Submitted by David Weekes

Dear Mrs. Sealy,
I write with reference to your response to my matter at caption – your reference #  4/14/20 (447). The reason that I have written is because i am so absolutely disappointed by your findings.

Miss Emily Ronalds, the Abbey School circa 1965 taught using the Royal Reader series (You should know it well, you attended that institution) She once told our class a story of “The Fox who was guarding the chickens” and these many years hence I am unfortunately reminded of this anecdote.



I have spent no less than 10 hours with your staff reciting the circumstances of this skulduggery with LIME. To receive your letter about “the commission is of the view that LIME has addressed the matters raised has caused me some serious pause as to the calibre of the Fair Trading Commission and I will explain that statement.

LIME is speaking concocted untruths and my Affadavit which I have attached for your reading pleasure will show how LIME operated and operates. I have had these problems for 14 years and they have adopted “interim fixes” which they pass off to the FTC as agreed positions and the FTC incredibly accepts them, sine any further investigation!

They owe me no less than $100,000 and in spite of my approaching your Commission to have my matter ventilated to the fullest extent under your mandate, I receive this “pass it off letter” one that is not befitting of the sole agency tasked with the responsibility of protecting the public from this telecommunications behemoth.

It is indeed a sad thing when we have come to a point where those that are tasked with guarding the rights of the common man are content to abdicate these responsibilities and to allow these giants “to bestride this world like Colossii, while we, like petty men, do butt around and find ourselves dishonourable graves”. Poor people like me can scarce afford the Law Courts of Barbados so I  come to the Fair Trading Commission, not to have you accept everything that LIME writes to you, but to represent the rights of us small people.

I have grown tired of this game Mrs Sealy and I, citizen on my way out of this skirmish, no longer will play by these games that FTC, and others of your institutions that are set up to protect us small people, are disposed to employ. If you do not stand in the way of the behemoth there is no one else with the ability to do this and I see your letter as an indication of your unwillingness and stark inability to fulfil your mandate.

Juxtapose my affidavit and its appendices against their well crafted response and see who is telling the truth. Further to that assertion, tell me how many people who LIME is purported to be continuing to bilk, have (i) the presence of mind to keep 14 years of email records with these criminals, (ii) the resources to put them in court or (iii) the ability euphemism for balls to fight them as one would think that the FTC is mandated to do.

Your entity was, contrary to your closing statement in your letter, “of no assistance to me” and would really need to man up to this LIME if the average man or woman is to have equitable service for the monetary consideration we render them every month.

David Weekes
A Citizen in a state of constant dissatisfaction seeing what our country is becoming while guardians like FTC abdicate its duties.


  • It is not my purpose to derail the intended course of this discussion, but I have to tell you: the mere mention of the Abbey School in your above statement brought to mind a torrential out-pouring of negative as well as positive emotions. Because I do recall quite vividly as a child traversing back and forth in front of the Abbey School some forty years ago; on my way to Primary School in Bridgetown. And I can say without much reservation and equivocation that I did begruged the many white, haft-white, as well as the affluent blacks who attended that prestigious private school located on Hinsbury Road in the 1970’s. Sorry. I could without much difficulty contain myself from responding to a name which still remains imprinted in my mind, and of which I do still envy to some extent.


  • are-we-there-yet


    Where was the Abbey School located on Hindsbury Road? My memory is getting progressively worse but, even so, I can’t remember any School located on that stretch in the 70’s. I remember Hindsbury elementary school, a government school for Girls in School gap, but the Abbey School, presumably on the main road, totally escapes my memory.


  • but i cannot understand the mentality of an intelligent person going to the keepers of the gate for justice.. smfh .



    ac June 7, 2015 at 7:04 AM #

    but i cannot understand the mentality of an intelligent person going to the keepers of the gate for justice.. smfh .@

    YOU . think this is the only place this happens?


  • the same shit the blp rabble rousers talk about David they said about Barrow,,all the same adjectives some heard of and some made up, never mind now that all of a sudden Barrow is their hero, such hypocrisy is the vehicle by which they use to transport their message, in time the same David Thompson would be resurrected just like barrow as their knight in shining armour,
    As things stand Now the BLP is flying by the seat/s of their pant/s no issues left to drag around the town, the marches and marchers are at a stand still,
    The govt is way ahead of their every move and snobs the BLP indifference of Doom and Gloom with utter disdain and the only thing left on the BLP plate to drag around are the dry bones of David skeleton, to them ac says Bon-appetite


  • 14years ”wuh bro u got more patience than Job ..
    as for me fuh sure i would have got my justice a long time and bro not with rationality cause those corporate weasels does not understand rationality, it takes nuff ignorance and some crazy action fuh dem to respond with quick haste ,don.t know if to admire your patience or if to call you a fool.
    If you looking for justice you are not going to find it scribble across the walls of BU. by extension if what you state is true about the monies owed .then there is no financial reason why you cannot take this case to the CCJ .where lime reputation can be significantly damaged.


  • When the BWA is fully regulated by the FTC what can we look forward to?


  • @ David Weekes
    Boss, how long will it be before you come to the realisation that you are going about addressing these injustices that you have been cursed -(unlike the lotta other brass bowl idjut Bajans) – to be able to see?
    The FTC like the FSC, the Central Bank, the Parliamentary committee, the Auditor General, the courts, the police…. are all a bunch of useless. poppets who are acting out roles designed to convince external agencies that this is a serious country (so that we can access funding).
    Why do you think that women or effeminate lackies run most of these agencies? most are attached to some politician in one way or the other… and that men with GUTS have walked away….?

    The problem is that we are really back in the plantation days.
    ..Cable and Wireless is a 21st century plantation.
    ..EMERA is a plantation.
    ..Massey is a plantation – massa days are back…

    The recent jackass politicians, led by Arthur, have REVERSED Barrow’s policy of NATIONAL OWNERSHIP in exchange for bringing white people to buy back the plantations.

    These agencies like the FTC, FSC …even the courts, are nothing more than modern day house niggas whose job it is to bring messages from the plantation manager to the field slaves…

    …pity them.

    Your REAL beef is with the POLITICIANS who, like the mendicant brass bowls that they clearly are, take bribes and bend over to these foreigners ..while squeezing every last tax cent from poor (brass bowl) Bajans and removing social props that were established by more enlightened leaders in the past….

    The real solution is for people like you, Caswell and Walter to get together and BUP some sanity back to the national political platform …not to run to house niggers expecting justice…


  • Coincidentally VoB’s discussion had positioned the FTC, LIME, FLOW under the microscope.


  • Mr. Dompey.

    The Abbey School has had many a place of domicile when it was here and long before it was at the place with the windmill in Hindsbury Road (on the left before you reach the Closed Brethren Church) it used to be and many another venue, including My Lords Hill at Mrs Duesbury’s property.

    Mr. A.C.

    It has been 14 years of patience that was constrained by one thing and one thing only.

    The words of my late sister Beverley Weekes “David, I know that you will fight anything that lives until one of you is dead, but you have a daughter and if they cannot get at you they will get at your daughter”

    So the Marine in me submitted himself to that wisdom but now my daughter is past that age where spitefulness and repercussions can affect her and on her way to another clime so I can let loose the dogs of war.

    Let me dissuade you of the concept implicit in your statement of “going to the keepers of the gate for justice”

    There is a movie called 3.10 to Yuma The train in my movie is called the “12.41”

    At 12.41 a.m on April 30th 2015, I typed the last words that a dear Friend ever saw on “this side of the veil”. When I called him the following morning at 6.23 am he was dead.

    When you start to realize that you are soon to be manure for the bugs and centipedes in Westbury Cemetery you understand clearly that the worst that a man can do to you is kill you.

    I am now in the “gloves off mode” that comes with being on that 12.41 train out, but unlike Warner, I have a serious set of skills that …

    As to your remark about the CCJ, let me explain a little what is “more of the same” That CCJ road is not a useful path so I am not going that path again.

    What 14 years of records does is gives you the electronic, date and time stamped, responses from people, email records, SMS texts, WhatsApp responses (a recent addition) through which “an reviewer” would have some serious difficulty to rule against you.

    Maybe that is the reason that CARICOM and its lawyers Sir Henry Forde have never sought to meet me in a Court of Law, what say you?.

    What I have been doing for some while now is broadcasting my matters, WITH THEIR INCONTROVERTIBLE EVIDENCE, with and among the agencies that matter, this is not bitterness, it is the attitude of one who is saying for all to hear “you have made me a criminal in this country, FOR WHAT IS MINE, so what I WILL DO is much like the woman who came to Solomon claiming that the child was hers I am now employing an attitude of it shall neither be mine nor thine” (More to come on that soon)

    And about your comment about “scribbling it all over Barbados UnderGround” is very flawed. You have NO IDEA WHO READS BARBADOS UNDERGROUND and IF YOU DID it would make you very “watchful” of what the reach AND the impact of what is posted here

    Mr. Bush Tea


    My experience with the BLP is central to my CARICOM lawsuit which has been purposely stalled in the Barbados Courts. Can you give me a reason why the New Rgistrar has not responded to my request for a court dat FOR FOUR MONTHS?

    My experience with the DLP has been one that left me with vomit in my mouth.

    I called the Minister of ** to ask him to come and give his Deputy Permanent Secretary some words of encouragement during her last days here, he asked me “Beverley Who??”


    Mr Bush Tea, I write here because I know that there will be those detractors who will say “he again” but I do not write for them.

    I have taken the stance that I WILL NEVER RISE AGAIN WHEN THE NATIONAL ANTHEM OF BARBADOS IS SUNG because it is not for me these fields and hill beyond recall are NOT MY VERY OWN…

    I hope that there are still those who see the new manifestation of slavery that is alive and well in this LIME Plantation, this Emera Plantation, this Massey Plantation and how it treats field niggers like me with scant respect while the Fair Trading Commission, aided and abetted by the Barbados Law Courts, in cahoots with sweet talking politicians who have lost their way and don’t give one flying curse word about “barefoot poor niggers like David Weekes from Bush Hall…”


  • What the discussion has confirmed so far, and what we have known on BU for some time, is that our goose is cooked. There is a lack of robust legislation and monitoring. There is no duopoly has touted. There will be no robust drivers of competition to drive natural pricing.


  • What is Tricia saying? Karin Cable enters Barbados and in less than a flash was gobbled by FLOW. BU is of the certain view an underhand deal was made by Karib to enter Barbados before the general election.


  • @ DW:

    I fear Bush T is entirely correct in his analysis. Based on your representations, you seem again victim of intolerable perfidy.

    In such vein, you may want to internationalize your dispute a tiny little bit. If you have not already done so, you may refer to an ITU Publication – “Dispute Resolution in the Telecommunications Sector”;
    ( There are several other sources as well.

    Should LIME, perhaps not unlike C&W, somehow be UK affiliated, you should explore, again, if you have not already done so, this angle of attack on your problem. The FTC , probably overworked and understaffed, cannot possibly be the sole repository, the only game in town, the only arrow in your quiver.

    Why therefore place faith in, and ultimately berate an Abbey School old girl from long ago? Perhaps, better to have sought the assistance of, and complained to the ITU, Secretary General, Houlin Zhao, (Geneva).

    For what it is worth, you might therefore consider filing your well drafted complaint with the ITU (Geneva), copied to all relevant departments and delegations, and based on the merits, see where it leads.

    Finally, to return to your other (patent violation) matter, every Bajan, every Caribbean inventor must have an interest in your success.
    Your continuing optimism and patriotism are admirable. (Hope springs eternal???) Like a marathon runner, there still remains a long way to go!

    The continuing travesty in this your patent violation case perhaps teaches that it is sometimes better to swim among greedy and a-moral sharks (including US, UK & EU), than an alternative where one perpetually risks being stymied and slime-d over, forever duped in a tricky brothel, floundering, and ultimately drowning in what possibly remains a fetid, unforgiving cesspool, with no apparent finish line in sight.

    Time flies! Accordingly, you should consider raising the stakes, as Malcolm would have said “by any means necessary”!

    Best of luck!


  • @ Byron

    Peddling one’s wares in a floundering brothel or in a high flying well bedecked retrofitted plantation property is still prostituting oneself.

    And Byron, some will say that a mother putting her 14 year old child to “work” with a respectable politician for $500 a week is not the same as a mother in Deacons knowing her similarly aged daughter is sleeping with all and sundry for Digicel top-ups for her phone. I really don’t know what others think but as for me I am inflexible in what I call it.

    Hindsight is 20/20. Not selling to the U.S of A was not a decision that I alone made, it was confirmed by one of the leading Data Risk Management Teams for the region, so looking back does have the benefit of more information being available to one self but so does review of the Challenger.

    Have you ever disobeyed a court order Byron? Have you ever received a court summons and not turned up to the Court? You must try it sometime. The results are not pretty for a poor people, especially those in Barbados.

    Call 2362002 or 2331001 and you will see how LIME flaunts court orders to reconnect services.

    I put faith in no man of woman born or untimely wrenched from a woman’s worm Byron, humankind is fallible and frail.

    I do not seek to berate the person Sandra, she was my other sister, Frances’ best friend, it is the process that I would wish to “berate”.

    Suppose LIME were to say that a party is running a business from their home then they get a so called surveying company in 2015 to call and have a sexy voiced woman ask if your company has any concerns about your service, what do you say Byron?

    Do you become so besotted by the voice that you start a litany which they can use against you in a court of law OR do you say to them “did you know that in 2002 you upgraded my domestic service because you could not offer a constant internet service?”

    Do you get the point I am making?

    If you entertain the phone call and the “survey” you are admitting to being a company AND NOT A DOMESTIC INSTALLATION!!

    SO should LIME thereafter report to the FTC or the Court that (i) you are running a business and (ii) this is why they are charging you $460 /month for 14 years instead of $25 you would think Byron that the FTC, whether it was Sandra or whomever, would ask LIME to present to them the contract by which the service is installed, and perhaps bills to confirm what the charges were during that time. which brings us right back to that “FOX guarding the chickens story.”

    DID you know Byron that the FTC does not have the power to carry LIME to Court, on anyone’s behalf? Did you know that if you start proceedings in a Court the FTC exits the matter?

    So you see where people like you and I are caught? You have no FTC to defend you NOR do you have the money to go to a court.

    This is not Rocket Science Byron and what should frighten ALL Bajans about this matter is the fact that for me as a Bajan to get my rights I HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE OF BARBADOS, to the ITU, The International Human Rights Commission, the World Bank, the IMF, to get satisfaction

    I, A BAJAN, have to send these copious documents that speak to the “perfidy and effrontery”, to use your words and those of Exclaimer, that I a Bajan am experiencing every day, in “these fields and hills beyond recall (which) are now our very own.

    We have elected men and women to places of power who consider it their right to ejaculate over our faces every day and like the Bukkake on the Web sites, you and I drink it down like if it is a DHT suppressant for our balding heads.

    Like i said I am on the 12.41 to Eternity AND I WILL NOT join one amoral group as opposed to another

    I have been very busy with


  • “It is indeed a sad thing when we have come to a point where those that are tasked with guarding the rights of the common man are content to abdicate these responsibilities and to allow these giants “to bestride this world like Colossii,”

    And the Office Of Public Counsel which is supposed to protect the rights of consumers and represent their interests against injustices perpetrated by corporate entities like LIme is even worst than the FTC. It is my understanding that Lime responds to correspondence from the Office of Public COUNSEL IN ITS OWN TIME.


  • “It is indeed a sad thing when we have come to a point where those that are tasked with guarding the rights of the common man are content to abdicate these responsibilities and to allow these giants “to bestride this world like Colossii,”

    And the Office Of Public Counsel which is supposed to protect the rights of consumers and represent their interests against injustices perpetrated by corporate entities like LIme is even worst than the FTC. It is my understanding that Lime responds to correspondence from the Office of Public COUNSEL IN ITS OWN TIME AND WITHOUT CENSURE FROM THIS SEEMINGLY TOOTHLESS OFFICE.


  • The Office of Public Counsel is staffed by how many lawyers and staff?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ David Weekes

    De Ole man was reading your affadivat and den I did was reading de ITU document dat de fellow Byron supply. (man dem documents long doah)

    You really had was to go up dey 25 times?? man de ole man wudda carry long to uh dem red bricks and clap one in a fellow chest

    It seem to me dat you is dealing wid whu dem peeple call “COMPLEXITY… complex webs of interrelated issues that defy simple categorization…”

    1) Pricing (doah I, like AC doan unnerstan how you let you $25 bill grow to $460)
    2) technical (you gine have to get some experts from ovah and away to check Cable and Wireless records cause dem foxes gine califlux, a nex word fuh falsify, dem records),
    3) operational (if whu you saying is true, it would appear dat dem use dem procedures and tie you up wid promises to fix you problems and you, a trusting fellow, believe dem) …. and
    4) policy (which dealing wid the regulatory agencies like de FTC and ting dat you went to believing that they would help, but is not)

    Weekes, jes a little question doah, ammmm you gots a bullet proof jacket, or some sorta protection, causing LIME going come at you wid all dem got. You like you gots a death wish

    Me son tell me “he again??” He tell me dat you mekking enemies wid evey body, FTC, de Law Courts, CARICOM, de politicians and evey body…

    Doan get de ole man wrong cause balls is good, but like I tell Mr. Caswell Franklyn recently “doan go nuh place and lef you food or drink pun neider table causing you kin be sure dat if you get pizzen’, dem ent gine bring no forensic specialist heah to Bulbados to examine you Dompey, sorry I did mean was to say donkey even if you finger tips black…”

    Weekes ahmmm de ole man gine axe you a nex’ question doah, ammmmmm

    You evah tink bout axing me brother Bush Tea to gi’ you a Bush Bath ??? causing you gots a serious disposition bout attracting problems to youself…


  • It was interesting to hear Ellis confirm on his show yesterday a country like Malaysia has had an extensive regulatory framework in place for the telecommunications sector since 1998. Here we are in 2016…


  • Slimey indeed!


  • BU recalls what happened last year when mobile phones were being stolen left right and centre, is it not true Digicel and LIME who own the unique phone identifier delayed engaging in a level of cooperation to block the problem.


  • To Mr. Weeks:

    I do feel sorry for you and feel your pain. You should take some of the advice above and go public, outside of Barbados. Publish in one of the British dailies. Ask Exclaimer for a reliable one. I would suggest the Telegraph or Guardian. I find the DM full of sensationalism. Good luck. It is good to be up here in the Great White North.


  • @Dompey

    Not only well to do kids went to the Abbey. Two friends from the country, sisters Betty and Molly went to the Abbey and they were poorer than us.


  • are-we-there-yet

    Whats up with Barbados Light and Power removing the calculators for consumers to estimate our monthly bills?

    ……. and why does the fuel charge factor now seem to be hush hush information?

    Anyone knows?


  • @ AWTY…
    Did we not sell BL&P?
    What exactly leads you to think or believe that the priorities of the past will be the realities of the future….?
    Perhaps you need to explore with Hants and Lawson what EMERA does in this regard…


  • To Are We There Yet

    You should be able to pick up the phone and call the agency that has the responsibility to monitor this and any Utility company this question.

    I can pretty much guarantee you that if you call they will tell you something like this is not under our mandate or some similar inane response.

    That ITU document has some interesting pointers about what Policy-makers and regulators can, implement as one step to improve approaches to dispute resolution:

    • Publish adjudicated decisions and facilitate access to them through the Internet and other
    means, in order to provide resources for regulators, other adjudicators, disputing parties, and their advisors. Creation of a well-organized international database would be invaluable to promote adoption of best practices in resolving disputes.

    In your time in Barbados have you ever seen the FTC publish adjudicated decisions?? Everything that they do, if they do anything there, is a state secret!!


  • “Perhaps you need to explore with Hants and ….what EMERA does in this regard…”

    Emera will do whatever is in the best interest of their shareholders.

    Canadian companies are in business to make as much profit as possible for their Owners and shareholders. They are not charities.

    Bushie you dun know dat.


  • LOL @ Hants
    Bushie knows that ….(you told us many times), but AWTY was here daydreaming about the old days when we owned ‘stuff’ and when our interests and convenience actually meant something….
    ..just pointing him in the right direction…. LOL



    David June 8, 2015 at 9:40 AM #

    The Office of Public Counsel is staffed by how many lawyers and staff?@

    Love to see the names of the lawyers


  • Seen in todays Nation


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