Evaluate Barbados Underground

The BU household believes this is a good time to evaluate our performance to date. It seems like only yesterday when we fired up BU. Where have the four years gone?

100 thoughts on “Evaluate Barbados Underground

  1. Doing a good Job-yes
    obviously better is the step above good !

    Please continue the good work
    but please ban island gal 246 for me
    she calls me names
    boo hoo hoo
    hand me a tissue !

  2. mix with all the political rhetoric there is alwys fun and laughter even when we vehemently disagree the BU household let it slides off their backs. . confrontation is not always meant to tbe confrontational , However at times when we disagree .There are those times when we say “I am sorry” Keep up the goodwork. A voice for all who have something to say even if we don’t always understand what have been said .

    • @checkit-out

      Listened to some of the program yesterday. It is unfortunate Carl Moore, Peter Simmons et al are asking for censorship of blogs in Barbados.

      It is also unfortunate that they see blogs competing with traditional media. Not so!

      Blogs have a role to play as citizen journalists use technology to interact with news.

      Anonymous blogging has been around for awhile and there are a plethora of reasons why some bloggers elect to go this route.

      The irony is the more they criticise social media the more it grows, the more momentum it gathers. They should analyse why.

      What do they say about what abhorring a vacuum?

      They speak about the profession yet they have no declared standards for the profession in Barbados, the Barbados Association of Journalists is a joke association.

      Last president Emanuel Joseph got his 1 year of fame which climaxed with an interview on TV but what else has he achieved?

      It is now the turn of Jewel Forde of CBC.

  3. I take my hat off to all who makes Barbados Underground what it is. And what they believe in. I would say that you are doing **AN EXCELLENT JOB** many you continue to do what you do for many more years to come. Your information has brought me back to Barbados many times in knowing what’s happening on the **ROCK** May you continue to be Blessed and Highly Favored BU FAMILY;

  4. BU is the best political, funny and informational blog in Barbados and perhaps the subregion.

    I started posting here about a year or so ago and was quite critical of what I considered to be an agenda that seemed to cater to stories that would potentially garner high numbers of metropolitan hits, showed little patriotism for Barbados and attacked a few hard working civil servants without proper reason or factual basis for doing so. That type of article has decreased significantly and the indefatigable David oversees a blog that produces a plethora of information on almost every topic imaginable.

    I enjoy, am enlightened by and try not to miss the postings of the old as well as the recent regulars like bonny pepper, bushtea, Micro mock engineer, island gal 240, caswell franklyn, blackett, ac, yardbroom, bafbpf, anthony, hants, gp and several others who don’t come to mind at present. I also read the postings of ccc, christopher Halsall and a few others, searching for their gems of wisdom which have so far been few and far between.

    David, keep up the good work. You have provided a vehicle that is educational, addictive and relaxing and I for one will continue visiting and putting in my 2-cents worth, when stimulated by the various offerings to do so.

    I heard Simmons and others on the call in programme today and while I can understand a minor subset of their concerns as related to some of the other blogs, I suspect that they don’t spend a lot a time on BU and have not sampled the diversity of the information and entertainment provided here on a daily basis.

  5. @ checkit-out who wrote ,
    “I heard Simmons and others on the call in programme today and while I can understand a minor subset of their concerns as related to some of the other blogs”.

    Any Bajan should understand that a blog is like a group of fellas in a Rum Shop, at a cricket match, in a fish market, under de tambrun tree, at Polo or Paragon.
    It is actually a combination of all of the above except we type on a keyboard and we can screen capture discussions if we choose to.

    I have heard more libelous vulgar comments in the above places (Polo excepted as I have vowed never to attend) than on this blog.

    We Bajans have always argued about politics and talk shhhh when we congregate so blogging is a natural modern day adaptation.

    Mainstream journalist should not be concerned about blogs.

  6. Lack of control over subversive elements! I always look forward to the posts of ‘The Man Without A Name’ and Bimbro!

  7. Yes. Apparently Barbados is a little island in the Caribbean and is full up of high brow academics who love to call each other names. BU possie mash up the BFP possie all day any day

  8. David, please be fair and accurate. Far from suggesting that the blogs are competing with mainstream media, I said yesterday you are a welcome extension. You can go where the others can’t go. Don’t abuse the opportunity.

    All I ask is that you deal with the issues and resist the temptation to be nasty. There is no need for it.

    You’re right; I did reluctantly recommend censorship. If I had my way I would shut you down—and sue you—until you get your act together and start behaving like decent, responsible citizens of this country which you say you love.

    That’s my position: Nothing more, nothing less.

    More power to you.

    • @Carl

      Sorry if BU was not accurate about the statement you made on the show yesterday. Unfortunately BU was not in a position to monitor the show in its entirety.

      BU is an open forum and you are correct, it attracts the good, bad and ugly. The leveller though is that unsubstantiated positions are usually very easily debunked.

      There is the opportunity therefore for BU readers to get to the bottom of the issues.

      BU respects the position you take vis a vis journalism because the fourth estate is critical to facilitating a working democracy.

      Unfortunately the position you take when juxtaposed to what is practised in Barbados as journalism shows a big disconnect.

      BU is always receptive to feedback, the Bajan blogosphere is about 5-6 years old and continues to be a work in progress.

      Be sure that ‘the blogs’ are not going anywhere soon.

      In fact the analogy can be used that like the shooting down of bin Laden, be sure some other person will carry on his fight.

    • For those who missed the talk show where Peter Simmons and others called for censorship of the blogs you can have a lesson and form your own opinion. The program was interesting indeed from the perspective that we had journalists and cohorts defending the journalism profession by definition but ignoring what is in Barbados.


      Brasstacks Talk Show

      Part 1

      Part 2

      Part 3

  9. What I found interesting on the programme is the mention of the fact that some mainstream media journalists have suffered as a result of some reporting they might have done. Yet within the same breath they are calling for the anonymity on blogs to be prevented.

    The laws of Barbados seems to have the mainstream media in the dumps, and they can’t even organise themselves, but they want the same for others.

    Shameful. If anyone should be behind the blogs it should be those who have tried to be “fair and accurate” in their reporting and yet somehow came out holding the shi*** end of the stick.

  10. I read the blog to get some idea on what is happening on the ground in Barbados. Sometimes I find though that the comments are way out of line and nasty to persons who are unable to respond. Additionally, I respect those bloggers who have the courage to use their real names because I ain’t using mine and usually there are the ones that make the most sense.

  11. Kudos to BU.
    BU is a welcome voice of the voiceless in this country, where many things are hidden, and corruption becomes the norm for people in high places. With the voice of BU on their trail it becomes more difficult for them to execute their acts.

    The mainstream media has failed the people in not reporting or investigating many stories. The mainstream journalism has become like many fashion magazines, you see the fluff and nothing more, they have become nursery rhyme writers.

    Were it not for BU many things would go unnoticed. Yes there are some who would seek to use the medium to denigrate others but that is a given in any human interaction, but those individuals quickly left on the wayside.

    WELL DONE! CONTINUE THE GOOD WORK so that we can keep this nation of ours a desired place to live and to work.

  12. David | May 4, 2011 at 4:36 AM |
    “… the Barbados Association of Journalists is a joke association.”

    A joke that you can’t even laff.

  13. Carl Moore wrote “You’re right; I did reluctantly recommend censorship. If I had my way I would shut you down—and sue you—until you get your act together and start behaving like decent, responsible citizens of this country which you say you love.”

    Watch yuh back David.lol

  14. David | May 4, 2011 at 4:25 AM |
    It would be useful for those who voted no and can do better to comment. It would help in the evaluation effort.


    I did exactly that – but then I’m English!

  15. Wunna don’t realize that many people still want the population to believe the lies that are told by the so called media houses that are politically affiliated. This country is only a democracy when it comes to elections, where one man one vote is allowed. Even the dead does sometimes have a vote too.

    Carl Moore you are are a coward and a big one too. You are afraid of the truth and cannot tolerate anyone whose opinion differs from yours . It takes many types to make up this world and Barbados is no exception. It seems that your way is to muzzle the man on the street because he is a nobody and his voice should never be heard.

    I have enjoyed the BU family with the good the bad and the ugly. I have to face this every day when I interact with the public, and if that offends you Carl I am sorry. I have learnt to ignore those that are an irritant and enjoy those who makes sense to me. I have learnt to filter what I find interesting and discard what I find to be nonsense.

    Kudos to BU and may you continue the good work. BU has provided many with many thought provoking posts, too many sermons by TB, but at least he took a sabbatical the last two month and spared us.

    BU has been and will continue to be the voice of the man on the street, the student, the farmer, the unions, the businessman, the hoteliers, the housewife, the expats, the wannabe politicians, the has been politicians, the present politicians and the retired civil servants.

    Now Tina Cockroach if you want me banned you will have to go first because cockroaches are like vermin. Stop spreading your germs. Perhaps you prefer some Sevin instead of Baygon.

    What is BU without laughter? We have characters here that are unique, Bonny peppa, Scoutie, Bush tea, Haunts (pun intended), RT (tek dat yuh ole cow), Mwifnosense( tek dat too) Dr Georgie, tecchie, yardbroom, Chris Halsall, Amused, AC(whatevva dat stan fuh), hard head Carson Cadogan, Charles Cadogan (Carson’s outside cousin), check it out, Zack, The dragon call George, Benwood dickie and many more dat muh brain cahn name.

    PS….thank you check it out for de mention.

  16. Whahappen to my post – steupse!! What I meant to say was:

    Furthermore, r u going to do anything about the Fifth Column members here, intent on sabotaging the respectable underbelly of Bim, and cast her in a nasty, Islamist light!

  17. I was here from the beginning (doh leh de name fool wunna) and I am one of those persons that voted “Can do better” because I seem to remember BU being better.

    In early times BU dealt with topics that were relevant to the average man in the street. Today it has been infiltrated by the intellectuals who, while claiming to raise the level of debate, care little about keeping the powers that be accountable to the masses. They could not care less about educating or advancing the cause of ordinary Bajans and only come to BU because it is now seen as the dominant blog in Barbados.

  18. Kracker said “Today it has been infiltrated by the intellectuals”

    and pray tell me Krackers, who are these intellectuals? I cahn tink suh high up so I wud like tah know whom dem is, suh ah cahn learn someting from dem.

  19. islandgal,

    Dem people doan hide, so yuh caan miss dem if yuh try.

    Some likes tuh use nuff big words and always quick to let people know dat dem read dis body or de nex and suggest dat yuh in nuhbody ef yuh neva heard of whatzhitizthizky.

    Another set duz submit post wif headings dat duz mek yuh wonder ef yuh mudda din waste she money sennin you to school.

    Den de got de ones dat duz post some long long long post dat by de time yuh get tuh de end, if yuh duz decide to read um, yuh caan even rememba wuh wuz in de fust paragraph.

    BU previously had intellectuals that tried to inform and educate. I am not so sure that the same obtains today.

  20. @ Kracker……..yuh got muh Kracking up LOLLLLL I know bout de ones dat so long dat yuh forget how it started. I does scroll down real fast whenever I see certain peoples posts. TB and Zoe are two I does run from. LOL

  21. @ David

    A simple question, what constitutes censorship, as called for by some here? Is that code for BU to conform and exactly is expected to be the censor?

  22. BU
    I see the BU blog as a good medium for persons to express themselves, and I do like engaging bloggers with varying ideas than mine. However, to me there is too much abusive language and this needs to be watched, right now it has not yet gotten out of hand but if goes un-noticed can easily escalate. Keep up the good work and monitor those slanderous bloggers who can cause problems for the BU

  23. Carl Moore if you don’t like freedom of speech you can always move to the Soviet Union they allow plenty censorship there. What mitigating gall you have. Talking about censoring people right to free speech . Hail Carl Moore the Tin horn dictator! Censorship my foot!

  24. Freedom of speech does not permit one to untruthfully holler “FIRE” in a crowded theater!

  25. @Carl Moore: “I did reluctantly recommend censorship. If I had my way I would shut you down—and sue you—until you get your act together and start behaving like decent, responsible citizens of this country which you say you love.

    Carl… As the intelligent man you are, you must surely see that the traditional Fourth Estate here in Barbados is not serving the people of Barbados the way it could.

    No hard questions are asked. No investigative reporting seems to be done. The papers here seem to be simply filled with regurgitation of what the reporters are told (sometimes inaccurately; often with innumerable grammatical and spelling mistakes). No media house seems to be willing to risk being sued.

    The Fourth Estate here in Bim seems to be solely interested in how much advertising dollars can be generated.

    Might this be because most media here in Barbados is owned by non-Barbados interests?

    Nature abhors a vacuum. And so the Blogs have manifested, to fill the roll which should be satisfied by the traditional Forth Estate. But which is, empirically, not being satisfied.

    Carl Moore et al… IMHO, you and yours had better be prepared to deal with this reality, because the Blogs, and social media, are not going away.

  26. islandgal 246
    please stop calling me names
    i aint do you nuttin

    David, please tell her to stop calling me names
    please !

  27. Mawnin evva body, sorry, nite-nite evva body. yawnnnnnnnnn

    LONG LIVE BU. enuff said.

    Carl Moore you is a rale stuk-up piecea pupp. go ease ya bowels. ya kissmeass klown.
    ‘if i had my way, i would shut you down’ shite. hush ya ass do, idiot.

  28. @ David re Carl Moore…
    “Unfortunately the position you take when juxtaposed to what is practised in Barbados as journalism shows a big disconnect.”
    Wait David you starting to smoke something or what?!!
    What is all this pretty talk?
    You frighten to tell Carl Moore to ‘f’ – off? Carl is just a slightly less irritating pest than Peter Wickham. …. and their primary objective is ‘attention getting.’

    The Bushman recalls Carl Moore decades ago ranting and raving in the newspaper about letters to the editor being allowed with ‘nom de plumes’. He seems to have an obsession with WHO is saying what, …rather than focusing on WHAT is being said.

    The bushman said many times before and continue to maintain, that the blogs (AND BU in particular,) have been the best step towards transparency and freedom of information that could possible be taken in Barbados.

    What Carl Moore what??!

  29. David thanks for posting the Brasstacks show. I respectfully decline the invitation to listen.

    It would just make me more angry than I am already.

    BU will live on in spite of those multiple expletives.

  30. @Jack SPratt!

    The key phrase is “crowded theatre! Hollering “Fire”is permissable if the act does not involve harm or danger to lives. Case and point if my neighbour’s house is on fire . The fact that my neighbour life my be in danger would permit me that right to holler “Fire” to access help!

  31. Quoting Cinnamon | May 4, 2011 at 7:59 AM “I read the blog to get some idea on what is happening on the ground in Barbados. Sometimes I find though that the comments are way out of line and nasty to persons who are unable to respond.”

    Who are these people who are unable to respond? Are they dead? If they are dead neither BU nor its contributors can libel them?

    I someone feels that they have been “nastied” on BU they are free to respond. All it takes is a computer and an internet connection, and I believe that more than 80% of Bajan households have such things. And for those without internet at home (or the office) there are always internet cafes

    And if the offended do not want to use their own names they can always use a nickname as most people on BU do.

  32. Quoting Carl Moore ” I did reluctantly recommend censorship”

    Question 1: Who will be the censor(s)
    Question 2: Who will appoint the censors?

    Tek’ ya time answering

  33. Apart from Mr. Halsall and Ms. Roach not one of you—for the entire day—has had the courage to identify yourself. I dare you to come out from behind the safety of your silly anonymity and let’s slug it out with words and ideas.

    islandgal246, you’re not good at disguise: you write the same way you speak.

    I’ve stayed away from these blogs for the past three years. Sadly, during that time nothing has changed—still the same wufless language and name-calling. Don’t you improve?

    I’ll give you three more years. When I return, let me see some improvement. Please. In the name of the young people of Barbados.

    Bye again.

  34. Quoting Carl Moore “If I had my way I would shut you down—and sue you”

    And if you had your way (and most fortunately you do not) how would your lawsuits against the blogs help anybody except the already lawsuit-happy Bajans (especially the political class) who keep the mainstream media in subjection?

    Or is that your intention?

    Tek’ ya time answering.

  35. Dear David:

    I think that many of the old guard (not Carl Moore of course) are angry because they have no control over the new media.

    They are angry because lawsuits from their old guard lawfirms cannot silence you or bankrupt you.

    Oh how they wish that just a threat of a lawsuit could silence you, and as an added bonus could put some of your hard earned money in their fat foreign bank accounts (not Carl Moore of course)

    And of course some of the old guard never learned how to use a typwriter (that’s what secretaries were for) and that they have never learned how to use a computer and are ignorant about how to use new media.

    Some of it is just envy David, plain and simple.

  36. Dear Carl:

    If you feel so strongly about shielding the young people from “wufless language and name-calling” why don’t you start a blog. A nice decent place where young people can blog safe from bad words and gossip.

    • @Carl Moore

      Do you know that you can go to the CNN or UK Guardian blogsites and blog under any name you want?

      There is no way for you to determine if a person enters Carl as their name you would be able to verify who it is and these are reputable websites in your book no doubt?

      How do you know Tim Roach is a real person? Do you see how flimsy your position is?

      It seems your issue should be with the BU blogmaster and not the commenters.

      Instead of engaging BU on the arguments you run away?

      Typical of what is happening all around us in society, defend your position, like a man.

  37. @ Carl Moore
    A persons has a right to privacy and that does included withholding personnel information ref NAME. A person does nohave to divulge such information in any public domain . BU is not the Court of Law. Your Challenge for a person to divulge personnel information is reckless just like your need for censorship .Just in case you forget we live in a democracy !

  38. David. Your popularity is shown with the responses to each discussion. When a blog can attract over 50 replies regarding to the stories, that shows that people are reading and responding. This is four years blogging with you from my early days as………………..you know who? Congrats David and keep focusing.

  39. @Carl Moore,

    Your statement of the blogs being an extension of mainstream media in itself speaks volumes , it points to your attitude that mainstream comes first i.e. rather than the blogs being valid in of themselves and stand alone, of another variety, an alternative view.

    Secondly, your suggestion that you both support the blogs, yet would willingly shut them down and ‘sue’ again speaks volumes.

    It signifies that you would use the hard stick rather than negotitate and would have no qualms.

    It is also contradictory, whatever you say.

    When I read this, my blood started to boil, because I have very strong views on the rights of individuals to speak their minds.

    Whether we are in Iraq, USA, China, Trinidad, UK or Barbados, any move to censor or otherwise influence the way dicussion go is inherently sinister and reeks of protecting the ‘establishment’.

    Whether you like it or not, traditional ‘paper’ media is dying, a number of us ‘paper’ editions have collapsed and most other have gone online.

    Social media changes, that is normal evolution.

    While certain views may be harsh and bigoted, these can easily be edited or restricted by the respective blog owners themselves.

    If not, those who wish to leave the blog and never return, may do so. That is an option.

    When you key in the IP address and register, that is you intent to read whatever may be there. Neither you nor any body or Government or indeed corportion, have any right to decide the views of others or what they may discuss.

    I second the above posts of both Hants and Halsall, particularly re addressing the needs of the population in addressing issues.

    As for your reference of the ‘identity’ of bloggers, so what? The real point is the issues being discussed, not the name or identity of the individual.

    Dealing with the ideas and issues, there can be no problem with identities, Ian Bourne posted similar to your position on another blog thread the other day and it is a ridiculous suggestion that identity is important.

    Deal with the issues.

    Finally, just to reiterate that it really worries me when people speak of censorship etc….very worrying.

    It may suit some corporations and certain governments, but we must resist this idea.

    Oh, one last point, exactly what would be your basis of suing the blog??

    Surely then you must have a specific complaint, that must be tainting your views of blogs, yet you were not upfront and say so, in noting your views.

    I say that because you must know that one cannot sue ‘generally’…without basis?


  40. @Carl Moore …….islandgal246, you’re not good at disguise: you write the same way you speak.

    Just what are you trying to tell me? That you know me? LOLL Good news, to tell the truth I don’t know you and I don’t really care to know you! You are just one pompous piece of cat shit. I agree with AC why don’t you go live in the Russia or better still in Iran.

    Journalist in Barbados are just working to keep their jobs and not report the news…the real news, not press releases from the government or some client who has a large account with their company. It is sad that people like you are so afraid of hearing real news that you hide behind the guise of respectability and honesty. I repeat YOU ARE A COWARD!

  41. Carl Moore if you had stayed away for the past three years what made you change your mind? You were feeling left out? My suggestion STAY AWAY FOR ANOTHER 10 YEARS!

  42. you doing a fine job david. as with all things there’s always room for improvement but what improvement can you do that really make it better. Sometimes some interest topic get little post while other more political driven will get tons of post but that a way of life in bim it ain’t going to change no time soon. to Carl think of this a online bajan rum shop you don’t set the rules of what people can talk about or censor them but you can kick them out if your the proprietor. To check it out thanks for the kind words

  43. I’m relatively new here but have chosen to stick around because I do learn a lot from reading the posts, and I appreciate the fact that this blog is not afraid to deal with many issues that usually get swept under the carpet in Barbados.
    I simply stop reading blogs if I find them to be generally offensive, that’s not the case here. Yes, a few of the comments are indeed ridiculous like on any blog, but you get to know who they are and you can just scroll down quickly without reading. If I had a blog I would moderate comments, but that’s just me – everyone has the right to run their blog the way they see fit.

    And most people in the blogosphere use monikers; it doesn’t make their contributions any less meaningful. Why should anyone care about someone’s real identity?

  44. @ David
    A popular Blog will always be one of many definite colours and varying shades in between, you cannot have a Mental Lockdown of the Internet.

    The traditional media has its function and so has the blogs, freedom expressed with responsibility will lead to a better society.

    Over the years many people have made worthwhile contributions to BU. If I try to mention them all now, I am sure to forget someone , and I would not like that. Even to those who hate my views with a passion….thanks just the same for the read.

  45. Great job David!!

    Keep it up.
    In the beginning I was a regular on BFP, until I was banned for (as they said) threatening Adrian Loveridge and family (I did not!!). Truth is, they promised an article on Money Laundering and never came through, due to my persistent hounding….well, you know what happened.
    BU was also a source of income once as I used it to gauge the pulse of the people to bet on the last elections (I owe you a drink David) on which I won $500 😉 .
    We cannot for get the contributions of GP, Zoe (yes, I said it)or even TB *smh*, Bush Tea, Crusoe and Straight Talk reminds me of Gladstone Holder in some ways.
    The others are all worthy contributors, even the Trolls are fed (much to our regret) but BU continues to be a place of learning for those who want to.
    So, keep on doing what you do David and ignore the detractors. Carl Moore reads BU every day even if he doesn’t comment, trust me…I know. BU is addictive as heck, you know when you even log on and post with your Blackberry 😉 .
    Long live BU!!

  46. That’s right Dave, even the miserable-shites and a**-lickers find your site interesting, so you must be doing something right!!

  47. Journalism is formed on the assumption that People do have a right to know … The problem of course is that People DO NOT have a right to know, at least in Barbados. So the Barbadian chapter of this “profession” has no basis for operating. So how do these Barbadian mainstream “journalists” spend their time …? They act as public relations people for the status quo, either by being directly employed by big business interests or by performing the same task as an employee of the traditional media houses around town. The problem is that they still claim to have relevance for me as a consumer and voter …!

  48. who needs one!! lol! d worle gun come to an en if yuh doan have a blackberry!! LOL!! looka, i got a BROWNberry. it doan mek nuh difference!! LOL!!

  49. ….as posted above *sigh*….much to our regret…much to our regret…. *smh*.

    @ BAFBFP….

    Dont you just love technology?…..I certainly do!!

    Men like Carl More and our unfriendly neighborhood troll probably still have 8″ and 5 1/4″ floppy disks 😉 .

  50. Well done BU.

    Thanks for providing a forum for us to air our views. Bu is like our parliament.

    I wish you continued success!

  51. i dunno how we manage to get hay wivout blackberries, i really don’t!! LOL! duh really does mek me laugh! is like not knowing how to count wivout calculators! LOL!!

  52. @David ”missed the talk show where Peter Simmons and others called for censorship of the blogs you can have a lesson and form your own opinion”

    I did not listen, but I have one query. Any policy towards censorship must be a general policy, therefore, if one were to follow this idiotic suggestion, exactly who would ‘censure’ or ‘censor’ the blogs, government?

    If we accept that the only body with such authority is government, then the logical conclusion is that if blogs are either ‘censured’ or ‘censored’ , so too should all media be.

    Therefore, how will the newspapers etc feel having to submit their proofs to the GIS (or some such body) before printing each night, for the GIS to give its approval for publication?

    THAT is the logical and correct conclusion tho their submission i.e. that such a policy must apply to all, not just blogs.

    Then, if this is done, will be then rename our newspapers along the lines of ‘Granma’?

    It would seem appropriate, if such should come to pass.

  53. And David remember the status quo keepers wanted to silence Bussa too and when he would not shut up they used the silence of the grave.

    But Bussa was RIGHT.

    And 2 hundred years later Hillary Beckles resurected the honourable man’s reputation.

    Bussa LIVES (in our hearts and minds)

  54. Techie;

    No one should appreciate technology more than a commodities trader, particularly when it comes to information and communication tecnology. Isn’t trading about quick and easy access to good information? I got to admit, I baffle’ too ..!

  55. @Crusoe… Brilliant!

    But the sad reality, as we all know, is the traditional Fourth Estate here in Barbados already “self censors”, without the need to submit anything to anyone.

    Basically, they’re not willing to take any risks.

    This is why, IMHO, some are so upset about the Blogs. They are willing to take risks, and facilitate dissemination of information and open discussion about things some would rather not have discussed.

    Long Live BU (LLBU)!

  56. BTW Mr. Carl Moore…

    Since you are so very “hot” right now on bloggers giving their real names, might you tell us all who is the author (authors?) of the Nation News’ “Puddin & Souse” and “Flying Fish & Cou Cou” columns published every Saturday?

    Even if you’re not willing to name names, would you at least answer if you consider such slanderous content (if names were given) to be serious and worthwhile journalism?

  57. BAF
    looka, i lookin forward ta gettin a sext-messag from dah ‘berry’ hare? smoochesssssss

    @Carl Moore
    you choose not ta use a pseudonym on BU because like I said, you are a pompous piecea pupp. BU authorizes we-all ta use anonymity, even you, but you seem ta tink dat you would be given preferential treatment at de mention of ya name. well sorry mister, not bout hay. if you coming hay ta thra bout ya weight, um in gun wuk. you gun get ‘buse stink like anybody else dat come bout hay trying ta frighten de BU clan.
    Wheel n cum again Carly.

    the man wiv no name
    mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, pun dem lipzzzzz.


    LOL, as nusual.


    Belated Easter greets to you n famblee, Sir.

  58. @Bonny……I did laughing and holding muh belly at de busing yuh give he………… he is a piece of cat pupp, I have been trying to behave myself but yuh right to buse de ole pissy rat! He trying to fighten muh but I want him to call me in person. He is an ole timer on an ancient machine trying to play with seasoned bloggers. He want to collect some free money without wukking by suing. Sue WHO? He and Al Gilkes must be first cousins. LOLLL

    Anudder ting he musee Tina Cockroach famblee because he tink dat is she real name!

  59. Man, did is de place tuh be effin yuh wants tuh know wuh gine on bout hey in good ole Bim. Keep on trucking, uh ah is mean blogging, David. Bin hangin bout hey fuh 3+ tears now and still enjoy many uh de comments ( 🙂 dat apppear hey.

  60. interesting enough i neverhad any real reasonn for the internet except to pay my bills or read a periodical . However i was round about and happened to stumble onto to the BU website not knowing what it was all about. I remember the article Remembering Bajan caught my attention and what really peak myinterest was the back and forth among the bloggers and the fast paced responses received. GP was and still one of my favourite I guess for all the wrong but right reasons. Bonny I always look forward to her outrageous and hilarious comments and of Course my first cyber lover BAF. Not to forget Rock. Bu has given Bajans a forum to eprss temselves and to be heard from the sublime to the ridiculous.
    David if it ain’t broke don’t fixit. BU have a treaure full of knoweldge and it is because of “FREE SPEECH” Thanks David and BU household

  61. ac
    I was introduced to BU by one a my brothas. At de time de blog was discussing de obnoxious behaviour of the matron at St. thomas district hospital and she happens to be a really good friend of mine. when i red de tings dat was said bout she, i could not believe my eyez. to me, she’s a very nice genuine person but of course, i only kno she on a friendly basis. she work ethics mite be totally diff’rent.
    Dat is my firs encounta wid BU n I in tun back since.

    De Vioma Ali (tink dat’s she name) issue was anudda whun dat had me rollin up pun de groun wid de comments.

    De post you referring ta was bout ‘Barbados back then’ or sumting so. Dat had me in stitches. Especially a man like Bosun. I doan see he bout hay now a’tall. He was HILARIOUSSSSSSSSS.


  62. DAVID @ BU

    CONGRATULATIONS* on making BU effortless… A synergistic smorgasbord of all kinda’ of characters…. something SHAKESPEARE** would have been proud of – given that you have been able to pile us all onto this “VIRTUAL” stage where we get to do our own thing as the curtain raises…

    Special mention to the BUSHMAN* whose talents are being taken for granted in that small paradise piece of “rock” called BIM*…

    Blessings upon ALL* the others who because of brevity and font size I am unable to give you the necessary props at this time but – you know who you are!!!


    As I close with the BENEDICTION* – “May the Lord bless you and keep you; may the Lord cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you; may the Lord lift up the light of His Countenance upon you and give you peace – now and forever… Amen!!!

    P.S. thank you Islandgal246 for your kind thoughts of me… I still LUV* you anyway!!! LOL!!!

  63. and bonny I remember thinking what a great way to express myself witout fear or reprisal .Feeling a sense of liberation being able to cuss out those who offended me and at the same time loving them while having the privelge to be anonymous . Negroman insane and predicatable coments were also one of the driving forces which kept my interest on BU. All of the characters help to shape andform most of my opnions on BU.

  64. @ Bonny Peppa

    Woman, what do you expect from Carl Moore? Adrian outed him as being related to one “Ossie Moore”, and he admitted it.

    By the way, Bosun still posts. His latest has been as “Nationalist”. If he uses a new monicker, I will let you know. I can spot he and Bimbro a mile off. It is the language!

    @ David

    I used to blog here not as much as at the other. However, they banned me for not agreeing with them, especially when they were wrong. I have not looked back.

    @ Man wiv no Name

    I see you still blogging on the Hingland dailies as “Mr. Reason” or some other version of the word. You too identifiable by your language. Actually your written English is quite good on those blogs compared to the Anglos.

  65. @AC, agreed this forum does indeed a sense of liberation.


    de only body we censoring bout hey is TB. LOLLLLL

  66. Hi Bonny and Pat, Pat, hi again after so long, but I’m sorry to say that ‘Mr Reason’ isn’t me, honestly! I’ve no idea who he is or where he blogs. Here n BFP r the only 2 places that I blog at these days! x

    Tech, would u like to borrow my BROWNberry? ok, hay, tek it nuh?!! LOL!! In truth, I wun lend it tuh yuh!!

  67. Bonny Peppa my darling look how u cancelled our wedding and is horning me in front of my face with all the newcomers to this blog.Bonny sweetie my heart has been ripped to pieces but I still luv yuh & we could try again at our relation ship.
    Brother Scout,I have not seen any recent posting from you my brother.Have you taken another sabbatical?
    I am thankful for David & BU in allowing the bloggers to express their views on all type of issues both nationally & internationally.
    Barbados Underground has provided a forum for opinions ranging from the mild to the outrageous (Negroman) to be aired without the fear of censorship.
    I have learnt a great deal on various issues as a result of my participation on BU. On medical issues Dr Georgie Porgie has made an invaluable contribution.Likewise Yardbroom,Bushtea,Adrian Hinds Terrence Blackett,Carson Cadogan,Brother Scout,Bonny Peppa,Jay,Pat & we must not forget the one & only J the nit-picker made & continue to make BU the the number one Barbados blog.Special reference must be made to my all time favourite bloggers Hopi & ROK.It will be remiss of me if I forget to acknowledge the contribution of AC who refer to my comments as insane.Nevertheless AC I respect the constructive criticism you offered me when not in agreement with many of my comments.Oh how can I forget my good friend Mark Adamson & his political party The PDC.
    Barbados Underground has made and continue to make an invaluable contribution to the information arena of Barbados.I can honestly say thousands upon thousands of Barbadians tune into the Barbados Underground to get in-depth information on not only topical but controversial issues that the mainstream media is unwilling or unable to highlight
    This Negroman respects the effort of the Barbados Underground.This Negroman believes that the popularity of BU came about not only from the contributions of the other bloggers but also from the controversial and sometimes outrageous comments Your Truly have posted.

  68. Hi, Bonny Peppa
    Thanks for your kind remarks, very much appreciated, the family is fine. Please be careful not to subject your eyes to much strain too soon.
    As always, YB.

  69. Tech, would u like to borrow my BROWNberry? ok, hay, tek it nuh?!! LOL!! In truth, I wun lend it tuh yuh!!

    Brownberry sounds gay…..but ya know wunna old boys from England….either end up mad or gay…..seems you got a dose of both.
    Maybe you can hold onto it for ever…hey, you might even try using it as a suppository 😉
    Be careful now, its getting nice and warm. Those Pakistani neighbors soon going to start the carpet banging and the JA yardies will be lighting up in abundance as soon as the crop harvest….when I think of you being surrounded by the very people you hate, it shows there is ‘some’ justice in this world after all. 🙂

  70. Techie ………………….. .when I think of you being surrounded by the very people you hate, it shows there is ‘some’ justice in this world after all. 🙂 ……………………yuh too baddddd ROFLMAO

    Man wif no name…………………. dat brown berry betta get a paint job or it gine misrepresent yuh!

  71. @negroman i din’t m,ean “Insane” in a derogatory way. but in a way which challenges a person points of view to look at issues in a new way.That is why i include controversial.

  72. Dave, given a choice of yourselves and BFP, it would b easy to think you’re doing brilliantly! Of course, you’re welcome to that point of view if you wish. You already know what I think of the microbe who infects your site. I’d give you 7 out of 10 with a proviso of, ‘could do better’!

    ‘a**-hole’, you are surrounded by them too, or soon will b, if Bajans ent careful!

  73. My darlin Negro
    I never cancelled our weddin, just put ‘on-hold’ dawlinks. don’tchya faget dat. you’re mine ta ‘have’ n ‘hole’ fa evva. luv you too Boo-boo. mwahhhhhhhhhhhh pun dem lipzz.

    man wiv no name
    But i hare dat rale men ware pink. how tru? na man a minez in wearin na pink shurt nor pantz n walk nex ta me. you leff out de pink fa me bosey. uh-uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  74. Thanks to everyone for the good feedback. From the survey taken 65% of respondents believe BU to be doing a good job with about 21% suggesting we can do better. Those who believe we are not doing a good job represent a single digit response (as at 8 May 2011).

    BU’s position has always been when YOU by your feedback believe we have become irrelevant we will stop. Despite the detractors it appears, if we can extrapolate from the results, blogs have solid support which continues to grow.

  75. @ BU Bloggers
    Ah Yes The bloggersphere Collective!
    Salutations To You All!
    You epitomise FREEDOM OF SPEECH
    The Good, The Bad & The Ugly as reference by some will always be a subjective affair.
    But what a delightful mixed bag of opinions you are.

    Bajan Underground
    Stimulates, Cultivates, Aggravates, Articulates, Postulates, Intimidates, initiates, Congregates, Reverberates, Debates, Exaggerates, Demonstrates, Imitates, Irritates, Invigorates, Investigates, Negotiates, Titulates, Reiterates, and Extrapolates.

    Lets hope above all…….

    It Re-educates!

    Love & Light to all of you!!

    Take care of your selves and each other!!

  76. My turn 2 speak
    LOL. you lef any words in de dictionary? I hope so. I gine n check mine now.

    Frank Talk
    Welcome to BU. May your stay be long n enjoyable.

  77. @ Bonny Peppa | May 12, 2011 at 7:32 PM |
    “My turn 2 speak
    LOL. you lef any words in de dictionary? I hope so. I gine n check mine now”.

    Sticks and Stone might break your bones but words can FREE or ENSLAVE you.

    Bonny Pepper, may my words inspire you to be free!

    Love and Light to you always!

    Take care of yourselve and each other!!

  78. My turn 2 speak
    LOL. You are truly amazing wid words.

    ‘Take care of yourself and each other’. I laff evry time I read it. LOL

  79. Hi David
    Kindly add my name to the list of people supporting the good work which you are doing.
    Ignore the naysayers. They need to move with the times. I enjoy blogging like how I enjoy wearing the shoes and clothes which I buy for my grandchildren. Spent the last month with one in St. Maarten. When he heard that I blog, he asked “Granddad, when you going get old”. lol. Keep up the good works. Long LiveBarbados Underground.

  80. @ Bonny Peppa
    Bonny thank you for your warm welcome to the BU family…I feel part of a special family. Your welcome transported my Soul instantly to that special land I left long-ago and made me feel a sense of ‘belonging’ that I have not felt since the day I left. Thank you dear family/friend.

    I promise to do my best in upholding the principles of the family.

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