World Cup 2014: Mohamed Bin Hammam, Jack Warner and Corruption @FIFA

Jack Warner (l) Mohamed Bin Hammam (r)

Jack Warner (l) Mohamed Bin Hammam (r)

There is the saying if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. Mohamed Bin Hammam, the former FIFA Vice President is back in the news. Unlike Caribbean media international journalists take the business of investigative reporting seriously. The Sunday Times has gone public with a report Hammam  used slush funds to make dozens of payments to senior football officials which resulted in the decision to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar – Sunday Times report: Qatar 2022 World Cup bid faces fresh corruption claims.

Many in the Caribbean in and out of government will again have to hold their collective breath at the thought, if there is smoke there must be fire. Enter Jack Warner bosom buddy of Hammam. The Sunday Times report accuses Hammam of funneling more than $1.6 million directly into bank accounts controlled by Warner, including $450,000 before the vote. Warner resigned from football duties, including his 28-year membership of FIFA’s committee, in June 2011 to avoid investigation in a bribery scandal linked to Bin Hammam’s campaign for FIFA president.

Jack Warner is no stranger to controversy and he is definitely no stranger to staving off accusations of corruption from all quarters. Many have forgotten the findings of Sir David Simmons’ CONCACAF Integrity Committee report which was damning it its conclusion that Warner engaged in nefarious activity while he was Vice President of FIFA.

BU attempted to contact Warner when the issue unfolded last year via his Facebook page (FB) to seek information about his threat to sue Sir David over the CONCACAF report. After making promises to provide the affidavit the managers of his page stopped responding to BU messages. It is obvious there was never any substance his public posturing on the matter.

Jack Warner is an intriguing character. BU recently put the query to a Trinidadian commentator, Would appreciate if anyone, anyone can explain how Jack remains relevant in T&T politics. Here is the response offered:

Jack is interesting these days because he is taking aim at the PP through his newspaper and he also likes to “buss ah mark” in public meetings. The ILP did not perform well in the LGE, but we will see how the General Elections shape up. And what you ask goes beyond Jack, and calls into question why the electorate selects obviously corrupt candidates – after all Jack is an mp. This is not unique to Trinidad, but here is some historical perspective to shed some light on “rum and roti politics ”…/the…

The sooner the international investigation is able to bring closure to the matter which spawns Jack Warner and his dealings with FIFA funds and related issues, the sooner the Caribbean maybe able to purge this sore from the Caribbean landscape. Many who accepted brown paper bags must be depositing crap of a lighter colour in the W.C. Time may soon tell if the crap remains solid or starts to run.

Just 10 days away from World Cup 2014 kickoff to be held in Brazil, the mecca of football, and the scourge of corruption raises its head again over FIFA AND Jack Warner.



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  • All hail the true jackal Austin Jack Warner how this weasel avoids jail is one of the planet’s great mysteries. If an eel could speak it would be in awe of Warner. Jackal Warner’s unprecedented criminal trickery brings shame to not only trinidad where he is a hero but to the wider Caribbean. When and how his unsavory saga ends is anybody’s guess.


  • “…….how this weasel avoids jail is one of the planet’s great mysteries….”
    It is no mystery passing…..
    ALL of those who have the information needed to convict Jack and to land him in jail would find themselves being his cell-mates.

    The ONLY difference between Jack and 80% of the other sport administrators in the WORLD (and 95% of those in the region) is in the QUANTUM of money diverted.

    ALL these major tournaments are awarded via bribes….ALL….!
    The whole thing is a Mafia-like con game with Warner-like goons controlling large sums of money, NOT ACCOUNTABLE to anyone, often in CASH, and almost ALWAYS with selfish intentions…..

    Jack KNOWS that any really in-depth investigation of his excesses will result in a tsunami for the sport mafia cartel ……and so, that he is unlikely to receive anything worse than a slap on the wrist….

    Every tournament should be audited and investigated, but this one is only being explored to this extent because some English fans cannot accept that they were out bribed by Qatar…. 🙂


  • Is’nt it also ironic that those who vilified South Africa, Brazil and are now demanding a “do-over” in Qatar are masquerading here in this space as paragons of goodness and light. Did the students surpass the teachers in this enterprise. The british press explicitly accuse only Africans and Jack Warner, as if they hold the keys to Fifa’s Kingdom. Disgusting.


  • Finally, Michel Platini, first Euro mentioned. Let’s see where this goes from here.


  • If the light shines on the African wrongdoers who are gatekeepers of tbe wrongdoings over the years it may yet be a win win.


  • Bushie wrote “ALL these major tournaments are awarded via bribes….ALL….!”

    The difference is in the level of “sophistication” in the distribution of “largesse”.


  • Ac:
    Can you explain if the Minister of Education Ronald Jones was the President of the BFA when all the bribe money or largesse (Hants words) was being DISTRIBUTED? Did Ronald Jones take any of those “gifts”? Did Ronald Jones have his paper bag of money given to him separately by Jack Warner? I know this is one thing you can do!!!!


  • We are also hearing that ‘friendlies’ leading up to the last world cup were rigged.


  • David:
    When the hypocritical Europeans held sway, all was well but some people out gun them and they are mad as carter’s cat!!


  • On the subject of sports the WICB changed the venue of a Test match to Barbados.

    Is there any “Tourism” benefit to this?


  • @Hants

    Against NZ, NO.


  • @David, Hopefully there will be enough die hard fans to fill Kensington.

    I say let school children go fro free.

    And on another “sports” note, Today is the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Toronto Sky Dome and a Bajan (who shall remain nameless lol) was (very very minorly ) involved in the process that created the Dome.


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