Elombe Mottley Presents –How to Build Barbados Over the Next 50 Years



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Baba Elombe (Elton D Mottley)
In a National Conversation
At the Barbados Workers Union Auditorium
Hindsbury Road, Bridgetown
On Thursday, March 2, 2017 at 7:30 pm
About the future of your children
Your survival as you age, and
How to build Barbados over the next 50 Years.



  • Elombe

    Why can we not have a summary to study before this event, in broad strokes.

    We are afraid if this plan is not insightful before we start,

    How could it be possible that the internal visioning would be any better?

    Are we to, as sheeple, just turn up looking for a saviour?

    How can we seek to save ourselves in these circumstances?

    From jump street, these methods seem inconsistent with innovative democracy discourses.


  • Would there be an opportunity for electronic participation?


  • Sounds like a joke to me.


  • Violet C Beckles CUP

    We already have a plan and it will not take 50 year , Next is right now,
    Clear title land, We have do your home work ,
    Violet C Beckles CUP February 21, 2017 at 8:50 PM #

    Crooks,Liars and Scumbag, land is the key and the road map to find who did what. The Land is what paid off all the crooks and Ministes,lawyers to keep their mouth shut. Being bulled and taped is how they are also blackmailed. Laundering of the funds and Panama accounts is where most of the FUNDS are offshore accounts, Hidden stolen funds were protected by the CB Governer, Land tax bills show ownership by fraud and all of CLICO holdings in Barbados,
    American Embassy is watching the crooks and all who show up on ND has been said to be denied VISA to the USofA , A fraud Police letter of Character can not fool the Americans. The Americans google and watch all news and post,
    For those who feel they invest in a new Embassy and staff just to give them a VISA have to a fool, The Marines will be on full duty from now until elections in case any Ministers run there for safety.

    We voting CUP they hold the Deeds for Clear title to get things going in Barbados and the People can get a clear title deed,recorded, Not tied up in a lawyer’s office waiting till you die to be rob by the same lawyer re-selling the same house back to your Heirs, We also have the power to get the UDC/ NHC to do what it was intended, Dealing with the Owners, All tradesmen will work, The People of Barbados building BOOM is NEXT, To Hell With COW et Ali, The People need to hold and own a part of the rock, for their Heirs. All prices per month can be based on GDP /$5.00 per hours rate on a 40 hour work week.

    We can make any deal, no lawyer like Richard Byer needed,

    reposting : alexmitchellcup246@gmail.com


  • @ Pachamama

    First let de ole man make this comment to A Dullard.

    It is not a joke really it is a sound military strategy.

    We bring in a general of some “currency” to the fray who, to all intents and purposes is apolitical.

    Then, we flavour the item with some vacuous sounding elements WHICH CAN ONLY BE SAMPLED IF YOUR TURN UP.

    Of course we will expect that George C will be there among the pooch suckers but what this is is a taking of the temperature of the waters to see who is on the side of Mugabe.

    Obviously Baba Mottley is of the opinion that or has been told that “the politics of 2017 is the same as when he left”

    Therefore an invitation, as scantily formed as this, in a day when people are afraid to venture out, because they fear the witch-hunting, will elicit thunderous turnouts for his kin Mugabe.

    Wow, dem really want this seat and are pulling out all stops to “make it so”

    I am now comprehending why (a) is happening with such frequency as if to dilute the thrust of (b).

    Then as if by clockwork the henchmen and women of the satan are being enlisted to post their messages.

    De ole man now unnerstand why there has been such a flurry to dissuade anyone to vote for a third party because THEY ARE AWARE THAT A THID PARTY IS INDEED VERY VIABLE NOW that people are realizing that this BLP and DLP shyte cannot and will not work.

    Do not despair Pachamama you can expect that Fennella Wederburn and that man Joseph who cannot speak english if you paid him to, dem peeple at Barbados Today to run to cover the whole thing as instructed by Peter harris Mottley’s news henchman.

    The two of them dont know how to say the first or second third, i think i heard that clown saw the “onth” one night, seriously!!

    Dem fighting fuh dis Prime Ministership and MP1 bad doah


  • Steupsss
    Every year Elombe comes back with these lectures. Useful only if you anat a litany of all the big shots who he spoke to; what ideas he put forward; the great ideas that he had; …and the overall great results that we would have had ….if only people had listened to him.
    Presumably the Jamaicans don’t pay him much mind….
    Carl Moore enjoys them – He can be depended on to ask some foolish question at the end…. 🙂


  • So Bushie you were one of the bigshots present at Elombe’s last presentation?



    Did you not attend the last talk by Baba at St.Gabriels a while back. It was very well attended and informative. The BU household recommends to all and sundry to attend and hear what he has to share on how we move Barbados forward. This is the only criteria we should use to evaluate to talk.


  • Piece

    These Mottleys behave as if Rudgid still in charge of Bridgetown.

    Piece, not even for people who are to pay us, we don’t attend meetings without an agenda, period!

    Elombe, must know that these writer has no interest in anybody thinking for us. We seek not a saviour.

    We are however prepared to think with you if treated with respect.

    But knocking a buck pot and expecting a crowd, in an internet age, hearkens back to the days when Rudgid was in charge.

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  • By the way, what is the goodly gentleman’s track record in the construction of Barbados over the last 50 years?

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  • We have seen today that Neville Boxhill, Prophet Jr, I assume, has just been appointed to the new post of Deputy Airport Manager. Perhaps Elombe is shaping up for a lucrative position ,when his kith and kin becomes PM in 2018.

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  • @ David
    Boss … you hear to leave Bushie’s sprats alone …? 🙂
    …and no comment!!!!….(which is what Froon should have said when asked about the rumour that 19 Bajans were detained in the USA) ….but no – he let Maxine run him in a trap….
    ha ha ha

    Man David you KNOW that Bushie like a lotta shiite talk too – Wuh Bushie even used to go and listen to the current shiite hound too – when he was a pit bull….. talk ’bout a man mouth sweet??!!
    Elombe is a great talker – and he has a lotta stories, but he is just like Estwick now …. having morphed from a pit-bull with a healthy bark (that suggested a big bite) …into a sardine-tot-retriever with damn rubber teeth…. a shiite hound.


  • @Bushie

    In the same way loose lips cause a lot of damage, we’ll constructed words can be motivational.

    Do you recall on live radio when Elombe disagreed with Mia?


  • BarbadosToday page 3.

    Read it.


  • @ Pachmama
    Have to agree with you. I think it should be live via any of the communication tools out there. Also, as you suggest, some pointers could have been given.


  • @Hants
    is this how he announces he is running for another party?


  • @ Hants

    David Estwick is a colossal waste foop.

    “…He said Government had ignored his persistent warnings that the policies and strategies it was pursuing would not work….

    He broke his silence today amid growing criticisms ….blah blah blah

    The minister said he had been expressing those concerns even before blah blah blah…”

    The fact is that if he feels or felt so strongly about this economic path to perdition then what he needed to do and what he still needs to do is to resign,

    THis is what men with balls do but he is just a posturer who is sticking it for that pension cause he wants to augment the other $$ that the leaking brand new BWA building provided by way of “greased palm”

    This is the same very thing that i said about Mugabe a few seconds ago.

    Not one of these effers believe in that empty pledge that the school children are is reading well are asked to intone every single morning.



  • Why are some of you nitpicking? The man has announced he will be giving a presentation on the topic How to Build Barbados Over the Next 50 Years. His talks in recent past have been well attended. The suggestion to stream for those unable to attend is a good one.

    History teaches us that this is one way for senior citizens to pass on knowledge.



  • Dear All,

    Elombe is the greatest oral and popular historian in Barbados. He is dynamic. A couple years ago he gave a talk in Brixton, South London, and there was such demand for a repeat that a couple nights later he repeated the talk by popular demand.
    What was interesting was the number of African-Guyanese who attended the second talk – word of mouth had said he had something interesting to say about the Bajan/Guyanese connection.
    I chaired the first meeting and people still ask me when is he going to return to London. Recently I heard him again at a local school in Barbados talking to a packed hall. Again he was in top form.
    The some Bajans penchant for senseless criticism means that a lot of our popular history is dying. Sometime ago I called for a programme organised jointly by UWI and CBC to record the memories of the old people living in the traditional communities talking about their childhoods, things such as stick licking, goat racing, setting fly sticks, shooting gutter perks, scooters, pitching marbles, mashing trash, playing cricket with young breadfruits, knitting balls, etc; the way we celebrated Xmas, News Years’ Day, and other holidays.
    These are the things Elombe does with an expert understanding.
    If you have the time, I suggest you attend and take along your grand children. It will be worth it.


  • Cannot disagree with you Hal. Members of the BU house have attended Elombe’s talks over the years and they have been edifying to say the least. His contributions as a talk show host, legendary, his stint at the NCF, impactful. Too young to address his days at Yoruba.

    William should be ashamed of himself. Here is an example: how many times have we asked William to share insights to what happened during and after the NDP. He keeps promising not yet not yet. Why not set up a stream and present on the issue. How do we know what will happen next minute? Are we not humans?


  • A Nation of Islam disciple place the label on Elombe Elton Mottley of “Barbados Most Successful Failure”. That’s up there with “Malick Wid Teet” a “1000 Pounds of Blubber”, “Wuk fuh Wuk ” “Muscle Mary ” and the rest . We didn’t know the Yoruba man still percolating . Hal Austin is it elementary you coming in from the cold to join Bush Tea the plasticine boy for Baba shout out . Stewpse!


  • This is Observer 1 aka waiting and a number of aliases. He is a well know DLP yardfowl. You are allowed one did at Elombe, the others will be deleted.



  • @ David
    I should be ashamed for agreeing with
    Pachamama that there could be some
    pointers and the event could be streamed
    as you also said? Obviously you misread
    what I posted.
    Secondly, on many occasions, I have
    corrected statements made about the
    NDP. I have also written a piece about
    the failings of the NDP in BU.


  • @William

    So many times questions have been asked about the late Richie and the demise of the NDP that you have deflected.


  • @ David
    If you ask me specific questions about the
    NDP, I will gladly share my opinion with you
    and the BU family.


  • We know Elombe well. He exposed us to some never recorded work of SHillingdon and others

    Nearly bought a few properties from him. Was involved in several actions with him over time.

    But these unplanned interventions to have a meaning must be properly planned, need folow up, continuing management, maybe p reject funding etc

    Follown up. If we are serious


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Hal Austin February 22, 2017 at 5:43 AM

    Brixton in SWL was at the centre of the groundswell for the modern movement calling for ‘Reparations’ for black slavery in the Caribbean. Have things changed a lot since then?
    Elombe- although not in the oratorical category of Frederick Douglass, W.E.B Du Bois or Paul Robeson- can be considered a modern-day dynamic intellectual who is not afraid to put his radical mouth where his academic talents lie.

    Unlike the ‘too’ many who parade around like sycophant peacocks with the title ‘Doctor” and “PhD” (UWI) as dog collars around their necks too afraid to stick them out to speak out against the ‘wrongs’ being perpetrated by the ‘nouveau arrivant’ black political class against the ordinary citizens while undermining the socio-economic foundation of future black Caribbean people.

    The recent political decision by the black politicians in Barbados to kick down the ladder to university education and to blatantly remove its accessibility from the easy reach of bright but poor descendants of enslaved black (without finding workable options to ensure that cherished accessibility from which nearly of them making up the same political class would have benefited) is nothing short of a travesty and a major stab in the social back of the black working class.

    Barbados is still in the same economic mess (if not worse) although it was touted that this sacrifice by the bright children of the poor would go a long way in steadying the financial ship while charting a more certain course to secure their educational future.

    Why couldn’t members of the same ‘black’ political class show their true ebony mettle which should have been inculcated from their ‘free’ university experience and put a proposal to the British government and charitable organizations in the UK (many of which have benefited from the black lucre of slavery in the Caribbean) to create a fund to ensure those black and bright children from a poor background in Barbados are not deprived of the opportunity to free themselves from the shackles of mental slavery and deleterious effects of socio-economic ghettoization in order to make their ancestors proud?

    But the primate inter pares of that same black political class has seen his prescient words come true. These same poor black children will eventually find themselves back in the cane fields. Yes indeed, there will be fields alright, with rows of social despair and tares of economic serfdom on the horizon.

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  • Let us begin with the obvious question. Why in your opinion did the NDP fail – perceived as a one man party perhaps? Barbadians locked into the duopoly we are so proud?


  • @ Hal Austin

    You said in part, and i quote “…Sometime ago I called for a programme organised jointly by UWI and CBC to record the memories of the old people living in the traditional communities talking about their childhoods, things such as stick licking, …”

    and here is the thing that truly saddens me in 2017.

    Here is a Griot of this renown and measure that you all accord him, in an age where all of our history and stories and all the rest of crap can be migrated to the internet and that “coming back” that you and others always talking bout would cease to be our constant plight and cry.

    @ Baba Elombe and they who would support you

    It is obvious from my comment that I have a different perspective about this palty presentation AT THIS CRITICAL TIME but I shall give another perspective for active consideration sir.


    Imagine sir if yours, and the writings and experiences of living, for how long we do not know, and late sojourners here could be established, quasi forever?

    Imagine sir if you or men of your ilk, like one Hal Austin, or Alvin Cummins or anyone would take wunna anachronisms to the InterAmerican Development Bank’s Sustainable Cities Programme or to the UNESCO and seek a grant to set up a LIVING GRIOTS participatory workspace for LIVING REAL TIME ENCOUNTERS?

    This is why i does have a problem with William Skinner because all we does do is talk bout de problem yet we offer no solutions

    Do you or others here think that you, IN 2017, we should have this excrement said of you “…people still ask me when is he going to return to London…”

    That is like if you are dead already!!

    This is why dis ole man is so tired with we ole fogeys who pretend to be so effing bright.

    Look how proudly Hal Austin relates this sentence “…Recently I heard him again at a local school in Barbados talking to a packed hall. Again he was in top form…”

    You see the effing disconnect between men and women who may be serious contributors to growth but who are waiting to “Go to the Credit Union venue” to espouse their so called Fredrick Douglas-esque wisdom?

    Where is our version of TED?

    Where is our archive of our living legacy?

    It is locked up in the minds of a people who still think that a “museum” is where we should retrieve any records of your work and it is for this reason sir that we as a nation WILL DIE.

    We shall always be hewers of wood and drawers of water because those who lead us are visionless


  • BLP and DLP Corruption Expose

    For Barbados to go forward need to stop the following from continuing to happen either B or DLP Party.

    Steven Williams undercover drug dealer and fraudester.

    He benefited MAJORLY when his father John Williams was a big boy at Cable & Wireless now Flow by getting underhanded contracts for Community Centres across the island through the BLP that his father facilitated through a company called Sunisle Communication.

    This jackass is arrogant and has an opinion on everyone including Barbados Underground and is one of the nastiest crooks in Barbados.

    Some of his frauds has included check fraud, bribing and kickbacks for government contracts fleecing the Barbados Public.

    Steven Williams needs exposure as he has been one of the crooked business people on the island of Barbados who has brought the Treasury to its knees with the REAL possibility of the Barbados $ being devalued through corruption which he has been a significant part of.

    Steven Williams should be in Dodds Prison for the amount of criminal activities he has been involved in upto today.

    These are the kinds of things we need to stop for the next 50 years.



  • David

    Why don’t you let that man, Skinner, write his book and hold a serious retainer.

    Why would you want to scoop the man?

    To cast pearls before swine!


  • @Hal

    I should point out ” PAST HISTORY” has got Barbados in it’s present financial/economic quagmire. What Barbados needs at the moment is a 5 year plan to rectify the present ills. The remaining 45 years can then be discussed depending on how successful the 5 year plan is, otherwise were talking FUNERAL.


  • Spin or fact…..

    ” The government of the day tried to hamper Mottley’s fight against the status quo with a public order act, to restrict and control the holding of public meetings.”



  • We have enough wordsmiths in this Government, and look where they have got us?


  • @ Hants

    This is a very interesting narrative that is given by the 76 year old Mottley whom I will call Mottley the Griot.

    I call him that so that he is not to be confused with Mugabe Mottley.

    Let me put this to you as a graphic.

    THat article which is so copiously featured carries a series of statements much like the grandson’s enumeration of (i) School Meals Syrup matter, (ii) The Edutech Matter and the rest but, UNLESS (i) there are those who were there who can speak to the actualities on the ground (ii) being there, are not afraid to voice what they as part of REMEMBRANCE saw then we have a situation where “longevity” is a friend of the auto-biographer who, like we ole menses, is one who is prone to say “back in the day I had 10 girlfriends at the same time” (and after doing a one week round robin, had was to sleep for 7 days with a raw appendage)

    Which people, being around at the same time as Baba Mottley could (a) confirm or deny his narrative and (b) while meeting the condition of being there, have the balls to give an alternative lumen of facts that gainsay the pronouncements of the son of Ernest Deighton Mottley?


  • Enough is enough! | Barbados Today
    Enough is enough!
    Opposition Leader Mia Mottley today announced plans for a national march of disgust and rally on Saturday, March 11, while calling on Barbadians to come out and register their dissatisfaction with the Freundel Stuart Government. During an…
    barbadostoday.bb|By Barbados Today


  • @ BLP & DLP Corruption Expose

    de Ole man laughs at this submission.

    No sir, not because I am laughing at what you have written.

    No sir I laugh because you have been able to come here and write this item, something that, because the eyes of a SPECIFIC PERSON will see them, and see another credible? IP address, maybe now THAT PERSON WILL start to understand the seriousness of this matter.

    Dat body knows who they are but It is my hope sir that “he who has eyes to hear heheheheheh (indeed de ole man is an illiteratus extraordinaire) WILL SEE what is spoken here on Barbados Underground.

    heheheheheheh Sunisle Telecommunications and one Steven Williams hmmmmmmm

    I do not think that you are speaking of the same person who is relied on by the Royal Barbados Police Force to give insights on ICT matters?

    Surely it is not the same man?

    But, and here is a most strange observation, per your submission as an Ole Man who deals wid anomalies.

    Why here?

    Why pun Baba Mottley page?

    Not dat de ole man is de Blogmaster to edit submissions and blog applicability lololol but …..?

    Whereas de ole man claim “hereditary connectivity” i.e. Baba Mottley and Mugabe Mottley flier yours is a strange tangent…


    Notwithstanding, it is not an “eye opener” for some of us, but for the people whom it matters we shall see how they incorporate this into their operations and take counsel in this left field submission

    No matter which way we go we are coming back to the same point of “BBE” and what is patriotism, and “doing the right thing for our country” and Bajans adhering to a practice of being paid for work rendered, and not because “my daddy is a senator’ or because of bribes.

    Nuff tings, exposees like yours, are going to start coming out in the coming weeks as we move towards the General Elections.


  • BLP and DLP Corruption Expose

    @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right – INRI

    This is the Barbados now a system of corruption and who knows who a very corrupted system of bribe giving and taking irregardless of Party Politics as past and currently ongoing activities show.

    This man Steven Williams is a part of the problem and highlights why the Treasury is going broke.

    He is not the only one there are many many others with connections to both major parties who have fleeced the Barbados public.

    You mentioned the Police do you really think the local Police hands are clean?

    You must not really live in Barbados or have your head buried in the sand.

    All these corrupt practices need to stop if not the next 50 years will look be devastating for most Barbadians.


  • Your point is understood.


    Forgive the ole man, I was intrigued because of what is a congruence of subject matter.

    Suffice it to say is that it was an anomaly, and de ole man paranoid bout glitches, and strange noises and cars in me district, and vehicles with no lights driving past de ole man house. and tings dat go bump in the night

    YOu do know that Glocks dont have external safeties, only internal 3 position ones?

    That is a challenge as well as a blessing cause if you press de triger den dat is 34 shells downrange…

    But back to your point sir? this has to stop or there wont be another 50 years of anything but Funerals and pretty speeches.

    You see why de ole man mek de point dat de Police dem beat Nazzim to get de Code to remove dem pictures and wipe he phone BUT and here is the thing, not a feller ent tak de drug dealers phones and brek into them to see who de supposed drug fellers calling…


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Piece…ah checked out the dude’s facebook page, he appears to be a strong BLP follower,…so there is some problem there, of course to balance things we need to hear the names of the “nasty crooks” supporting thd government’s side stealing from taxpayers….

    Fair is fair.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    The electorate has a duty to rid the island and themselves of both overly compromised…achiac political parties.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Despite Elombe’s consciousness. ..none of the black governments in the last 50 years of their political independence and leaders including his sister Mia, have done anything to eradicate the disenfranchisement of a 95% black country by less than 10,000 minorities, the thefts of taxpayer’s money, the theft of customer’s money by the utilities, read Emera,…the practice of covert racism by foreigners and minorities against locals..all the black politicians and ministers joined with the minorities to steal from the majority and hold great disdain for the victimized population….and keep these practices alive….all of them…..nothing has changed from 1960s to 2017 except for more cars being on the roads…the nasty practices and behaviors remain the same.

    So what Elombe described as happening in Barbados in the 60s which he grew conscious enough to understand while traveling…are still happening today……..driven by black politicians and government ministers.

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  • @ Well Well & Consequences

    Steven is de BLP IT man dat does some of their backend.

    In a prior submission one purported that the email of the various government departments, their hosting and administration/monitoring, was farmed out to SunIsle.

    This was when the BLP was in government, when the same Leader of the Opposition dat marching pun Saturday 13, when she was Attorney General.

    Now WW&C Imagine dis.

    De email servers and email of places like (a) the National Security Agency of Barbados and (b) the Ministry of Home Affairs, and (c) the Office of the then Leader of the Opposition the late David Thompson and (d) de Office of de Prime Minister and Sam Poochy and de nameless one, resided pun a server, at SunIsle company, out pun dat road opposite PAHO.

    You unnerstand whu i mean?

    Talk bout trojan Horses, dat was no trojan horse dat was sending in de guyanese? immigrants wholesale.

    And den David Thompson want to know how he email to Peter Wickham get intercept!! Steupseeeee

    Man if dis isnt institutionalized bulling fuh you de ole man going eat me Kangol (dat is the name of a hat for those who dont know)

    So, you private email, of a governmental nature at Sun Isle, wid Stephen, and you phones tapped by de machine at the RBPF and de nex one dat Mugabe still got, and de Remingtons being ordered from the USofA and disappearing when dem reach de Office of the Commissioner of Police, tell de ole man effi dat aitt bulling without grease

    and den it is purported that one Steven B get up at a syposium at Sherbourne and say dat he is the “first man in Barbados to have created an IT system for politics”,

    And a next Dr. who does post here regular beiieve in he scvunt.

    De reason dat dem hate de ole man is because, unlike de rest uh de rabble who does confabulate de ole man does got de facks,

    De ole man know he well hahahahaha….and he father John opinion of he…..steupseee


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Hal…that means the former owner of CGI Towers…got lackeys and pimps glued to BU….lol

    No surprise there, these days are interesting.

    Cause I have seen errors before on barbadostoday, no one pointed them out and they remained.


  • Dat is precisely de efffing poing WW&C

    “…none of the black governments in the last 50 years of their political independence and leaders including his sister Mia, have done anything to eradicate the disenfranchisement of a 95% black country by less than 10,000 minorities…”

    Dat is de bestest submission heah pun BU for de day….

    In spite of de fact that his sister implement the largest IDB loans for Barbados EVER there is nothing to show per her legacy for education NOTHING!!!

    Yes, buhkvunts lining up t vote for she scvunt and saying dat dem is ammmmm intellectuals and dat dem educated while of course calling she “brilliant”



  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    I tell ya…Piece…the people if Barbados gotta get serious and rid the island, their lives and future generations of Barbados, of bith political parties, it’s nauseating the incestous nastiness.

    I saw the dude waxing knowledgeable about the Anonymous Groups on Facebook and on how to crashing websites……..he even gave a guide.

    ……what he obviously dont know is that the FBI handles all complaints of cyber attacks within the US from outside the US…….lol…they can find you.

    ….it’s against the law, it’s investigated, the culprits can be tracked, particularly when they are dumb enough like Barbados Anonymous to leave a trail…lol


  • @millertheanunnaki

    The current mess is less about the ethnical background, but a fight between the establishment and the ordinary citizens. Black and white aristocrats, on their many dinner parties in the Hilton and at Sandy Lane, they are alike. I would like to refer to the Orwellian “Animal Farm” here. The owner of the plantation changes, but the plantation is still a plantation.

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  • millertheanunnaki February 22, 2017 at 8:56 AM #

    What baffles me is that none of the lotta bright boys around here have decided to do crowdfunding in order to raise money for specific projects bearing in mind our diaspora in the UK,USA&CAN are used to it and they would presumably support it.


  • @ Vincent

    “…bearing in mind our diaspora in the UK, USA & CAN are used to it and they would presumably support it…”

    There is alot to be said about the efficacy of Crowdfunding “WHERE THE RECIPIENT AND THE DONOR ARE IN ONE ZONE’

    Crowd-funding has its rules, both written and unspoken.

    For example a written one may be that this Crowdfunding mechanism words in international areas but as an unspoken rule they might be unspoken rules of (non) engagement which might say “the target jurisdiction”.

    “the target ethnic group” (niggers/gypsies/and chinese) is disposed to scamming people, African World bank scams, all gypsies are thieves or do not order anything form china because you will get fake cabbage and rice)

    Much like barbados has the international reputation of Bob Barker of the The Price is Right Game Show, remember DownLowe and Cahill and Me Clare Who de F is you? and Del Masturbators of the archaic photovoltaic tings dem, the world of crowdfunding has its rules.

    Now whereas I can get a credit profile on anyone and secure additional defining information about a offering in the UK, Canada or the USA, given that i cant gt simple information from corporate affairs then you dun know that we dealing with an additional layer of inefficient bureaucracy

    Doan tek my word for it, go to capipo .gov.bb and test whu de ole man saying fuh youself.

    And pease do not talk bout facilitation by AirHead Always Airbourne Maxine McClean and she Foreign Affairs dipshits dat is another Waste Foop entity to use to get the validations of local counterparts.

    Vincent, we are known to be big talkers who can do nothing while talking pretty bout it and for that I give you the governments of the BLP and the DLP


  • Piece

    Chuckle…..you have a point on credibility as far as this govt is concerned.

    …..with crowfunding its usefull if you could show some paper work like tax free NGO status,a percentage $ support from govt in hand not a promise and if it is a project requiring land a clear 99 year lease title at pepper corn rate,with no land tax from govt.

    …..which is why I will take your point and suggest to whoever going forward to await a change of govt preferably the BLP as they know the ropes already and would hit the road running.

    ….Hahaha…..guh long an cuss muh……


  • Former Close Associate

    @ BLP & DLP Corruption Expose

    I believe your post as I know Steven Williams of Sunisle and did business with him when he was located in Belleville.

    This guy cannot be trusted and is a scamster.

    I lost a lot of money on a Project he was working on in a Joint Venture where I was scammed and still have not been reimbursed for his deception.

    I now understand from his affliction with the Barbados Police and other officials when the BLP was in power why my complaints went no where.

    This guy is a lowlife and a nasty piece of work and very unprofessional.

    I am surprised no one has taking him out as yet.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Tron February 22, 2017 at 4:19 PM
    “The current mess is less about the ethnical background, but a fight between the establishment and the ordinary citizens. Black and white aristocrats, on their many dinner parties in the Hilton and at Sandy Lane, they are alike.”

    What aristocrats what! Who are they in Bim? You certainly don’t mean that bunch of classless ostentatiously garish breed of parasites whose only talent is sucking the milk from taxpayers’ sore breasts?

    These people to whom you refer wouldn’t be to even get a pass to enter through the door to the ‘servants’ quarters’ at St. James Palace.

    You clearly don’t mean the ragtag band of black political frauds pretending to be intellectuals whose academic credentials are worth as much as the common muck that can be found in the sewage pipelines and blocking the out-flowing diffusers.

    The title “Sir” in Bim does not automatically confer status of aristocratic breeding on an individual in whichever endeavour in the pursuit of excellence.

    You have to earn it for it to be respected internationally. There is only ‘One’ genuine aristocrat in Bim. That is the Right Excellent Sir G. St. A Sobers.

    The rest are nothing back pure political ass-lickers with only a tainted moral soul and an overbearing ego of social arrogance to show as any achievement of merit.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    I dont know how anyone in Barbados besides Sobers can be thought of as aristocratic or elitist, just because they colluded with government ministers to rob taxpayers for 30 years, all it does is make them parasites and thieves, these are classesless, soul-less pigs who should be routing around in the mud and filth they created on the island…..for decades.


  • @millertheanunnaki

    Hopefully, this nightmare is over for all of us very soon. Better an economic shutdown now with a fresh start than another 10 years of alternative facts on Cahill, UAE and Chinese loans and so many new hotels. Or to put it this way: Better a terrible end than unending terror.


  • @Pieces February 22, 2017 at 10:00 AM….You speak well on this subject. Unfortunately I fall into your critique space as well.

    Like @Austin, some years ago I also called stridently for a programme to record the memories of some older stalwarts who had done really yeomen service for Bajans generally but targeted towards a certain bunch of young men and then women.

    I too was concerned of the passing parade and the loss of a valuable history. Alas, I did not push forward and arrange for others or myself directly to do the series of necessary interviews and ensure the oral history was created. The opportunity is fast fading. One of those stalwarts went to his final home some weeks ago. Another is now restricted to his earthly abode. And another has prolonged mental lapses.

    So to read your riposte to Austin’s ‘lethargy’ is a painful reminder of my own….and too that of many others. A sad reminder that we need to act in our individual ways to effect a solution even as we offer up all the fancy ideas!

    Surely Elombe’s ‘TED’ talk was taped and surely the upcoming one will be.

    Surely Austin can seed some funds from his network of extensive associates to propel his own incubating program of students to complete an impressive electronic oral history series of documentaries or even ‘TED’ like public presentations.

    Surely I must salvage some pride and move the ‘lovely’ thoughts to meaningful reality before that older cohort all ‘disappear’ mentality and physically.

    Surely the smart folks here can tape their own griots of grand-parents, former old-school teachers, old neighbors etc.

    And just as surely the Blogmaster would host such efforts for all to view, cross fertilize and enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

  • Every Sunday Sun newspaper contains a supplement with the glad tidings brigade holding a glass of mauby and grinning from ear to ear.It all looks so contrived and stupid.


  • Violet C Beckles CUP

    Building homes for the Bajans, Its their turn to get something done for them , Thay have paid VAT for over 20 years and UDC give them nothing, Why , crooks lawyers Ministers teeeefing the money,

    NHC has failed for nothing but crooks lawyers /Ministers in this mess , teeefing the money

    BAR= crooks lawyers and no rules or laws on how lawyers behave, BAR feees and helping lawyer Teeeffff the people money

    Judges were also crook lawyers, now on the Bench backing up each others fraud, teeeffing ,

    CJs like David Simmons, DPP and AG teeefing time and money paid for doing nothing,but blocking and delaying the law,

    Ministers/ lawyer Ministers teeefing and covering up the teeefing in Barbados.

    So we Have a real problem with Lawyers/ Ministers Teeeefing and telling lies as soon as their lips move,
    We have to stop the lawyer class from teeefing and running for office, more lawyers more teeefing more lies,

    We dont need not one hore Hotel so COW and company can walk off with more NIS/VAT money, and all things for them are DUTY FREE<.

    More White people end up with good paying jobs than the locals, Not even born in Barbados,


  • Here is one ot the things that we as bajans cannot do if we want to build a “Better barbados over the Next 50 Years”

    We will change from Barbados to the Republic of Mugabyville


  • The popular singer Rihanna has been named the 2017 Harvard University Humanitarian of the Year, and will come to campus to accept the Peter J. Gomes Humanitarian Award at a ceremony Feb. 28.

    Read More: http://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2017/02/rihanna-named-humanitarian-of-year/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=hu-twitter-general


  • I find most of the above horrific. Look at where we have reached. A son of the soil believes he has a possible answer as to how we can move forward after the near decimation of our country by a set of fools, and through The Barbados Workers Union (and I assume they represent all Bajans) wants to share. He not saying you have to do what he says. He merely wants to share his possible answers.

    We so ready to share the beliefs of every Tom, Dick & Harry that come here spewing real nonsense, most of it under the guise of being sent from God Himself. We not only ready to share but to pay through we nose for that share. But up comes one of us, and we have to denigrate, insult and generally talk shite, if you really want to know, instead of being constructive and supportive.

    Nothing seems to change on our beautiful island that if it could cry would shed so many tears it would wash the whole lot of us away. Crabs in a barrel that only stand still and listen and adore when ignorance and corruption of any kind arrives on our shores. Shame on the whole lot of you that can do nothing but sit at home and throw negativity like its a cricket ball and all ya de best bowlers in da world! Simple reasons why Barbados will continue on its downhill lava-flowing ways. Boy! When you are part of this island, you get mashed if you do and mashed if you don’t.

    While it might make no sense to remind the many who like to put down people before even giving them a new chance for we seem to believe that there is only one chance in life and if you make a mistake, you done dead – in fact it seems in Barbados you do not even have to make a mistake, just be different and you dead with some people not even leaving their homes to find out about life but know it all, bad-talking others till dem dead; I still leaving these quotes here for all of you and even for Elombe who I am sure does not need reminding.

    “Don’t worry about the negative people may say about you. Learn from it and move on.”
    ― Amanda Penland

    “Although the project failed—the client did not change its product strategy…but learned from it and figured out what had to be done differently.” Amy C Edmondson


  • …and as for the news re our RiRi. If she had listened to all the negativity Barbados threw out at her every move, purely from jealousy it would seem to me, she would have buried her head in a pile of mud preferably not on the place of her birth in case some might dig she up and hang her out to dry. Bless you Rihanna for standing tall against every adversity and moving forward every step of the way! Congratulations girl. Continue. Continue. Continue.


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