FDI the Intoxicant of Caribbean Politicians

Prime Minister Dr Denzil Douglas (left) and Premier Vance Amory

Prime Minister Dr Denzil Douglas (left) and Premier Vance Amory

Some interesting developments have been unfolding in the Caribbean in recent years and have increasingly gained public attention of late. Those of us who have an interest in the politics of the region observed the ‘clash’ that occurred in the parliament of St. Kitts and Nevis last week between Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas and Premier Vance Amory of Nevis. The issue which sparked the conflict has to do with “an attempted sale of Crown lands by the Nevis Island Administration to an Iraqi national and funds alleged to have been sent to the federation as payment for the proposed sale” – PM and premier square off in parliament over Nevis petition . Prime Minister Douglas suggested there was alleged fraud associated with the transaction and called for an investigation to which Amory asked the Speaker to have to have the statement withdrawn.

In the build up to the 2008 General Election Barbados Underground posted frequently on the subject of land use policy (or lack of) in Barbados, citing reasons that were also applicable to the region. St. Kitts and Nevis is an example of a Caribbean country that has shifted to a 100% service based economy with tourism and foreign direct investment (FDI) now driving the economy. If we are to listen to some pundits in the local media who are impressed by the progress made by St. Kitts and Nevis, and recommend a similar economic model for Barbados, recent events should alert to the dangers of doing business with foreign investors from non Western countries. There is a saying one cannot have two masters. In the case of Barbados with a heavy reliance on international business anchored in Canada and the United States we should exercise caution.

BU’s read of the region, Guyana included, is that our governments are resigned to implementing a policy of attracting foreign direct investment as a key driver of economic activity. This approach has taken on an urgency in the last five years post meltdown of the global economy because traditional growth structures have been decimated.

Many English speaking islands, including Barbados, have had to take a hit to its human development index because tourism and FDI, key external economic drivers, have had a downturn in recent years. Events of the last six years should have forced our government to radically examine consumption and investment decision making with a view to retooling our economies by utilizing indigenous approaches to encourage growth strategies.

Barbadians have heard that a middle eastern investor has come to the rescue of government to bail the Paradise Beach project – as the case with most government initiatives Barbadians wait patiently for full disclosure about the deal. The Chinese have been very active in the region investing heavily in many of our impoverish economies. It should be evident, even to the dullard, that  a heavy reliance on FDI is not sustainable, and if we were to examine the risk reward experience of St. Kitts and a few others in the region it is clear the political leadership of the region is bereft of wholesome policy initiatives to advance our region. The idea of functional cooperation seems to have fallen by the wayside.

The CLICO and Stanford experience has exposed the lack of a robust oversight culture in the region.  To enter the murky world of foreign investment market from non Western sources, BU remains sceptical to it being a sustainable economic driver. We need not mention the lack of transparency legislation to ‘try’ to keep regional politicians honest.

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  1. David August 24, 2014 at 7:49 PM #

    Taken from FB

    " we’re an empire in decline. Our culture is in increasing decay. Our school systems are in deep trouble. Our political system is dysfunctional. Our leaders are more and more bought off with legalized bribery and normalized corruption in Congress and too much of our civil life… "

    – Cornel West telling it the way few ‘Muricans will.

    Cornel West: “He posed as a progressive and turned out to be counterfeit. We ended up with a…




    All Fraud things must come to an End


  3. Due Diligence August 24, 2014 at 8:36 PM #

    Interesting read

    China Is Building A $1 Billion Mega-Resort In The Caribbean

    Read at:


    = Four Seasons + Merricks + Pure Beach + Sam Lords – but they are just FDI talk .


  4. Pachamama August 24, 2014 at 8:39 PM #

    @ David
    We are not persuaded that ‘non-western’ investors are any less desirable than western investors. The basis of your conclusion seems specious, at best. Our experience have thought us that the answer to the important question you pose maybe lie deeper. As a practical matter a good percentage of capital in the West comes, indirectly, from these very sources you have maligned. For example, the American petro-dollar economy was for forty years based on Saudi oil. There are few places more corrupt than SA. If we follow your trend of thought to its logical conclusion we arrive at a place where the Caribbean has been taking, indirectly, FDI from some rather unsavory places for many years.

    In any event how did we get this holier than thou attitude. Barbados was once the global centre for the biggest corruption in the world – slavery. And we see no investigations into that or attempts to right those wrongs. Why is that tainted old money any less worthy of avoidance that this new money from oil, or Arabs or the Chinese. While the simplistic holier than thou attitude may resonate with many we are quite sure that the community of interests is willing to deal with whoever brings capital even if it has to be washed many times over. Of course, you will know that we see red – a bigger systemic corruption that nobody has been forced to deal with yet,,,,, but they soon will.


  5. Pachamama August 24, 2014 at 8:46 PM #

    @ David
    We tend to believe that the above comment by Cornel West was truncated, therefore making it ambiguous. Knowing his work well, we would suggest he might have been making a comment in relation to Obama.


  6. David August 24, 2014 at 8:51 PM #


    Feel free to click om the hyperlink in the Cornel West article.

    Did you miss the premise of the blog which highlighted the fact international business in Barbados is anchored to Canadians and US sources? You can’t serve two masters.


  7. Pachamama August 24, 2014 at 9:16 PM #

    @ David
    We have much respect for Professor Cornel West. However, even the people here on BU were right about pimping Obama before he was elected. Out of a deep respect for Brother West we have to say that he walked into this Obama thing blind. West may need to reassess his philosophical comitment to a radical democracy as it seems less and less viable. Maybe it was this over ‘hopefulness’, an irrational influence by the prophetic and the Socratic traditions that blinded West to the obvious charlatan that was and is Obama, the mascot for oligarchy. Better late than never


  8. John August 24, 2014 at 9:30 PM #

    Why would a foreigner with legitimate access to funds invest in a country in which the judicial system is suspect, and in which the Government has no land use policy which can be used to plan investment?

    I guess there is always the possibility of oil but everything quiet quiet ….. not a good sign!!!

    I am sure that we could attract any amount of illegitimate funds.


  9. David August 24, 2014 at 9:30 PM #


    The difference between what Canada and China are doing is that Canada has a trade surplus and now there is an agreement to better manage the relationship, in the Caribbean and Barbados specifically do we have a trade agreement with China?


  10. Colonel Buggy August 24, 2014 at 10:12 PM #

    Reference Barbados’s Land use Policy, or lack of. Isn’t it a crying shame that when one now travels the length and breadth of Barbados, we are confronted with real estate advertising bill boards, indicating lands or other properties for sale by a foreign company, Massy Real Estate , no less. And I doubt very much if the Government of Barbados has any control or say over who Massy sells those properties to. Those with money like the Arabs, the same Trinis and the Chinese will be given preference. Trinidad has taken over our Money Banks, now they are after our Land Bank, with some seven plantations taken out of production in the parish of St John, credited to their deposit account.
    These Fields and Hills beyond recall ,were never ours, and will never be. Perhaps we should have paid more attention to Errol Barrow’s, “One Morning ,” speech, as well as PLANTATION DEEDS frequent warnings.


  11. waiting August 24, 2014 at 11:40 PM #

    Off topic but how can a gun slinging youngster be on bail from a murder/shooting charge now be hunted down and charged by the police for another murder. The judge, magistrate whoever permitted his bail in the first place should have some important questions to answer. This is not good enough. Lives are being violently cut short as a result.


  12. Caswell Franklyn August 24, 2014 at 11:51 PM #

    Don’t worry about non western investment, we have enough western investment that the Government can’t or won’t explain. Why did Government suddenly break off talks with potential investors in Almond and throw everything at Butch Stuart. Did the reported $12 million out of court payment to avoid prosecution in Turk and Caicos have anything to do with it.

    I could be wrong but the fact that Sandals don’t mind bending the rules have anything to do with their most favoured status?


  13. Well Well August 25, 2014 at 7:20 AM #

    Complaints from the people in charge of the judiciary, so what is Leacock going to do about it, I hope it’s not continue to talk about it.


    More complaints from people in charge of the judiciary whom the taxpayers pay to make sure these things don’t happen….AG Brathwaite should be ashamed that he has no control over the Judges who are supposed to have control over their court rooms and those dangerous cases should be dispensed with in a timely manner, so what is Adriel Brathwaite going to do about it, i hope it’s not continue to TALK, TALK, TALK.


    At least the public servants at Town and Planning are doing their jobs re Peter Harris and his belief that he owns everything in Barbados and all the politicians are firmly ensconced in his pockets…..he bought Cliff restaurant fully aware that Town and Planning permission was needed for upgrades because the previous owners started the process, what does he do? continue building without permission, then his lawyers are complaining that Town & Planning is, get this, taking too long with the application…see, do so don’t like so.

    Peter Harris/CGI should tell people in Barbados how long he has injured -for -life people waiting for their personal injury claims to be heard and settled while he and CGI dance around with these people’s lives and health, with the help of the lazy ass Judges who refuse to control their court rooms and allow the likes of Harris to have their way while injured people suffer.

    Some will say they are giving gunmen bail to kill again and that is worse, but it’s time for the Judges to start somewhere, start doing their jobs, people are getting angry.

    Hopefully, the Chief Justice WILL do something and will not be attacked for doing something about the ills in the judiciary……let’s hope the first order of business is to have the lazy ass judges upon their return from vacation next month realize that they are supposed to CLEAR the court rooms of cases, not PILE THEM UP for decades…

    I know Judges in other jurisdictions who actually clear 30-40 court cases PER DAY in their court rooms, they do not allow cases to go on indefinitely, and they definitely DO NOT ALLOW lawyers and insurance companies to control their courtrooms, what is it with the Judges in Barbados, it appears both the DPP and AG don’t want to lay the blame where it’s supposed to go, at the feet of the judges, because they are all buddy, buddy and tight up, tight up, standing around at cocktails looking like incompetent asses.

    Judges are not supposed to allow lawyers and insurance companies to dictate how many decades a case should last, the judges powers are supposed to b e within the sanctum of the law, but the powers are absolute nonetheless. It’s time Judges top giving lawyers and insurance companies leeway to drag out cases, give them 30 day deadlines.

    Some sources say that they are trying to change the laws to stop delays in the judiciary, so how long will it take to change those laws…….40 years? do it now, today, what’s the delay, everyone knows what the problems are fix them, it cannot take 24 hours, if they are serious.

    Prof West was well aware of these corrupt practices before Obama became president, that has always been the american way, he should be glad Obama became president which allows him to finally voice his concerns about the bribery etc….he could not do so under Bush or any other white president without dire consequences.


  14. Life Changer + August 25, 2014 at 7:20 AM #

    @ Caswell. You’re not the first person to technically question why so many politicians generally, are lawyers and why the fact there is a political conudrum and a failing country both in Government – legal system.
    In fact, the question has been investigated extensively by–you guessed it–political scientists. One reason given has been the nature of the legal profession itself: since most lawyers work for themselves, they have the time, ability and income needed to go into politics, and they share many of the same contacts, such is evedent on this site. There’s also a dual selection effect going on, and a possible case of spuriousness: since many young rich people choose to become lawyers, you might observe many politicians are lawyers, but the real independent variable isn’t their law career, but their social background here on Barbados. There’s also the issue of the nature of the work: relating to juries and judges is not unlike the relationship between politicians and voters, plus the legal profession is one of the few left wherein public speaking is part of the curriculum, an obviously desirable skill for a politician. Then, too, there’s the idea that “politicians make laws and lawyers practice law,” so the two fields are related in that way.
    While I doubt that many have actually studied political science and achive a PHD the “qualitys” of or actual Government’s performance seem always in flux. The parishioners around the Island are as helpless at getting there community needs accommodated for, as much as there personal legal needs, yet they should be dealt with under one roof so to speak.


  15. Life Changer + August 25, 2014 at 7:52 AM #

    @ Well Well.
    Firstly. It’s seems “we”are at least on the same page.
    As I have just blogged, no one – Governmently or legally is responsible especially from our docile Bar assosiation.
    That Disciplinary Board should be made up of all the review committees, plus the Disciplinary Board Chair and Vice-Chair. The Boards “job” legally sould include reviews hearing officer recommendations for suspension and disbarment when a timely request for review/appeal is filed or sua sponte review is ordered, and automatically reviews stipulations for suspension or disbarment. The Board therefore should produce a written recommendation to the Supreme Court. The Board should hold public oral arguments on some cases. These arguments should be open to the public. But this is not the case here on the Island where the Government (questionably the legal Bajan system itself ) through its manipulation. Can’t provide timely action.


  16. Well Well August 25, 2014 at 7:58 AM #

    Lifechanger…….you got it right, MANIPULATION is the keyword. They all get a turn at manipulating the judicial system, they know how to do it rather effectively too, but not one of them seem competent enough to FIX the problems in the Judiciary, the bar association has always been a joke, the same ones manipulating are the same ones charged with fixing it……lol

    Brathwaite and Leacock will talk, complain and rah, rah, but they are part of the problem, not part of the solution……a real merry, for them, go round.


  17. The People's Democratic Congress August 25, 2014 at 8:03 AM #

    Under a certain future coalitional government of Barbados and of which the PDC will be part NO FOREIGNERS ( natural or artificial persons) from where so ever shall own any rights over any lands in Barbados.

    They will however be able to lease such rights, in each case, for reasonable fixed terms of years from the persons, businesses and the relevant others seeking to pass on such rights from themselves to the foreigners.

    On having got into office, such a coalitional government will make sure that where foreigners (natural or artificial persons ) hitherto and in which ever cases own such rights over lands of the territory of this country, that legislation is passed, at the insistence of that coalition government, that speaks to a then concurrent land use regime for this country, that absolutely prevents such foreigners from directly or indirectly owning such rights over any of these lands of the territory called Barbados, and that instead (this regime) converts situations where foreigners have ownership of such rights over the lands of the territory of Barbados into situations where they will only have leases for reasonable fixed terms of years.


    Such ownership of rights over lands shall be ONLY for Barbadian citizens, or for fully or majority Barbadian owned, Barbadian businesses or any other entities, to own and exercise.

    Therefore, any minority of foreign ownership in a business or any other entity doing business in Barbados – and of which the majority of that business or that other entity is owned by a Barbadian/Barbadians (natural or artificial) shall be absolutely prevented from owning such rights over lands of the territory called Barbados, and shall instead only be capable of leasing such rights over any lands of the said territory.

    Finally for now, these intellectually and politically backward, bankrupt and discredited DLP and the BLP disorganizations must – as soon as possible – be ABSOLUTELY PERMANENTLY REMOVED from the parliament of this country for – among other things so abominable and horrendous in countless regards and within countless spheres – aiding and abetting foreigners in their disgustingly owning rights over the lands of this territory called Barbados.



  18. pieceuhderockyeahright August 25, 2014 at 9:21 AM #

    @ Waiting, Well Well and LifeChanger+

    Note is made of the fact that the thread speaks to intoxicvnts and FDI but there is a thread that runs through each of your articles which I do feel is very connected while equally saddening.

    Imagine that I can carry an illegal gun, threaten and “shoot a boy” in Bulbados, get leggo pun bail and shoot/kill a nex man shortly thereafter, while pun bail!!

    The intoxicunt here lies in, we the people, applying one common denominator to our society/economy, have put balls-less polticians, and judges, to run our affairs and then cry out “woe is me”, clueless as to why Adriel Nitwit and and DPP Leakycock and the rest uh dem BuHKVNTS simply doan know what to do.

    One man travels and hears bout economic citizenship and he comes back to our little islands and deploys it, a nex man goes to the US Virgin islands and sees a robust tourism industry and comes back and avidly promotes a policy to sell every window to the sea in our limited land mass of Bulbados,

    Not a man jack at UWI – Cave Hill ent got the vision try to (i) examine the medicinal content of “finger grower” and, in conjunction wid Bayer or a nex big pharmaceutical company, try to leverage whu in de plant so did de we can compete wid Cialis and Viagra a la Bulbados? fuh all dese years, you mean tuh tell em dat we ent got de brains to leverage whu is we own?

    Tell me noble gentlemen ( I assuming heah but if wunna is ladies forgive me) not a man jack among we Bajans ent travel en see how dem does churn up glass en rubber and resurface de roads and can tink of a process tuh surface we roads?

    None uh we cant tink bout how to cuntstruct a ferry dat wud go from one island tuh de nex?

    None uh we ent tink bout begging de USA or Englant fuh one uh dem decommissioned Destroyers to use as a refurbished tourist attraction? Wuh after all we does beg fuh evey ting else!!

    None uh we ent got no ideas bout how to eradicate de mosquitoes and get a research grant to tek WeJonesing voice and mix it wid Fumble intonations and create a sound ray gun that wud will out all de mosquitoes?

    I might have gone to the ridiculous now but mek some sense from my foolishness and see that I am promoting (i) self sufficiency and forex savings (ii) import substitution and forex savings and (iii) alternatives to the limited scope of FDI schemes that abound in myopic Bulbados with our inept leaders


  19. Life Changer + August 25, 2014 at 11:12 AM #

    Although, I can’t realise what your trying to say.

    I think it fair to say, stir up the internation waters an see what comes to the surface.


  20. David August 25, 2014 at 11:26 AM #

    Good to see the Nation newspaper is using BU for content, we look for no credit, we want to seen movement to address the issues. The rhetoric will only get us so far.


  21. Colonel Buggy August 25, 2014 at 11:59 AM #

    @ PDR
    Not a man jack at UWI – Cave Hill ent got the vision try to (i) examine the medicinal content of “finger grower” and, in conjunction wid Bayer or a nex big pharmaceutical company, try to leverage whu in de plant so did de we can compete wid Cialis and Viagra a la Bulbados? fuh all dese years, you mean tuh tell em dat we ent got de brains to leverage whu is we own?
    But we know how to plan to make Crop Over bigger and better next year. Even promising the jump up Bands a TAX break, something that the same govm’t would not consider for those many poorer people who are subjected to the high Solid Waste Tax.
    No wonder the churches are describing these as the last days.


  22. Due Diligence August 25, 2014 at 1:01 PM #


    Nation link please


  23. David August 25, 2014 at 1:06 PM #


    It is on the frontpage, Slow Blow.


  24. Ping Pong August 25, 2014 at 1:10 PM #

    “COW” Williams on Brasstacks today related the difficulties he experienced to get approval to expand a long existing pond on his land so as to provide water for irrigation of lands marked for vegetable production. According to him it took two years for the Planning department to respond to his application and in its response, the Planning Department required him to undertake an EIA that would have cost over $100 000!

    Then we shall hear some politician or public commentator complain about the lack of locally produced food, the high price of food, the need for employment etc etc etc.


  25. Ping Pong August 25, 2014 at 1:19 PM #

    Maybe COW needs to ask Butch Stewart what is the secret to getting planning approval in a timely manner.


  26. Due Diligence August 25, 2014 at 2:22 PM #

    Ping Pong



  27. Due Diligence August 25, 2014 at 2:52 PM #


    Do not see BU reference in the abbreviated version at nation.com


  28. Hants August 25, 2014 at 3:00 PM #



  29. David August 25, 2014 at 3:20 PM #


    There is no covert reference however if you check the editorials since Morris went back to the Nation the relationship to BU pillar issues/content is obvious.


  30. Well Well August 25, 2014 at 3:41 PM #

    Did i hear some fools in Barbados talking about introducing this latest idiocy, why must Caribbean people always copy the negative.


    Piece……..i read your post after, again, why do Caribbean people, particularly Bajans only copy the negative from the big countries when there are so many millions of positives to copy……..Piece i rest my case and i am sure you do too.


  31. Well Well August 25, 2014 at 3:53 PM #

    Forgot to add this very true story, a lady in her 80’s, all faculties functioning, said her brother, who is on his deathbed had a land issue case with other parties who are also on their death beds in the Courts of Barbados since 1964, you saw right, since the year nineteen hundred and sixty four, we can surmise that most of the Judges involved are if not on their death beds as well, have already died, i bet ya someone is just waiting to steal all that land, the usual modus….something is wrong with that shitty court system in Barbados, sorry, something is wrong with the people who are in charge of the Court shitty court system in Barbados and it starts in the offices of the past in present Prime Ministers..


  32. Jan Jan August 25, 2014 at 4:27 PM #

    Every thing in Barbados takes long in “Barabados”
    because some people like to make other people feel that other people are nothing and that some people are everything and “gots dah Power”. until there is a level playing field , Barbados will not progress. Too many friends friendsing up and too much grease meh hand if you want something done


  33. waiting August 25, 2014 at 7:09 PM #

    Keeping it real | August 25, 2014 at 7:07 PM |
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Ping Pong | August 25, 2014 at 1:10 PM |

    “COW” Williams on Brasstacks today related the difficulties he experienced to get approval to expand a long existing pond on his land so as to provide water for irrigation of lands marked for vegetable production. According to him it took two years for the Planning department to respond to his application and in its response, the Planning Department required him to undertake an EIA that would have cost over $100 000!

    Have not heard from billionaire COW for awhile last time he opened his arrogant boastful mouth he said he wasn’t making a cent from the government and he was going send home him his workers. Chris Sinckler responded by saying his friend COW was not telling the truth. The MOF said it was his certain knowledge that COW had pocketed over $100 million from government contracts since the Dems took power in 2008. Needless to say COW never replied because the Finance Minister knows what he is talking about. It look like the knight COW find he voice again.


  34. Colonel Buggy August 25, 2014 at 10:10 PM #

    Well Well | August 25, 2014 at 3:41 PM |
    Did i hear some fools in Barbados talking about introducing this latest idiocy, why must Caribbean people always copy the negative.
    You cannot label all of us as fools, only hours ago I joined the bucket fad. Had no choice , like many people in the northern parishes, we have been doing this every time the BWA taps are dry.
    Another Jump and Wave,monkey do !! Pathetic.


  35. David August 25, 2014 at 11:15 PM #

    And there is the increasing China influence in the region submitted by Due Diligence:

    May 14, 2014 – Toronto Confucius Institute spurs moral debate


    “Canada’s largest school board has opened a Confucius Institute, bringing to Toronto students a controversial global language and cultural outreach effort that is controlled by the Chinese government.

    The TDSB is embracing the institute just as several universities are severing their ties with it because of restrictions China has placed on academic discourse and fears of political censorship. The institutes offer language and culture programs subsidized by China’s government. The academic activities are supervised by the Beijing head of the Chinese Language Council International, a state agency commonly known as Hanban………..

    August 22, 2014 – Toronto school board’s qualms over Chinese partnership prompt backlash


    “A push by Canada’s largest school board to ramp up student recruitment from its most lucrative international market is in jeopardy, after efforts to dissolve a controversial partnership with the Chinese government………

    August 25, 2014 – Globe and Mail editorial – Chinese for “conflict of interest”


    “……The institute is subsidized and controlled by China’s Ministry of Education. Its teachers are hand-picked by Beijing to offer instruction steeped in the Chinese government’s biased, undemocratic point of view…..”

    In DD’s view, there can be no doubt that the 10 students selected to receive scholarships to study in China, will be subjected to “the Chinese government’s biased, undemocratic point of view.”

    To paraphrase OLD COOT in his column “What is the gain” about the SANDALS AFFECT at


    The jury is out with respect to the net benefits to be attributed to the Confucius Institute and scholarship arrangements (and all the money China is lending/donating) are – maybe in 2037 our grandchildren will benefit in Chinados.


  36. Exclaimer August 26, 2014 at 6:06 AM #

    Where next for the Caribbean region? The choices are very simple. We must decide if we run with the herd and imitate their social, economic and political models or we must find an alternative robust solution which is appropriate to the Caribbean and her people.

    We underestimate our values, strengths, quality of life and our history in comparison to those so called western and developing countries. If we were to carry out research to determine the quality of life of the total population of all the countries on the globe you would find that Barbados would be very near the top.

    What do I mean by quality of life? An affordable roof over one’s head, access to natural food, a population that is literate, free access to a national health system, access to water, healthy extended family relationships, low suicidal rates, excellent climate, proximity to the beaches and the sea, the ability to tap into energy derived from the climate, a relative homogenous and small population, and a small land mass.

    We do not have the individual wealth of India, the USA, Russia, the Middle East, China, and the UK. However, if you were to measure our quality of life with the total population of the above countries we would receive a ranking well ahead of them. The hardship endured by the poor and the working class in these countries is pitiable (http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2014/08/india-lower-caste-still-removing-human-waste-201482582623585755.html). Even the wealthy minority in China cannot avoid the smog, pollution and by extension the poor air quality of their environment. If you are a Londoner and you are on the average Londoner’s salary you will be highly unlikely to afford to purchase a property within that region.

    We seem to have misunderstood the meaning of the word “development”. The so call “development” that our governments are searching for will impoverish the majority of are populations and their descendants and will ultimately leave them landless. It is time for the masses to wake up from their slumber and directly challenge those corrupt leaders who are facilitating this so called “development”. Our governments are simply not fit for purpose.


  37. Bush Tea August 26, 2014 at 8:50 AM #

    @ Exclaimer
    Well said above.
    This is the level of thinking that defines a true leader……HOWEVER..
    …..if you ever try that line with brass bowls you will be kicked to the curb…. 🙂

    The government we have is the government we deserve….
    Until the PEOPLE humble themselves, and seek the true wisdom that can come from only one source, we will continue to be bowls, …and thus to have brass bowl governments who are UNABLE to see your above perspective….


  38. Well Well August 26, 2014 at 9:59 AM #

    Colonel……sorry about your water problems, when the political class of jokers finally realize, one of these centuries in the future, that it is prudent to dam the water coming out of St. John that is just emptying into the sea, a total waste of rain water…..you will have no such problem, but by then you will not care.


  39. BARBADOSTRIPADVISOR August 26, 2014 at 10:08 AM #



  40. Due Diligence August 26, 2014 at 10:37 AM #


    True Bajan culture for all to see.

    Can’t wait to see Chinese wuking-up as part of the Barbados/China cultural exchanges


  41. Bajan Yankee August 26, 2014 at 11:09 AM #

    LMAO, expect cheap Chinese made costumes


  42. Hants August 26, 2014 at 12:28 PM #

    A different twist on lowering taxes. USA to Canada.

    “Executives from the companies involved also poured cold water on theories that the move was an elaborate tax inversion chiefly designed to bring down Burger King’s tax rate. Canada’s basic corporate tax rate is about 26 per cent, while the U.S.’s is around 35 per cent.”



  43. pieceuhderockyeahright August 26, 2014 at 12:33 PM #

    @ Bush Tea

    “From Craddle to Grave”

    The other day the next door neighbours axed de madam and me to babysit their 5 year old offspring, were it not for the fact that hope springs eternal in the ole man’s heart, I would have declined the request for caring for that child is less babysitting and more like guarding against or fending off Legion.

    He has apparently learnt how to match dominoes so de ole man decides to while away the 4 hours in this Bajan passtime with the whipper snapper.

    The young man sets out the parameters of the game, yes siree he defines how the two of us are playing, ” We are playing seven dominoes each, NO GOING TO PACK, six-six poses the first game and whoever wins begins the game thereafter”

    But here is the thing BT that sets your comment about “the government we have is the government we deserve” in context. We Bajans really choosing our employees, our public servants, our lawyers, nurses, policemens, eve’y body from the jobby that we are creating each day.

    That young man proceeds to count out seven dominoes loudly but, after a few games when I was winning ,he stops counting loudly, pulls the dominoes, AND PUTS HIS HANDS OVER THOSE HE PULLED so the ole man cant see that he has six dominoes instead of seven!!!

    Five years old and already the practices of dishonesty and slipperiness are part of his psyche. Denis Lowe, DPP Leackcock, “Head Boy” Boyce, Noel Lynch, Hami La… being groomed at 5.

    “Thou shalt not kill, thous shalt not steal, thou shalt not commit false witness…” all of the fairy tale tennets that the church by the wayside and sunday school tried to impart in us when we could be bent like saplings, are lost on them and Grand Theft Auto RULES!!

    De ole man tried in the few hours of body guarding to instill something, like trying to teach him how to count the dots and do his 2 times tables and simple things like that so that he could understand why he lost when he blocked but …

    In the final analysis we cant expect to plant potatoes and reap corn…


  44. Due Diligence August 26, 2014 at 1:28 PM #



    “It’s a bit of a mystery to me as to why they’re not flipping to the Bahamas or Barbados, or places like that, because you generate an even greater savings there,” Mr. Cockfield said.

    This from an October 2013 Advocate story

    Ralph “Bizzy” Williams, Chairman of William Industries Inc., who has obtained permission for four more Burger King outlets, would like permission to double that number, as he believes it opens opportunities for Barbadians.

    The entry of this new establishment has ushered in approximately 40 jobs for Barbadians, at a time when layoffs have been prevalent.

    Speaking at the official launch at the new location, Williams stated, “Thus far we have invested $4 645 520 to bring these restaurants to Barbados; half of this money has come in foreign exchange from our Jamaican partners. We have not borrowed any money from banks in Barbados; these restaurants will not be blocking availability of funds for any small enterprises here in Barbados.

    “We do intend to continue expanding the range for more restaurants. So far we have permission for four restaurants and we would like permission for eight. We are signalling the Minister that we want more permission.

    “I have been in partnership with the people who we joined to do this for probably the last 25 or 30 years in Jamaica. We have had a long relationship with them as they own 27 [outlets] in Jamaica and others regionally as well, so they are well versed in the process of Burger King,” he added.

    Perhaps Bizzy can help BK/Tims to register in Barbados, and get some real tax savings. Maybe open a few Tim Hortons – to help increase the obesity rating.

    Oh, and DD wonders who the Jamaican partners are – GBS? Just asking


  45. Hants August 26, 2014 at 2:09 PM #

    @Due Diligence,

    Tim Horton’s will be in Barbados soon.


  46. Due Diligence August 26, 2014 at 2:28 PM #


    Tims is OK for the regular folks; but given the “high-end” nature of its hospitality sector, I think Starbucks would be better a better fit the tourists, say at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre.


  47. Hants August 26, 2014 at 3:44 PM #

    Due Diligence,

    Burger King will serve Tim Horton’s coffee even if they don’t have a branded coffee shop in Barbados.

    Maybe one of our moneyed entrepreneurs will open a Super Barbados Coffee shop serving Coffee, premium rum coffee shots, and sweet bread,pone rock cakes and turnovers instead of donuts.


  48. Due Diligence August 26, 2014 at 4:21 PM #


    I hope Bizzy’s BK will be exempted from paying all import duties, taxes including VAT, imposts and levies of any nature whatsoever on the importation of its coffee beans, cream and sugar, so we won’t be paying BDS $10.00 for a small double double


  49. Hants August 26, 2014 at 4:54 PM #

    The Americans are protesting the Burger King move to Canada as a tax loophole.

    A hornet’s nest has been stirred.



  50. Hants August 26, 2014 at 5:08 PM #

    Barbados may have to restructure the economy.

    It seems the continued dependence on Foreigners is going to be a problem.


  51. Due Diligence August 26, 2014 at 5:50 PM #



    Can’t trust those damned foreigners


  52. Exclaimer August 26, 2014 at 5:58 PM #

    It looks like dear old Mugabe is reaching out to China.



  53. Due Diligence August 26, 2014 at 6:27 PM #

    Sounds familiar


  54. Bush Tea August 26, 2014 at 7:54 PM #

    @ Hants
    It seems the continued dependence on Foreigners is going to be a problem.
    …..that’s the risk we take with making a living off “johns”…



    21 year old student from T&T finds $150,000 worth of cocaine inside her suitcase after flying from Piarco to JFK Airport: This wasn’t the care package she was expecting. An FIT student who flew to the Big Apple to start a new school year arrived at her dorm in Manhattan, opened her suitcase — and discovered 10 pounds of cocaine inside, police sources said.

    The baffled 21-year-old made the stunning discovery after an airplane flight on Friday as she moved into the room and quickly called cops, police sources said. “She said she had no idea how it got there,” a police source said.

    The freaked fashionista handed over the four packages of blow — which had a street value of $150,000, police sources said.
    The woman had just flown from Trinidad and Tobago to JFK Airport — leading authorities to believe a smuggler may have planted the stash in the wrong suitcase, a Port Authority source said. “If her story is true, that’s the most likely scenario . . . There’s no question about it,” the source said.

    Corrupt custom officials, baggage handlers or airport workers — in both the Caribbean and New York — may have teamed up on a scheme to use her as an unwitting drug mule, the Port Authority source said.

    The smugglers may have flubbed the plan by failing to unload the drugs in New York, the Port Authority source said. “Smugglers play the odds … It has been done before to travelers especially in countries where there’s heavy narco-trafficking,” the Port Authority source said.

    Cops are also weighing the possibility she was in on the crime and simply backed out, police sources said. “Maybe she was involved and got cold feet and wanted to get ahead of the story by calling police,” a law-enforcement source said.

    “Or maybe it was something more sinister,” the source said. The source added, “Maybe she didn’t pack her bag, or maybe she really didn’t have anything to do with it.” The student has not been charged, and no arrests have been made. She couldn’t be reached for comment. Read More VIA New York Post http://ow.ly/AJ9Qm

    from Face BOOK


  56. pieceuhderockyeahright August 26, 2014 at 8:17 PM #

    First of all I must give thanks to David [BU} for adding the article on Dr. Cornel West and then I give thanks to Dr. Cornel West for giving the interview.

    I gine tief a part dat stick wid de ole man and I quote “… a great leader, a statesperson, doesn’t just occupy middle ground. They occupy higher ground or the moral ground or even sometimes the holy ground. But the middle ground is not the place to go if you’re going to show courage and vision…”

    We are besieged by Caribbean politicians and leaders who, on a number scale of integrity, competence and commitment to nation with left extremity of x1 = -5 representing extremely poor and right extremity of x3 = 5 representing committed, competent and true citizen when we are asked to assign them a value or solve for x2 which is greater than -5 but less than 5, we find ourselves, mathematically challenged and limited to any integer that is less than zero.

    I know when we solved x2 at school, in addition to choices of -5, -4, -3- -2 and -1, we would also have 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 but our values for x2 are figurative representations of men and women, in the case of Bulbados, DLP and BLP-ites that are, unfortunately, less than the possible “middle ground” integer of zero.

    We are left with substandard material, a brand of INTOXICVNTS, who you only got to spell rum fuh, or show dem how to tief de tax payers monies and dem intoxicated with power and graft.


  57. Hants August 26, 2014 at 10:16 PM #

    Authentic Barbados Coffee shop serving Coffee, premium rum coffee shots, and coconut bread,pone rock cakes and rum cake.


  58. Colonel Buggy August 26, 2014 at 11:07 PM #

    Exclaimer | August 26, 2014 at 5:58 PM |

    It looks like dear old Mugabe is reaching out to China.
    Or is it the other way round. China is now determined to conquer what the developed world now refers to as The Third World. Just about every country in the Caribbean has had financial assistance from China, accompanied by Chinese work forces to do any construction necessary. And with , it looks like , the same instructions that God gave to Adams and Eve, “Go forth and multiply .” And these will be the only shots that the Chinese need to fire, in order to conquer the Third World.


  59. Leland Van Oss September 13, 2014 at 3:17 PM #

                We, the people who are the government of this nation, and whose ancestors have shed blood and whose young men and women are still giving there lives – must protect the constitutional laws that we hold in reverence that were given by God to are forefathers.that states all of his children are created equal and that means from conception to natural death
    Currently, there our some members of our government who we the people put in office that swore or affirmed to protect are constitutional laws, that has kept this nation free for over 250 hundred and fifty years,and now have broken there oath of office for there own personal agenda.
       Now that we the people demand that all political parties restore our constitutional laws and make these laws unbreakable, with a just punishment for any one that breaks there oath of office.
    We the people over 300 million of us want to know who gave you the right to break our constitutional laws, and how long do you thank are government and are freedom will last with out them.

        Please,   if  you agree with us make copies and give them to your
                        family and friend,s  and elected officials, if  don't throw it away   
          Sincerely: We the people of our be loved America.




  1. FDI the Intoxicant of Caribbean Politicians - Vibe Audio StationVibe Audio Station - August 24, 2014

    […] FDI the Intoxicant of Caribbean Politicians […]


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