Barbados Underground Advises…

Dear BU Family:

In the month of December, the BU household anticipates that because of personal commitments during this holiday season, we will be unable to blog with our usual frequency. We are sure that you appreciate that managing life is about setting priorities, we all have to attend to them from time to time. During this period, we have taken steps to have the blog moderated.

If a member of the BU family submits an opinion which is time sensitive, and want to have it published immediately, it will be considered and processed as we normally do. We hope you enjoy this special time of the year with your families and friends.



3 thoughts on “Barbados Underground Advises…

  1. Dear David and BU

    On behalf of the small people in St. Thomas, to whom you have so graciously extended your space within this popular blog, please accept our wishes for a peaceful and soul-satisfying Holiday Season.

    May the New Year bring you continued health, with every happiness and success to your loved ones.

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