CONCACAF’s Integrity Committee Finds Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer Guilty – David Estwick Take Note re:Barbados Water Authority

The Nation and Advocate both carried almost identical articles about The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football’s (CONCACAF’s) investigation into allegations about Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer. While the article covered the main allegations and findings it is only when you read the full report of CONCACAF’s Integrity Committee, that you appreciate the exploitation carried out by both men during the years when they were President and General Secretary respectively.

CONCACAF is to be congratulated on setting up the Committee and giving it the remit to carry out the investigation and the resources to execute its task. More congratulations are in order for allowing public access to the report – and note, within a day or so of when it was presented to the organisation’s Congress.

The allegations investigated were wide ranging but included a whole raft of issues ranging from the ownership of CONCACAF’s Centre of Excellence in Trinidad, through misappropriation of funds, to breach of duty to CONCACAF. The Committee which included Sir David Simmons, the former Chief Justice of Barbados, found that both men committed fraud, misappropriated funds, breached their fiduciary duties, violated the organisation’s statutes and violated the FIFA ethics code. In addition, Blazer violated US Federal tax laws.

BU recommends that you should read the report, even if just the Executive Summary – see full report: Note also a big part played by Barbados’ Lisle Austin is outlined in the report. You can use the ‘find’ feature t search for Lisle Austin’s name.

There is, of course, a wider message here. CONCACAF identified serious financial allegations, investigated them in the proper way and published the result publically. The result – a short period of scandal but longer-term confidence in the proper management of the organisation.

Contrast this with the Barbados Government’s treatment of allegations such as the financial irregularities on the Barbados Water Authority’s new headquarters. The Blogs have covered the allegations. Even the Nation was brave enough to publish something about the Minister’s speech in Parliament:

“In response to a number of queries from Opposition Leader Mia Mottley and MP for St James Central Kerrie Symmonds, Estwick reiterated that consulting company Deloitte had found no substantial issues in the project to construct the Barbados Water Authority’s new $70 million headquarters. “…And that’s all I have to say about that. You can talk now to the cows come home,” Estwick told Symmonds before retaking his seat.”

The people of this country pay Mr Estwick’s salary. There are allegations of financial irregularities on this contract and they have a right to understand what is going on. Please follow CONCACAF’s lead and publish both Deloitte’s terms of reference and their report. Please also confirm that the contract price for the building is still under discussion but will be way in excess of BDS$70 million.

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  1. @Look at 2:42 a.m. “Thompson, additionally made no attempt to investigate VECO and those involved because he himself was collecting from VECO. Maybe.”

    David Thompson sure as hell don’t need any money in the place where he is now.


  2. David

    You like you either retarded or had a head injury as a youth. What part about ‘the land get thief’ you don’t understand?

    The land was stolen, thief, purloined or carry-way. That is enough common sense for you?

  3. David

    Who own Barbados Correction Corporation, the company which owns HMP Dodds prison? Why you don’t do a piece about that company and the US$30,000,000.00 (Thirty Million American Dollars) which the Treasury has to pay that company every January to Lease the prison?

  4. I hope this Virtuoso fella new, ’cause I ain’ know how he could come pun a man’ blog and carry he on so, unless he got standing …

  5. @Crusoe at 6:18 a.m. “I would suggest an opinion that someone who wields such power, is the De Facto PM of T&T.”

    I’d suggest that it is enough to drive Kamla to drink.


  6. The life expectancy of a Trinidadian male is 70.3 years. Jack was born in Jan 1943.

    Wait that makes him, what!!! 70 years and 4 months???

    Anybody want to take a bet that he does not have enough time left to spend the money???

    And with the Americans taking an interest in young Jackie, he may not get to spend it either.


  7. 2,000 prisoners at HMP Dodds and the GOB pays US$30,000,000.00 to lease the facility. Do the maths, the GOB pays $30,000.00 to house each and every prison at Dodds each and every year. That $30,000.00 is just the Lease cost divided by the number of prisoners per year.

  8. @islandgal ““A Nation of thieves” Errol Walton Barrow. He knew what he was talking about.

    Errol Barrow wasn’t my daddy, but my daddy used to say “Bajans too tief”

    And liard too.


    The man launch into me with attitude so that makes him no different than anyone else. David can’t control what contributions are made here so he should know better than to suggest as much, unless he gine rename it Barbados & David’s Underground.

  10. Simple Simon………………..US is really looking at Jack the Dad, young Jack is just the tie that binds…….gotta start somewhere.

  11. Nine acres my johnny butt….you leachers want 9.9 acres, ask Beatlle way my low down cut…..about 19.9 acres of Bagatelle for River Bay squat. Eva body see the memo sent our by Pitts to ignore the other Putt so we go on wid french cuts of offensive plays smutt….distractions I say…tells us where the country is at….TODAY

  12. Simple Simon you too wicked… LOLL Jack gine live longer than many probably to the ripe old age of 98 so he could tek some jail time!

  13. Virtuoso is such a C U N T. WE heard about the prison and Kent etc since 2008. Does it mean because it happened under the BLP the DLP has a RIGHT to tief too? PIMRP do!!! I want the island shut down under this government because too many sycophants like you continue to write stool on the blog. Support your party yes, but when they are wrong condemn or shut up especially when the election was two months ago.

  14. Oily man …please leff David alone fuh muh. Dem does got yardfowls pon both sides of the fence and many paling cocks bout hey. All David want to do is ask peoples to put aside their political caps and contribute sensibly to the blog. Eff yuh doan like the climate hey yuh cud leave but I want yuh to stay and contribute how we gine fix dese tiefing officials bour hey. It ent about which party tiefing it is the need to ketch dem rass and proscecute dem B or D or anybody dat tek up what ent theirs and carry home or to de bank, or even over an away. Bajans got dis ting bout hey dat dem tek up sumting dat ent theirs but dem say dem ent tief it. Dat has been going on too long it has become a way of life in this so called Christian country.

  15. @ Well Well
    But have the same money funded the UNC and played a role in the ascension of Kamla over Panday as party leader?

  16. I don’t know how good Kamla is, but Panday shoudda gone home eversince.

  17. Enuff…………………I believe so, that is why she has been fudging and delaying and denying…………….but at least we know that Trinis can be a very unforgiving bunch when you try to play them for fools………….it is interesting to see this play out.

  18. Simple Simon…………………the one thing we can safely say about Panday is that he was the architect of integrity legislation……………….he was also the first one who got caught in it and was arrested………… least he opened the door to lock up corrupt politicians, however, he most definitely was a piece of work.

  19. @Lemuel April 21, 2013 at 12:18 PM ” Mottley blood.”

    Mottley blood my @$$.

    Wasn’t rugged a U.S. deportee?

  20. The political families love to hide all their warts and puss filled sores from the public……………i really despise political families.

  21. Chuckie is 68 and his guts look like that of jolly old St. Nick.

    Chuckie probably don’t have long for this world either

  22. Virtuoso
    You somehow forgot the $2.5m per year for 20 years for THREE molasses tanks.

  23. Looka waana talkin bout age ..leme declare early I is 50 and spunky like a 19years ole…D mud pump wukkin dennnnnn!

  24. @David
    Anybody think bout asking bout the relationship between Panday, Duprey and Cl Financial and CLICO .I think there is a link,

  25. @ Virtuoso

    I am shocked that the BLP administration allowed/ facilitated/ engineered the sale of state land to the presumed benefit of individuals and not to the state. However, what is even more distressing is that if this is true, the DLP administration has not seen it fit to do anything about it! If you (a presumed private citizen) know that such dishonesty has occurred then I would think that those presently in office also know and would have the evidence of the wrong doing. Yet this “issue” has not, in the five years of the DLP’s administration, been ventilated or apparently pursued.

    So while we (the public) suspected that the BLP to be corrupt and were justified in removing it from office, it is unsettling that you can provide some evidence that the DLP is not only complicit in covering up or turning a blind eye to corruption but probably is intent on doing the same!

    Like Diogenes of ancient Athens, I shall have to light and carry a lamp in the day to look for a honest man.

  26. Panday say Kamla is an alkie and Panday do some time in Golden Grove.At least Uncle Sam not looking for Panday.Uncle looking for Ish,Steve,and Jack all like now.Uncle also looking into Guyana and have some big guns in the cross hair.
    In Barbados Mia has current stewardship of the Public Accounts Commitee and can use that to ask some searching questions based on data provided by Leigh Trotman.Show us your mettle Mia.Stop the bull and dig the dirt out of the pit that’s called financial accountability of the DLP government.

    SHRIS STINKLIAR -should all be on an isolated island enjoying life

  28. Ping Pong…….that is the problem, both parties have knowledge of corruption and more than likely proof as well of each others involvement, yet neither party thinks it’s necessary to expose the other so in effect they are both condoning each other’s wrong doings…………..How can you trust politicians who have been doing this for decades??? Obviously when they see evidence of the other party’s corruption, they go, “oh well, I won’t tell if you don’t” and carry on smartly knowing they are protecting each other………….that is madness.

  29. The present administration has also never let the public know if the US is still looking into one or two of it’s ministers…………….Kamla could only play the don’t know game but for so long, look where it has gotten her and Warner………………..the PM needs to let the voters know what is going on with his ministers and the US authorities, if anything or nothing.

  30. MIa don’t have balls nor guts to dig much lower . she smart enough to know that people living in glass houses don’t throw stones. all the smoke and mirrors hallowbuloo swirling around the complex is nothing more than throwing a pebble hoping to make a wave,
    Again if Mia has evedience of wrong doing even if it fell off a truck or stolen like all other known reports by the BLP as a sworn member of Parliament she should offer the proof. this might come back to bit her in the ars,,, come 2018 as an agent of misinformation ! slander and propaganda. The ball is in your court put up or shut up.

  31. Ping Pong

    Corruption is not the responsibility of the DLP administration, it is for the Police and the DPP to prosecute. But where is the money from the NHC Kent and Pine land, where um gone to?

    Barbados is known for a number of things including have built the MOST EXPENSIVE prison, based on a 2,000 inmates, any where in the entire world.

  32. I wasn’t feeling well the last two days but I just come back and see dat Simple Simon like he got plans tuh tek me out, not carry me out, but exterminate me causing according to he numbers, I am 11 years overdue, yet it seems to me most strange that people rejoicing in the coming of the harbinger for Jack and me, “when death, a necessary end, will come when it will come”

    The way some of you pompasetting bout death, particularly David T death, I get the feeing that some of you have found the Elixir of Life, wait just a while kind sirs and the bell shall toll for you too.

  33. “Corruption is not the responsibility of the DLP administration”

    Biggest load of bullshit from a yardfowl. The DLP as is now is the most corrupt administration ever. How the hell government land could be sold and the money go into the private pockets? You mean all the lawyers were in on the deal too?

    As soon as David ask questions of your buddy David Estwick, you come on this blog talking sh…te just to take the spotlight off the bloody boisterous shady pitbull. Why he didn’t answer the questions in the House? Was he guilty as hell???

  34. “thy sins be forgiven thee, go and sin no more”

    It would also appear that during my time away that Jesus came for it is truly only He who could absolve Sir David Simmonds of his busload of sins so that Sir David could go off to Panama and throw the corruption at Jack Warner.

    Mark my words, feeling up Myrie, Bajans tiefing de Trinis flying fish plussing trying to get dem oil and now dis egregious action giants Warner is going to mash up dat dying Caricom thingy or my name ent piece uh de ting dat David Ellis does put he foot in and Petr W does put he manhood in

    Wunna bajans always got tuh try and mek we Trikidadians and de resta low islanders look ingrunt, if any one uh wanna come bout hey en slip up, we gine mek an example uh wunna!!!

  35. If Jack is fired from Kamala’s cabinet as I suspect he will be, (he was summoned to meet with her) will Jack go down alone or will he implicate others including the past local president? Just asking?

  36. Prodigal Son
    The Pitbull is more than capable of handling himself, he ain’t need to help from me or anyone else. The DLP administration was just voted back in, remember? The voters held the BLP and the DLP in the balance during the elections, weighed each of them and voted back in the DLP, much to the dismay of BLP fools like you. Why you think the BLP could not win an election that was theirs to lose?

  37. @Virtuoso

    You probably think I’m not too bright (and you would be right but..) who would call in the Police and the DPP? Who would provide the evidence e.g. the survey plans, the title deeds, the agreement for sale, the payment of the related taxes, the absence of money paid to the treasury, the land tax details etc. Are you suggesting that the Government has called in the Police/DPP and they are not proceeding?

    If the Gov’t thinks that the BOLT arrangement is too expensive why not borrow the money, pay out the Barbados Correction Corporation and pay back the bank at the presumably lower interest rate? Or is it that the BOLT arrangement is actually a better deal? What ever the situation is, the DLP administration is happy to enter into another arrangement with the SAME persons who built the prison with ANOTHER BOLT arrangement in the case of the B’town marina etc. The DLP is also happy to enter into a BOLT arrangement with Preconco to build the molasses tanks at a total cost that is estimated to be TWENTY times the cost of repairing two existing tanks and building a third.

    What is the “responsibility” of the DLP administration? I’ve been hearing about the BLP crooks for 5 years but they continue to drive around in big cars, dress in expensive clothes, live in large houses and fraternize with the DLP officials and together both groups laugh at us lowly plebs.

  38. Whatever the BLP did in 14 years, it was too much cause the bajan people ain’t forget them yet.

  39. @St. George’s Dragon at 7:03 a.m. “The question is, does he Freundel Stuart have the balls to do it? It sounds as though he is having difficulty pushing the integrity legislation through”

    Why are you surprised.

    Is this not the same Freundel Stuart who remarked of Leroy Parris “The man is not a leper. He is my friend”

    Is this not the same Freundel Stuart who claimed to have witnessed vote buying and did nothing about it?

    Why oh why are you surprised?

  40. Ping Pong
    Marina? You think that gine ever get built? You feel building is marina is like Leggo?

  41. Why you think the BLP could not win an election that was theirs to lose?””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” Stupid statement!

    You really got the nerve to ask that question? No wonder wunnah have not a clue how to manage the economy. Wait till the bottom actually fall out and the said people whom you claim put the DLP in, will call you to account for the lies you told to “win”.

    Anyway, David said this blog is for discussing issues not political nonsense that you yardfowls like to spew.

    But if the land was sold, how comes the said government building on the said land?

  42. I wouldn’t know what will or won’t be built, but Dr Thorne wasn’t too happy with the wheeling and dealing that was done over his head. What about the molasses tanks maybe they won’t get built either?

  43. Prodigal Son
    Pay attention and follow the conversation. The BWA owned 18 acres at the Pine next to Pine Hill dairy. 9 acres was carved off and sold pre-2008. The other 9 acres is where the new BWA headquarters is being built. But where the other 9 acres? It was sold but where the money, it ain’t went into the BWA, the NHC or the Consolidated Fund, where um went?

  44. “The DLP administration’s attitude to accountability will be based on the understanding that as servants and representatives of the people there can be no secrets or matters to be hidden from the population.” page 47, Manifesto of the Democratic Labour Party 2008.

    What an idiot I am to have believed this BS.

    Clearly the Government doesn’t care to find out where the money for those 9 acres went! By the way did this matter get the Auditor-General’s attention?

  45. @ Alvin
    You really should ask about CL Financial, Duprey and the UNC not just Panday. Are you familiar with the names Carlos John, Mervyn Assam etc? By the way KPB was a Cabinet minister then too!!

    Story Created: Apr 21, 2013 at 8:33 PM ECT
    Story Updated: Apr 21, 2013 at 8:39 PM ECT
    The Office of the Prime Minister today issued a statement confirming the resignation of National Security Minister Jack Warner.

    In the statement, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said she had accepted Warner’s resignation from Cabinet.

    “I wish to thank Mr Warner for his service to the government and people of Trinidad and Tobago” she stated.

    Prime Minister Kersad Bissessar advised President Anthony Carmona to revoke Warner’s ministerial appointment and appoint Senator Emanuel George as National Security Minister.

    She also advised the President to assign George’s portfolio, Works and Infrastructure, to Local Government Minister Suruj Rambachan.

    In the statement, Persad-Bissessar gave no indication as to the reasons behind the resignation of Warner.

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    Rumbooboo 116p · 1 minute ago
    He will be awarded with very profitable contracts by Kamla – as long as he keep his mouth shut.
    teseek 130p · less than 1 minute ago
    Long overdue.

  47. And will Chuckie Claus resign too?

    And will that keep the IRS happy?

  48. Did Kamla push Jack in the direction of Uncle Sam?

    ’cause we know it ain’t dat easy to extradite a sitting Cabinet minister.

    Now he ain’t gotta seat will it be easier to push him north, far, far north?


    Wait!!! Did I hear a metal door slam??

    ‘Cause nabady ain’t want to Duddus Coke up Trinidad.

    (or Barbados)

    Too expensive.

    Too messy.

    Ain’t sa good fah de tourist industry.

    Easier to push a FORMER cabinet minister under de bus.

  49. Simple Simon

    He resigned from Cabinet but is still a member of Parliament.

  50. Jack troubles now start.Plenty trouble with the Trinidad inland revenue board for failing to disclose lots of income and for which he blames his accountant every time he is found out.Trouble with FIFA who will want back their money or property.Trouble with the Customs for failing to declare a pile of US money he tried to bribe Caribbean Football Associations with to support Blatter’s opponent.Trouble with the Police for fraud which is a criminal offence.Trouble with Panday whom he called a liar and sued for libel and then withdrew but still owes a UNC financier $60million borrowed to finance the PP campaign in 08.Trouble with Rowley and Parliament for misrepresenting and misleading that chamber.And in all this one Fraud Khan Minister of Health questions the Concacaf Report and suggest Blatter was out to get Jack.Finally one wonders how the Communications Minister Jamal ‘the jackass’ Mohammed feels tonite,having said earlier that Warner had the full support of every single member of Cabinet.These people think we foolish eh!
    On the Barbados scene what does Minister Ronald Jones, who has gone silent since the election,have to say.I wonder if his hands are clean.You guys should beware the former chief justice,He is swinging a serious cudgel in Trinidad.After Jack will be Abu Bakr the murderer and thief who should have
    been put down when he walked out of Parliament in 1990.

  51. I would wish that Sir David Simmons carry out the same level of investigation of the Owen Arthur adminstartion of 1994 – 2008.

    For starters many wish to find out where the millions spent on GEMS and GREENLAND actually gone.

  52. Start with Hallem Nicholls and Carib Canada International Inc. them know a lot about Greenland and the free money that pass down there in St. Andrew.



  54. Simple Simon… me on this the US is never satisfied until they hear a door slams BLAM…………….a prison gate…….Jack gone….NEXT!!

  55. Virtuso,
    And when he finished investigating the BLP, I hope he continues up to 2013 so far. He will sure find a lot on Estwick, Lowe, Sinkliar, Pornville, Jonesy, Cranston Browne, George Pilgrim, David Thompson, Michael Lashley, by the way can he travel to the US yet?

  56. Fractured
    i see you still kicking and screaming. Why would you want such an investigation when you know full well that the friends in the B and D shall protect each other.

  57. And the Barrack scam .Need for a thorough investigation after all taxpayers gonna have to foot thev bill. a contractor given a job without tenders neer finishes the job and now the taxpayers being held hostage. Investigation isabsolutely necessary on this 1

  58. @AC
    Barrack did not pre-qualify to be invited to tender for the Warrens Building and yet on the date the tenders were returned to NHC miraculously a tender was submitted by Barrack.

    The Barrack tender was evaluated with all of the other tenders and again miraculously Barrack’s tender was adjudged to be the best, even though its was NOT invited and was NOT the cheapest tender.

    That’s one for the books.

  59. But then again the BLP yardflows would want others to believe that this mess with Barrack is all the DEMS fault. rumour has it that they were kickbacks involve in the barrack scam.another reason for investigation . a mess like this should be throughly investigated too many allegations not to be uncovered. after all the taxpayers going to be footing this gorilla of a bill.

  60. David
    The Arbitrator and the Court only ruled on what the contractor (Barrack) was owed by the NHC after the NHC (against legal and construction professional advice) terminated the contract with Barrack. No one has yet investigated the circumstances surrounding the award of the contact to Barrack and any ancillary transaction thereto connected.

  61. @Axis

    BU position does not conflict with yours. Have the COI BUT the court order must be honoured.

  62. There is a need for COI’s for:
    a) Dodds Prison
    b) Judicial Centre
    c) New Coast Guard Base
    d) NHC Building in Warrens
    As I understand it the suggested terms of reference for the COI for one maybe two of these projects.

  63. Ronald Jones must be shaking in his boots with the resignation of the now not powerful Jack Warner!

  64. David,
    If “Axis” wants COI’s into every major project done by the BLP, maybe he should also ask for COI’s on the numerous scandalous things of which we have been talking ourselves blue in the face here on BU for the last six years.

    The Coverley project…….that’s major
    The Highway project…………that’s been going on now for 6 years
    The contract for the sugar terminal …unusual $20 million contract
    The contract for the marina over which they are being sued
    The contract for the building of the BWA headquarters
    The supplies contracts for the hospital under Donville Inniss
    In fact separate COI’s are needed for Dennis Lowe and Michael Lashley
    ……..they are laws unto themselves.

    And these are the ones come to mind right now.

  65. @David
    I was just making the point that it seems the slow wheels have started to move now that terms of reference for one or two COI have been drafted and awaiting Cabinet’s approval.

  66. That it would take five years plus…

    Hope the government looks at giving the Auditor General some teeth.

    The Opposition should get in on the act and breathe life into the PAC.

  67. That is what happens when you think you are untouchable, immovable and continue to deceive the public who pay your salary.

  68. “I was just making the point that it seems the slow wheels have started to move now that terms of reference for one or two COI have been drafted and awaiting Cabinet’s approval”.
    As if wunnah got money to pay for another COI. Stupseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  69. @PS
    Fear not my friend, money will not not hamper the pursuit of justice. If it were up to me I’d start with Dodds and NHC building in Warrens.

  70. Didn’t Richard Sealy Engineering Company provide services to the Warrens Building? Did he tender?

  71. david

    can you solicit a copy of the claim filed last week by George Payne MP against Edmund Hinkson MP?

  72. It appears that the only people who got money to sue each other are the lawyers/politicians.

  73. Some of the comments from Trinidad where the taxpayers acknowledges the corruption of ministers and have the morals to speak out against it.

    tide55 98p · 6 hours ago
    I am glad he resigned. The PNM is corrupt, the UNC was corrupt and the PP is corrupt. The only difference I see is that the public is shouting out more loudly now and the corrupt politicians are forced to resign or be fired more often than before. Whereas in the past, the UNC or PNM did not throw their people “under the bus” as the PP! Is this progress? I don’t know, but it is a good start. They should ALL be fired and imprisoned whenever they are caught in corrupt practices.
    3 replies · active 2 hours ago
    deezpeople’s avatar – Go to profile

    deezpeople 94p · 5 hours ago
    I have one simple question for Jack Warner….. “Was it worth it?”

    I don’t see the need for too much quarrel.

    Jack Warner dirty his hands and should not be at the cabinet or parliament of this country.

    This goes for anyone.

    We must set standards for our nation and for our youth.

    Bandits in nice clothing is what they are

  74. Has anyone spare a min. to think about if Jack starts talking to save his ass or what is left of it? given the football link, i think alot of ppl around the region shitting bricks.

  75. From the first time Hinkson open his mouth I know the fella was a joker, so I aint surprise that Payne drop a law suit in he. Hinkson gotta learn the ropes of the game before starting his political career by swinging vicously at fellow BLP members. Even though Payne is a short stumpy man with little or no personally and a man that Owen fired from his Cabinet unceromoniously that don’t give Hinkson the right to call the man by all kinda of nasty names.

  76. so if we are going to talk corruption in Barbados let;s uncovered the shitty mess no matter how far back it goes >as for the court ruling had nothing to do with the corruption surrounding the contract.

  77. I would love Jack to start talking and naming all kinds of names, it will make things more interesting…………….he may have to anyway, with FBI lurking.

  78. AC……that’s the idea, let it all hang out don’t care how long ago it was and who is/was/were involved.

  79. Short men in Parliament:Arthur,Payne,Hinkson,Clarke,Kellman,S Lashley,Jones,Lowe.All try to make up for their shortcoming by talking long,loud and with a few exceptions overly boring,uneducated nothingness.

  80. @ gabriel tackle……..
    Short……… ………. talking loud ………………LOL wuhloss!

  81. @David (not BU) |April 22, 2013 at 4:58 PM ..”if Jack starts talking to save his ass … a lot of ppl around the region shitting bricks.”

    I’d rather the football playing politicians shit bricks that to have them shit in the taxpayers mouths while making the taxpayers say “yum!!!, yum!!! chocolate.”