Trying to Muzzle Barbados Underground

For the cause that lacks assistance, the wrong that needs resistance, for the future in the distance, and the good that [BU] can doGeorge Linnaeus Banks

One of the challenges the BU household has had to manage from inception is the ‘right’ of the BU community to express opinions and share information protected under the cloak of freedom of expression. The BU household has zealously guarded  this ‘right’ because the traditional media players in Barbados- with a few exceptions  -have relinquished the role it is expected to play in a breathing democracy.

With a few exceptions BU has managed the majority of our battles with lawyers and WordPress away from the public – the main reason, to not betray the code of confidentiality members of the BU household has sworn to honour at any cost.

A recent notification from a local lawyer is interesting because as we always do in an effort to be fair to the aggrieved party is to request copies of the offending BU links for our review. If after a process of review that may or may not include legal support, we will amend, remove or leave the links being questioned. Through the process BU ALWAYS share the reasons for the final decision taken. On a few occasions we have apologised to the parties. In this case, after several weeks have passed, the local lawyer has refused to share the links of concern to his client and instead transmit a veil threat of a legal action to come.

The second event of this week we want to share is the attempt to muzzle BU for sharing comments on Facebook (FB). Obviously the BU household has no control over the comments policy of FB, it is the main reason we have operated from the more protected platform of WordPress. The opportunity to practice freedom of expression on Facebook can be hijacked with ease by those who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. It is interesting to note the most significant interactions David of BU engages on BU is with Minister Denis Kelllman. We plead guilty to ‘ragging’ him on the issue of the GROTTO because we hold strongly to the view that it is the public’s right to know if it pertains to how taxpayer money is spent.

Let the message go about that Barbados Underground will continue to defend the right of the BU community to freely express itself AND at the same time fairly respond to objections raised by parties who feel defamed in the process. All aggrieved parties are asked to do is click on the Send Confidential Message at the top of this page to share a brief note detailing the concern and links to blogs and comments being questioned.

The silly season is approaching.


  • @David April 17, 2017 at 6:49 PM “Let the public record of BU pages reflect that on the 8 March 2017 David the blogmaster of BU received a communication from a lawyer by the name of Douglas Trotman via Facebook advising he represented a client who felt aggrieved about certain comments posted on BU. David of BU responded that Trotman should send links to the comments being questioned for review by BU. He promised to send the links by the following Saturday i.e.over one month. ago.”

    I trust that he is not like the lawyer whom I hired 19 years ago. I was/am perfectly capable of paying him the going rate. I have not heard back from him yet.

    No my case was not a difficult matter like murder, rape, fraud or divorce.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Simple…this one seeking attention and getting the most negative type of attention available, this Badlucky Trotman, is worse, much worse, he is of the bottomfeeding type, the absolutely lowest form of lawyer.


  • @ The Honourable Blogmaster.

    There are 4, now 5, extensive articles/blogs on BU with close to 600 articles (now 800) comments on this matter.

    Some are salacious, some are very insightful, some are the actual experiences of current staff, former staff, former government officers, current government staff, current and former bilateral aid stakeholders and operatives.

    The challenge that they are having is as follows.

    There can be no doubt that what fuels all of the above is true.

    There Dougie Howser has some bad luck on that matter.

    For them to go through all 600 items and comment on them all is going to put them in a silly position where they would by so doing confirm what is left on the site.

    That is bad luck for them, no pun intended.

    So you see what they have to contend with?

    An article on Caribbean Export that is based on truthful documents whose veracity they cannot deny and whose interpretation may have been provided by the experts who supplied it variously.

    Purported Labinascopy aside, what has been submitted gives them and their masters, Maxine Included, some major issues when it can be seen that a major player in regional representations can be seen to have such lax governance issues where, among many cited infelicities, according to the authors of the submission, the employee has written her contract of employ and has thereafter fired her employers.

    That is what the document repeats over and over again. Abuse at the highest level.

    So, they really don’t have a choice other than to have their Barney Fife lawyer do a filibuster and McGuiver and write a procedural document to state that he asked that certain aspects of the offending material be removed WHEN HE GOES TO COURT.

    THEY HAVE NO CHOICE since their objective is to get the whole thing removed from the site which they can’t get happen.

    The fact is that they were screwed from the time the “Caribbean Export traitors” Pammy’s alleged words, not mine, submitted that document

    In fact they were screwed from the beginning of the practices it was only a matter of time till things imploded rather Things Fell Apart at Babel.

    And here they stand playing a game of “The Weakest Link” with a lawyer who is “the Poorest Link in the Advocacy Pool” trying to frighten you at Barbados Underground and poor black peeple elsewhere

    The thing is that WHEN THEY DO THEIR THING IT ONLY GINE BACKFIRE PUN DEM CAUSE ***** but dat going happen when it happens heheheheheh.

    Purportedly in one more day heheheheh

    Pammy doan mind Dougie girl, lef dis out, you dun bin lost cause Braddie outsmart wunna.

    Here is what going happen.

    You going get a day in court with party A and B doan add C, let dat party alone cause if wunna add dem you will wake the real Sleeping Giant.

    Neither of the Parties going break cause dem is brothers in the spirit of nationhood

    But what it is going to do is give tons of mileage to Barbados Underground, locally regionally and internationally WHICH IS PRECISELY WHAT THE RULING DEMOCRATIC PARTY DOES NOT WANT!

    This is going to be on both national newspapers front pages for a few week’s causing heheheheheh but dat is a next thing that you going see manifest WHEN WUNNA DO WUNNA TING.

    Maxine and de fellers going tell you dat de best ting to do is lef some tings alone while employing SEO suppression so that your anticipated employers might not see your character blemishes so easily.

    You see what people’s private parts does do?

    If dat man had lef he 2 incher in he pants and lef people girl children alone none uh dis might have happened, and effing de awards was above board, and effing all de udder tings dat B* submit was not so, you would not be here but…

    Walk way from this girl, walk way …


  • @ David

    Grateful if you could do your thing with the IP filter that held the last comment.

    Will “mix it up a bit” to ammmmmm further obfuscate tings dem


  • @Owen Area

    Please share case details.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Piece…is that what ya Dougla girlfriend taking that millions of pounds in the final EU tranche draw down to do…and of course the Badlucky bottom feeding lawyers know about the money, so they would be like flies on shit, never bothering to tell the client a case is useless when there is money to suck….some real maggots on 2 legs.

    Liked by 1 person

  • @Dougie Howser or I’ll See You in Court April 18, 2017 at 3:56 AM. “You see what people’s private parts does do? If dat man had lef he 2 incher in he pants and lef people girl children alone.”

    2 inchers still getting people in trouble? Well, well, well. If only people would become more friendly with Mrs. Palmer and her ten daughters.


  • @Barbados Underground “It is interesting to note the most significant interactions David of BU engages on BU is with Minister Denis Kelllman. We plead guilty to ‘ragging’ him on the issue of the GROTTO because we hold strongly to the view that it is the public’s right to know if it pertains to how taxpayer money is spent.”

    Dear David: Have any tenants moved into the Grotto as yet? If so how many people? And if not why not?

    If you or I has built an apartment building there is no way we would have let it stand empty fr years and years and years.

    Is it that officialdom regards the taxpayers money as free money, with no need to get a return on our investment?


  • Another murder sorry suicide while in the custody of the Royal Barbados Police Force.

    The killing occurred within one hour of the young man being arrested.

    Note is made that there is now more people independently videoing what is happening around the place and recording their plight of defenseless citizens.

    I wonder what Carl Moore and Hal Austin will say about that practice?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    But Pammy deserves that though, this is the one time I am cheering for the lawyers to do a gangbang on her and suck out all 27 million EU dollars I believe was the amount she got for the final drawdown recently, this is the one time I believe she should be robbed blind for the nasty piece of work she has been for years, hiding behind diplomatic immunity.

    Every penny should be taken from her in legal fees, it will be the EU taxpayers being soaked.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    But Badlucky Trottie might not be intelligent enough to pull that off by himself though, he comes off as too desperate, he will need lots of help…lol


  • @Simple Simon

    This s the problem, there is a paucity of info coming from this government. The MoH talks a good talk but mostly weak in substance. A drive by the Grotto supports the view it remains poorly occupied.


  • I have assessed the MoH long time.He exhibits a form of retardation that is deceptive.His speech is slurred,evidence of some physical dysfunction,maybe a regular rush of crap to the brain.Have you noticed that he has never ever accounted for his stewardship of the elusive Fishing Agreement with Trinidad?Similarly with the current ministry.Retards ruling Bdos under the pretext of the Westminster Model,another set ‘o crap!Nobody is held accountable under that Model.


  • Muzzle BU, absolutely no point. Laughable really. Like telling a journalist that he cannot report on an impending hurricane…. so no one knows it is hitting.

    Absolutely irrelevant at this stage.

    Four years ago, people were happy go lucky, except the codgers on BU. Now, every man and his granny understand the manure-storm that is on the way.


  • Simple Simon April 18, 2017 at 5:45 AM #
    Passed the Grotto a night last week and noticed lights on in about 4 or 5 apartments.


  • @Colonel Buggy

    Were you able to spot vehicles in the car park/type of vehicles?


  • I will see you in court April 18, 2017 at 5:47 AM
    Do we still conduct Coroner’s Inquests in Barbados, as here of late we are being told that the results of Post- mortem examinations are CONDFIDENTIAL.


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