Thousands March to Protest …

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Many come to BU to gauge the political pulse of the country. With a general election on the horizon it is accurate to say the political temperature is rising.

As part of our commitment to the BU family to deliver an informed perspective members of he BU family were embedded in the BLP March of Disgust. Given the reluctance of Barbadians to protest in numbers one would have to give the organizers a pass mark for the turnout if not for content.

Members of the BU household observed people of many profiles –the young, old, babies pushed in prams and held in arms, homosexuals, BLPites, DLPites, independents, Moslems (cloaked in burkas) the disabled, Caucasians, trade unionists and many others.  A word about the Caucasians. We have not seen so many White people along side Blacks since the height of the Cahill protest.

It s evident as we mingle that there is a high level of dissatisfaction at the state of the country  which transcends political affiliation. Barbadians have dented pride and are frustrated and how a country established for punching above its weight has dropped in the rankings if we used 19 downgrades or 22 if CariCRIS are numbered. If 1991 was bad what is unravelling in 2017 appears to be worse.

The question for the Bees –what is your next move!

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  1. Great turnout and an inclusive rally. I was particularly impressed with the 13 year old Indian boy…… spouse said that he reminds him of a young DT.

    The dems must be quaking in their boots.

  2. @AS

    The electorate will deal with you arrogant morons! Keep on being so cocky as if you idiots have the right to rule Barbados for ever!

  3. you guys like crunching numbers go figure and find out how much ofthis society it would take to win the election, the few handful or so mostly showed up out of curiosity sorry bro needs at least three quarters of the population to pull the big one .
    Mia once again show barbadians how daft and inept she can be in a time when people are simply asking for solutions she prances up and down in the city trying to hog the spotlight and to garner much needed attention
    Next on the BLP agenda . Rubbing Shoulders

  4. Delusional jackass.

    Why dont you admit that post Barrow, every time that the people have put the country in your hands you have screwed up big time.

    At least Sandi did take some remedial mesures, painful though they were but you current morons do not have a clue what you are doing.

    Your bunch of wildboys and gals are out of their depth…………that is the painful truth for Barbadians…………..jackasses……….doing the same thing for the last 9 years with the same results…..

    And Barbadians are to suffer so that incompetent morons can stoke their egos.

    Get loss, aS.

  5. @ Pridigal Son the common thread among the DEMs is a total disconnect from ignore DEM idiots…..It is 1991 all over again. Why is it that the DEMs do not take responsibility for the economic black hole they created????. They were in “power” since 2008 and had 19 cumulative downgrades from 3 different agencies within that time, now begging for Owen to “help” them and the DEMS still saying they have the economy under control still trying to blame the BLP!!!!! COME ON DEMS, that record stuck on repeat!!!!! Bajans are TIRED of hearing the “blame the BLP” line. The sad commentary is that the DEMS are caught between a rock and a hard place deliberately STALLING until the next elections. They are leaving the BLP to take corrective action for a mess DEM created. Don’t worry Barbados…the BLP will come to your rescue!!!….we have done it at least once before and the BLP will clean up the REAL MESS that the DEMS have created (AGAIN!!!!)

  6. It would appear that the Dems know how to get the economy in trouble and worse yet, they seem to have no clue what to do after running the country into the ground. In 1991 Sandiford messed up by over spending to win an election. He then had the gall to claim that his measures saved the dollar from devaluation. It was like stabbing a person, then calling the ambulance and claiming that calling the ambulance saved the person’s life.

    Now, for the last nine years, the Dems again wreak havoc on the lives of Barbadians and are stubbornly holding on to power, even though their incompetence is glaring for all, including Dems, to see.

    This party needs to be disbanded before they could ever get their hands on power again. They always seem to attract a talentless lot.

  7. Look at what is coming for yall Carson and As’ s/ACs, the next march will not be about any political party, it will be the people’s march of distrust of Fruendel…just 2 more downgrades to go…soon come,.

    Lawson…..they got time to label it a “distrust Fruendel rally” just 2 more downgrades and the island will be at DEFAULT…the whole island will then turn out to shout Fruendel and his idiot gang out of the people’s parliament….the people still got a little time…that is when ya will see a huuge and bigly crowd..

    Dont mind Carson with all the useless quotations, they are just as helpful to them now as are their useless economic policies…..after all the lying and quoting of dead people is over, the 19 downgrades will still be staring them in the face and the ministers will still have no solutions to fix the problems.

  8. “Prodigal Son March 11, 2017 at 10:57 PM #


    The electorate will deal with you arrogant morons! Keep on being so cocky as if you idiots have the right to rule Barbados for ever!”

    Take it easy Prodigal

  9. Why some of you allow two or three quintessential yardfowls to yank you chains we will never know. A yardfowl or cellar duck will always hold a partisan position come what may. These people cannot be relied on to change anything because they are fixated on the party position. They are blindly and fatally hignorant. They are good for the blog to show why we have an entrenched duopoly. These yardfowls and cellar ducks can be found on both sides mind you.

    To repeat, when the White people feel compelled to demonstrate you know there is a problem. Another observation, there was about the same number of people lining the streets. We will have to wait to see how the Opposition create momentum from the march. Maybe a another no confidence motion in the government this time. Let us see how Arthur votes although we suspect he will say we should give the two committees time to make recommendations and for the government to implement…LoL.

  10. @David

    “The question for the Bees –what is your next move!”


    Unfed momentum becomes inertia.


    • “Observing

      It is interesting that in the US for example we have legislators being grilled by ordinary citizens at town halls used to meet with citizens to glean feedback from both sides. Because of the fierceness of the engagement by citizens legislators, some of them, have been turning on previous positions held. In the UK with have question time etc.

      In Barbados we have politicians who feel that be avoiding and telling untruths to the people it is the smart thing to do and we have allowed them to do so.

      No longer!

  11. Violet Beckles CUP Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    The DLP for sure have to All GO, But there is no sign as Yet that the BLP will set the records right in the Mess they started to begin with, If they get back in , Will they admit what they have done to Barbados, Or Will they just go back in to the hands of COW, Bizzy Et Ali,

    They may fool some of the People or most of the people , But that cant fool the people outside of Barbados, S&P , Moody’s,WB, IDB ,IMF are not a fool for the games they play on the People of Barbados, making a real change dont mean just printing more money inside Barbados,
    All Parties will live and die on their Manifesto . They better come correct,
    Massive Land fraud, Ponzi system of government needs to end, Rule of Law better show up,For if the BLP was to Win they will not last 2 years for all can be fixed in the fist 3 months or less in office, May the DLP RIP and BLP on life support,

    • Good the ministry of social care found the funds to rescue the Leggings March. No doubt all effort to detract from the BLP’S disgust March motivated them.

      Good politics.

  12. @David 4:23

    I agree with you that our system has repeatedly allowed those in power to act with power to the detriment of our democracy and democratic rights.

    The Opposition still needs to use this momentum to show how they will do better. Not promises such as Integrity Legislation, FOI, good governance and cheap land within 100 days.

    We must also remember the elephant in the room. How much weight he/she gains/loses will determine a lot.

    You say no longer! But only time will tell.


  13. David,

    Unfortunately all the opposition can do is to keep pushing meetings, preparing for the next general election.

    That and a no confidence motion vs the Government. Prior to the no confidence motion, they should make it clear publicly that they are doing so and make it publicly clear, that they seek any support from current government members and that those who do not support it, support the government, to ‘out’ those who pretend to be on the fence and who seek public support in future.

    That said, my fear is that, unless the election is very soon, which the opposition now believes and makes sense, to avoid further trouble before the election and a chance to win again, it will not be the opposition that brings things to a head.

    On the current track, I suspect and fear. that what will bring things to a head is literally bare supermarket shelves, I am not joking.

    Then, what brings things to a head will be much worse.

    That is what happens when economic policies are idiotic.

    Honestly, and I am no political yardfowl or member of any party, the best thing now is for the PM to call an election, as soon as possible, not for the sake of trying to get back into Parliament with a majority, as being the reason that the opposition suspect, but to give someone else a chance to do things right.

    But, we will have to see if the money-backers will allow them to make that correct call.

    And as I stated before the last election, we need international observers. No election should be swayed by iphones and ipads nor hundred dollar bills.

    The opposition needs to call for international observers from now.

    • Interesting article in today’s Sunday Sun advising that UWU, Cave Hill will have to cut low enrolment courses. This comes with the news that the Barbados government owes them $200 million.

  14. So the Bees marched….
    And the Bees remain Fractured….
    Payne got Hinkson in Court…
    Agard got Mia & Jerome in Court…..
    Lynette got the UPP…..ready to Mia……
    Wendell formed he own party…..

    The Bees to DAMN…..FRACTURED


    DAVID…..wheel and come again

    Rational thinking Bajans SMARTER than you think

    Wait till the bell ring…..

  15. Already not governing but Mia wasted one hundred thousand dollars on a march an objective which could have easily been done on parliament floor with viable forth coming solutions
    The problem which the blp will be that of having to confront a reality that it takes more than a march to solve the nations economic problem an unscripted reality which flies in the face of political grandstanding
    Meanwhile govt keep searching for better solutions while Mia burns the midnight oil making placards and cheap shot pronunciations and criticisms
    ??? In the nine years of country economic turmoil what if any thing of substance has Mia contributed that can heal mend or explain to the people what she has to offer the country that is helpful to the long term economic sustainability of the country
    Furthermore evidence has shown the under the governance of the BLP long term debt over a period of fourteen years has been the catalyst which has help to erode much of the gains attributed to barbados development and the economic global meltdown have given cause for financial institutions to be knocking on govt doors who have accumulated much debt with demands and presenting austerity measures as a way forward
    Facts which Mia and her supporters might want to run away from with pretentious gestures but facts however which Mia cannot avoid and which the BLP would have to answer to before or if ever holding the reigns of govt
    ????Mam are you aware that the BLP govt had accumulated massive debt in their reign of governance which has been handed to the taxpayers as a debt to be paid .How do you go about repaying this debt if your party wins the election.
    In all probabilities Mia would never answer the question and hold fast to a position of vocal criticism hoping that the people would not recognize the flaws and weakness of her one theme solution
    Hopefully one of her loyal supporters would whisper in Mia ear Criticisms without Solutions is not the answer an unacceptable strategy
    BTW yesterday march was a very good preview to our upcoming 2017 crop over festival music was good food was spot on and the speakers well left much to be desired seems as if i heard and did that all before

  16. The wait is for the DEFAULT…bells got npthing to do with this, no one in their right minds will reelect a government who has given the country 19 steady downgrades to date…..and a pending default. …2 or 3 years after being reelected or even before.

    The electorate aint that stupid to dig their own graves of starvation…..

    ….videos on Venezuela, an oil rich country, are still available so anyone can view their suffering because of an incompetent government.

  17. @ Prodigal son…if you heard the tone and checked the timing of Friday’s press conference you would not bother to respond to Angela. It reminded me of a weather bulletin from the Met office……high winds coming so don’t do this…don’t do that. In the face of the latest downgrades the Government held a press conference to discuss the actions of the opposition. You ever hear such madness? Rather than grow a set of balls they sent George Pilgrim to try scare tactics with this nonsense about Dominica. At least Dominica realize growth. Then again theirs is an economy………. DEMS just wrecking a society. They need to tell the Nation about the impending violence they predicted. Did you crack any heads or shoot anyone?

  18. I all possibilty Mia must be feeling a sense of worthiness after yesterday march but why not after spending one hundred thousand dollars to paid speakers and musicians in a march of disgust which most likely she had to meet their demands
    Yet the demands of many citizens which would have cost her nothing in requesting she gives viable alternatives solutions go unanswered
    The govt of the day would be foolish not to double down and prance with aggressive style deciphering the ridiculous version and an illusion of a blp strategy fixated on criticism to fix the economy

  19. “……no one in their right minds will reelect a government who has given the country 19 steady downgrades to date…..and a pending default. …2 or 3 years after being reelected or even before.” (WWC)

    “…..Honestly, and I am no political yardfowl or member of any party, the best thing now is for the PM to call an election, as soon as possible, not for the sake of trying to get back into Parliament with a majority, as being the reason that the opposition suspect, but to give someone else a chance to do things right.” (Crusoe)

    Be very careful for what you wish for. Have neither of you considered the real possibility that the Barbados electorate are more than capable of reelecting Stuart.

    We need to recognise that the current DLP party is probably under the influence of the Mafia fraternity. Should this be proven then they should be forced to step down. This government is sufficiently malicious to wreak further damage to our economy.

    It is time for our patriotic army to step up.

  20. Shiite…
    What the hell!!!
    If this yardfowl cannot even write a coherent sentence on a damn blog,…. no wonder these DLP jackasses are taking us to junk-bond status…

    There MUST be at least one person in the DLP intelligent enough to ask this Angela Skeete Shiite (ASS) to keep off the blog ….or to at least get any 11+ student to vet her posts…

    Steupsss… sounds almost as stupid as George Pilgrim then….

  21. Well Well,
    “The wait is for the DEFAULT…”. …”2 or 3 years after being reelected or even before.”

    Are you really a loyal [son] daughter? Why are you anticipating [hoping] for such an event? For what purpose, just to say we have the possibility of electing another party to power? The American people longed for Donald Trump and got him. Fifty days after he was inaugurated, his Cabinet is not complete, people are being fired left right and centre, even attorneys generals, and they are now realizing the mistakes they had been making in not understanding the details of the Affordable Care Act. The corruption and other infelicities are coming to the fore, and everything is in a mess. In the case of Barbados, the impatience is gaining the ascendency and the prophesies of gloom and doom, are being pushed more and more to the fore, although the indicators for the other direction are in place and there for all to see.
    A loyal and optimistic Bajan talking. I will say it for you; no need to let you expend your energy doing it. I am an idiot and a yarifowl, so you would expect this from me.

    • @Alvin

      Why are you never able to get it through your 80 year old skull that we are all Barbadians on this blog who want too see Barbados proper? It is not about wishing for downgrades. It is that the performance of the economy drives the rating agencies to downgrade Barbados/securities. Wishing for it nt to happen will not change it. Have you read the reports by the Chief Economist and CEO of the Caribbean Development Bank? Have you read what the T&T based CariCRISS have put out? Do you know what tough love is? Because you support a party it does not mean you have to hold your nose and say you do not smell anything.

  22. @David March at 4:23 AM re “It is interesting that in the US …legislators being grilled by ordinary citizens at town halls …some of them, have been turning on previous positions held. … In Barbados we have politicians who feel that be avoiding and telling untruths to the people … we have allowed them to do so.”

    A transparent review of US and Bajan politics will reflect a greater similarity and sameness of politicians apathy to voter needs than may be apparent based from the above statement.

    They both fundamentally tell voters whatever they feel they want to hear and mamiguy them UNTIL the very moment the game is lost .

    As with Stuart’s assertions that he did not know of the Cahill contract negotiations UNTIL the very moment that docs with his signature dated well before his denials were displayed.

    As with Speaker Pelosi making claims about the effect and impact of Hil Clinton’s perfidy UNTIL she had to back-track.

    And so with myriad Republican examples.

    When all is said and done, however, there are salient differences between Repubs and Dems on core social and monetary issues. Those will set them apart. There is NOTHING apparently separating the ethos of the Dees and Bees locally.

    It has been said here before: if Mia Mottley says that a victory for the BLP will see the introduction of a Bill on integrity legislation WITHIN the FIRST 100 days of her government and passage asap that kinks are resolved and AFFIRMS to Bajans that if her party does not keep that promise that she will RESIGN and go to the GG to get a dissolution of parliament (failing which of course her political life is done) then all this avoidance of telling untruths would set them apart from the DLP.

    A pipe dream obviously.

    So as @Pieces would say, ‘lek we go wuk up and march do’…. UNTIL we elect whichever bunch of liars to fool us for another five years.

    At least in the US they also get a two year window to display their foolhardy selves.

    • @Dee Word

      When we compare as in this case it is about degrees of separation. Is any system of government perfect? Are you saying that US electorate is less activist than Barbadians? What are you saying.

  23. David;
    “… Because you support a party it does not mean you have to hold your nose and say you do not smell anything.”
    When I was a child, my mother, like so many other poor people at the time, knew that “colon cleansing”; (a rose by any other name…,) a purging,was important for good health. As a result she made sure that we were given castor oil on a regular basis. The Castor oil tasted terrible, and it smelled even worse, so we had to “hold our noses” and swallow it, to obtain the optimum result.
    What is there to smell? Ours is a small economy, with limited exports bringing in limited foreign exchange,; dependent on a tourism market that fluctuates, and has to be managed, a beuraucracy requiring expenditure of a large amount of funds; 4.5 Billion estimated expenditure this coming year; in wages, payment for goods and services, transfers to statutory and other corporations, a citizenry that demands the provision of timely and efficient services, a citizenry that sees no limits to the fulfillment of their wants (not their needs); and to hell with the required cost in foreign exchange. A citizenry that wants;now, however it is obtained, and is not prepared to accept the “castor oil” however bad it tastes, or how much good it does.
    Tough love is “your mother holding you down, however much you scream, and making sure the castor oil gets down your throat. Tough love would have been ensuring that the terms for the BIDC workers contracts were adhered to; however much the unions screamed, and the opposition pranced, marched or kicked up. Tough love would have been paying off Barack early in 2008, whatever was due at that time. Tough love would have been changing the terms and conditions of the constitutional act the prevented the wages and conditions for Civil Servants from being changed, when it was proposed by the BLP, as a salve for the 8% cut restoration. The country needed a parent like those of olden days who forced the castor oil down the throats, instead of the “modern” parent who seeks to reason with a hard ears child, instead of dropping two slaps in the child ass.
    I am a loyal Bajan, and I can see where the country is heading, not because of anything the DLP has done, but because of what has it NOT done; Enforce measures to make Bajans understand what they HAVE to expect. White people marched against Sandy too, do you remember? When white people”rub shoulders” watch out.

  24. What I have learned as an observer in barbadian politics is, the people are never the winners, there is no depth a politician will sink to, and a greater understanding of why people like to shoot skeet.

  25. Let us say that the DLP has brought Barbados to the current state of ruin with the threat of devaluation and defaults looming……….

    What is the BLP going to do to save Barbados ?

    It is my belief that politicians are ego driven opportunists. Therefore the BLP has chosen to

    wait for the opportunity to regain POWER and don’t really give a puck about the people

    they claim to be “saving” from Dems.


  26. Alvin is as usual being an idiot.

    No one is waiting for a default Alvin…just as no one was waiting for 19 DOWNGRADES….but they happened anyway, ah cant be bothered to tell ya why those downgrades happened, ya too stupid.

    …just as stupid as Carson who just got cussed on barbsdostoday comments section, if Mia spent 100,000 dollars to show the world that the electorate is fed up with government incompetence…Carson needs to tell us if it was taxpayer’s money, if it was not, that money spent is none of his business…

    ….what is our business is the taxpayer’s money government wasted on independence celebrations…millions of dollars….while poop flows in the streets and into the sea and which would have only cost thousands to fix the sewage plant to prevent that…..that’s what everyone is concerned about….government incompetence.

    No one has to wait, the government is already incompetent and everything is going as schedule because pf that incompetence, the only people waiting are yall to see how stupid the electorate can be next year in reelecting an incompetent government…so keep waiting.

  27. Alvin….the medicine Barbados now faces, is a direct result of well established government incompetence, they had 9 years to implement medicine to fix the economy…nine years and did not, they spent all their time lying to and gloating because they tricked the people with lies.

    No politician can be trusted, people in the US are facing that fact of life right now, they all lie horribly, some may lose their healthcare coverage because they believed politician’s lies and due to their own stupidity during elections….but that should teach them a lesson.

    The people on the island witnessed the US elections and should be cognizant enough to realize that they were lied to by this government in 2008, 2013 and they are being lied to again for 2018….and do something about it.

  28. Spending a hundred thousands dollars! would be interesting to know who where the contributors of this largess. Hope Mia did not have to dig into the BLP war chest appropriated for individual campaign funding to pull of these big saturday evening fete
    Or worse yet did not have to rely on the “poor” people of barbados for funding support
    In any case Mia and her loyal bees a measly 9000 got that bug bear off their chest but the work of finding solutions on her part remains an outstanding deficit much worthy of several downgrades

  29. angela Skeete March 12, 2017 at 9:29 AM #

    Spending a hundred thousands dollars! would be interesting to know who @@@

    Angela @ nothing but early vote buying, as in the Bush Hall area where Mia spend a lot of money buying Votes in the last election as in America with Black Lives Matter protestors being paid,The bankman money was side to be George Soros.
    A march against the DLP does not mean its a vote for the DLP ,,,
    Dont think many years of land laundering as AG that all the land and money went to COW, Mia herself is holding plenty under different names and companies, She is a well known crook, she can do with a nice Audit herself, Small change she would spend on the march , 14 years or more of teeefing and collecting rents,
    Britton’s Hill cave is one such rents from the dead family who her cus , David Come-sing-a-song never placed on the law suit,

  30. @David, good grief, I really need to manage my ‘trigger finger’ better when scrolling close to that ‘like’ icon.

    Anyhow, what I was saying is simple. Politicians all over are blatant liars and cheats. The degrees between a big US and small Bajan economy are obvious so that’s not the point.

    The real degree of separation within any domicile is the range of perfidy of the politician. A DT raises to the top of any list. ANYWHERE. Frankly so too a Mottley.

    Just as Trump’s lies and obfuscation or sweet talk in ‘local political buffoonery’ also is at the top of the heap anywhere.

    So to be pellucid, my point is: Transport certain politicians anywhere and their behaviour would be appropriately scandalous to suit their domicile.

    There is nothing unique and certainly not different in Barbados with politicians “avoiding and telling untruths to the people”. Politics is the same whereever we go.

    And that is one of the reasons I feel so dismayed when bloggers get all ‘religious’ with the blogs about discourse on US or international politics; they seemingly do not recognize that sooner or later locals will mimic and incorporate any news tricks they see.

    Why then shouldn’t it be discussed in depth.

    You remember as well as I do (I thought putridly self-serving) the ‘Family First’ (was that the name ?) campaign. I laughed so much and shook my head as it was straight from a US political playbook: more glitz and fancy gloss surrounding some ‘good’ substance in an effort to re-brand a pol.

    Hope you get the point now, bro: What’s politically different and new in this consultant across the seas world.


    The inventor of the world wide web is now concerned thst the same politicians who wanted to get rid of the internet to keep the electorate backward and ignorant are the same politicians now using the Internet along with their stupid yardfowls to spread fake news and misinformation to fool the electorate with lies to win a government….and he plans to mobilize the servers and browsers to do something about the misuse of the internet by the snakes for politicians.

  32. That reminds us of when the DLP government did everythinng in their power and spent years trying to crash BU website…

    …….and Mia, Owen, DPP et al joined with the crooks Cow who went public that he wanted the internet out of Barbados like him and Bizzy have some kinda say about the worldwide web……….

    Bizzy, Maloney, Harris etc desperately wanted to get the internet out of Barbados to continue stealing from poor black people, without their knowledge and both DBLP were eager to help them, now they are all jumping online to tell their lies…..

    ……..they all should now be severely punished….by the electorate.

  33. @ David

    “To repeat, when the White people feel compelled to demonstrate you know there is a problem. ”

    This is perhaps the saddest thing I have ever read in this blog ! We are now saying that there are no problems until they are validated by our white citizens. How pathetic to read such in 2017.

    • @William

      Do not allow your simplistic reading of the point to affect your understanding. Local White people and minority groups tend to avoid public displays to avoid drawing attention from the dominant Black population. Hope that clears it up for you.

  34. Nothing new in Davids utterances that is a display of one of the many psychological barriers that have made black people modern slaves to colonist and imperialistic platitudes but when these intellectual are being corrected they raise a stink of knowing it all and holier than thou attitude
    Why on earth would whites appearance in a march be a confirmation of Barbados problems
    Hate to say it but Carribbean people are there own worst enemy
    If there was any good leader in the Carribbean with a recognition of how the history of black people was formulated and continues to be manifested in wrong doings which has become a hindrance to themselves one with guts would stand up to the imperialistic demands of these financial institutions and remind them of the wrongs done which are part of epidermic poverty throughout the region and bodly state WE OWE YOU NOTHING
    However in doing so the Carribbean nations would have to unite as a powerful force under one Banner Presenting UNITY STRENGTH as the way forward to progress

  35. As’ s…yall talk utter rubbish, while enabling a few minorities who see themselves as white to pillage as much as they can from NIS Pension fund, Central bank, treasury and anywhere they can find a weak, greedy, dumb government minister to help them steal from the majority….both governments are the hypocrites who have allowed this for over 30 years….while their yardfowls say nothing,

    Other Caribbean islands would do well to stay away from the bribery/corruption that is Barbados until the heads have been removed from these snakes, so as not to become victims of minority business people and government ministers greed….while their poorest are robbed blind by both.

  36. @ David,

    I know what I read the word “compelled” is the operative word in the comment you wrote. I don’t need you to clear up anything. It is obvious to me that you wrote that as an endorsement of the march. Do not attempt puerile sophistry at this stage .
    It is obvious that from all reports the march was a success. Why on earth did you have to qualify that success by implying that whites and Indians felt “compelled and then follow it up with:”you know there is a problem” when they feel it necessary to protest. Admit that you went overboard in your obvious glee that the march was a success. I remain appalled that in 2017 , anybody can write such.

    • @William

      Your comment does not warrant a response except to say it is ignorance being displayed at its best. You mean after explaining the comment in context meant you persist with some vacuous posit? Has the breath of work delivered by BU over the years not painted a picture of where we are positioned on race issues in Barbados? To repeat, when Whites are compelled to demonstrate read move from their below the radar comfort position it tells a story a al Cahill.

      You may have the last word.

  37. “David March 5, 2017 at 6:49 PM #


    The citizens, the citizens.”

    Well David you maybe correct, it’s unfortunate though the rally was organized under the mandate of the BLP which clearly puts some bias on the turnout. It was good though to see a cross section of individuals represented and not a sea of red shirts.

    This march would have had greater impact and meaning if held under a “citizens revolt banner”

    • @Wily

      Unfortunately the duopoly remains. The other parties have not made known at this late stage any significant credible candidates to offer as an alternative.

  38. hahahahaha

    MIA AMOR MOTTLEY must be a beaten down woman today. After spending $100,000 to promote her sponsored walk she must be very disappointed with the crowd size. She is thinking that she didnt get value for her money.

    Around 74,000 thousand people voted for the BLP in last general elections but the Police guesstimate of the crowd was only 9,000. This must be giving MIA AMOR MOTTLEY heartburn this day.

    But we must consider something very important. When we subtract from that Police guesstimate she really didnt well at all. We have to discount the thousands of school age children I saw there, the paros who have no vote, the people who out for evening entertainment, those who were there for the wuk up music and the food. That is about 6,000, which leaves only 3,000 who could vote for the Barbados Labour Party.

    Let also add that Prime Minister Stuart must be very please with the meager turn out of eligible voters. We also noted that the sponsored walk was not held during a week day. MIA AMOR MOTTLEY realised that the number would be even more embarrassing as people would not take the risk of having their pay docked hence the evening sponsored walk. She didnt want to take the risk of only 200 people showing up like the last time.

    • Are we listening to this JA George Pilgrim? This is where our politics has come? The same George Pilgrim predicted the demise of MIA at the last annual conference.

  39. Fractured BLP March 12, 2017 at 7:34 AM #

    No doubt that some of the citizens are fooled by the enthusiastic rubbish that some politicians are pushing.

    Well Well states above that citizens are not that stupid and I thought so too, until I read some comments in the nation news when questions were raised to citizens about the downgrades.

    The answers were remarkably ignorant with some supporting the government in that the agencies ‘have it in’ for Barbados. Sheer idiocy.

    But what that means is, their ignorance is being exploited by politicians for their own end.

    Fine. So, some still solidly support the government, let us take it as that.

    But, my next question is, what happens when the bubble bursts?

    When the reality hits and the shelves are bare?

    When you cannot buy imported shaving cream?

    Or at least, when imported shaving cream is $70 a can?

    I shudder to think, the result when these people realise that what they took for sound talk was actually shaving cream and manure.

    Come on, for once, cut the nonsense and be honest when you comment here, enough of the political garbage.

    Enough is enough.

    Bear in mind, people will clearly remember that SInckler and Stuart said that the rating agencies are talking rubbish.

    The opposition need to imprint that on the minds of the voters now. Repeat it and make it resound.

    It will be relevant in the near future.

  40. @ David,

    Just so you,Bushie,Piece and Jeff know………This Bajan in the diaspora is making

    decisions with the expectation that there may be a DEVALUATION and a continuing

    destabilization of the economy in the short to medium term.

    • @Hants

      It is not to be unexpected that with 19 downgrades there will be flight of capital and uncertainty with the population.

  41. “The same George Pilgrim predicted the demise of MIA at the last annual conference.”

    The same MIA AMOR MOTTLEY said in the recent past that she was giving the PM 7 days to remove Hon. Christopher Sinckler as Finance Minister otherwise she would remove both the PM and the Finance Minister. The last time I checked they are still there.

  42. Carson C. Cadogan March 12, 2017 at 11:26 AM #

    What bothers me most about your statement above is not that you are right nor wrong in your assessment, not that you, in your real or faked glee rant on again about MIA but that you are missing the point entirely.

    I really hope that you are not representative of the true government and party views, because your views, at a time like this, reflect a shocking insensitivity as to the situation for a lot of people who are fighting to survive in this economic situation.

    Moreover, your views, if ‘real’ and as you have written it, we must make an assumption that you are being genuine, indicate a complete lack of appreciation for the serious situation that the country is in.

    If you, as a close-in party supporter have this view and this view reflects the PM’s view re the rating agencies, then what is now compounding the worry about the situation, is that you all have literally no idea what you are doing.

    Because if you did, you would not be so gleeful this morning and MIA would be the last thing on your mind.

  43. @ David
    That a ruling political party can present someone like Pilgrim as a spokesman – a party with a history of such persons as Barrow, Bradford Taitt, and Richie Haynes…. speaks volumes of the quality of persons available to them now…
    Pilgrim barely cuts it as someone for the role of General secretary of a 4H club.

    The boy is an unmannerly lout…

  44. Well Well you are missing a very important point.

    STEP 5
    Bar the Barbados Labour Party from elective politics in Barbados.


  45. Mr. Pilgrim made an accusation that the BLP had a call center in place to get people to come to the March. Mr. Marshall agreed that they had a call center with volunteers manning it. Lots of money was spent on advertisements on radio,tv, CDs mini vans, ZRs and megaphones on cars in villages.
    On that evidence more persons should be at the March

  46. I agree Carson Steps 5 & 6 …. bar both DBLP from elections in Barbados, they both buy votes and the electorate is now responsible for using their digital devices to expose both political parties from NOW.

  47. sensible PRO my brass. When a country is in this kind of crisis you need a Prime Minister to

    address the country.

  48. I agree The DLP need a sensible PRO
    …there also need a sensible PM, an honest Speaker of the House, a higher class ‘Lowe’, a fine-ants minister who understands decimals, and a yardfowl who can write a coherent sentence in a blog…

  49. Bushie

    Chuckle…..depends on which era…….but even now the secretary of one of those clubs would have a better grasp of whatever topic they were invited to speak on and be able to substantiate whatever they are saying.

    My feeling is that he does not wish to be there,hence he tried to be obnoxious to Ellis and make wild statements so that he could be asked to shut up or leave…..not much different to govt operatives on here at the moment.

  50. Tell George Pilgrim that people outside Barbados are concerned about DEVALUATION.

    BARBADOS, for years the classic country of reference for fiscal prudence within the Caribbean Community (Caricom), is currently feverishly trying to avoid devaluation of its currency (currently trading at 50 cents to one US dollar).
    It is a tough battle to win against the backdrop of its latest fiscal rating downgrade, just last week—to the low end of the “B” scale —CCC+—by the international rating agency, Standard and Poor’s, amid diminishing expectations for recovery any time soon.

  51. @ HantsMarch 12, 2017 at 12:12 PM

    But Hants, the coming Devaluation would make your dreams come to reality.

    Bajans would be forced to grow what they need to eat.

    The price of imported food which is already high in the sky would be so prohibitively expensive Bajans would be forced not only to go back to the cane fields but to the yam and potato ground.

    Walking and cycling would no longer be the preserve of the very poor and the road would again be an open gym for those fitness fanatics.

    Here is a bet for you, Speculator Hants, to place on the Devaluation hobby horse:
    Would it be an initial 3: 1 on the greenback or should we go for the whole hairy hog in the kit and caboodle with a clean cut instead of a Mohican 5: 1?

  52. @ millertheanunnaki,

    1 USD =127.530JMD 1 USD =206.490GYD

    Looks like I will have to be satisfied with my pension and stay indoors in winter lol

  53. Miller

    I hope the Diaspora from the UK and CAN will take advantage of the coming devaluation to use their money which will be worth a lot to invest in the the island before hordes of other nationalities come and pick off good real estate cheap.

    Around the early 1900s when sugar failed a number of our Panama ancestors did likewise and bought plantations here.

    • All we know is that is that his comments represent DLP partisan and are categorized as such.

      Right Carl?

  54. @ DavidMarch 12, 2017 at 1:05 PM#
    “To listen to the frivolous manner George is engaging on the panel is pathetic.”

    GP the DLP monkey is just mimicking his ‘primate’ master Lord Fumble at pompous frivolity.

    This Lord Fumble is taking on many of the characteristics of that other arrogant Zimbabwean jackass.

    Look at the dismissively askance way Fumble treats the assessments contained in the scorecards compiled by the credit rating agencies and the IMF on his economic performance and the country’s abysmal financial ‘stewardship’ as if the international financial world revolves around his jingoistic Barbados whose monopoly currency would not be found loitering on any IMF doorstep.

    The Mighty Chalkdust might soon have to amend his Seawater and Sand song lyrics to reflect the current sign of the times to show that not only Bajans can turn sand into muddy coucou and drink seawater instead of sweet drinks but also ‘buy’ oil from Bushie’s land of Trickidad with a Bajan printed $ 1 million banknote embossed with the face of Lord Fumble and an oil tanker instead of his nose.

  55. However, seeking to clear the air Thursday, the Chief Town Planner told the SATURDAY SUN that an initial application for lights at the Garrison was processed, but planning permission was not issued “because it was felt that the lights proposed at the height at which they were proposed, would have had an impact on the outstanding universal value of the Garrison.”

    Lights but not a 15-storey building?

    • @enuff

      After listening to the BLP, DLP, UPP and the little we heard of CAP one must question if hope springs eternal.

  56. @ Vincent HaynesMarch 12, 2017 at 1:29 PM

    It was that Panama bonanza that gave the black ‘enterprising’ class a leg up in the real estate (property) world.

    Were Trents and Lascelles involved in that early ‘cutting-up’ in return for black-earned forex gold to be followed by Husbands, Oxnards et al?

    It is doubtful if there would ever be a return to those halcyon days of real estate investment by the Diaspora.

    Many with that entrepreneurial homesick drive have either returned with their pension nest egg already ensconced in the many castles dotting St. Philip and other exclusive spots or have already caught their last flight to their final journey home.

    Any genetic remnants still existing in the cold have little intention of making boring Barbados their ‘convenience-challenging’ home but see it as an occasional sun-seeking idyllic getaway to stay in the family castle in the tropics.

  57.’s been over 3 hours since you accused BLP candidates of vote buying, that’s à prosecuetable offense as you are well aware, in 2013 Fruendel and Adriel Nitwit, both also lawyers, officers of the court, said they saw vote buying, by now I thought you would tell me when yall will prosecute those politicians who engaged in the buy, as you said.

    Do you now see why everyone, except yardfowls, want all of you gone from their parĺiament.

  58. @ Alvin CumminsMarch 12, 2017 at 9:08 AM
    “I am a loyal Bajan, and I can see where the country is heading, not because of anything the DLP has done, but because of what has it NOT done; Enforce measures to make Bajans understand what they HAVE to expect. White people marched against Sandy too, do you remember? When white people”rub shoulders” watch out.”

    When you refer to ‘white people’ rubbing shoulders with local blacks are you also referring to money maloney and the ‘white-shadow’ backers pulling the strings of that troupe of black monkeys in the cabinet financially masturbating the taxpayers while engaging in the rape of the Treasury?

    Alvin, if you were that loyal a Bajan you would get your octogenarian pseudo-patriotic donkey out of the cold and return to the local battle to fight for the survival of your country even under a flagellating failing flag of yellow and blue.

    Why are you remaining in Maple leaf land living off the ‘white’ Canadian taxpayers when your cornucopia of skills experience and partisan political bravado are in much demand in Barbados now overrun by a menagerie ‘powful-foolish’ idiots and corrupt goons hiding behind a cabinet unfathomable stupidity?

    If this rot of governance is not stopped through some serious surgical incision of the electoral kind to remove the core of corruption, lies and blatant incompetence then the patient Barbados will be heading for the IMF ICU for a long stay in an extended comatose state of economic stagnation with the attendant social bed sores.

    Your longstanding training in Microbiology should tell you that bacteria left to fester in an open wound on the foot of diabetic Barbados is a recipe for amputation. The local fake antibiotics dispensed since 2009 by the deceitful lying pharmacist Stinkliar are not working
    Come on, old Doctor Cummins, you patient Barbados needs your help immediately.

  59. FACTS:

    A $25million Tourism Industry relief fund
    Establishment of a special program to encourage greater participation of the Diaspora in the promotion of Barbados Tourism
    Barbados first Tourism master plan
    Creation of the BTMI and BTPA
    The construction of the Ann Hill School
    The construction of the St. Ambrose Primary School
    The construction of the information Tech. wing at Harrison College
    The construction of the new Auditorium St. Lucy Secondary school
    The construction of a 14 class annex at the SJPP
    The completion of the Hall at the Alleyne School
    The Language center at the BCC
    Completion of the Olga Miller Nursery School
    Completion of electrical upgrades at the Garrison School
    Completion of electrical upgrades at the Eagle Hall Primary School
    Greater us of Technology and Social media in marketing Barbados
    Energy and tax saving measures geared at cost saving in the Tourism sector
    Reduction of duties on Tourism enterprises
    Concessionary funding for the upgrading of our Tourism plant to maintain its World class edge

  60. How can yall not like what I said when it’s my friend Carson said it’s BLP responsible for vote buying and voter fraud in Barbados and am sure BLP will say it’s DLP responsible for vote buying and voter fraud in Barnados because they are all close friends the ministers and politicians of both political partied, they know each others dirty, filthy business. …..Mia and Donville are thisclose.

    “Carson C. Cadogan March 12, 2017 at 11:53 AM #
    Well Well you are missing a very important point.

    STEP 5
    Bar the Barbados Labour Party from elective politics in Barbados.


  61. Carson… do realize that none of you in the cabinet are doing the taxpayers any favors right, ya using their money, yall getting salaries with perks, ya suppose to be doing ya jobs, that is why ya paid a salary.

    Now tell us about the Maloney/Bjerkham/coverley scam, the Bizzy Ionics scam, the Valery box oven et al Maloney scam robbing the tapayers….the tipping fee scam, the shite tax scam, the Bizzy “give me” garbage scams, the Cow/NIS pension fund scam……all at the detriment and major loss to the majority black population and I must add the minorities who are now negatively impacted.

  62. well well I dont know of any scams going on in Barbados. The scams stop when the wise people of Barbados booted the Barbados Labour Party from power as they like to call it back in 2008.

  63. @ Carson Cadogan

    Real name Michael Lashley MP why don’t you tell us all about the kick backs, collusion and other corruption by your peers and some alleged even you being among the top of the Pyramid?

  64. What is this DLP suckapooch doing on BU. It do not matter how much the DLP worms are deployed on the blogs to provide their so call FACTS, the truth about their wickedness already out there. Even wunna DLP loyals ain’t want one shite to do wid wunna again. Wunna losing all around. No matter how much shite the DLP does the suckapooches ain’t letting go of their 1% of the scratch grain. You people are pathetic. You got people so desperate for money they willing to put a 2×3 to ATM machines in the middle of the day and with cameras watching over head just to get a little to support themselves. You think wunna deserve to live in BIM after all that wunna have done. Wicked brutes.

  65. When a govt , sees its legacy:-

    …… as erecting buildings without a maintenance program or solar panels on the roof just to replace poorly maintained buildings that are left to further deteriorate as no disposal plan exists.

    ……forming committees and revamping authorities neither of which have contributed a yen in increase in fx.

    ……and last but not least giving concessions to a dying industry and still no fx returns.

    Well,well,well…..nothing innovative or creative and having access to NIS funds at the same time…….what a legacy.

  66. DAVID

    We Bajans have ruled ourselves since 30 Nov. 1966 and we have done a wonderful job at as well.

    We never look at rating agencies to tell us how to run our beloved country. we are not about to pay them any mind as we go forward in to the next 50 years of our existence. The rating agencies are all invited to stay on the sidelines and look on and learn from the very resourceful Bajans. The know how to propel this singular Island forward for the next 50 years resides right here in Bim. Determination, Courage, and the will to succeed are all resident right here on this blessed rock.

    Barbados has come this far from Nov. 1966 and we will continue thanks to brilliance of the DLP. Our people we trust implicitly. The Colonial way of thinking does not reside in the Democratic Labour Party. that is for you and the Barbados Labour Party.

    The rating agencies were not invited by the people of Barbados. So we are not about to dance with them. Rating agencies were not around when we started our journey on 30 Nov. 1966.

    • @CCC

      You will not understand this point but here goes. Up until about 15-20 years ago our Debt to GDP ratio gave us the fiscal space to service debt in a way that kept the international financial institutions happy. Also, our likkle islands were not out there in the competitive world globalization has visited on us left makes by the removal of preferential trade arrangements. This is a biggie -we had almost exclusive access to double taxation arrangements in a pre 911 and Patriot Act world. Then there was the collape of Wall Street which chokedchoked southbound capital flows. This is not an exhaustive response to your amorphous comment.

  67. David

    I expect a cohesive and solid policy/programme framework from the BLP, and when executed will prove many of her detractors wrong. Look out.

  68. Carson….of course you dont know about the scams in which ya embedded, but when the falling out happens, names will be called, I saw that happen on a another blog when crooks fell out out one Thomas Harris called the names of all the lawyers, doctors and business people who are robbing bajans….he made a long list, it’s still the talk of the town…lol….when crooks fall out.

    Your turn will soon come Carson…soon….ah bet ya if someone winds up Thomas, he will have a thing or 2 or 3 to say about yall, he will make another long list….ya will have to sedate him to prevent that…lol

  69. Did he end up in Bim???

    Did you know? There is an ancient Roman book about a man who traveled the world after being transformed into a donkey. It was written between 160 and 180 CE, and is hilarious and fun to read!

    (Click picture for quick read.)
    Did You Know? There Is An Ancient Roman Book About A Man Who Traveled The World After Being Transfor
    (Left:Apuleius, Center: Isis, Right:Donkey) If you want to impress your friends and family with your knowledge of ancient writ…

  70. Since 1966…there is more money in the treasury for ministers to run bribery/corruption scams, instead of a couple million, ya can find a couple billion more money to steal, keep the majority population scrambling to survive….other than that the country is looking tattered and dilapidated.

  71. DAVID

    Let me show what I understand.

    The same Rating agencies that engineered the the Financial collapse with their bogus ratings are the same Rating agencies which you and the Barbados Labour Party are brown nosing.

    • @CCC

      By your response you have demonstrated that you have not understood. Here is the catch -those looking on are aware as well. Bear this in mind. If you want a frustrated electorate to understand your points come with rational responses. Not like George Pilgrim did this morning. He came over as a puerile jackass if you are allowed to line them up together.

  72. Carson…ya think people are chained to Canada, they are npt only free to travel, but with all those digital devices available….ya think people dont know how to take photos of all those dilapaded and falling dipown structures yall neglected in Bay Street, Speightstown and all across the island….

    …….do you live in a vacuum, ah bet ya do, ya must get out more and stop wasting so much of ya life thinking up ways to deceive the electorate, you and those 6 or 7 crooked minorities.

  73. Well Well, you cant remember the last day you visited Lovely Barbados. Barbados is considered one of the ten best destinations in the World. thanks to the Democratic Labour Party.

  74. @ Carson C. CadoganMarch 12, 2017 at 3:53 PM

    Carrion- the one with the concretized cranium dubbed CCC the consummate consumer of crap- when those students attending those physically uplifted buildings of learning to imbibe false DLP promises where would they graduate to?

    Would the offspring of those thousands of unemployed adults including the 3,000 and more unceremoniously dismissed from the public sector (with more in the pipeline) find the means to attend the UWI t to further their education in a most competitive village called the WWW where a basic university degree is now considered like “O” levels of the 70’s in order to get on the ladder of job opportunities?

    Alternatively, would there be enough jobs in the ‘numerically expanding financially contracting’ tourism sector in a mono-industry-one-cylinder economy for thousands of gardeners, security guards, cooks and dish washers?

    Perhaps your vicious goons of wicked thinkers are singing in the same choir as Esther Suckall asking young Bajans to breed while using a condom to practise safe sex or else she would have to import foreigners to save the NIS from senile implosion.

    Now which jenny of a sucking doctor of suckling false hope in a cabinet of male jackass johnnies born of mules would want to copy such a model of abject stupidity when there are thousands of young people sitting “voluntarily idle” on the blocks across Barbados either frustratingly unemployed or gainfully engaged in underground world of black marketing activities?

    Where would these work-eager immigrants come from?

    Guyana to make OSA look like a prescient law-breaker?

    Or would they come from China to make Bush Hill and Nelson Street an economic tax-free zone with an abundance of cat both loca land foreign and few local dogs on sale to some of the 17 million Chinese males in excess to Mainland requirements but keen to make the local johns turn ‘yellow’ with envy if not in the size of the doggie that goes into the local hairy black purse but in its monetary contents paid from the same black stupid taxpayers in the long run.

  75. DAVID

    How is that people who you consider as Jackasses have in the recent past beaten your Barbados Labour Party THREE(3) TIMES? they are also poised to beat them a FOURTH time come 2018?

    I wonder how you will explain that?

    • You can continue with your partisan spiel. A reminder though how important the position of the credit rating agency is when you have to visit the capital market to topic the forex account. We can only pray the 100 million BNTCL SOL deal is approved for your sake.

  76. it so pathetic to listen to the voices of the blp supporters who would side with financial institutions by their way of mash up and break up this tiny island in order to collect their money
    Listen doo do birds their is absolutely nothing of benefit by positioning and agreeing with financial institutions with a interest of protecting their side of the bargains.
    but what is of interest is that blp operatives with a determination to win by any means necessary would throw barbados interest under the bus
    In as much as govt has not defaulted on loans and have kept barbados interest in tact one finds it hard to believe that the voices of doom and gloom would bat on a sticky wicket well prepared by financial institutions to divide and conquer a nation

    • You have changed your name but your brain is still pea size.

      You missed the memo last week when Donville Inniss expanded what prime minister Stuart should have said by explaining the credit rating downgrades upset foreign investor. You should know that Barbados must generate FDI to supplement tourists receipts if we are to maintain a net positive forex position.

  77. George Pilgrim on Brass Tacks Sunday was going down an interesting line when David Ellis sought to change the subject. While the media talking heads like to speak about the influence of money in politics has anyone ever looked at the influence of money in the press?

    Let us say that the BLP approached the Nation newspaper and offered to use the Nation as their paper of choice for thousands of dollars in advertising for their branch meetings, events and public relations events, etc and in exchange the Nation newspaper would ensure that the Nation employs BLP spokespersons like Mascoll and others hostile to the government as columnists so that a consistent anti government narrative is maintained 7 days a week.
    It cannot be coincidence that every time the BLP has had a “rubbing Shoulders spin session” the Nation devotes a whole page to covering it. Has anyone noticed that the coverage is always on a right hand page and the pictures of Mottley are always in colour?
    I have checked and the evidence is there.

    In every area of activity money talks, the BLP has shown that you can buy influence in the press while a friend of mine suggested that they have also shown that you can buy out the trade union leadership too.

    This is one issue that David Ellis will not allow discussed on Brass Tacks because of the Nation ownership of VOB, no moderator on VOB has the balls to touch this subject.

    It is something that all Bajans should be aware of , there is a war on for our minds.

    • @NationBLPnewspaper

      You mean like how the DLP has co-opted the Advocate? The unfortunate thing is that their circulation is way down.

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