Dwight Sutherland’s One Year Contract With Rock Hard Cement

Submitted by Dr. George Brathwaite
Dwight Sutherland, M.P.

Dwight Sutherland, M.P.

I refer to your article in the Barbados Underground which states that Dwight Sutherland is serving two MAMs. From my standpoint and certain knowledge, Sutherland is a professional with considerable amount of training in cement manufacture.  He was offered a one (1) year contract in 2015 as Consultant – Business Development and Operations with Rock Hard Cement.

We researched but could not find Sutherland’s name attached to any wrong doings of Rock Hard Cement during his one (1) year stint with them. Sutherland spoke only of cement as it is his passion and training. Sutherland completed his one (1) year contract with Rock Hard cement as a professional and has done nothing wrong.

He was not responsible for the building works at Rock Hard Cement sites neither was he responsible for TCPD applications for Rock Hard Cement.

When last we checked, the only thing that Sutherland was doing Rock Hard is busy working in St. George South cementing himself. He is indeed rock hard in that area as he appears irreplaceable at this time.

As a man of integrity we assumed he saw the writing on the wall and did what was right.

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  1. @George
    “As a man of integrity we assumed he saw the writing on the wall and did what was right.”

    And what “right” thing may that have been?

    just observing

  2. As a man of integrity we assumed he saw the writing on the wall and did what was right.
    More than we can say for the Prime Minister ,who added his endorsement of Leroy’s wall of shame, in bold letters.

  3. This is good news, George.

    Maloney seems hell bent on doing whatever what he wants, when he wants and no man can stop him. Dwight as an MP should not be associated with a man who does not respect rules and regulations.

    Dwight’s association with him raised a lot of eye brows and the BLP does not need any distractions at this time or going forward. The heart and soul of this country we love is at stake…….we have to rid this country of the wicked dems!

  4. I thought very highly of Dwight Sutherland until he became associated with Rock Hard Cement. Based on the information above I now think it is quite possible that he can fully redeem himself. Good news, George Brathwaite! and Good luck, Dwight Sutherland!

  5. Once again a man spewed a bit of rhetoric and it is swallowed without chewed. Dwight Sutherland was/is up to his neck in that cement. Smh!

  6. The author of the article assumed Sutherland did what is right…ass..u…me……sooooo, did Sutherland cut ties with Maloney and his lawless company Hard Rock…or not.

    Sutherland is the one trying to be endorsed by voters…so they have a right to know.

    It’s bad enough the people already have corrupt blighted ministers in parliament selling them out to the highest bidder, it’s worse if there are ministers in waiting who are already compromised.

    An intelligent Sutherland would give a statement to the public to the effect that in the interest of public concern…he cut ties with Maloney and Hard Rock on such and such a date.. .untill then, we cannot ass…u…me anything….and are left to presume that he is still associated with the company until he says otherwise….publicly.

    Politicians are not above telling lies….havevto keep stating the obvious.

  7. The thrust of this communication is obviously to convey Sutherland is a professional, was not involved in the wheeling and dealing that resulted in a TPD enforcement and that his 1 year contract has come to end end. The message has signaled he will not become involved in the deeper national discussion targeted at Maloney which is unfortunate.

    We thanks George and Dwight for attempting to clarify the matter however.

  8. David
    How come poor people don’t get taken to the magistrates courts for violating TCPO notices?

    • @Past Zone

      Say what you like Maloney is doing something many Barbadians need to do and this is test the law in Court. The TPD has been doing a lotta shiiite over the years. We might not like of Maloney operates for other reasons but we need to look at the ambiguity in the law and how the TPD has operated over the years.

  9. Past Zone; You said above:-
    “How come poor people don’t get taken to the magistrates courts for violating TPO notices? THIS IS A SET UP AND CHARADE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS. NOTHING WILL COME OF THIS.”

    I also think it is a set up and charade, but not of epic proportions. It is a very typical Stuartian ploy.

    Just connect the dots:

    Maloney was thumbing his nose at TPD for a few years now, ignoring or disobeying practically all its orders with no apparent push back from the CTPO or its Minister.

    The PM was the MInister responsible for TPD up until a few weeks ago.

    Maloney proved that he could afford to thumb his nose at TPD and the CTPO as the PM clearly did nothing to rein him in despite the horrendous optics of the ongoing situation for years.

    Maloney went too far with the Hard Rock situation.

    An election is in the offing and it really looks bad to anyone who thinks about it. Some fancy movements have to be made to cut the political losses in this matter and give the impression that Government is on top of the matter.

    So the PM takes asymetric action. He attempted to extricate himself from the matter by delegating ministerial authority for TPD to Darcy Boyce so that he would be the signatory dealing with it.

    With the PM relegating that authority, at last the TPD acted, somewhat expeditiously, on the Hard Rock matter.

    Can you see the smoke and mirrors?

    Can you see that it appeared that someone saw that he could not continue to do nothing but that there was no option for him to personally take on Maloney so someone else had to appear to do it?

    Will Darcy Boyce be allowed to act on the other outstanding TPD matters related to companies associated with Mark Maloney?

    Will such action alienate Mark Maloney and therefore possibly affect the DLP election war chest?

    Is the effect of such action likely to be of such vigour as to significantly affect MM’s bottom line? Or is it more likely to be a veritable “go-and-sin-no-more” slap on the wrist?

    Smoke and Mirrors, Smoke and Mirrors!

  10. At this stage it would be quite normal for “honest” business people to offer sweetheart consultancy deals to opposition politicians without asking for any favors in return. This could be considered as a form of “grooming”. This is the time for bonding without any apparent motives. This is the time to invite them to your home when you are having “friends” over. Let them meet your family and make them feel important. Invite them on your yacht for a fishing trip. Seek out their opinions and let them know how valuable their contributions are to your and their success. Make frequent contact and let them have your cell number also.

    As soon as that person or persons find themselves in positions of influence within Government, their personal cellphone numbers are already available, a relationship has already been established and the rest is history. Psychologist tell us that there is a feeling of obligation on the part of someone receiving a gift to the giver of the gift.

    For those of you who are interested, click on this link and read what the business people already know http://4hb.com/08iceinfuencepeople.html

  11. @ David wrote “The TPD has been doing a lotta shiiite over the years.”

    Give us some examples. We Diasporians would be interested.

  12. Fearplay…bribery and corruption has been refined to an art form over the last few centuries…only really backward politicians with criminal minds still get caught in that net in this day and age….that is why they should be in prison.

  13. David June 10, 2016 at 10:04 AM #
    “The TPD has been doing a lotta shiiite over the years. ”

    Or is it the Ministers that have responsibility for TPD that “been doing a lotta shiiite over the years.”?

  14. Side bar: Glyne Murray is on Brasstacks. Have you noticed how few DLP operatives call in when he is on. Is it because he is doing such a “fair and balanced job” in representing their side of the divide that there is no need for them to interrupt?

  15. Every thing in the news and posted is about CROOKS , CROOKS CROOKS , and Yet Barbados is a place to start and grow a business, crook to crook is normal business in Barbados,
    Now when they get graded they cry, They need to have a crook to grade them ,
    When the IMF , WB, IDB , Moody’s, S&P talk about Barbados you hear the crooks saying it not true, and how things at STACKED STACKED against them , Venezuela on its way to Barbados. Then the crooks will ask what happen and blame the World with no fault of their home grown crooks,

  16. David June 10, 2016 at 10:04 AM #
    @Past Zone

    Say what you like Maloney is doing something many Barbadians need to do and this is test the law in Court. The TPD has been doing a lotta shiiite over the years. We might not like of Maloney operates for other reasons but we need to look at the ambiguity in the law and how the TPD has operated over the years.

    To be clear, every parcel of land in Barbados has a use-right, either because of an existing use that predates the Town and Country Planning Act or by subsequent T&CPD or Ministerial approval.

    When you buy a piece of land in a housing development, you have the RIGHT to build the house, all the CTP can determine is the conditions (boundaries, stories, access etc.).

    The land in question at the Barbados Port is an industrial lot in an industrial subdivision vested by the Ministry of Housing and Lands in the Barbados Port Authority. The owner/lessor/lessee has a RIGHT to build a warehouse. In this case all TCP can do is determine the conditions. This they will likely take 3 or 4 years to do if past performance is anything to go by. Meanwhile the warehouse is being built, application to retain the structure filed and a fine will be paid for ignoring the stop order.

    If we can’t work with the snivel servants we will work around them.

    This whole farce is just a storm in a teacup, the teacup is just one in a whole table placement of inefficiency and corruption.

    Meanwhile Cemtile’s little model building in Lears roundabout is being demolished by MTW as we speak. It will be heralded by the lackies and spinners as a gov’t victory over the terrible businessman villain.

    If this gov’t is good at anything, it is great at deflection.

  17. @Frustrated Businessman aka ‘Refer teefin’ to the public prosecutor’ my ass

    No wonder you are a frustrated businessman, its because you are a poor businessman.

    Have you read the serious crap you wrote above? How does a party (Maloney) challenge the need for TCPO approval once a notice to quit is issued, ……………take that matter to Court but at the same time apply to the same TCPO to retain the violating structure?

    If he does not need them for TCPO approval in first instance how does he need them for a retention? Comprehendo???

  18. @ FearPlay June 10, 2016 at 11:44 AM #

    “Side bar: Glyne Murray is on Brasstacks. Have you noticed how few DLP operatives call in when he is on. Is it because he is doing such a “fair and balanced job” in representing their side of the divide that there is no need for them to interrupt?”

    Glyne Murray has an agenda. His is an OSA acolyte so MAM is in his crosshairs. Do you remember how he started the programme last Friday? He more or less dissed the march and he went on to say that one would have thought that MAM would have continue to keep the pressure on the government instead she flies off to St Lucia….and he allowed dems to push this story ad infinitum.

    I admired people who are loyal but when will these people ride off into the sunset, come to grips with the reality that OSA can never be PM again and get over the fct that MAM is the leader?

    Well he did say today that people who are looking for him to push a BLP dont know him. I say to him…….push a dlp line under the guise that you are fair and balance……..fair and balance, my eye!

  19. Frustrated…and Maloney got the nerve to say that the destruction is illegal…Peter Harris said the same thing..in their minds, they are neve wrong when they pay bribes.

  20. Apparently Maloney has dissed the Magistrates Court and has taken his case, fast -tracked of course,directly to the High Court. I do wonder who are his side line advisors.
    A game of Barbados Monopoly

  21. Exactly Pastzone. Frustrated you talking nuff piss. Housing in a housing development is not the same as a warehouse in an “industrial” site. Residential is residential is residential; but warehouses can and are USED for different purposes and therefore the USE more so than the building determines lawfulness. Not to mention that STORING cement on industrial land located within a port makes no sense whatsoever! The activity has no relation to the port and is utter folly; it is just reducing Maloney’s transportatiom cost. Furthermore, neither the Port nor Ministry of Housing has planning authority or can determine use without the TPD. Maloney is too dismissive of the law and always spouting shyte to justify his behaviour. Only an idiot would think a hut at a roundabout is not a safety issue. Just like an egress built on the highway reserve and a gas station in Coverley too close to houses–another nonsense.

  22. I hope this is the beginning of the end………an end to the madness going on in this country.

    I want Maloney to lose on Tuesday and on Wednesday the bulldozers go in and knock down the illegal structure. This will piss him off and he will then start spilling the beans on this reprehensible bunch of morons who have sold Barbados out to three white men at the expense of all Barbadians.

    Lord, hear Barbados’ prayer.

  23. @ Colonel Buggy June 10, 2016 at 5:14 PM

    Don’t be surprised if the matter ends up right before the other bow-tie nose fella of musical persuasion similar to the Nero that fiddled while Rome was burning.

    This response by the TCP and the so-called law enforcement agencies is just a ruse to pacify Bajans and return them back to their state of stasis while somnambulating into dictatorship just like many African nations. Those structures that have been “pushed’ down are just pawns.

    Nothing will happen to the Spring Garden imported cement bond.
    When you see the removal of the illegal “island” on your ABC highway which caused the death of an innocent child then you would be getting some where as far as law enforcement and ‘blind’ justice is concerned.

  24. Prodigal
    At the beginning of Murray’s stint at VOB I said he was a pussy.The man has no guts,a waste of time.When I heard the statistics guy making his contribution and Murray the idyut that he has become,asked the man what he think about Butch Stewart project and Minister Sealy statement I said eff off Murray and turned off my radio.When I turned back on,coming up the news time he was entertaining that DLP fellow Arthur and I turned off again.Murray is a wimp.A jack donkey of Jonny proportions,a waste of time.He is the first person to be attacked in an insurrection.Nobody knows whose opinion he represents..Bloody wimp.

  25. @ Enuff June 10, 2016 at 5:44 PM
    “Maloney is too dismissive of the law and always spouting shyte to justify his behaviour. Only an idiot would think a hut at a roundabout is not a safety issue. Just like an egress built on the highway reserve and a gas station in Coverley too close to houses–another nonsense”

    Why blame Maloney alone for this blatant disregard for people’s health and safety? What about the oil company that owns the brand and provides the equipment and supplies the finished products to the petroleum retailing business?

    Shouldn’t similar criticism be brought to bear with the intent of naming and shaming the obviously corrupt and overly risk-taking company not only in Bim but across the network of countries in which that corrupt oil company operates?

    Maloney could only call for an investigation by the A G into the operations of the TCP if he knows for a fact that both the head of the agency and its operatives were or are still on the take.

    This call for an investigation is designed to force the TCP to back-off.
    If only a similar call could be made by the same corrupting crook into the financing of the DLP’s 2013 elections campaign.

  26. Exactly, Gabriel.

    I heard him trying to throw Statsman off his position. He did not do that to the jackass “A blessed good day”……..a deludional yardfowl who said he went to the Treasury asking them to take back some of his pension to help run the country. He had no shame to cme on BT and said that the Treasury said they do no take donations, they only collect taxes!

    Butch Stewart has been given 40 years of freeness so he can do whatever the hell he wants. The other hotliers are to suck salt and if they complain the ac’s will come on and say that they are always begging.

    I passed through Maxwell Coast Road yesterday and was surprised that a giant wall has gone up all along the road. I must admit the wall is attractive. During my youth, we had friends in that area and there were many houses along that road so I wonder how he was able to acquire all that land.

    I have no problem with Glyne being loyal to OSA but does he not remember what the BLP did for him……….does he not have a loyalty to the party that gave him so many opportunites, after all it was not journalism that gave him the opportunities, it was his association to the party!

    • Based on this submission it seems Sutherland will stay above the fray of the Maloney matter. This is unfortunate given his role thus far as a consultant in the company and then the other to serve the people as an M.P. One cannot serve two masters was not only about serving two MAMs, the role of serving the people as a member of parliament supersedes all other roles. Dwight must decide, the answer is simple, his father knows.

    • EAT Foundation – Building Capacity for The Creative Arts shared Barbados Today‘s post.

      20 mins ·

      "The Devil is at work and the Devil gine deal with the people that want the Devil”, Maloney said, stressing he was no villain.

      – MR MALONEY we invite you to be a HERO in our unfolding story. No need to play the role of "VICTIM" (your words) or "VILLAIN" (your words)

      “I don’t care, they can say I’m a so and so and I’m a this and I’m a all kind of things. It doesn’t matter to me because I know who I am. I know I’m an honest, decent, hard-working person that wants the best for every person in Barbados and this here got to stop, has to stop. But it ain’t gine stop til someone takes drastic action.” (Mark Maloney)

      – MR MALONEY we appreciate your protestations that you want the best for every person in Barbados. The Grinch gave Christmas back to the Who’s in Whoville and his heart grew three sizes. Please be the "someone" to take drastic action and use your influence to see EMPIRE returned to the Bajans in Bim and let the wider community get on with it while we celebrate your evolutionary status to HERO.

      MR MALONEY…on the way to the EMPIRE…what ROLE will YOU Play?

      Barbados Today

      6 hrs ·

      Out of control! | Barbados Today

      Out of control!

  27. Dude thinks he now has enough money to ignore the law and appoint himself victim, say who should be removed from their jobs and determin that he now has the power and status to stop investors from going to Barbados…5 more years and he would have gotten rid of all the idiots in parliament, they are lucky that this is being uncovered now.

    Newsflash Maloney……investors are shunning Barbados because of government corruption and corrupting businessmen like you…..so go elsewhere with your practices, go to the US or Canada with your blighted corrupt ways and see how long you last before you are wearing a bright orange jumpsuit.

  28. Hear this Maloney.You and your pissy attitude to the majority people most of whom you cannot and will not influence,want to tell you….GET LOST CRY BABY!

  29. @David at 7:36 AM “Why would anyone believe this contraption is legal (only yardfowls of course)? The law about obscuring the view across a roundabout is clear.”

    Mr Blogmaster, I am obliged to resort to an earlier remark that we are in a dream and all of this is not real.

    From 2011 to 2016 the TCP had to go through a legal process to destroy a structure built on CROWN land, built WITHOUT planning approval and that created an apparent road HAZARD.

    And this is our reality!!! Wow!

    So itmakes perfect sense for Maloney to press ahead with impunity on that Port site. By the time TCP get their five year destruction approval he would have done enough business to make him happy.

    What exactly is going on? Are gov’t agencies so cowed (oops)…so beaten down that businesses can flaunt the law to suit their needs?

    Like others I too have wondered about the supposed ‘road hazard’ at Coverly. If it should not be there then the accident victim family should be able to sue the GOVERNMENT as a contributor to the death, I would imagine.

    We will wake up soon I also imagine…

  30. Mark Maloney needs to man up and admit he has made mistakes. He is doubling down as the Americans would say. That is bad thing especially when you are clearly wrong and public perception is against you. He is taking a leaf out of Trump’s book but he is no Trump and this ain’t no America buddy.
    These idiots always come with the same lines when they are stopped or run into trouble:-
    1. I am the victim
    2. I am being targeted
    3. I employ a lot of people
    4. I make a lot of investments
    5. I am responsible for a lot of foreign direct investments coming into Barbados
    6. I want you to focus on other people and not me i.e. The Chief Town Planner
    7. I know all the problems Barbados has
    8. I can help you fix them if you would jut let me get on with my business

  31. Maybe the time has come for The PM to beg baloney to “cool it “.

    A previous PM begged COW to “cool it” too.

    I have inserted a link to the video so wunna can’t say I tellin lies pun COW. You can fast forward to 5.16.

  32. Mark Maloney(MM) made some comments in Barbados Today that are rather enlightening. From his comments, it appears that he sees himself as the alpha male and above the laws of Barbados. He threatens the island that he will take his marbles and ‘crony’ investors elsewhere if he is not allowed to do as he pleases. His interests must be placed above national interests. Many of his statements seem to be a command or instructions to persons in charge.

    Some comments from his rants, and my interpretation are provided below.

    MM: “He has been in that office too long. He is too powerful and he needs to be removed from that office,”
    Translation: This man is no longer useful to me. He is in my way and needs to be removed.

    MM: ‘I don’t care if I don’t ever do any more development in this country, it doesn’t matter to me. I can leave Barbados and go somewhere else.
    Translation: It looks as if my run is coming to an end; but I have made enough to support me. You all can KMA and I can as go elsewhere.

    MM: “The Devil is at work and the Devil gine deal with the people that want the Devil”,
    Translation: A possible threat or a warning.

    MM: But it ain’t gine stop til someone takes drastic action.”
    Trans: A next possible threat or a warning. It could also be a command to a political lackey on his/her need to intervene in MMf’s avor.

    MM: “when investors don’t come here because I speak up, then Barbadians would suffer
    Trans: If I open my mouth and start exposing these deals have a shelf-life then other ‘investors’ will not come here. A little noise from BU and a few blowhards and the leaders will abandon their deals. What investor wants that?

  33. @ Gabriel June 11, 2016 at 12:15 PM

    Is that the same baloney –speaking man from Malone who arrogantly implied ‘he doesn’t need Barbados; Barbados needs him’?

    The man is too full of his pompous self. The jumped-up half-breed redneck claims he can go anywhere other than Barbados to live. And where would he go? To Australia the former colony for criminals from the Mother country or to Ireland where his 50 % stock of poor white family originated?

    But the man has every ‘moral right’ to behave the way he is behaving. When you have a Leader who has publicly stated his undying backing of a fraudster called Greenverbs Parris in breaking the laws of the land with impunity why shouldn’t another DLP financial backer not look on in glee and say: ‘Well, if Greenverbs can do as he likes and is seemingly above the Law, so why can’t the man who sponsored all the DLP dogs in the last election race’? They are all equal under the principle of one hard as rock law for the ordinary black Bajan but clearly another for any one who financially backs the DLP, aren’t they?

    The ‘hard-as-rock’ businessman has a lot of skin in the game and doesn’t intend to let any two-bit primus into parris or groveling corrupt bureaucrat stop him from getting back his investment and much more.

  34. @ David,

    Did you hear wha COW say in de video ? Are you sayin dat jerkum have mo influence dan de PM ?

    • @Hantsie

      Yes, he who pays the Piper plays the tune.

      On Sat, Jun 11, 2016 at 5:12 PM, Barbados Underground wrote:


  35. Only an ass can think he can build a structure in the middle of a highway and believe that that unlawful act would not serve as an example for the majority people to do likewIse.

  36. The Democratic Labour Party of the 70s gave permission for two only importers of cement in Barbados.They were of the majority people.They used their ‘manna from heaven’ gift to become financially better off than they were before.
    These foolish blowhards of today’s Democratic Labour Party,including but not peculiar to,Demis Lowe,Micahel Lashley,Quincy Boyce,Jumpto Ince,Bechrist Stumpler,Froon who think he better than Houdini hiding behind words and deeds,these among others opened the cabinet and gave a concession to an albino man instead of one of the majority people.While the guys of the 70’s went about their business quietly,this albino get rude and breaking the laws of the land and then threatening been the unborn with hell fire.Well,who tell he do that!

  37. The only people who have to fear Maloney are the politicians who take his bribes…everyone else can put him in his place, they don’t need him as much as he needs them….Gazer.

    I keep saying, if any of these corrupt businessmen who think they own it all drop dead tomorrow. ..there will be 50 more to take their place before their body turns cold.

    The house niggas in parliament need to haul and pull up and stop making idiots of themselves….or suffer the consequences….Maloney, Harris, Bizzy, Bjerkham et al are extremely hateful people….and greedy.

    It’s time to put them in their places.

  38. Wait………..I read the article in Barbados Today and I had to say this man Mark Maloney is a bad ass johnny, yeah. As the youngsters say he dont play……..the man is angry, very angry.

    The man is making threats…….. play my game or I am going to pull up stumps and leave and tell people dont come here. In other words when I leave I am taking every thing with me and Barbados dead! I hope Maxine McClean has heard this as she is always accusing the Opposition of discouraging foreign investors. Liar!

    Look at the depths Barbados has sunk…….. we have a johnny come lately threatening a senior public servant telling he he has been in the job too long! Look at my crosses, though!

    You know what…….these morons the people elected have brought us to this sorry state and have given this man so much opportunity to accummulate wealth upon top of wealth and so this man believes that he has limitless power. Just for a morsel of meat!

    It is only a matter of time before MM spills the beans. Why did the PM give up the oversight of the TCP office at this time? Did he smell a rat and as usual he dithers and leave things to simmer with inaction.

    Look where the dlp has brought this country to!

  39. DPD; You said above
    “Like others I too have wondered about the supposed ‘road hazard’ at Coverly. If it should not be there then the accident victim family should be able to sue the GOVERNMENT as a contributor to the death, I would imagine.”

    I have also wondered how Maloney and the Minister Responsible for the TPD would feel if, heaven forfend, while the apparent hazard is still standing, another serious or fatal accident occurs.

  40. Is it the structure in the middle of Lears Roundabout or the roundabout itself, that Mark Maloney is claiming to have built out of his pocket for $1Milliion ?

    The Barbados Government has always been cautioned about taking handouts and other charitable services from individuals or companies. No one gives away anything, without looking for a scratch-me-back in return. We have seen it time and time again, certain sections of this society donating stuff to the QEH, and when, later a container of drugs comes in, the importers flash their ‘Get out of Jail Card.”,compliments, apparently, of the Barbados Government/Minister/ Official.

  41. It would seem to me that this whole demolition exercise is but a smoke screen meant to keep the baying crowds happy while Nero continues with the destruction of Rome. Hear me now – MAM laid bare the facts on Rock Hard, Coverley, Hard Water and other questionable arrangements between government (ministers) and certain recurring companies (business owners). The disgruntled throngs demanded blood and the circus ringmaster decided to oblige as elections that have not crossed his mind, are rapidly approaching. So, what does he do? His usual – he throws Darcy under the bus while maintaining his look of innocence, if THAT look could be called innocent! Darcy is now responsible for this aspect of the portfolio that was formally part of the ringmaster’s ambit. A situation that has been in existence since Adam was a lad now comes to a conclusion. The crowds are cheering, the Devil has fallen from grace… apparently. But wait, does anyone know what new secret agreements have been forged to the tune of millions of taxpayers dollars in compensation so that the Devil’s hurt feelings are salved? Remember that an election that has not crossed the ringmaster’s mind still has to be funded by the Devil and his ilk.

    If the demolition of an illegally constructed hut on Crown lands took from 2011 until now to be executed, will we see action taken at the Harbour construction site within our lifetime? It is now before the courts of (in)justice and we all know how swiftly justice is dispensed from within those walls. Going by history, the warehouse should be coming down in 2021.

  42. THE MINISTER of Sports has signed a $392 252 agreement with energy and services company Emera to develop and maintain the North Stars sporting facility in St Lucy and the Silver Hill sporting facility in Christ Church.

  43. @ Colonel Buggy

    That was a slip of the tongue that “$1 million” cost. It was either that he meant that he contributed $1 million to the party at that time or he was talking in Guyana dollars

    @ Hants


    Hants my buddy, do not get vex with me.

    Before I say anything else promise me that you are still going to share those Fleur videos and the other good music that I have come accustomed to appreciate from you.

    There is something that this ole man has noticed during my sojourn here.

    I have seen it sooooooo often in life that I now come to expect it as a norm AND WHEN I DONT SEE IT, i keep watching the subject for a long time afterwards

    In that video that you uploaded with sir cow, if you click on that link that i provided above you will see that which I have categorised as “how to tell if a white man is racist”

    Seriously Hants!!

    It is one of 5 things that the old man has noticed

    See how COW wipe he hand in he pants? twice?

    I does watch tings like dat (I is a little anal retentive)

    De second ting is the pronouncement generally in a loud voice “I have a lot of friends who are coloured…” I ent going tell dem what the correct statement is but that juxtaposition of “friends” and “coloured” is a dead giveaway

    THe third one is hugs WITHOUT OPEN PALMS.

    Racists just cannot do that, it is like chewing gum, standing on one leg and clapping at the same time, racists cannot open their hands while they embrace you, IT CANT HAPPEN.

    Fourthly sitting on your desk, anytime a white man comes to you and sits on your desk or puts up his foot on a chair in front of you, he be racist as well as jes nasty.

    Hants you jes doan put you botsie where a man does sit to work and put he hands, he cup of coffee, a sandwich/food dat be like me wiping me pooch with a towel and then telling you to use the towel and tek de perspiration off your face

    and finally.

    Walking in time, wid de nigger.

    Whenever a racist is walking next to a nigger dem oes NEVER, EVAH WALK in the same pace with you.

    But i want you to tek a look at them specific seconds and tell de ole man if it is my imagination of not and effing COW didnt wipe he hand in he pants twice?

  44. Some days when you sit back and look at all our issues at all the various levels of human discourse you sometimes are inclined to say, like Pachamama, that all this seems so futile.

    When we are faced with things that are “so deeply and genetically ingrained”, of such a political persuasion, complexioned by one’s caste, colour, religion, socialization that it makes all our attempts to make a difference seem so useless.

    Is this what The Creator, BBE, Allah, or whatever Deity you worship as Supreme, is this what he intentioned for us?

    Why move towards a high ground when it would seem that our natures relish the morass and darkness while we fool ourselves of our purity, and integrity, and love for a segment of this dross humanity, either the nuclear unit of family, and if we are luck the tribe, with which we identify.

    If this is all that this is, or has the potential of being, then we must speed the anarchy and sedition that will set in motion thise men with their nuclear codes to end this uselessness.

    “The more I see of people, the more i like my dog” Mark Twain? anyone?

  45. @ FearPlay June 11, 2016 at 4:12 PM #

    “It would seem to me that this whole demolition exercise is but a smoke screen meant to keep the baying crowds happy while Nero continues with the destruction of Rome. ……… So, what does he do? His usual – he throws Darcy under the bus while maintaining his look of innocence, if THAT look could be called innocent! Darcy is now responsible for this aspect of the portfolio that was formally part of the ringmaster’s ambit”.


    So if this another part of the lazy PM’s portfolio that he has now passed on to someone else, pray tell what the hell does he do all day? A so called healthy man still has the portfolio of a sick dying man…………now he passes off another piece to Darcy.

    Maloney does not have to worry then…………….an unelected man would do his bidding. TCP should never be in the hands of a man who has never faced the electorate!

  46. The politicians of DBLP are too hand to mouth and love hand outs…that is why they have become compromised. ..all the business people know this…..again, they are extremely lucky all of this is exposed now…5 years from now, they would not have the power to reverse their nasty practices.

  47. @ 1.08 “wipe he hand in he pants twice?”

    Yes he did Pieceuhderock.

    Your investigative and analytical skills are amazing. lol

  48. @ Hants

    I have an admission that I will make to you Hants.

    It is almost like an affliction to “see” a man lie, how in 1/2000ths of a second how he pauses to catch a breath, as his salivary glands, which are out of sync with his motor mouth, cause him to choke, and the Adam’s apple raises, and the gaze loose its focus.

    That by the way does not work with (a) people who are silent (generally unreadable – David Thompson) (b) megalomaniacs (well you know who she is) (c) pathological liars (Chris Stinkliar) and (d) idjuts (i ent going call no names)

    Mythomaniacs make good spies did you know that? because their “compulsion” is central/critical to their “job”.

    They make Good spies but unfortunately bad politicians and terrible trustees of other people’s money (Me Clare Who You and our happy band of Politicians)

    Do you know what would cause COW to have a conniption, A Arab, rather an Arab embrace or the Cosa Nostra kissy thingy from a black man? He would actually die.

    After a while Hants, you just sit there and laugh at it all.

    And let me tell you something too.

    COW Williams DID NOT EVEN REALIZE that he did that, they do not register it, it is like if a fly rested on your hand, and you brushed it off, 1/2000 of a second later you do not remember that fly, he remembers that it was a black man that entered his house, and like Trump, he would itemize that he has to burn the Obamas beds If he gets there, and repaint the walls, with chlorox etc, but COW will tell anyone that he did not do that consciously and he would be telling the truth.

  49. Has Joe of Emera been escorted to the Grantley Adams Airport and placed on an Air Canada flight back to Canada?It was reported in the press that a black Bajan was kicked by a white Canadian.That is the epitome of disrespect and is punishable by imprisonment if found guilty.Its known as assault and battery.

  50. All Emera had to do was bribe Lashley with some contract or the other and the kicking of one of his own people by some halfassed Canadian racist…is no big deal to him,,..black politicians are the weakest link.

    Piece…Cow, Bizzy et al are only important in their own minds and in the minds of dumb, backward politicians on the island and dumb backward people who know no better….put these same shithounds in front of Trump or any diehard North American or European racist and they will get the same treatment or worse, those dudes will probably try to sanitize the air after meeting with backwoods jackasses like Cow and Bizzy…it would be much worse them than what they are being allowed to mete out to people on the island, because they themselves are seen as inferior outside of Barbados. ..they can only do that crap and mouth off in Barbados…they cannot even do any of that in Trinidad or Jamaica.

  51. Ha…the owners if the property. ..the Port…speaks out, Maloney has no permission to build on the land, he took his uppity self and decided he could build without permission. .and is vioalting health laws.

    THE BARBADOS PORT AUTHORITY has accused Rock Hard Cement Limited (RHCL) of committing several contractual breaches, including the controversial erection of a building structure at the Flour Mill site off Spring Garden Highway.
    Related articles

    The Port Authority, owners of Lot 3 and Lot 7, being leased by the cement company, also disclosed it had received several complaints regarding the firm’s operation, including health concerns from next door ADM Barbados Mill Limited, producers of flour, and the Barbados Coast Guard, whose headquarters are just a few yards away.

    “The Port has never been written to by RHCL requesting prior consent to any proposed construction nor has the Port been shown approved planning and other agencies approval in order to commence work,” it said in a letter dated June 7, and sent to chairman Mark Maloney.
    – See more at: http://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/82136/-ahead-port#sthash.TcWUbSSC.dpuf

  52. @david

    Was the Port being genuine when it had it’s lawyer write to Mark Maloney and Rock Hard Cement or just trying to look the part of an aggrieved landlord? We need to see the agreement for the lease of the lands so what was and was not agreed.
    I didn’t get to follow things yesterday but have you been able to uncover whether the BPI chairman is in fact the uncle of Mark Maloney?

  53. @david
    How come the Nation newspaper only published a part of the lawyer’s letter to Rock Hard Cement and not its entirety? I think this a PR exercise by the BPI.

    • @Past Zone

      Agree we need to see the agreement.

      Someone on FB we have respect for confirm that the info about Harding is correct.

      On another note, how many agree the TPD should knock down Bussa in the same way they did the Preconco house at Lears roundabout.

  54. @ The Honourable Blogmaster.

    Man dat question “I must admit, hit me for six” heheheheheheheh

    Which entity of Government would have constructed Bussa?

    It was I believe done during the former administration. I speak subject to correction

    Consequently, I do believe that it was an intra-government collaboration which thereafter migrated to NCC? or the entity that is responsible for roundabouts.

    You note that some corporations sponsor certain roundabouts and consequently have to maintain them.

    Permission to construct an item in a roundabout seems to be required from the TPD.

    I think that in addition to the permission issue there is the matter of the radius of the roundabout and if, given the speed of an approaching vehicle, it is possible to see it coming, and to negotiate the roundabout in time

    The St Thomas Roundabout and Sundial is such an example for one has to be doing 150 km/h as to not be seen at that roundabout which has a structure in its centre.

    Empiricists may be inclined to argue none in Lears, therefore none in all, but the argument could equally be, where such structure is not an impediment to sight and use of the highway, and it is aesthetically pleasing and congruent with the surroundings, and does not distract the voyaging driver, then it can remain.

  55. Is Bussa blocking the view of oncoming traffic, that statue is so high and not big enough to block anyone’s vision sometimes when driving around there I barely remember it….and was Bussa a private or government initiative.

    No surprise Harding is related to Maloney….Harris did not get the land and because of Maloney’s arrogance, it’s now a scandal…but the biggest scandal…..and biggest shame is bajans sitting on their asses for the last 30 plus years watching and admiring themselves be robbed and admiring the criminal activites and actions by those who rob them, admiring the politicions for selling them out to those crooks….that’s the anomaly.

  56. The truth is that the structure in the middle of the Lears roundabout, poses no danger to motorists. When a driver approaches a roundabout , the focus is on the traffic immediately to his right, – those already on the roundabout,and those approaching the roundabout. There is absolutely any need for a driver to look straight ahead at most roundabouts , except for the mini ones.
    There are whole villages in the middle of some roundabouts in the UK, like at Wrecclesham in Farnham Surrey.

    • @Colonel Buggy

      Don’t be sidetracked, the issue is whether permission was sought and approved.

  57. @ Colonel Buggy June 13, 2016 at 4:18 PM

    Colonel, you know very well that the Lears demolition job is just a diversionary tactic of a smokescreen to blind Bajans into believing Fumble and his lot are ‘socking’ it to Maloney. We can just hear them saying: “Make it look to the Bajan idiots as if we are really the boss around here and not some powful-foolish backra-johnny”.

    Meanwhile the same bankroller of the DLP 2013 campaign is carrying on with his illegally started cement bond while insisting that it would have to take the lives of two white American or British tourists for him to remove any island on the ABC outside his Coverley concentration camp.

    Even if 5 more blacks were to die in a car crash caused by my little island (a symbol of my power over the DLP politicians) what’s the big deal. After all, they are just Bajan blacks whose lives are worth no more than monkeys ran over while crossing the road.

  58. Miller….the greedy black politicians. ..like it so, they have no empathy, feelings or love for their own people, the population is seen as voters and yardfowls only….the people constitute the politician’s doorway to titles, statusm,bribes, scams and social standing in the international arena…politicians are natural born bottomfeeders..

  59. @ The Anunnaki

    Sage One, I was noticing two things here of late.

    The Man who can tell all uh we whu Customs fellers know he did a strange fox step that carry me back to LoneStar Days.

    THen, this morning I was did noticing that the “acting” Commissioner of Police issue a next jackass statement bout how dem gine be going tuh Bonnets/Brittons Hill and dem sorts uh places and dun crime in one.

    But Sage a man on the street tell me dis.

    He was stuttering when he tell me de story, he does normally stutter do I gine tell you like he tell me sort of work for word.

    Dads, Ammm

    Dads, Ammmm…. (dat dads ting had me real vex Sage, i nearly leggo a few choice words pun he.

    ammmmmm…. wunna has ever tried to determine the cunstituents (my spelling) of, and the “contents” in, cement?

    Dads, ammmmmm…. has wunna evah tried to search cement fuh “unlawful contents?”

    Dads… has any uh wunna bright fellahs evah worked wid cement yet?

    Well you know I had was to tell he that I I used to mix and shovel cement – 1 cement, 2 sand, 3 stone. I explain tuh he dat Dads wasnt no novice, all that fine film in your hair, in your lungs, in your eyes

    Well after I show off to he, he look at me and say.

    Ahmmmmm finding out what the constitution of cement is when it is mixed up with “rock hard” cement? and other “rock hard tings is extremely hard.

    Well Sage to tell you the truth de man had me speechless, that really “knock me for six” heheheheheheheh you realise dat i using that alot recently? I like it Sage.

    Well I went quiet especially when i realize that what the man was saying was true since our Acting Chief of Police, and his cohort, cant even find some brethren who selling $5 splifts.

    That man tell me, and I am not calling no names, “daddds, ammmm de “direct route”, in and out of the island, from that strategic point in the port, via that poorly policed structure, is really what behind all this insistence for that illegal structure!!

    De man say “daddddds, IF YOU (he did pointing at me) FOOLISH ENOUGH TO LET THIS TRANSHIPMENT POINT PROCEED, go long.

    DE man went on to say all wunna bajans feel dat dis is a pwer play for campaign funds and campaign cuntributions, FOOL WUNNA SELVES!!.

    The first shipment is in the sugar bond and de reason dat he and a few others know is because people at de United States Embassy a **** has been monitoring the situation..

    De man say dat dem feel dat dem conversations pun *** is private?

    We a man can only speculate bout these sort of things when one study back to Baloney, and how he start threatening the CTP, and, by extension, the Minister.

    You are a wise feller could this be the reason that Fumble sidestepping, cause he ent want to end up like Tom? He put Quisling in the line of fire when “dem play wid de Devil” dat baloney nearly open he mouf and expose.

    “Wunna know who my investors are?” Pablo and Manuel?

    Honourable Sage, de ole man dun say this many times If we bajans was tuh put 1/10th of the effort into positive things, as we put into these schemes like Cahill, BWA, Ionics and ting, our nation wud be the GEM of the Caribbean in trufe but “you cant mek a silk purse out of a sow’s ear….”

    Watch the US Embassy’s injection of, and stalling with, specific funding and tell me if dat man, with he stutter, lying?

  60. Piece….we all know that more has to be going on with that window to the sea that is the flour mill location on Spring Garden, the coast guard headquarters being in close proximity, makes no difference, that location would be everyone’s transshipment point since the police don’t monitor the Bizzys, Bjerkhams and Maloneys.

    That’s why I keep saying the police should be seriously looking into what other criminal activities that Maloney who is insistent on building illegally and Harris who was fighting for that same spot…are into regarding importing illegal guns, drugs etc.

    The only people “pablo and manuel” can kill would be those who have been importing their product.s..if the politicians get caught in the crossfire it serves them right for being yardboys and girls, pimps, sell outs of their people and bribetakers owned by Maloney, Bizzy and Harris et al…. no big loss to the people and a waste of space…lol

  61. Did I hear that the courts failed to serve Mark Maloney with a summons to appear in court this morning? Lets drop the case and allow Mark Maloney to stay at the Port, as this will save the taxpayers of this country the million of dollars going through this planned charade.
    Mark Maloney 1 – Barbados Nil.

  62. I recall a time in one Plantation when the Conservative Party ruled the roost, the day of so before a general election, the owner would subtly inform his workers what if they do not do the right thing ,they may find themselves with one or two days work a week.
    After 50 years of independence , we have not moved far beyond the plantation yard gap.

  63. @David

    I didn’t realise that 1,000 employees would look so scanty.

    Employers are permitted to bandy around the number of employees they have and no one checks a damn thing.

    I can categorically state that Mark Maloney does not have a 1,000 employees in Barbados, period. The man is an ace bullshitter, always was………..always will be.

  64. Colonel
    When I heard the assistant controller making his spiel on radio about the number of years Mahoney was getting away with murda,and the number of murdarers that help him put it the money,the sharecroppers,and the amount of acres of cane to be reaped and the affect all this goings on will have on his enslaved workers,I said this plantation culture is alive and well in Bim.
    During all his spiel all I could scream at him was. SO WHAT!!!

  65. @David
    This is how these loose and fast guys have managed to brainwash bajans for 40+ years.

    You would believe a person who has previously told you lies? It was not a week or two ago that he said that he complies with all laws and regulations of Barbados, and a week later we find out he didn’t apply for or obtain TCPO approval for a number of projects prior to starting construction. The man lease land from the Port and didn’t even bother to notify them that he was starting construction without TCPO approval.
    1. Valery?
    2. Coverly?
    3. Coverly Entrance?
    4. Converly Gas Station?
    5. Grotto?
    6. Hard Rock Cement – Spring Garden?
    7. Lears Round-a-bout?
    8. Bushy Park?

  66. Even if he has 1,000 employees he is no more entitled to TCPO approval and or expedited approval than anyone else in Barbados. We are making a Barbados that will come back to haunt us if we don’t be careful.

  67. No one is begrudging him his successes but you can’t be a serial breaker of to the law and expected to be treated a business guru.

    Is he successful and therefore believes that he does not need to follow the law or is he successful because he, UNLIKE almost everyone else, refuses to follow the law?

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