatedly saying… “he gin kill a man today” fate had it that he went up to an unsuspecting gentleman and clobber him in the head with a plank of wood… the gentleman fell dead.

    The “madman” was lost away in the psychiatric hospital for decades, he too died recently.

    I applaud anyone reaching out to these souls with genuine empathy.. We must be our brothers keeper.

  12. If this had happened in my town there would be investigations and heads would roll. the police are not doing their job if they are not looking into this. When you want a raise every year you at least have to do something for it. The media should be asking for answers

  13. Lawson,
    Nice to see a Canadian talking about the poverty of local journalism. So it is not my obsession. They are so poor, no sense of news values. Yet, for reasons I cannot explain, people continue to buy them.
    They are not prisoners to advertisers; they assume they are prisoners.

  14. Hal an uppity white woman brings a box of garbage back to a store and there is so much concern, but a human being gets sprayed in the eyes and only a few seem to say something. Priority check needed

  15. |Lawson,

    As they say, my navel string is buried in Barbados. But the culture is one of the crab in a barrel. You never hear our lawyer/politicians, the church, media, rum shop debaters, or b loggers talking about social justice in public. But they do in private if visiting London. It is a culture without any ethical moorings.
    Then you get some two-bit magistrate brutalising people by sentencing them to 12 months in jail for stealing four bottles of energy drink. I is immoral.
    However, our geriatric bloggers who want to talk about devaluation and foreign reserves, neither of which they know about, will totally ignore the poor and down and out, or volunteer to hand them or decapitate them. Savagery.

  16. I would like to see where that poor man sleeps at night, if they can be so indifferent about him when he has been attacked what would they care if he slept in a doorway or a box . The govt seem to think tourists lose their principals when they come on holiday, not surprising when you see how some of us act but I can assure you most of us find these antics deplorable and we talk about them. This man deserves justice and if nothing is being done by your police, as an emergency worker who has many friends in the force up here up here I can honestly say they should be ashamed of themselves.

  17. Lawson, We have a minister for social care. These people at jokers. They won’t know social care if it fell on their heads. Then they claim to be a developed society. Just drive around and see the conditions some people live in.
    The Bajan answer would be that in every country they have the poor and destitute.

  18. They are too, a lot of mentally functioning people in our society whilst most of us ignore and go on bought our business as normal until something catastrophic happens.

    With all the pressures this Government has placed on this country it is becoming one massive mad house!

  19. ” “We’ve identified in Ottawa many people who are really sick and are going to die unless we intervene,” said Tim Richter, president of the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness.

    Richter said the youth homeless numbers revealed by their study were particularly striking:

    • 91 per cent of youth reported living with a mental health condition;

    • 78 per cent had substance abuse issues; and

    • 67 per cent reported serious health problems.”

  20. I agree poor and destitute are in every country because of mental health or circumstance but this man was attacked we are talking two issues here. Both deserve attention

  21. Mirror I can only think you are trying to negate your responsibility by showing ottawa has problems precisely the person Hal was writing about but if it makes you feel better go ahead . Problems yes ,it is true big city problems, but we address them we give them shelter,we feed them, we re-educate them please check out the union mission ,the salvation army any of our food banks ,our vehicles that drive around in the winter making sure people are clothed and fed who dont want to access services . We dont walk by people in distress You can go into any municipal building in ottawa and you will be helped not shooed away or pepper sprayed.

  22. Dear lawson and Hal and others far away:

    Many people in Barbados believe that the gentleman is a close relative of a Cabinet Minister, or former Cabinet Minister, and that the extended family is not without considerable resources.

    Things are often a lot more complicated that they seem.

    Not only are there poor and destitute in every country, there is mental illness, drug abuse and family breakdown in every country.

    Poverty is easy enough to fix, after all it only requires money to fix poverty.

    But how do we fix mental illness?

    how do we fix drug abuse?

    How do we fix family breakdown, especially family breakdown which is driven by mental illness and drug abuse?

    And above all how do we fix cruelty?

    I asked before and I will ask again. Why are MEN so cruel? Why are MEN so violent?

  23. @Hal Austin April 22, 2017 at 8:28 AM |Lawson, “As they say, my navel string is buried in Barbados. But the culture is one of the crab in a barrel. ”

    Maybe not all Bajans are culturally “crabs in a barrel”

    Maybe most Bajans are not crabs in a barrel.

    Maybe most of us are kind and loving and generous, and we give willingly of our time, our talents and our money.

    Just as maybe not all MEN are cruel and violent.

    Maybe most men are loving and generous, and give willingly of their time, talents and money.

  24. Maybe we don’t call it social justice but when parents migrate from Barbados or from the third world to the first, who is it that looks after the children left behind?

    Who cooks for the those children, who washes their clothes, who walks them to school, who takes them to the doctor, the beach, the cinema, the church, the school fair, the church outing, who supervises their homework. Who takes them to the passport office, who takes them to the embassies of the countries in which their parents now live, who takes them to the airport, or who escorts them safely to London, or Toronto or New York?

    Who mothers them, who fathers them?

    Who does these things, sometimes for years at a time, and who does it for little pay or no pay? and very little thanks?

  25. To assault another person with pepper spray is always wrong.

    But there are other questions.

    Who manufactures the pepper spray?

    And for what purpose?

    Who is profiting from the manufacture, and sale of pepper spray? Who owns shares in the companies which manufacture and distribute pepper spray?

    If you want to talk social justice let the conversation begin.

    And let justice begin.

  26. I’m all set, I’ll post that graphic for you…proud to be Caribbean, from the Caribbean’s ancient and having our sustained cultural attitude towards it…

    Dark skin isn’t uniquely African…Barbados is still all of it colors, every shade of red

  27. Ninja man is a harmless comedic schizophrenic. When he takes his medication it is amazing the conversation he can hold with you about his life.

  28. Kammie, it is inaccurate to call schizophrenics harmless. They have a somewhat increased potential to harm themselves and others under certain circumstances. However, you are quite correct that when he is taking his medication, Ninja Man is a different person altogether. The BVHS do outstanding work, providing much more than food and shelter. However, although they will help Ninja Man when possible, he is more difficult to assist when he has not been taking his medication.

    As for this video, the man appears to attract Ninja Man’s attention and is already prepared with whatever he sprays in Ninja Man’s face. It is therefore a pre-meditated assault IMHO and should be dealt with as such.

    For those who are unable to volunteer to help the various organisation mentioned, contributions, whether financial or otherwise, are always welcome, and are a wholly acceptable way of showing support and empathy.

  29. When at e the police, the Guyana-born DPP and the attorney general going to start proceedings against the thug who assaulted Ninja Man? When is officer Gittens going to face charges?

  30. David,
    I like your style of teaching grown people. You are in the wrong job. The DPP has the power to ask the police to investigate, so does the AG, although this Guyana-born DPP may not use the power.

    • @Hal

      Based on your understanding of the DPP code of behaviour under what circumstances would the DPP initiate an investigation?

  31. In the public interest. The assault on Ninja Man is a public interest issue. That is why we are talking about it now.
    Further, the role of the AG is strategic and he has a right to intervene. The police job is to keep the peace.

  32. @Mitchlans, I know Mr Lynch and he was diagnosed as schizophrenic many years ago I maintain he is just a comedian who like Gearbox seeks to entertain and exist

  33. The man has serious mental issues as described by your terminology kammie . Kammie what you need to do is look up the medical term and meaning of a schizophrenic you would therefore see and understand there is no such term as a comic schizophrenic
    In layman terms he is mentally derange. The seriousness of his illness means that he can be a threat to himself and others and for those reason she should be taken off the streets

  34. Taken off the streets by whom?

    And put where?

    And for how long?

    Since the man must be nearly 60 years old and has NEVER done serious harm to himself or to anybody else on what ground wold you “take him off the streets?”

  35. @angela Skeete April 23, 2017 at 10:41 PM “In layman terms he is mentally derange. The seriousness of his illness means that he can be a threat to himself and others and for those reason she should be taken off the streets”

    And young Mr. Pepper Spray is he mentally derange too?

    And if young Mr. Pepper Spray is in perfectly good mental health then why did he do what he did?

  36. Mental health issues are not jokes the man needs to be carefully monitored and treated by health officials.His presence on the street should be of concern and not be viewed as entertainment. Do not know why barbados a so called intelligent society would not grasp the problems attributed to mental illness but prefer to look away in pretense as if the person afflicted should be seen as normal and used for comedic value

  37. Concern family member
    All that could be done to help Ninja man was done, but he prefers to stay on the streets, rather than have a fixed place of abode. He refuses to take his medication and this leads to all of his troubles. However he is not an animal, if he did not provoke the offender why did he attack him? As the Lord reigns in Glory this case will be pursued.

  38. Evonda,

    Plse put up some posters and get someone to identify the vicious thug. When you do if the Guyana-born DPP, the police commissioner or the attorney general do not take action, take out a private prosecution against him: anything from assault to attempted murder ( if Ninja was allergic to the spray it could have killed him).

  39. Hal, did any of your colleagues or peers in your adopted land ever or repeatedly address you as the ‘Bajan-born editor’?

    And how would that have progressed… harassment charges, a nativism screed, a suit after the fourth trolling…how exactly!

    SMH. You are a classic anachronism or as your former PM was quoted to have said, the proverbial ‘riddle, wrapped in a mystery…’

  40. At what stage does the state intervenes when a member of society portrays disturbing behaviour that makes those in society uncomfortable? How many of you saw Ninja man running behind or appears to pursue someone in the video? How many of you saw the few people, namely, the female who literally look scared as she passed him increasing her pace to a near run? Look, Ninja man have never troubled me when I was in Barbados but he has said to me while in passing oh, you look so sweet girl, you boyfriend happy. Then he started to come towards me to give me a piece of wire or some sort. I put my hand in the air and said, STOP!!!. He stopped instantly and said some mumbo jumbo. I can gurantee you that if you ask persons, who have had encounters with Ninja man, if they were serious enough to question how harmless he really is, you might just derive a few responses that says he could be threatening and scary at times. When persons like Ninja whom help has been extended to keep him off the streets returns thereafter, then the state must intervene with their help programmes to help those persons towards returning to some form of respectability and sanity, if possible. Money should be set aside for this and persons like Saffrey, who are trying to help by clothing and feeding them, should be given the financial resources and a building to house and care for them, when all else fails. Note I did not mention the mental health institution because that institution has been blamed for making those who were insane even worst then they really are.

  41. SSS,

    This is a fascist argument. Ninja Man was the victim, not the offender. He did walk towards the man, but the onus was on the thug to walk away, not wait and then assault an obviously ill man. To any reasonable person, it looked as if that man positioned himself in order to assault Ninja Man.
    We want to limit the power of the state, not extend it. Should the state intervene and confine a man for posting rubbish on a public online forum?

  42. Do not understand your reasoning counter point to recommendations for a mentally distrubed person. How is necessary intervention which can help a person with mental illness which poses a threat to their well being be fascist.
    Are you saying that mental health programs are founded on fascism
    The reality being that Ninja man well being is exposed and would continue to be threatened as he lives on the street

  43. @Sunshine Sunny Shine April 25, 2017 at 12:22 AM ” the female who literally look scared as she passed him increasing her pace to a near run? ”

    Some females have been taught to be afraid of their own shadows.

    Had one say recently to a friend of mine “you should not walk outside because monkeys are outside and they might “interfere” with you.

    The friend has lived on a gullyside for more than 60 years and monkeys have never “interferred” with anyone.

    Monkeys take fruit and vegetables only if they are hungry. Why is that reason to be afraid of them.

    Yet this poor woman is afraid to step outside of her door and won’t leave home unless her husband drives her.

    Maybe she too needs to be treated at a mental hospital.

    In truth many of our most deep seated fears are groundless.

  44. What is the situation with litigants in person in Barbados? I think Ninja Man’s family should consider taking out a private prosecution.

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