Thousands March to Protest …

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Many come to BU to gauge the political pulse of the country. With a general election on the horizon it is accurate to say the political temperature is rising.

As part of our commitment to the BU family to deliver an informed perspective members of he BU family were embedded in the BLP March of Disgust. Given the reluctance of Barbadians to protest in numbers one would have to give the organizers a pass mark for the turnout if not for content.

Members of the BU household observed people of many profiles –the young, old, babies pushed in prams and held in arms, homosexuals, BLPites, DLPites, independents, Moslems (cloaked in burkas) the disabled, Caucasians, trade unionists and many others.  A word about the Caucasians. We have not seen so many White people along side Blacks since the height of the Cahill protest.

It s evident as we mingle that there is a high level of dissatisfaction at the state of the country  which transcends political affiliation. Barbadians have dented pride and are frustrated and how a country established for punching above its weight has dropped in the rankings if we used 19 downgrades or 22 if CariCRIS are numbered. If 1991 was bad what is unravelling in 2017 appears to be worse.

The question for the Bees –what is your next move!

153 thoughts on “Thousands March to Protest …

  1. Ya still dont get it Carson….Barbados is supposed to be the best place to live in the world for its 280,000 citizens, not being taxed into oblivion by a clueless governnment, not having to pay VAT on food or being over taxed for evrrything and still have to endure bribery and corruption from government ministers………it should not only be the best place for a bunch of broke ass tourist living off credit cards that yall brown nose and pay airlines taxpayer’s money to bring to Barbados….and the economy is still in financial trouble, not benefitting sufficiently from tourism to pay ya billls…

    ….., yall fired the central bank governor, begging Owen to help and ya dont know what to do.

  2. NationBLPnewspaper

    Dont worry your head too much about the Nation newspaper. After Errol Barrow was constantly beating the BLP they claimed that the Advocate as it was know then was in the hip pocket of the DLP.

    Around 1969 some BLP bigwigs formed the Nation newspaper which was launched in 1973 at first it was printed in Trinidad and flown into to Barbados. That is because their printing presses were destroyed on the Trinidad docks which they blamed on the Democratic Labour Party.

    The Nation newspaper is theirs. There are still some of the founders around one of them writes from New York on a Weekly basis others are now retired. One was a Lawyer who liked to write on the Constitution.

    I still have one the first copy of the Nation which was printed.

  3. @ Carson C. CadoganMarch 12, 2017 at 4:27 PM
    “We never look at rating agencies to tell us how to run our beloved country. we are not about to pay them any mind as we go forward in to the next 50 years of our existence. The rating agencies are all invited to stay on the sidelines and look on and learn from the very resourceful Bajans. The know how to propel this singular Island forward for the next 50 years resides right here in Bim. Determination, Courage, and the will to succeed are all resident right here on this blessed rock.

    The rating agencies were not invited by the people of Barbados. So we are not about to dance with them. Rating agencies were not around when we started our journey on 30 Nov. 1966.”

    Carrion the circling corbeau in the circus of clowns, does that 50 years period of independent thought and self-assessment include the 24 years under the BLP periods of mismanagement and economic prostitution?

    Don’t you in your supremely naive understanding of the maxim friends of all satellites of none appreciate that Barbado(e)s does not have to subject itself to any embarrassingly revealing examinations by white-controlled foreign agencies ?

    Either you tell them to piss off or you can ‘forcibly’ withdraw membership by simply not paying the membership subscription to the club of white colonial security guards peeping in on your managerial incompetence.

    What about that, CCC? Why not recommend to the fumbling jackass braying in a tone deaf cacophony of arrogant dumbness he does the ultimate exorcism of the poltergeist possessing his economic soul and stop paying the devil his annual dues?

  4. Hahaha……the govt operatives are on the backfoot swiping like blind elder,pelting de bat at everything defending de crease…….and all for nought…..cuddear…..hard ears wun hear hard ears gine feel…….waiting……Umps Howzat?????

  5. Stupse, stop responding to Cadogan. One day they don’t need validation from the metropoles, and the next they are accepting a honorary fellowship from the metropoles and referring to it as an honour for Barbados and Barbadians. #tragicomedy

  6. However, two of the island’s newest political groupings have sought to downplay the success of yesterday’s event.

    Former BLP Cabinet Minister Lynette Eastmond, who is the leader of the United Progressive Party, and Grenville Phillips II, the leader of Solutions Barbados, were both guests on Sunday’s Starcom Network’s Down to Brass Tacks programme, along with Marshall.

  7. oh while speaking of three times a win do not forget that vodoo poll david had concoted showing the blp would have won by a landslide hee hee hee

    • Did you believe that to be the case pre 2008 when Hartely Henry articles were featured prominently? DO you want to read some of the comments you posted back then. Here is a promise, you are the other pea brain will be very busy in the coming weeks. Looking forward to ripping your idiotic comments to thread.

  8. Angela

    In the aftermath of the 2013 elections, DAVID and Peter Wickham were the two biggest jokes in town and I dare say they still are.

  9. CCC In the aftermath of the 2013 elections, DAVID and Peter Wickham were the two biggest jokes in town and I dare say they still are.

    and may i add the two biggest losers still going about town licking their wounds and counting chickens before they hatch
    Now watch this the three time loser David is going to call the three time winner Angela a jas ,hee hee hee

    • Why dont you send Carson a FB message to ask his opinion on the weave selection now you are friends?

  10. Carson…yall all over the place, it dont look like yall slept in days, ah sure Fruendel cant even enjoy that stupid award he got from the white people in the

    Things are harsh.

    It will get worse, that is Karma wielding her magic.

  11. @ David wrote “Did you believe that to be the case pre 2008 when Hartley Henry articles were featured prominently? ”

    Hartley was a “Murali” when it came to spinning, The DLP needs him now .

    I also remember the licks we put in RoyalRumble ( the most loyal OSA supporter ).

  12. I dont know why the little leaders in Barbados believe that they are so special that even though they are mismanaging the economy they should not be downgraded. …everyone either gets downgraded or upgraded by rating agencies, it’s all dependant on the leaders skills in managing the economy, so when Carson and the yardfowls come on here badmouthing the rating agencies, yall make yourselves look even more incompetent.

    “Both Fitch and Standard & Poor’s downgraded the United Kingdom in the wake of the Brexit vote, bringing the club’s membership to 12. On Monday, S&P warned that its ranks could shrink even further: The rating agency placed Australia on watch following incredibly close election results that threaten political gridlock in that country.”

  13. The As’s wear all that mite infested dead hair, no wonder they act like they got holes in their

  14. David do you remember that infamous poll can’t wait to see the spanking new one you have set aside when MIA run out of ideas to whip frenzy into the hearts and minds of Barbadians
    Btw I heard that Wickham did a random poll /survey a couple months ago and the Bees came up short reason for the March and don’t tell me I am wrong

  15. @David –
    I realise that you tried to compare the BLP’s infiltration of the Nation newsroom to the Government’s involvement with the Advocate but it seems that the Advocate is far more accommodating to the opposition than the Nation is to the government.

    I saw the Front page of the Sunday Advocate today was devoted to coverage of the BLP march with the headline – DISGUST.
    Even CBC which is usually the tool of whichever party is in power B or D had on the Peoples Business discussion programme tonight Pat Hoyos – one of this government’s harshest critics in the studio along with Corey Layne and defeated BLP nomination candidate Ronnie Yearwood.

    Contrast this to the Nation which hid George Pilgrim’s press conference and launch of the DLP Efacts on page 11 with no photos.

    It cannot be argued based on the evidence,David . The influence of money on the press warrants further public exposure.

    • The point you prefer to trivialize is that it does not matter how blatant the infiltration has been by one compare to the other -ALL of the media houses relax their editorial standards from time to time to not offend advertisers.

  16. Carson. Do you have anything to do with S&P and the Barbados downgrade? Realise your initials are popular since CCC means Carson C Cadogan and we were downgrated to CCC+/C. Congrats you are getting closer to be label JUNK.

  17. Violet Beckles CUP Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    Hants March 12, 2017 at 12:04 PM #

    sensible PRO my brass. When a country is in this kind of crisis you need a Prime Minister to

    address the country.@@@

    And say what? The Bitch have not spoken Truth for over 9 years so what is he to say now? That he was wrong or a crook and Liar as AG or a scumbag as Prime Minister? There is Nothing that he can say to fix this before elections, He is in a Deep hole with a short Rope,

    He will have to print more money for election to buy more votes than ever before, The more hungry the people before elections the less they might take for their vote and starve and get robbed another 5 years,

    What does he need to say ? All is well? S&P and Moody’s are fraud companies, none relate to Barbados, We dont need no money,
    Well we can hope that COST U Less wont be able to buy and import no more GMO foods, old food, expire foods for bim,

    The PM better blame land fraud and PONZI on the BLP and say all that we here already know first hand,
    PM need to call out Mia and Owen names and the lawyers like Sir Cheltenham and Sir Cow , For COW still to this day looking for money from Seally for his club house,

    Will all the money Cow made he still want your NIS money with no return to the people, We have not yet heard of one investment with the NIS money that have showed a return, maybe you can help us all out with that Hant,
    We hope one day that we can see how much this PONZi in Barbados really cost Barbados,
    A full Audit from 1966 would be nice with the chart to read the heart beat slowed to a flat line,

  18. Miller,
    If you only knew. I am the Shadow, and only the Shadow knows. I know much more than you think I know, and as usual you are wrong. If you walk in the dark, you will only see your shadow when a light shines. I am your shadow. There will be no devaluation; I have been telling you so even before the 2008 election, and you are still hoping. tough!!

  19. No devaluation, maybe, but as some are saying re the Creidt Suisse loan, there has already been a partial DEFAULT…….due to the Sinckler self confessed government incompetence……which is just as devastating.

    Instead of lying and trying to assign blame to others, Fruendel and Sinckler shoukd be trying to dig the island out of the hole they spent 9 years digging. ..they got one year….they do not deserve one second longer, after that, they are gone…….the liars.

    Lawson…look at this Americans are trying to get rid of their US citizenship, making room for you, if ya can cross the border…lol

  20. David,

    That is true and understandable. I used to get that, with fund managers telling me in a round about way how much they were spending on advertising. I would say thank you, but talk to the sales manager about that.
    At the FT editorial was ring-fenced from advertising. Editors had final responsibility for content; and legally, editors are responsible for editorial and advertising content of their publications.
    More important, advertising does not explain the bad journalism.

    • Hal in the case of Barbados not sure you can separate bad journalism and advertising. If an editor clips or leaves a story on the floor what is that?

  21. David,
    I think a lot of it is self-doubt. Advertisers like quality journalism, because it gives prestige. With our model of publishing the reality is that publishers do not spend any money on training staff. They only see profits.

  22. Lawson…I told you we are not letting you cross that US border, dont care how white ya are or how much golf ya going to play, Canada has bigger, better golf courses…stay there…lol

    “Hamilton church volunteers denied entry to U.S. so they wouldn’t ‘steal American jobs’
    Mahnoor Yawar · CBC News
    10 Hours Ago
    Rehoboth United Reformed Church volunteers

    A group of volunteers from the Rehoboth United Reformed Church in Hamilton was denied entry to the U.S. on its way to spend March break rehabilitating neighbourhoods hit by Hurricane Sandy. (Rehoboth United Reformed Church)
    20k shares 793 comments

    A group of church volunteers from Hamilton heading south to do relief work were denied entry to the U.S. for fear they would take American construction jobs, said a spokesperson for the church.

    The 12-person contingent from Hamilton’s Rehoboth United Reformed Church was travelling by road on the morning of Saturday, March 11, to New Jersey.

    Erik Hoeksema, the church’s outreach director who was travelling with the group, said they intended to spend March break cleaning up and rehabilitating neighbourhoods affected by Hurricane Sandy.

    U.S. border law says Canadians do not require a visa to enter the country for volunteer work, as long as they can provide proof that their work will not be compensated.

    ‘If you can’t get a church van with 12 white folks through (the border), how much worse is it for any person of colour?’

    Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale of the Reformed Church of Highland Park, New Jersey
    Hoeksema says the group was told they had failed to have a letter sent from the host church “paroling” them into the country.”

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