David Commisiong in his infinite wisdom removed BU from his distribution list, however, in the interest of sharing his statement for what it is worth in the prevailing climate the blogmaster will not allow himself to feel slighted…

Thanks to the BU family member for sharing.

BU Blogmaster

The peculiar race-based history of the Western Hemisphere has bequeathed to all the people and nations of our region of the “Caribbean and the Americas” the central mission of eradicating the scourge of anti-Black racism and developing societies in which the inherent dignity and worth of the black person is upheld and respected.
The people of the Caribbean region recognize therefore that the struggle against anti-Black racism in our Hemisphere is an inter-related one, and that we in the Caribbean are as invested in the USA, Brazilian, Colombian or Canadian components of that struggle, as these nations are invested in our Caribbean component of the struggle.
Thus, whenever we witness or become aware of even isolated or random acts of anti-Black racism anywhere in our Hemisphere, we cringe and recoil in anguish, for we know that failure to uphold the dignity and worth of the black person in any one nation imperils the entire hemispheric mission.
And much more so is the case when what we witness are not mere random incidents,
but acts that are suggestive of the continued existence of systemic, institutionalized anti-Black racism.
It is against this background therefore that we Caribbean people wish to express the deep sense of revulsion that we felt when we witnessed the televised images of the callous, heartless and totally unjustified killing of the African-American George Floyd by a white police officer in the city of Minneapolis in the USA.
We suspect and fear that Mr Floyd’s tragic death– one of a sequence of similar killings of unarmed black persons by white Police officers– is evidence of the continued existence of systemic anti-Black racism.
We would therefore wish to urge the Government and people of the USA — our sister nation of the Americas region — to redouble their efforts to confront and overcome this social evil.
I know that I speak for all right thinking Caribbean people when I say that we extend our profound sympathy to the distraught immediate family of Mr Floyd, and also to his extended African-American family who have been deeply hurt.
We would also wish to assure the Government and people of the USA that there are many organizations within our Caribbean region — a region that has confronted the scourge of anti-Black racism with some degree of success — that would readily share the insights that they have gained from our own struggle and that would be very willing to assist the US authorities in any way that they could.


  • Waru we know this racist talk is right up your alley. You , Donna and a few more could go on and on about this but for some of us therr is little interest in this capiche. For my part i do not see Mr Floyd as no hero based on his past although how he died was horrible. I leave it to you to piss parade on this all dsy everyday.As to Austin the only perdon missing Mariposa is you. Why don, t you jion her off the blog.


  • @Lorenzo
    Is that all you got from the video, the protest and the discussion.
    “How he died was horrible”


  • The protest gathered a reasonable crowd on a hot day in Barbados.


  • Theo….sounds like sour grapes to me…but don’t worry..

    at least we are confident that there are intelligent people in Barbados. Even the St. John people you and DLP abused and oppressed within an inch of their lives for 40 long years, ended up seeing after 2 generations the lowlives you both are…so continue to make this about me and think the younger generation is just like the older generation…..nah suh…ya can’t even get by me with that level of shit.


  • Hi David Thanks for blocking …moderating or whatever method u choose in not allowing Mariposa to interact on BU
    Your actions were a blessing in disguise to which i am eternal grateful
    I have been able to spread my wings a lot further nestled amongst people who can understand basic english
    Ta ta.

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  • @ Mariposa

    Welcome back. Your punchy contributions were missed by the more thoughtful BU regulars. I have always known that the excuse used for ‘moderating’ you were just that, an excuse. It was bad chairmanship.
    When you have time I will bring you up to date with the nonsense the president is trying to pass off on us as policy. Keep the female burning.


  • Thanks Hal.when i have time i might pop in occasionally
    Right now i am lending my time amongst people who understand policy from politricks


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