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David Commisiong in his infinite wisdom removed BU from his distribution list, however, in the interest of sharing his statement for what it is worth in the prevailing climate the blogmaster will not allow himself to feel slighted…

Thanks to the BU family member for sharing.

BU Blogmaster

The peculiar race-based history of the Western Hemisphere has bequeathed to all the people and nations of our region of the “Caribbean and the Americas” the central mission of eradicating the scourge of anti-Black racism and developing societies in which the inherent dignity and worth of the black person is upheld and respected.
The people of the Caribbean region recognize therefore that the struggle against anti-Black racism in our Hemisphere is an inter-related one, and that we in the Caribbean are as invested in the USA, Brazilian, Colombian or Canadian components of that struggle, as these nations are invested in our Caribbean component of the struggle.
Thus, whenever we witness or become aware of even isolated or random acts of anti-Black racism anywhere in our Hemisphere, we cringe and recoil in anguish, for we know that failure to uphold the dignity and worth of the black person in any one nation imperils the entire hemispheric mission.
And much more so is the case when what we witness are not mere random incidents,
but acts that are suggestive of the continued existence of systemic, institutionalized anti-Black racism.
It is against this background therefore that we Caribbean people wish to express the deep sense of revulsion that we felt when we witnessed the televised images of the callous, heartless and totally unjustified killing of the African-American George Floyd by a white police officer in the city of Minneapolis in the USA.
We suspect and fear that Mr Floyd’s tragic death– one of a sequence of similar killings of unarmed black persons by white Police officers– is evidence of the continued existence of systemic anti-Black racism.
We would therefore wish to urge the Government and people of the USA — our sister nation of the Americas region — to redouble their efforts to confront and overcome this social evil.
I know that I speak for all right thinking Caribbean people when I say that we extend our profound sympathy to the distraught immediate family of Mr Floyd, and also to his extended African-American family who have been deeply hurt.
We would also wish to assure the Government and people of the USA that there are many organizations within our Caribbean region — a region that has confronted the scourge of anti-Black racism with some degree of success — that would readily share the insights that they have gained from our own struggle and that would be very willing to assist the US authorities in any way that they could.


  1. Racism is serious business and the US House Judiciary is taking it very seriously..

    …. so why can’t a small island like Barbados that has been practicing this crime of racism against the populaiton for decades on end… their mouths and address oppressive anti-black systemic racism…..practiced consistently against the people..

    … so what makes dependent Barbados so special…why can’t they dismantle this modern day, human rights violating crime…

  2. Donna
    June 10, 2020 2:49 AM

    By the way, Obama was black AND WHITE unless you suscribe to the ONE DROP rule that would also make YOU BLACK.


    Just a reminder.

  3. I would advise the WHOLE BARBADOS GOVERNMENT to read this article, they can’t say she is lying because we have been talking about this for years on end on BU, i remember when Commissiong was dancing around the subject like it was some game…

    A friend of mine read it and said…”She put on paper what we have accepted as “our norm”..I think we got caught up in a web of subdued racism even within our own black identities” UNQUOTE.

    how could any of this sound normal or right to the hundreds of lawyers in Barbados or the government ministers over the last 50 years….they all happily enabled and condoned this anti-black system racism against the Black majority and should be punished…….bastards…

    “All white Bajans should read this ASAP. Written by white Barbadian Annalee Davis who grew up on a plantation in St. John

    “On race and whiteness from the context of Barbados #1

    In this global #BlackLivesMatter moment, we are seeing a shift in conversations about race and it feels like a tipping point. White people in Barbados and the wider Caribbean don’t normally speak about whiteness in our context. Is it a generational shift in that younger people are less willing to live socially segregated or oppressed lives? I’m not sure, but it feels like the time to speak about whiteness and call out the more covert ways in which racism and white supremacy have affected our lives in this Small Island Developing State. And as some others have written about their own monologues, this could be more articulate, but I’ll throw my hat in the ring.

    I was raised as a white Bajan and benefited from the inherent benefits that whiteness endows. Like elsewhere, race is categorised by social indicators and in my case, those indicators included being raised on a sugar plantation in St. John, Barbados by people who identified as white. Although I have mixed-race ancestry, I grew up in a time of binaries when you were either white or black and I didn’t learn of my maternal family’s mixed race, indentured background till I was much older. (I’ll possibly write about those complexities in another post.)

    I’m not sure exactly when I became conscious of my own whiteness but I was quite young. It’s hard not to be aware of colour in a place like Barbados but I didn’t have a language to speak about racial & economic differences. I was curious why I and those working on the plantation inhabited socially separate lives. I tried to imagine what life would have been like on the land where I lived during the time of slavery and while I didn’t learn about Guyanese poet Martin Carter till decades later, his notion of tongueless whispering was something I intuitively wondered about as a child – could I hear history’s voices by placing my ear to the land?

    My private primary school was small and exclusively white. I sat the 11+ examination and went to Christ Church Foundation School where I first experienced being a minority in school as one of three white girls in a class of 30+ students. I made friends but struggled academically. My parents transferred me to The Ursuline Convent. I recall the headmistress challenging my mother, suggesting that if she wanted me to get a good education I should remain at Foundation, and if she wanted me to be a lady I should go to the Convent. Although it wasn’t stated, I think there were racial and class undertones to this discussion. The student body at the Convent was differently composed- approximately 60% white, 40% black, and a few expatriate students. Although our classrooms were racially integrated, when the school bell rang, we mostly retreated to the segregated lives we were accustomed to. Both white and black Bajans were complicit in leading segregated lives – it was easier than change but that’s embarrassing.

    While I belonged in Barbados in some ways – my family has been here continuously since 1648 – as a member of a white minority growing up in a newly independent nation, there was a simultaneous sense of ‘unbelonging’. I wanted to be part of the larger landscape but, as silly as it sounds, I didn’t know how to. I understood that sentiment decades later when I read Jean Rhys and recognised a similar longing in her Wide Sargasso Sea- I wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

    In 1980 I went to school in Ontario, Canada. I was curious if I might belong more easily in a white country? I certainly did not. That was an important lesson. Thinking I was white and being in a country with lots of white people did not mean that I belonged in any way, shape, or form. Many of my peers at school in Canada hailed from across the Anglophone Caribbean and it was there where I unexpectedly experienced my Caribbean self amongst White, Syrian, Chinese, French Creole, Black and Indo-Caribbean peers. I felt exhilarated to be part of a larger social space, radically different from the small white enclave in which I had grown up and decidedly grown apart from. I understood then that there was an impoverishment to my social world in Barbados – imagine, being part of a population of about 8,0000 white people and this was supposed to satisfy you intellectually, romantically, socially, culturally? Impossible, or impossible for me. There are many who live out their lives in small social white circles.

    Eventually choosing to become an artist and return to work in the field of culture in Barbados, a young independent black nation, was a double edge sword. While it created an alternate milieu from the confines of the environment I grew up in, it didn’t automatically confer belonging to the larger cultural and social milieu. How could it, given the transitional nature of the times, shifting from more than three centuries of British colonial rule to local black governance?

    Out of this context, and as an artist, I became concerned with how shared historical suffering reveals itself communally today. How do individuals and nations manage trauma and the desire for self-fulfillment in small places where social life and kinship are predominantly lived in separate social spheres and for which our lives are so much poorer? How could I operate in this setting? What was my role as an artist and as a white person?

    Later, marrying outside of the white Bajan milieu, having Anglo/Creole-Bajan, Indo-Trini-Hindu, Irish-Catholic children, and living in Trinidad for several years, exposed me to the Indo-Caribbean experience, further cracking open the early social insularity of my upbringing. I chose to raise my children differently and honour their plural selves. In Trinidad, my son went to a racially diverse school that observed Christian, Muslim, and Hindu religious events.

    When we returned to Barbados from Trinidad, the social apartheid was even starker to me. I chose their primary school carefully – different from my experience, it was the most racially integrated school on the island. My children were happy there and felt they belonged. The decision for them to attend government secondary school was important to me. They weren’t to be blanketed in private institutions for the next five years. While that transition was markedly different from their primary school, and they experienced race and class in challenging ways, I stand by my decision to foster their understanding of the larger, national space and who they are within that.

    White supremacy, capitalism, and the plantation are the foundation of Barbadian society, and racism has been and continues to be toxic to both Black and White Bajans. We need to call it when we see it and we need to talk about it in our segregated circles. While my own multi-layered history includes indentured labourers and mixed-race ancestors, I have benefitted most from my white settler colonial ancestry. And even though Barbados is the only country in the world where I am read as a white person (for example, I am brown in Jamaica, somewhat red in Trinidad, am from some Spanish speaking country when I am in the USA and no one is sure where I am from in the UK), I am white here in Barbados and fully aware of the historic injustices and contemporary manifestations of our ugly past. (I have been working through the term White Creole – also problematic and that will require possibly another post…)

    What I do know is that living racially segregated lives limits the fullness of ourselves. It limited my emotional development and social evolution as a young person. Opportunities like the one we have now at this moment to speak up and speak out don’t come along often. Participating in potentially awkward discussions about race, racism, white supremacy, and whiteness, in small postcolonial spaces like ours, within families like ours, working to shape more equitable societies and committing to anti-racist lifestyles, is vital to our collective well-being. I’ve tripped up so many times but I continue to learn, aim to be conscious of my own biases, to be sensitive to the trauma of plantation history which was so f*****g brutal in its relentless, centuries-long terrorisation and humiliation of tens of thousands of people.

    Every day, I see the mill wall from my studio where people were dehumanised. I am not removed from the reality of our past. I know what lies below this soil and my work is about the plantation in all its ugliness and its potential for transformation. The Empire tried to ruin intimacy between people of different races and in so doing fostered madness. White people today can choose to live different lives, to behave differently, to think differently, to love differently, and to stand up for equity and justice. White Barbados needs to have a conversation with itself. The time has come”

  4. This behaviour tells us everything we should want to know about Commissiong. It is the exact impression who have met him once or twice have said. Commissiong has a very high impression of himself, he thinks, for no obvious reason, that black Barbadians should listen to him, not tell him anything.
    It is the kind of behaviour that leads to despotism. I got this view of Commissiong a couple years ago when he came on BU defending the racism of the Castro brothers. He still has this obsession with Cuba – it is the Caribbean/Latin American coffee-coloured thing. I am sure he is not a racist, but racism comes in many colours.
    But this should not be a surprise. The New Barbadians will take over and drive us back in to a canal. I have said before that traditional black Barbadians and whites must reach a settlement. They may not be best friends, but if they do not then the New Barbadians – Indians, Pakistanis, Trinidadians, Grenadians, Guyanese – no matter where they came from, will eventually try to take control.
    Did it take two weeks for this crap to come out?

  5. “We would also wish to assure the Government and people of the USA that there are many organizations within our Caribbean region — a region that has confronted the scourge of anti-Black racism with some degree of success — that would readily share the insights that they have gained from our own struggle and that would be very willing to assist the US authorities in any way that they could.”

    Is this guy for real !!!???

  6. This is what i like about technology…..a whole blog by Commissiong expounding on the same corrupt racist minorities using the corrupt colonial system to rob taxpayers that is still ongoing under this present government…but he has no voice for that anymore…so when will his cousin Mia ” make a determined effort to uproot and eradicate the destructive remnants”…….and blah, blah, blah…for anyone who cares to read….a whole blog on what Mia is now saying she will not be bullied to address……via Kootchie Koo…

    “As we approach Barbados’ 50th year of Independence, I am calling on all patriotic Barbadians to join together and make a determined effort to uproot and eradicate the destructive remnants of the “Old Colonial System” that still exist in our supposedly independent nation.

    And one particularly odious remnant is that aspect of the “Old Colonial System” that traditionally permitted the social and business elite of Barbados to have compliant members of the political directorate grant them outrageously preferential business and commercial arrangements that allowed them to feed on the substance of the Barbadian State and on the mass of predominantly black labourers, consumers, and – in more recent times- taxpayers!

  7. Just to be clear to yall, am not making any of this up, read the article yaself….

    see for yaself, the same business people Mia snitched on when it was time to fool the electorate, same corrupt racist business people she handed over the people’s contracts to…but accoring to Commissiong, ya must thank Mia for exposing the racists and all the corruption..

    “Yet another such contract is the so-called housing construction contract entered into between this current DLP administration and the corporate entity known as Housing Concepts SRL – also owned and/or managed by the said Mark Maloney and Bjorn Bjerkham.

    Under this contract, Housing Concepts SRL was leased a massive parcel of Government land at Coverley, Christ Church at a pepper-corn rent for the purpose of constructing houses for sale to the Barbadian people at prices ranging between $289,000.00 and $ 396,000.00!

    But what makes this contract truly remarkable is that our taxpayer-funded Government has entered into a legally binding contractual obligation to purchase from Housing Concepts SRL any house
    that the company is unable to sell to members of the public! Thus, once again, we taxpayers are left holding the bag!

    And -truth be told- I could go on and on detailing similarly outrageously preferential contracts that our compliant political directorate has conferred on a small group of elite white Barbadian business-people. It is no wonder therefore that our country now possesses a national debt that is virtually as large as our entire Gross National Product!

    We Barbadians should really thank Opposition Leader Mia Mottley for exposing the alarming details of this old colonial-type contractual arrangement.”

  8. i met Commissiong around 1983 when he almost knocked my gran over riding his little motorcycle on Wanstead Heights on his way to uni.

    i never liked the bloke from then. he talked bollocks then and he is talking bollocks now

  9. waru,

    if genuine, brave of that woman to write this. i always wondered what white people felt like being a minority with lost of money but limited in a lot of ways. she touched on some of it. i commend her

  10. @ Hal
    According to the Blogmaster, Commissiong removed himself from the BU distribution list. This is interesting because at one stage he was a very frequent contributor. It appears that once you enter public life, your freedoms are curtailed. However Senator Caswell Franklyn still contributes. It is also interesting that many left leaning Comrades are firmly in the BLP camp. However I must say that Comrade Prescod is still associating himself with the masses and he carries the progressive message quite well.
    I also note that the People’s Empowerment Party is very quiet these days . It makes for very interesting observation.

  11. @ Greene

    Brits do not call white Bajans white. They call them creoles. They laugh at them. I have said before, I once worked with a guy who was married to a white Bajan.Her parents came over to spend time with them and he came in to work beside himself. He would point at me and say: Hal, they speak like you.
    On another occasion I was in Barbados with a friend and bumped in to a Scottish friend who worked for the Daily Mirror newspaper. His wife was involved at Holders Hill and we arranged to meet there.
    We met up at about 10am and started drinking Banks, as if we were in London. There was a black man and woman behind the bar, both aged in their late 30s to early 40s, and supervised by a white |Bajan (someone said her father was a doctor) who lived in London.
    I do not know what caused the row, but this white Bajan started shouting at the bar staff. After a time, my Scottish friend could not take it any longer and he tore in to the white Bajan, as he started some young girls from Kent also joined in. One drunken white Bajan man, who was trying to chat up the girls, they also turned on him. Me and my friend just kept quiet and let them have it out.
    One remark by one of the young Kent girls stood out. She turned to the drunk and told him: I hate white Bajans. It struck home. There are about 10000 white Bajans in the UK, mostly in London. Have you ever met one? When I was at the BBC one came in to the studio sniffing around. Eventually he said he was a Bajan. He left soon after to work in the South West.

  12. @ WURA-War-on-U,
    It would have been best for all concerned if he had refrained from issuing such a limp-wristed statement. This government is in a precarious position. It could be on the point of imploding.

  13. @ William

    Trevor Prescod comes from a principled political tradition. Commissiong removed BU from his distribution list because some people challenged him. What audacity. There is also talk about Commissiong by some who were associated with the Pan-African Commission.
    I have mentioned his poor defence of the Castro brothers shortly after Diaz-Canel became President and promoted a number of black people. Commissiong tried to pass this off as sometime the Castros would have done eventually. The cheek. It took them from 1959 until Raul retired. Do you see how he prances around like he is chief cook and bottle washer to the Cuban nurses? He is playing a dangerous political game.

  14. “This government is in a precarious position. It could be on the point of imploding.”

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Without a doubt. And after it implodes and in the resultant election, De Peiza will will 20 seats and the PdP with 7. Your prescience is commendable. I don’t think any other would be able to come up with such a brilliant observation as yours above.

  15. “government is in a precarious position. It could be on the point of imploding.”

    pretty much…and with that Scotland stunt…ha

    when ya see they sent out Koochie Koo instead of those old fowls to shit all over the blog, ya done know…strategy BACKFIRED…lol

  16. Greene…the person did not say anything in the article that is not true…that is what i checked out first….Commissiong is the one lying his ass off as an Ambassador representing at taxpayer’s expense. Seems like the only truth he told is in that 2015 article about the colonial trash minorities, their corruption and thefts…….but he had this agenda to tell the truth for political reasons…just to get Mia elected so he can land a cushy job…as long as that happened…he is no longer the champion for the masses who still suffer the racism, oppression and apartheid while still being robbed blind by the same tiefing minorities aided and abetted by his cousin.

  17. As my grandmother would say, “Deed nuh!”

    Wuhlaus! What help can the Caribbean offer the USA with respect to race relations and racial equality??????

    Wuhlaus muh belly!

  18. And as for police brutality and the judicial system …. when we gon have we own march round the police stations and government headquarters? We could start the march there and end at the US Embassy.

  19. Donna
    June 10, 2020 7:52 PM

    Don’t have a clue what Commissiong is. Don’t care either.


    There you go, colour shouldn’t matter.

    You are learning.

    Obama and Trump both had equal opportunity.

    Colour did not matter either.

    However, equality of outcomes will not occur.

    That’s why Grenville’s position is ridiculous.

    America offers opportunities to all.

    It doesn’t mean all will have the same outcomes.

  20. The overall college enrollment rate for 18- to 24-year-olds increased from 35 percent in 2000 to 41 percent in 2018. In 2018, the college enrollment rate was higher for 18- to 24-year-olds who were Asian (59 percent) than for 18- to 24-yearolds who were White (42 percent), Black (37 percent), and Hispanic (36 percent).


    Look at the opportunities of people going to college.

    There isn’t much difference between black and white.

    Asians however put both into the shade.

    Does that mean Asians have a greater privilege than Black or White?

    Should we be talking about Asian privilege?

    No, it just means Asians grasp their opportunities.

  21. David Commisiong in his infinite wisdom removed BU from his distribution list,
    Petty! Petty! Petty!!!
    The man couldn’t take the heat so he got out of the kitchen

    • Not petty, more to do with status and image now in government. BU is not a toe the line kind of entity and people in official roles fear the harm of negative opinion.

  22. In sociology, I learnt that Barbados was defined as a plural society based on there being different races and ethnicities on the island.  What always stood out to me in the definition was that ‘they mix but do not combine’.  We live this but don’t even acknowledge it.

    My experience with racism is from an unusual perspective.  My partner was a darky with beautiful texture skin.  What I didn’t realized until near the end was that he had an issue with his colour and therefore have low morale and esteem. It meant that he catered or smooched white people.  It was shocking to see the difference in the man when that switch turned on.  There was no need for overt racism.  He was psychologically condition to believe in his inferiority and this extended downward to light skin blacks.  No good comes of putting people above/before you.

    I do not see colour.  I see character.  But what I’ve realized is that black people in Barbados loves the differentiation starting with your address, then school, parents job, family connections, and so on. In fact, some people are untouchable because of any number of the aforementioned variables.  In Barbados, the glass ceiling is not only placed there by whites but by our own race.  

    Though I am now coming to understand the depths of the systemic racism that thrives in the USA, I can state that social stratification in Barbados is very oppressive.  

    Those at the top of the pile whether they are newbies, noveau riche, or 2/3rd generation upper middle class use mockery to laugh at others.  I’ve noticed it being used constantly in this blog.  Some bring facts to support their position but most just their position and connection.  It’s tolerable here in Barbados but outside where there’s the dynamics of competitive businesses, it’s dumb and ignorant.  It’s why some people cannot live in Barbados at all or for a prolong time.

    How do you fight and conquer psychological conditioning.  The sure way is via education and not what is taught at present in the school system.  Unless the Barbados government tackle this issue head on, young black people will continue to rail and fight demons they don’t quite understand and sadly via violence.  It is heart rending that the information is available on the internet but social conditioning leads young people to music and music videos promoting disrespect, self-aggrandizement and immorality.  

    We have opted out of being analytical, dispassionate, impartial and fair minded. The elders squabble amongst themselves and the educated youth buy into the societal norm of mocking.

  23. Don’t mind the Johnny, David!

    “Race shouldn’t matter!”




    I myself discovered how much it mattered as a young child by watching the civil rights struggle in the USA on the BBC tv. At that time i was living in a ‘white house’ of my own and found it quite perplexing.

    But many of those who thought race mattered are not yet dead. It is hardly likely that they have changed their minds. Many of them are still resisting change. It is stupid to suggest that the resistance has not had the effect of slowing down the march to racial equality. It takes a few generations to do that. When the old farts die out it moves forward more swiftly. Laws change actions but not minds. Laws are internalized over generations and mindsets align with them within generations who know no other law.

    PS. I don’t care about Comissiong’s race because he is insignificant.

  24. PS. I don’t care about Comissiong’s race because he is insignificant.


    Guess you are not one of these ALL LIVE MATTERS loonies.

  25. @ David, I wonder what was responsible for the shift in Mr. Commissiong’s views. It would have been better not to make a statement. He has painted a rosy picture of the Caribbean resolving the problems of its colonial past. The problems are still there and it would be interesting to read the solutions that he implies were used.

  26. It would indeed be interesting to hear those solutions.

    Note to self – don’t drink coffee at night!

    • For whatever reason it seems Caricom, Barbados included, prefers to take a soft language approach to the issue. Are they intimidated by Trump knowing he is unpredictable?

  27. “a region that has confronted the scourge of anti-Black racism with some degree of success .”

    what Commissong did yesterday or whenever with that press release was repulsive, deceitful and downright wicked….he knows a systemic racist system against the majority black population stayed in place for over 50 years post independence, still in place, with not one Black lawyer, himself included, making any effort worth talking about to end it, a cabal of lawyers in that Bar Association who have traversed and rotated through the parliament for decades successfully helped to keep the thefts from the people, racism/segregation and oppression in place deliberately and maliciously to fill their own pockets…..just like they are all doing now, including Commissiong…and he got the goddamn nerve to put out a press release LYING ABOUT IT…telling himself he is mocking US…forgetting he put out a big blog and not only one, there are other blogs he put out there regarding this same subject.

    while everyone was calling him a fraud for years, others including myself thought he had the best interest of the Black population, had their backs, now we know he is just as fraudulent as everyone has been saying for years…so glad he exposed himself..i knew there was a reason i had to hold on to that Commissong blog.

  28. Blacks in America are descendants of the same Africans that were carried away on Slave ships and kept to work in bondage in the Caribbean plantations which is the sole reason why you are where you are in this time. Your purpose in life may be to right the wrongs of past 400 years of slavery and should link up with American English and Caribbean in The African Diaspora if ready for the challenge. Bajans are scholarly subject matter experts in Slave trade and the timing is right to push for justice and financial recompense for the business of colonialism global trade capitalism and industrialised slavery of the Atlantic Slave Trade triangle. Now is the first time in History where you case may get heard and not dismissed due to culture of systemic endemic institutional racism.
    David of the Underground Barbados Chapter should try to get Hilary Beckles to write an article and pause for the cause and get the ball rolling.

  29. The question which rises to the top of mind every time- what has Barbados done in the last two weeks to materially add to the BLM?

  30. @ David
    A parallel school of thought you may not have heard of before was stated by Black Panthers in 70’s
    where the African nation’s were quiet about the injustices to blacks in America during civil rights era
    due to the fact they were financial receiving aid from USA and would have lost monies if they spoke out

  31. @David June 11, 2020 4:31 AM
    You accused John of always bringing trump into the conversation. It would seem you are also guilty of the same.

    • @Dr. Lucas

      You would dare to compare the number of times the blogmaster mentions Trump compared to John. Take off your blinkers, better still- turnoff the counter!

  32. “Douglas Trotman $1.5 million has been flagged … with $800K paid to a person without an institution being made aware.
    Give us some honesty…let’s recover some funds for the country”

    This is all the likes of Commissong and his ilk are ever interested in, talk a good game when they are not close enough to the pension fund and treasury…..somehow they are always pretend saviors of the masses when their pockets are empty…but as long as they are getting a piece of the corrupt pie then the masses are on their own.

    ….the above is a comment part of an exposure on FB about the Cahill scam with DLP.. that was .also in Mia’s big red bad of evidence of corruption to be prosecuted, last we heard, red bag got lost and the weary taxpaying majority are being sued by the Cahill scam with the dirty lawyers of the parliament and the bar leading the charge…because for some corrupt reason every contract they sign on behalf of the people ,, the people ALWAYS END UP BEING SUED FOR TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS….and are always the ones ending up in abject poverty while all the lawyers and ministers become BOASTING MILLIONAIRES….both them and the corrupt racists…..i don’t believe any of those thieves are interested in giving back a dime of the stolen taxpayer’s money or the billions of dollars they all stole and laundered OFFHSORE either…

  33. Barbados is following the white narrative to be like Martin Luther King Junior and not Huey Newton

  34. Sometimes in politics folly poli±tricks people have to work with the enemies of your enemies even though they are just as bad as them to create shifts in balances of power, such as MLK working with Republicans to change down South, and Malcolm X and Nation of Islam working with KKK for repatriation movements and separate black states up North.

  35. Let us admit the Caribbean voice is token but it does not relieve the region of a moral responsibility and obligation to speak loudly about the issue and align with #BLM. It will be interesting to watch the second wave of protests when American/European sports resume.


    Many leading players are BLACK.

  36. Nelson statue could be put on a barge and towed to a dive site off shore.

    An alternative site could be Cattlewash.

    Black Bajan psychological health matters.

    buh doan mind me. I live in Canada where we are focused on removing statues of racists.
    Maybe rename some streets too.

  37. @ David, I wonder what was responsible for the shift in Mr. Commissiong’s views. It would have been better not to make a statement. He has painted a rosy picture of the Caribbean resolving the problems of its colonial past. The problems are still there and it would be interesting to read the solutions that he implies were used.



  38. The KKK was the Local Government, and the network of power, everyone had to work with them to get anything achieved.
    Like you might work with Tories and Murdoch and/or Oppositions and/or Regulators and/or Parliamentary Ombudsman and MPs.

  39. The best way for the Caribbean to demonstrate ” that black lives matter” is to act as though “all lives” matter. Do we not do this in our daily interactions. This event is another 9 Day Wonder. Did we not think that it would have ended with MLK assassination? It did not. We need to make a deeper analysis of the ideology of racism. But there is no harm in the Brownian motions that our societies are making. We will reach the promised land eventually.

    • @Vincent

      It is a struggle, it is a process. When you examine the makeup of the protestors what do you see?

      Have we made progress since MLK?

      Once we have people from different backgrounds; social and economic the struggle will live on.


  40. @ David BU at 10:43 AM

    Again we are singing from the same page of the Hymn book. The protestors in MLK marches were inter-racial as well. The ratio of the dominant ethnic group is larger this time around. That is progress.

  41. Hal Austin
    June 11, 2020 9:55 AM

    @ Dubstreet
    Marcus Garvey also worked with the KKK.


    Not only Marcus Garvey, all sorts of coalitions exist/existed with the KKK.

    Google Marcus Garvey KKK and see what you find.

    I know you don’t go in for all that stuff but try it and you will see others agree with you and also document the instances.

  42. @ John June 11, 2020 7:44 AM
    “Letter from an Archbishop”

    What’s so ‘new’ about the archbishop’s moral and political backing of Trump?

    Wasn’t similar support given by the then conveniently ‘silent’ Vatican to the twin fascist brothers of Evil in the form Mussolini and Hitler?

    The “offspring of the Serpent” has always found sanctuary in the Holy Catholic Church.

    The ‘Good News’ for the coming era is that the cleansing water of knowledge stored in the pitcher and carried by the “Man” in the skies is about to expose to the whole world the biggest set of lies which have been told for the last 500 years.
    Will this ‘cleansing’ water be used to wash away the stench from the dying fish currently rotten from its head in the Vatican?

    Maybe the same Archbishop supporting the re-election of Trump can tell the world if the last of the Fatima “secret” prophecies is about to become a reality.

  43. This is the movement the Black majority victims of racism and oppression should start on the island, boycott all racists businesses and Barbados has nothing but these parasites….so it’s time for the Black population to build their own businesses and keep the money in their own communitites for FINANACIAL empowerment of themselves and their future generations.

    “Pharmacy, one chocolatier has removed her products from the store’s three branches.

    Gillian Goddard, maker of Sun eaters chocolate, announced via Instagram on Sunday that her product would no longer be available at Starlite.

    “I’m going to remove the coon/sellout parts of my mentality a little towards liberation and not deliver any more product there. No more. Can I afford to lose one of my larger clients? I will feel it. Can I afford to sell self-respect, integrity and racial solidarity for a few pieces of silver? You know the answer. Some things have no price,” she said in her post.”

  44. Remove all those cursed and blighted statues and then remove Lawson.

    “Some are calling for problematic statues of historical figures in Canada to be removed in the wake of worldwide protests against systemic racism and police brutality that were sparked by the death of George Floyd, a Black man who died after an officer knelt on his neck for over eight minutes during arrest.”

  45. Are these things said to draw comments, test awareness or simply to display IGNORANCE… @John… I don’t get your simple statement that “Not only Marcus Garvey, all sorts of coalitions exist/existed with the KKK. Google Marcus Garvey KKK and see what you find.”

    That you would suggest that Garvey was some form of ‘collaborator’ or ‘worked with’with the KKK is understood but the TRUTH is actually the complete opposite. Garvey’s mission in life during most of his time in the US was actually the SAME as that of the KKK: he wanted a separate nation for Blacks…they too wanted to segregate!

    So yes Garvey interfaced or spoke to them…because his ways of life was essentially a Black version of theirs but he was never working with them in any collaborative sense camaraderie to advance THEIR goal of dominance over Blacks!

    Surely, if they could help get his steamships loaded with folks for the journey to the promised land in Africa surely that was exactly what his UNIA wanted.

    Let’s not throw up these false-hoods of simplistic factoids disingenuously… it’s shameful!

  46. Marcus Garvey Starship
    Ship Captain His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I
    God save the King
    African King
    Get on Board
    10 miles of Black Star Liner
    Marcus Garvey the Designer
    African Spaceship
    Flying In Space
    Upsetter control all the Spaceship
    Higher Upsetter
    Dub the Jesus
    Astronaut Lee Scratch Perry
    Whip them musically
    Rasta Far I Live

  47. I have developed my own DNR/DNC (Do Not Read/Do Not Comment) list.

    It would’ve interesting to see what their reaction would be if they were completely ignored…… Readings off the disgust meter

  48. That you would suggest that Garvey was some form of ‘collaborator’ or ‘worked with’with the KKK is understood but the TRUTH is actually the complete opposite. Garvey’s mission in life during most of his time in the US was actually the SAME as that of the KKK: he wanted a separate nation for Blacks…they too wanted to segregate!


    “In June of 1922, Marcus Garvey traveled to Atlanta to meet with Imperial Kleagle5 Edward Young Clarke of the Ku Klux Klan. Garvey had sought to strengthen his Universal Negro Improvement Association’s (UNIA) influence in the South, but the Klan’s widespread power made any inroads difficult to achieve. Realizing the bargaining power he had in the situation, Clarke agreed to let Garvey to sell stock in the variety of businesses his organization had started – Universal Printing House, Negro Factories Corporation, Black Star Line – under the guarantee that Garvey would also work to weaken organizations like that NAACP that were fighting for civil rights and integration.”

  49. it would appear that David Commisiong’s emasculated statement was a direct response to Prof Sir Hilary Beckles rallying cry to his Caribbean based brothers and sisters to join the world protesters and to take to the streets.

    In the one corner we have a self proclaimed civil rights leader backed by the state and in the other corner we have an esteemed historian speaking on the behalf of the UWI.

    Prof Sir Hilary Beckles ……called on the Caribbean to join in the protests sweeping the US, saying: “Every person on the planet who carries a spirit of love for humanity has become a protesting priest. We need our prophets now more than ever. The ‘old pirate has robbed I’ once again. And yet we shall rise!”………..

  50. John the internet is deliberately coded with racist parameters to capture idiots like you.

    for example when you googled MLK it used to come up with Ku Klux Klan websites listing his infidelities.

  51. @Mr .Blogmaster thank you for your editorial ‘fact check’ of John’s continued misleading details. For anyone stumbling across your BU blogs as I did several years ago let’s note that the blogger @John is a despicable person who repeatedly and deliberately misrepresents facts… he is a nationally acclaimed academic scholar so quite obviously he has the intellectually capacity to properly analyse the materials he presents… that he refuses to do so means bluntly stated that he is a LIAR.

    The statement that “Clarke (KKK Grand Wizard) agreed to let Garvey to sell stock in the variety of businesses his organization had started – Universal Printing House, Negro Factories Corporation, Black Star Line – under the guarantee that Garvey would also work to weaken organizations like that NAACP that were fighting for civil rights and integration.”… DOES NOT negate the earlier remark that Garvey was working “in any collaborative sense [of] camaraderie to advance THEIR goal of dominance over Blacks”.

    I suggested that: “Surely, if they could help get his steamships loaded with folks for the journey to the promised land in Africa surely that was exactly what his UNIA wanted”… and as Machiavellian as Garvey proved himself to be over his life it’s obvious he USED the KKK as much as they perceived they were using him… His dictum of Black self-help and self-actualization is NOT in dispute…it is as sound now as it was then …although his character and how he achieved his goals in life can be validly debated.

    There is no evidence the man was ever a French WWII Vichy style ‘collaborator” with the KKK, rather he used them as a counterpoint to his own Black Supremacy movement… it was a misguided ploy that actually got got him ostracized by the leaders of many civil right movements of his era so to suggest that he was in any position of strength with them to lead to “weakening” the NAACP is not meaningful…

    Thus to suffer the folly of cut n pasting an out of context few sentences is a clear example of the intellectual absurdity this blogger passes off as ‘scholarship… .And then he we will present lots of supposedly unbiased data here and expect us to accept it as valid and well reasoned!

    You sir, offer shameful attempts at misinformation…we must thank BU for unmasking your hyper-racism and deceit!

  52. correction …DOES NOT negate the earlier remark that Garvey was [NOT] working “in any collaborative sense [of] camaraderie to advance THEIR goal of dominance over Blacks”.

  53. de pedantic Dribbler
    June 11, 2020 3:30 PM

    for example when you googled MLK it used to come up with Ku Klux Klan websites listing his infidelities.


    I never googled MLK I googled Marcus Garvey Ku Klux Klan as suggested by Hal.

    Hal is the man who suggested we investigate so I decided to follow his lead.

    Having done so I realise Hal knew what he was talking about and suggested others do so too.

    DPD decided to mouth off without looking and predictably got caught with his/her pants/panties down and Grasshopper decided he/she wasn’t looking and said nothing.

    So all we know from this episode is that Grasshopper is more judicious in the comments he/she makes than is DPD and of course we now know there is atleast one paper describing the collaboration between Marcus Garvey and the KKK.

    David went and followed the clue I gave and has opined it is all lies but is yet to give proof to contradict the professor’s peer reviewed paper so we are none the wiser.

    DPD, you are confusing Marcus Garvey with Martin Luther King.

    Hopefully you know the difference.

  54. David
    June 11, 2020 2:35 PM

    Here is the link to the extract above which provides context. Lies, lies and Dan lies. Even from Barbados scholars.


    Did you notice the title of the paper in the Journal published by Whitman College?

    “One Hundred Years of White Supremacist-Black Nationalist Alliances in America”

    Why would anybody research such a topic and publish a paper on it in a learned journal?

    Because these alliances over the past century existed.

    Hal knows that not because he is over 100 years old but because he knows what he is talking about.

    Common sense would tell you the common denominator is the Democrat Party.


    Whitman College is no poo poo college.

    “With a GPA of 3.75, Whitman College requires you to be above average in your high school class. You’ll need at least a mix of A’s and B’s, with more A’s than B’s. You can compensate for a lower GPA with harder classes, like AP or IB classes.”

  55. @John….I rest my case re your absolute ability to be so totally untruthful and noticeable careless .. LOLL … if you can so deliberately assign as “de pedantic Dribbler…June 11, 2020 3:30 PM…for example when you googled MLK it used to come up with Ku Klux Klan websites listing his infidelities” to suggest I am the author then its quite EASY for you to absurdly and stupidly say:“DPD decided to mouth off without looking and predictably got caught with his/her pants/panties down…”

    I knew about what I wrote .. its YOU who didn’t…As I have said often you are not dumb but you certainly ACT the part with Oscar level talent!

    I told both you and @Austin that your inference about Garvey’s collaboration with the KKK was an absurd misrepresentation and you have simply affirmed how ridiculously out to sea YOU were by saying you simply pasted the first quote you found when you had ABSOLUTELY NO understanding or context… but then again you have repeatedly shown that you allow others to others to feed you nonsense which you regurgitate STUPIDLY… what a waste of a potentially great brain!

    Enjoy…I gone. You disappoint on this debating stage… what a lark!

  56. If you read the article here is what you will find.

    “On February 25, 1962, George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party, and ten of his “storm troopers” arrived at the Chicago International Amphitheater, where twelve thousand Black Muslims were gathering for a convention organized by the Nation of Islam (NOI). Placed in the front row, Rockwell and his fully-uniformed companions sat and listened as Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad addressed the crowd. Then, Rockwell himself was invited to the podium. “You know that we call you niggers,” he said. “But wouldn’t you rather be confronted by honest white men who tell you to your face what the others all say behind you back?”2 Despite receiving a mixture of applause and ridicule, Rockwell had the approval of Muhammad, whom he had just deemed “the Adolf Hitler of the black man.”3”

  57. “I never googled MLK I googled Marcus Garvey Ku Klux Klan as suggested by Hal.”
    when I said if ‘you’ google MLK, I meant If ‘anyone’ googled MLK, it used to come up with KKK site with details of his alleged infidelities such as drugs and prostitutes, as the KKK sites are specifically coded with keywords that get picked up in google searches.
    Something I discovered about 15-20 years ago when helping my son with his schoolwork.

  58. I didn’t need to google Marcus Mosiah Garvey as I had read his biography many years ago, before I ever used the internet.
    I knew about KKK meeting already it’s part of the story.
    Getting KKK approval was like getting permission from the local police and city council to operate and you would have been in trouble if they were against your plans or not informed as would have been lynched.

  59. I am suspicious as to why the attorney general has finally given permission to David Denny’s group to march from Kensington Oval to Independence Square.
    I am sure it is nothing to do with the American embassy. Those nice Yanks.

  60. And there you have it folks

    The suck poochism of David Come-Sing-a-Song.

    Not much more to add here is there.

    As long as he is exposed Commissiong fine run way, LIKE THE POOCHLICKER DOG HE IS!

    Get used to it, wunna finally waking up!

  61. What sense does it make to DECLARE support for Africans in america against racism from whites, BUT ignore & rationalize Indian racism right in the Bajan backyard of Guyana & Trinidad????

    Bandwagonist HYPOCRITES!!

  62. So where were you to start the anti-black racism campaign across the Caribbean, you come out now people have started a movement for anti-black racists killings in US which has been happening for centuries ….to complain….either start a movement against the black ass indian racists in the Caribbean who believe they are white…. or shut up…..why are you waiting for others to do everything..

    ……it also has something to do with the retarded AG now blaming the plague for them still playing around with introducing anit-corruption legislation…the liar is in today’s Nation claiming the plague stopped them from doing it, did not know he was the chief medical officer handling the mess with Covid, but any lie and any excuse to continue the corruption, he will soon have another lie and excuse ready, they have been doing it for over 2 years…..DLP made excuses for 10 years and BLP for 14 years before that…they are all frauds..

    “As long as he is exposed Commissiong fine run way, LIKE THE POOCHLICKER DOG HE IS!”

    you are like the 50th person i heard describe that deceitful wretch like that in the last 24 hours…have not heard one person yet say they are sorry he got exposed by his own lying words, everyone is happy because they say he has been doing that for decades, playing both sides of the fence.

  63. “You are a history revisionist anyhow with your twist on slavery and anything black.”

    anything black like Black John…i was on a site recently and someone posted that …there are a ton of black skin white supremacists to be found….can’t argue about that one..

    Mia can really go on and on with empty shit, only because she knows Bajans too love to hear all the stupid talk while their treasury and pension fund are being robbed, they too love the basic useless words..

    She should be telling the Black majority when they will be able to financially EMPOWER THEMSELVES with THEIR OWN MONEY and not only bunch of minority racist thieves and parasites….continually sucking on the people generationally with her and her sell out ilk’s help….including the same crooks who are pretending to adopt a family now after they have been ROBBING THE BLACK POPULATION AND THE ISLAND FOR DECADES..

    She can’t even keep up the front anymore, sounds just as fake as everything else they continue to present to the people..

  64. I see the BLOGMASTER is trying to bring DAVID COMMY back, disgusted, was extremely happy to see him gone from BU and plying his, whatever philosophy of government, from the bowls of corruption for a promise of fame.

    BLOGMASTER takes one step forward and then backsteps two, SAME OLD SAME OLD.

    • @Wily

      Here is a bit af trivia. D

      o you know some of you criticizing the post distributed by Commissiong and sent by another party to the blogmaster were calling for his voice to be heard on the matter?

      You are correct though, same OLD, same OLD.

  65. Some of us want @Mariposa. Who has been banned for criticising a despotic, empty-headed, duplicitous conniving political leader.

  66. Miller…did you notice that the old fowls are content to stay a thousand miles away from this one, they ain’t got no big talk now, they sent out little Kootchie Koo…but even he ran away, at least he knows when shit hits fan it’s time to run for ya life……lol

  67. Some of us want @Mariposa. Who has been banned for criticising a despotic, empty-headed, duplicitous conniving political leader. {Quote}



    You come here telling Barbadians what to do and how and when they should protest the killing of George Floyd. But HIDING in yuh house wid yuh WHITE wife DOING NOTHING.


  68. I don’t know why anyone would even think that this would go down well….how.

    It wouldn’t hurt to know your fellow African descendent’s history too, it mirrors your own albeit with a few twists.

    “From Sen. Kamala Harris of California to Tulsa civic officials, black leaders said it was offensive for Trump to pick that day — June 19 — and that place — Tulsa, an Oklahoma city that in 1921 was the site of a fiery and orchestrated white-on-black killing spree.”

  69. Seattle coronavirus survivor gets a $1.1 million, 181-page hospital bill

    Remember Michael Flor, the longest-hospitalized COVID-19 patient who, when he unexpectedly did not die, was jokingly dubbed “the miracle child?”

    Now they can also call him the million-dollar baby.

    Flor, 70, who came so close to death in the spring that a night-shift nurse held a phone to his ear while his wife and kids said their final goodbyes, is recovering nicely these days at his home in West Seattle. But he says his heart almost failed a second time when he got the bill from his health care odyssey the other day.

    “I opened it and said ‘holy [bleep]!’ “ Flor says.

    The total tab for his bout with the coronavirus: $1.1 million. $1,122,501.04, to be exact. All in one bill that’s more like a book because it runs to 181 pages.

    Michael Flor battled with coronavirus for 62 days at Swedish Issaquah. His stay makes him the longest coronavirus patient at a Swedish hospital. (Ramon Dompor / The Seattle Times)

    The bill is technically an explanation of charges, and because Flor has insurance including Medicare, he won’t have to pay the vast majority of it. In fact because he had COVID-19, and not a different disease, he might not have to pay anything — a quirk of this situation I’ll get to in a minute.

    But for now it’s got him and his family and friends marveling at the extreme expense, and bizarre economics, of American health care.

    Flor was in Swedish Medical Center in Issaquah with COVID-19 for 62 days, so he knew the bill would be a doozy. He was unconscious for much of his stay, but once near the beginning his wife Elisa Del Rosario remembers him waking up and saying: “You gotta get me out of here, we can’t afford this.”

    We don’t want no equal rights in a babylon
    We don’t want racial wars in a babylon
    We don’t want tribal wars in a babylon
    We don’t want racial profiling in a babylon

    Johnson Patel Cressida Dick support racial profiling and should explain why they think black skin looks the guiltiest

  71. The following has become unresponsive. You can wait for it to become responsive or you can kill it.

  72. @ David BU at 6:01 AM

    Your submission supports my appreciation of the paradise we live in and our social democrat system of governance. We should fight to maintain it instead of copying the good, the bad and the indifferent from abroad.

  73. Waru we know this racist talk is right up your alley. You , Donna and a few more could go on and on about this but for some of us therr is little interest in this capiche. For my part i do not see Mr Floyd as no hero based on his past although how he died was horrible. I leave it to you to piss parade on this all dsy everyday.As to Austin the only perdon missing Mariposa is you. Why don, t you jion her off the blog.

  74. @Lorenzo
    Is that all you got from the video, the protest and the discussion.
    “How he died was horrible”

  75. Theo….sounds like sour grapes to me…but don’t worry..

    at least we are confident that there are intelligent people in Barbados. Even the St. John people you and DLP abused and oppressed within an inch of their lives for 40 long years, ended up seeing after 2 generations the lowlives you both are…so continue to make this about me and think the younger generation is just like the older generation…..nah suh…ya can’t even get by me with that level of shit.

  76. Hi David Thanks for blocking …moderating or whatever method u choose in not allowing Mariposa to interact on BU
    Your actions were a blessing in disguise to which i am eternal grateful
    I have been able to spread my wings a lot further nestled amongst people who can understand basic english
    Ta ta.

  77. @ Mariposa

    Welcome back. Your punchy contributions were missed by the more thoughtful BU regulars. I have always known that the excuse used for ‘moderating’ you were just that, an excuse. It was bad chairmanship.
    When you have time I will bring you up to date with the nonsense the president is trying to pass off on us as policy. Keep the female burning.

  78. Thanks Hal.when i have time i might pop in occasionally
    Right now i am lending my time amongst people who understand policy from politricks

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