Elombe Plants Ideas in An ‘Intellectual Desert’

Elton 'Elombe' Mottley


Well known Bajan Elton Elombe Mottley delivered a lecture at the Barbados Workers Union, Solidarity House on March 02, 2017 with the theme How to build Barbados over the next 50 Years. An audio recording of the event was received by Barbados Underground to share with the BU family. Until Elombe is able to share his official recording- hopefully of a better quality -BU readers should be able to glean the substance of his presentation.

Elombe shared ideas with the expectation Barbadians will also share, discuss and implement for the good of Barbados.

Is it true Elombe has written seven books and plans to complete eight more? See his works @Chattelhousebooks.net

To be expected he did not disappoint those who attended for the fireworks:

  • Who called the CBC and instructed the crew not to cover Elombe’s lecture?
  • Who was the big guts man former Prime Minister Harold Bree St. John fired when Elombe threatened his resignation from the CBC?
  • Why did Elombe refer to former Prime Minister Owen Arthur as a short me crutch
  • Why did Elombe have to watch the unveiling of the Bussa Statue from the top of St. Barnabas hill sitting on the bonnet of his car?
  • Why did Carl Moore walk out of Elombe’s lecture after referring to Barbados as an intellectual desert?
  • Why did Elombe defy his bosses by changing the payment to the late great Karl Broodhagen from $125.00 to $125,000 for the Bussa work?
  • Why did Elombe label the siting of a new hospital at Kingsland as nonsense?
  • Why did Elombe go after CBC news anchor Denise Shepherd ‘’’crutch’?

The recording is chock a block with ideas and views to fuel ideas. 2:30 hours.

Thank you to the BU family member who was thoughtful enough to record the event.


  • If Elombe was in Barbados and holding public meetings at various venues in Bridgetown I believe Staurt and co. would be scrambling for cover all like now..Barbados needs an Elombe in these times when nobody is taking responsibilty for the country’s state of affairs.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    “Why did Carl Moore walk out of Elombe’s lecture after referring to Barbados as an intellectual desert?”

    The intellectually stunted Carl Moore attended, what a thing..lol


  • The title of this lecture was How to build Barbados over the next 50 Years.

    I listened to the tape.Did not get the message.


  • @Hants

    What message did you get?


  • Violet Beckles CUP

    Well i see i am not alone , In telling the people the truth of Matters ,, We will have to meet this man lololl news Block , these fools dont like free speech or truth speech,


  • Was on the IPad and accidentally touched a key and endorsed you Hants while scrolling don the page.

    I unendorsed you thereafter lolol.

    For the first 10-15 minutes he floundered while presenting what was a quasi political speed crafted on Mugabe elements

    Quarter way 25% he stated to take control sort of

    and by half way he was into a particular perspective which weaved self actuation into the message quite interestingly and then reinforced he particular adaptation of “servitude to service” quite adeptly with technology and pertinent industry

    I am yet to see if he addressed what is critical to his thrust which appeals to me tus fa namely a focused bespoke mini industrialization initiative which speaks to our “natural resources” which we have an abundance of, IF WE WERE TO retool and enhance our education system appropriately

    In this regard he should have mentioned the flagrant abuse that his nephew Mugabe effed up with the #236 Million for Edutech.

    Had he done that I would have measured him rather significantly.

    But I have not finished as yet

    Additionally while i have not finished I am going to guess that he does not address the issue of Intellectual Property with is integral to the paradigm shift that he started to introduce AND that would mean that he would again have to speak to the practices of his nephew Mugabe misappropriating people’s intellectual property and the endemic practices of both governments in this regard.

    If you going be a griot that i respect doan jes take hits at the Barbados National Trust and de White people and Dr. H? and he rediculously expensive shyt* videos dat nobody doan buy, be an equal opportunity sharer of licks.

    Including your nephew.

    I stopped there because a strange car was roaming the district and i has was to go and effect surveillance which is at serious spiritual variance with the verse Psalm 127:1 (KJV) “Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.”

    But i took confidence in the fact that Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple and de ole man got Glock 17’s


  • People keep referring to Edutech as a failure. Please provide the evidence of when, where, how and why. Thanks.


  • @ Enuff

    I’ll be yuh Huckleberry

    This is from 17 year ago.

    Doan tek my word for it let google be your friend

    “The overall goal of the Programme is to increase the number of young persons
    contributing to the sustainable social, cultural and economic development of Barbados.

    Question from de ole man “Dat happen yet?”

    The Programme aims to:

    1.prepare students who are creative, numerate, literate, well-trained and readily retrainable
    at any point in their development; Question from de ole man “Dat happen yet?”

    2.ensure that all students understand the necessity of being able to live and work harmoniously with other persons in their environment; Question from de ole man “Dat happen yet?”

    3•increase the efficacy of the teaching/learning process by encouraging teachers to shift to child-centred and more collaborative forms of learning in their classrooms; Question from de ole man “Dat happen yet?”


    4•ensure that all children leave school with the basic skills and abilities that are required to participate productively in the skill and information-intensive job market. Question from de ole man “Dat happen yet?”

    Jes help out a poor ingrunt man if we achieve dat yet AFTER SPENDING US$ 236 million (dat is half a billion jes in case you did not know ON TOP OF THE USUAL $500 million we se=pend every year in education

    Help me please….


  • Let me continue to detail the competencies of Leader of the Opposition Mia Amor Mottley whose legacy is this waste foopism called EDUTECH

    “The specific objectives of the Programme are to:

    1•repair and upgrade the existing school plant; Refer to *** and *** suppliers of services to said project and wh became multimillionaires from said EDUCATION WASTE FOOP AND SCAM

    2•integrate all available information and communications technologies within the
    school system; DAT HAPPEN YET?

    3•provide teacher training to enhance pedagogical skills; DAT HAPPEN YET

    4•achieve the desired balance between teacher-centred and child-centred
    approaches; WHAT DE EF IS DAT? You know?


    5•strengthen the capacity of the Ministry to effectively manage the education

    We got a huhkvunt call Ronald WeJnesing as Minister of Edykashun renown for “the chilrun are is learning well” and now augmented by “how many kittens you have at home Johnny?”

    Tell de ole man if this effective management of the education system begin yet?

    Which two schools in Barbados can simultaneously communicate and collaborate in remote classrooms anywhere on the island?

    Dem got internet yet?



  • and while i dun know dat you cant answer any of them belly searchers that clearly highlight the Waste Foopism that Mottley administered at US$ 236M here is another subset of the fallacy for your continued reading pleasure

    “In tandem with these objectives, the Programme has four inter-related components:

    1•Civil Works- physical rehabilitation of school facilities to enhance the physical
    and learning environment; which made certain cunstituent company devoid of any archictectural or contracting skills immensely rich

    2•Technological Infrastructure- procurement and installation of hardware,
    software and technical infrastructure for the school system and the Ministry of
    Education; hardware which too 5 years to install and when instaled did not work or was technologically obsolete like the 6 million dollar IBM computer that the former AG recommended to be purchased by the Royal Barbados Police Force and which is of no effing use to the POLICE.

    No I lie. Dem could tek it to pieces and wrap the metal parts in cloth and use it to beat Nazim Blackett and other poor people children when tham lock them up in District Sation A.

    What you think??

    Here is udder parts of the Bhukvuntery and fecundity (dat word get grafted here cause de ole man fell like um)

    a.GOB/IDB/CDB Education Sector Enhancement Programme Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports 2

    b.Human Resource Development

    -Teacher Training – training of teaching and administrative staff within the school system;
    – Institutional Strengthening – training and technical support for personnel from the Ministry and related institutions;


    • Curriculum Reform – revision of the curriculum to meet emerging needs within the Barbadian society.

    Mugabe actually had the balls to say anything about Curriculum reform?

    This why her uncle talking bout this subject matter is so much filth.

    His speech should have been

    “How my nephew Mugabe helped to retard the Education Matrix of Barbados for at least 17 EFFING YEARS and IF WUNNA IS SO INGRUNT , going ef it up for another ??

    Whu i doan now what number to put there cause that DESPOT going want to be Prime Minister for LIFE

    This is why wunna Hate REMEMBRANCE.

    Not one of wunna Mugabe Pooch Suckers can say one ting in response bout this EDUTECH RAPE OF THE TREASURY not a man Jack!!!

    Mottley is the same effing thing as the rest of this DLP lot and her LEGACY OF EDUTECH Dodds, VECO, School Syrup at School Meals all is there to prove it.


  • Perhaps Enuff would be so kind as to outline any successes from the billion dollars expended in eductech…
    And…PLEASE!!! any huge unexplainable increases in the personal assets of selected individuals do NOT count…


  • Look wunna duz real mek me laugh. Just sit at a computer and make some serious claims based on anecdotal evidence. I asked a simple question, the three responses have failed to prove the programme is a failure. Note I said is, given that it is an ongoing programme. Has there been any monitoring and evaluation since 2007 when the then Director reported on its status? What are the milestones? Did Edutech broaden the access of Barbadian school children to IT and if it did, what impact is it having on our human resources? What other social/economic programmes/projects or conditions are necessary for Edutech to be successful? Have a read below of a few comments on the project. There are a few detailed research papers I will try to access and share.




  • Why are some if you attacking Mia Mottley rather than critique what Elombe had to offer?

    BU listened too the audio and here is a brief share.

    His opening focused n the practice by the political directorate to influence decision making at the CBC. The link to be drawn is that it has the effect of suppressing those with anti establishment positions. This is at the heart of what challenges Barbados development.

    He offered that given our investment in education and relative good infrastructure compared to neighbouring islands Barbados has the potential to carve a niche for itself in the medical industry. Also there is the opportunity to target multi ethnic/diverse markets.

    He touched on how we can use our accrued skills to use mahogany and other materials to support the rebuild of a furniture industry. How we can leverage BCC to build on the skillset.

    He spent a lot of time on how Barbadians can understand leverage what is Bajan. What is our identity.

    For BU the biggest takeaway was the terrific insight someone like Mottley who operated close to people of power (especially political) provided.

    This is a 1 2 3 review and there is so much that is positive we can takeaway from his presentation. We should remember we all have our shortcoming. As a people/society it is the checks and balances we have to put in place to achieve desired outcomes.


  • @enuff

    The problem we have is that decisions like EDUTEC will always be evaluated in a political context. For example there were issues with poor procurement, selection of vendors and other issues related to transparency. Then those of us who have the opportunity to be around schools have seen the hardware piled up in backrooms because of lack of funds to properly maintain etc.

    Your question is important, what measures have we evaluated to determine if EDUCTEC has assisted with IT literacy and expansion in that sector.

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  • David

    Please don’t ask bloggers to suspend a natural suspicion

    We have a set of political circumstances where people are asking where will the critical difference be, between MAM and the bunch now in.

    This is the only question which matters.

    And low and behold enters Poca Poca into a national discourse, to deal with that precise issue

    Given these circumstances and knowning Elombe’s proclivities, would it not be germane for bloggers to be able to estimate the linkages in the dialectic.

    And use those weights to balance perceptions

    David, there is too much of a demand by people like yourself to exert obeisance to a certain form instead of giving voice to the innate.

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  • @Pacha

    Not asking any blogger to do one thing. Elombe has always planted himself in the national discourse. He has written 7 books and has plans to write eight more. Obviously MAM is his relative and there is affinity there, natural. He has carved out a legitimate niche in our landscape as a cultural historian. Critique what he has put in the public space but be fair is all BU ask of commenters.


  • This is our precise question.

    What Elombe ‘has put on the table’ as you have said, is nothing new, are not of and by themselves unique.

    But we accept as highly important nevertheless.

    But surely, one of the elements must be, since most of his ideas, after 40 years, remain in a developmental stage, that the timing of this intervention maybe also important.

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  • @Pacha

    To take you concern to some conclusion Elombe should shut the hell up because Mia is Opposition leader?


  • Why did Mia not have an answer to a citizen question when asked what policies she would put in place to reduce the deficit
    Mia has embarked on strategies to use Barbados economic woes as a plaything to be displayed in midday marches as the catalyst of fulfilling her self serving dream of being PM

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  • @ David,

    Some of us were looking for a plan for the next 50 years but I would have been satisfied with a 20 year plan.

    Like over the next 10 years we should accelerate the change to alternative energy and give scholarships to our secondary school graduates to study in relevant disciplines.

    That in 20 years Barbados will likely have a lot of electric and self driving cars.

    That we should invest heavily in Agriculture / food production with continuous improvement and modernization…. More solar powered green houses, chicken pens etc.

    We should have an education philosophy that is based on CONTINUOUS improvement and CHANGE to take advantage of the “world economy” in the foreseeable future.

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  • @ David
    Look Boss, Bushie likes Elombe …. no one talks more Bajan shiite than he does…and you done know that Bushie likes that sorta thing…
    But the truth is that Elombe is EXACTLY like his nephew… a lotta shiite talk, and when HANDED the opportunity to effect needed change – NOT one shiite happened….

    Who gives a sh** about CBC? nobody even watches that nonsense…. CBC has been overtaken by mediocrity and a dance hall mentality….. and by a bunch of fat women….
    ….and Elombe’s ideas are nice and nostalgic -but not very practical.

    The reason that Mia (and Elombe) ….after DECADES in public life and after holding some of the most influential positions in the country …. cannot answer a simple question like ‘What are your plans for Barbados’ …is that they have no damn genuine answers …. and they certainly cannot tell us the truth – which is that they feel ENTITLED to positions of power – from which they could then DICTATE their own visions of progress (which cannot be shared now because they would be unpalatable for most Bajans)

    Not even worth listening to….
    Jeff’s ‘solutions’, on the other hand, would be VERY interesting….

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  • WE can have as many plans on docket but all those plans are not workable unless there is financial backing to implement those plans
    The future of barbados lays in a restructuring of expenditure vs .debt meaning that govt have to make decision on how much debt it is willing to hold on to in order to protect socio-economic environment or how much expenditure it is willing to distribute appropriately among the populace which will release govt from heavy debt burden starting with health and education which can be accomplished by giving tax incentives


  • David,
    You are trying your bet to be fair. Elombe is related to Mia, she is his niece. But that does not make him dumb.
    At the risk of being seen as his PR person (the way that Kaymar Jordan is seen as Owen Arthur’s PR person), I still believe he is our best oral and cultural historian. He stands head and shoulders above the professional historians at Cave Hill and shows a greater understanding of popular culture.
    Pity that some people cannot see Elombe as separate to Mia. This is what psychologists call cognitive dissonance, a mental inability to comprehend new ideas that contradict the old certainties.
    It is a national problem. Just look at the voodoo surrounding the concepts of foreign reserves and devaluation; the consensus on those two concepts are so strong that they are like religious beliefs.
    Even at the university, the home of new ideas, they are stuck back in the 1960s.
    In any civilised society Elombe would be celebrated and would be leading the nation in recovering its national identity.
    By the way, buy his books; they are worth the read.


  • Did you even listen to the recording?

    Nothing worse than a yardfowl than a paling cock or cellar duck.


  • @Bush Tea

    In the Q&A Elombe makes it clear that he is throwing out ideas and encouraged Barbadians to act on or toss out theirs.

    The point BU understood by his reference to the CBC is that if his plan was not frustrated by the political directorate that entity might have served as a catylst for a cultural renaissance.



  • @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    I will repeat for your benefit and that of others

    “For the first 10-15 minutes he floundered while presenting what was a quasi political speed crafted on Mugabe elements

    Quarter way 25% he stated to take control sort of

    and by half way he was into a particular perspective which weaved self actuation into the message quite interestingly and then reinforced he particular adaptation of “servitude to service” quite adeptly with technology and pertinent industry”

    I was looking at the sound cloud recording which stated that the running length of the mp3 was 2 hours 34 minutes and 17 seconds.

    Because an mp3, for our limited sentience, requires that we have to hear the finite decibels delivered sequentially, what i did was to say that along the timeline Elombe made particular points that i gave a summary of his content at that time.

    THERE ARE OTHER BEINGS in this universe THAT DO NOT have to effect this poor methodology of assimilation of information but we are not yet there and what i did was share what i heard.

    I erroneously thought that the whole 2:34:17 was his lecture but he stops at 1:24:42 to answer questions.

    So my earlier observations were made in the context of listening to sequential data which is what speech requires of you and I @ today.

    Elombe in the final part of his presentation spoke “passingly” of the import and impact of Education and the need to refashion this tool so that it would be pertinent.

    I am very much in agreement with what he is say and I said that previously and if it was not clear let me again sat that we have to create a cadre of thinkers without the mendicant thought patterns and practices that demands more of our youth from primary school.


    I juxtaposed Edutech in a specific context and will use that context to show why i will always believe that none of the mottleys are “people persons” who identify with the common man and woman and the electorate of St Michael N.E

    Elombe is on record in this very sound file to have mentioned 3 names specifically as he spoke of the National Museum and the National Trust and the Us and the Them..

    He goes on to cast a tangential slur? against one Sir Henry Frazier per this Barbados National Trust being “the White People” ting, and I paraphrase here, and then elaborates on the inane costs of the books that Dr. Frazier and the latter’s team produce (a point that the ole man concurs with)

    People at the “I am back to support Mia” session laughed at that AND they also laughed when this “Elitist and Privileged Mottley” (who can say nor do no wrong in your estimation?) makes his remarks about the departure of Carl the Moore or Less better now during this, “HIS MAJESTY”s ELOMBE’s” speech to the Natives!!!

    Suppose Carl (bless his anonymice hunting soul, got a call from his outside woman saying “come now, the man gone and remember to go and collect some condoms when you coming cause I hear bout your affliction…?”

    Carl, or you, or I, could have had any number of reasons for leaving the Oracle’s Speech e.g. a sick child or an ailing parent.

    The point that i am making is that Elombe thought that it was disrespect for anyone in his audience to “leave the coming out speech” of the King Baba Mottley, campaign manager of Mugabe!!!”

    NOW, since Elombe Mottley was talking about education, specifically suggesting a re-tooling of such education and similar threads of thought, it stands to reason that if

    (a).he can at liberty take Dr Henry Frazier to task for selling a book for $250 but, and here is the incredulous thing that ALL READERS HERE MUST BE ABLE TO SEE,

    (b).we the readers of this column, ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO hold His Lordship and kin to the Heir Apparent Mugabe to similar? or multiply more, egregious standards.

    We are to say NUFFIN bout MIA MUGABE’s flagrant abuse of US $236 million dollars in EDUTECH.

    You will agree that all the “Mugabe for President” supporters think dat we bajans real stupid and must suck at the pooch of the Mugabe during this her ascendency to the throne

    Please send de ole man the script so I can know what to say when i write here


  • David

    No, we disagree.

    We should be more about action than mere talk.


  • Elombe makes it clear that he is throwing out ideas and encouraged Barbadians to act on or toss out theirs.
    Too late!!
    When Elombe, Mia and those of their ilk held the reigns of decision-making in Barbados is when they SHOULD have taken these proactive steps.
    No point in talking shiite now about fixing the brakes … when the front wheels are already over the cliff…
    Elombe was in charge of ‘culture’ at his peak … what is the legacy now?
    Mia was our Eductech GURU ….. what do we have now?
    How is prison reform?

    The VERY last thing Bushie wants to hear now is shiite talk about ‘if this’… and ‘if that’…
    As the old people used to say …”Suppose aint got no ‘nose’…”

    Lots of prospective yardfowls are positioning themselves to take over from AC and Alvin….
    None of them have any good answers…
    BU is not going to be a very welcoming arena for such parasites.


  • [Barbados Underground] Comment: “Elombe Plants Ideas in An ‘Intellectual > Desert’” > Bin > David > to comment+zra06rg-an5qjt0zt6frl_x4k4b@comment.wordpress.com > 0 minutes ago > Details > > > @Pacha > > What will provoke action if not words? Elombe cannot do anything on his > own. Those who attack Mia sit at their keyboards and do what again? BU > holds no brief for Elombe except that he has done more to provoke thinking > that many others. > > We have to listen to the Elombes and run wiwith it read a relay. > > @PUDRYR > > You are entitled to your view obviously. >


  • @ The Honourable Blogmaster.

    I just finished the whole 2 1/2 hour session

    Here is the thing.

    If what Elombe says he does and what he does are the same thing, he is to be commended as being a cut of a different cloth.

    I give out serious licks and I can take and have taken serious licks.

    There are certain subjects here that we champion with different intensities.

    Let me give you an example of such.

    A year ago a party came on BU and disparaged the reputation of a husband and wife whom you knew personally and you rose to the defense of your friends and took down the article and chastised the person making the submission.

    “Skin in the Game” and allegiance to your friend featured in that greatly and your loyalty to your friend is to be admired.

    Fast forward to David Thompson, Fumbles Stuart and Leroy Parris who funded the DLP campaign in part. Was Thompson’s/Stuart’s loyalty any less intense than yours but we make the delineation that Parris is bad and your friend is good because of your currency.

    During the so called Q&A session you will note that few people asked mottley any questions.

    All the so called query-ers proceeded to give lectures themselves. Had there been a chair, they would have been asked to sit to ef down.

    But, having listened to the full rendition IT IS NOT chock a blok with ideas as you suggest.

    what is evident is that Mottley is indeed as learned as many here suggest and, at times, his passion for the subject? shone through

    I put that question mark about the subject because it had very little to do with it title but, with due respect to the presenter, his experiences make for insights into the disconnect between government administrations and national development.

    He himself said that he sought to evoke ideas and not provide any and that is at variance to which I thought he was going to be presenting.

    2 1/2 hours cant be constructed around snippets of what a national diversification programme should be BUT clear steps.

    His attitude with dealing the bureaucracies of the day are noted BUT again I would say that it was the Mottley miasma and its societal currency that kept him safe while other lesser men would have been fired

    Membership affords some of us Privileges


  • Alpha & Omega, there AIN’T NO 50 years left on this planet, the idea of “How to build Barbados over the next 50 Years.” is a Spiritual BARREN concept, entirely void of any ‘Spiritual’ understanding whatsoever, the END-TIME is nigh at hand, the season is here, REPENT, accept and receive Jesus as Saviour and Lord! Or PERISH in everlasting conscious misery!!!


  • William Skinner

    @ Hal
    I understand what you are saying about Elombe. However, Trevor Marshall has also made and still makes a considerable contribution to our oral and cultural history. He has long toiled in vineyard but he never gets the recognition he so richly deserves.


  • William,

    I accept what you say.


  • For Trevor Marshall to get that reward for his well deserved laurels three things would have to happen

    1.He would have to be white like Dr. Henry Frazer

    2.He would have to change the tenet of his message per black self actuation and dignity in the colour of our skin

    and thirdly

    he would have not to be black.

    Now do not confuse this statement to be a repetition of statement # one.


    Being black means that he would have to loose his stately African features and proud flared nose, strong teeth and stature of black Ashanti

    The clear white eyes which shine with consciousness and knowledge of who he is as a man all that would have to die.

    So expect that, unlike the living reware of a knighthood as that accorded to Frazer in his lifetime, we can expect that Md. Trevor Marshall, Black Historian extraordinaire, WILL NOT BE SO REWARDED on this side of sentience.

    And, depending on whom he has annoyed with his insights into and sensitization of our blackness, such will not come after the death we all must face


  • William Skinner

    @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah RIght – INRI

    Well said !!


  • William/Piece,

    We talk about an intellectual desert, but it appears as if the full depth is not fully realised.
    Take for example: the minister of finance dismisses the governor of the central bank then offers a job as chairman of his economic advisers to the former prime minister of an opposing party without, it appears, consultation with the prime minister or his Cabinet colleagues.
    The prime minister subsequently over-ruled that by going to the unelected Social Partnership, the so-called Barbados model, and established two committees to look at fiscal and monetary policy.
    Apart from the rambling of a few bored and badly informed pensioners on this forum, there has been no discussion from the bogus political scientists at Cave Hill.
    No reflection on our democracy, despite a drift towards corporatism, no talk about the split within the Cabinet, apart from gossip, no serious discussion about the government’s lack of a road map.
    But the Social Partnership is itself an interesting creation. The last significant corporatist government we had was Germany between 1934 and 45, when companies such as Krupp and Volkswagen all threw in their lot with Hitler. What is different this time, apart from the scale?.
    I once attended a meeting of the Social Partnership as an observer and it reminded me of when we had a 4-H club which met at Belmont School back in the 1960s. It was a joke.
    There are two levels of discussion around this development: the intellectual, as to our model of democracy; and the political. In terms of politics, the Opposition is like the three monkeys: cannot hear, see or speak.
    But if they cannot come up with alternative policies now, apart from a march, then when?
    Barbados is in a very serious state and the dark clouds are already over us.


  • @ Hal
    Shiite man!!!
    Bushie temporally (and temporarily) withdraws any whacking and abuse that may have been directed to your person from the the bushman over the past weeks….
    Your 3:34 AM (yuh like yuh couldn’t sleep) is the kind of analysis that defines world class, professional, journalists and thinkers.

    As you know, Bushie cannot guarantee this level of continued deference, unless of course you are able to keep this pace up….
    Well said… probably one of the best overall conceptualisations of brass bowlery to date.


  • @ Mr Hal Martin.


    I hate it when i have to agree with you, it does mek me vex the whole day.

    De ole people used to say “if you start bad, you going end bad”

    You are hopefully a printer whose remembrance might encompass the day of the linotype machine,

    Therefore you may understand this

    The lead which we are using to create the ingots is flawed and cannot congeal.

    What the result of such basal corruption is with said linotype? it is flaky

    Our steering is warped and the “shimmying” that we are experiencing in our communities, our society and our economy is because (i) the wheel ribs are out of shape, (ii) the tyres are rotted and bulging in non-symmetrical places , (iii) the axles are bent and the bearing are shot and (d) the driver(s) DBLP is(are) a good set of fools.

    If all their brains were collectively put on a matchstick, me fears that the match could not light.

    The DLP is in survival mode and, even though it is fighting hard, IT IS GOING TO DIE.

    So people are not even worrying with them cause they are soooo ingrunt that it is a waste foopism.

    While I do now believe Sir Hilary to be a turncoat in several ways, I think that you do the UWI a serious wrong insofar as thinking that any alternative thought, and perspective, should come from the Hill.

    It will not come from there for two reasons.

    The first is that we never nurtured the matrix for critical thought nor its ensuing observation, we raised regurgitators and balls-less men so that is not the thos that exists at the UWI in general, it is a rarity.

    Secondly, the Bursor of the Cave Hill UWI.

    Should you offend the powers that be, in a time when the GoB owes the UWI $100M you risk being amongst the persons who are not to be paid that month.

    They are not blameless in this regard a thing that is borne out by the fact that, the UWI Cave Hill, has never understood how to generate $$ from its pursuits like other Universities worldwide and, with a cadre of dipshits leading the charge insofar as IP rights and the monetization of such in a collegiate structure is concerned, they find themselves beholden to the other set of dipshits on Bay Street.

    Truly the blind leading the blind.

    Here is the only thing that can happen when the Third Element takes the reigns.

    The whole effing thing has to be deconstructed and refashioned by agile minds that, even though battered by what is around us, still comprehend how to make the required seismic shift

    I AM GLAD THAT the Demonic Lying Party was given this chance to so “eff up” the economy.

    I pray that it has made us ingrunt brassbowl bajans wake up to the responsibility of . voting for competent peopls, with integrity and vision, people who will not get vex with my daughter or son grandson or grandaughter and but out of off their doggie or clitoris.

    O course hope springs eternal but Mr Austin, we have sooooo many chvunts walking round this cuntry that it is going to be a serious battle to overcome these effers, not the BDLP i mean the electorate


  • Brother Bush Tea,

    I was writing that piece that i just posted from 4.17 am.

    You and I going have to stop agreeing on things doah

    I propose that we mek up a fight bout de colour of the Monument to the feller whose name i do not call so that we can get things on a regular keel again.

    It ent healthy agreeing with a body all the time whu that would mek us like the staff wukking for Lil Hitler sorry Caesar Stephen Lashley, ALL YES MEN.

    So here goes

    The sky is not blue but it so appears because of the refraction of light, what say you Brother-in-Arms?


  • @ PUDRYR
    what say you Brother-in-Arms?
    Amen !!


  • William Skinner

    @ Hal Piece Bushie Tea

    The rise of Hilary Beckles was media driven. Hilary
    was acceptable to the status quo . He exploited it
    to the max.


  • I admire Hilary, but I first became aware that he could mislead during the Mutual debate. The entire discussion was about politics, racial politics; how many black people were on the board etc. This was the wrong argument.
    The real debate should have been financial as a mutual society is owned by its policyholders (members), Mutuals do not have shareholders.
    The real debate should have been about its legacy investments, its with profits funds, and its property and other assets.
    I am still convinced the company was taken off the policyholders. I have called for a judicial inquiry, not to settle scores, but so lessons could be learn. We pay for our ignorance.


  • @ William
    The rise of Hilary Beckles was media driven. Hilary
    was acceptable to the status quo . He exploited it
    This is a completely wrong analysis
    Hilary cleverly USED the media in his carefully crafted path to notoriety.
    Many Bajans still do not grasp the TALENT that has been wasted in this individual called Sir Cave.
    The man is a BOSS….. like him or not.

    When he raised to notoriety after returning from England, he was able to galvanise a core of Bajans around the historical wickedness meted to Blacks in this country. Beckles said things that NEEDED to be said – and he did it with an authority and confidence that was ALIEN to local Blacks…. (still is …. BBBBs!!)

    Around the time of the Mutual affair, things could have gone either way – Beckles COULD have gone on to become a PM …and COULD have driven the enfranchisement NEEDED to get local blacks back on track….
    Instead, he got wrapped up in the albino-centric focus engendered by being on that Board and rubbing shoulders with the damn Devil….

    Wunna must know….
    At one point in Jesus’s career, the Devil took him to a mountain and showed him all around – and (recognising his unassailable talent and potentialities) offered to make all the material wealth and power to be seen, FREELY available to Bush Man numero Uno…..if only he joined Satan’s “team”….
    Of course, THAT boss bushman told him to”kiss his.. ” ..oops … to “get thee behind me” …whereas Sir Cave demanded (and got) a ‘kingdom on a Hill’ and a ‘Royal title’… upon joining up.

    With THAT move, Satan may have checkmated the last chance for Barbados to become the shining example of a BBE kingdom on this earth …and to do it in the midst of a world of albino centric madness…. The SAME Barbados that gave the world the Slave Code and arguably, the concept of the US constitution…

    Of course we all now know that the icing on the Devil’s cake was recently installed at the Garrison by his emissary ‘Froon the goon’ and his ‘decimal disciple’ Stinkliar…. Our asses are truly in shit now…. deep jobby.

    BBBBs = Bunch of Bajan Brass Bowls…

    Liked by 1 person

  • @ Hal
    Another excellent analysis in the Mutual affair…
    Policy holders were disenfranchised…. and their champion(s) (Sir Cave and Vivianne) were brought – lock stock and barrel….

    The ONLY people who fail to appreciate the VALUE of ownership, are Blacks.

    Ownership is what differentiates slaves from noblemen.
    A Brass Bowl who therefore WILLINGLY disposes of his assets in exchange for liquid greed(a bowl of porridge) is a stupid, retarded, brass-bowl, rabbit…. and that is the positive spin…


  • Bush Tea,

    It is a good example of what I mean by ignorance. A big part of the problem with the Mutual was the media. I tried to raise the issue of a financial analysis, not because I was knowledgeable, but because at the time we had a large number of mutuals in the UK that were de-mutualising.
    In the case of Equitable Life, thousands of page were written about it, which I not only reported on, but took part in seminars and conferences on.
    I know a young Jamaican woman who did her PhD thesis on Equitable Life (Google it) which was impressive. I suggested we should hire her as a consultant.
    But we love the legalising of business problems; just look at Clico, with its judicial review and having a firm of accountants going through the books. Lawyers and accountants are not actuaries and are not experts on the investment policies of insurance companies.
    The big decision makers are not financially sophisticated and the media, unsure of themselves, just follow the leaders.
    The result is rotating mediocrity. Think foreign reserves, think devaluation, think agriculture – any major issue and we get the same groupthink. We like freedom, but not the freedom to think.
    Let us take agriculture, my final point, what is it for? Look at the world sugar market; look at the sugar beet market and Brexit.
    Barbados should have a food industry that produces its own cured meats, cheeses, jams, marmalades, condiments (part from hot sauce), pates, etc. We have to think outside the box.


  • William Skinner

    @ Hal Bush Tea

    The true story of the Mutual Affair has never been told. I know that a very critical analysis of Barbados Mutual was done years before Beckles came on the scene.
    What became of the foot soldiers who helped Beckles ? Was Beckles ending up on the Board a part of the plan? Was that supposed to be the end game? I think not.


  • @William

    The true story is to be told by whom?


  • “Unless the LORD builds the house (Nation) They labor in vain who build it; Unless the Lord guards the city, The watchman stays awake in vain.” (Psalm 127:1).

    The TRIDENT imposition at the garrison IS* a PORTAL for more Demonic invasion into our land, any wonder there IS* such confusion throughout our society?!


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ ZoeMarch 8, 2017 at 12:21 PM
    “The TRIDENT imposition at the garrison IS* a PORTAL for more Demonic invasion into our land, any wonder there IS* such confusion throughout our society…”

    If there is one BU blogger who has your back on this view of Satanic invasion is that “Bush Tea” fella, your brass-bowl friend in BBE and sane enemy in religious bigotry.

    So Zoe, how would you explain the “Shiite” that flowed on the South coast after the “Portal” was opened up?

    Do you think it was the demonic blood of Satan as he was pierced with the broken trident held in the hands of that Lord Fumbling Froon who like Nero is playing the role of the fiddling ass trying to bury his empty ostrich head in the Bajan sand of arrogance?

    Those who pay attention to the mad mutterings of Zoe (the servant) are indeed listening to the distinct voice of his master, Satan the deceiver covered in Bajan poo and carrying a broken trident as a decoy to a cliff leading to a hellhole of economic and social decay.

    “And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.
    So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.” ~ (2 Corinthians 11:14-15).


  • Bull shit Zoe there is more confusion up there where you reside in the home of the free and the land of the brave with the reincarnation of the serpent lying tongue in the splitting image of Donald Trump
    Barbados might have several problems but none compare to America with all its wealth


  • William Skinner

    @ David
    Just read Hal’s piece and you will see that the objectives of the Mutual Affair were rather limited. However that was not the original intent of those involved in the issue. To put it mildly, Hilary ended up on the Board and the foot soldiers and those who backed the effort realized that the whole thing was suddenly over. I cannot comment any further.


  • William/David,

    It is not too late to have an inquiry in to the Mutual fiasco. The objective is not to blame, rather it is to learn lessons. Why do we as a nation prefer to bury our skeletons? Can we get the Opposition yo promise one?


  • @Hal

    Who will touch it? No a boy.


  • LOL @ Miller, Zoe’s “Nooksie”
    Skippa, you does talk some REAL shiite when you get ready hear…??!!
    …and ANY mention of the Bible seems to push your panic buttons…

    Bushie threw out a challenge to EVERYONE, to look at events in Barbados before and after December 1, 2016 (when they dedicated the monument to Satan) and review the trends…
    Bushie don’t mek dat kinda sport….

    Zoe is right. Perhaps the jackasses who did the deed don’t even know what they have done, but to the perceptive among us it is as clear as midday….

    Barbados in NOT an ordinary place…
    just as Nazareth is not an ‘ordinary’ town….
    Not in the spiritual sense.

    Barbados was the place where BBE’s SPECIAL people (Blacks) were taken to their institutionally lowest point in history – with the creation of the Slave Code.
    Between 1950 and 2000, Barbados enjoyed an inexplicable period of stability, growth, development and progress- that defied all rational explanation – given our lack of resources, recent plantation history and isolated location.
    Barbados ijust happens to be positioned at a point in the Atlantic that has been (to date) like a null-point for major natural catastrophic events that have plagued our neighbours….Check the historical trends…

    CLEARLY, …BBE has had an interest… very likely even beyond the adoption of a whacker-welding, brass-bowl, Bajan boy……

    It should come as no surprise that Beelzebub would seek to establish an alter here, now that his global ‘free pass’ has been issued…. and he is running things world-wide, with his albino-centric mumbo-jumbo….

    Bushie would be completely unsurprised to learn of a similar monument or other arrangement in Nazareth or Bethlehem.

    BBE works in mysterious ways in order to accomplish his ends….


  • David,

    A society that wants to learn from past mistakes should jump at the opportunity to see what went wrong with the Mutual.


  • @ Hal
    Why do we as a nation prefer to bury our skeletons?
    Another excellent question.

    It is because it takes persons of personal integrity to investigate others of questionable integrity….. least their own digging exposes their own crimes.

    A nation of dishonest persons will never seek justice therefore, because they know that their time too will come.
    We need HONEST persons in positions of authority in order for justice and righteousness to prevail.

    A former IMF head was recently (last week?) jailed for 4 1/2 years for embezzlement in Spain. He used a corporate credit card to support his lavish lifestyle while in office –
    Did we not have a former NUPW leader accused of similar weaknesses?
    Did he even repay the money – far less being prosecuted?

    …and don’t even talk of our politicians..


  • Bush Tea,

    Because I was responsible for my P&L I had to sign off all invoices. You should have seen some of the strange ones coming through to me to be signed off. The trick is to present them in bulk.
    As a Bajan, I was thorough. They did not get through, and when questioned it was always a mistake.


  • @ Bush Tea,

    ” the monument ” was designed by a 23 year old Bajan woman who has a Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) from PrattMWP – one of the top U.S. fine art & design colleges, where she was named ‘Freshman of the Year.’

    Additionally, she was awarded the Alfred H. Wardle prize for most outstanding student in her major (jewellery design) and the Easton Pribble Memorial Award for the college’s most outstanding student at the end of her sophomore year.”


  • Bush Tea March 7, 2017 at 11:07 PM #

    Ownership is what differentiates slaves from noblemen.
    A Brass Bowl who therefore WILLINGLY disposes of his assets in exchange for liquid greed(a bowl of porridge) is a stupid, retarded, brass-bowl, rabbit…. and that is the positive spin

      But isn't this our culture?  The beneficiaries of C.C. King, N.E Wilson, and all of the other Black merchants of Roebuck St and Baxters Road , are able to bear testimony to this.                  What makes beneficiaries / servants of Palmetto Street any different?


  • @ Hants March 8, 2017 at 3:39 PM
    All true…
    …and she is ALSO a Cawmere graduate.

    It is STILL a lotta shiite; um look bad; and definitely in want of digging up…!!

    Have you not also wondered what the hell was going on at Cawmere with all the smells, conflict and disorder up there since all this? ..like somebody let a genie out of a bottle..?

    It would not be at all surprising to Bushie to eventually discover that Vincent had some shiite to do with all this….


  • I wonder how come the four people who died in the accident at Graham Hall, just outside of the Prince Hall Masonic Bldg!! Or, maybe how come around 50 people died the same year we celebrated our 50th…..!!!!!

    Satan ALWAYS requires human sacrifices from those who DEAL with him, ALWAYS! Nuff Bajans are mixed up in many OCCULT practices from the TOP to the Bottom…nuh wonder Bimshire in such confusion ALL over, left…right…and center, Ya hearrrrr!


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