THE HALO EFFECT: How Subliminal Images, Vicious Stereotyping, and Black Misogyny Used by Avowed Racists to Propagate Racial and Economic Supremacy


Russian image which sparked controversy.

When the Black author Sophia Stewart, the real creator of the most successful SCIFI movie franchise in history (‘The Matrix,’) won her a Billion Dollar copyright case against the Wachowski Brothers, Joel Silver and Warner Brothers – there have been outside citations and implications as to racial injustice because (Ms Stewart is African American).

In setting the record straight, on June 13th 2004, Sophia Stewart’s press release read: ‘The Matrix & Terminator movie franchises have made world history and have ultimately changed the way people view movies and how Hollywood does business, yet the real truth about the creator and creation of these films continue to elude the masses because the hidden secret of the matter is that these films were created and written by a BLACK WOMAN* – a Black woman named Sophia Stewart. But Hollywood does not want you to know this fact simply because it would change history. Also it would encourage our Black children to realize a dream and that is…nothing is impossible for them to achieve!’

In the above pictorial graphic, dated, cited and used on January 20th 2014 – (Martin Luther King Day), by Russian Garage Magazine Editor-In-Chief Dasha Zhukova, as she sits on a hog-tied ‘Black Woman’ in the form of a chair, in a shocking editorial that has outraged many in social media and around the world. The chair pictured in the Buro 24/7 website interview is an artwork created by Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard, one of a series that reinterprets art historical works from pop culture artist Allen Jones as a commentary on gender and racial politics. For many who commented on the picture – one question kept coming to the fore: “why would a white woman want to sit on a hogtied Black woman as an artistic depiction given women’s long history of oppression and misogyny? Some felt that the image was destined to incite reactions but also to reinforce certain basic stereotypes which are entrenched within the debate on “race”, i.e. racial supremacy.

Ronald Hall (editor) of Empirical Analysis of Skin Color’ in the eye-opening book – “RACISM IN THE “21st CENTURY” looks at this idea of “Skin Colour Biases: Attractiveness and the HALO EFFECTS in the Evaluation of African Americans.” Hall argues that “since the early days of slavery a bias favouring ‘fair skin’ has been a significant and discriminatory distinction made by both White and Black Americans.”

Recent research indicates that African Americans are considered more attractive by others if they have fair skin. Clearly, skin colour exerts strong effects on many aspects of African Americans’ lives. Skin colour may also affect the beauty and life chances of other non-African American groups since skin colour affects perceptions in India, Israel, Korea, Japan, the West Indies, South Africa, Britain, and South America.

In the book entitled The Black Matrix, (Franklin Jones) suggests that the collective White psyche is rarely, if ever, examined in particular regarding their predisposition for racism and greed of power. From their positions of power, they examine and label all other races as they see fit, but rarely, if ever do they evaluate themselves or are evaluated by others. The fact is that within the collective white psyche there is a profoundly entrenched predisposition for racism that is matched only by their proclivity for deceit, greed and hunger for power.

While labelling all other races as being savages they have in fact been the most brutally savage throughout history. They alone are the most arrogant and the only race predisposed to racism; all other races have been their enemies or their victims. Their subjugation, murder and exploitation of all other races are unparalleled. Despite possessing a brutal history consumed by unrivalled racism, as well as unjustifiable wars and crimes against humanity the white race is now perceived as being the most ethical and moral racial group of the human family.

This grossly inaccurate favourable perception is because the ruling class whites have revised history. From their established positions of power, the white race monopolizes all given information. Prominent Western scholars have always found it necessary to revise history erasing African people from all significant events of the world and while making their race appear more relevant and lesser inhumane. They deliberately disseminate all information that historically and presently implies their white superiority while withholding and suppressing all information that refutes it.

As long as it is whites that are exclusively writing the educational curriculum and keeping the scores on the societal scoreboard they will always give Black people those fraudulent misinformation that implies Black inferiority and their false white superiority. It is a method of control used to maintain white dominance by means of mass manipulation. Since information directly influences our thoughts then this process allows them to control our thoughts.

The beautiful Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o especially after seeing her glow on the big screen – the star of the hit movie, “12 YEARS A SLAVE” has gotten buzz all throughout Hollywood for her extraordinary performance. She has been nominated for an Oscar, a Golden Globe and is quickly becoming one of the leading faces of high fashion. If she has been so successful, then why in the world is Vanity Fair (who is giving her the cover) allegedly lightening her skin? The Twittersphere went wild! One of the first tweets came from someone by the name of Renee Kelly “PR Girl”: “@VanityFair: The stunning @Lupita_Nyongo did you lighten her skin?” she asked.

Some elite proponents are now arguing that the concept “IF YOU CAN’T BEAT ‘EM – JOIN ‘EM” has been turned on its head by those who wield power. Black women in Hollywood today are now lightening their skin dramatically in order to find acceptance in terms of the industry mandates & standards, socially, culturally and economically. It is what is being called the HALO EFFECT and it is the latest psychological operation to undermine Blackness and all it historically entails.

Clearly, racism against Black folks and people of colour remains a goblet of drunkenness for those who want to continue perpetuating white supremacy as a means of social control. The media (MASS-ENTERTAINMENT-DEVILS-IN-AMERICA) have finally become the single, sole Arbitron, demonstrating a dramatic penchant for feasting on a bacchanal of racist paranoia – stirring the age-old pot of racial hatred & supremacy and by a fanning the flames of a nouvelle form of neo-colonialism.

Correspondingly, in an age of hyper-reality, many Black folks argue that whites today have developed hyper-personalization where they are unable to logically and coherently discuss issue of “RACE” and racial intolerances because they cannot separate the sociological factors from the internal accusatorial blame that makes them “RACISTS” by default.

In studying the Halo Effect, we discover that the majority of whites will not entertain discussions on “race” because shutting down the conversation about racial stereotypes and economic oppression and by eluding to the fact that Blacks take things too personally. But what really is this concept called THE HALO EFFECT?

In defining the Halo Effect, cited from (Standing, L. G., in The SAGE Encyclopaedia of Social Science Research Methods, Volume 1, 2004) is “also known as the physical attractiveness stereotype and the “what is beautiful is good” principle, (the halo effect), at the most specific level, refers to the habitual tendency of people to rate attractive individuals more favourably for their personality traits or characteristics than those who are less attractive. The Halo Effect is also used in a more general sense to describe the global impact of likeable personality, or some specific desirable trait, in creating biased judgments of the target person on any dimension. Thus, feelings generally overcome cognitions when we appraise others.”

Franklin Jones argues that the stereotypical perceptions of Black people are being covertly and negatively shaped by White elites to ensure the continuance of white dominance and control. It is a very sophisticated racist system that is much less public and obvious than the overt methods used in the past colonial age – yet it is unprecedentedly more harmfully proficient.

With 400 years of a strong prevailing history of slavery, racism has always been an issue. This engrained societal problem of racism has always necessitated that Europe & America’s white elites develop and implement racist systems to defend and maintain their positions of white dominance. Because the past, blatant methods used for ensuring the continuance of white dominance from the reconstruction period through the 1960’s had become morally and socially unacceptable and so this required that America’s white elites develop a more sophisticated and stealthy method – a design better suited for changing times.

Jones further adds that today Black people are unknowingly the victims of a very sophisticated covert racist policy program. This new method is far more sophisticated than the overtly racist methods used in the past. Its methods include both the ability to create a national climate that is insensitive to the plight of Blacks and produce psychological feelings among them that makes them more compliant to white dominance.

The media’s racially devaluing depictions and distorted portrayal of Blacks that amplifies the negative to the point that it distorts reality is a deliberately designed racist ideological subversion program. This subversion program disseminates false deplorably racially devaluing statistics and propaganda about Black populations groups in white controlled countries as a means of defending and maintaining America’s position of white dominance. Today what are often deemed as being credible news sources are often totally made up stories made to push an agenda or meet a governmental objective.

This present system uses the national media’s proven ability to mass manipulate and socially engineer society through the usage of mass media propaganda techniques and images. Its constant deplorably negative depictions of Blacks – that subjects them to seeing only the fraudulent worst in themselves – is designed to corrupts their sense of racial Black unity and cohesion, mold the character of self-hatred, engender self-doubt, self-loathing, and distrust among their group; and insinuate that Blacks admire, respect, and trust only whites.

It also drills the message home that Blacks are powerless, of lesser moral value, and intelligence and that they need whites to govern over their lives. Its unrelenting daily assault on the Black psyche is designed to adversely manipulate and shape the minds and collective consciousness of Black populations. The main motto of this mass manipulation program is to divide and conquer and it works by affecting the unconscious mind through deception.

Furthermore it totally detaches Blacks from their sense of power and reality. And it also facilitates a national setting that is insensitive to their plight and that fosters a consensual national setting of where in which they are more easily mistreated, exploited and ultimately suppressed.

When most people hear the term psychological manipulation they usually think in terms of the classic “conspiracy theory” that refers to overt mind control such as mind altering drugs with carefully hypnotic programming. However, the real and true dangers are the well proven methods of affecting the unconscious mind by using deception, and psychological manipulation. It is neither magical nor mystical, but a process of manipulation that works by affecting the unconscious mind through deception. It uses the psychology of deceit to adversely affect the recipient group in terms of their behaviour.


Racism is a social constructed system; it shapes, sharpens, subverts and constraints every aspect of social life. Non-participation is not an option or a possibility. Tim Wise sees white supremacy as a “BRAND”! Just like others “isms” (capitalism, communism) “RACISM” is an ideology as much as it is a system based on institutional arrangements, maintained by social policies, economic practices and political procedures — both formal and informal.

As W.E.B. DuBois noted, over time, white supremacy invested white folks with a “psychological wage,” which allows them to feel superior to people of color, even if they ultimately pay a price for their indulgence of white privilege and advantage. In other words, white racism can now take on an auto-pilot effect, even if elites do not, as they once did, actively manipulate working class emotions. That is not to say that such manipulation no longer occurs, merely that it is no longer a necessary condition to keep white working class folks in line.

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  1. A bunch of academic, unintellectual BS. I really like the statement in the conclusion: “Racism…..non participation is not an option or possibility.

    Really? I hang with a bunch of Harrison College old boys here in the US and in a few of the islands that lead successful lives and are black and white. We welcome each other into our houses without thought of race one moment. Maybe it is because we have worked and travelled in many countries that makes us more tolerant but I think we had a high degree of respect for each other even before we left College to pursue other opportunities. We were in each other’s houses then too and no one was made to feel superior or inferior of each other.

    I made it a point to raise my children color blind. They now have friends of all races. Racism is a learned behavior taught and passed down through generations. You have to find the strength to break the chain.

  2. only if you have lived it u would understand racism….the little insight that you konkieman has given does not even scratch the surface our take into account the many obstacles many blacks have had to face trying to fit into a culture at times seems foreign to their own, it is much deeper than having a few friends getting together on the occasional visit it can be pinned down to , domination and control factions wanting to steer and point blacks into a direction that was designed and defined by their singular thought irrespective of the psychological damage that might occur.

  3. OK here we go again.! gladiator the movie.WHITE SLAVES,SPARTACUS,
    AND SO ON AND SO FORTH are about white slaves before Africa was discovered.why are they no soppy sentimental movies made about white slaves being worked to death,beaten to death, why?? because it is all the sentimental crap poor blacks syndrome that catches the eyes of the stupid whites that have never lived in a black country like barbados where
    whites are called names ,red man,white boy,Casper,honky, and their white women raped !!!!!!!whatever.!
    so these greatly exaggerated fictional movies make money for the Jews.
    correct.?what ever you all come up with you africans are not ingenious to barbados ,there fore you are in politically correct wording African Barbadians as there no indigenous Barbadians all are from some where else.
    take note that Irish white slaves were slaves on barbados and the Caribbean about 15 years before any black step foot on barbados.
    i have noticed you so called bajans have changed the history books in barbados to reflect that you blacks built barbados,. but we all know that is a lie and without the inventions of the white man you blacks did not even invent the wheel in Africa . when it was found.
    one more thing as you write these things.think about the roman empire and the English empire before Africa was even discovered.! who where their slaves.?????? the Hebrews[Hebrews are not black] and the Irish and Scottish.
    trying to re write barbados history.even changing the correct names of places and land areas from what they really are when i was born there.
    i saw the beating of the slave at the beginning of the movie and turned it off as i could not bear to watch it knowing my Irish slave heritage in barbados would have been treated that way also.
    apart from the fact that if i as a white man had ever seen such brutality to any color [ but because i am white and a bajan i do feel close and connected to bajan blacks and i would kill that white funker if i ever saw such cruelty to anyone. red necks from USA possibly but to watch that movie in barbados and think that had happened in barbados i would fight with my white boy ass to the death to save that man in the movie.
    holly wood glamorizing beating Negroes for box office money and money
    and money.but it is not right these movies.
    and as i was saying i would like to see one about the white slaves.
    as they would have been treated the same.i hope you all can understand.right?

  4. so when is white history month?, so where is university fro whites only?
    so where is white radio and white tv? where is all that? but you africans have it.
    now it is the blacks that call for all white people to be killed and the black panther threats in the USA go un removed from you tube.
    if it were the other way it would not be would be a huge news story.people would have to apologize.correct.
    well to hell with all that nonsense .what is good for the goose is good for the gander not so? right?
    it would be on the front page of the news.

    i would never apologist for anything like the nonsense they do in the states.
    that shows weakness and i dont play that game
    here is something that did not make the is the halo effect.
    let me just juck this in here ? who taught Sophia Stewart how to write?????????? any idea?? who taught her how to do this writing of books?

  5. I understand Black Power. I don’t understand Black Paranoia.
    Is there a White worldwide conspiracy against Blacks?
    Terrance (if it’s not him, the writing style is the same) needs to get out more.

  6. I really don’t like commenting on racial issues because they seem to grab at the core of humans, especially those who wish all of the ills which were proliferated by some folk whose sole mission on earth is the domination of every other race and species other than their own, is painfully evident.
    But i can see a close alignment with the white / black racial issue in this way.
    “The biggest lie that the devil has told the world is that he doesn’t exist!”
    “The biggest lie that white folk have told the world is that racism really doesn’t exist!”, and is all the perception of those “few” who don’t wish to be part of the world as they have long promoted it

  7. It seems as though some people haven’t the slightest idea regarding the blackman’s experience in the America’s. And the Jim Crow laws which held people of color in placed physically as well as pyschologically. Now, I wonder if some people real understand that just after the Civil War Amendment in the 1860’s, the American government actively practiced a system of racial apatheid well into the 1960’s? Now it is interesting to note, that just after the introduction of President Abraham Lincoln’s Civil War Amendment in the 1860’s. Whites in America and especially down south, instituted they individual Black Codes that were designed with purpose of intimidation blacks as a way to keep them in they place as the saying goes. Moreover, I can lecture on this topic all day long but I haven’t the time to educate those persons who are espousing their haft- baked perspectives regarding the blackman’ experience in the America’s.

  8. The Equal but Separate Doctrine was a practical concept in theory but fell short of achieving its realization.
    And for the two white guys above, it’s time to get your hands on a copy of Dr. Eric Williams book, “Capitalism and Slavery”. This man was actually the late Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. The book gives one a chronological account of slavery in the British West Indies as well as in the America’s.

  9. You also need to read these three books: (1)The Great Migration: which gives a clear insight into the movement of blacks from the 15 southern states during the 1914 war; ended in 1970. (2)The Black Fighting Men: it gives an account of the blackman’s Military service to America from the continental War and throughout. (3) The Black Revolts: which gives a complete account of the Revolts during the evil institution of slavery. These three books enlarges one’s understanding of the mistreatment of the blackman in America.

  10. envision having to give up the culture and the heritage…. taken away from the place of birth under the most despicable and inhuman way.,then being transformed and reconstructed to a image that is diabolically out of sync with ones character and phsche ,then having to come with the grips and reality one day that you are of a different race BUT must assimilate to a different culture in order to survive, in a short period of time ,my point being that for those who only read the History of the Black person that is all they know.. but the reality is that reading the history of blacks cannot give one the same understanding and feeling of living as a black person…on one side of the coin there is history while on the other side is a reality that only blacks can speak of,i

  11. so any of wunna was slaves? come now. listen to yourselves.want ti see what you would be doing back in Africa. here is a example—check it good
    and only whites can speak of the brutality of the English. on Irish and Scottish.slaves. but yet you serving dem in barbados and sell the whole west coast to dem.
    only whites can relate.right.and dem was before wunna.

  12. Labingy…….bro why u geting yourself all worked up…..bro you can.t do nuttin about it…..the history books can only record.a story….history books cannot recreate or capture a feeling or a thought process of an individual…bro all u can do is read……and rationalise without a clear understand asb it imposible for u to feel the physical or endure the Psychological damage done to blacks over the years and still persist and in those two areas your knoweldge is lacking…… don.tbworry Bro..

  13. tke a look at the One Month set aside for black History people including blacks some of whom are intellectuals stilll poo- poo the relevancy of such a concept.. a history that was all but forgotten not only about slavery but all that has occured after abolition…..some even in the black community would argue that after blacks were free it was up to them to redifine and fit in. with society.the HIstory of blacks is still be written an would not be finalsed until the word “FREE and freedom is joined as one

  14. Mark…..Eric Williams’ ancestors were from a line of, I believe it was French, who owned slave plantations in Trinidad some centuries ago, so he was quite an authority on the subject.

    Regarding US slavery and human rights violations against blacks, it is a disgrace and a blight that can never be removed from the US landscape, the same can be said for Europe.

    Iabingy…..shut up and go take your meds.

  15. If you can understand the history and greed that drove the slave trade, you get a better understanding of why the financial world has not gone to hell in a hand basket.

    “Consumers and slaves

    Slave-owning planters, and merchants who dealt in slaves and slave produce, were among the richest people in 18th-century Britain. Profits from these activities helped to endow All Souls College, Oxford, with a splendid library, to build a score of banks, including Barclays, and to finance the experiments of James Watt, inventor of the first really efficient steam engine.

    Liverpool merchant bankers, heavily involved in the slave-based trades, extended vital credit to the early cotton manufacturers of its Lancashire hinterland. West Indian planters built stately homes – some, ridiculously extravagant dwellings such as William Beckford’s Fonthill – and furthered the modernisation of British agriculture by ‘improving’ their estates. Others invested in canals. And, of course, many spent their ill-gotten gains on gambling, prize fights and riotous living.

    Consumers had little idea of the terrible human cost of production.

    The plantations were themselves by-products of a new economic system. Plantation slavery thrived thanks to a consumer revolution that took place in Britain and the Netherlands in the 17th century. In these countries, consumer markets widened as farmers and manufacturers hired wage workers as the best way to expand output and sales.

    The fact that farmers had to pay rent, and that labourers needed a job if they were to feed their families, was the germ of a new economic system – what we now call capitalism.

    Many different types of people now needed money in their pocket or purse. They no longer produced the food they ate or the clothes they wore. The better-off bought fine wines or oriental silks. But even the day labourer could buy tobacco and sugar. Merchants met this new demand by setting up slave plantations in Virginia and the Caribbean. While there was a growing taste for exotic stimulants and luxuries, consumers had little idea of the terrible human cost involved in their production.

    But those directly engaged in the Atlantic slave trade or plantations certainly knew of the terrible loss of life and the unrelenting toil of slavery. Planters and merchants bought Africans partly because they were better than white people at surviving in the tropics, and partly because they could deprive their African captives of any rights.

    White servants were badly treated too, but there were limits when abuse exposed them to legal action and personal censure from their neighbours. Non-slaving colonists sometimes objected to the growing power of slave-owners, but it was fatally easy to let the Africans do all the harshest work. The planters soon discovered that they could play on white fears to construct a thoroughly commercial and racial version of an old institution – slavery.”

    0 COMMENTS YESTERDAY SAW reports of previously unseen historical records that audit British involvement in transatlantic slavery detailing specific amounts paid in compensation to wealthy slave owners, at the time of the abolition of slavery.They are to be released online on Wednesday by University College London (UCL). This follows an extensive three-year research programme led by Dr Nick Draper.What emerges is that while enslaved Africans were set free after abolition, in the vast majority of cases, they walked off the plantation into a life of tied servitude, abject poverty and racism, while British slave-owning families were all handsomely compensated by the British Government of the day.The research identifies individuals and names some of Britain’s wealthiest, most powerful families and political dynasties that directly benefited from the huge amounts paid at the time.It knocks on the head a popular myth that only the very wealthy benefitted from slavery as the research shows that lots of “very ordinary men and women” were compensated and illustrates the true extent of British involvement in slavery.britisn-pm-slavery-Bank-of-England-10-poundBank of England financed the slave tradePrime Minister David Cameron’s family personally received around £3 million in today’s money for the 202 enslaved Africans they owned at the Grange Sugar Estate in Jamaica. The father of William Gladstone, Britain’s 19th Century Prime Minister, received the equivalent of £83m.The family of former Tory cabinet minister Douglas Hogg received the equivalent £101m. Sir Joseph Bazalgette an ancestor of current Arts Council boss Sir Peter Bazalgette was paid the equivalent of £5.7m for 420 enslaved Africans.In total the British Treasury paid out £20m, equating to 40 per cent of annual spend at the time, a staggering £16.5 billion by today’s standards.Slavery was abolished by Britain in 1838 after increasing rebellions of on the plantations meant it could no longer afford to maintain its armies throughout the British Caribbean used to quell rebellion and keep Africans on the plantation.Once the brilliant African, Toussaint Loverture, defeated the British and French in their attempts to retake Haiti in the late 1700s, African rebellion spread like wildfire to plantations throughout the world. Over the next 40 years rebellions increased, particularly in Jamaica, and the price of sugar collapsed. In order to understand the importance of sugar to world economy back then, one should view the sweetener as being the equivalent of oil in today’s economy.Combined with an unprecedented public abolition campaign supported by the British public, most of whom had never met an African, and driven by Britain’s most foremost anti-slavery advocate Thomas Clarkson led by the African and freeman, Olaudah Equiano, the radical campaigner William Fox, alongside religious groups such as the Quakers and radical Anglicans, the institution of slavery was finally brought to its knees in 1838.It is a fact of history that Britain was made “Great” through the ruthless and brutal exploitation of African and Asian people during the period of its involvement in the singularly brutal economic enterprises of slavery and Empire.RUTHLESSA United Nations resolution in late 2006 declared “the slave trade and slavery as among the worst violations of human rights in the history of humanity”.As is the want of men of my age, I have been meandering and ruminating on my family’s cultural ancestry. It seems that once one reaches a certain age, you begin to feel a sort of mild panic as the process of coming to terms with our own mortality. I have begun to philosophically reflect on the balance of my own life in an attempt to make sense of who we are as a people and what will be the legacy of our lives.Like many black people living in Britain today, my own cultural history informs, defines, shapes me and, in some ways, makes me. That rich history, culture and geography runs through my veins, its echoes reverberate deep in my consciousness and infuse my heart with a passion that makes me the person I am today. Those histories represent an incredible journey through the history of the Britain Empire encapsulating migration.My father is a proud Jamaican and born in the beautiful remote hill top village of Bois Content, Western St Catherine, in Kingston, Jamaica. His father was Jamaican and his mother Cuban. My mother was a matriarchal Mancunian whose father was African, her mother was English of Irish decent, born in desperate circumstances in 1901 in the Manchester Workhouse.My African grandfather was from the Kru Nation whose ancient homeland was split in two by the creation, by both Britain and America, founding the modern day states of Sierra Leone and Liberia.He arrived in the UK at the age of 15, having stowed away on a British Merchant Navy ship sometime in the early 1900s – he was found and deported and returned after turning 16. He and my grandmother married in the 1920s in Manchester.I have managed to trace my British grandmother’s family tree back to 1776; my African grandfather’s history is less clear but much is being revealed as I write, having recently located his British Merchant Navy records, and I am uncovering further research about the Kru Nation.FAMILY HISTORYWhen we turn to my Jamaican father’s early history, finding information here is much more difficult. I am slowly piecing this together but such was the devastating effect of British slavery in Jamaica, much is lost as a result. My historical search has been bogged down and become clouded in a bloody miasma born of the greatest crime in human history.Much is lost, while what I’ve found is seared with pain. It represents a missing part of my historical roots – gone, destroyed and there remain millions of others, just like me, whose cultural, social, economic, theological histories have been stolen and eradicated during the great Maffa.The loss to me today is profound, all of the pregnant possibilities and potential legacies are denied. The psychological ballast that knowledge of personal histories provides those with unbroken histories, the joy and meaning associated with the cultural transmission of tradition, the psychological, cultural and economic legacies that are taken for granted by others, are denied to me.This period of non-history haunts the majority of the present-day descendants of those enslaved Africans, usually in the form of guilt and or denial.There are none so ashamed of slavery than the modern day descendants of slavery. The mental and economic toll of decades of struggle against modern day racism that infects our reality, the gruelling biological stress that has been injected into our genes by virtue of hundreds of years of sustained and unremitting brutality, the continual denigration of our culture’s and faiths made us so.Acute and unimaginable levels of generational stress fed to us in our mother’s wombs and transmitted after birth in our mother’s milk, reinforced by our contemporary experience, can today be discerned in the behaviour attitude, culture and customs of the some of the descendents of enslaved Africans.Dr Na’im Akbar, the world famous Africa American psychologist, writing about slavery and its modern day impact on African Americans wrote,“This shock (slavery) was so destructive to natural life processes that the current generation of African-Americans, although we are five to six generations removed from the actual experience of slavery, still carries the scars of this experience in both our social and mental lives. Psychologists and sociologists have failed to attend to the persistence of problems in our mental and social lives which clearly have roots in slavery. Only the historian has given proper attention to the shattering realities of slavery, and he has dealt with it only as descriptive of past events.”The economic legacy was equally profound both for Britain and the descendants of slaves. It was the period of the greatest capital accumulation in British history. Britain now had necessary cash to fund the research and development that produced the Industrial Revolution.Eric Williams, the first Prime Minister of Trinidad in his book Capitalism and Slavery put it neatly: “By 1750 there was hardly a trading or a manufacturing town in England which was not in some way connected with the triangular or direct colonial trade. The profits obtained provided one of the main streams of that accumulation of capital in England which financed the Industrial Revolution.”London’s importance as a world city today, with its financial service sector, owes its success largely to profits made from the slave trade. Slavery was a respectable occupation in the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries, and many City of London merchants grew wealthy by providing credit and insurance for slave voyages.The Bank of England, set up in 1694, made capital available for slave voyages and the City became the financial centre of the slave trade. Alexander and David Barclay were Quaker slave traders who operated in the West Indies, and founded Barclays bank on slave trade profits. Sir Francis Baring whose family eventually founded Barings Bank, had major financial interests in slavery. Today, Baring Road in Lewisham, southeast London, is named after him.FOOTPRINTThe footprint of slavery can also be seen in the world of art, culture, and religion. The Church of England, too, was heavily involved in the transatlantic slave trade. In February 2006, the church voted to apologise to the descendants of victims of the slave trade, “recognising the damage done” to those enslaved.Debating the motion, Reverend Simon Bessant, from Pleckgate, Blackburn, described the Church’s involvement in the trade, saying: “We were at the heart of it.”The amendment was supported by Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and Archbishop of York John Sentamu. Rev Blessant explained the involvement of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts in the slave trade.The organisation owned the Codrington Plantation in Barbados, where slaves had the word “SOCIETY” branded on their backs with a red-hot iron.The National Gallery was founded on an art collection of pictures given to it by John Julius Angerston, which he built up with money from the slave trade. This included his activities as one of the underwriters of Lloyds of London that insured slave voyages. The Tate Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery were also founded on profits from sugar cane grown in the Caribbean and cut by African slaves.The Royal Dockyard at Deptford, one of Britain’s major ports and centres for shipbuilding, and Blackheath and Greenwich, were where prosperous captains and merchants made rich by the slave trade lived in comfortable mansions. Greenwich resident, Ambrose Crowley, was an iron merchant who made his fortune producing manacles, ankle irons, and collars to secure slaves to prevent them from running away or throwing themselves overboard on the dreadful journey from Africa to the Caribbean or London, England.Thomas King of the slave trading company Camden, Calvert and King also lived in Greenwich. This was the largest company in London and at one stage and owned one in five slave ships that sailed from London to Africa.The Pett family, master shipbuilders in Deptford, built many of the ships that were involved in the trade. The woodland that provided much of the trees for their shipbuilding and is named after the family is near Chislehurst in Kent. It is familiar to many Londoners today as Pett’s Wood.The economic, cultural and political legacies of slavery are rarely discussed but surely the modern conception of racism and white supremacy constitutes the most damaging social evil in human history, bearing in mind, particularly, the scale, duration and lingering impact of both slavery and Empire.The ideas that informed the institution of slavery are at the heart of profound social and economic inequality, hatred, bigotry, racism and prejudice which continue to affect black people today.Who knows what my people would have become had they not been subject to the evils of slavery and colonialism. On then one hand, a Kru nation was displaced from their lands and on the other a people enslaved in chains and whipped into centuries of slavery.I can’t tell today what my family may have accomplished had they not suffered from the twin evils of British colonialism and transatlantic slavery. What I do know is that as a consequence, both I and millions of descendants of enslaved Africans, have been forced to endure grinding poverty, cultural and political marginalisation and the post traumatic stress associated both with slavery and racism.We do not have the access to wealthy family connections or familial assets, in terms of human, financial or cultural resources built up over centuries. Our countries of origin have been impoverished by slavery, colonialism and now neo-liberalism and so are unable to support us, on the contrary we in the Diasporas support them, through the millions of pounds of remittances we send home every year.REPARATIONSShould there be reparations paid for Britain’s involvement on transatlantic slavery? Yes, hell yes, reparations should be paid by the Government, those institutions and families who directly benefitted form the greatest crime in human history, should now do the decent thing and follow the example of Quaker companies such as Cadburys or Joseph Rowntrees, who have both had long standing commitment through their charitable trust to fund work on race equality issues.I don’t want a cheque but I do want formal recognition. I do want to see companies like Lloyds of London and Unilever paying up. Millionaires whose family assets can now be traced like David Cameron, and the Douglass Hogg and the Bazalgette’s families should make donations to our cause. Institutions like the National Gallery, the Royal family, the Church of England and others can donate substantial sums commiserate with the crime and the profits made into a charitable trust that can address the continued legacies of slavery namely racism and poverty.The British Government could cancel all outstanding the historic debts from the nations it once had under colonial rule. The Queen herself could apologies under instruction from the Government so to do. Otherwise the festering malignant resentment of a people, some of whom were robbed of their land, some take enslaved and then made destitute, systematically stripped of their language and culture, families sold like cattle, whose countries of origin were raped of resources, who were forced to work for hundreds of years under the brutal lash of the slave masters whip, whose descendants endured and continue to endure, modern day Jim Crow racism will forever view British society and its blind refusal to acknowledge the greatest crime in human history as a gross affront to our common citizenship and humanity. Source: Lee Jasper,

    Iabingy…you may want to go beg some of those British Tory MPs for reparations for yourself….lol

  16. Yes people can understand the greed involved in the slave trade…however the question to be asked is why after all these years blacks are expected to be econmically on the same level as the whites after years of being uneducated .denied the right to vote and ownership of land and house… given low level jobs regulated to mediocrity , classified as being half human noticably that the whites never address such issues but would continue to blame the blacks many of whom are poor for their own demise

  17. Well Well, you ought and must study the history of South Carolina from the 1650’s, in order to understand how the institution of slavery moved from Barbados to the United States of America. Barbadian whites sailed to America in the 1600’s and taught American whites the entire concept of enslaving the people of African descent.

  18. Fenty i believe that WELL! WELL! intrying to underscore and highlight an important a Factt that has been ignored and dismiss by whites as irrelevant to the black Struggle.that of reparation.. the practionires and advocates and those who have benefited fromslavery can be easily identified. however the long drawn out debate of reparations constantly reach a road blockwith and attitude that the benefactors are blameless and that part of history died with their ancestors.unmindful of a fact that is part of th

  19. Fenty i believe that WELL! WELL! istrying to underscore and highlight an important a Fact that has been ignored and dismiss by whites as irrelevant to the black Struggle.that of reparation.. the practionires and and those who have benefited from slavery can be easily identified. however the long drawn out debate of reparations constantly reach a road blockwith and attitude that the benefactors are blameless and that part of history died with their ancestors.unmindful of a fact that is part of the past

  20. @Well Well
    I believe that the history of black people can be best understood by studying the work of black authors, who obviously writes from the black perspective. Dr. Arthur Lewis wrote a book called “The Theory of Economic Growth” which I read several years ago, and was quite surprised to discover the amount of time Dr. Lewis took to meticulously to give voice to the historical understanding of the black experience in the America’s.

  21. AC…I gotta agree, you are cooking with gas, but don’t carried away, Barbados is a black majority country, so what is the problem? if you meant the countries with a white majority only who still feel it’s their god-given right to dump on blacks, I would understand, but don’t tell me the Bajan whites are keeping the majority blacks in poverty, won’t wash, that would be a wrong answer, I would go more with self-inflicted psychological damage in the last 2 decades or so in all countries where the descendants of slaves are the majority and refuse to acknowledge their history or aid in the uplifting and re-education of their people sufficiently so dependency on others is not a problem, case in point……the corrupt ass politicians in Barbados….

    Before you cuss… Mansa Musa of Mali in the 12th century, knowledge is power…..not paper (money) …knowledge. The richest man who ever lived was a black man, then you can start figuring out what the hell went wrong between the 12th and 15th century…if they teach this stuff in schools in Barbados, the likes of Bizzy, Cow, Harris, Parris and all the extortionists and bribe takers will disappear, education is key.

  22. Mark……………….I believe we are getting closer, the key is getting all the schools to cooperate in teaching the truth as opposed to just growing and programming generation after generation of voters for the next crop of corrupt politicians to use as an excuse to line their pockets……children in the Caribbean need to read more about history prior to the 15th century and even as far back as the 4th century as we have come to know it before Christopher Columbus’ book of lies, the knowledge is there, it just has to be tapped into and allowed to spread into those young brains who would be more than capable of analysing, using their critical thinking skills and figuring their next best move forward………the brain washing gotta go..

  23. @ Mark Fenty | February 4, 2014 at 3:06 PM |
    “Well Well, you ought and must study the history of South Carolina from the 1650′s, in order to understand how the institution of slavery moved from Barbados to the United States of America. Barbadian whites sailed to America in the 1600′s and taught American whites the entire concept of enslaving the people of African descent.”

    Who were these so-called Barbadian whites that taught American whites about enslaving people of African descent?
    Were these the manumitted indentured whites dying from tropical diseases and who were no longer needed in Barbados because of the cheaper and more adaptable and efficient black skins from Ghana?

    Was the eponymous Willie Lynch among them?
    We wonder when all of this brutality against blacks by the Christian whites was taking place in Bim and the Carolinas where was your sweet white Jesus? Forgiving the whites 70 times seven?

  24. Mark……you need to google the history of the black arab moors who roamed the earth with their enslaving ways, the further back you go, the blacker you will find them, they are now the southeast asian indians and middle-eastern arabs.,…they were also the in europe but the whites who dropped in or were previously enslaved by the moors pulled a fast one on them and kicked them out of europe after gaining all the knowledge of Africa’s riches…the whites then wandered into Africa and pulled their nasty stunts, plenty of those black arab moors ended up in America and on and on it goes……lots of history out there to piece together.

  25. look WEll! Well ! first asked yourself when did Barbados become a black majority ruled country then tell me what were the gains barbados did achieved while under white rule that would have been self sufficient significant in building a firm foundation making governance much easier under black rule,,,,go ahead tell me….and further more i would also dare say that for a country which was only handed a sugar cane economy when it took over from white rule it has done a hell of a good job,,, almost starting out with nothing,,so when you talk about the black rule ,think about those once controlled the affairs of Barbados handed to us at independence,, a barrel of molasses and an acre or so sugar cane to run and maintain a country and on that sector alone under black rule barbados had to make do .i meaning one can debate about how bad things are now, but when one reflect the pro independance era and look at what barbados has achieved after independence it is a miracle in itself,,,,,,,,,

  26. Then from your explanation AC….things should only be getting better from here on going forward……..remember, my issues are really with the unnecessary corruption that is not helping any forward movement of the island and it’s people. We have long established what went on pre and post independence, there is not much wriggle room left for excuses

  27. Well ! well! not going to get into any political debate rather stick to the topic but this i would remphaise that barbados have done signifiicantly well with its limited resources under black rule U can have the last word.

    • @ac

      Yes and no.

      Barbados of the Caribbean islands has benefited from preferential treatment pre-globalization. We are now seeing our islands (Barbados included) struggling, alot!

  28. .@ ac | February 4, 2014 at 6:43 PM |
    “…almost starting out with nothing,,so when you talk about the black rule ,think about those once controlled the affairs of Barbados handed to us at independence,, a barrel of molasses and an acre or so sugar cane to run and maintain a country and on that sector alone under black rule barbados had to make do ”

    Ac, you are either ignorant of the socio-economic history of Barbados or deliberately misrepresenting or telling untruths to peddle your nonsense.
    Barbados has always been at the top or very near the top of the totem of human development in the context of developing countries. If your contention about being left only “a barrel of molasses and acre of sugar” were true how come Barbados was ranked as the No.1 developing country in the world just after Israel on the UN Human Development Index from way back?

    At Independence Barbadians were enjoying one of the best educational systems; a well-organized and effectively functioning public health system; supported by the most modern general hospital in the Commonwealth; an excellent water distribution system started way back in Victorian times; an electricity generation and distribution plant established since 1911 that put many countries in Europe to shame; a relatively good telephone service that started way back at the turn of the 20th Century; a modern port and functioning airport; a fantastic network of roads that were well maintained giving rise to a dependable public transport system modeled after the London bus service; and most of all a long history of internal self-government that nourished and groomed an effective public service with a committed and well educated and trained cadre of managers and productive workers.

    What are you seeing today with respect infrastructural asset accumulation and investment in human capital?
    What are the returns in terms of economic development, diversification and social transformation other than over 20% of the population still lives in poverty with a major currency devaluation staring you in the face ready to set the country back 30-40 years because of piss-poor management of the country’s limited resources (the same barrel of imported molasses and acre of non-existent sugar cane hiding in the bush making rat pens)?

    So go take your nonsense elsewhere and fool those who are just as ignorant as you.

  29. Melanin……hmmmm… we love to disparage others over the lack thereof or the abundance of…….we are humanoids plain and simple with the same DNA and genome construct….we simply cannot accept the fact that we are warring factions of the same mansion……we are one clueless race that believes in our own shadow,we have to accept that we know not that we know not….over to you BT…..chuckle.

  30. man miller i am not going to engage you in political bull shit,,, ,what i wouild say is that blacks in barbados did not enjoy all the freedoms and equalities as whites before independance,,,,,, you can check the labour force and see where the whites stood in as far as wages and jobs in comparison to the blacks who were always either given low paying jobs or ended up on the govt payroll i know you are more than aware of that ,however you would rather take your nonsenical argument along the lines of more political rants….steupse…….

  31. @ ac | February 4, 2014 at 9:03 PM |
    “ can check the labour force and see where the whites stood in as far as wages and jobs in comparison to the blacks who were always either given low paying jobs or ended up on the govt payroll”

    So what has changed since Independence?
    Aren’t the same blacks still working for the same local whites like COW, Bizzy, Simpson and the jada boys? Aren’t the same blacks working as “educated” glorified servants for the foreign owned businesses especially those owned by Trinidadian Indians and Syrians?

    What about the local business people who are either of Middle Eastern extract like Chefette Haloute or those you smugly and ignorantly refer to as “coolie men” even if you mean a Ram? What is the colour of the people they employ to do the hewing of wood and drawing of water?

  32. miller how many blacks do u know that are board of directors in these big companies .. i meaning low level job entries a throw back to the days of the plantation mentality don’;t say shi.t…. you keep talking about these piss poor jobs like these people doing bajans a huge favor more like a pat on the back

  33. why don’t u miller realize that some of the white upper class have no interest for the black bajan except to use them as stools and money mules,,that is to give them menial work with no promotion keep them in positions to be always subservient and living hand to mout… then u get up in here on BU talking about jobs,,steuspe a man got to eat and some rather work for little than go beg or steal,that doesn;t make it right or a goal that one wants to pursue, how many bajans u know that have work for twenty or more years for some of these big companies and have made upward stride in position of management to forward an opinion. on behalf of the blackworker,,,,,,most of the time white racist operate on motive and intent when it comes to hiring blacks the same business model they use in buying and selling,,akin to that of the slave trade.,,

  34. @Eye Opening Reality “the white race is now perceived as being the most ethical and moral racial group of the human family.”

    Really, really???

    By whom???


  35. @Well Well February 4, 2014 at 11:44 AM “Iabingy…..shut the FCUK up and go take your meds.”

    I second that.

  36. If i might state the cliche ” those who do not learn from history”

    I have long wondered about the 5% leading the 95% in BIM.

    Yes AC it is noted that we remain slaves and enslaved even post independence and Oh Anunnaki it is noted that our education system was and i emphasize was the envy of the region (and possibly the world) at one time.

    But that is precisely the point, at one time.

    Our curriculum has remained in a state of stasis for 60 years and the persons leading the fray with regard to “educating” our peoples are bereft of any ideas that are relevant to this century.

    Remember “a is for acorn”? in the Primer that we read so many years ago that embodies the stasis that we face for here we are in 2014 still using Her Royal Highness concepts and have not moved forward to “a is for ackee”

    I like to give examples of this “stasis” in practical terms oh Anunnaki James Husbands – entrepreneur and ground breaker in the realm of solar powered water heaters, here we are in 2014 and we have no renewable energy plant that has been birthed in Barbados!!

    James is to be commended like Dipper Barrow for bringing us from the village to the outskirts of the town but, post such “visionaries” none have come forward to move from town to city and certainly not metropolis as Owen Arthur espoused.

    In fact, for those visionaries among us, there is a concerted attempt by the 95% to kill the innovation that briefly “flares up” on the indigenous fronts – look at Baffy and you see how local talent is destroyed by the 95%

    “what is our mirror image” brings to the fore a question of such import, impact and depth that these simpletons, we-Jonesing, Freundel Stuart, Dale marshall, Kerrie Simmons and the whole bunch of the 60 of them CANNOT even understand what is needed to heal the psyche of the 95% far less galvanize them to action.

    The fault, dear Brutus is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings….

  37. And please dont tell me about that subliminal images shit* thing.

    We feed 95% of our black population with Days of our Lives every evening, a programme appproved by a Film censorship board that is 100% black? we supplement that subliminal, intellectual diet with The Bold and the Beautiful, things that speak of bi-polar white people, impossible living conditions and they, we incredulously comment and query why, in 2014, our 98% literate society is spouting such intellectual shite on Tuesdays in Parliament, why Patrick Todd would, as a point of interest in the HoA, want to know what is the sexual orientation of his colleagues???

    We have become a nation of empty men led by empty men being fed on a daily diet of inconsequential, nutritionless, intellectual dribble

    A bunch of Brass Bowls that we have grown to be.

    You cannot work at Content (plantation) and get paid at Layers…

    @ Simple Simon… the mirror image that Iabingy would cause us to look at is how we, those of us who purport that we are sons and daughters of one of the most advanced civilizations this world has ever seen, now stand on the outskirts of the civilised world, truly children armed with AK47’s killing similarly coloured “princes and princesses of Africa”

    If my brother in the Ivy, Haynesville or Marl Hole by Roebuck Street side is a enslaved, then I am enslaved.

    If every 5 years when Owen, Mia and the rest of them bring incompetents to get my vote to represent me in the HoA and I choose one of the female rabbits (cunts) then I am perpetuating that slavery, not Bizzy, not Kyffin not COW nor Harris.

    The 5% cannot rule the 95% if the latter truly seeks to empower itself by selecting the best to lead its efforts.

    The same way that we have spelling contests among the schools we need to establish a CBC TV programme where the aspirants and hopefuls get paraded before us every week and they have to speak and show what they can deliver.

    I really doan care if dem is coolie, syrian, chink nor nigger Bajans what needs to happen is that we have to see them BEFORE they running for the HoA, hear how they think/reason and get to see “their works”, how they manage their businesses on a daily basis.

    You dont go to a carpenter to fix your car you find a skilled mechanic so why are we using a guessing game to elect people who fcvk up lives for 5 years at a time?

  38. Oh shiite man Pieceuhderock……..yuh shotting this morning.
    Wuh you slept in a Holiday Inn last night or Wuh…?

    • @Piece

      Why not encapsulate by saying that our consumption behaviour is not aligned with a BLACK DNA? A race must exhibit a type of behaviour which is designed to be uplifting and relevant.

  39. So a person takes a job as an apprentice work for a company from the start for twenty over years. laying bricks or whatever the bossman constanly commends him/her as a one of the best employeeswith great potential but neversee to it that the employee be promoted in another area yet thinks this employee is a dedicated and hard worker…. wuh u called that not enslaving… That happens to blacks some who are educated but suck salt to make a living working for these predominately white companies

  40. Miller….Ac is missing the part where the same bad Europe consistently helped Barbados and the Caribbean with various aid over the last 50 years to help with the same development she can now boast about..

    What ac needs to tell us is if black bajans who are so helpless because they were so badly treated (not arguing), now have such a high level of education……why , I do believe that after they have achieved so much (according to AC) she is still crying about black bajans still not being able to achieve heights of wealth because of the bad bajan whites on the island, YET, politicians from both sides of the divide BLP/DLP can successfully achieve great personal wealth through scams, bribery, extortion, various forms of corruption successfully using an extremely high level of intelligence which they do not display or use to manage the country….where is all that super-intelligence when it’s time to manage the country, why do they need outside consultants most often than not white consultants and at the expense of taxpayer?…

    .AC can talk all she wants about whites disenfranchising blacks pre and post independence, no argument there, but we are now in 2014 and the culprits who are aiding and abetting the local business people in the disenfranchising and disadvantaging of the majority blacks in Barbados are the DLP/BLP ministers who are corrupt…..

    AC…you cannot blame the whites continuously and forever, they did what they did, it was evil……………BUT…..your excuses will not wash, because we are all educated, it’s time for action, I recommended the teaching of black history from Africa so that the gaps could be filled and help in the change of the fcked up psychology that is now inherent and I am sure now embedded in the DNA of the descendants of slaves because of the 1500-present experience. At the end of the day, you have corrupt ass politicians disenfranchising and disadvantaging their own because they are greedy, selfish pigs, you will never be able to get away from those labels, don’t care how you dress it up.

  41. Piece…..I love it….and look at Mara Thompson such a scintillating ‘role model’ sleeping her ass off continually in parliament on cbc tv that is streamed across the world on the goddamn internet, i am yet to see her not asleep in parliament…..what ‘great’ parliamentarians Barbados have showing young bajans how to act and carry the country forward into an even bigger freaking mess..

    • @Well

      Economic power will trump economic power everytime.

      It explains why single digit population calls the shots in Barbados. It explains why single digit population in the US controls the wealth.

  42. F unny how many both black and white talk about blacks placing blame but finds no problem with blaming the victim…..Yes thereare VICTIMS in this sceanrio and ignoring breeds ignorance letting the guilty go free. hence who shoud be blame ….should it be the ancestors..

  43. David…………agreed, except economic power would also be in the hands of the majority blacks in Barbados if not for their corrupt politicians who are the leaders of the country……you must remember that the US is majority white, only 12% of the population is black in a population of 1/4 trillion people, another 15% hispanic etc, etc, the wealth has always been in the hands of the majority whites because it was earned by enslaving the descendants of the minority blacks, so no surprise there that the disenfranchising of blacks continue. I see no excuse for the local bajan politicians to join with minority white, indians etc and disadvantage their own majority black people all in a bid to enrich themselves, that is the existing problem in Barbados.

    After Independence in Barbados, the likes of Bizzy, Cow, Simpson, Seale, etc, were not wealthy on the island, I believe Seale family had a business, but the other 3 were broke, just like the majority blacks.

    The politicians cannot say they have no choice in this or that the majority blacks don’t have the mental capacity to be successful, wealthy business people. There is just no excuse, it’s easier for them to take a bribe, give cow, bizzy, simpson a contract, that way they believe it gives them status, not to mention a pocketful of money, it’s greed, plain and simple.

    AC……….the victims in Barbados are victims of the politicians and their wealthy business partners and friends, the criminals who victimize their own people. what ancestors what? the politicians are shaming the memories of their own ancestors by their treacherous actions and greedy dispositions.

    Just recently a very old buddy of Barrow was reminiscing about the days when the Wards owned the property from Fresh Water Bay close to light and power on Spring Garden and all the Paradise property, they wanted to block the road that led to the Paradise property and Barrow told them no, well, before you knew it, Barrow had the property he owns called Kampala near Paradise Hotel and the Wards blocked the road……so, if you want to, you can say the rot and corruption started with the DLP from back then and has deteriorated to an unacceptable level in 2014………unless you want to blame the Wards for Barrow taking the house Kampala so they could block the road, it’s called bribery.

  44. Correct me if I am wrong but don’t believe that I am because the I am quite sure the last time I checked, black constituted 13% of the America population. In the late 1980’s black constituted 12% of the overall American population, but with immigration opened to the black from the Africans continent, statistically this impacted the overall black population in America.

  45. Chuckle…..Last I heard the melanin poor in the USA were less than 50% of the pop.
    I wonder who are you all going to blame when the melanin poor no longer exist?Which I may add will happen.

  46. Mark…… is 13% black in a population of 1/4 billion and before you know it, the black population will be 31% of the same population, let’s hope they would realize when that happens and understand that they can take their rightful place in the US.

    Vincent… survive, the melanin poor will cease to exist, they do have a short shelf life, don’t worry they will still take blame, it’s all their fault anyway, so they will get blamed for shit even when they don’t do it…lol

    Barbados is at least 96% black majority with black leaders in both ruling government DLP and opposition BLP, yet the ACs still blame the minorities for what they are allowed by the leaders to get away with, blaming the minorities is easier than blaming their leaders, the blind leading the blind.

  47. it seems so nonsensical when some people use Barbados as an example to make a point when it comes to slavery while injecting political diatribe as reason enough suggesting as to why barbadians are not unable to accomplish more economically, fuh god sake Barbados is not the world and corrupt politicians can be found in both races and all races for that matter……., however in the case of whites corruption has not stopped the white establishment and whites from succeeding in their business enterprises,, however the same cannot be said for the majority of blacks who have had to be directed and dictated by rules and laws built into a system purposefully designed to slow or stop black progress that is a reality most of what or any thing blacks might have accomplished they have to push and shove fighting institutionalized racism, laws of protectionism built into the system that protects the white establishment. … No it is not that the older generations were stupid and lazy ,,,,but found it difficult to fight a white establishment after being freed an establishment that believed that laws like” separate but equal” would have been sufficient for blacks to over come any obstacles,. these are some of the very laws that are in place today that are hush hush and kept under tight secret which play against blacks and in the meanwhile blacks keep squabbling amongst themselves and blaming each other,

  48. Ac……have you no shame??, any discriminatory laws that affects the black majority on the island can be REMOVED from the statute books by the DLP administration who are ALL BLACK……IF THEY WANTED TO,……………you jackass with a head filled with POOP…………is there no clarity in your thought processes? who the hell raised you? what school did you attend? you are an embarrassment to Barbados, I am even ashamed to let my friends see your posts, they will believe all bajans are as dumb and clueless as you are, are you related to Inniss, Sinckler, Fruendel, Estweick?? some shit gotta be wrong somewhere.

  49. Every time the blacks tries to achieved. the white establishment creates a new set of laws and policies in their high powered financial insttutions which in effect weakens what ever gains and strides blacks and minorties (countries included) had made delivering an all out assualt tantamount to war to the blackmans mind who is disadvatage and doomed for a guaranteed failure with catastrophic results.

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