Caribbean Leaders Silent on Guyana Elections

Donya Francis

Donya Francis

Where were they when what happened in St Kitts-Nevis took place in Guyana? By Donya L. Francis a 24 year from St Kitts-Nevis, presently studying in Taiwan- (Journalism and Mass Communication)

I am writing on behalf of the youths and the Kittitians and Nevisians who have similar questions. What happened in Guyana after the elections? Where were the results? Is this going to be a trend that the Caribbean will be following?

No results until days after the elections. We must become more cooperative and responsible. We must not jeopardize people’s right to know. The world is watching us; the youth are still looking up to those who are older.

Now, let’s go back to February when the same happened in St Kitts and Nevis, we had leaders from other Caribbean islands jumping on the internet calling for a swift reading of the results, as they were “concerned that the region’s reputation for democracy and for free and fair elections will be under threat as long as this issue in St Kitts and Nevis remains unresolved.”

I understand that we had our wrongs and we take full responsibility for what happened. I am sure that the new government is now working assiduously to right the wrongs. Many have been saying that this should not have happened because St Kitts and Nevis only has approximately 30,000 registered voters. The size doesn’t really matter, not when we have people contesting to run a country. We are all human beings and things happen. The Caribbean electoral systems need to be relooked at and be fixed immediately. They are failing the democratic nature of the region.

Okay, back to the recently concluded elections in Guyana. I want to say congratulations to the new president and his supporters, the people have spoken. You are now in charge of Guyana’s biggest business, all the best. I must say that the silence from the other Caribbean leaders on the late announcement of the results was very appalling. When little St Kitts-Nevis had this same issue, a number of them were quick to make calls for the announcement.

So, to all of the leaders who quickly opened their mouths on the St Kitts-Nevis elections; were you sleeping when the Guyana elections took place? Did you not ‘hear’ of similar cries from the people of Guyana? Did the size of Guyana and the number of voters prevent you from speaking? Are you siding with the argument of ‘Guyana is not a part of the Caribbean but South America’ or you were just patiently waiting like the rest of us?

Maybe you all did address the situation and I stand to be corrected and if that is the case please lead me to them. I await responses. Maybe the population of Guyana made it understandable for the results to be read almost three days after as it is so huge.

If you are going to speak to one, you must speak to all.

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  1. We say Next to Fall is Barbados, the Crooks,Liars and Scumbags for years have been running a foul of the laws and the peoples rights, They never did what they were to do with the money when times were good, Now they took all the money and pile it up in the Banks , now things seem to go South and they want to TAX,,VAT and Duty the heaven out of the People of Barbados,

    As We fight for truth and Justice the VAT will be removed for it was and still is based on Land Fraud in Barbados, As the Crooks have been grabbing land for over 30 years and still can not get All as yet,

    Ministers, Judges, and Police will have to earn the land they want and pay like any one else,
    15% VAT came under fraud now the fraud is up to 17,5%. All VAT will be gone,

    1620 to 1996 was not VAT , now with VAT , money laundering, corruption continues to plague this Country of Barbados, Remove the Lawyer Ministers of Barbados and the rest that was in Bed with Guyana PPP government courts,

    Now you know they had to be in Bed with Guyana PPP , when you See Sir Richard L Cheltenham at the Walter Rodney inquest in Guyana, It was reported they paid this Crook 60,000usd,? if some one knows the true number ,post for corrections,

  2. Yes I am still to hear the Barbados Government’s comment on Guyana’s Elections. This thing call democracy is a convenient phrase for our present day leaders. Most of them would like to ignore the very same rules that helped put them in power and out of power.

  3. islandgal246 May 23, 2015 at 8:53 AM #

    John Hanson why don’t you shut up? Why do you have to be at every cock fight???@

    First of all i am not gay and my cock never in any fight,

    I have been going to Guyana from 1970 , So i know a little on what is on the ground,

    I know the people and live with them both so call Black and So called Indian .

    We also do business there and knows the rules and tricks like Barbados with who is to make the money and who is blocked from making the money where Ministers and lawyer are concern ,

    cock fights will let me see if there is any pussycats in it,

  4. Let it be pellucidly clear.Caricom leaders to a man fell down on the Guyana post-election scenario.The answer for this stupidity is firstly the gutless leadership currently offering themselves as candidates and secondly these same Caricom leaders issued a statement SUPPORTING THE PROMULGATION OF THE GUYANA PARLIAMENT BY THE RAMOTAR,ROHEE,JAGDEO.NANDLALL.LUNCHEON,cabal.They collectively have crap all over their faces and were therefore effectively shut up by their own folly.What leaders what!

    • What happened in St.Kitts, Guyana even Antigua, how far away is Barbados from a similar thing happening here ?

  5. What happened in St.Kitts, Guyana even Antigua, how far away is Barbados from a similar thing happening here ?

    David remember the last election? Remember when the PM was asked to set a date he refused to do that? He also went to the wire and then announced the date. That can happen here very easily and you know what? Bajans will only grumble in private and say nothing publicly and take it.

  6. David May 23, 2015 at 1:02 PM # & islandgal246 May 23, 2015 at 1:20 PM #
    The writing is on the wall. BIG AND BOLD, LOUD AND CLEAR.

    • Nothing wrong with the writing on the wall, it should help to guide us from the same path. We are suppose to be sensible people after all.

  7. “We are suppose to be sensible people after all.”

    ROFLMAO ….Brass bowls have sense??? Scents? Cents?

  8. David May 23, 2015 at 1:02 PM #

    What happened in St.Kitts, Guyana even Antigua, how far away is Barbados from a similar thing happening here ?@

    Lets keep an eye on St Vincent , the PM Rapist and his overdue airport we will see?
    Next also Granada Also Mitchell WON all 15 Seats from the government before him.

    Now Will Barbados be alone in the Fraud Court system? Maybe the New Guyana will pull out for the ring of Fraud Judges and Judgements are out the window,

    When We take the Hill in the Next elections We will have a new day and we now can meet the CERTAIN CRITERIA , to get the $400,000,000USD to help the People and 4 seasons with the help of CLEAR TITLE LANDS,From the IDB.

  9. @ David
    Wunna people still don’t get it….
    It is only left for the fat lady to sing now…
    The dog is dead!!
    Bob Marley may have said it best….

    Check out the real situation:
    Nation war against nation.
    Where did it all begin?
    When will it end?
    Well, it seems like: total destruction the only solution,
    And there ain’t no use: no one can stop them now.
    Ain’t no use: nobody can stop them now.

    Give them an inch, they take a yard;
    Give them a yard, they take a mile (ooh);
    Once a man and twice a child
    And everything is just for a while.
    It seems like: total destruction the only solution,
    And there ain’t no use: no one can stop them now.
    There ain’t no use: no one can stop them now;
    Ain’t no use: no one can stop them now;
    There ain’t no use: no one can stop them now.

    Check in the real situation (check it out, check it out):
    Nation fight against nation
    Where did it all begin? Wo-oo-o-o-oh!
    Where will it end?
    Well, it seems like: total destruction the only solution.
    Mmm, no use: can’t stop them;
    W’ain’t no use: ya can’t stop them;
    Ain’t no use: no one can’t stop them now;
    Can’t stop them now (no one can’t stop them now).

    There ain’t no use: no one can’t stop them now.
    Everybody strugglin’: ain’t no use – ain’t no use –
    Ain’t no use you even try;
    Ain’t no use: got to say ‘bye-‘bye!
    Ain’t no use! Ain’t no – ain’t no use: no one can stop them now
    (No one can stop them now) ……

    ..we just have to hope that Rosemary A, with the big hats, don’t start singing this on CBC….else the end may be even sooner….

  10. So why must barbados govt comment on Guyana election or for that matter any other Caribbean nation elections except to tender congratulations to the party that won. wunna blp clowns talk so much sh..ite that even dog shitt smell better than the mother load of sh,,,te wunn put on BU.. wunna always trying to stir up controversary, as for the ones that can’t wait fuh 2018 believe wunna said the same fot 2013,

  11. @ ac
    Wunna don’t have to worry about 2018…
    Your bunch of JAs will have completely destroyed Barbados by then….
    …nobody will want um….
    You will truly be queen of the place ….if the Irish/ Canadians/ Trinis etc don’t fire your tail first….

  12. Talking about 2018 General Elections….

    Is it true that Mia Mottley only intends to allow persons who support same sex unions run on a BLP ticket?

  13. islandgal246 May 23, 2015 at 1:20 PM #

    “David remember the last election? Remember when the PM was asked to set a date he refused to do that? He also went to the wire and then announced the date. That can happen here very easily and you know what? Bajans will only grumble in private and say nothing publicly and take it.”

    Denzil Douglas went through a similar procedure in St. Kitts, and he also kept delaying a no confidence motion brought against the government by the then opposition.

    Douglas was exhibiting behavioural traits similar to that of members of this DLP administration. At the end of the day, Kittians had the last say as they voted him and his party out of office.


    Let us not forget the Anguillan elections, which was held on April 22, 2015.

    Unfortunately, the incumbent party, Anguilla United Movement, failed in their bid to be re-elected, as Anguillans showed their disapproval of AUM’s tenure by making sure they did not secure any seats.

    Of the 7 seats contested, the Anguillan United Front won 6, with the remaining 1 seat being won by Palmavon Webster, an independent candidate representing the constituency of Island Harbour. Webster contested the 2010 elections as a member of the then Anguilla Progressive Party. She broke ranks with that party and decided to run as an independent candidate.

  14. @ Bush Tea

    Today’s reading comes from Jeremiah 4 22 KJV

    It reads “For my people is foolish, they have not known me; they are sottish children, and they have none understanding: THEY ARE WISE TO DO EVIL, BUT TO DO GOOD THEY HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE.”

    My grandmother used to tell us “it takes a wise man to play the part of a fool but a fool CANNOT PLAY THE PART OF A WISE MAN!”.

    2018 WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF and the writing is on the wall.

    We are really faced with two questions

    How does this country manage until 2018 under these fools.

    And the more important question

    After this lot of fools have gone, who will be at the wheel to drive us out of this wilderness to a destination where the country can salvage its position and recover from its illness.

    And do not fool yourself, we are ill with many an affliction politically, economically and socially.

    Let me give a few examples that you Bust Tea and others could appreciate under what is best called “MORE OF THE SAME”

    We acknowledge that Adriel Dimwit Acting Attorney General is an incompetent of great proportions but I give you the heir apparent “Dale Smiley Teets Marshall” WHAT BODES FOR US IF WE MOVE FROM WUSS TO WUSSER??

    We commiserate with the peeple of Bulbados that Minister of Community Affairs Steve Blackett, a radio DJ, is simply out of his depth but then I give you Trevor Prescod a man equally inept and whom an original idea to stimulate Community Development, even f it were a hailstone from Heaven, WOULD NOT MAKE AN IMPRESSION.

    Even now, at this our darkest hour, our people, sottish children, contemplate rightfully so, voting out every single one of the DLP TO REPLACE THEM, LOCK, STOCK & BARREL, with the BLP!!!

    And that is the bane of the Caribbean, we are cursed with more of the same on either side, as if paying for a pact that someone made with the devil these many generations hence or cursed with the blood of the decimation of the Arawak and the Caribs whom we these generations hence, barring acknowledging them in our history books, have never sought to appease through some prayer for the displaced souls that have haunted us these 370 nuff years hence.

    You cannot tell me that we are not a cursed nation who, while speaking so eloquently about the reparation for slavery, HAVE NEVER SOUGHT to come to an appeasement of the other souls that were lost and discommoded of homes and their lives, during the rape called colonization.

    Each year we meet with empty? ceremonies to commemorate the dead who fell in World War I & II.

    Even when we build our new homes, some of us, bring a priest to bless our home, and disband the evil spirits there assembled (usually left by the contractor and his band of workmen) yet not a man or woman has made “libation” to the souls of those upon who Her Britannic Majesty claimed this Little England, the Kingdom upon which the Sun Never Sets…

  15. Dear Miss Donna Francis,

    I read your blog and wondered whu an ole man could say to you that would make some sense of the question that you have asked here on BU.

    John 8: 3 to 7

    “3 The scribes and the Pharisees brought a woman who had been caught in adultery, and placing her in the midst 4 they said to him, “Teacher, this woman has been caught in the act of adultery. 5 Now in the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. So what do you say?” 6 This they said to test him, that they might have some charge to bring against him. Jesus bent down and wrote with his finger on the ground. 7 And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”

    I was noticing that you are “presently studying in Taiwan- (Journalism and Mass Communication)

    I am going to rely on what you are studying in Taiwan with the hope that maybe the discipline may be imparting some wisdom through which you will use your journalistic reasoning skills and answer this question for yourself as such related to the CARICOM Secretatiat remaining noticeably quiet about this issue.

    “The CARICOM Secretariat Headquarters Building is located at Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown, Guyana.

    The building was officially handed over to the CARICOM Secretariat on 15 July 2005. The Secretariat commenced operations in the building on 26 July 2006.”

    I do hope that the old man might have in some way helped answer your question.


    PUDRYR or Methuselah as de young peeple at de church does call me

    PS doan tek too long to write back causing de ole man ent got tomorrow put down

  16. Former President Jagdeo,the communist tyrant of Guyana aided and abetted in his corrupt practices by the likes of Ricky Singh,a man whom columnist Freddie Kissoon dismissed as a sycophant of the PPP,the man Jagdeo was today threatened with a warrant of arrest if he failed to appear in a criminal matter before a court in Guyana.The court gave his lawyer a time limit for Jagdeo to appear and the demi god appeared as summoned.The magistrate adjourned the matter to June 23rd and Jagdeo was instructed not to leave the jurisdicion without the court’s permission.How the mighty have fallen.A lesson for the likes of Denis Lowe,the idyut minister of garbage.

  17. @Fractured BLP May 23, 2015 at 10:45 PM “Is it true that Mia Mottley only intends to allow persons who support same sex unions run on a BLP ticket?”

    In which case there may well not be any ncandidates. When I look at the low marriage rate, the high divorce rate, and the tens of thousands of horner men and women I am not convinced that Bajans support marriages of any kind.

    But what do I know I am only a…

    Simple Simon

  18. The government of India today announced to the government of Guyana that a US50million dollar line of credit to build a road along with a US 8 million grant to buy a ferry negotiated with former President Ramotar in January,have been “curtailed due to budget constraints of the Ministry of External Affairs in India”.One might conclude that the hindus of India have reneged on a funding agreement with the hindus of Guyana and not the government(and thus the people)of Guyana,the taxpayers of which country would be liable for paying back these funds.
    This is an eyeopener for those who still believe that religion does not play a role in formulating government policy in places like Guyana and Trinidad where they are large numbers of the descendants of indentured labourers from India.Barbados should be alert to the possibility of similar attempts to infiltrate the body politic.It has started.

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