IS LIME Exempt from the Laws of Barbados? Even the Barbados Courts Can’t Constrain Them!

Submitted by David Weekes
LIME customer service questioned.

LIME customer service questioned.

I would be grateful if you would publish this for me.

Last year around September 26th 2014 after going to Surepay to pay a bill, a conversation with a Surepay attendant led me to review all my bills and services with LIME. Suffice it to say, I found that I had overpaid LIME close to$100,000 over the past 10 years for phone lines that had been withdrawn for close to five years, other services I no longer had, data plans that were oversized, even though I had writing for 7 years asking for them to be properly sized and a number of issues that form 11 pages in an affidavit.

I went to LIME to get my matter addressed and to get my money and spoke to the highest management at the company.

In what others have called the “inimitable LIME style” i.e. engaging with clients (who they owe money)  even in the face of their trail of email from Cable&Wireless/Bartel/LIME, LIME employed various strategies that another person, I forget who, calls “How not to Repay a Client monies Owed”.

Imagine that you have records showing you are owed $100K yet a company who you believe owes you that money, not only will not pay you your money, but then proceeds to turn off your phones, whenever they deem fit.

After seeking the assistance of the Fair Trading Commission whom I now inclined to believe that their mandate, and commensurate powers of enforcement seem to fall short of the mark, I was advised to use my final recourse, the Barbados Courts.

My matter was heard on the 10th of April 2015, just a month ago and an order issued by Justice Chandler (see attached Court Order) which instructed LIME to immediately reconnect all my phone lines.

That was the 10th of April and today, on the 13th day of May

  1. one line, 2362002, has not only been disconnected but has been issued to a company called Rainbow
  2. the second line 2331001 remains disconnected and
  3. the third which had been reconnected is now disconnected again

We have become a country where, depending on who you are or which firm you represent, customers are treated like trash akin to being the famed cockroaches which Tom Clarke, in his book “Growing Up Stupid under the Union Jack” spoke of and he would position his behind over in the outside WC (Water Closet) and seek to bombard with faeces emanating from his behind.

We are more slaves now that we ever were when our hands were manacled by massa.

Where else in the world would an order by the Courts of the land be so flagrantly disobeyed without anyone having any recourse?



David Weekes


  • LIME now FLOW is busy dishing out free iPhones and Samsung mobile devices to all and sundry including local media, the conspiracy and soft corruption continues.


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  • John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    Well Look at the rest of the crooks , Why you think no one looking to invest in Barbados unless they sign more paper off to the side than the agreement itself,

    The bigger Truth of the Picture is coming and help is on the way,

    Soon we hope to run all who crook the people and give another a chance with out the the same named people under a different company , We need T Mobile or Sprint ect, These nasty crooks send you bills one after another, Looking to cut off before its even time to pay the bill,


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ David [BU]

    It is called 30 pieces of silver.

    Free Phones or “deep discounted” phones to Permanent Secretaries, families of said PSes, entire Commissions, Fear Tricking, Fare Picking, Trading whatever you want to call it, we have lost our souls.

    You know, when de ole man up in the front row wid de madam pun a Sunday, she does be pinching my right leg during the “open session” especially when de subject matter is about “render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s…” or “come you out from among them…” you know them sort of topics where de ole man does be wanting to call all them Prayer Warriors and Pastor D&E The Apostle of God, hypocrites and enemies of THE LIVING GOD.

    As simple as it might appear on the outside these issues speak to a pandemic across the face of Bajan (even world) society where we are abdicating our individual responsibilities to speak out for what is the right thing because we fear the retribution of the current minister of Parliament or wusser, he wife or outside woman retribution

    A time will come when our 1100 policemen will NOT BE ABLE to drive anywhere in Bulbados EXCEPT IN CONVOYS of 3-4 armoured plated vehicles because our criminal element will be armed with bazookas, in addition to the cop killer Kevlar piercing bullets they already have


  • Barbados corruption is like a man who fails to get his yearly PSA then to discover that prostate cancer has taken over his body. Kickbacks and Graft coupled withnover invoicing is now the norm in Barbados for all the stories just cannot be malicious gossip.


  • Over the past few years, Barbadians have been allowing Cable & Wireless, Bartel and LIME to take advantage of them. Recently, LIME has been calling land line customers and they are greeted by a pre-recorded message urging them to pay their telephone bills by the due date or the service would be disconnected.

    Could you imagine calling LIME’s customer service only to be answered by individuals whose native language obviously is not English, thereby making communication extremely difficult.
    Their service is so poor to the extent that if you use the directory enquiry to seek assistance with a telephone number of a business that has relocated, you are either told the system is “down” or they give you the old telephone number. Then you are charged for using this service.

    Why can’t Barbadians send a message to LIME by cancelling their subscriptions, while telling the company’s management they need to get their act together and address all these issues before giving consideration to having the services re-installed.

    But Barbadians suffer from “customer loyalty syndrome”, whereby, since LIME has been on the scene for a number of years and many of us grew up knowing the company, Bajans have developed loyalty to them, even though customer service is terrible.

    We will complain about LIME’s service but at the same time will find all types of excuses to remain with company. Hence, the status quo remains the same.


  • When a Large Corporation in Barbados refuses to obey a court what is the consequence to the company ? It’s pretty clear that a Government is not obliged to abide by a Court’s findings, so has the example been set ..?


  • D Ingrunt Word

    Pieces, how profound that your ambivalence as shown with , “when de ole man up in the front row wid de madam pun a Sunday, …where de ole man does be wanting to call all them Prayer Warriors and Pastor D&E The Apostle of God, hypocrites and enemies of THE LIVING GOD” is symptomatic of our overall malaise.

    We know those standing before us are invalid and devious but we go along to get along…whether to keep the peace of a spouse, establish a life for a child or to maintain our own self-worth.

    Getting out of that vice-grip can be a hard road to travel!


  • With all due respect, nothing about this is new!

    Corporations and governments have always been exempted from the laws their contrive to enforce on the rest of us.

    However, what is new is the fact that the above truism is more diffused. That’s all!

    Governments and corporations were always the biggest criminals on earth. Together they make those behind bars look innocent.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    1 x 20
    2 x 10
    4 x 5
    5 x 4

    Blogmaster you might wonder what the five lines above means.

    They all provide an answer of 20.

    I can guarantee that any article which is about “we” issues – things that peak to Barbados as it descends into a pit rather cesspool will not secure more than 20 responses.

    You would ask me why.

    The answer is quite simple really.

    Anything distant, racism issues, cops killing blacks, if Obama will get a second term, if Jenner is a woamn, Oprah get a bubbie job, anything that has nothing to do with Barbados will generate comments not because they are not worthy of response BUT because of this fear that Bajns have about commenting on things like

    (i) Miss Ram’s Kirpalani’s – because they fear her
    (ii) Unfair business practices by “big people” in Barbados – because they fear them
    (iii) Allegations of Police Brutality or Cops with a License to Kill – because we fear them
    (iv) Politicians for whom there isa file showing how they are tiefing the government’s money – because we fear them

    So we stay in our comfort zone so that issues where we have been similarly unfaired with the Barbados Light and Power overbilling you or charging you for 2 months of electricity for a place you ceased renting 2 months prior.

    Or the Barbados Water authority glitches which caused you to pay $5,000 in water consumption that you did not use.

    Such is our fear of these entities, hardened by our knowledge that the Water Utilities Commission or Fare Picking Commissions are useless wastefoops that we play it safe and comment on “things that really dont change the price of bread” in Barbados with record breaking 1000 comments, secure in the knowledge that it will not offend any one local.


  • Former Justice Frank King walked away from chairmanship of the FTC during the reign of King Arthur of Benn Hill castle,Mile and a Quarter,Sen Peter. Ronald Toppin reputed to be a hard working,responsible Member of Parliament who as Minister of Commerce,Consumer Affairs and Business Development introduced the Fair Trading Commission Act,the Utilities Regulation Act,the Fair Competition Act,the Small Business Development Act,the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act,the Office of Public Counsel and the Consumer Claims Tribunal among other important pieces of legislation,walked away from the Fair Trading Commission soon after King left.Neither of these honourable gentlemen saw it fit to share /express publicly their reasons for “walking away”.It is when people like King and Toppin choose not to share their concern with the public whom they serve, allow people like LIME to rub filth in the faces of the Barbadian consumer and none other but the Prime Minister sit on his ass and do nothing for the people against these apparent leviathans.To hell with principle.Principal talks!!


  • D Ingrunt Word

    It is an old cliche that the day doth run until night catches it. Mr. Weekes will get his new day in court and maybe his lawyers can get him his money back.

    Of course, this being Barbados the thought of a class-action suit and the heft that would add does not have the momentum that it might otherwise have in other locales.

    But back to a broader view of night catching day…

    Literally as in:

    “The man who strikes fear in the hearts of Sepp Blatter and other FIFA executives lies seriously ill in a New York area hospital, breathing with the aid of a respirator, his body ravaged by cancer and the resulting treatments…Chuck Blazer’s health problems leave him unable to actively cooperate with the U.S. federal agents and prosecutors who continue their investigation into corruption at the highest levels of international soccer…”

    and figuratively:

    “… Blazer, the once larger-than-life FIFA executive committee member, has provided the feds with enough information into the shadowy financing of international soccer to keep Blatter, the FIFA boss, from coming to the United States, presumably aware that he could be pulled into the ongoing federal criminal probe … But according to a source familiar with Blazer’s activities, Blatter became uncomfortable about visiting the U.S. as early as 2006, when a federal judge in New York ruled against FIFA in a lawsuit brought against the Switzerland-based organization by MasterCard.

    “In that case, Blatter asked Blazer to represent FIFA in the lawsuit for a simple reason: “He’s afraid to come to the U.S.,” Blazer told the source.”

    Calamitous, oh lawd. An actual court case against Sepp Blather in US would turn the world – not only soccer, itself – upside frigging down. The oil of money that has greased wheels here (Bdos) and other places is pervasive.


  • sounds like a legitimate round should be the CCJ


  • BU was very deliberate to post the FLOW brand. LIME brand will be replaced by FLOW; we attack the brand and they will take heed. Forget the number of comments, it is the blog message in this case…


  • Barbadians fear victimization from authorities, so they prefer to humble themselves in their little castle called home and keep their mouths shut, their feet off the streets of protest and their hands off the table of direct corrective action. It speaks to the hypocrisy of the fact that there is a church on practically every corner in Barbados, because if the majority of the population are Christians by the “true” definition, not just “churchgoers”, then they ought not to fear man more than God.

    That said, even if 100,000+ adult Barbadians were to comment here chastising Cable & Wireless or Lime or whatever their real name is, that would not change anything.

    There is only one thing that a mass of oppressed and economically abused people can do to free themselves from said oppression, and that is to UNITE and CREATE an alternative economic reality for themselves. The problem is, that process must begin with a single man who has the vision of how to do that. That man must have a strong spine and resolute faith in his Creator, to boldly set about building a mass consensus and support for his vision and the generation of MEANINGFUL action behind it.

    It is a waste of time and energy and therefore a waste of money, to perpetually rant and rave on public fora like this one for no other purpose than to vent frustrations, or ridicule other contributors (childishness), or to try and be seen as some expert or great orator on current affairs here in Barbados or anywhere else.

    @BU, you have created a forum here that educates the average Barbadian about scenarios and realities they may have suspected, but never had real proof of. However, IMHO, doing this for the next 30 years, does not constitute the creation/provision of value. This is a foundation that has allowed you to guage the collective minds of the people of Barbados with respect to the ills of our society. It is my hope that persons like yourself are not content to just create a virtual liming spot for the country’s roaming minds to express themselves, without ever seeking to devise, crystalise and actualize viable solutions to the unsavoury issues you so happily report on. It is almost as if the “joy” of this process is to keep finding some new nugget of corruption and scandal that allows you to say “Ahha”, got another one for you, with no real vision, purpose or even ambition, of proactively “engineering” real change in Barbados.

    This is of course merely the observation of one infrequent visitor to this site, but every time I do pass here, it is always just expose, complain, rant and ridicule… nothing that speaks to a concerted and strategic movement to change anything.

    People, @David Weeks, God is sovereign – your/our negative experiences should inspire you/us to seek His face about how to leverage that negative to create a meaningful positive in the lives of others. God’s wisdom is greater than that of the politicians and the judges. He is more than capable of granting either or both of the Davids here, the wisdom to both make and use a “modern day” slingshot (technology), to launch a small, very smooth stone (strategic economic model/business), deep into the forehead of the Goliath that is the conglomerate of collaborative government/private sector corruption in Barbados, killing it and chopping off its grotesque leviathan head.

    One viable stone is “decentralization/transparency” and its corresponding slingshot is “Blockchain” (with its cryptographic components/derivatives). I won’t seek to explain that here but anyone who wants to understand it can research it online.

    We are not on this earth to perpetually grumble and complain about oppression. We are here to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, to let the oppressed go free and to break every yoke. Those are ACTION FOCUSED initiatives that transcend the wagging of tongues. How is it that none of you here has seen it fit to approach the same “men of integrity” who walked away from the FTC, and/or others like them among you gathered here, to sit down and seek to create a framework for “engineering” real change? Do you automatically assume by their public silence, that they are “lambs” fearful of becoming sacrificed? Do you allow an assumption of failure to paralyze you from even entertaining any thought of taking action?

    Bajans seem to think that they are powerless unless they are “the governing party”. That is a myth of gargantuan proportions. All over the world, BUSINESS is more powerful than government. After 40-nuff years of independence, Barbados is an economic joke. After just 7 years of existence, Facebook the BUSINESS was generating 2-3 times more revenue annually than the Barbados government. Only those who create “extraordinary value” for a large number of people, have real economic power. Governments don’t fall into that category, having no understanding of extraordinary value. You do not have to be in power to make Barbados a better, less corrupt place. You only have to forget the self-centred, self-preservation mindset/attitude, be visionary, believe, and ACT IN UNITY OF MIND AND PURPOSE.

    NOTHING…. is impossible.

    Maybe for most of you many things are…

    But not for me.

    You have my support @David Weekes, but only in taking action to break the yokes… and not by our own understanding and strength, but by the Wisdom, Power and Favour of Almighty God.

    May God bless you all.

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  • @Robin

    There is merit in a lot of what you posted. We all play different roles to bring about change.



    MR.WEEKES, why not place this matter more forcefully in the local media? That is if the local newspaper would be interested in publishing such a story, but sir this matter needs to be aggressively exposed.


  • AC

    You love the DLP so much that instead of calling for the heads of your headless masters you would prefer to duck and send this man, Weekes, to the CCJ. Anything to avoid the real problem!

    When are we ever going to be able to ask for the heads of your political masters….with people like you around. People who even in recognizing a clear problem would always prefer to give this wicked, pernicious DLP government a pass.


  • Didn’t Mr.Weekes write to the local media concerning his other matter lodged in the Court? Have they published? When local media houses have they little campaigns/ giveaways they depend on the Limes,Flows,Digicels to supply them with phoned not to mention the large advertising budget spent.

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  • My family went to the FTC about an issue in 2013 and it is now 2015 and have never had a conclusive decision about the issue, and never got back our money; but I believe in God’s justice, and I will live long enough to see justice will be served. I am sure most people read the article in the paper this morning the ingrate minister saying the disposable truckers want to hold the country to ransom, pray tell me what is he and his Government doing to Barbadians taking away all of their lively hood and spending it like it is their pocket money. Who is holding Barbadians to ransom?


  • Here in Barbados, we have a situation whereby Cable & Wireless, trading under different names, have been exploiting Barbadians for a number of years. And what has been our response? We grin and bear it, hoping that someone would take up the fight for us, while we remain in the background making suggestions on what that person should do or how they should go about fighting our cause.

    Take Malcolm Gibbs-Taitt for example. Say what you like about him and his Barbados Consumer Research organization Inc. [BarCRO], he has represented consumers at PUB and FTC rate hearings in respect of proposals for an increase in telephone and electricity rates.

    People choose to close their eyes at the contributions Gibbs-Taitt has been making in this regard, but have chosen instead to focus on his perceived political affiliation as a basis by which to unjustly judge him. Yet none of his critics have decided to take a stand in representing consumers at any level or joined BarCRO in an effort to initiate change.

    We heard about a new “vibrant” consumer organisation being formed by affiliates of a political party, to correct the wrongs and misrepresentation they suggested were perpetrated by Gibbs-Taitt. Their introduction was highlighted by CBC, in which there an emphasis was placed on criticizing Gibbs-Taitt rather than focus on helping consumers. However, this organization became inactive just as quickly as it was established.

    But to be fair to both organizations, membership seems to be the major issue when considering a lack of support of the activities they undertake. BIPA is a perfect example.

    Finally, I have to agree with PUDRYR’s comment re “I can guarantee that any article which is about “we” issues – things that peak to Barbados as it descends into a pit rather cesspool will not secure more than 20 responses.”

    I will guarantee if this article was entitled “IS LIME Exempt from the Laws of the USA? Even the American Courts Can’t Constrain Them!”, we would have had over 150 responses by now.


  • Talk about Brass Bowlery….
    Wunna think that Cable and Wireless, FLOW or any such shiite organisation would go into a ‘non-brass-country’ and treat people this way….?
    Imagine a company with MILLIONS of dollars in assets…. laying about all over the damn country – just so….. and able to treat citizens with such disrespect….

    well well well…

    Fortunately Bushie has had only minor issues so far…..


  • We seem to recall that the company in question is Irish.

    So we here have the people the English used to spit on and call dirty now coming here and taking from us what little the English left.

    Bajan too like their White masters even the Whites that were seem as ruffians by the English. Wid all this mis-education there can be no emergence of local/global communications networks. This has to be White peoples’ business.


  • If the Barbados Government can do the same,a la Al Barrack,and the Sea Island Cotton among others , and get away with it, why not LIME?


  • Bajans need to be vindictive. Punish the offenders by keeping some of your money in your pocket.

    Yes we need land lines and cell phones but we don’t need the latest and greatest to talk shiite and gossip.

    Find ways to reduce your spending.


  • You get the point Pacha….
    Imagine after spending so much on education and being misled by the Sir Cave Hilary types, we find ourselves now enslaved by the lower caste whites such as Irish and Canadians…and Tricky Indians…. who were not even the bad-boys of the old slavery days….

    Instead of enfranchisement, we are headed into even lower caste slavery….and we are happily going with the flow…..
    …led by a bunch of complete idiots who cannot even get a simple matter of charging for the proper disposal of garbage right….

    Only a complete jackass crossed with a female rabbit would go the way of a ‘tipping fee’ as a solution in Barbados when the proper solution is SO DAMN OBVIOUS.

    This brass bowlery can ONLY be explained as a curse … resulting from institutionalised wickedness and thievery as exemplified by CLICO, 3S, Greenland, Four Seasons, and numerous other scams that have been either perpetrated or protected by esteemed persons and their protective friends.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    This is not a story. This is just some of the same of the same bed fellowing that the government had with CLICO that they also got with LIME. Do not forget he who pays the Piper gets to pick all the tunes.


  • Pachamama May 14, 2015 at 2:22 PM #

    We seem to recall that the company in question is Irish.

    So we here have the people the English used to spit on and call dirty now coming here and taking from us what little the English left.

    Perhaps if you had lived in the UK in those early days , you would have known that West Indians shared the same fate as the Irish at the hands of the English. No Dogs, No Wogs / Blacks and no Irish.
    We should never condemn a whole race of people, because of the actions of a few who come to our shores to exploit us.
    I had the pleasure of “visiting ” Ireland at time when the Irish should have vehemently despised me. They accorded me royal treatment.

    Left hand inscription. Less we forget
    ” Inspired by two Irishmen to escape from slavery,Frederick Douglas came to Ireland during the famine. Henceforth he championed the Abolition of Slavery, Women’s Rights and Irish freedom.”


  • pacaman sometimes u duz talk bare foolishness. next u wud be saying that obama head should be split wide open on account of the policeman getting away with murder in the weekes state that court handed down an order for lime to pay. now tell me in what way would govt intervention make lime pay as a matter of fact in could only serve to aggravate with no positive conclusions. which means a different kind of battle and maybe accelerating a labour move against suggestion would pre- empt any such disturbances wherby the claimaint would seek resolve by a court which does not have or hold any special interest political or otherwise to claimaint or plaintiff


  • @ AC
    “I had the pleasure of “visiting ” Ireland at time when the Irish should have vehemently despised me. They accorded me royal treatment.”
    …yuh mean you are NOT a blonde Irishwoman then…????


  • AC

    We see that you are one of those very intelligent Bajans who really believe that there are firewalls between the political and the legal. As if most politicians were not lawyers, for example.

    Do you really think that the CCJ is any different to that which gave the current ruling? Again you have opted to be misled by form and have shown a gross disregard for substance.

    All the problems in legal, economic, commercial and other spheres have their genesis in the politics of this and all other countries.

    Simply put, LIME could not be ’bout hey unless a ‘political’ decision was made. Their ability to remain ’bout hey is also subject to a political decision or indecision. For the failure to kick them out is in itself a decision of your political masters in the DLP.

    Then we have the matter of convenience. Have you considered the implications for people less able to take LIME to court given the criminal political-lawyers they will have to use? Do you at all care that every Bajan maybe, right now, being robbed in broad daylight by LIME? Should there be then 100,000 cases brought against this company when a political determination would suffice? ………………………………


  • There are more than firewalls between the political and the legal. There appear to be one and the same. There is a bigger and more dynamic power who will judge all of us and thanks be to that Judge there shall not be any firewall but the just and the unjust.


  • @ Robin Belle.

    I believe in the One God Invisible and Indivisible.

    I just returned from the funeral of a dear friend Einstein Inniss, so soon gone, dead, the way of all flesh.

    The officiating Priest used Ecclesiastes 2 for his theme “A time to give birth and a time to die; A time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted…”

    So Robin, I believe that there is a place for both “ranting and action” because it is only when an injustice becomes too “burdensome” that, in order to get relief of our “load” we throw off the “weight”.

    What you speak of is “self-reliance”, post “self actuation” which, for many, requires a catalyst and in my humble opinion Barbados Underground is part of that catalyst

    I am guilty of being one of those people who will “rant” about the wrongs, but after venting, I will do.

    In that vein Robin, I will not be “here” for much longer doing this “ranting”.

    I have come to the realisation that it is not worth the effort to contend in dear Barbados.

    It is time to go where people have an appreciation for one’s efforts, a place where I do not have to contend with minds that think, and mouths that say “dat is Weekes’ ting, let us kill it”


  • @ Lt. Horatio Cooke

    You ask why not place this more forcefully before the local media?

    The answer is I have.

    At the same time I sent this to BU, Isn’t it to the Nation the Barbados Advocate, the Barbados Today and I called their editors too.


    That is precisely the point sir.

    We live in a sort of cabal where say for example you offend the head of EGFL by posting the contents of an email that he might have sent to you when his offices were in the Central Bank of Barbados, you automatically offend his cousin who is the say former AG.

    No one really cares if you have invented a Tsunami Damper to help Small Island Developing States when Kick’em Jenny does her thing, the rationale sir is as the head of another agency recently said to me “it is not the project or product, IT IS THE MAN”

    No one cares for safety of life Lt. Caine, it is all about showing uppity Weekes, who is who.

    That is a mindset that is rampant around our dear country, it is unimportant if Weekes discovers a cure for Dengue (which by the way I do have an invention to lessen the instance of mosquitoes) the thing is that we have to punish the man


  • Einstein Inniss dead? The pharmacist?


  • Knight of the Long Knives

    I wont identify where I work but I also had this problem. On checking bills plenty lines that were non-existent, ADSL services that were requested to be switched off were still being billed many years after etc etc… Brassbowls do not suffice to describe them, eh Bushie.


  • @ Barbados UnderGround

    In war, there are “pincer movements” that are employed to achieve a specific objective.

    What you have done, and continue to do, with this BLOG is very much a part of a double envelopment

    You have chosen a “high road”, where each day you seek to engage those of our minds that would rise above the political allegiances.

    Wishfully so perhaps but I for one congratulate you to promote this type of constant verbal dissent.

    Whereas, others will suggest coups and revolutions other of us who have lived, and still live by the precept that “as long as it bleeds it can die”, feel that there is a place for your “relentless” blog.

    Let the others be the priests, politicians, educators and academics, you continue to do what you do well here on Barbados Underground


  • Yes Einstein is dead.

    He was laid to rest in Westbury today.


  • Do any parliamentarians own a Waste removal company in Barbados?



    Yes Mr.Hants.a politician is involved in a waste management company, actually one Mr. Anderson cherry stated that MIA MOTTLEY is a shareholder or business partner in his business, this was stated by him in an article posted on Barbados Today. Was it the sensible thing to say? You judge, i think his brains left him at the time.His actions seem calculated and intended to create unwarranted mischief,a man who is somewhat under scrutiny for purporting to being a contractor on a certain project should tread carefully lest he mash the wrong corns.


  • Court muzzled

    Former magistrate wants greater freedom to speak

    Added by Emmanuel Joseph on May 14, 2015.

    Saved under Judicial, Local News

    It has recently come in for a bashing from various quarters for among other things, its slow delivery of justice.

    However, the newly appointed Registrar of the Supreme Court Barbara Cooke-Alleyne said yesterday it was a pity that in all cases the local judiciary was not allowed to defend its own name.

    As holder of the number two administrative post in the island’s Supreme Court and a former magistrate, Cooke-Alleyne said she was forced to remain silent on issues, even in instances where the “licks” the judiciary was getting from members of the public were based on blatant untruths.

    The former magistrate therefore feels the time is ripe for the court to break with tradition, and allow officers more freedom to speak their minds.

    Registrar of the Supreme Court Barbara Cooke-Alleyne

    Newly appointed Registrar of the Supreme Court Barbara Cooke-Alleyne

    “Sometimes you say things in the Press about us and we would love to respond, but the tradition is we don’t respond, we take the licks, and we can’t respond,” she said.

    However, Cooke-Alleyne argued that the court needed to operate as if it was in the 21st century so that officers could “respond to things that are said to say whether they are true and whether we are fixing it.

    “We don’t have the opportunity under this tradition that we are in to respond,” she stressed.

    Among those who have been highly critical of the Barbados judiciary in recent months is the president of the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Sir Denys Byron, who back in February accused the judiciary in Barbados of not delivering justice in a timely manner, while strongly condemning the local courts for “excessive and inordinate” delays in resolving cases.

    Earlier this month, Barbadian Queen’s Counsel Andrew Pilgrim, QC, went as far as to describe the country’s judicial system as “a joke”, amid uncertainty over whether the Crown would proceed with a murder case that had been pending for the past four years.

    “We are incapable of guaranteeing anyone a trial within a reasonable time,” Pilgrim told acting Magistrate Alliston Seale in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court. “If you plead guilty to a speeding ticket, you cannot get a trial within a year.”

    The top brass of the Barbados Bar Association had also complained during a news conference in February that the association had to supply chairs for clients and attorneys to sit on while conducting business in the High Court.

    PR Mr. Weekes?


  • D Ingrunt Word

    @ David Weekes your statement, “No one really cares if you have invented a Tsunami Damper … the rationale sir is as the head of another agency recently said to me “it is not the project or product, IT IS THE MAN” suggests a naivety but I know that is your affliction.

    When is it really ever not the ‘man’ in small countries/communities in major sized projects of the type you proposed/invented. NEVER.

    You inherently know that. The fact that unfortunately you somehow pissed off the wrong people at the wrong time is your tragic loss but I suspect that from day 1 when you were touting your proposals to Caricom and beyond you understood the importance of getting the ‘right’ partner or ‘godfather’.

    Somehow however that did not work.

    It’s always the ‘man’ at the end of the day whether he be the developer, as in your case, or the one who determines that the developer will succeed as let’s say in the case of why the current CJ was able to ascend to his position.

    And to a question I alluded to previously: any reason why you did not explore class action status on this matter?


  • This post is apt because I have been having similar problems with Lime not to your extent vis a vis quantum of money indicated but in relation to the effrontery of the company- who seem to be a law unto themselves – to treat complaints from customers with contempt aided and abetted by the agencies of the Office of Public counsel and The Fair Trading Commission who seem to lack balls when asked to intervene by customers who have been disadvantaged by this slimy bag corporate entity.


  • Oh goodness…a correction re earlier comment: a negative ‘not’ missing in…

    @ David Weekes your statement, “No one really cares if you have invented a Tsunami Damper … ” suggests a naivety but I know that is NOT your affliction

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  • @ Balance

    I looked at you remarks and smiled

    “but in relation to the effrontery of the company- who seem to be a law unto themselves – to treat complaints from customers with contempt”

    I have sat down in front of no less that 100 Bartel/Lime/Cable&wireless employees over the years.

    C&W had a face in Trevor Clarke and Austin, LIme had a face in Alex McDonald but this creature Lime/Flow is a beast.

    It is like a modern day plantation be speckled with a real and present oligarchy where people our Colour are “used” by this new massa who instinctively realizes that we are once again open to the new slavery – economic slavery.

    You sit at a desk in front of a black woman who if you were to meet in the street at a party in a church, would be a human and render you the kindness you deserve.

    Walk into Lime or and such new plantation mentality and you see the immediate adoption of inhumanity called self preservation or I need this job and even if I see a report here in my system withdrawing your phone I WILL NOT RISK OFFENDING say my massa Chatten cause I need this pic

    You can almost taste it, the abject fear the “this is wrong David BUT if I even side with you and confirm your report, I will be looking for a job!!”

    And this is why I feel that we are lost as a country.

    When your Irish bosses or Trinidadian or whatever the flavour of this new oligarchy is, when the fire you, no Sir Leroy comes to your assistance to protect your rights.

    Slowly and insidiously this cancer of abdication is creeping across this land and, irrespective of Ombudsman or the other offices that are supposed to represent us, we arrive at this place called apathy where we have lost the fight. But Balance these are words emanating from the mouth of “that uppity nigger called Weekes so he must be quashed”


  • @ the Office of Public Affairs in Warrens

    I must and will go on record to say this.

    While that office is not online like its counterpart in Jamaica one thing that I will say for its employees, they are dedicated.

    I won’t mention any names because I would not like the rod of correction applied to the fingers of those who helped BUT the quantum of my matter was bigger than their cap allows

    @ the Fair Trading Commission

    To your two staffers who advanced my matter as far as they could, my sincerest thanks.

    You are part of a machinery which while it should be like the Better Business Bureau in the United States seems to be a neutered lion, with teeth and claws removed

    Let me explain this using a real example of one of the several matters I approached the FTC with and got nothing

    You are entitled to Two free calls per month for Directory Assistance. If you call lime twice and they give you wrong numbers twice you by law are entitled to two calls but Lime conveniently has no accounting system to record this $4 theft? and the toothless, clawless neutered FTC does not even have the power to enforce a $4 overcharge


  • @Knight of the Long Knives

    The point your submission quickly confirms is that there are several David Weekes’ with over billing matters who, like you, cannot, publicly voice what they are experiencing at the hand of ***

    Even now in writing this, I the aggrieved party MUST construct sentences which cannot be libelous.

    “Blackmail – the action of demanding money from a person in return for not revealing compromising or injurious information about that person. synonyms: extortion; ”

    In your home, you find yourself being forced to pay certain utilities say every 21st of the month, for services that you have not received and items that you no longer have yet you find yourself in the peculiar position where, regardless of the wrong you are experiencing, YOU cannot say WHAT it is being done to you.

    “rape – an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation: as I the rape of the people’s rights”

    So periodically you find yourself where parties rob you of your goods and your valuables but you are unable to open your mouth?

    It would seem to me KOTLK that you are being both blackmailed and raped yet let a lamb to the slaughter yet openeth He not his mouth.

    Here we are on an island of 144 square miles like a nation of 300,000 Pavlov dogs so conditionally stimulated to respond to the periodic blackmail and rape of our property that each month as the bell tinkles, we jump to compensate the very massa who enslaves us.

    And you Sir Hilary and the other historians say that Slavery ended when?

    This is why when we hold these meaningless midnight walks through Bridgetown by Night and stop to show the gate through which the slaves “used to enter” I don’t go because based on the foregoing you can clearly see the new manner of how we are still enslaved.

    Hewers of Wood and drawers of Water…


  • Mr Weekes I understand the environment and certainly the dilemma which seem to stand in the way of the workers of the seemingly toothless entities namely Office of Public Counsel and the Fair Trading Commission truly ventilating the concerns of complainants to corporate scumbag Lime. In registering complaints one gets the impression from their questions that they have a fear of Lime.


  • If all commercial operations would request and audit of lines from LIME FLOW and reconcile to billing many will be shocking at the bilking that has been going on for years.


  • Bajans ALWAYS seem to defer to massa to solve their problems for them. Shiite man… It is right and correct to go through the channels and to give the system a chance to work as it should….
    BUT WHEN IT DOES NOT WORK……then alternative tactics are called for…only brass bowls just sit around hoping to be polished…

    How the hell can a foreign company, with millions in assets laying all over the place, be so aggressively anti customer? How come it is not in their interest to cultivate positive customer relations?
    ….any bets that such shiite hardly happens in Jamaica..?

    How the hell can KNOWN political scamps present themselves talking shiite in public arenas on a daily basis? How come it is not in their interest to cultivate reputations of honesty and competence?
    ….where else are such trash tolerated…

    Shiite man…. sometimes one needs to pelt some damn big rocks…

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  • @ the Blogmaster

    You have just used a very big “IF” when you spoke to this issue of companies or individuals being able to get a copy of records from LIME.

    I will give you, or anyone $1,000, for that “IF”.

    “IF” anyone in Barbados wishes to effect a 3 way call with me to LIME at LIME’s 1800-804-2994 waste-of-time customer service line I am prepared to give them $1,000 if LIME does the following…

    Tells me what is the charge for my line at 2015 AND tell me what was the charge for said line in 2004 when it was first installed!!

    They will bluntly refuse to give me the information that I customer of LIME am entitled to.

    What did I pay and what am I paying? Seems like simple questions right?


    I am told to go to government Hill where this is what I experience

    or if you have time for LIME this

    THIS IS 12 YEARS of maltreatment What Balance calls ‘effrontery” by LIME

    They are a LAW UNTO THEMSELVES one that no court can make do anything

    People can understand why Roy (Morris) and his management would not wist to carry my item in the Nation news.

    People can understand why Kaymar (Jordan) and Barbados Today’s management would not want to carry this item in their news.

    Firebombing incident wasn’t news worthy enough Blogmaster barring being killed for my uppity mouth anything relating to Weekes is anathema.

    Rain, pulled to the earth by gravity, falls at 9.8 m/s sq. That is a law of nature.

    Until like Einstein I am without breath, I WILL SHOUT OUT against any injustice by anyone, whether Prime Minister or pauper, CARICOM or gas attendant.

    This IS WRONG


  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

    The avatars looked Fked Up DoFBU


  • The police is projecting the disturbing image that if a crime is committed against the majority blacks by the business people on the island, no matter heinous, it is not considered a crime at all…… besides, in their minds, it’s a white collar crime, a non crime, in other countries people go to prison do real hard time for what CEO’s in Barbados get away with……, according to PM Stuart who set the bar by saying….”i don’t jump at every little thing.”

    In addition, Bajans still have a love of covering up crimes committed on each other by other parties, whether it’s to keep a job, take hush money or just the evil mindedness of seeing each other victimized, suffering and in pain and misery…’s easy for folks like Peter Harris to prosper on an island with the mentality of the majority still embedded in the 16th century….when the people realize they are supposed to speak out against injustices and not keep them an open secret, then some changes will occur…until then, same old, same old.


  • Robin Belle,

    The Church or church (because there is nothing capital about it) in Barbados has mainly lost its way. Most people, including priests and pastors, think that the Sunday morning event is the be all and the end all of following Jesus. Anyone who dares to suggest that we stop pew warming, hit the streets and try to effect change is ridiculed and eventually sidelined and replaced.

    Everyone has his or her role to play and so since it seems that only a child would follow me I have set about trying to influence the next generation. However if anyone out there is God’s designated leader to fight for social justice I am willing to follow. I pray for the discernment to identify frauds and I am sure my prayer will be answered. So, if there is a Moses among you, here I am.


  • Bajans are a captive market of cravetious consumers.

    They will not boycott or punish businesses that treat them like crap.

    Bajans are nise.


  • PieceUhDeRockYeahRight

    @ SSS

    This is a story one that I will call “IT LIVES!”

    LIME is, of itself, a thing without life.

    What Bajans must now fear is “LIME animated”.

    This is what “IT” has become with its amalgamation with FLOW orchestrated through its new masters and puppeteers

    “Flowing” through our lives to the point where it becomes indispensable, so big that Justice Frank King and other Justices walked away from IT when it was yet “a-borning”

    Imagine what Frank King or Ronald Toppin would do now that IT IS WHAT IT IS! They would have run naked from Manor Lodge screaming

    My son, the one at the *** Bank, looked at this blog and said “he again?”

    But, SSS, my pulchritudinous lassie, after he read it, what my son did say is that, given whu Weekes saying, “LIME HAS BECOME SO BIG THAT IT CANT BE CONTROLLED BY OUR COURTS”

    You read dat fellow email? Man he got to be related to Bush Tea or De Word.

    He email clearly show dat LIME been tiefing $$ from he fuh a long time.

    LIME like dem is family to Pastor ** who I tell de madam dat he is one uh de biggest tiefs in the congregation especially ehwnhe quik to tel all uh we, “when we doan pay we tithes, wunna tiefing from de Lord.”

    My son tell me “Dad, that there is no one on the island with the knowledge to do a software audit on LIME”

    “LIME could be tiefing $5 a month from 250,000 home dwellers and $20/month for 100,000 corporate clients USING ITS SOFTWARE and the Fear Trading Commission would be none the wiser”.

    Jes a moment SSS supposing dat whu Weekes saying is de trufe?

    Should there not be someone wid de intestinal fortitude to stand up to LIME?

    Weekes, I do hope dat you doan talk to nuhbody wife or girlfriend pun you LIME phones (when dem on dat is) causing dem got dat equipment, like in de movies, to listen into you calls and if you ent know, I gine tell you

    LIME ent got no scruples bout sharing you calls wid a disgruntled husband or dem main man or “fren wid benefits”. (De last girl tell me dat one, I still gine know a ting or two befo I lef de place)

    You gots to use Skype or Facebook. I does call de grans pun Facebook. Remember whu did happen wid dat fellow at de office at Cable and Wireless in Wildey tall building? and de compensation dat DEM dis had was to pay fuh brekking up *** and ***??

    I ent calling no names causing dem got Omar all ovah de place wid de adjournments and de ole man ent able to be running bout de court.

    I hear dat de court crier does come out and broadcast you name all ovah de hallway. Imagine dem calling out me name “In de matter of Egbert, Hubert, Foolbert ** against LIME. whichin Bartel whichin Cable en Wireless”

    And to mek tings wusser. Once Fumble, Buffalo Sinckliar and Ronald WE Jonesing and my man Richard “I does see spirits ovah you head” Sealy find out bout me case, I done bin guilty as accused.

    I could see it now DPP LeakyCock specially appointed ” Your honour, dis man is known to the courts”

    “He has not paid his road taxes, nor his drivers license (doan mind de doctor mek Licensing authority tek it way from me) nor has he paid Land Tax, not the Waste to Energy Taxes nor cock tak nor the botsie taxes that Minister WeJonesing has had passed in the House of Parliament”

    “I recommend that we lock he up for the same time that I was supposed to lock up Anna’s Murderer, jes to mek tings right sir”

    “So agreed, so agreed, Bailiff take the accused to Dodds forthwith and distribute some condoms to the fellows in Block D (oggie) where he is to be housed”


  • Breaking news….

    MANAGEMENT OF JOSE Y Jose Liquid and Solid Waste Management are this morning looking into what could have caused fire to destroy the offices of their Belle, St Michael business.
    – See more at:


  • Hants

    Is there a connection between the story you posted and this one.

    Seems like Mr Cherry is REALLY Feeling The Heat


  • Hants
    Some people don’t know when to talk,when not to talk and when to let sleeping dogs lie.Cherry gone and talk out boardroom bizness.Whatanass.More grist fuh de mill.


  • Must have been an accident. Bajans would not go to the level of bunning out Jose and Jose, in the Belle, while leaving Crook and Fiddle’s ill gotten home intact a couple hundred yards away in Dayrells Hill. Or would we?


  • Mr Cherry’s partnership was common knowledge. Wasn’t it Cherry who was at the receiving end of a piece of 4×2, wielded by his partner over a bodged job at Crab Hill Police Station?


  • Anyone knows why he had problems with Town planning?


  • PieceUhDeRockYeahRight

    One week “tings hard and you brek” en one week later you place bun down and de Newspaper saying it insured??

    You and Arson Truss related??

    Una fellas cyan see de dots?

    Why I going out en de Belle to bun down you business”

    Man dat would be a lowe down blow if DEM was to stoop to DEM limits


  • PieceUhDeRockYeahRight

    Dere was problems wid Town and Planning causing it was a garbage business storing trucks with leachate in a Zone I Water Table area.

    En DEm was “No 1 in de No 2 business,” if you get my drift

    You wanta be drink shyte in you water?

    Dis is what got alot uh we peeple talking en doing shyte becausing we drinking it daily


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Strange fire at a strange time. Just read that Sherry say Lowe threaten to run him out of business. I wonder if this fire got anything to do with that.


  • Somebody should write a novel about the shiiite that happens in Babadus.

    There is an opportunity for good intrigue / political / crime based “fiction.


  • @ SSS: you knows what they say about people that plays with fire, so if dem messin wif matches, dem better hope dem don’t end up feelin the fires of hell right here on dis li’l piece of earth….



    MR .cherry obviously is a fellow who apparently does not take the time to carefully think before he speaks, he made an agreement with the minister at the first meeting then as he put it realized that he was wrong,so he apologized to people of Barbados,then in an interview with a section of the media declared that his actions were not political even though MIA MOTTLEY is his business partner.I am inclined to believe other wise. I do not believe for one moment that some one ventured on the premises of jose y jose to commit a felonious act whether arson or any other crime,to me this smells of an act to create a desired effect. Here are some questions for you Mr. CHERRY, given that your business is located in a remote area do you have security cameras? Would it not be wise to have the services of security guards on such a large premises? Were the guards if any off duty on that particular night? or were they asleep? You see MR. cherry you might have overlooked quite a few things in this whole episode but bear this in mind the profile of this matter will engage the best police detectives in the force and you may eventually want to plead the fifth,but you are going to grilled relentlessly on this matter because we just cannot afford to have an arsonist on the loose who seems to all of of a sudden has the penchant to start fires on the premises of men who move waste.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    The Wild! Wild! West!!

    These har times playing out like a move, like that Gary Cooper Movie High Noon. 1952

    Cant wunna see the similarities ?

    Badman: “you done bin got me upset thar fella, you bin a lowe down varmint, you been trying to (insert any action here e.g. run a garbage business, sell services, EARN A LIVING)

    Star Boy: “So what is wrong with this, I jes trying to do the right thing fuh me an muh family

    Badman: “But I didnt give you permission to do nuffin and fuh dat I goin’ brek up you gun hand, bun down you house, (or offices in the Belle) tek way you woman (or you man, dis is Bulbados) and run you outta town. Dis heah is we time…”

    Badman: “We de law in these hey parts mista, Me en my boys, Lefty Lowe, Bufffalo Sinckliar, Shifty Sealy (Him that see spirits uh dem peeple dat we dun kilt or going kill) and then thar be me Rancher Fumble. All that you see in this heah region, as fr as yo kin see it be mine, my pah David Thompson ded and lef it to me”

    Badman: “”You see Sherriff Comissioner of Police, he may got the badge but I be the law in this heah town of Bridge, (Bridgetown) and you gots to go. Judge Marston is a friend uh mine and you gots to leave town, by high noon, or we going come fuh you and bun you out”

    Badman: “I going send Fastdraw Estwick fuh you, he so fast he done outdrew Smiley Teeth Marshall, nearly kilt him down by Parliament Saloon, in front of a lot uh peeple, and nuffin ent happened”

    I going ask the Blogmaster fuh a special page to continue this heah real real western dat we living in fuh all wunna bloggers who like drama and westerns…


  • Dear David: I am sorry for you, but remember that Barack has a court order too …and has had it for years…and still he is owed money,


  • Yes Mr Weekes ; some action at the highest levels needs to be taken to let Lime know that it cannot do as it likes and that customers have rights but who will bell the cat.


  • John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    http://Gabriel May 14, 2015 at 9:11 AM #

    Former Justice Frank King walked away from chairmanship of the FTC during the reign of King Arthur of Benn Hill castle,Mile and a Quarter,Sen Peter. Ronald Toppin @

    Why both are crooks, to Know and not fix or say to leave and not free to talk for they all crooks, if you keep what you know to your self that wrongs are being done, Then you are a crook, This is Public business , So no freedom of Information and all must keep mouth shut as each take turns doing wrong, All it means is more tax and vat to come to coverup shit,


  • Like Love To Hatred Turned

    David Weekes I met you once when I used to work for Bartel and Cable and Wireless.

    Used to. I was let go when new management came to Lime and the Barbados Workers Union left us alone to defend ourselves against them.

    You copied CEO Oliver Chatten in your email. Has this worked for you? If you know anyone from Digicel management they would tell you what Mr. Chatten is like.

    You are dead correct about the fear staff have for their jobs and you need to be careful, Chatten does not like being talked about in the way you have here.

    The substandard customer service that you experienced, came after Lime started “to cut expenses” this was really just to get rid of long term staff without paying us sizable separation packages when many of us would have retired.

    We life timers saw the real reason for them outsourcing support departments in St. Lucia, Jamaica and Costa Rica. Lime was using a work around to fire long term employees.

    And the BWU did nothing to represent our interests.

    Some management also had financial arrangements with these outsourced support centres and when that was exposed well I can’t say more.

    Mr Weekes, your claim about Lime over-billing is true and you are not alone.

    Lime does this every day, and some customers do challenge them, it is just very few of them.

    You alone have boldly challenged them here with the internet and with evidence you have they can’t deny it. Having worked there I will tell anyone keep your records.

    Mr. Weekes, the real issue and the one that will really affect Lime’s income stream is that little item you mention in your email, the USB Hauwei 353 Modem.

    Did they offer to replace your modem? That is a major money maker for Lime and if you are questioning that device you will have your phones turned off.

    A friend of mine who still works there told me since your matter Lime has been recalling all of their USB Hauwei 353 Modems. If you investigate further people will now learn how big corporations steal from the small man, through data that you never use BUT their devices consume.

    Robin Belle suggested a class action suit and, if that is possible, and there are lawyers who have the courage to fight Lime, all of you should focus on their USB Hauwei 353 Modems.

    Experts from overseas will expose Lime for what it has been all these years, a multi-million dollar thief.


  • @ Robin Belle

    The day that a set of Bajans or CARICOM citizens were to join together and file a class action suit against LIME like “BRITISH lawyers have joined a US class action lawsuit seeking up to £1.8 billion in damages from Cable & Wireless ” is a day I sprout wings and fly away to heaven.

    Imagine if instead of Verizon Wireless, the news article were to read LIME Barbados!!

    “Verizon Wireless is the latest carrier to face consequences for alleged deceptive billing practices. The carrier will pay as much as $64.2 million in cash and phone credits to settle a class-action lawsuit that claimed the carrier over-charged customers on its Family Share Plan, which let subscribers share minutes and call each other for free.”

    Maybe one of your lawyers, like Tariq Khan??, or someone skilled in the Class Action Lawsuits against CLICO could tell me if, based on the pattern of and instances of billings over the years, if LIME might be over-billing me as well and thousands more?

    I also wonder if like in California LIME has a clause on their contract which denies the individual the right to bring a class action suit, maybe that is a question to ask the Fair Trading Commission

    I don’t know about the class action suit Robin. All i know is what are my personal experiences and what my email to them and their responses detail

    @ Pieceuhderockyeahright

    Every few years LIME and BL&P go in front of the Fair Trading Commission or the Utilities Commission or wherever and argues a case to receive an increase for the services that they offer to consumers.

    People, after all the raving and ranting, pay them both any increases they are granted and wait until next time when we do the same.

    Nobody says “den again” but just let David Weekes stand up for what is his and immediately as your son has said it becomes “he again”

    This is par for the course sir, as long as you are standing up for what is yours against the new massa on this New Plantation this is what uppity black men like me can expect.

    @ Like Love to Hatred Turned

    I am glad when a former employee can confirm what I am now experiencing. I have sent a confidential request to you via the blog to speak to you on this matter, if you are willing to do so.

    “who can you turn to, ghost busters” an old song from the 80’s speaks volumes because there are very few people who will even begin to take your case against LIME.

    You are very right about the Dongle miss. You like you were an ant on the wall when they came like greeks bearing gifts with the replacement dongle in a pretty gift bag.

    I sent it overseas and a few weeks afterwards *** told me that the account was not working which may explain why my phones are down etc. even in the face of a Court Order demanding that they be reconnected.


  • Forgive me Bro Cas for plagiarising but I am convinced that Limei is using its power to intimidate people into compliance, against their will.


  • Since the DLP/BLP politicians are all quiet on this subject, one is left to wonder:

    How many of them along with the lawyers and doctors in Barbados were involved in this fake cancer drug criminal enterprise?

    How many took bribes and hush money??

    Which of them allowed these white dudes, who are nothing but criminals, into the island to victimize cancer victims worldwide in the name of greed?

    Why do DLP/BLP politicians in conjunction with immigration NEVER do their due diligence and thoroughly investigate white, indians and syrian business people using the FBI, RCMP and INTERPOL resources that is available to them before allowing business people in the island, but readily open their arms to these criminals and let them into Barbados, putting Bajans and everyone else’s life at risk?

    More importantly, who took money in bribes to remove all paper trails and documentation of this company from Corporate Affairs, as one blogger repeated complained over the last year?

    Why do politicians, lawyers and doctors in Barbados like being OWNED for a price, aiding in their own self-enslavement and that of their people, have they no self-respect?

    This company’s defense “we are victims too” cannot wash since anyone with one brain cell will tell you that drug companies employ a gaggle of scientists who are more than capable of not only scientifically identifying any specific chemical compound embedded in any specific drug, but also extracting or adding to that compound.

    Since Barbados has eagerly become the clearinghouse for all European and North American criminals who prey on the poor, weak, sick dead or dying, as long as the price is right….how long does the DLP/BLP think this state of affairs will last?

    It’s not over, not by a long shot.

    In addition, did the DLP government source any scientists to identify the chemical compounds that make up the HPV vaccine that Australia and New Zealand are trying to inject into the blood streams of the children in Barbados and around the world? I would bet my last dollar that none of them even thought of it, particularly if bribe money is involved…..steupss

    Two years after a Barbados company found itself drawn into an international controversy over alleged shipments of a fake cancer drug, the issue has resurfaced in Canada.
    And as happened before, Rockley Ventures, a Barbados-based subsidiary of Canada Drugs Limited is being thrown into what can become a public relations, if not a legal, snake-pit.

    According to a report published recently by the Toronto Globe & Mail, one of Canada’s national daily papers, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), has searched the offices of Canada Drugs Limited, the parent of Rockley Ventures, but it was unable to explain why the investigation was undertaken at this time.
    No one from the RCMP, Canada Drugs Limited or Rockley Ventures commented to the paper on the story, the search or the reasons for it. The probe by the RCMP, Canada’s equivalent of the United States (US) Federal Bureau of Investigations and Britain’s Scotland Yard, has ignited considerable interest in the 2013 case that focused on alleged shipments of a faked cancer drug to patients and doctors in the US.
    News organisations across Europe, North America and the Caribbean ran the story.
    “The Mounties’ recent search of Canada Drugs Limited offices comes two years after US authorities accused the Winnipeg firm of organizing a shipment of fake cancer drugs south of the border [into the US], touching off a counterfeit pharmaceutical scandal that made headlines worldwide,” stated the Globe & Mail.

    “The Avastin affair continues to reverberate, as the latest in a string of physicians prosecuted for buying it and other ‘misbranded’ products from Canada Drugs was convicted this month,” the report added. “Robert Walker, a Joplin, Mo., (Missouri) oncologist paid CAN$2 million in fines and restitutions.”
    It should be noted that the owners and other executives of Canada Drugs Limited or Rockley Ventures were ever accused of or charged with knowingly shipping the fake cancer drug to any part of the world. Indeed, a Rockley Ventures official was quoted back then as saying the firm had no idea at the time that the drugs were fake and when they found out the facts of the case all shipments were immediately ended.
    In short, they were victims and not perpetrators of any criminal behaviour.

    That may explain why US authorities didn’t bring any legal action against them.
    However, US law enforcement agencies ended up prosecuting an American who allegedly took part in it and seized the equivalent of $9 million in land, cash and an expensive car.
    Officials and executives familiar with the Avastin affair say they are convinced last month’s RCMP search of Canada Drugs Limited’s offices could be traced to the cancer-drug affair.

    As a matter of fact, Jim Dahl, a retired senior official of the US Food and Drug Administration, speculated there was a link between the recent raid and the Avastin issue.

    “Do I think it is related to the Avastin thing? Absolutely, I don’t think there’s any question about it,” Dahl, a director of Partnership for Safe Medicines, an organisation funded by the pharmaceutical industry, was quoted as saying.

    Shipments of the fake drug were said to have passed through several countries, including Egypt, Switzerland, Denmark, Canada, the United Kingdom and the US.
    The need for Internet pharmacies was traced to the escalating costs of drugs in the US, the world’s richest market where medications can cost up to twice what internet pharmacies next door in Canada charge individuals.

    At the height of the boom in the operations of such pharmacies, dozens of them belonged to Canadian International Pharmacies Association, an industry organisation.
    The membership is said to have declined sharply because the industry has consolidated, just like other businesses.

    The pharmacies made hundreds of millions of dollars for their owners who sold brand name medications through personal mail orders and the Internet.
    More than a million Americans and their doctors turn annually to Internet pharmacies for high-priced medications.
    The US pharmaceutical industry is up in arms over the Internet pharmacies fearing a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

    See more at:


  • Time for Bajans to stop complaining about LIME and just stop using their services, cut down on their bottom line, hit them where it hurts the most, there are alternatives and everyone else will fall into line pronto. Cell phones are now more in use than landlines, only business places need to use them more and now they too are using their cells as well.

    BTW, ya’ll in Barbados ought to send all the politicians of the DLP/BLP off to EGYPT and don’t forget that their yardfowls should be lined up right behind them with AC and the consortium in the lead.

    Ronald minister of education Jones should take note that former President of Egypt Morsi has had his 20 year prison sentence upgraded to a death sentence, that is quite the upgrade, it’s enough incentive to change a lot of bad attitudes.

    I bet that 20 years of hard labor is looking better and better to him, right about now.

    AC…..wanna go to Egypt? it’s in Africa…lol


  • Voracious consumers.

    “CABLE & WIRELESS has seen a resurgence of its performance in Barbados, earning $112 million in pre-tax profits up to the end of March.


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