Is a ‘Partyless’ Political System the Solution?

The attached document was shared with BU and makes for provocative reading – Barbados Underground

The Houses of Parliament, seen across Westminster Bridge in England – Wikipedia

Division is killing us. I am in favour of a *CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, in a sovereign state where the ultimate power rests in its citizens, equally entitled under adult suffrage to vote to elect representatives to wield that power under the constitution, a government with no parties, just representatives from each constituency unified to act in the best interest of the people. In reality the politicians are friends united behind the scenes, so why not be friends united in public acting on behalf of the people? It’s time  for us, an Independent, sensible and well educated nation looking perhaps to create a Republic, to get rid of the Westminister model and get our own, the Barbados model.

MPs should vote for a mandated balanced budget if not a surplus, and balanced trade perhaps by incentivising  exporters.

Why is Parliament set up with two groups on opposing sides of the room? Even the physical layout of the room suggests confrontation. Government on one side and Opposition on the other. If an Independent or member  of a third party gets elected which side do they sit on? We are not a divided country like the former East and West Germany, or North and South Korea, or North and South Sudan, we are one country, why shouldn’t that be reflected in our politics? There is no North and South Barbados, with one party representing North and the other South, are you really interested in the improvement of this country? then let us have a UNITED GOVERNMENT.

Read full text of partyless system document



    If you’re out of the two main party
    You don’t stand a chance
    It means that you’re in the minority
    You cannot join the dance

    Political parties in North America
    Are on similar platforms
    Down to little bustling Guyana
    Done in different norms

    In the USA they have the ruling Democrats
    In Canada we’ve the Conservative now in power
    They have the Republics and Lobbyist rats
    We have the Liberal Party waiting for their hour

    In Guyana the strong dominating PPP
    Left the once domineering PNC far way behind
    Backed by East Indians as the majority
    Whilst the blacks back the PNC now in a bind

    These parties superficially try to do good
    But the lobbyists really running all the show
    Always leaving the opposition holding wood
    As the other side stealthily curtailing the flow

    They’ll go to any length to oppose any benefit
    Meant mostly for betterment for poor folk
    Behaving as nincompoops unfit minus any wit
    And making good policies a bloody joke

    Senators filibuster to delay any good things
    Brought to the table to be implemented as laws
    Yet behaving like a bunch of ding-a-lings
    As their own peers combat with oral hee-haws

    Like what they did to the Democrat’s Medical Plan
    For 20 years opposing it for opposition’s sake
    Denying benefit to every baby, women and or man
    As Pharmacists and hospitals just like to take

    In Canada we don’t have lobbyists so far
    As the opposition behaving like kids in Parliament
    Opposing rights even about going to war
    Left the ruling party in an embarrassing predicament

    In Guyana the ruling People’s Progressive Party
    With an Opposition still can’t find a real quorum
    Floundering in drug trafficking and transparency
    Too dazed with the influence of 10 year Old XM

    However, I must confess
    In this life here the little man has no prayer
    And the west is in a mess
    The two party system has failed the taxpayer

    Sometimes I wonder if the answer is Democracy
    Maybe Karl Marx and Mao Tse Tung were right
    For no matter how hard we try we can never see
    At the end of our economic tunnel any real light


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