Rock Hard Cement, Hyatt Hotel, Villages at Coverley AND Mark Maloney

At the BCCI luncheon in November 2017 Mia Mottley- the featured speaker- shocked many with the revelation that one company (individual) in Barbados was able to secure ONE BILLION dollars in government contracts. The company (individual) is Preconco (Mark Maloney) of course.

Those who traverse the ABC highway airport stretch cannot help but notice the many houses at different stages of construction. A reminder this is a failed Mark Maloney project.

Those who have reason to travel by the proposed Hyatt Hotel location on Lower Broad Street all that is visible are two Robinson Crusoe like thatched huts. Clearly the contentious Hyatt hotel will not be completed during the tenure of the incumbent government. Another Mark Maloney project the government has been unable to mobilize.

Another contentious Mark Maloney initiative is the area located on the Barbados Port Authority compound where Mark Maloney stores his Rock Hard cement. As far as the BU household is aware a stop order was issued by the Barbados Courts for Mark Maloney to cease and desist from constructing the shelter where rock hard cement is being stored. To the surprise of many BU observed recently that Mark Maloney has continued construction of the storage area. Did the court give Maloney permission (in secret?)

Should Barbadians be fine with one man securing so many projects?



  • David

    Why are you against entrepreneurial leadership and tenacity ?

    Mark worked hard for whatever he has .

    When Mia Mottley as Attorney General was fleecing the taxpayers of Barbados through the building of Crab 🦀 Hill police station – by Jose y Jose …..

    Go and read the Auditor General report on that project ..

    Why was your voice ‘ of reason ‘ ???

    Yuh big JA !!!

    It is polluted commentary like hours that kept the Bees in opposition in 2013

    And will surely keep them there in 2018 !!!


  • where was your ” voice of reason ”

    like yours


  • Whatever happened to the manifesto pledge that 40% of all government contracts would go to small business.

    If this is not corruption, it is very good imitation of it.


  • As Lord Barrow predicted: One day his party will sell out Barbados. And this day is today. The Barbadian taxpayer is the new slave and Maloney his master. Many thanks to Thomas Coverley, the former owner of Coverley Plantation!

    As I told on BU many times before, the Coverley Plantation is a disaster. No insulation against the hot sun. Cramped like a cave. Poor like a bunker. Nobody buys a hut made of concrete for 400,000 BBD.


  • @Tron great observation. The new Slave Hut $400,000.00 each.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Government corruption, massive kickbacks to all ministers involved, or those contracts would have been divided evenly and fairly among small contractors on the island to build up the economy instead of building up Maloney, Cow, Bjerkham and Bizzy, no wonder all the Maloney projects have become blighted….

    ,,,,the first thing any intelligent government would do is investigate just how much was ripped off from the treasury and pension fund by these crooks involved and go after all of them to return every penny.

    Lying to taxpayers, stealing from and colluding to rip off taxpayers must always be kept exposed.

    Fractured and Useless yardfowl…I know yall have short memories, but try hard to remember the last time Carson Yardfowl was on BU justifying criminality by a minority dirty business family against the people and telling me iff because I wont go along with hìs criminal masters……he .has gone into hiding, ya cant even find him on barbadostoday telling lies anymore….

    the countdown to election is real, hope ya got nerves of steel for the results.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    ,,,the first thing any intelligent NEW government would do is investigate just how much was ripped off from the treasury and pension fund by these crooks involved and go after all of them to return every penny, and prosecute all who committed crimes of theft against the people, including the bribetakers in parliament..


  • These are the types of issues Solutions Barbados should be focusing on.

    Imagine, Grenville Phillips 2 writing about the BLP taping posters on BL&P poles, but chose to ignore that, under the current DLP administration, Mark Maloney deliberately ignored a Town & Country Planing and court orders not to construct a cement storage bond on the port’s compound, and what about the gas station built at Coverley……and no words of condemnation from the minister responsible for T&CP or Solutions Barbados.

    Although the Hyatt matter was before the court, Maloney went ahead to have a ground breaking ceremony at the proposed Hyatt site on Bay Street…even constructing two huts.

    It makes me wonder what is Phillips 2 real agenda of being very over critical of the BLP, while continue giving the DLP and its operatives a free pass.

    Then Phillips 2 & Solutions Barbados must be a “bunch of hypocrites” too.

    Fractured BLP, the Auditor General mentioned some very interesting things about the cost over runs the new BWA headquarters incurred. Or are you selective in your reading his reports?


  • @Fractured BLP

    How were you able to deduce that BU is anti entrepreneurship? If you accuse BU of being ‘pro transparency’ we would plead guilty.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Imagine that the BLP cannot call the DLP thieves because they two have engaged in contracts that have resulted in both politicians and the so call respectable business persons gaining millions to put in their thieving ass pockets. Mottley would do well to keep her hypocrisy intact. Revealing what this wicked ass government has done for Mark Maloney is nothing compared to what Owen Arthur and Mottley did when they were the government for 14 years. Its thieving all around and none of the parties ain’t got a transparent bone in them. You shites want this woman to be Prime Minister just because the shit of the DLP hit the fan? All of you need to be reminded why the BLP got the boot after 14 years. Their thieving shite hit the fan too. You think you can wash off ya nasty crooked stains so easily by highlighting the current thieving stains of the DLP? Both have shown that they are in it for the money. Politics too sweet, and without proper laws to supervise and penalise these crooks for what they do, they are going to continue putting their millions in their well hidden safes and pretend they clean right down the bone.

    SO WE GOT VOTE SOLUTIONS PARTY BECAUSE YOU CANNOT ACCUSE THEM OF HAVING DEALS OR THIEVING TAX PAYERS DOLLARS. All most of you can do is criticise, and look for a handle to label Solutions maliciously.


  • @ SSS

    I agree with you that “politics too sweet……”

    However, “without proper laws to supervise and penalise these crooks for what they do, they are going to continue putting their millions in their well hidden safes and pretend they clean right down the bone,” could be equally and justifiably applicable to Solutions Barbados…….after all they are politicians……

    ………. and many politicians enter politics with clean hands until they become dirty with “kick backs” and bribes.

    Unless of course you believe Grenville Phillips II is Jesus and is without sin, while the members of his group are angels.


  • Sunny sunshine stop making yourself look foolish do, swearing for the integrity of Solutions’ candidates. This article is about the shady dealings of a businessman–an “occupation” required, at least initially, to become a candidate for Solutions. Imagine if Mia had a bro or sister on the ticket? Remember Owen bro and the talk? But one party has 3 or 4 husband and wife on their ticket and that’s healthy. You were preaching the same message in relation to Thompson in 2008–clearly your judgement is questionable. Look woman doan mek muh laff so early this Sunday morning.🤣😂


  • Last word for you Enuff – because you are ‘special’…

    Can you not read and understand English…?

    SSS is not swearing for the ‘integrity of Solution’s candidates’….
    She is TESTIFYING to the crookedness, untrustworthiness, low-mindedness, deceitfulness and downright skullduggery of YOUR people ..and of your DLP nemesis – the gang of shiite hounds.

    There can be no WORSE position than the one she describes – where a country of ‘eddykated’ people (such as yourself) have to chose between the “Devil in white”, the “Demonic Lying Parasites” from the Garrison monument ……….and debutants – ‘Solutions Barbados’.
    If this does not signify our near-death status, then nothing can….

    Brass bowls don’t tend to read signs anyway…..
    Have fun.
    Bushie gone…


  • How is it possible that this can happen.T C &P have a stop order on the building at the Harbour but Rock Hard can continue building at the site .Isn’t this in contempt of Court ?


  • Mother Sally

    He who pays the piper calls the tune. Similarly, he who owns the Government owns the courts.

    Sent from my iPad


  • David

    Your promotion of hypocrisy will gain you no support in this upcoming General Election campaign.

    SSS is right – you are a blighted , short – sighted analyst !

    Failing to recall the crookery of the BLP

    But you keep it up …… going have yests of doing the same …,…after the results of the next General Elections

    Suit yourself Dorset !!!! aka J A


  • Bushie
    That’s your inability to robustly analyse an issue or comment. Stay gone!


  • @Hants January 13, 2018 at 11:45 PM

    OK, the “top-of-the-line” hut “starting” at $399,337. The other houses “starting” at lower prices.

    “Starting” means that you do not get a house ready for occupation including kitchen, lamps, gardening etc. like a house for resale.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “mother sally January 14, 2018 at 8:49 AM #
    How is it possible that this can happen.T C &P have a stop order on the building at the Harbour but Rock Hard can continue building at the site .Isn’t this in contempt of Court ?”

    When hand to mouth ministers take bribes from thiefing business people who ripped off the money from the same taxpayers with the help of the same pothound ministers to begin with….these parasitic business crooks believe they have a right to do and say as they like and believe they are untouchable from any legal consequences. ..

    Hint, hint……Butch the parasite is paying no taxes for 25 years in Barbados, but believes because he bribed some ministers….he got a right to discriminate against, disrespect and insult Bajans.

    Ya cant get it clearer than that….so imagine what the parasitic likes of Maloney, Bjerkham, Cow, Bizzy et al who have been ripping off Bajans for decades, with the help of the same bribed pothounds in parliament, do and say to and about the people on the island….we see and hear it all the time.


  • Low income housing built by CANADIANS.

    Thirteen years after the houses were first constructed, they have been put on the real estate market for sale at $185 000, $150 000 and $285 000.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David Mr Blogmaster, please continue unbowed and relentlessly your ‘pro transparency’.

    Extolling entrepreunership is all about PiP persuasive chatter; both parties have their favorites who benefit from uncontrolled largesse.

    What amuses me is the oft repeated cliche attributed to ‘Lord Barrow’ about Dems selling out Bdos one day… now to be clear i respect the former PM’s admin achievements mightily but to suggest that his/its political tenure did not INITIATE that sell-out process is … confounding.

    Imagine if anything as pervasive as BU (beyond the controllable alternative print sources) made the rounds back then… imagine the hot talk here re the various scandals… some actually much more profound to the fabric of the nation than current, one can argue.

    Others like Caswell and Jeff have critically discussed often the ‘Lord’ and his admin on these pages before, which when analysed carefully depicts our political pot for the unfortunate ‘shitees hole’ it has become….starting long ago.

    PMs come and go but businessmen like a Bizzy, COW, Elcock, Rayside etc survive it seems for ever because of course they bankroll the pols…and accoding to Caswell they own the courts too and thus can determine exactly HOW they survive.

    Why fuss about the Maloneys of this world….it’s the Barrows-Adams-Arthur-Stuarts of our life who are the problem …. even as they are implementing their much praised solutions!


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Bush Tea January 14, 2018 at 8:49 AM

    BT, welcome back, ye old political whore!

    You are really a confirmed lifelong member of that Cawmere Mafia.
    Why can’t you see that Grenville P 2 is nothing but a political reincarnation of David Thompson?

    You are a firm believer in the Devil and his pitchfork powers. Why can’t you see that both Rev. Bonke and his local sidekick Rev. D.D are archangels of the god of wickedness?

    Any man who has the power of the durable Reverend Apostle David D to raise the dead under his watch must have a direct telephone line to the Devil.

    We are surprised that the Rev. DD has not switched his allegiance to Solutions Barbados with Grenville 11 as the Messiah to serve his reincarnated Master David T now living like a vampire among the intellectual living dead like yourself.

    Do you want to bet that if Solutions Barbados wins the upcoming elections then the miller will accept your BBE as the one and only God but ‘when’ they all lose their deposits Bushie will return to his crypt on the Garrison but with the right to still appear on BU to replace ac?


  • Maloney came on Brasstacks and said he contributed $25,000 to both the BLP and DLP. So whosoever party was elected, he would have gotten nuff work.


  • @Kevin

    Your are fine with it?


  • @David, no.


  • @ Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Don mind dese people yuh hear. Yuh rite !!!

    They used to praise Lynette Eastmond and her well known intellect. However, once she determined that she no longer wanted any part of the BLP, she became a pihranna anda “failure” and “loser”.
    It is the same with Grenville Phillips. On several occasions, his expertise has been sought as an engineer when dealing with building codes and other areas. The moment he decided his political fortunes were not going to be tied up in the entrenched parties, he became a” village idiot”.
    Same with with Richie Haynes. He was the ‘heir apparent” and was competent enough to lock horns with Tom adams. However once he broke with the DLP, he became “power hungry” and both the BLP and DLP launched a well executed campaign against him and his “wealth”.
    Anyhow as soon as the NDP ceased, Haynes was given a Knighthood by the same BLPDLP.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Maloney, Bizzy et al bribe both political parties hedging their bets, if one did not get elected, the other would and both owed them the privilege of ripping off the treasury AND the pension fund for him and his masters once the people elected them ..both political parties are bribtaking, corrupt and would sell out the people and a whole country for a pittance.


  • Kevin,

    25,000 BBD for each party in exchange for 1,000,000,000 BBD contracts? This is a better lever than any game at Wallstreet or drugs.

    Baloney should become next MoF!


  • Hants January 14, 2018 at 10:55 AM #

    Why are trade unions in the real estate business?


  • In his article to BU, Mr. Skinner, who was overwhelmingly rejected by the electorate in 1991, informed readers that: “As we prepare for another General Election, it is IMPERATIVE that we CALL a SPADE a SPADE.”

    I am one of those persons who “praised Lynette Eastmond and her well known intellect” and I also mentioned this to her campaign manager.

    So, is the goodly gentlemen suggesting because I admire Lynette, I should not “call a spade a spade” and be hypocritical by not mentioning her failures as well?

    Is Lynette not a “loser?” Did she not contested the 2008 & 2013 general elections as the BLP’s candidate for St. Philip West and LOST to Dr. David Estwick on BOTH OCCASIONS?

    And this coming from a man who has NOT presented any COMPELLING REASONS why the electorate should vote UPP or SB, by at least highlighting any policy initiative articulated by SB or UPP, gave a detailed explanation of that policy, its advantages and disadvantages to Barbadians and CONVINCE us why we should support it.

    My friend, all you seem PREPARED to do is tell us we should not vote for the BLP or DLP SIMPLY because YOU don’t like either party….. and to vote just for the sake of voting for change….

    These are not enough reasons to accept your “advice.”


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David Mr Blogmaster, what exactly in ‘unfine’ about it?

    How are campaigns financed other than from businessfolk principally?

    Is there a strong tradition of significant monetary contributions from the average Bajan who may send in their individual Grantleys ?

    The problem should never be from where the money is sourced but always that it’s received to the politician legally and that there are strict rules and enforced laws to ensure that there are no quid pro quo arrangements when that pol forms the govt.

    The Lynches of times pass financed the DLP in part one supposes, whereas the Goddards and Banfields did similarly for the Bees…and some along with others surely financed Eric Sealy too…how exactly can that EVER be curtailed!


  • @TL
    “It makes me wonder what is Phillips 2 real agenda of being very over critical of the BLP, while continue giving the DLP and its operatives a free pass.”

    Maybe GPII sees the D’s as a non issue this election and hence, SB’s competition is the B’s. Possibly SB may also figure their chance of attracting former D voters is slim.

    Herein lies the real issue. The traditional B vote, and the undecided, gets split.


  • @Hants
    “BWU parted ways with the construction company Norstar Development of Vancouver, Canada, saying that the sale price given of more than $300 000 was not what it had anticipated for low-cost housing”

    You might thing they would have discussed sale prices PRIOR to beginning?


  • thing = THINK


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Artax, if Ms Eastmond is a loser at the polls that does not affect her “.. her well known intellect”. If we can all call spades as we see them them the two things really have not one iota to do with each other.

    She lost. True. She is still smart. True still, I presume.

    As memory of history goes E.W. Barrow lost badly before he went on his everlasting winning streak.

    As memory of my youth goes, David Simmons got a smacking defeat before he too won next time around.

    And in recent years your school mate Bostic lost in the city before his recent victory.

    So as long as she retains her intellect there surely is a chance for change…. being a poll ‘loser’ is certainly not a failure of life.


  • The MoT is on record to say after the recent court decision that Comissiong won to prove he has standing to request a judicial review that he is confident the Hyatt project will start in the “fullness” of time. What does this empty statement mean?


  • de pedantic Dribbler January 14, 2018 at 2:40 PM #

    “So as long as she retains her intellect there surely is a chance for change…. being a poll ‘loser’ is certainly not a failure of life.”

    @ de pedantic Dribbler

    You have a UNIQUE way of making SIMPLE statements appear EXTREMELY DIFFICULT.

    William Skinner wrote “Don mind dese people yuh hear. Yuh rite !!! They USED to PRAISE Lynette Eastmond and her well known intellect. However, once she determined that she no longer wanted any part of the BLP, she became a pihranna and a “failure” and “loser.”………

    ……… which I responded by mentioning I am one of those persons that admire Lynette and “her well know intellect,” but it would be hypocritical of me if I did not critique her lost at the polls.

    Could you please refer to any statement in my contribution where I implied/suggested that because Lynette lost twice to Estwick, it is an “indictment” on her intellect or ability to win a seat……or that she “being a poll ‘loser’ is certainly a failure of life?”

    And you put a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SPIN to my comments and “CONFUSED” the issue and by introducing Barrow, David Simmons and Davis Bostic (and how could you assume Bostic is my school mate, without me ever mentioning such?), which is irrelevant.

    But what the heck……….. perhaps it’s me who has a problem with comprehension.


  • *******And you put a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SPIN to my comments to “CONFUSE” the issue and introduced Barrow, David Simmons and Davis Bostic (and how could you assume Bostic is my school mate, without me ever mentioning such?), which is irrelevant.


  • In other words, you have a UNIQUE way of “intellectualizing” simple statements way beyond the context in which those statements were made.


  • @ NorthernObserver who wrote ” You might think they would have discussed sale prices

    PRIOR to beginning?”

    They probably did but the decimal may have been in the wrong place. lol


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ David January 14, 2018 at 2:42 PM #
    “The MoT is on record to say after the recent court decision that Comissiong won to prove he has standing to request a judicial review that he is confident the Hyatt project will start in the “fullness” of time. What does this empty statement mean?”

    Come on Blog master, you ought to know by now that the “fullness of time” is the MoT’s synonym for “in a couple of weeks” which was told to you just a ‘couple of months’ ago.

    Can’t you see that Hyatt is just another scam like Pickering or Pure Beach that went wrong and is now nothing but a dud?
    Why isn’t the Opposition making political capital of this failed attempt to bilk taxpayers by way of consultancy fees etc?

    Do you really feel that Hyatt will ever get off the ground before ‘Butch’ Beaches?

    There is just No foreign money available to finance the construction and outfitting of Hyatt.

    If you were visitor looking to come to Barbados which location would you choose to stay at?

    Beaches at the beach or Hyatt in the ghetto?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Good sir Artax, we concur… ” perhaps it’s [you] who has a problem with comprehension”…😂

    My remarks were taken from a thread, starting with @Skinner as you rightly noted which discussed the idea of representation. The afrementioned Skinner’s thrust was to show that as soon as one is no longer part of the team, so to speak, that the former teammates label you deriisively.

    You, smart sir, then took his reference of ‘loser’ to speak about losing at the polls which realistically was not the intended comprehension of the original thrust.

    I used YOUR remark to pull the idea back to what I understood to be the original intent (intellect, ability to serve well) and cited the examples to support the point that political victory/success is viable despite being originally a loser…

    So it’s a real LOL moment that you now accuse ME of poor comprehension…when you opted to take your path away from the main the idea!🙃 Alas.

    Oh, you have said you went to Waterford; Bostic’s profile also cites that as his alma mater….thus intended by me when I said “your school mate”. Seriously, lighten up. Discuss the idea not the idea giver.

    And so that you comprehend the last remark unequivocally…. I will often speak directly to a bloggers remarks as I did to yours…that’s merely to enter the debate NOT to go after the blogger directly.

    I also do try my best to comprehend the ideas from you smart folks and keep simple, simple…when I fail I’ll acknowledge !


  • “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate”, Classic line from the movie “Cool hand Luke”. BWU in the low- income housing business and failing to negotiate the price of the finish product before completion or discovering that the price of the homes are beyond the means of those considered “low income”. Speaking of which who will shell out the prices demanded for these homes if they sat there for 13 years without any maintenance?

    I can picture the purchaser speaking to the person hired to bring his/her home up to scratch and asking “Skippa what do I need?” and the response “A house”.


  • Lynette is saying similar things to what the BLP has been saying ever since–nothing new. So when the BLP do like the UPP and release their manifesto saying the same thing and more, what will be Lynette’s defense? I am new? I repeat, duopoly cannot be narrowly defined by party alone, whilst ignoring personalities. If Mia wakes up tomorrow and changed the name of the BLP to MLP, is it no longer part of the duopoly? lmao!!


  • Miller

    Pure Beach was a viable project and had the money available to complete the project but after a demand for a $2.5 million bribe, some of the main investment pulling their money. The remaining investors have been seeking sources of additional funding but that is hard with our credit rating.

    Sent from my iPad


  • @ Sargeant,

    Was thinking the same.

    “The three model homes are made of a softwood – the Canadian Douglas fir – and concrete board and are said to be hurricane-resistant.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    You are perfectly right. They enter clean and come out dirty. Therefore, where solutions party is concerned, they are not seasoned and marinated in the skulduggery of the type of pretensive politics presented by the Bees and Dees to be label seasoned campaigners or rogues of the ruthless and rotten bad apples. They political entry is in the youthful stages and the wherewithal that is needed to be effective and proven is still in the trial phases. However, for me, that is enough. I prefer to test an untried new set of politicians rather than going with the tested and tried to be given another dose of what they have been dishing for countless years. I certainly cannot go wrong with a solutions party at this stage because there is nothing of the two old ones that would entice me to vote for them.

    I asked Mottley to come clean and present a campaign base on facts; the admittance of the wrongs her administration has done in the past; and address the issues of the auditor general reports, since those reports continue to highlight the shite of both political parties. Yet, she chooses to ignore those and go on the rampage about Mark Maloney receiving a billion in government contracts. Has she forgotten her own lack of transparency during the time the BLP run the country? Jesus H Christ, the people of Barbados already know the shite the DLP has done. There isn’t a local blog that is not throwing licks in the DLP and their idiot leader Stuart.

    Mottley wants to show that she is different, that her party will be honest. How the heck you want to show you honest when you rid yourself of Maria Agard and keep that pompersetting, two face shite who like to wear a bunch of stupid hats that arrogant is pee hole. Why doesn’t she tell the pain in the ass to change his ” I is more than you look” because I got a lot of money and can afford to show off because that is all his image portrays. Mottley does not want honest politicians she wants loyal politicians. So all I am getting from her is the same deceitful and pretensive mix that will look like they doing something but all it will achieve is putting a lot of money in their pockets. Different party but the same shite.

    Barbadians already know that the cunt for Prime Minister days are numbered. But, I guess it is perfect campaign strategy to highlight the idiocy of a self absorb Prime Minister and his renegade ministers. I guess it sweetens the loyal idiots that follow her party. She would do well to confess to the country that though her party did a lot of shite too, her intension is to clean it up and give the people what they want. MORE TRANSPARENCY, MORE ACCOUNTABILITY, and launch investigations.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Mia has to run on a ticket of locking up her fellow criminals in parliament and the private sector or the electorate will not be taking her seriously this time, things cannot remain like this……not with a 51 year old stagnation manual in the hands of both antiquated, archaic political parties on how to destroy a country and her people in order to financially benefit ministers, politicians, lawyers and the private sector, while deliberately choking off progress and wealth to generations of the majority population…and their progeny, locking them into abject poverty, struggling and misery, whike they all fill their pockets.

    ….. the world is evolving and striving to do better and so should small corrupt societies like Barbados…it is now up to the electorate to send a powerful message to politicians.

    “they are not seasoned and marinated in the skulduggery of the type of pretensive politics presented by the Bees and Dees to be label seasoned campaigners or rogues of the ruthless and rotten bad apples.”

    Just saying….Grenville has a well known white, overly seasoned, overly marinated crook, well steeped in scams and skulduggery for decades on the island in his line up of candidates, even his face looks like a scam against everyone …and to make it even more frightening, it is said that this very shady character is supposed to be Grenville’s minister of finance, if they are elected.

    …. since the thought of weatherhead in any parliamentary position will run many voters who know him well, away from Solutions, voters may go with voting individuals instead of party this time, the trick is deferentiating sheep from wolf.

    …some say there are more unsavory characters in Solutions, but I dont know yet….ah guess it is a wait and see.


  • Philips the 3rd maybe a saint but one of his candidates is certainly no Angel for as a young man he has developed a reputation as a “trickster” .


  • @ de pedantic Dribbler

    Yes, I concur I definitely have a problem with comprehension…….because I cannot understand a shiite that is written in your January 14, 2018 at 3:53 PM contribution…..

    ……..other than the shiite comment about Bostic. (Because he and I may have attended the same school…….. that does not make him my school mate….. he may be defined as a school colleague……”mate” is a bit more personal).

    As I previously mentioned, you have this unique way of “intellectualizing” people’s comments out of the context in which they were written. In other words, you tend to over think simple points and taking them to levels the author of the comments can no longer recognize.

    I made a simple statement in response to Skinner (NOT YOU) and you interpreted that comment out of the context in which it was written…….and responded to your interpretation. It’s like creating your own straw men to knock them down.

    You duz mek simple things difficult.


  • “Austin January 14, 2018 at 1:44 PM #
    Hants January 14, 2018 at 10:55 AM #

    Why are trade unions in the real estate business”

    In an effort to find other financial means to run their operations rather than rely ostensibly on subscriptions from members.

    an indication that they are thinking out of the box


  • charles skeete January 17, 2018 at 1:18 PM #

    Are all the workers on the building sites unionised? Are they members of a cooperative? What about health and safety?


  • RE Artax January 15, 2018 at 1:44 PM #
    You let me down man, you let me down

    You cant understand that de dribbler has a big psychological problem?
    He is a wannanbe

    Because he did poorly at the 11 plus exam, this left a scar on his brain and psyche so that he thinks he has to prove to himself………and hopefully the blog, that he is an intellectual.

    So instead of saying “twinkle twinkle little star” he has to say “scintillate, scintillate O diminutive asteroid!

    Instead of saying “Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water” he must say “”Jack and Jill ascended the premontary to engage in aquatic acquisition”

    In so doing he talks verbose INCOMPREHENSIBLE shite!

    He is so stupid, he once sought to contradict my medical knowledge. idiot!


  • How many more weeks before an election date is called in Barbados? How much longer after the Government elected begin to serve Barbados? How many years will they act in the best interest of the people in creativity, hard work and decency.
    In 2008 the people of Barbados voted a new party into power with expectations of new leadership, having abandoned an out of touch leader.

    Ten years on let us review one of those promises made to us as a people.

    Promise #1

    Housing Every Last Person – The Government signed a contract with a company associated with the “golden boy” which effectively provided the financier to build houses upon lands of the Crown. The subdivision at Coverley designed to include over 1000 homes was spaced as close together as the name villages immediately support. Houses built of wall panels were erected and offered for in excess of 275,000.00 Barbados dollars, between 800 and 1000 square feet. Local reports of the development and the design of the homes was unforgiving and less than expected, with several complaints. The Government also signed on with the golden boy to buy back any houses constructed and unsold, ultimately to predict failure of the initiative when considered from a commercial position. Today the development sits with a few dozen occupied homes on streets with scores of unoccupied and unfinished properties.

    The development included and the contractor/developer/golden boy constructed a gas station in the housing village and constructed an island at the highway entrance that would expose drivers to extreme danger and certain misfortune.

    It is unclear what success the developer/contractor/golden boy has made for himself or his shareholders from a commercial standpoint, however it is reasonably clear the promise to the people, has not been fulfilled as far as this initiative is concerned.


  • I used to live I there but the houses was too close and the place was like a furnace, even at night
    the heat in the place like it did want to cook ya.


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