Mark Maloney Take Your Advice, GuhLong

Heard the arrogance coming through today on Brasstacks between Maloney and Ellis. Maloney says he can take his plant and his water and sow it any part of the world. White capitalist class attitude thumbing his nose and finger at a 95% black population. Well Maloney tek ur filthy lucre and haul allyuh azz from bout hey. Yuh chopsutter, gaul bline yuh yuh red effing leg. Fkg JA swine. Wunna so can manipulate azzoles like Stuart and make him lose all 30 seats. Mottley got more sense than that and Gabby mekking sure all yuh don’t get away with this nasty attitude wunna got that Sparrow sang bout “all is mine,all is mine” and I add,”black man whine”


The blogmaster also listened to the arrogance dripping from the words of Mark Maloney yesterday. He referred to an ‘underground’ segment of the Barbados society that in his opinion delight in resisting the effort of businessmen like himself.

While listening to Maloney rubbish the constitutional right of Barbadians to agitate and advocate in the democracy we live the blogmaster recalled an observation by the then leader of the opposition Prime Minister Mia Mottley.

One man cannot get a $24 million contract at Valerie, $28 million housing contract at Grotto; a $42 million molasses storage tank, 20-year contract in the Barbados Bridgetown Harbour… Coverley which is over 1,100 houses at which the government is only receiving less than $2.50 a square foot on the land there; 2,300 lots at Bushy Park that have been committed to in an MOU [Memorandum of Understanding] but mercifully the contract has not been signed [by] the National Housing Commission to give them the lots.

Mia Mottley (2017)

Mark Maloney is this a case of you condemning the prime minister of Barbados because in a past life she also railed against the unreasonableness of one contractor receiving over 1 billion dollars in investment? Have you included her in the ‘underground’ group railing protesting your projects? What has the ‘investment’ in the GROTTO done for Barbadians?  If the blogmaster was not acutely aware we live under a democracy you would be advised to shut your Rh mouth.

Mottley went on to observe at the Barbados Chamber of Commerce (BCCI) lunchtime discussion in 2017.

…the Hyatt Hotel, the land at the Port where the cement plant has gone and there is a Town Planning dispute. Bushy Park Racing Circuit itself, the plot to sign businesses on the highway and I can go on and on. One person cannot get more than a billion dollars in contracts at the very time that Barbados has a smaller economy at the end of the decade than it started with at the beginning.

Mia Mottley (2017)

Mark Maloney you continue to be the beneficiary of concessions on many if not all of the government projects you were awarded. Do you know who is underwriting the concessions? Barbadians have a Rh right to protest how potential government revenues are being forgone if they are inclined. It is our Rh money.

Barbadians have been described as passive and ignorant by people of your ilk. Do not think the blogmaster is not aware. Here is a free bit of advice. If you have a problem with the right of Barbadians on the rock to protest take your own advice and go to Rh long.



  • “The Cave Hill area. The Lloyd Erskine Sandiford area: Map Hill, St. George etc. All of these areas could have been considered.”

    Mr. Skinner

    To be FAIR, given the timeline between Ross’ relocation to Barbados and the beginning of the semester was relatively short, surely it would be a bit unreasonable to expect government or ordinary citizens to prepare appropriate accommodations in time.

    Under these circumstances, I believe the decision to use Coverley as a short-term measure, was appropriate at the time. However, the students are NOT “confined to barracks,” and can leave, as you mentioned, to mingle with ordinary citizens and support local businesses.

    You are being myopic in your thinking and not taking into consideration that Ross University is now located in Barbados, which means the institution isn’t going anywhere soon.

    Ross has only been here approximately 11 months, so, THINK long-term.

    What will prevent the areas you mentioned from being considered or “ordinary citizens” from participating in the student accommodation process………. and preparing and marketing their properties for prospective students?


  • My last comment..
    Cow, Bizzy, Mark Maloney et al. should fight for and keep whatever the hell they can get.
    In their position, Most would probably act in a similar vein.
    Direct your blame in the right direction. Point your fingers at the jokers you call a government.


  • Theo…problem for these thieves, they have relied on dipping their hands in the treasury and pension fund for these scam projectsfor so long, that they are RELUCTANT to move on and stop TIEFING from the Black population. They have stolen for decades, have most of it hidden offshore in Argentina and other places and DONT WANT TO USE THE MONEY THEY STOLE…all of which i hope gets FROZEN.

    Why do you think Apes Hill had shut down for a while, because tiefing Cow did not want to use his own money to keep it open among all the other wicked racist, uppity shite he does as a thief which should spell the end of his ass as some slave owner wannabe on the island. And ya can guarantee all the thieves we saw and some u are not seeing have the same evil mentality.

    Mia should be kicked out of the parliament the moment she picks up a dime of the people’s tax or pension dollars to give any of these criminals acting like they are doing the island favor when all they are committing is daylight robbery. And the scum in parliament know it but their tongues and hands are already stretched out for bribes from cost overruns.


  • @The0gazerts

    I agree with you the government must accept the blame for encouraging these underhanded business practices. However it takes 2 hands to clap and if some of these business people did not sink into the gutter of deception to begin with, then such deals could not take place.

    In the old days a businessman was respected for his word and ethicacy hence the words ” let’s shake on it” came to being. Today it seems to be how much money they made, regardless of how they made it that counts to some. To shake on a deal with them, my first instinct after would be to check and make sure I got back all five fingers!

    It’s all about how much this breed can get regardless of what it takes that counts to them. They don’t care if the whole island hates them as long as their bank accounts are flush from questionable transactions, many facilitated by ministers of the state.

    Then we wonder why the man on the street feels he can so as he likes. Why shouldn’t he based on what he sees so called “big ups” doing and getting away with? Everytime I drive down the Spring Garden and see that cement bond still standing, it reminds me of how piss poor we are at enforcing our laws and how law only applies to the poor and not the wealthy it would appear.

    Even when governments change nothing is done to enforce laws. Why hasn’t that cement bond been moved by the TCP now that a new government is in place and his “God father” is no longer there to protect him? Why hasn’t this government ordered an enquiry into the Blue Horizon deal seeing it was offered to him at half what another party was willing to pay?

    The truth is both parties are the same and my hope of true change and transparency occurring under this group have long faded.

    As William says the duopoly rules.

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  • @John A

    not duopoly, political class!


  • The utter SHAME and DISGRACE that is the Barbados government….workers should not even have to go to Canada to work on any marijuana farms, unless they choose to, but even if they do, these useless negros in the parliament are not fit to legislate anything to benefit their own people..

    Marijuana growers WERE SOLD OUT by an uncaring government who cant even PRETEND it cares anymore…..not a permit or license has been issued.


  • John A

    “Why hasn’t this government ordered an enquiry into the Blue Horizon deal seeing it was offered to him at half what another party was willing to pay?”

    What would be the objective of the enquiry?

    You have already stated the facts.
    We all know there was a fire sale going on (Four Seasons, Hilton, Oil Terminal).

    IMO enquiry is a waste of time and tax payers money and will not get us back Blue Horizon or the money other investors valued it at.


  • @ John 2

    Didn’t you hear at the meeting it was disclosed no sale has yet occurred? This is therefore the perfect time to have an enquiry as we can still protect and own the beach front lot even if we sell the land side one.



    Now here is where Donald Trump and i just became BEST FRIENDS…on this only..l REPEAT…ON THIS ONLY….won’t want him getting any peculiar ideas….Mia and this GANG OF THIEVES…must be watched.

    “Trump administration has an eagle eye on Barbados’ US$290 million loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) – financing it could have obstructed.

    In a report sent to the United States Congress three weeks ago, the Department of the Treasury said while Barbados “remains heavily indebted and vulnerable”, it believed the IMF loan “is likely to be repaid in full”.

    Under provisions related to “use of US funds for foreign governments”, the US government could have objected to Barbados getting this funding from the international financial institution, which is based in Washington DC.

    Long-standing practice requires that before any loan is approved by the IMF’s Executive Board, the Office of the US Executive Director (OUSED) at the IMF, working in close coordination with the Treasury Department, have to approve”


  • Yeah Maloney and Bjerkham and u thieves…continue that scam now…THE WORLD IS WATCHING..


  • John A

    No, I did not follow much of the townhall meeting. I thought the sale was a done deal and was just waiting for the final permission from T&P to start building.

    I would support any attempt to get the maximum price if we sell.


  • Maloney can’t take the high road and claim developers are interested only in what is good for Barbados because it is clear from the past that developers are not interested in the welfare of Barbados.

    … well he can but not without looking like a complete idiot, hypocrite and causing some public mirth as people laugh at him.

    Been there done that!!

    Harlequin and Four Seasons show clearly that developers do not have the best interest of Barbados at heart.

    Cahill, SSS etc come to mind also.

    The fact that Barbados got “black listed” by the OECD clearly demonstrates the negative impact developers have on Barbados.

    It certainly wasn’t the public that took the actions moving large sums of money illegally that earned Barbados the reputation.

    It would seem that besides the Environmental Impact Assessment and other Social studies there also needs to be done a through study of the developers to check their financial bona fides.

    Maybe this should be undertaken first of all so that the country doesn’t waste time on EIAs and other studies.

    Quite apart from saving time it will also scare off those developers who in the past have shown clear mala fides against Barbados.

    Pass by Paradise, or the site above KFC in Hastings, or Merricks … or just read of their dismal tales of treachery and you will see that before any would be “developer” pokes his/her nose in Barbados through the various local factors that exist, there should be a thorough audit of the capabilities, record and intent.

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  • As a matter of fact, president Mia did say “watch muh nuh”…so she won’t mind everyone else watching….lol..

    Counsel Rests should not mind either…wuhloss.

    Piece…ya missing THE ACTION…


  • Waru aka Abigail de Salemite

    Youre a blasted liar. Go have a seat, severaaal!


  • Me, lie?

    What do i gotta lie about?

    Do you see someone chasing me? Lol


  • Abigail
    You keep polluting the blog wid foolishness day after day after day. You clearly do not know what the protrusion at Coverley looked like, just a boldfaced liar. As usual, trying to deflect from yet another uninformed rambling by posting about human trafficking, like Epstein the american ain’t just get arrested for human trafficking in Amurka. Human trafficking exists in Amurka, Canada, UK, all cross Europe and cross the globe. Fool! Wuh dah gotta do with your ignorance of the roundabout at Coverley (check today’s Sunday Sun and see a big public notice saying Cow and BL&P doing wuk on the same roundabout) or if yuh need to own land to apply to TPD? Absolutely nuffin. I thought by now you were supposed to have people arrested and charged for land?🤣🤣🤣


  • David
    I am no fan of MAM#2, never was and don’t think I will ever be. I however believe in being pragmatic, lawful and transparent.


  • @enuff

    No argument here.


  • Me, it is not me arresting anyone.

    Do you see me being unlawful, unpragmatic and NOT TRANSPARENT…

    Me thinks ya confusiing me with YOUR MAM..

    Ya done know ah quick to take meself out of yall mess…

    Me nah know yuh suh…


  • @ Enuff July 21, 2019 6:09 PM
    “I am no fan of MAM#2, never was and don’t think I will ever be. I however believe in being pragmatic, lawful and transparent.”

    So when are you going to demonstrate your ‘stated’ commitment to a government being “lawful and transparent” by asking some rather “pragmatic” questions about the same MAM#2 driving around in a duties-and-taxes-free luxury vehicle under the camouflage of a ghost called “Sales Director” employed by an imaginary hotel called the Hyatt erection?

    Of course you would avoid such pertinently niggling questions in order to continue your attack on the poor defenseless WARU the Salemite living in the constituency of the MP Roloerick Hinds.


  • “I am no fan of MAM#2, never was and don’t think I will ever be.”

    Don’t mind Counsel Rests…I especially like this part here, “no fan of MAM”…

    ……ah will tell you who and what ya are a fan of though…ya are fan of TIEFING YA OWN PEOPLE’S MONEY AND GIVING IT AWAY TO corrupt Cow, Bzzy, Maloney et al…robbing ya own people for TOXIC MINORITIES, steal their land and money and their BENEFICIARIES FUTURES…..that is what ya are a fan of..

    ……so ya may not be a fan of MAM’s but ya are a fan of TIEFING FROM YA OWN PEOPLE…ya jackass…

    anyhoo…be glad yall are getting from a concerned country…THAT WHICH YA DUMB AS ASS LEADERS NEVER THOUGHT IT NECESSARY FOR YOU TO HAVE BEFORE…TRAINING…

    something neither YOU…nor the TOXIC MINORITY THIEVES WHO LOVE TO ROB THE TREASURY AND PENSION FUND…never wanted to see in Barbados..

    ..told ya the spin thing works…lol



  • And tell that tiefing Cow to remove the goddamn island to the left of the ugly roundabout …the island in FRONT OF COVERLEY…it is DANGEROUS MANAUEVERING BETWEEN THE TWO…..

    Counsel Rests…you hand to mouth lawyers…are APPALLING and WICKED….


  • Miller…ya noticed, these crooks are always sending their imps to attack poor defenseless me..


  • Counsel Rests…look, a REAL, REAL lawyer..

    “By Robert D. McFadden
    July 21, 2019

    Robert M. Morgenthau, a courtly Knickerbocker patrician who waged war on crime for more than four decades as the chief federal prosecutor for Southern New York State and as Manhattan’s longest-serving district attorney, died on Sunday in Manhattan. He was 99.

    Mr. Morgenthau’s wife, Lucinda Franks, said he died at Lenox Hill Hospital after a short illness.

    In an era of notorious Wall Street chicanery and often dangerous streets, Mr. Morgenthau was the bane of mobsters, crooked politicians and corporate greed; a public avenger to killers, rapists and drug dealers; and a confidant of mayors and governors, who came and went while he stayed on — for nearly nine years in the 1960s as the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York and for 35 more as Gotham’s aristocratic Mr. District Attorney.

    For a Morgenthau — the scion of a family steeped in wealth, privilege and public service,”


  • Testing, testing, Counsel Rests…are you there?


  • And ya corrupt governments are still allowing Cow to build POTHOLE FILLED ROADS…every year because of the BRIBERY FACTOR…….while there are cheaper ways to build longer lasting roads…..shame on the wannabe lawyers and the crooked ministers who collude to carry out these crimes against pensioners and taxpayers….generation after generation..


  • Piece the Legend

    This blog saddens me but not because of all wunna high falluting dialogue about red legs Baloney putting shy$e in Bajans mouth but because if one person only

    Abijah Holder!

    We sat quietly as the tien and country planning department did nothing and MTW did nothing and Mugabe Mugabe Mottley talked nuff and did nothing while Maloney murdered Abijah and the Chief Toen and Country man Mark Cumming and successive black Ministers of MTW, aided and abetted him


  • And for that…they will ALL PAY..

    Bunch of useless shitehounds….unfit for anything except corruption.


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