The Adrian Loveridge Column – Well Done Sue Springer

Ms. Sue Springer, Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association Barbados

Sue Springer, Outgoing CEO,Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association

As Sue Springer prepares to demit her post as Chief Executive Officer at the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association, I would like to dedicate this weeks’ column to her amazing contribution to tourism over several decades and around 15 years in her current position.

Frankly, I have marvelled at her incredible ability to juggle with egos the size of elephants as well as the inevitable political interference.

Few can question the dedication, patience, personal and family sacrifice, together with the hours she has committed to our main industry trade body while trying to balance the myriad of vested and diverse interests within its membership.

From my own personal perspective, I will always be eternally grateful for the support and encouragement she has given us over many years with several initiatives we have driven, including the re-DISCOVER the Caribbean Show and current re-DISCOVER Barbados restaurant promotion with its re-DISCOVER REWARDS incentive offshoot.

Perhaps many out there are not aware of her background and broad depth of experience within the industry, I will use the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association profile on Sue, to detail her long career.

Veteran hotelier of some thirty years, member of the Hotel Catering Institute and Management Association (HCIMA), Mrs. Springer holds a Master of Science in Tourism and Hospitality Management. She commenced her career in London, England, at the Waldorf Hotel and then worked in Bahrain and Guyana. She moved to Barbados to take up the position of Training manager at Sandy Lane Hotel, and later managed Discovery Bay, Colony Club and Tamarind Cove Hotels, she then became Operations Manager at Almond Beach Village. Sue also opened and managed Turtle Beach Resort. She lectured at Guildford and Plymouth College of Technology in England, in various disciplines including front office, housekeeping, sales and marketing and also lectured in Barbados at the Barbados Community College Hospitality Institute. She sits on several statutory bodies and is a board member of Tourism Development Corporation (TDC) and Barbados Conference Services Ltd (BCSL) and the newly formed Barbados Tourism Product Authority (BTPA). In addition, she was a member of the Technical Vocational Education & Training Council (TVET) and hospital lead body for National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ’s). Sue is past President of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association and is currently Chief Executive Officer of the Association, a position she has held for the past 14 years. She was also the President of the Caribbean Society of Hotel Association Executives (CSHAE) for four years.

It is an incredibly hard act to follow, but I sincerely wish the new Chief Executive Officer, former Senator Rudy Grant, all the very best in his new position. We hope that the entire industry will support his efforts and put any hints about partisan politics aside in the interests of all.

To finish with an enormous thank you to Sue, for her unswerving impartial dedication to the entire industry. All of us in tourism owe you a massive debt of gratitude and wish you every possible success in the next chapter of your life.


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    By Davandra Babb on Nov 27, 2016 12:54 pm

    _dsc0158“It’s been an incredibly fascinating and rewarding journey.” That’s how outgoing Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) Sue Springer sums up her journey in the tourism industry. Springer, who has worked in the sector since 1972, was among 50 Barbadians who received the Barbados Jubilee Honour last Friday night during the […]

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  • Bernard Codrington.

    Yes. Quite a contribution to Barbados’ number one industry. Congratulations. An honour well earned.


  • Congratulations for a job well done for enriching owners and board members of the Hotel Industry, but a failing grade for not doing the same for those who work tirelessly on the ground, at the bottom, those overworked underpaid members of staff who incidentally are praise by owners for their successes, those who by their “Pride and Industry” are the real ambassadors, who contribute more than expected, those whose work conditions are not up to par, those who forfeit their National holidays to accommodate yet denied lawful time and remittances with the excuses of management that it does not apply, that the hotel industry is different, those who entertain and still cry out for adequate facilities, those who commit themselves beyond 8 hr. workdays to accumulate a worthwhile pay pack at the end of the week, those who suffer embarrassment working on beaches, those taxi operators who compete with coaches, those who provide watersports are controlled by authorities in making a living.
    Where was your representation for “the hotel Industry workers”

    Sue Springer, you could have made such a greater contribution had you address some if not all these still existing issues in those 44 years of service. Nevertheless it’s still a contribution nonetheless. Even if you say these are Union matters, the BHTA would have made some impact and as we know Unions are unentertained.


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