98 thoughts on “Black People Live ‘RACE’ Every Day in America

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    Black People Live RACE Every Day in America@
    This man is more real than most and we Love him for speaking the truth ,
    Black on Black shooting ,? THERE IS more shooting by white on white shooting and more death,
    So to even the numbers, the police seem they want to even the numbers? At this rate white will kill off white and black will be left to run the country?

    This Left handed Man here on tv and you tube is noted.
    Some will try to twist the truth to hide all other wrong doings.

    We still have to look out for the white and black niggers who report bull shit and refuse to state the truth of this matter,

    We and i Lived it first hand , We may share it with BU and David at a later date , based on the replys.

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  4. Killings are proportional… In other word “per capita!” At this rate the black race will no longer exist… Please note, they’re killing young black men the seeds of our race…! Question, what would you do if you were in the white man’s shoe; knowing that the Caucasian seed will become extinct quite soon…?!

  5. I would also like to mention all the bodies of black males they are finding all around the US, minus their internal organs, someone is harvesting the organs of black males in and around the US….the scum are not above selling body parts of people, real millions of $$$$$$ in organ harvesting.

  6. Jon Stewart is a loud mouth jackass who just pretends to tolerate blacks because he is a liberal.

    Do you ever hear him or any of the black race baiters comment on the stupid black people killing each other by the hundreds in Chicago everyday?

    Do you ever hear the much exalted President Barack Obama talk about the black on black carnage in Chicago, Compton or New York?

    How much has been done by the Democrat party for blacks?

    Blacks in America need to get up and help themselves and stop relying on “I am am a victim” mentality. I am always so impressed when I read “Ebony” monthly and see the blacks who are advancing and are making theirs lives so worthwhile.

    Contrast this with the statistics that over 60% of black children are born out of wedlock and the fathers are not around to guide the boys or to provide a stable home. And they want to blame this on racism? Does racism accounts for young black men to be wearing their pants below their behinds and exposing their underwear? (which is so gross)

    Blacks need to go to school and stay in school and educate themselves. All kinds of scholarships are available, they need to stop blaming whitey and help themselves. That is my opinion, how long are they going to continue to use this as an excuse? Whitey caused the 40-60% high school drop out rate in Fergusson? Time to grow up and take responsibility for your own life. Why is it that Asians excel in America?

  7. American black youths need to pull their pants up from around their knees and get an education in the land of opportunities

  8. Clone

    You would be surprise to know that a lot of Black youth in America, attend college with their pants hung down beneath their knees. We just have to help these young Black youth in America, to rise above these frozen stereotypes. But on the other hand, one has to understand the social dynamics which are intricately interlaced with the concept of acceptance in the America culture. I grew up here during the inception of the hiphop era and was also party to some of the unacceptable behaviour which were associated with the music at that time. So I understand to some extent the phase to which some of these Black youth are party to.

  9. Wuhloss,Wuhloss, Wuhloss Prodigal Son makes a comment about a subject other than Bajan politics and he still managed to get it wrong on so many levels that I don’t know where to begin.

    Barack Obama, was he elected the President of The USA or President of the Black USA? The man has given so many speeches on Black under achievement, the absence of fathers in young people’s lives (including his own) he addressed the issue of violence in black neighbourhoods (his wife even attended a funeral for one of the victims in Chicago) and now you are critical of him because he has not specifically addressed issues in Chicago, Compton and New York.

    As a young man he eschewed the comforts of Wall Street and headed for Chicago an action that people like yourself who watch Fox and become instant experts on the plight of Black America like to denigrate and term “Community Organizer”. How many people( including blacks) did he help along the way?

    Prior to Obama’s Election the following was written: If Barack Obama now, or some black person in the future should become President of the United States, neither Al Sharpton nor Jesse Jackson would be out of a job, A black President can’t end black misery, a black President can’t be a civil rights leader or primarily a crusader for racial justice. A black President can’t stop racism or erase bigotry. A black President won’t be the President of blacks alone, but the president of the United States. (Michael Eric Dyson).

    I have some more of your comments to address but really “black boys wearing their pants below their behinds”? This is a significant problem affecting blacks in the USA? You better stick to your day job i.e. kissing Miller’s behind as you sing his praises .

  10. Prodigal Son

    You ought to keep your mouth tightly close because you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about when it comes to President Obama’s response to the state of Black America. I have heard Mr. Obama said on many occasion to Black youth in the inner-cities in America, that living in the ghetto shouldn’t prevent them from getting good grades. I’ve heard Mr. Obama spoke passionately, about his years as a community leader in Chicago and his efforts educate Black youth to reality of gun violence. Listen! most of the gun violence in the inner-cities of America, is associated illegal drug activity coupled with the high unemployment rates.

  11. Clone | August 30, 2014 at 6:56 PM |

    American black youths need to pull their pants up from around their knees and get an education in the land of opportunities
    and errrrrrrrr …..the same message could be addressed to our very own here, except for the opportunities bit , but it will be good to have it in reserve .

  12. Following up on no nothing Prodigal Son’s comment on education in the USA here is a Report on what impacts minority education in the USA. Hopefully the following excerpt is helpful to him

    “This critical report shows that racial disparities in school discipline policies are not only well-documented among older students, but actually begin during preschool,” said Attorney General Eric Holder. “Every data point represents a life impacted and a future potentially diverted or derailed. This Administration is moving aggressively to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline in order to ensure that all of our young people have equal educational opportunities.”


  13. Sargeant | August 30, 2014 at 8:22 PM |
    obama is the best world leader ever, and the best president ever, ah lie?

  14. Prejudice,Mans inhumanity to man,Racism(melanin content),Ignorance,Politicians,Religion.etc,etc……will always exist and has existed over the millenium…..learn to deal with it and stop moaning or do something…….BT’s Brass Bowls too like to talk….Chuckle…..

  15. Prodigal Son

    My experience has taught me and I am quite sure many other Blacks here in America, that as a Black man living in America no matter your character, you’re always viewed as a suspect by the White establishment. Try walking through a White neighborhood late at night and see how far the contents of your character gets you. This is the reality of covert racism in America!

  16. @GP
    As Kingo would say “best” is a subjective word, best for what? What is good for growing Olives may not be good for growing Sugar cane.

  17. Prodigal Son

    It is unfortunate that in America, most White people judge the entire Black race on the basis of the 1% of the Blacks who commits violent crime. But have you notice that little is said about the one million Blacks who graduates college annually? Don’t believe the HYPE!

  18. Prodigal Son

    Why don’t you go to Georgia and the Carolines and see the thousands of Black lawyers, doctors, psychologists, bankers and psychariststs, which the media hardly shows America.

  19. Back to P Son who displays his ignorance by offering thoughts on a subject he knows nothing about.

    Since you brought up education, here is some more info about some causes of the education deficit among blacks as compared to their white peers. This report from 2010 comes from a study of the 18 largest school district in the USA and the suspension rate for black males was 28 % vs 11 % overall even in areas where poverty was not a factor. If one gets suspended from school it impairs your ability to get into College and may even accelerate school dropout. The following are extracts from the Report:

    When disaggregated by race and gender, the data clearly show that certain
    subgroups are consistently at higher risk for out-of-school suspension. For
    example, based on the survey data for 2006-2007, the district-wide middle school suspension rate across the 18 districts was 22.2%. In 11 of the 18 districts, the data reveal that over one in three Black males was suspended. In Palm Beach County and Milwaukee, the district-wide middle school suspension rate for Black males exceeded 50%. The suspension rate for Black females exceeded 50% in Milwaukee and was over 33% in Palm Beach County, Indianapolis, and Des Moines. Among the18 districts reviewed, Hispanic males exceeded the 33% mark only in Milwaukee.
    The range of suspension rates was also quite wide, from 53% for Black males in Palm Beach County to 0% for Latino females in Baltimore County .

    And this:
    White students were referred to the office significantly more frequently for offenses that appear more capable of objective documentation (e.g., smoking, vandalism, leaving without permission, and obscene language). African-American students, however, were referred more often for disrespect, excessive noise, threat, and loitering – behaviors that would seem to require more subjective judgment on the part of the referring
    agent. In short, there is no evidence that racial disparities in school discipline can be explained through higher rates of disruption among African-American students.


  20. @ Sargeant, I’m sick and tired of Pres. Obama apologists like you, Al Sharpton, Mike Dyson, Melissa Harris-Perry, etc. Don’t tell me about the speeches he made since becoming President, tell me about the actions he took that are of benefit to Blacks and the labor movement. I voted for him in 2008, but when he had the chance to simply do nothing and let Pres. Bush’s tax cuts expire, and he instead found a means of allowing them to continue I jumped off the band wagon. The final straw came when I heard Al Sharpton state that his job was to stop Blacks from being critical of Pres. Obama.
    I concluded that Blacks will be worst of economically when Pres. Obama leaves in 2016, and Hilary Clinton will take over and finish us off. I have friends who bitch and moan about Fox News being the mouth piece of the GOP, but they don’t say a word about MSNBC performing a similar function for the Democratic party.
    We have a Black Caucus who are apparently more interested in protecting Israel and it people than protecting the people who voted them into office, so the only thing we can look forward to when police kill our folks is what remains from the civil suit payout after Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Co. get they cut.

    p.s. I have not listen to a speech by a GOP politico in decades, so don’t try branding me a GOP supporter as is the want of most Pres. Obama apologist.

  21. @Bajan in NY

    Feel free to disagree but he is the Pres of the USA not Black USA isn’t he? BTW Dyson an apologist for Obama? I guess you haven’t heard him recently………

    • @Dompey

      One reason Clinton enjoyed argued domestic success was the weight of global opinion, he was a global player whose was very popular and brought credibility to the the issues at hand whether in the ME, at home in the legislature or in the bedroom.

    • The legacy of Obama will be he left the world in more turmoil than he found it.There was huge global expectation in response to his promise for change in Washington, ME and the world. He has not delivered. His tenure has managed the most grid lock Washington in recent history. Some will say he stop the decline of the domestic economy but this has come at a price, trillions in debt made possible because the US dollar is used as the reserve currency. With the formation of BRICS

  22. Bajan in NY

    There isn’t any doubt in my mind that you’re a propenent of the GOP agenda. And I am glad that Sergeant reminded you that President Obama is the president of the United States of America and not Black America exclusively. Now, would you agree that the GOP narrow-minded politics, has prevented President Obama in the initial stages of his presidency from achieving certain desired objectives, and which by the way, forced President Carter to come to Mr. Obama’s defence on national television?

  23. Bajan in NY
    Listen! I would be the first to say that I do not agree with a lot of President Obama’s policies, especially on gay marriage and the healthcare bill etc. But I am also cognizant of the obstructionist tactics employed by the GOP machine, to decredit any and every move that President Obama has made thus far.

  24. Bajan in NY

    A lot of ethnic Blacks are quick to dismiss the claims made by some African Americans regarding racism on the job. When I first came to America back in the early 80’s, I was told by some White people on the job that West Indian immigrants were much more disciplined and motivated than the African American bothers and sisters. Which wasn’t a fair assessment of the entire African American population who worked on the job at the time because I knew of many West Indians on the job who lacked the necessary drive you often found in the immigrant West Indian population. And I found that characteristic in numerous African Americans, who were taught the ethic of hardwork as a step towards excellence and achievement. And as I contemplated the words of those White folk during the years, I came to the realization that those words spoken so many years ago were meant to infused the West Indian with a sense of conceited, thereby creating the necessary friction between the West Indian and African American in the work environment. Now, I am not saying that the entire African American population are hard working people because we are all cognizant of the fact that this isn’t true. But on the other hand, no one speaks of some members of the West Indian population, who engages in criminal activity rather than do an honest day of work.

  25. however can one point back to the last seven years of his presidency and truthfully state that their was significient improvement in the lives of black.the state of detroit comes to mind.

  26. I often wonder why a West Indian would leave his or her country and come America to sell drug; thereby contributing to the moral and social decline you often see in the Black communities of America these day. So in our efforts to belittle the social conditions of the African American community, we have fallen short of giving voice to those West Indians who are direct contributors to some of these social-ills which makes themselves known in the Black communities of America.

  27. Now, there is little doubt in my mind that President Clinton has done more for Black people in America, than President Obama has done thus far. But one could make the case that President Obama has been up against unprecedented challenges we haven’t seen since the Great-Depression of the 1940’s. Thereby making his efforts to address some of the contemporary challenges in the Black communities of America quite difficult. I think if President Obama had started his presidency addressing the unique social and economic challenges within the Black community, is would have widen the polar divide between the Blacks and Whites in this country.

  28. David, so it is President Obama responsibility to address all of the world’s problems now? Remember now, President Bush has set the world on this path of destruction which his mendacious claims of weapons of mass destruction.

  29. not only were blacks looking forward to change but much needed gains,,,even if one should be honest his advisors is top heavy with whites a failure on his part to present the change which he expounded and a continuous of the economics of the bush years further more having more black advisors might have been a rubber stamp sending the republicans a message and the wall street conglomerates that it would be not business as usual it might have been a tough fight and under taking going forward,,but obama would have garnered more respect on the world stage as a man who not only talk the talk but walk the walk,,,now in the way in which he has presented himself one cannot dismissed as protectionist of the wealth and a pacifier for the blacks in his coded language,,

  30. blacks must be honest in there evaluation of obama and not be clouded by the fact that he is a black,,,,,wanting to rise above the ashes with a black president was seen as a reality by most blacks however one should not be blinded by the fact that the strength the he gave to blacks during his campaigns was not exhibited by his own strength in the white house,,how can one forget the time when michell obama was planting gardens symbolism of the times when blacks were field workers in america,,truthfully small pototoes compared to blacks looking for jobs and living in poverty and crime,,,

  31. @ Dompey | August 31, 2014 at 1:44 AM |
    The typical nonsense I get from Pres. Obama apologists when I express my disappoint with his performance. It doesn’t bother me since I experienced the same problem with David Dickens apologists during his term as Mayor of New York. As I see it both Mayor Dickens and Pres. Obama bent over backward trying to appease the folks who voted against them at the expense of those who voted them into office.
    You apologists tout the turn around of the big 3 motor companies as one of Pres. Obama’s major achievements, but never point out that he forced the labor unions to cap future salaries in the industry at about 50% of what obtained and give back massive pension and other benefits previously negotiated. What did he do with the Wall Street guys? He gave some bogus excuse of not being able to cut their pay and benefits because of existing contracts. Wall Street was on its knees at the time, and dependent on the Federal government, so I never bought into that excuse. I believe he never came down hard on Wall Street because he didn’t want to upset the folks who funded his re-election campaign.
    As AC hinted Pres. Obama seems more concerned about the folks in Tripoli, Kiev, Tel Aviv, etc. etc. than the poor people in Detroit and Chicago, etc, etc. If that is fine with you, it does not sit well with me.
    I like to give Jack his jacket, so if you can list the reasons why I should change my assessment of Pres. Obama’s performance to date, I’ll happy
    be to read them and give it consideration.

  32. @ ac | August 31, 2014 at 9:27 AM |

    My biggest fear with Blacks giving Pres. Obama a passing grade for doing nothing for them is the benchmark it will set for future presidents. We can’t say he is doing a great job and then start crying we are being ignored when future presidents continue to perform in a similar manner.

  33. @ Sargeant | August 30, 2014 at 11:16 PM |

    No hard feeling my brother!
    I always read you contributions because there are well researched even if stated with a pardonable bias. Your “spin” is delivered with a straight arm and no one can accuse you of “stoning” (lol).

  34. AC……you can’t even understand what’s going on with the DLP mishandling of the economy in Barbados and 14 miles long and a smile wide, you really believe you can decipher the dynamics of American politics with a population of 1/4 billion and counting…….HA!!!

  35. Obama is less Corrupt than Republican Neo Con Trash before him
    He is despised by colleagues and peers in same way Georgie Porgie feels

  36. @ Bajan in NY | August 30, 2014 at 10:55 PM |

    Excellent post, I could not agree with you more.
    It is amazing how know it alls like Dompey and Sargeant can have a view about every thing under the sun…….they are experts on everything that happens in Barbados and the world and they alone have a point of view. The world is only seen as they see it…………be it Barbados as per the inept incompetent DLP or the USA as per Barack Obama.

    I have news or you two, watch another channel other than MESSNBC and CNN……………are you really using the fraud and race baiter Al Sharpton as a point of reference or the out right race baiters Michael Dyson and Melissa Perry? Their ratings alone tell you that they are useless.

    You two are always looking to pounce on anyone who has a different point of view…………so much so you completely missed where I pointed out the blacks who are doing well. Who ever said that Barack Obama was elected to be President of blacks? Only you…………but it would have helped if he had paid a little attention to the plight of blacks, they are worse off since he was elected. If only he spent a smidgen of the time he spends cozying up with the white money class in Hollywood and the Wall Street crowd. Even the black leaders in Chicago have come out saying that they are so disappointed in the President. The blacks are killing each other in Chicago, when last has he visited or said anything?

    Give me a break…………………..cuss me all you want, I will not respond!

  37. @ Bajan in NY | August 31, 2014 at 10:09 AM |

    My biggest fear with Blacks giving Pres. Obama a passing grade for doing nothing for them is the benchmark it will set for future presidents. We can’t say he is doing a great job and then start crying we are being ignored when future presidents continue to perform in a similar manner…………………………

    Would you agree that blacks seem to have had too many expectations from the election of a black President? Hence the utter disappointment? I remember a black woman crying her heart out the night Barack Obama was elected………she said that she would no longer have to pay her mortgage or pay utility bills…..we have a black president who is going take care of us! I wonder what she is thinking years later! Simple delusional soul!

    • @Prodigal Son

      It is the high expectations that swept him [a Black man] to office. You win by the sword, you die by the sword.

  38. If Obamas main achievement was scoring job as head of most powerful cuntry then lesson learned is anyone else can do same

    • @Easy Squeeze

      In other words he took the path to decision making all politicians travel. What is new? Democrat politician first, Black man second.

  39. don/t get me wrong..as one who had a knot in the stomach during his campagn and a feeling that his presidency was superficially designed,i welcomed him with open arms as the first black president and wish him well as he stepped up to a plate that was littered with inconsistencies and the grab bag mentality,,,,,,however my first glimpse of the man who would be president was in his awkward response of dealing with his long time friend and mentor rev wright,,,,his handling of that situation was revealing and it was a testing of his truer nature, and a revelation of his first failure to act accordingly ,, benignly he chose to show a disproportionate amount of disloyal to a black friend,while in more ways than one gave the white establishment a sign that his loyalties rest beyond his people,,,a scene right out of the garden of gethsemane

  40. He was forced to drop his radical ties and socialism to follow centrist politics to offset Paranoid Nationalistic Rise of Tea Party

  41. Easy Squeeze (Make No Riot) | August 31, 2014 at 2:31 PM |

    He was forced to drop his radical ties and socialism to follow centrist politics to offset Paranoid Nationalistic Rise of Tea Party


    then if so he was a phony,,,, by misrepresenting himself and presenting an image of a person he was not,,,,,now as he blunders and fumbles his way down history road,,the differing pictures of the two Obamas ,diametrically opposed cuts deep in the hearts of poverty stricken blacks who were looking for more but now are forced to accept an illlusion

  42. @ ac | August 31, 2014 at 2:19 PM |

    Well, well, hell is going to freeze over! I never thought the day would come when I would be in agreement with anything you post. I actually agree with your post.

  43. Prodigal Son | August 31, 2014 at 2:50 PM |
    @ ac | August 31, 2014 at 2:19 PM |

    Well, well, hell is going to freeze over! I never thought the day would come when I would be in agreement with anything you post. I actually agree with your post.
    …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………prodigal don’t get it twisted,,i am speaking from a perspective far diffferent from your posting. my comments are steeped in ideologies and philosophy representative of the mind of the black man… ….obama as brilliant as he is is no exception….quick to do the bidding of others,,,,unable to seize control of the rudder,,,,and blindsided by a fear that traps and dominates the psyche of black people,,one engrained and cemented in blacks’ thought’ process which chokes there inability to make powerful decision that are beneficial to themselves and others,,

  44. @ ac | August 31, 2014 at 2:47 PM |
    “then if so he was a phony,,,, by misrepresenting himself and presenting an image of a person he was not,,,,,now as he blunders and fumbles his way down history road,,the differing pictures of the two Obamas ,diametrically opposed cuts deep in the hearts of poverty stricken blacks who were looking for more but now are forced to accept an illusion”

    Well, well, ac, you have outdone yourself.
    Surveying the local landscape, tell us who does that remind you of?
    Here is a hint: Cast your mind back to pre-February 2013 while you continue to stew in your “no layoffs, no privatization” pot of lies and deceit as karma takes its toll.

    Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Leave Pres. Obama alone. After all he just a politician. At least he is not cast from the same mould as Mr. “I will Never Lie, Cheat or Steal” and even Mr. Integrity who has turned out to be one of the biggest liars Hell has ever purged from its bowels.

  45. miller go back to bed,,the rest will do u well,,,,, america presidential race and banana republic nations,,man u now give me a belly laugh,,, btw do not forget to tek uh med..,.ta ta…

  46. @ ac | August 31, 2014 at 3:57 PM |

    Are you calling Barbados a banana republic?
    You could just be right given what took place with the vote buying and no investigations as promised by an illegitimate leader.
    Can’t you see that from 2013 the socio-economic structures are being dismantled right before your very eyes. That is what retribution is all about.
    Now that is what you should medicate, (hic!!), sorry, meditate upon.

  47. Miller

    What poverty stricken Blacks are you talking about? The handful of poor Blacks you see residing in the inner-cities of America do not represent the thirty -million or so in this country. There are countless number of Black people who live in the suburban areas of this country and who are doing quite well materially, may I add. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE MAN! The violent prone Blacks you see daily on the evening news, do not represent the face of Black America in its totality. The media seldom show us the thousands of young Black men and women who serve this country annually, and go on to be productive law abiding citizens. I served in the armed forces of this country as a younger man and I saw with both eyes; thousands of young Black purpose driven men and women; who not only served their country but who also used the GI Bill to gained and education and moved on to be productive members of the republic. So you ought to stop perpetuating the empirical generalization which are designed by RIGHT to undermine the character of the Black community in America.

  48. Miller
    When have you seen the Right-wing media foucs its reporting on the countless number of Black sucessful men and women, in an effort to inspire hope in the hopeless inner-city slums of America? But the media would rather focus on the all of the negative aspects of the Black inner-city life rather than focus it reporting on young Black man or woman who are making it despite the difficult challenges their face in the inner-city environment.

  49. @ Dompey | August 31, 2014 at 4:41 PM |
    What poverty stricken Blacks are you talking about? The handful of poor Blacks you see residing in the inner-cities of America do not represent the thirty -million or so in this country.”

    Are you sure you have the right blogger in your sights? Or are you programmed to react unintelligently?
    I have said nothing about poverty stricken blacks in America.
    As a matter of fact I think Afro-Americans have been some of the most talented successful black people on this planet. Certainly more successful than those of Nigeria who boast of being the most populous black nation and Brazil that has the largest concentration of people of African descent in the Diaspora.

    African-Americans followed by Afro-Caribbean people- both products of the struggle of slavery- have made their marks and left their global footprints on almost all cultural endeavours ranging from music, sports, politics and academics.
    And this has been a fantastic achievement given the fact that black people (using the strictest definition of the racial label black) make up the smallest number of people on Earth.
    Please don’t try to debate that fact. The only area of human endeavour they have not excelled in is that of business and commerce; and have allowed themselves to be consumers of other people’s goods and services.
    But that is how the cookie crumbles in the paradox of life.
    If Blacks were good at producing and peddling their own goods and services what opportunities would Indians, Chinese Koreans and Syrians have to get rich off black people.
    But that is what happens when you believe in the gods of others and not in the God that gave you the colour “BLACK”.

    Please Dompey, just read and cogitate!

  50. The past with its good and evil lives in the present and the old is in the new concealed, as well as the new is in the old revealed. So when we examine the cultural norm of these young Black men of today, who are wearing their pants beneath their knees, we ought and must ask ourselves the question: from whence this social-ill came? Some have claimed that this practice came about as a direct result of the incarceration of young Black men and women on an astronomical scale in America. And in a penal system which hasn’t always treated people of color fairness and equality. Now, I often ask the question: if Blacks in America and else in our world today, where were treated with dignity, decency and decorum, which ought to be conducive to every human being, would we be experiencing the moral and social decline which now makes itself known on a grand scale throughout the Black communities of the North and beyond?

  51. Well, well, ac, you have outdone yourself.
    Surveying the local landscape, tell us who does that remind you of?

    Miller…..you know full will that is not AC’s writing style too…..lol

    Dompey said:
    “The handful of poor Blacks you see residing in the inner-cities of America do not represent the thirty -million or so in this country”

    Tell it Dompey, the lowlife media like foxnews etc are only there to highlight the negative in the black population in the US, they never show you how wealthy blacks have become and how many of them have actually torn down the glass ceiling, in the 90’s there were more black male and female managing directors, CEO’s, presidents, vice presidents etc in the corporate world in the US than in previous decades…..the numbers of wealthy blacks are staggering, but again, only the negative is highlighted, there is a method to the madness.

  52. Michele demonstrated much in strength before she became the first lady and has been equally demonstrative in exemplifying what she stood for….. by not allowing political influence to interrupt or interpret what she believes,, i clearly remember the right wiing huffing and puffing when michelle dare to wear shorts sleeves at the last inauguration,,,,throwing the nutcakes into a political tantrum…i belive she would have made a better president because of her no nonsense approach and her tenacity to stand on ideologies which she believes in…

  53. dompey i respect your difference of opinion..however this is 2014 and no one can seriously say that there has been a huge difference in wealth for the blacks since the nineties,,furthermore the gap has gotten wider due in fact to the wall street melt down and the rise in unemployment, and a factoid which found Obama bailing out the white establishment while blacks struggle to pay high credit card debt and mortgages,,

  54. @Prodigal Son

    Where did I “cuss’ you I merely said that you didn’t know what you were writing about and you confirmed it by using the term ‘race baiters’ to vilify those who advocate for black empowerment or black progress. Who uses the word “race baiters”? Where did it originate? Do any black people use that term? Is Bill O’Reilly a race baiter, how about Sean Hannity?

    So you read Ebony and you think all blacks should aspire to be like those who grace the pages of Ebony do you? Let me tell you something about the people in Ebony, when they drive down the street they are treated just like the impoverished ghetto black, when they try to hail a cab in NYC the cabbie passes them by just like any other black who does not appear in Ebony. The Atty Gen. of the USA Eric Holder must have been in the pages of Ebony several times and he related how he was stopped by Police when he was hurrying to catch a movie and he was a Federal Prosecutor at the time. I associate with many people who would be in Ebony if there was a Northern Edition and am privy to their private conversations and thoughts and they as well as their southern counterparts are grateful for those whom you term as “race baiters”. It is those people who go to the barricades who are partly responsible for many of the gains we have made. I don’t agree with everything that Sharpton says or does, same goes for Dyson and I don’t watch MSNBC but only a self hating black would allow others to put words in his/her mouth to describe other black people simply because he/she doesn’t agree with their philosophy.

    The “know it all” assigned some homework in the form of Reports to bolster his posts did you read any? I guess not you have an Ebony to read.

    Lastly do white people read Ebony? You think they care who appears in Ebony?

  55. blacks don’t fare well north ..east ..south.. or west,,,blacks does not have the designated wisdom and desire it takes to support each other at home or abroad..however would be the first in the to support other ethnic businesses ,imposing themselves to a death sentence of materialism…

  56. @ Sargeant
    Bushie has to say that you are shotting well above your NCO pay grade.
    Shiite man…at this rate…..with Colonel Buggy’s permission, you could well be up for a full commission…..

  57. @Bushie
    You agree with something I wrote? You sure you alright? Don’t worry that feeling will soon pass.

    Did someone hijack Bush T’s nom de plume?

  58. LOL @ Sargeant and David
    What full moon what?!?
    Bushie is an equal opportunity critic….

    The Sarge is often on a sound footing, it is just that his perspective is regularly from a NCO point of view…..a “mine is not to reason why” attitude
    Occasionally he waxes at the level of commissioned officer…and does it with some flair too….”here is the ontology…..”

    Bushie is happy to give Jack his jacket……and to invite Colonel Buggy to consider a commission for Sarge too…. 🙂

  59. The Upsetter

    Obama was never meant to be President

    Allegedly the alleged NWO Illuminati allegedly hedge both sides of game
    where win-win situation is guaranteed in alleged elections for alleged democracies

    Obama was never meant to beat Clinton
    Obama was never meant to beat McCain
    (Both are alleged NWO Illuminati assets)
    Obama was a token show for alleged equality
    not a real contender
    the alleged NWO illuminati were too complacent
    Obama is allegedly deemed not real American by European-Americans

    Racial equality in USA is for the future on Starship Enterprise in Outer Space



    Racial equality is an unrealizable human endeavor as far as I am concern. No amount of human laws will address the biases within our human nature. It is a natural human tendency to favor those who looks, thinks and behaves like us. And this is no more evident then in a multi-racial society such as the United States of America. It seems like the concepts of Fairness and Justice falls to the ground, when our Family and Race are thrown in to the equation.

  61. Guys Get A Blow


    Racial Inequality can & will be replaced based on fact it is false dichotomy that was implemented to justify human bondage and slavery where blacks slaves were said to be inferior race to white slave masters

    USA is behind curve due to its short history which was built on racial genocide, slavery, lynching and recently in our life institutionalised segregation was replaced by lack of social integration.

    In last 60 years races started mixing socially and some have also entered mixed relationships and marriage without threat of being killed

    It is due to US history communities and numbers of descendants of slavery that US is lagging, but demographics suggest whites are minority already

  62. US men found innocent after 30 years in jail.
    DNA evidence shows brothers, who are severely disabled and were teenagers when arrested in 1983, were wrongly convicted.

    Two mentally impaired half-brothers have been freed after serving three decades in a US prison for the rape and murder of a child after DNA evidence proved they were not guilty.

    A judge in Robeson County said on Tuesday that Henry Lee McCollum, 50, North Carolina state’s longest-serving death-row inmate, and Leon Brown, 46, were innocent of the 1983 rape and killing of 11-year-old Sabrina Buie after the evidence came to light.

    Both are severely intellectually disabled and were teenagers at the time of their arrests in 1983.

    Following false confessions, McCollum was given a death sentence and Brown was serving life for the rape.

    “This case highlights in a most dramatic manner the importance of finding the truth,” said Ann Kirby, Brown’s lawyer.

    “Today, truth has prevailed, but it comes 30 years too late for Sabrina Buie and her family, and for Leon, Henry, and their families.

    “Their sadness, grief, and loss will remain with them forever.”

    North Carolina state law now requires murder interrogations to be recorded or videotaped, but at the time the brothers were convicted such laws were not in effect.

    There were no recordings of the confessions, which contained details that authorities now acknowledge were factually impossible.

  63. @David

    The events in Ferguson has shone a spotlight on that town and the surrounding municipalities and todays Washington Post has an article on how the residents of those areas are governed and policed. It is a bit long but well worth reading hopefully some will glean some more details on the background of why people are so aggrieved.

    Prodigal Clown some more home work.


  64. The Black man is always under scrutiny in the North, and for the things he has and hasn’t done. In order for him to be accepted by the White establishment, he has to constantly prove that he is unlike those urban gorillas in the ghettos of America. Now, the term urban gorilla, is a racist term some Whites Americans use to describe Blacks who live in the ghettos of America.

    • @Sargeant

      The article is an amazing read. No comment is comment enough. To those who suggest Blacks need to educate themselves to break the cycle of poverty ignore the systemic and institutionalized problems that are at play. Absolutely amazing.

      N.Y.C. Police Maligned Paradegoers on Facebook

      The West Indian American Day Parade is held annually over the Labor Day weekend as a celebration of Caribbean culture.

  65. Educating oneself still doesn’t change the opportunity denied to the people of color for generation. And how does educating oneself changes the way in which most White Americans feel about the people of color in the first? I believe that in a multiracial society such as America, you will still find one Race looking out for its own because lets face it people, it is a natural human tendency to show favor to your own, especially if one has the enabling- means to do so. The issue of Race and its relative problems will be with us from the cradle to the grave, I believe.

  66. We ought not judge a society such as America by it projected Values and Ideals, but by its past practices and treatment of its most vulnerable citizens.

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