Jack Warner ‘Whistled’ In Bribing CONCACAF Officials Scandal

Jack Warner (left) and Mohamed Bin Hammam Photo: AP

Of course BU respects the legal principle embraced by our justice system which says that a man is innocent until proved guilty but…. It is difficult to fathom that a man whose fame and fortune has been defined by his leadership role on the regional and international soccer stage for the last 27 years, would resign from the position ‘sudden so’. The fact Jack Warner has done so three days after reading the Fifa Ethics Report investigating bribery charges leveled against him and Bin Hammam leads one to believe Warner’s attempt to call Fifi’a bluff using intimidatatory  ‘speak’ was called and he was found to be offside. BU also suspects Warner will be used by Sepp Blatter and Fifa as the poster boy for all the evil deals which Fifa has been accused of transacting through the years .

Now that Warner has been ‘whistled’, one wonders how Barbadian Lisle Austin must be feeling after garnering Warner’s unreserved support to replace him. BU suggests it is a support which the Barbadian could have done without. If Austin is successful in his election bid to fill the position, a horrible stink will always permeate the atmosphere everywhere he conducts Fifa business. He is a Barbadian and normally his countrymen would feel pride were he to be successful in his bid to become one of the most powerful men in world sport but ….

The Prime Minister of T&T finds herself, not for the first time since taking office, in a very difficult position. Commonsense suggests that Warner should be pushed from his position as Minister of Transport of Works. If he does not do so quietly then Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar should apply the Obama-Weiner logic. Warner is generating ‘heat’ which is not doing T&T and the wider Caribbean any favour in the international arena. Our resource scarce region, struggling in a dog eat dog world defined as globalization, can do without the negative perception by the outside world that this is a region enveloped by corruption.

All the world waits to hear if the sordid details arising from the Fifa Ethics Report will be leaked to the media. Worrying is the fact many questions are being asked about whether Barbados football representatives accepted USD40 grand.

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  1. @David

    BU also suspects Warner will be used by Sepp Blatter and Fifa as the poster boy for all the evil deals which Fifa has been accused of transacting through the years


    Wrong on this count, Blatter will not be using Warner as a scapegoat for FIFA’s failings, Warner resigned! End of story! FIFA will not be pursuing him “the presumption of innocence’ is maintained.

    Warner has been around FIFA for many years and he knows where the bodies are buried. FIFA couldn’t ignore this accusation as they did with many others so they had to investigate and Warner provided them with a convenient out by “resigning”.

    FIFA can’t afford to squeeze Warner he may sing and the whole house of cards would collapse and FIFA can’t afford that too much Dinero at stake

    Ssomewhere, someone is probably singing this verse or a similar song

    You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
    Know when to fold ’em
    Know when to walk away
    And know when to run
    You never count your money
    When you’re sittin’ at the table
    There’ll be time enough for countin’
    When the dealin’s done

  2. You on the ball BU. Jack Warner is an alleged longtime crook and conman his resign move deliberate to head off today’s revelations that the FIFA Ethics Committe found a prima facie case against him of corruption and enabling bribery. We know Jack was accused as a thief for years. Austin days are numbered he is Jack’s poodle. Ronald Jones should put much distance between himself and those two charlataans if he knows whats good for him.

  3. @David

    I’ve been calling on Jones to relinquish the Presidency of the BFA long before this scandal broke, it is a blatant conflict of interest but in the absence of any Integrity and Transparency legislation politicians can do what they like.

    In any event T&T has Integrity legislation and Jack was able to keep his post with FIFA until recently.

    T&T Police investigate? Yuh like you smoking some tampee down there

  4. The million dollar question is what is Kamla going to do in the light of the recent revelations. Bet everything stays the same. No action.

  5. There only needs to be two more posts quite rightly condeming Jack Warner, and there’ll be enough to form Barbados United! A rare spectacle of agreement. It’s just a pity it took perfidious villains like Warner and the whole football cabal to do it. But, keep on trucking BU and Co – there’s a load more shite to come from this mess of corruption.

  6. Unfortunately, no statement yet from Minister Jones, as an example of the way forward for our youth.

  7. Is it true that the accounts for the Barbados Football Association (if that is what it is called) have not ben published for many years?
    I heard a rumour that the reason for this is that the grant money that gets paid to it by FIFA (I guess) does not actually get used for the purposes of football. It disappears into someone’s pocket.
    Anyone know anything about this?

    • We are so spineless in this country when it comes to investigating the issues.

      One would have thought given all that has transpired so far with Fifa and Warner and the connection to Concacaf, our local media would have been all over this story like flies on crap.

      More interesting is the fact a siting minister of government heads the Barbados Football Association.

      BU is not citing any wrong doing but the matter deserves public scrutiny.

      In light of what St. Georges Dragon just posted all the more reason.

  8. Lisle Austin won’t replace JW. The Latin american countries in CONCACAF, especially, the central american countries, have always felt that they should provide leadership on football matters in this region. I have said time and time again that the only reason JW was able to hold on to the post for so long was because of the Caribbean football union votes. Now Concacaf executive committe appoints a gentleman from Latin america to head the organisation and probably to serve out Warner duration ( next 4 years). Lisle Austin was supposd to be JW heir apparant. I think he will have to take his case to the Court of arbitration for sports (CAS) in order to settle this leadership succession matter. If not, he can stick around for the next leadersip race and hopefully can get the caribbean votes on his side.

  9. Who say crime doesnt pay?
    Jack Warner is to get $7million in pension from FIFA. Instead of joining Buju for his laundry list of dishonest acts the ugly Trini laughing his way to RBTT.
    Buju poor fella cant pick up a bar of lifebuoy if he does its boom in his bye bye.

  10. DAVID@BU

    We have arguing for a “root & branch” OVERHAUL* of FIFA* – sadly, that appear less likely now that ‘ole SEPP* is back in the driver’s seat…What we are seeing is “SMOKE ‘n’ MIRRORS”…

    Those other “CROOKS” & TAX-DODGERS* need to get their comeuppance swiftly for if nothing is done JACK ‘the eel’ WARNER & Co; will start to believe that their “kaka” is some luxury PARFUM* and smells better than anyone else’s…

    Thank you David for keeping this “ISSUE” at the forefront of BU* and in the PUBLIC DOMAIN* where individuals as well as these wishy-washy politicians will hopefully be able “to get their finger out” and do what needs to be done…

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  14. I’ve been hearing that same thing St George Dragon is writing about, for a long time now. Where is the funds sent in to build a football stadium by the sporting centre in Wildey? Mr Jones, time you start talking, clear yourself now or you will be forced to do it in the general elections.

  15. Jack warner guilty as sin hey FBI extradite him to New York to be with Dudus

    FIFA: New evidence will show Jack’s involvement

    Story Created: Jul 7, 2011 at 12:54 AM ECT
    A FIFA corruption investigation has concluded there is fresh evidence to support claims that former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner and Mohamed bin Hammam colluded to offer bribes of up to US$1 million (£625,000) to Caribbean football officials, according to the London Telegraph newspaper.

    The investigation, conducted by former Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) director Louis Freeh, is understood to have uncovered new evidence supporting the findings of the initial enquiry by lawyers acting for FIFA executive committee member Chuck Blazer.

    Up to nine out of the 25 Caribbean Football Union (CFU) national associations have told Freeh that they were offered or witnessed bribes of up to US$40,000 per-nation (amounting to US$1 million) being offered in brown envelopes to delegates at a special meeting of the CFU in Trinidad in May.

    The witnesses have also alleged that they heard Warner explicitly explain that the money was from

    (Story Updated: Jul 7, 2011 at 12:54 AM ECT )

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