Dwight Sutherland Serving Two MAMs, Mottley and Maloney

There is the saying, ‘if yuh start wrong, yuh gine end wrong’.

A lot has been written and said about MAM (Mark Maloney) and his latest Town Planning Department (TPD) breach (controversy) Hard Rock Cement. His name was mentioned by Governor Delisle Worrell when he delivered one of his closed door Economic Reviews. In the recent No Confidence Motion brought against the government by MAM (Mia Mottley) Maloney’s name was again mentioned several times. In the same way she catapulted the Cahill Energy Scam to wide national attention, she has apparently done the same to Mark Maloney and his company Hard Rock Cement.

The BU household has joined many who have become enthralled by the reported exploits of Maloney. The current debate over his refusal to respond to an enforcement order issued by the Town Planning department (TPD),  who then flipped it to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Charles Leacock, who has since requested additional information from Chief Town Planner Mark Cummins to clarify the order is the stuff Hollywood is built.

Photo credit: Barbados Today

Photo credit: Barbados Today

Although Barbadians have been labelled creatures who have a short attention span, surely we have not forgotten it was in January of last year Mark Maloney announced that a top of the line cement plant would be constructed next to the flour mill on Barbados Port Authority lands. The verbal indiscretion and insight into how decisions are made in Barbados have now come into the light. His announcement then forced a hurried response by Chief Town Planner Mark Cummins to the effect no building construction application had been made. The Business Development and Operations Consultant Dwight Sutherland was given the job to explain away Maloney’s ‘faux pas’ of sorts which he attributed to overexcitement.

During the No Confidence debate Mia Mottley was relentless in her prosecution of Maloney and the authorities who have not been able to respond to what she labelled TPD breaches. While on her feet government member using sotto voce were quick to ask about Dwight Sutherland’s role in the Hard Rock Rock Hard affair. She responded that it would be INVIDIOUS of her to deal with the Sutherland involvement during the motion.The meaning of the word – likely to arouse or incur resentment or anger in others. Members of the BU household immediately discussed what she meant and concluded she did not want to upset her junior colleague.

BU is of the view given the aggressive public position the leader of the Opposition and Barbados Labour Party Mia Mottley has taken – and rightly so – makes it easy for Sutherland to resign his job as a Consultant with Maloney’s Hard Rock Cement company. Given Sutherland’s role and his public mouthings as a representative of Hard Rock Cement, it is obvious that he was involved in TPD discussions. It is obvious he was privy to the direction the company was about to take last year. Even if he was not aware the time has come to select one master. There is another saying – you can’t serve two masters.

It is a matter of principle Mr. Dwight Sutherland M.P. and Business Development Manager and Consultant. All are watching you as you construct a career in public service.


  • are-we-there-yet



    I think I got it now!

    You were in the bosom of the DLP party hierarchy – a virtual DT acolyte

    You saw or received an email which incontrovertibly indicated that someone else, perhaps even you (as evidenced by your demonstrated Poster skills on BU) was responsible for the billboards and that concomitantly Nassar had no part in it. Hence proving the liardness of Nassar.

    The header from that email, perhaps from DT himself, incontrovertibly proves its authenticity.

    How yuh like muh?

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  • Bro wuh kind of God u serving and using smut language.u ought to be ashamed of your self. Sound more like the devil you respect than God
    Get behind me you evil and perverted one


  • @ Well Well

    Remembrance is such a thing though, you have spoken a truth BECAUSE I TOO REMEMBER WHAT NASSAR WAS, now he has become a sellout.

    @ AWTY.

    The Billboards ARE NOT ILLEGAL insofar as they are “in contravention of the TCP rules which require that permission be sought for them, IF THEY ARE TO BE PERMITTED AS PERMANENT STRUCTURES i.e. they need permission for them to stay up beyond that 30 days period.

    The man who paid to put them up is a Power ful man and he gave energy and Power to the DLP then government in waiting but that man is not singing his praises so another can seek now to take the kudos for such actions.

    What I will do however is this.

    I will send a confidential document EYES ONLY to the Honourable Blogmaster.

    That will shed some light on the genesis of the campaign, I will leverage that document vis a vis another item whose author is yet alive, and is not the type of man to Trumpet his horn, though it is he, and Not Nassar, who is responsible for that billboard thing.

    Look where we have come to though

    Where we now are concocting untruths to make ourselves seem like heroes worthy of knighthood during this 50th Anniversary



  • Well Well & Consequences

    Piece…I got an eidetic memory, was a small child not even living in Barbados, but remembered well what Nassar experienced at the hands of black politicians. ..even if he dont..lol

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  • are-we-there-yet



    So the Election billboards, being temporary structures, are not comparable to Maloney’s huge permanent precast concrete structures vis-a-vis TPD strictures. Thus it is possible that Nassar’s understanding of the modalities of this case is likely to be quite flawed.

    I think very highly of Nassar so I would be loath to agree that his statement represents part of a possible campaign for national recognition in our 50th anniversary year and suggest instead that the statement might rather be evidence of a temporary lapse of memory.

    In any case, I think Nassar’s defence of Maloney was somewhat flawed in that it seemed to be quite counterintuitive for the Nassar who Bajans knew as an unremitting champion of Black causes, to be now fully supportive of a situation where a bajan white is seemingly thumbing his nose at Authority while poor blacks appear to be consistently disadvantaged in similar situations.

    As far as I’m concerned the situation does not rise to one where you need to validate your stand by sending documented information to David. I think that reasonable readers would accept your position.


  • @ AC

    I do not fool myself regarding my relationship with GOD.

    “Then David the king stood up upon his feet, and said, Hear me, my brethren, and my people: As for me, I had in mine heart to build an house of rest for the ark of the covenant of the LORD, and for the footstool of our God, and had made ready for the building:

    But God said unto me, Thou shalt not build an house for my name, because thou hast been a man of war, and hast shed blood.”

    Those of us who “have shed blood” cannot be among those who pass over to that hallowed ground.

    If there must be a purge of the corrupt, to bring this country back to the straight and narrow, I cannot, and will not hold self to be “without sin” AC. Mine is a deeper darker sin, so I DO NOT FOOL MYSELF.

    Look around you when you walk down broadstreet and swan street and see how many of our citizens toil long hard hours for $275/week in 2016 the same salaries that we earned 30 years ago. While a category of citizen whom we have elected, over successive governments, enforce this slavery on our own.

    DBLP 9 years ago $1 billion raped and during your tenure $1.5? Billion and not even one of you NOT EVEN ONE OF YOU AMONG THE 30 rapists, like the animals in Brazil, will stand up and say this is wrong, NOT EVEN ONE.

    Like those rapists who posted their bestiality on FaceBook, every evening at 7 till 8 or whenever, you lot post your rape on CBC and the other lot posts their endorsement of the rape on the Nation or in Barbados Today with their oblong heads.

    SCUM THAT YOU ARE, enemies of all Bajans, but none will rise up to challenge you, not teachers, not lawyers, not unionists, not doctors, and certainly not the lowest of the scum, my personal favourites the priests and men of the cloth, the tithe rapists.


  • @ Are we There Yet

    I thank you that graciousness of action so that I do not have to disclose what I most assuredly have.

    You are spot on, they are 5 email which date from early 2006 to 2008 convened where the sugar seems browner than the rest (Date: Tue, Dec 5, 2006 at 7:21 AM Subject: Remember…)

    The comical thing about that trait of keeping electronic data trails is that people DO NOT WRITE ME, they call me, little do they know i have a SONY MINI RECORDER that plugs into the phone. OOOps!!

    There is something that i have learnt though.

    Any man who will put his response in writing to you and confirm what he has said IN WRITING, is a man to be respected, you may not like his donkey, but if he can write it, AS IT WAS AGREED, he is to be respected.

    I too was young, once, and believed in man of woman born.

    I too once felt that these persons meant well for Bajans and barbados, I too drank the coolade, but you know what I have learnt in all this fray good sir?

    I know I quote regularly from the one Good Book, not that I seek to proselyte any with its wisdom, I have no choice but to accept its timeless wisdom.

    “And the LORD’S anger was kindled against Israel, and he made them wander in the wilderness forty years, until all the generation, that had done evil in the sight of the LORD, was consumed.”

    That verse has me of the understanding that, barring one or two old bembers, the equivalents of Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite and Joshua the son of Nun, a whole generation of us olde timers must die.

    Where we must concentrate our efforts, is in the young ones.

    Encouraging them to do that which is right teaching them to honour that which is right but to abhor that which is wrong.

    THe Change that we must seek is not to replace this inept lot with the other sloths, It has to be that we find patriots and empower them to make this country better

    Jeff Cumberbatch the Luminary and Straight Shooter, Leighton Trotman He who will not be bought by any that is the Caleb and Joshua types that we seek.

    Then men like you and I can use our real names and comment here in the open, for the few years remaining, and lay down and go home.


  • are-we-there-yet


    You said above:

    DBLP 9 years ago $1 billion raped and during your tenure $1.5? Billion and not even one of you NOT EVEN ONE OF YOU AMONG THE 30 rapists, like the animals in Brazil, will stand up and say this is wrong, NOT EVEN ONE.

    Freundal, their leader, and most of the Bajan population has tacitly enabled them to do this.

    Take this blog, for example, How many BU regulars voted through their comments here to give a pass to Dwight Sutherland for his aligning of himself to Mark Maloney and his projects and actually being his spokesman on the Hard Rock project? Even we, who pontificate on honour and goodness and discerning what is wrong, cannot see that this situation clearly identifies where the rot starts?

    But I take your point above and substantially agree with it.

    In any similar situation in other countries or even here prior to the surreal happenings of this Stuart Government, any other Government operating at a level that might be 1 tenth as egregious as our current government would have been sure to have spawned a number of dissenting voices amongst the 16 Government members.

    In Barbados there are none, except in the Opposition. Indeed, where there was a vote of no confidence one woman, Maria Agard gets up and excoriates the Government and then votes with that government against the No confidence vote when she could have just not voted for the sake of consistency. The Minister of Agriculture talks against the policies of his comrades in the house and then votes with them. etc. etc.

    Until we recognize that corruption and incipient acts that could lead to corruption must be nipped in the bud to allow the country to grow again we are spinning top in mud.

    Frustrated Businessman is right.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Thyy are all, the ministers, enablers of corruption, love of free money, avaricious and coveteous…flip the coin on the other side to BLP ministers, they all do the same once elected, none speak out against corruption once in office, all enable, instigate and initiate corrupt scams against the taxpayers…they none have a moral compass, no ethics…all collude and steal from the taxpayers.

    There is a saying…the hardest thing is to know.

    The taxpayers know.


  • A BLP tragedy 2007

    Remodeling of Stalls in Speightstown

    A construction company was hired by the Ministry in November 2005 to remodel thirteen (13) stalls near the Speightstown Bus Terminal for an agreed sum of $72,804.90.By July 2006 this firm had been paid $91,610.64 which included a variation of $18,805.74.
    It should be noted that towards the end of December 2007 the contractor had commenced work on only six of the thirteen stalls. There was therefore no basis for the entire contract price being paid.
    The contractor was therefore overpaid in respect of the actual works carried out

    Renovation of Roof of Oistins’ Fish Market

    The renovation to the roof of the Oistins‟ Fish Market was originally contracted to cost $883,888.16VAT inclusive. This project had cost overruns of nearly 100%, bringing the total cost of construction to$1,687,112.44.

    yes in the good economic times when fiscal spending was dominated by horrible mismanagement and runaway spending under the blp administration

    most notably the now leader of the opposition Mottley said nothing to discredit the blp govt or hold the blp administration to accountability


  • Imagine this JA using a 2007 audit exception to justify violation of financial rules listed in the AG’s 2015 report.

    JA (squared)


  • Well Well & Consequences

    AC… can you count, ya cannot reverse time, this is 2016, no one cares about 2007, in 2007 my daughter was 15, she is now nearly 25, nearly a decade has passed…a new generation of Bajans on the island are being disenfranchised..talk about that.

    There is the 1.5 billion dollars unaccounted for, show the current auditor general’s report

    . Tell Fruendel he is being paid to account for that money, it’s not his money that he chooses not to discuss it with the taxpayers or tell them where it disappeared to.


  • this jas knows it is all about Transparency sorry to ruffled your feathers but just remember those who were at the helm of power when all the mismanagement and inefficiencies and deficiencies took place are once again in pursuit of the management of barbados economy and every effort should be afoot to remind those and them of the callousness of their past effort. as the JEWS would say NEVER FORGET
    Speckled Fowl David you can put all of what i wrote in my comment in your pipe and smoke it


  • oh look at this she ac gone talking about 2007 steupse that aint got nothing to do with the present …uh think so

    if only barbados could recover some of that wasted money the economy would be in better standing so hear them telling ac keep a lid on the past and just deal with the present.. only a fools ideology of all things being equal


  • david you got to be a gloriuos jas not to uderstand that when govt changes all that is good or bad is tranfered to the new govt unfortunately when the blp left opffice they left a mountain of economic woes which the present govt is accountable no bozie it does not end like a fairy tale All that is written in the AG reports past and present would someday have to be accountable no matter whose govt or under whose leadership
    Mia Mottley cannot avoid having to be accountable for any of the past administration failures under her watch as she seeks the highest office of the land PM


  • @ AC

    4 out of your 5 posts are substantially true.

    1.That there were debts
    2.That there was substantial overspend
    3.That there was no diversification at a time of plenty
    4.That there was equal visionless turds in office interested in fattening their walltes
    5.That the Auditor General also spoe of corruption

    All those specific things that you said were true.

    THe absolute irony of all of this is that the DLP, the most inept government that this country has ever had, HAD to keep secrets.

    It was not that MIA is the dead Thompy’s childrens’ godmother Noooooo it was a darker secret which I shall call the Secret of the Leper.

    THe incoming party could not expose the sins of the former leeches because, even prior to attaining that seat of power that all uh dem lust for, the dead thompy was teifing left and right.

    So even while on the outside, he was raping another set of people.

    You know why th Roman Catholic Church is so rich? Because of its conniving expiation rites “now and at the hour of our (victory over disease and) death.

    The Inverted Charon Bribe paid to the priests for entry into heaven.

    I wonder if Thompy was thusly moved to give that pretend priest, the Apostle of GOD, who cannot speak any word of condemnation agains these scum, the Senator fellow, under whose hands The Fatted Calf was “not going to die”

    I wonder if Thompy when he realised the futility of it all was moved to asked the Tithe Rapist if he were to give those ill gotten gains to the church, if the thing called death, which we shall all encounter, would go away?

    But the inheritors COULD NOT SPEK OUT, for they too had committed sin with the woman found in adultery.

    So, like every good card player, you bluff through and during that time de fellers say “whuloss, all uh dis money heah is mine?” and de fleecing begins.

    I understand the mechanics.

    It is quite simple really. You are appointed to a job to manage the national economy. You realise that you are soooo bumb that you werent even managing the economy of your legal practice, accounting firm, architectural enterprise, in fact some uh wunna scvunts din even wukking!

    Realising your ineptitude you worked out that when wunna as* get voted out nuhbody ent gine hire you scvunt so the best thing to do is teif de money in you portfolio.

    Primal reasoning of dufusses.

    But here is the thing though.

    It is not only you dat foolish, wunna inept too, but we de electorate is de foolish ones causing even in the face of Leighton Trotman’s exposures each year we gine vote wunna out, and vote in de nex lot uh similarly qualified shysters.

    Looka how long we heah talking bout Dwitght Sutherland, the facsimile representation of the same shyte that will happen again when these next clowns replace you.

    Woman you ent so foolish after all indeed “out of the mouths of fools and babes…”


  • By referring to the Auditor General’s 2007 report, the AC consortium of yard-fowls is suggesting people should read the 2007 report and apportion blame accordingly to the BLP and Mia Mottley (even though she was not prime minister and finance minister), before they criticize this piss poor DLP administration’s financial improprieties as outlined in the 2015 report.

    So, essentially, we should give the DLP “$200 for passing go” and a “get out of jail free” card, because what was highlighted in the 2015 report is the BLP’s fault. And all accumulated debt should be attributed to the BLP because Barbados was DEBT FREE prior to September 6, 1994.

    WHAT A LOAD OF POLITICAL HOGWASH. Seriously AC, you are some ignorant sons/daughters of a B.

    Surely the DLP could do better than you lot, Bajangetuhlife, Alvin Cummins, Douglas (and Denis Kellman) to represent them on BU. You are WEAK and doing a TERRIBLE job.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    AC…just adking, what will DLP transfer to BLP when their asses are kicked out of the people’s parliament in 2018….before you answer, read this and weep…lol



  • Well Well & Consequences

    Oh what a wonderful morning, oh what a wonderful day, I got a wonderful feeling that nothing is going your way…

    And weep some more AC…lol



  • Well Well & Consequences

    Piece and Art…you both know that in the final analysis and being of very limited intellect, just like her political masters, that all AC is really saying by only mimicking what her political masters are saying to their yardfowls, is that the BLP under Owen and Mia thief over one billion dollars so therefore DLP under Fruendel, jackass Adriel Brathwaite and Sinckler have caused to disappear 1.5 billion dollars from the treasury so far which can be 2 billion dollars disappearing by the time they are done, doubling down…..that is their idea of economics…..who can blame us for understanding it in that context, since the prime minister refuses to say anything on the auditor general’s report….2016 report.


  • The brutal truth being that Mia served as a high ranking minister in the blp govt for 14years now that she has pinned her HOPES and Desires on becoming the PM of this nation she should be questioned and scrutinzed on the grounds that her voting record has indeed help to form and shaped many policies of goverance some of which lead to fiscal and economical faliures within the system
    For those who are willing to give Mia an easy pass let’s not forget it is about Transparency


  • Well Well & Consequences

    We want the transparency about the money missing from the treasury in 2016 AC…now.

    Who gives a shit about Mia, if you know me at all by now, you would know that I prefer see none of the politicians in Barbados managing the country…they are sellouts why the island is in such a state…they sell out their own people to the minority business people.


  • Mia has yet to give clear and concise views on social and economic matters for that matter an issue of same sex marriages which has social and econmic ramificiations with the potential of regulating many changes in a country.on the subject of privatisation she has been wishy washy giving no concrete opinion on how such policies would be helpful or negative to a small nation economy
    Mia has been given leverage to fly above radar with issues which are potentially hurtful to the economy like those of rubbing shoulders and nonsense marches while the real issues to do with building a social and economic enviroment remains dormant in her mind


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ ac June 1, 2016 at 9:37 AM

    Don’t you think it’s high time you shift your focus away from Mia and back onto your former bugbear OSA? OSA is highly critical your administration’s piss-poor management of the economy.
    Why not comment on what he has to say?

    BTW, are you still against “PRIVATIZATION” even though your party is going down that road?
    Like Stinkliar and Inniss, Mia is also for Privatization? What about you, yard-fowl?


  • “The brutal truth being that Fruendel Stuart served as Prime Minister of Barbados now has pinned his HOPES and Desires on becoming the PM of this nation once again in 2018, he too will also be questioned and scrutinized on the grounds that his voting record has indeed help to form and shaped many policies of governance some of which lead to fiscal and economical failures within the system.”

    “A policy of formal reporting by parliamentarians to constituents on stewardship and issues affecting the constituencies.” [Page 48, DLP 2008 election manifesto]

    It is interesting to note that, as at May 31, 2016, NO DLP parliamentarian has reported to constituents on their stewardship or on issues affecting their constituencies.

    As such, this gives us more than enough reason to “question and scrutinize” members of this administration.

    “For those who are willing to give the DLP an easy pass let’s not forget it is about Transparency.”

    Remember, the DLP won the 2008 general elections based on a promised commitment to introduce transparency legislation and principles of good governance. Let me remind you of page 48 of your 2008 election manifesto, as follows:

    IMMEDIATELY INTRODUCE integrity legislation requiring:

    1) a declaration of assets by public officials
    2) a Code of Conduct for Ministers,
    3) a new Freedom of Information law

    Eight and a half years after, no TRANSPARENCY LEGISLATION or principles of GOOD GOVERNANCE.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Miller…ss a bloggrr told me Mia is living rent free in ACs head…lol


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Art….nothing in the DLPs manifesto has been realized, just the opposite…lots of hiding, sneaking around, lying, stealing money, colluding with crooks, signing scam documents, withholding information on the economy from the public, ignoring the auditor general’s report, they are useless as leaders, penny ante…I would not want them cleaning up after my dog, they have no loyalty to the taxpayers.

    Just give them another year and ya will hear how many lies and outright deceit they will be coming to the taxpayer’s with…..because they need those black votes….less than 10 thousand minorties on the island cannot return them to parliament. … I am sure they are practicing their lies all like now.

    Right AC…


  • The DLP is in power and the voters can crtique there performances on what they have been able to deliver and what they have not.
    As for Mia her willinginess to distance and separate herself from social and economic issues is not a pox or a plague in the dlp but should be of concern to herself and members of her party along with her supporters who are asking for change and in depth transparency


  • Well Well & Consequences

    AC…DLP will be kicked out.

    Why you did not speak to Bizzy on BU this morning…ya like to kiss ass and be a yardfowl, that was the perfect opportunity…lol


  • @ac June 1, 2016 at 9:37 AM “Mia has yet to give clear and concise views on…same sex marriages which has social and econmic ramificiations with the potential of regulating many changes in a country.”

    I have said it once before and I will say it again. Unlike Europeans and Americans, and Middle Easterners (both Muslim and Jewish) who are all OBSESSED with marriage, Bajans are not that into marriage. Not heterosexal marriage, not polygymous marriage, not homosexual marriage, not LBGT marriage, not religious marriage, not civil marriage.

    The truth is that we as a people are NOT that big on marriage.

    So why should we expend time and energy, and thought in embracing the Middle Eastern/Eurocentric OBSESSION with marriage?

    Mia should say and do EXACTLY NOTHING about marriage. Not heterosexual marriage not homosexual marriage, not any marriage.

    Let the marriage OBSESSED from any place, religion or culture do their do about marriage.

    Leave us out of it please.


  • However she (or the DLP, they still have plenty of time) should do something about maternity benefits which have not changed since 1967.

    Shame, shame, shame on ALL of the political parties in Barbados none of which have done anything about this situation for more than 49 years.

    The reproducers of the next generation of Bajans have been constrained by a 12 week period of maternity since 1967. We know tht 12 weeks is woefully inadequate. The Barbados government (us) have agreed with the U.N. that babies (the next generation of Bajan workers) should be solely breast fed for a minimum of 26 weeks, and yet for nearly 50 years we have denied our infants their due.

    The question is: Why?

    Anybody can answer “B” or “D”

    And yet we worry our heads about what big people do in their bedrooms; and about whether MP’s deserve their 10% which they lost a year or two ago; even while we are content to tief 14 weeks of breast milk from every Bajan born since 1967.

    Shame, shame on us as a people who are so eager to embrace other people’s issues while neglecting our own infants.

    The calypsonian was right “the white people laughing at we.”


  • ac June 1, 2016 at 1:08 PM #

    “The DLP is in power and the voters can critique there (their) performances on what they have been able to deliver and what they have not.”

    @ AC

    Mia Mottley is definitely residing rent free in your head.

    Former DLP political strategist Hartley Henry said the strategy he used for the DLP to help DEM win the 2008 general elections, was to place a significant focus on the leadership of Owen Arthur. You seem to be pursuing a similar path.

    This piss poor DLP administration has been performing so poorly that you want to use Mottley as the scapegoat in an effort to shift the focus from piss poor Fruendel Stuart and his team, to Mottley.

    Unfortunately for you, only yard-fowls will buy into that strategy.

    However, don’t worry, I will critique the DLP’s “performances on what they have been able to deliver and what they have not,” based on the promises made in both the 2008 and 2013 election manifestos.


  • what ever works bro ..whatever works however bear in mind she has a long history compromised with plenty illegalities some of which OSA and her members made reference Her political vine has plenty low hanging fruit which would not be hard to find
    Her only refuge would be to give the electorate defined and distinct alternatives to the challenges of the barbados economy which would definitely separate refined and improved her image as a serious contender for becoming PM
    the fact being that she has overused her strategy of scrutiny and criticism and a bigger window asking for change via solutions would emerge becoming larger as the election gets closer
    Either she has the answers or she does not


  • Well Well & Consequences

    AC…why you stuck back here, frighten for the other links.

    They exposing all the nasty things DLP been doing to taxpayers for the last 8 years, lies, deceit, corruption, Bizzy said bribes….all the nasty things DLP did to the people.., hmm, hmm, hmmm.

    But don’t worry we know BLP did it too, but they were not the ones doing it for the last 8 years.., that is where ya got a problem…lol


  • And Freundel Stuart “gives the electorate defined and distinct alternatives to the challenges of the Barbados economy which would definitely separate refined and improved his image as a serious contender for becoming PM again?”

    Extra long Stupse!!!!

    Donville Inniss is silently fielding in slips waiting on Stuart to edge the ball.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Both Donville and Stuart are useless to the island’s economy, Donville is salivating to become prime minister with his nasty attitude and sense of self importance….. bad for the island.

    Fruendel is trying to wash all the filth off himself, but cannot bring himself to disowm thiefing Leroy Parris…bad for the island that thieves and friendships with thieves takes precedent over the welfare of people on the island in Fruendel’s playbook…..bad for the island.

    The electorate will make a tactical and fatal error trusting any of these politicians.


  • Can anyone recall if Mr. Sutherland attended the prostest that was held by the leader of the opposition?


  • So Mia dressed in white is symbolic of what? Like agard said a sleeping giant can be awakened but there is no cure for a demon dressed in white


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