No Respect for Police Officers

The following note was received from a member of the BU family. This is a vodeo making the rounds on Bajan social media.

I received the attached video yesterday depicting police involvement with a crowd during an apparent arrest. What struck me was the total disrespect shown for the authority of the police and the blatant attack on them in the execution of their duty. No fear whatsoever was shown toward the fact that the police were armed, and with an imposing looking firearm. This caused me to arrive at the conclusion that the weapon was not fit for purpose. That gun was as useless as a condom in a maternity ward. Can you imagine the outcry and repercussion had someone been shot by the police? So my question is, why are the police not provided with non-lethal means of controlling this type of behavior when confronted in this manner. I speak specifically of pepper spray and the latest in tasers. Either of these options would have subdued the aggressors without physical harm and restored the authority to the officers without them having to be subjected to the indignity of scuffling with ruffians.

BU Family member

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  1. The police showed incomprehensible restraint.

    I hope the CP sees the video and send a team to arrest those who assaulted the female police woman.

  2. The lack of respect is the direct result of the Nelson riots in the summer of 2020. I remember only too well the mob with its slogans on BLM, WOKE and its rampant hatred against honourable local businessmen. Not in the USA, but in a country where the natives own the parliament and the police. Wasn’t there also the slogan to dry up the police financially? Unfortunately, the police did not adequately crack down the mob in the summer of 2020, nor in the subsequent Corona riots in the summer of 2021.

    So our police officers have to earn respect again. No more blowing sugar up the asses of the local masses at police checkpoints, but using the stick and handcuffing them at the first opportunity. Unfortunately, our mob only understands guns and sticks.

    That’s how it was back in 1937.

    I therefore propose to our Supreme Leader to take action against the next summer riots this year (2022) with the utmost severity. We urgently need 2,000 new prisoners to recultivate the former sugar cane plantations through punitive labour so that we become independent of food imports.

  3. Just received in a WhatsApp chat: A threat against Police in Barbados has lawmen on heightened alert.
    CBC understands this is the result of a call made to the Criminal Investigations Department around 12:30 this morning.
    The caller referred to a Police operation yesterday in Chapman Lane, which resulted in several people being detained.
    The individual then reportedly went on to suggest that a bounty of $50,000 has been placed on the heads of Police officers.
    CBC has been informed that Police are aware of the telephone number from which the call originated and are taking the threat seriously.
    #CBCTV8 #CBCNews #CBCBarbados

  4. Received the video vis WhatsApp yesterday and marvelled at the fact that the Police were armed but the people felt no compunction in attacking them. Maybe its a sign of the times, but if the Police are disrespected does anyone remember when Police tried to enforce the law and a call was made to a politician by an individual and said politician spoke to the policemen and voila they retreated like loopy dogs?

    What message did that send?

  5. The closer the Budget the more distraction
    Waiting to see the video of the numerous police officers that went to an elderly woman home recently in the wee hours of morning and mash up and break up her personal belongings
    In the meanwhile the lady was left traumatized because of all that
    An occurrence that took part at the wrong house while police
    When such occurrences happen disrespect for law and order would be a longstanding backlash

  6. Our Supreme Leader must now crack down. A shoot-to-kill order is the least we can do if the mob resists in any way!

  7. Well, I don’t live in Barbados, but I do remember all the disclosures made by Peace the Prophet of the myriad of wrong doings against the citizens of Barbados by the said police. To the black citizens. Nothing happens to the white, Asian or Syrian criminals. Karma is a bitch.

  8. Isn’t the attempt to form an unconstitutional Parliament with no opposition an act of lawlessness far worser than what we see in the video?

    How can anyone condone either?

  9. @David, re “Agree Hants, an example has to be set ASAP.”

    If that display of policing had taken place in Toronto, Brooklyn, Brixton or even Pembroke Pines in suburban Miami and the dynamics were that of Black residents accosted in that manner by white officers people would be baying for blood … of the cops!

    Obviously we did NOT see what the residents may have done nor do we know the investigative reasons (likely quite valid) for the sweep BUT it is absurdly ridiculous to hold Bajan cops to some special standard that allows a male officer to head-lock a female like that and another grapple with suspects as shown there.

    I am unclear how tasers would have worked there … it would have been even more disturbing to have seen that woman curled up on the ground crying in pain from an electrifying tase.

    Cops the world over are trained to DE-ESCALTE mob scenes like that… NOT further incite. …We cannot play these games …. that was TERRIBLE policing… plain and simple.

    Criminals or those cussing and carrying on as we heard above will act like the jack-asses they are … cops CANNOT.

    • @Dee Word

      It is unfair to draw you conclusion. What we can conclude is that somebodies need to be held accountable.Barbados is not North America.

  10. Poverty breeds crime frustration and all kinds of mental disturbances of the mind
    How often does we see scenes of such happening in Jamaica
    Many on this island continue to live in denial
    Many here have become desensitized to the realities that poverty is having on the lives of many people
    Crime seems to becoming part a normal existence
    No longer does one hear the loud cries for criminal activity to be taken control
    Govt have found messages to control the way people see think or believe
    Barbados is slowly heading in a direction of the point of no return
    Jamaica realities of crime poverty and hopelessness are finally hitting the ground

  11. People generally these days have no respect for anything or anyone. Not even for themselves. Have you noticed in this video that it seems to be only women being agressive & assaulting the Police woman. She had no gun by the way. The men seemed to be in the background just cussing & shouting.

    • @Camille

      The blogmaster is siding with you view. The video exposes wider societal challenges with poor parenting, opportunities to earn, how village life has evolved etc. Some here always jump to paint problems in a narrow political context to score points. These people are part of the problem.

  12. A very good observation.

    I saw a different video than everyone else.
    What came to mind was:
    1) The police were heavily armed. Without the sound, I would have thought it was another country.

    2)Nightsticks, tasers and pepper spray would have been useful here.

    3) The big guns were useless (unless the police plans to commit mass murder at the first unfortunate encounter).or the consider ever police encounter as the start of a rebellion.

    4) The police response was adequate for the behavior of the people involved.
    In other regions the police response would possibly be much worse. The blogger is correct when he stated “Barbados is not North America”. In NA, I suspect someone would have been shot.

  13. Before we all start lamenting the behaviour and disrespect toward the lawmen, we should at least try to find out , who in that crowd has the Prime Minister on speed dial. Perhaps, wunnuh just criticizing the people because they come from the lower echelons. If these were from the upper class, wunnuh would say nutting. After all the PM had said this was the only reason that people criticised here for meddling in a law and order issue, a few months go.
    Sometimes one just has to sit and laugh……………” What monkey see, monkey do.”

    • @William

      You comment is unwarranted and provocative with full details how the incident escalated. Pouring oil on a flame is never the answer.

  14. If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.

    So too with societal challenges. If you have a black and white chip on your shoulder, you see every work of art as various shades of grey.

  15. FearPlayMarch 13, 2022 8:19 AM

    If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.

    So too with societal challenges. If you have a black and white chip on your shoulder, you see every work of art as various shades of grey.
    This is more than simple physchology
    Within that video are examples of a society who have lost its way and broken every rule within in the foundations of moral laws

  16. Based on the video without audio, the restraint shown by the police officers is to be commended. Further arrests for the assault on the on officers must be considered and acted as necessary. The possible Balkanization of Barbados into “free” and “no go” areas must be avoided at all costs. There are many persons who are aggrieved by the actions of law enforcement personnel, but physically assaulting police officers in the execution of their duties can only have a very bad ending. The responsible way to go is through the police complainto review agency.

  17. Chickens coming home to roost.
    Phone calls demonstrate what’s now acceptable
    An open country will lead to open season

    Anyone remember the crime and homicide rate just before Covid?
    Anyone care to guess how cost of living increases will impact the influence of our sub cultures?
    Does anyone who isn’t impacted really and truly care?

    The votes were bought. The government is in. The people are dispensable. Life goes on

    Just observing

    • @Observing

      The very people who will have to bear the brunt represent the pool members of parliament originate and who vote. Around and around we go…

  18. Oh dear! Quick so from the safety of your relatively prosperous homes, yuh jumping behind the police and against the ghetto gals and guys!

    How long have their cries of police abuse been ignored? How many suspects are wrapped in plastic and beaten unmercifully at police stations? How many homes are burst into, without any respect for the occupants or their property. Often fishing expeditions without any reasonable evidence, I am told.

    Once, in the course of my mentoring work with the Anglican Youth Ministry Service, I took in a very frightened “suspect” to Central Police Station. Young man had recently been released from GIS. Every damn thing that occurred in his vicinity, he was rounded up and questioned, without any evidence. HARASSED! TWICE I had to send Michael Lashley to get him freed. No charges were ever laid.

    When I took him in to Central, I told them that they had better not lay one finger on him as he was under the wings of the Anglican Youth Ministry Service. No outrage was forthcoming, only sheepish grins. That told me ALL that I needed to know. They were smart enough to release him unharmed.

    Now…let’s come out of the “ghetto”. Still with the fishing expeditions, warrants issued by Justices of the Peace who have no understanding of the rights guaranteed under the law. These are the JPs who they prefer. My father’s signature is not sought out because they would need a valid reason for the warrant.

    My cousin had her beauty salon raided. A friend’s car in which she was riding was stopped. She was ordered out and strip-searched by the side of the road, with people watching. She was taken to the police station and interrogated. Her head was slammed from behind with a telephone book by a burly policeman.

    And based on a tip to a female police officer, given to her by a vindictive ex-husband whom she was now dating.

    A fishing expedition that found NOTHING, because there was NOTHING to be found.

    She was a woman running a successful business. Her clients fled and she has not been able to lure them back. She still gets headaches from the blow to the back of her head.

    Now… let us speak about the police who raid the neighbourhoods in search of lunch money, which one officer told my workmate he would confiscate that very morning from the gamblers on the block. A maid at my workplace actually had a son who lodged a complaint at the Police Authority after having his money confiscated. Happens all the time, I am told.

    And finally, we are speaking about threats to police officers and bringing down the full weight of the law on the lawbreakers heads. What then do we say should happen to a policeman who turns up to a school boys’ fight from which all but my fourteen year old son had fled at the sight of the police car and grabs the only remaining boy without any warning, no questions asked and threatens to “BEAT HIM TO A PULP” when the poor astonished boy squirmed while asking quite rightly, “Just so, big man?”

    Common sense should have told the jackass that the guilty aggressors had fled the scene. My son remained because he knew he was within his rights to defend himself and had confidence that he would be treated fairly by the officers.

    More fool he!

    Luckily the Station Sargeant was smarter than his jackass of an underling. He listened to my son’s account and quickly released him. NOBODY thought to call his mother. I took them to task the next day.

    And when my son revealed the threat made to him months after the fact because he knew that Donna would not then have been able to pinpoint the offender and demand justice, since I would not know the date of the offence, I still went to the station that very day, where the Station Sargeant first told me that I was lucky the officer had not pulled his gun on a school boy who was showing no aggression and whose opponents were nowhere to be found.

    The Station Sargeant was singing a different tune after he heard me string a few more sentences together. No uneducated ghetto girl was Donna!

    Reverse back!

    Wunnuh need to talk to people outside of your protected bubble!

    I believe that my son was profiled because he was catching the bus. I had stopped driving due to an injury to my hand that made it very difficult for me to put in and take out my required contact lenses. So…my son and I were downgraded to NOBODY status! This is how they treat people who they believe have no clout.

    Respect is a two-way street! Lawbreakers cannot be law enforcers!

    “To Serve and Protect” should be extended to ALL persons.

    The cameras were on. There were too many people about. Otherwise these officers may very well have behaved differently.

  19. @Donna
    We can only comment on the video that is presented here. I felt the police behavior should be commended.

    We who have often pointed out that there are injustices on the island are then berated and told that we are making things worse than what they are.

    We continue to believe these injustices should be corrected, but we will condemn or praise based on what we think is appropriate.

    We call this situation as we saw it. Here, I saw a police woman being attacked by four or five women. The male officer aggressively separated them from his colleague on two occasions and then took one into custody.

    They should have arrested the “big mouth” fellow as well.

    My only concern was the amount of fire-power on display.

  20. “You can never go home again”

    The one thought that remains from the video is how well armed the policemen were. To my mind they seem to even more armed than the T&T police and this makes me wonder if the Barbados that I saw a few years ago is no longer there.

    I am now beginning to understand why the locals protest so vehemently when we in the Diaspora voice our opinion and even want to vote. They know that the picture we in the Diaspora carry so clearly in our mind is out of focus when compared to what is occurring on the island. The ‘paradise’ in our mind is lost.

  21. @David… help me brother…
    “It is unfair to draw [the] conclusion” that BAD police practices are BAD wherever they are perpetrated! Alright den.

    Of course “somebodies need to be held accountable” so let’s START with those entrusted to protect and serve. A criminal will do what they do as jackasses will bray … Police officers must act resolutely but fair when executing enforcement like this.

    They may not all be thoroughbreds but they certainly are trained to act the part and not be donkeys!

    And I repeat sir, if this were US or UK or Canada this policy behaviour would be condemned for the uncouth, bad-boy tactics seen. … No one, repeat no one condones or seeks to appease the lawlessness seen from the folks in de hood but let’s start addressing withing the right context.

    And as @Donna had laid forth an excellent treatise on that I simply say…

    Bajan policing is abysmal… it seems like another century since CoP Orville Durant resurrected the ‘community policing’ but since that late 70s effort we have FAILED.

    Our island is small enough that it should have worked well … but just the opposite has happened with police going into the community and aggressively brutalizing suspected criminals.

    What we saw above is firm evidence of the failed policing actions and deep distrust from that segment of society to the law enforcers .. BTW same as in US and UK and Canada.

    The things @Donna described are known by others and should NEVER BE HAPPENING STILL IN BIM.

    We all know of the time when bad boys Buddy Brathwaite et al had dynamite battles with cops; RPB romanticized and sang about the baby faced killer outlaw … but nowadays we have a PM on first name (alleged speed dial) basis with fellas like dat. What a thing eh!

    So right on bro, if this was the US or Trudeau that PM would NEVER have taken that call, right. But this is Bim .. wha don’t ketch yah … ain’t fah yah… or something so!

    I gone.

  22. “And I repeat sir, if this were US or UK or Canada this policy behaviour would be condemned for the uncouth, bad-boy tactics seen. …”

    I cannot speak for Canada, but the last thing I would like to see is four or five black women attacking a female police officer (of any color) in the US. The condemnation would be most likely be for the death of one of the attackers.

    Good show by RoBPF.

  23. @The Blogmaster re “The police were heavily armed because they entered a ‘hot spot’ known as Chapman’s Lane.” LOL.

    Our brethren can be amusing in their perspectives or rather it can be enlightening what u need to clarify …😇

    Over in away we know that well as a SWAT intervention… dem fellas don’t come to de party wid tasers and bully-sticks … they come fit for purpose: potential armed conflict.

    Well at least they didn’t come armed to de teeth to question dat awesome gent who just tuned 100 and drove himself into State House about his driver’s license… bad joke🤦🏾‍♂️

    But all hail de gents longevity and strength.

    Peace out.

  24. I am surprise at your deductive powers and your knowledge of Barbados locations

    I just had the video. To me, it was any place in Barbados. It didn’t appear to be related to drug activity, but public behavior on the level of a ‘big fight’, intoxication or domestic violence.

    Giving your intimate knowledge of the locale and of the situation, I am amazed at how you think US cops would behave better

  25. @Theo your perspective is remarkably flawed.

    You live in Jersey according to ur posts… if a similar police squadron had acted as above let’s say in Newark ur Gov, Mayor Barak (if till is) and multi others across the spectrum would be baying.

    1.The tactics were piss -poor. If u are going to enter the hood to interdict a suspected criminal act then do ur job properly to a) minimize public blowback b) avoid unneeded injuries to public or police and c) avoid lawsuits.

    One does NOT aggressively wade into a group of hostile folks and attempt to arrest someone in that manner … it was STUPID and hasty foolishness.

    She could have been stabbed by one of the ladies and then all hell would have broken loose as likely shots may have been fired. Bruggadung riot there, by next day across in Harlem and broader NYC too and who knows where else… because of poor execution. Wow.

    And u find that to be good policing .. SMH. Clearly that’s part of the problem : we simply can’t put aside deep seated beliefs and simply call a spade black… regardless of who plays the card!

    This is real life for the cops executing the action … their lives and those of citizens can be lost by the very poor policing as seen above… thankfully it ended well.

    That does NOT make it acceptable. We can’t be serious.


  26. Yup! You guys do not do very well with context! I repeat,


    How are you to have respect for law emforcers who are lawbreakers? These people see the police as criminals, no better than they.

    And OFTEN WITH VERY GOOD REASON! THIS IS WHY THEY RECEIVED THE RECEPTION YOU WITNESSED IN THIS VIDEO. Abuses are daily occurrences in these areas. Cries for justice are ignored by all but Justice Carlisle Greaves, who recently signalled that he was having no more of it by dismissing a case brought with nothing but a confession that the Accused claimed was beaten out of him.

    Only DPD seems to have touched base with the issue. The police must set the example. They must respect the
    law and act within it. Then and only then should they be allowed to ask the ghetto folk to follow.

    Oh, and TheO,

    Again with the nonsense. We object when you guys blow things out of proportion or behave as though Barbados is a the hellhole of the world where only helpless rejects live.

    Context and nuance seems to be beyond some of you.

    “Less is more!” I gone.

    • @Donna

      There will always be bad apples. That said we cannot condone the kind of citizen behaviour witnessed on the video.

  27. “We all know of the time when bad boys Buddy Brathwaite et al had dynamite battles with cops; RPB romanticized and sang about the baby faced killer outlaw … but nowadays we have a PM on first name (alleged speed dial) basis with fellas like dat. What a thing eh!

    So right on bro, if this was the US or Trudeau that PM would NEVER have taken that call, right. But this is Bim .. wha don’t ketch yah … ain’t fah yah… or something so!”

    I am not a fan of Mia and I hate when we in Barbados begin to draw parallels with the US. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I cannot support the theory of “angelic” US presidents. I think we have seen enough to know that some of them would have taken the call and acted on it. Don’t create myths to support a wrong argument.

    I did not get into whether it was right or wrong of Mia taking the call.

  28. @Donna, @DpD
    My focus is on the video.
    DpD may have very well made touch with the underlying issues in Barbados, but his references to the US are dead wrong.

    For the record: I have never seen Barbados as a hellhole, but I believe that we can have a much better quality of life with some simple fixes.

  29. Again @Theo, your perspective is either terribly flawed, you are opposing for its sake or you are feigning intellectual ‘ignorance’ i.e you are obviously a well educated man so you are playing foolishy-foolish!

    To be brief to explain why I say as above…

    re “I am surprise at your deductive powers and your knowledge of Barbados locations […] I just had the video. To me, it was any place in Barbados. It didn’t appear to be related to drug activity, but public behavior on the level of a ‘big fight’, intoxication or domestic violence.

    LOL..I did NOT know it was Chapman Lane from the vid…. brother it could have been Haynes Ville, a section of the Farm, a village spot up in Church Village or off Tweedside Road …. in short, that was IRRELEVANT… just as whether is was Watts, the same Newark, Compton or Brixton…. a ‘hood is a ‘hood. Police go armed-for-war for a reason and ANY of the ones you described in ANY hood REQUIRES sensible policing tactics to AVOID an ESCALATION to greater major issues. What is so hard to understand about that!!!

    “Giving your intimate knowledge of the locale and of the situation, I am amazed at how you think US cops would behave better” …. I believe I covered that in prior post.

    To be quite frank I myself am amazed that a guy from Bim who have lived many years in the US can offer such plain vanilla perspectives of what should be a clearer appreciation of the nuances of life.

    Anyhow, enough of this. I do enjoy the practical and reasoned disagreement cut and thrust on issues … but you appear to be playing some sort of game.

    Stay safe brother.

  30. @Donna, unfortunately for you and your son, it appears that you seem to find yourself present or in the vicinity of many confrontational situations. My wife, my daughter or neither of my three sons are so unfortunate. I suggest you come hang out with us as we must be blessed or we it’s just that we live a less aggressive lifestyle. Just saying.

    As to the police action, I join with those who are impressed at the restraint shown by the police in this situation. I could not have held myself to the same standard and I am not normally an aggressive person. Some Barbadians have evolved into exceedingly violent individuals and it would have been foolhardy of the ROBPF to dispatch a team without having them adequately armed. Breyer to be overly prepared rather than outgunned. Tasers, night sticks and pepper spray must be included in their kit.

  31. To comment on a partial video is stupid
    No one hear can give a full account of what might have transpired before the cameras start rolling
    Reason why courts have eye accounts as well as video accounts
    But this I say when the moral components of society breaks down all hell breaks loose

  32. I am rarely on the side of the Police however
    When Police are in the wrong, they should be condemned
    When citizens are in the wrong, they should be condemned
    But we can always count on whatabouttism

  33. Anyhow, enough of this. I do enjoy the practical and reasoned disagreement cut and thrust on issues … but you appear to be playing some sort of game.

    Stay safe brother.

  34. After studying the video several times, I have come to the conclusion that the images cannot be from Barbados. I suspect the cussing people in the video are insurgent rebels in the Congo or South Sudan fighting government troops with “police” signs – or they are actors on bealf of the DLP.

    I very rarely spot the police in Barbados and in my neighborhood they are only allowed to drive up with special permission. The masters of the island have their own security guards anyway. Also, I don’t know any Barbadians who curse and insult police officers like that or any such run-down huts as in the video.

  35. @Sarge, I have been intrigued by on one of your favorite ‘aphorisms’ “whatabouttism” for some time now… as I find it so amusingly ridiculous. So I took some time this morn to explore it a bit via Webster and realized that it’s exactly as I viewed it! 🤣😎

    I have always found analogies, relevant references and comparisons were crucial in explaining thoughts or simply to add colour and context … but then on BU that became this thing ‘whataboutism’! …. Above I compared a hood in Chapman Lane, Bridgetown to one in Watts, California or Brixton, Greater London to reflect that people of a certain neighbourhood will behave in similar ways and that properly trained POLICE officers wherever that hood is located should also be operating with excellent skilled responses. That the term ‘whataboutism’ could be used to broadly or otherwise deprecate that is a bit shocking really. (You may not be referring to my posts but I am using your comment as if you were!)

    That’s how I see comparisons and references to others … to elucidate … it’s never about shifting the blame to another. That used to be called BS or as said by Webster ‘ a fallacy’ back in the day … still is pure fallacious BS today where I sit! …. So to all who discuss issues here I ask a few simple queries: when are RELEVANT comparisons allowed to Bdos situations? Or are they allowed at all??

    Why do we throw around these type of phrases that say so much of our decaying ability to PROPERLY look at how others just like us do things and learn from them: something we have been doing since Adams and Barrow learned from their fellow leaders and used their awareness to chart a course for BIM … then it was savvy now it’s ‘whataboutism’ … what a thing.🤦‍♂️

    Oh Webster said quite a bit… _”Some of the terms we use to describe political rhetoric are as old as politics itself (see ad hominem attacks, …). Others are more recent additions [..] But hey, aren’t we ignoring a bigger subject here? How can we talk about rhetorical devices and not mention ***whataboutism***?

    “Whataboutism gives a clue to its meaning in its name. It is not merely the changing of a subject […] _”The tactic behind whataboutism has been around for a long time. Rhetoricians generally consider it to be a form of tu quoque, which means “you too” in Latin and involves charging your accuser with whatever it is you’ve just been accused of rather than refuting the truth of the accusation made against you. Tu quoque is considered to be a logical fallacy, because whether or not the original accuser is likewise guilty of an offense has no bearing on the truth value of the original accusation.

    And the most recent famous purveyor of ‘whataboutisms’ ….“Philip Bump writes in The Washington Post that President Donald Trump has utilized whataboutism frequently as a way of deflecting criticism for his actions, such as his pardon of former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. […] “[I]f you look at, as an example, President Clinton pardoned Marc Rich, who was charged with crimes going back decades, including illegally buying oil from Iran while it held 53 American hostages…”

    Clearly here on BU we are working hard re this coda ; “Time will tell if whataboutism can persuade its way into the language, but its recent upswing in usage suggests it may have staying power. At least until someone changes the subject.”

    I propose we change the subject … 🤣An excellent final touch!

  36. Fear Play,

    I get the feeling you are trying to insult me but I am unsure of the basis for your attempt.

    My son was on his way home from school when a group of students from Foundation School had a misunderstanding with a group of students from my son’s school and he was attacked as part of the group. He was not aggressive at all! He was surprised to see big rocks being thrown his way. What do you suggest he should have done differently.

    Just yesterday I was speaking to a friend of mine from primary school who could not imagine me fighting at school because I was too “prim and proper” and “too sweet with my lovely long pigtails”, It was these same pigtails that were the source of my one and only fight, from which I ran away until I was caught at the bus stop. But the way I defended myself, my pigtails were never pulled again, I never had to complain to the teacher again and nobody ever again threatened to “beat me” after school.

    And I cried tears at the death of that boy with whom I became friends,

    My second almost fight, and the only one I had at secondary school was with a Harrison College boy who had also been a primary school “mate” who would “interfere” with me every evening in the bus stand. So I pretended to lose it, took out my needlework scissors and he never again knocked my dunce from my hands. Kept far away until we were grown adults when he met me at a funeral and asked if he could kiss me on the cheek as he had wanred to do way back then. How could I say no?

    You are way off base. I am a person who stands up for her rights and will defend myself if necessary. But if everyone was like me, there would be no fights at all.

    I like my skin the way it is.

    And ditto for my son. He thinks war is stupid unless it a video game! But if attacked, he will defend!

    One of the songs we have sung together from his early childhood with great gusto is – War, what is it good for? And we agreed with the singer that it was good for “absolutely nothing”.

    P.S. You are an asshole. A less aggressive life indeed! What the hell does that even mean? Being a doormat?

  37. David,

    OH NO! It’s the “few bad apples” narrative. Imported straight from the US of A! It is no more valid here than it is there,



  38. DPD,

    Sargeant seems to missing the point totally. It is not about whataboutism. I am saying that if THE POLICE DEPARTMENT AS A WHOLE abuses its authority and complaints to the laughable Police Complaints Authority go NOWHERE, the whole system can be taken to be rotten.

    There shall be no respect for any representative of a system in which complaints of abuses are not properly investigated and the perpetrators held accountable.

    Come out of your bubbles! You people have serious problems with simple matters.

    Do you think these people woke up one morning and decided to behave in the manner in which you saw in that video????

    Middle class blindness is what I would call your opinions. Unable to appreciate context!

    • There is a lawlessness at large in the society. We have to view what happened at Chapman Lane in this context. Bear in mind we are not in position to address the matter knowing what was the trigger events.

  39. TheOGazertsMarch 13, 2022 1:18 PM

    Have you ever posted a partial video?
    Have you ever commented on a partial video?
    None that I remember when incidents of this kind are involved

  40. @ Donna
    “Middle class blindness is what I would call your opinions. Unable to appreciate context!”

    But, isn’t this the problem with 90% of all topics raised on BU? Middle class excuses (blindness) and endorsements of any and every thing that does not affect that class directly. Or pretending that it doesn’t exist because they ( the middle class) believe they have escaped , from all the maladies.
    The police force, like everything else, is suffering mainly from political interference. When the Dees are in ; they promote their people. And when the Bees are in; they promote their people.
    This disconnect between the community and the police did not happen overnight.
    The political decay is affecting the proper governance of all state agencies.
    What makes us believe that the police would be immunized against the widespread crap ?
    There is plenty more to come unless somebody emerges to stop the rot.

  41. David,

    Improving how and since when? How has it been achieved? They have cameras in the interrogation room yet? They have body cameras? If not, how many complaints of abuse have been properly investigated and resolved? How many officers were charged with offences?

    Don’t give me that airy fairy opinion! Back it up, man!

    Besides which, the damaged to the reputation of the police is already done. It will take more than a little airy fairy nonsense to restore the respect of these communities.

    Up until the time just three years ago when I had to lodge my complaint, no policeman or woman had ever disrespected me or mine in any way. It happened to people like those in Chapman Lane, as a matter of course. It was bad enough what that policeman said to my son……but to have the Station Sargeant say that I was lucky that the officer did not pull his gun showed how deeply the culture was engrained.

    But the POLICEMAN was lucky that he did not pull his gun! The apology and the offer to make amends somehow was proof that I managed to convey who had “dodged a bullet”.

    Donna doan play!

  42. William,

    I cannot speak for anyone but myself. I believe that Barbados suffers from almost every ill that is suffered everywhere else – to varying degrees.

    It is the extent of the problem on which we sometimes differ.

  43. David,

    There is a lawlessness at large – in the police service too!

    Just as it is up to a parent to set a moral example for his/her child or else face the consequences of an unruly child, so it is the responsibility of the policeman and woman to set a law-abiding example for the community he/she expects to police or face the consequences of a disrespectful community.

    These are their chickens coming home to roost.

    I hope the lesson is not lost on them. It is not too late for a reset, I hope.

    • @Donna

      Nobody is disagreeing with you that there is room for improvement in the police force. What the blogmaster is saying that based on what is being portrayed in the video there is no excuse to side with those who agree with the assault to the policewoman even if mistakes were made by the police.

  44. @ David; @ Donna
    We are constantly expecting the governed to set proper examples. Our society cannot progress without proper examples from the top. We have no wriggle room when leadership is excused for poor decision making.
    What really is former Commissioner’s Dottin’s role.? Why was he brought back into the administration? What are his real terms of reference ?
    Why are the millions of taxpayers money being paid out to those police who won a recent law case being kept a secret?
    The lawlessness is symptomatic of a broader lack of plain talk and decisiveness of the collective political leadership. And who ever disagrees with that is being intellectually dishonest.
    How can an Attorney General remain in office after losing every legal battle with a citizen.
    We are burying our heads in the sand but are we really being honest in our assessments of what is wrong in our country.
    About thirty years ago Commish. Orville Durant said his hands were tied ,(Plastic Bag)in going after some people. Have things got any better since then?
    I was taught from very small that I am supposed to keep round the house clean. I was never taught to compare nasty yards ;just to keep mine clean!
    I grew up hearing Bajans declare that certain things “can’t happen ‘ bout hey. “Every damn thing and more has happened.!
    We have these plasters for every single sore and the sore is getting bigger by the minute.
    Why are we refusing to admit that there has been a systematic growth in deviant behavior that we endorsed strictly for partisan political/ party/ personality reasons.
    How honest are we when critiquing what’s wrong with the country ? I opine we are not honest at all.
    Hopefully after the budget we can all breathe a sigh of relief that we are seriously trying to get back on track.
    Right now talk and action are not adding up.
    The PM asked for a fresh mandate and she got the ultimate. We all need to declare this extended honeymoon over. Time to govern . She has three ministers in her office; she has appointed some senior ministers and she has a Chief of Staff. We have given her everything she has asked for. Do the work !!!
    Stamp out the bullshit where ever it is. Elections are five years away. Get off the platform.

  45. David,

    A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. My point exactly! The “good” behaviour you saw exhibited was because of the number of people who could have been recording, not because of any change in attitude. What happens when there are no cameras? Are there cameras in the police stations?

    You mekking bare mock sport at this issue, David!

    Chickens will come home to roost!

  46. The police in Barbados treat all decent citizens with the utmost respect. Anyone who sees it differently is not a decent citizen.

    Tron, leader of the new POLM (police officers’ lives matter) movement. Refund the police!

  47. @David, it’s often quite distressing to read this lack of attention to what’s before us!

    You said “What the blogmaster is saying that based on what is being portrayed in the video there is no excuse to side with those who agree with the assault to the policewoman even if mistakes were made by the police.” You are focusing on the OBVIOUS uncouth behaviour. That is EXPECTED by people who are disenfranchised and feel victimized and who live and love in what we unceremoniously call ‘the hood’.

    Let us recognize that in 2022 NO POLICE department should be so ‘carefree’ in handling possibly violent, indifferent suspects.

    This cannot be a question about the mob … again I repeat (rather unkindly maybe) that ‘jackasses will bray and kick’ … but the person who is expected to manage the jackass is sent to ensure that it does not cause such a ruckus; you expect a trained donkey handler, particularly when the jackass is very stubborn and own-wayish. If you send another jackass to mange that first jackass or jackass then all hell will break loose, surely! … And then you gine tell me that the original jackasses are 100% blameworthy. Really!

    Why do we just see the obvious stupidity of a bunch of lawless vagabonds and overlook the also obvious actions of surely a brave police officer who ‘carelessly’ (her actions on the vid) put her life and those of her colleagues at risk in a charged environment rather than de-escalate a possible problem! SMH.

    Stop alluding to the obvious that one is expected to quietly OBEY the direct orders of a PO … it’s also obvious that a PO is supposed to use training best practices in dangerous situations!

    That police lady could have started a fracas that today would have been a massive national incident just like Rodney King or any other such terrible international police event simply because she acted in a manner that opened her and her colleagues to questions about proper professional execution.

  48. No period for me, especially when your condemnation will make not a shred of difference to life in the ghetto, The police have the solution in their hands. Protect and serve ALL citizens according to the law!

    Correction: citizens should comply with all LAWFUL AND REASONABLE instructions from police officers.

  49. “a brave police officer who ‘carelessly’ (her actions on the vid) put her life and those of her colleagues at risk in a charged environment rather than de-escalate a possible problem!’

    “That police lady could have started a fracas that today would have been a massive national incident just like Rodney King or any other such terrible international police event simply because she acted in a manner that opened her and her colleagues to questions about proper professional execution.”

    Once again you saw something in the video that I did not see. It appears you are now assigning blame to the female PO. I am unable to make that leap.

    We do not see what caught her attention or the first point of contact with four or five women.

  50. But we are almost on the same page.

    With the heavy weaponry as the only solution this confrontation could have ended very badly.

    The possibly outcome of a sad ending is the point that most commenters are trying to make.

  51. @Theo, you really don’t get it… SMH. I am not apportioning blame as some abstract attempt to victimize the female officer … I see her actions as careless because of the possible greater problems that could have resulted. I do NOT suggest for one moment that she was not trying to do her assigned job. Rather that she did not do it as well as she could

    Every such situation where there are guns and heightened tensions can be a powder keg where one spark (careless but legally justified police act or illegal act from a lawless suspect) can cause an explosion.

    To repeat, again as best as I can: Our police department or ANY police department MUST carefully engage to AVOID any such explosions … the proliferation of videos such as this has created their own layer of tension and anxiety and police officers MUST use their training and all that awareness to their best advantage.

    What caused her action may have been quite justified … her response must yet be even more reasoned and practical and as safe as possible.

    Haven’t we seen enough of the raucous reactions to police miscalculations or their absolutely legal errors in judgement. What exactly is so difficult to understand about that. Alas!

  52. The problem is lawlessness at the top.

    Trudeau and his lot have shown themselves up in dealing with the truckers.

    Here, Ms. Mockley and her lot are continuing their 4 year long mock parliament.

    Putin is behaving as a law unto his own self.

    What do you expect?

  53. The Barbados Police Service is one of the few functioning Governmental Institutions that stand between an orderly society and chaos. The reputation of the Police cannot be permitted to be torn down by anecdotal episodic recounting. We cannot rationalize anti-police sentiment in Barbados on the basis of police practice here or elsewhere outide of a hearing before the Agency that deals with complaints about Police conduct or the Courts. Anything else is speculation. The good conduct of hundreds of Police officers must not be sullied by speculation where there is no intention to confront the bad actors in a tribunal setting.

  54. My focus is on what I saw in the video (no more, no less). My naive opinion.

    Some have pointed out that the nature of the police response is dependent on the location.

    It is difficult to look at how heavily armed the police were and not think of very troubled areas in different part of the world. The real lesson here is that some areas in Barbados may be powder kegs just waiting for a spark.

    There is a saying ‘to a hammer, everything is a nail’. Let’s hope the RoBPF armed themselves with more than hammers so that their response can be adjusted to suit both the situation and location. Guns alone are not enough. Guns do mainly one thing, shoot.

    A next positive of video, is, based on their reaction, some persons in the ‘crowd’ had no fear of being shot. They display an element of trust in a sensible response from the RoBPF.

  55. @ TheOGazerts,

    The policewoman had a gun in a holster while being attacked by 3 or 4 women.

    One of those women could have grabbed her gun and start shooting.( hypothetically )

  56. “About thirty years ago Commish. Orville Durant said his hands were tied ,(Plastic Bag)in going after some people. Have things got any better since then?”

    their hands are only tied because they KNOW they cannot go into certain areas with that level of brute force that they use in Chapman Lane and other areas without massive BLOWBACK……dem uppin dem hifalutin areas know too mucha bout all a dem..

  57. @ BMcDonald March 14, 2022 9:51 AM

    Why not also see it as Karma’s return to settle a score called the Ashton Ross standoff?

    If only that officer had a direct connection to a certain well-publicised number nothing of the sort would have occurred!

    When people sow hypocrisy they normally reap the bad fruits of their double-standards.

  58. I fully agree with all that you have written.

    Or we could have had the police shooting someone.

    That is why I give the RoBPF credit for remaining calm/sensible/controlled in the face of such behavior.

    But my point: from the video the police had just two responses, shoot or not shoot. I would like them to have more options…

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  60. Anecdotal evidence, my ass! At what point does anecdotal evidence become overwhelming? Anecdotal evidence is not anecdotal to those who experience the event.

    My cousin lodged a complaint. How far did it go? NOWHERE, as usual.

    You people strike me as people who simply want the police to keep YOU AND YOURS safe from the “rabble”. How they do it is not your concern as long as it is hardly likely to directly affect you.

    But it will affect you indirectly. Because this disrespect for law enforcement officers, whatever its cause, makes for disrespect for the LAW and disregard for the society that empowers them. And then there are no boundaries that will not be crossed and all hell breaks loose.

    • @Donna

      The report is an fyi.

      The PCA needs to be given more muscle to do its job. This is highlighted in the report.

      To your question, it is a mechanism that should be used to lend more transparency to how complaints are managed and important- encourage greater feedback from the public to steer complaints away from direct to police.

  61. David,

    When nothing comes of the complaints for a lengthy period and when the police are involved in investigating themselves, there can be no trusting the system.

    I could have gleaned the date of my son’s interaction by calling the Principal of Foundation School My name was in his appointment book the day after the interaction occurred. The officer could have been identified from among those on patrol of the area that day.

    I chose instead to take it to the source because I knew the officer would get my message. The Station Sargeant asked what my son wished to be the outcome and my son asked that officers be better trained in how to approach such situations.

    I thought this approach to be better than lodging a complaint with a toothless agency.

    My point? MY complaint is not among the reported stats. Imagine how many ghetto guys and gals think it a waste of time, based on past experience.

    • @Donna

      Agree the system for managing complaints with PCA is only being served in the breach. We need to make material changes to that process.

  62. @Donna,
    you appear to be the only one who is logical, rational and objective about this matter. With you it is not hearsay, it is reality.

  63. There is a related story in BT (No complaints on admission to prison) indicating that the prisoner did not complain of injury when admitted to Dodds. It is not difficult to imagine a prisoner being warned and threatened with further beatings if he uttered one word of the prior beating to anyone.

    Examination by medical staff a few days later found “soft tissue trauma to his back and left shoulder along with a broken pre-molar’. The police Sergeant then indicated that this injury was found three days after being house with the general population- (I would believe the Sergeant if she could provide records of the prisoner being engaged in a fight at the prison).

    I was trying to find a site which was describing various police beatings and methods the police employed… the beating is administered but the effects are usually not visible to the naked eye …. Soft tissue injury is the outcome.

  64. For the sake of discussion let us assume that rumors of police beatings and the police extracting false confession are in circulation. Let us assume that there is a second rumor, this one being that some members of the police force are in cahoots with know criminals.

    Note that these rumors do not have to be true, they just have to be in circulation.

    Now let us believe that you are the average Bajan who has some information that is valuable to the police and you are aware of these two rumors, would you “snitch”?
    What are the possible outcome of snitching
    (1) The information is used properly
    (2) The information is relayed to bad guys
    (3) You get a cut ass and forced to sign a false confession
    Are you going to roll the die and make the call to the police

    You can see how rumors can stem the flow of information to the police. Hopefully, there is no truth in accusations or rumors?

  65. Do you see how the US solve the problem of shooting unarmed young black men. Brilliant. Young unarmed black men will still be shot, but you will sound like an idiot when you accused a robot of racism.

    But wait a minute! Well, they thought they had it solved, but there was an outcry against passing the blame to robots. People are not foolish.

    AI in any form is not the solution to the social problems facing US society, The programmers and the test cases are usually not people of color. The algorithms they develop usually contain the built in biases of the programmers. These algorithms do a hell of a job for light-skinned people (the test cases) but against dark-skinned folks are often a failure.

  66. There is the expression – Respect is earned, not given.
    There appears to be a story in the Nation of police listening/taping conversations between lawyers and their clients.

  67. There is a story of young police recruits earning a flat fee of $2600 BDS dollars/month and guess how much is the monthly fee for meals – $900 – $1300.

    That is how you let ‘young policemen’ know they are weak/impotent/powerless even as they are being trained. You act bold face and rob them in front of their very eyes. Reminding them that they are small players and they are only in the game because the higher ups included them.

    I can see myself outside of the camp with some wood, a pot, cooking and selling meals to this youngsters. But they would probably send one of these youngsters to hold me until the ‘real police’ get there – that would be a big joke for them – Wunna see how we got one of de peeple he was trying to help to arrest he.. sheer brilliance. We gi he back he pot, but we know he aint coming back.

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