Vending and the Small Black man

Submitted by William Skinner

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Photo Credit - NationNews

Photo Credit – NationNews

Once again the powers that be, following blindly the developmental models of larger countries have blundered in their attempts to beautify Bridgetown. In this case, they spent millions of dollars to create a green space and forgot the vendors that are forced to set up their trade all over the place, in order to make a living. Supporting our families should be the goal of every single man or woman however believing we can only do so in urine infested allies is not my idea of black development. Also constructing ugly bits of rubbish with no proper storage facilities only encourages rodents. I am sorry but if this is all that black business people are going to aspire to in 2014, I politely ask to be excluded from that fan club.

I have marched with the vendors and have paid very close attention and support those who rightly defend them. I remain fully committed to regularizing vending but I fear that some people who are defending the vendors are also bit short sighted. In many cases they seem to suggest that the vendors should just be allowed to ply their trade but they seldom speak of really lifting the vendors up to another level. This vending issue is as old as slavery itself and colonialism. There were direct attempts by our colonial masters to stop Black people from vending and when several Black Barbadians returned from Panama with funds to buy land and businesses, there was legislation enacted to prevent their economic empowerment.

My involvement with beach vendors over thirty years ago taught me a very hard lesson-our politicians will exert any amount of effort to accommodate those who don’t look like them. I have seen the so-called planners fail to get the true economic rewards from St. Lawrence Gap and the famous Rockley Beach because they paid more attention to the propaganda of hoteliers, some local, who in my opinion were more racist than anything else. Those of us, who have addressed the designed exclusion of the small man from the bounty of the tourist industry, are usually called alarmists. Don’t forget how the beach vendors were harassed by the hoteliers and the politicians. Eventually they put some of them in little stalls. We note, how easily, the big boys have successfully moved their operations from Broad Street to Warrens while the vendors are all over the place like business vagrants. This is a very sad commentary on our country as we move toward fifty years of independence.

Once again the true feelings of the political management class toward the small struggling black business person are being exposed. What would it have taken to bring the vendors into the mainstream of economic planning? Why did they not understand that proper facilities provided by the state with classes in business and accounts keeping etc. could have lifted the consciousness of these creative business persons? Why could they not instil in the vendors that with proper planning, they could pass on a viable business to their children? Like everything else the BLP/DLP has turned the vendors question into a political football. It saddens all right thinking citizens that far from providing real assistance to those who want to help themselves ,these two parties have with great accuracy attached the price of a vote to every single thing they do for poor black people.

The story of Mr. Herbert Courtland, the vendor who tried to set up a shack on the green space is instructive. Here we have in 2014 and people being fired left, right and centre, a citizen trying to get away with putting up another shack. The bigger question here is: Are we the majority people going to be always by highways, byways and alleys? Are we always going to be “trying to do a little something”? I now publicly ask the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party: What are your real plans for the poor black people of our island state. Tell me why are you making spectacles of the poor and exposing them to economic humiliation while you wine and dine with the haves. Do you really care about the haves not or are they only there to prop up your selfish and self cantered ambitions? You may choose not to answer me but at least have a little chat with Mr. Courtland. Tell him and all the vendors that next time you will remember them when you upgrade Bridgetown.

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  1. I am reading what transpired since I left and the only comment worthy of the garbage can is the one made by the PIMP AC. Since David dealt with you appropriately please desist from making any more commentary on this subject. You show forth the idiocy that warrants the ass spanking to place brain in correct cranial position, since there has to be a large space in your head that occupies the shit that comes from it. Please stay away. I was cordial and classy till I read your shite. Now the bitch in my black wants to get slack.

  2. Hants there are several farmers markets on weekends in Hastings and Holders Hill and on Redland plantation. There you can get all local veggies and fruits as well as crafts and preserves. I sell at one of them during mango season.

  3. I am reading that the government, namely the transport ministry under the honourable Michael Lashley is about to embark on the construction of the merged Bus terminal and Fairchild Street Market rebuilding project. I do not have the site that I can pose on here as the information was whatsapp to me from an old jostle packing six pack and a central muscle that made tongues wag. Hmmm. However with that thought firmly planted in the parts that emit arousal, it would appear that what the government intends to do is to merge these two operations so that “two foot” traffic must past through the market on its way to the bus terminal and vice versa. This makes perfect sense. The only concern I have is if the two constructions will compliment each other in terms of aesthetic value, modernity, functionality, and purpose. If anyone has the details of this project please feel free to post so that we can critique and get a better understanding of the government’s planned redevelopment of the Fairchild Street Bus terminal and market.

  4. @Hants
    I also learned a little secret. Drive down st.Andrew or st.Joseph and ask if anybody sell fruit or veggies.
    That cannot obtain these days,especially in this dry season.Haven’t you heard that St Joseph and St Andrew people are without water at times for 4 ,5,6 days, and cannot see a water tanker. Even the breadfruit in these parishes have gone on strike.

  5. Loll colonel hants is living in LA LA land. Who will spend gas money to go to these parishes to buy fruit from fellas lining the east coast rd ? Gas is too expensive to take these jaunts on a regular basis. There are too many farmers stalls and markets to choose from. In st. Lucy you see several farms/farmers selling their produce next to the road. This is catching on.

  6. Do you read comments that are posted. I repeat.

    “I totally understand David. It is different when you live in Barbados. I should have said when I visit Barbados.
    I am usually on vacation so I have the time to search for local fruit and vegetables.

  7. IslandGal wrote ” In st. Lucy you see several farms/farmers selling their produce next to the road. This is catching on”

    This a way for fruit and vegetable farmers to eliminate middle men and increase profits.

  8. I have seen in Munich where farmer’s day, Donnerstag or Thursday is the day that local farmers are permitted on a stretch of road to set up there tents and table displays for sale of their produce, Everyone of the farmers wear a Green apron and are attired in white. The display table is covered in a green material that looks something like Velcro. All the tents are of the same size and colour for uniformity. All the tables are the same. In front of them are wooden barrels filled with other veggies. The site is quite lovely to see and the set up very easy and simple. It is spacious and the atmosphere created quite pleasant. I wonder if it would be impossible for BARVEN and the group of farmers represented by this Vendors association to procure one big thing or several tents, decent looking tables or construct tables for display with the ability to be easily dismantle, all of which must be of similar make instead of contraptions. Is something like this beyond our comprehension to do? Or would the cries of being poor predispose our propensity for production for the clickatie clackatie of junk.

  9. “The MOH must take another trip there”

    Dear island Girl 246

    I rise to remark on your use of the word another while making the statement above

    THe definition of another “being one more or more of the same; further; additional: another piece of cake. 2. different; distinct; of a different period, place, or kind: at another time; another …” would seem to suggest that there was something there first so this permits for “additional” or further intervention etc

    I really dont think you three ladies – SSS, Well Well and Island Girl get this do you?

    We are saddled with an army of occupation that encamps around Bulbados like vultures and cuba birds, doing nothing but being the carrior that they are waiting until death, as it must come, enters the scene and then feeding off the fallen.

    Of late, the newer type of carrion, post 1985/86 incarnated in the DLP and the BLP pretenders to the throne have incorporated a practice called “tiltism” where one tilts the balances and hurries denizens into the dark e.g. the various taxes that Chris Sinckliar concocts every weekend post getting a new suit built for his big belly self) and the other meaningless road taxes, munincipal taxes and land taxes you get the drift right?

    I am not joking or being facetious here, we really have come to a point in the history of Barbados where we are led by non-thinkers who are content to build monstrosities lieke that at Eagle Hall get kick backs for the construction of these pig pens, like the Michael Lashleys of the island, and not have a care in the least when on Sunday mornings not a man jack uses the said eyesore.

    I soon expect Ronald We Jonesing to get up in parliament and announce a pussy tax where “vendors” on Bush Hill will be tasked to pay $25 dollars a night for their contributions to the tourism product.

    I can see the other idiot of Tourism Richard “I can see Spirits” Sealy leading a delegation with Hugh Springer in tow, through there on a night late pointing out “improvements” that he feels would bring more “tourist spend and throughput” to the place.

    Apologies, I was told that we Jonesing wud not be too interested in pvssy tax he would however lead the charge as such relates to botsies.

    Examine the commentators in this blog and you will again see the degree of care that is afforded this issue about the poor black man vending.

    Your discourse and detailed examination of the innards of this archaic law is commendable and i bow my grey hairs to the effort that you three musketeers accorded the ongoing shame of the powers that be.

    When the poor man cyan vend nuh more en when he relegated to the shadows of existence and he chilren cyan eat and he start going in de houses uh de rich peeples dem den dese ingunt ingrates called politicians and duh whutless conspirators called Permanent Secretaries, aided and abetted by the army of occupation gine get up off dem asses to try and change de pernicious act, but den it gine be too late

  10. and to the dynamic duo of SSS and Well Well tag team that kick my dear Alternating Current’s derriere regularly remember that even the three musketeers had a D’Artagnan

    Will you not adhere to some level of kindness to the not so fortunate and include this person to your tree lady gang?

    AC I going get David[BU] to find that submission where you was promising to gi’ de ole man come kicks to he head and body parts and i had was to go to District A, out where Brother Dompey used to live, and get a restraining order issued against a cyberspace attacker.

    The way that restraining order worked was, when ever i sat down by the cuntputer i used to open up de order and den log onto BU.

    Girl if you hadda say one more ting I had a number tuh call District A direct and whaplax, invoke Cat 32 of the Internet Violence Act and whaplax David [BU] wudda had tuh gi me you name and whaplax i wudda gi you name to de big boots men and whaplax dem wuuda brek down you door and whaplax you wudda get some warm blow (you know dat dem blows is de modus uh de RBPF) and whaplax you wudda get apprehend and whaplax de DPP (Guyanese dat he is) wudda leh you go…

    Wait dat en how de story was suppose to end, I like i mis out a whaplax…

  11. pdyr…..if i did…. u had every right to pursue any action for your protection as to what u might belive as threats to be administered on your person to incur bodily harm…..therefore on that premise i plead my case,,,by having the same right,,,,,,,in any case you bringing up an allegation which you say i made as a treat does not eliminate threats or violence being made against me by some deranged and out of control lunatic living among the BU household called SSS get it;;;; now called DPP and filed your complain again u have my permission……see u in court,,,,,,,,,,

    • @ac

      Why don’t you stop your silly rants? How can an anonymous commenter threaten another anonymous commenter? There is the saying ‘ignorance is known to have no bounds’.

      On Sunday, 4 May 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  12. @ AC

    You really serious??

    Wow, thine ignorance really knows no bounds, I now see why i was being censored, because it was feared that i might start using some bad language to you.

    I must make an admission AC, after a while I do adopt a position that is based on “know the things that i can change, those i cannot change, and accepting the difference”

    There are some submissions that you make that genuinely make sense but when others and/or I try to engage with you to explore something deeper in your posit, regretfully you how do i put this so you dont get offended, “you come up lacking”

    For an ole man like me, whose last horizon and field of battle is in “the soldiers and synapses on the field of lumen of the mind”, engaging with a mind of conquerable skills becomes the sex that younger denizens here, like SSS and Well Well, Ross and BAFFY are still able to enjoy.

    For the ole fart, “gone are those days when my heart was young and gay.. ” i mean the first line of the song “Ole Black Joe” and no, i am not part of the Gay and Lesbians Association of Bulbados.

    So what i do is position myself in front of the computer, when de madam out and search and blog to my ole pensioner heart’s content, the rest of us going home so calling phones to speak to ghosts dont work, i ent got Joseph Niles’ Heavenly telephone lines.

    Ole menses live in fantasy worlds full of womens we never had but does tell lies bout to udder mens, feats of strength that we never accomplished, lifting 4 bags uh cement two pun each shoulder, having nuff womens, being a multimillionaire at 21 and udder tings.

    BU is the place where we can come and pontificate pun tings dat we ent know bout, cut an paste from de internet and mek weself look big up, pretend dat we insulted bout Sincliar and Michael Lashes tekking bribes an tings like dat.

    But we ole farts genuinely want to engage.

    It is very hard to do that with you.. and that AC is the thing.. you did make those “threats” but i laughed them off as passing banter but here on May 4th I now realise that not only were you were serious about the threats but that you have forgotten that you made them.


  13. PDYR

    Really seriously and u make the rule book on what is sense and whats not,,,,,,,,get real,,,,,,,ole man……. try using that rule book in the MIddle EAST,,,,,,then u would get the real treatment and low down on reality and how it can be used as a test for others intelligence,,, i know u might belive that you are the fountain of wisdom and knowledge only rivaling that of BT,,,,,,

  14. @ David | May 3, 2014 at 2:24 PM |

    “Before ANY license is issued by government a tax certificate should be required.”

    I agree with your statement. Operators of mini-buses, maxi-taxis, route taxis, taxis, tour buses and hired vehicles are required to file income tax returns and apply for a tax clearance certificate, which must be presented to Licensing Authority before their permits can be renewed.

    Vendors don’t want to pay for permits, they don’t want to file income tax returns or pay NIS contributions, and they refuse to adhere to health and legal regulations. Many vendors see it as their right to benefit from the provision of education, health care and other social services provided by the state, yet they refuse to fulfill their statutory requirements. What is BARVEN’s role in making sure its members adhere to the law and lobbying for better conditions for them?

    By not seeing themselves as entrepreneurs and operating in a businesslike manner, vendors are not being serious about their profession. As such, how do they expect anyone to take them seriously.

  15. @ pieceuhderockyeahright

    Metal sharpens Metal. Those who identify with your intelligence is made better by your contributions and vast experience. Respect therefore is due.. You are an elder and as such your wisdom cannot be ignored though your view point can be challenged.

    The idiot to whom you refer is a political pimp of the highest order and one who expresses those views to please the puppet that pulls the strings. She cares little about clarity or correctness. The contribution on this blog serves a purpose and that is to agitate. She certainly has agitated me and for that her ass will be ridicule and bombarded with the bajan vernacular for sometime to come. Waste not your time with this idiot but let me waste mine with her. Continue to provide discourse and let not thy heart be trouble by the PIMP.. For it metal sharpens metal, if you rub thy worth against worm wood you soon will become dull and listless from the infestation.

  16. @pieceuhderockyeahright

    Concerning your analogy of the three musketeers. Remember that the 4th did not oppose the three and therefore were allied in friendship. This PIMP has not what it takes to defend with the sword. She is the hen that wakes the cock for the much needed a Cock-a Do -a- DO

  17. Oh Susanna..

    Interesting to note that in the UK a market day exists,which is used by all including farmers and second hand dealers….possibly our flea markets and the farmers ones are following suit.

  18. Hello Vincent

    I know the UK situation, particularly farmers marts in Hammersmith and the one in Upton Park Newham (which is a more enclosed type of market. They are very busy places but aspects of their operations came under the hammer in the area of poor garbage disposal. All markets have their problems but the difference between them and us is that they understand the law of compliance and order. A lot of the lot here are not like that. The vendors seem to think that the law is their enemy; the rule defiles their purpose and so resistance is inevitable.

    Case in point, the controversy surrounding the decision to rid fish markets of trollies. Although the vendors where inform of the dangers and the fact that the trollies were deemed stolen merchandise a few in their understanding and wisdom wanted to take legal action against action that was meted to protect the public and remove the stolen property off of crown land.

  19. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Why do you continue to besmear AC because she seeks to defend a political- worldview in what manner she sees fit? Okay, you have rehabilitated your crashed ego, so let’s focus on what gives meaning to productive social discourse sista.

  20. Oh Susanna,
    i also recall the pics of the early 1900s,when on a Saturday Bim used to have vending in front of the Parliament building,reason for saturday being that it was the off day for the working masses……so we have had it before and what is lacking is common sense implementation.

    • We seem to do a good job setting up Markets to sell cars and mobile phones…

      On Sunday, 4 May 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  21. Sunny……in the spring/summer at the Toronto Botanical Garden, the same can be seen, tents set up, farmers etc selling their produce, everything neat, tidy and tasteful, and people travel far and wide to get to those markets, there is even a band from various provinces…..Barbados has perpetual summer, need i say more?

  22. @dompey

    You seem not to be a good reader. I implore you therefore to scroll to older messages where I addressed you. Everyone needs an ally. if you therefore feel that you should seek to rescue this political pimp from the SSS, then throw her a life line. My focus is fixed on the AC and will not be staved until change comes forth in the manner of her writing or an apology for referring to my breast, vagina and fallopian tubes and curves as being man. I will not respond to you again after this. My focus is fixed on the AC cunt. For the last time I am classless and do not give a shit. If you want to call me whore I will accept the compliment; if you want to call me derange, I will accept the compliment; if you want to call me bitch, nothing makes me happier. But unlike the Pimp, I am no bodies bitch. Now run a long please.

  23. Piece…… know only two well that AC is the female version and flipside to Bizzy et al, she is on the blog to wrought destruction with her strings being pulled by her puppet masters in the DLP, their only aim is to deceive the masses in Barbados for their own slimy financial gain the pit of nasty vipers they are, AC has shown herself to be totally useless and exudes negativity, just like Sunny has alluded..

  24. @ David [BU]

    You have hit the nail on the head when you said “We seem to do a good job setting up Markets to sell cars and mobile phones”

    Who are the parties behind those tents that are able to be set up wherever they want all over Bulbados?


    LIME which practiced an iniquitous dual billing for years at the expense of the black man, vendor or common citizen, and enriched itself at the expense of all Bulbados can set up a tent at will… dem dont need no concessions but they are exempt from the Markets Act or whatever one wants to call it.

    But if one can pay Ronald Toppin and the herd of cattle at the Fair Trading Commission a couple million to lood the other way while we get raped, it is sure easy for this lot of nincompoops to ignore the inequity and to allow the rich LIME and DIGICEL to get richer, and add another gang rapist to the lot FLO, but to deny a po’ black man a vendor license ‘causing it be an eyesore out by church village.

    Now tell me if the UDC could not have tek all uh dem money and approach dem vendors and say to dem, heah is some nice huts fuh wunna, jes pay dis price an we is gine gi wunna a 4% loan at Fun Depress sorry Fund Access and EGFL tuh build nice attractive habitation instead uh dog and pig pens

    But dat wud mean doing someting fuh a nex black man or wuman instead of having dem cum and suck de minister doggie or botsie depending pun if it is Sealy of the Spirit Watcher Clan or Ronald We Jonseing.

    Jes keeping it real…

  25. @Well Well

    Before I start, there seem to be a consensus that you and I are allied against the PIMP AC. If that be the case I can only assume that persons who have observed the agenda of this woman and the fact that she can pose some real-real nonsense in her writing must be also be allied against her. Nothing can be further from the truth. The people here knows a fraud when they see one. I would do this to anyone who derived benefits that are not by legitimate means. These people are nefarious as they are vile. I hate such benefactors with a passion. A hate that is fuel when they live large and in charge and others suck salt and suffer.

    For the record, Well Well draws her inference from what she knows to be true about the writings of AC. We are not teaming up against the PIMP AC. I blog from time to time but recently have increase my contributions more because i have time now. The SSS do not need anyone to assist her with anyone on here. I am too much of a nasty classless bitch to ask for help or be allied to anyone. Well Well contributes and from her writings hold a non bias non partisan view of the subjects presented on these blogs (well from what I have read so far).

    This AC Johnny seems not able to bring a balance view and hardly anything objective or of substance. I know nothing of her earlier contributions on here rather they had relevancy or not. I really could not give a shit if they had merit. What I know about this PIMP is obvious from her writings and people like that who serve a political agenda at any cost, particularly cost of those who are not able to benefit like how these political puppet masters do, as well as their PIMPS and lackeys, make my blood boil. I will not stop until AC is resurrected from a dead living into the marvelous light of truth and reality. Until then, I will pummel her ass with articulation.

  26. Sunny…….from i started on this blog i realized AC was well positioned by people who are slightly more knowledgeable than her to attack anyone who shows even a minor inclination to discredit or expose anything that would positively educate the majority bajans, a disgusting and evil agenda, that is what made me stay on the blog or i would have been long gone, but not only the lowlifes in the government and opposition have that agenda but also some lowlife bajan whites on the island, they should be vigorously and mercilessly dealt with, the ACs are just agents to be used and in her case not very effectively, she does not even read the links they send her, she just posts them, but they will not stop, it’s good people are willing to drag them down..

  27. @pieceuhderockyeahright

    Your mouth is filthy…I LOVE IT…YOU A DARLING
    You raise an interesting point concerning those of the big club not requiring a vendors license to vend their phones and other gadgets in comparison to the requirements of those vendors who constitute the not so privilege.

    In light of that, I have been reading the Cap 265 Act to understand if their action constitutes a breach of these regulations. It would appear that in order for application for permit to be made to the Chief Supervisor of Markets, the area for which the vending is to be carried must be within a set boundary as set for each market in the Second Schedule of regulations 45. This regulation demarcates the area by street names. This means that a jurisdiction is derived and abounds, and for which a permit from the circumference of a market is established.

    If persons therefore from lime vend from Trafalgar square, it appears that they would have to obtain a permit or seek special permission from the Chief Supervisor of Markets, in conjunction with police approval for such activity to take place. The question that needs to be asked here is if they seek such permission from the Chief Supervisor of Markets or just the police. If they do not then they are in breach of the rules and regulations of the markets and slaughterhouse act cap 265. The authorities therefore have the power under the act to take necessary legal action or request their removal. The truth of the matter, I doubt very much if this is enforced. It is my belief that no one takes this act seriously because from the looks of vending in Bridgetown, its use could have stopped a long time ago. I mean since 1958 they have not been any amendment to the rules or regulations. What sense it is to have an act with rules and regulations that is outdated and not use. I guess this is the Barbados way.

  28. @ SSS

    I have first to make a few statements and ask a few questions?

    How old are you? The reason that i so ask is because as an octogenarian if you are below a certain age, your public statement of love means that you and I are unfortunately like Sterling and his 23 year old and, with AC on our cyber track, our affair would be over before it started.

    Item 2. I used to love Island Girl 246 but Hants ran me out of the contention one day up by Farley Hill and since then I have not really recovered.

    Item 3 . de real, real madam is a church lady, one of the Washed in the Blood Crew at *** and i hiding this passtime of mine being pun de internet cussing en carrying on pun days and den going into the same Trafalgar Square wid de church’s feed my sheep programme, you know how many times i does speak tuh de same nitwits and ingrunt swine up deah at Trafalgar Square pun a ** and **.

    I gots to be discrete and if we was to have a cyberspace affair, i sure dat AC wud get de same people dat she talk bout dis week to put a restraining order pun cyber blogger moufs, to come and find me and you out and expose de two uh we in shameful fragante delicto, with all of our bytes, the electronic type showing.

    So much as de ole man gald you love my mouth i is only dribble.

    That said I love you girl chile you real freaking bright, I have an intellectual erection for you and i gine tell you why.

    Only a sleuth of high science proportions would have thought of the issue of “distance and a set boundary as set for each market in the Second Schedule of regulations 45….”

    Whuloss, you gots a boyfriend? I know dat he got to be real bright and secure in heself causing wid a woman uh you intellect a lesser man would feel threatened…I really jes love it/you too..

    We gine jes hafta agree to be platonic, electronic, lovers and lef it dey…

    I wudda sen you some uh dem kisses dat Bushie does use but i ent know how to do dem pun de cuntputer so dere

  29. hi guys a give it rest AC will be down town tomorrow wearing a TEE shirt ….. with the logo AC BU underground,,,,,,,,,,,

  30. @pieceuhderockyeahright

    LMAO into a frenzy. Your tongue wags too sweet. My name is Susanne and i am in my early 30’s. i do not consider myself bright but I have studied long and hard to enjoy the few comforts accumulated as result of perseverance and handwork. I know what it is to work for what I have instead of spreading to get what you can get, But you articulate too sweet. Wuhlawds even if the flesh is old the spirit in you sound ready and willing to rise a-head :P. I love knowledge. Knowledge is power. People criticize the blogs but much can be learnt in forums like this. It is unfortunate that certain cxxts seem oblivious to this fact. And please, stop referring to yourself as an old fart. My father is 84 do you know where he is right now? Up in the Alps in a cabin drinking beer and slamming dominoes with some bajan friends. You know how he got up there? By his two legs. He is my inspiration and seems not to understand the word – TAKE A REST. So my dear Sir…keep on keep on. I do not cyber…no fun in that. And no there is no boyfriend just the occasional dildo and a friend to whom benefit from time to time is derived. The last boyfriend got a chop in the head for putting his hand on me. Not into that beating woman shit…I will kill your ass if any man thinks he can Cxxt-HOLE mess with the SSS. And for people like AC to take me to court for wanting cut her scrawny ass…SSS is my first, middle and last name…Start to research pumpkin. I know you saving the transcripts.

  31. dompey,,,,,,,doin’t sweat the small stuff,,,,,,,it takes all kinds to make the world go around,,,,,,,some see fit to belittle or disgraced themselves using fulll frontal exposure giving others the opportunity to jump in or to take a good look. n,……..on the other hand ac is fully secured and full of confidence and self esteem and doesn’t needs or have the urge to disgraced or degrade self for the world to see ,,,,,when i am attacked i would deliver,,,,with out shame or seeking approval ,,,,,,i am very much comfortable with the person i am, couldn;t give a rat..s ass how others perceived me to be ..except for one thing i will not fully expose my self on the world wide wide in a derogatory manner for all to see, my mother taught me that,,,,,,,,,i said what i had to say about my rival SSS i would never retract ..apologize or be sorry for what,,,i said,,,,,,,. as far as i am concerned her continual attacks on the chararcter ac,,,,,is representative of a deranged ill mannered ,.,no classless ..tasteless person,,, couldn,t care less how many days months years she spends letting the world get a glimpse into to that filthy character,,,,,for every assualt SSS level at ac,,,,,,it refelcts on SSS ..not on ac ,,in the mean while i never read the comments made by or to SSS… the HERMAPHRODITE,, like i say don’t sweat the small stuff… somthings in life do worth worrying or thinking about,,,,,and SSS happens to be one of them….followed by WELL WELLL.who seems to smelling SSS underwears of recent,,,,,,,,,, hi guys don’t forget to look for AC BU underground in her sexy jeans and TEE shirt tomorrow,,,,,,.

  32. @the sCUNT AC

    I thought I would never live to tell the tale when I actually would vomit at the spoken word. When i read the pathetic attempt by this sCUNT AC to relegate herself from the squalor that besets a woman of constant political harlotry, to one who bemuse confusion that she is sexy but yet alludes to a jeans as being sexy, and not her self, now I am convince that i am dealing with high a class idiot. You obviously felt the shame and feeling of being left out when you sought to propagate in your feeble attempt to convey sexy, your heartfelt pain when the SSS referred to the curves of her curvature and athletic body as the invite to so many wagging tongues. You should have spoken about your form not your jeans you swibbly pooch shite. You are in no way my league honey. But jealousy is a bitch and it makes people like you do and say the most ignorant oft things. I will excuse your pitiful attempt to elevate your droop pooch ass up the ladder of deprived sexual attention. STAND AND BE RECOGNIZED AC WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO VOMIT SALUTES YOU. YOUR JEANS INDEED IS BEAUTIFUL BUT FROM WHAT YOU SAID OBVIOUSLY NOT YOU?

  33. The sCUNT AC wrote:

    ….except for one thing i will not fully expose my self on the world wide wide in a derogatory manner for all to see, my mother taught me that,,,,,

    Hahahahaha Oh lawds i did not read this part…HAhahahahahaah So if your mother taught you that she thought you well. How comes then you are doing. Your mouth is filthy as the SSS. That part is what made me so friggin horny for you. Ewwwww. But I can’t do the lesbo thing with a dumb dumb. I mean if your mother taught you to not to fully expose yourself on the world wide wide, mine taught me to showoff myself on the world wide web. By the way what is the world wide wide? A porn site let me check it out now.

  34. Piece:

    I was going to tell ya wife but that piece too sweet. You better keep some of that love for AC.

  35. Looka how Piece just dumped me …Piece yuh forcing me back tah the Bushman. Lawd I cahn tek dis bellyache no more. Yuh trade muh in fuh a younger model. I gine go and get some surgery and den paint de town RED RED! Sunnysunshine tek good care of piece fuh muh and doah give he too much he heart weak. LOLL

  36. You AC are so lucky that my comments are being censored now by David. I had some colourful language for ya pathetic crutch but David felt in his wisdom that its time to put a lid on the SSS. I do not mine. I AM COMING AFTER YOUR ASS REGARDLESSLY, RELENTLESSLY, RECKLESSL BLUP BLUP BLUP BLUP

  37. @Sunshine Sunny Shine | May 4, 2014 at 4:07 PM |

    “… you swibbly pooch shite….”

    that is what i love about the bajan dialect lol lord have mercy…where did u get that phrase? that made my day..AC must be bowing her head in deep shame…hahaha 🙂

  38. @ SSS

    As you can see already Brother Lemuel gine tell de madam so I may have to come by you after all.

    Unfortunately my having to move from my present place of abode, solely as a result of Lemuel apprising de madam of “my business”, may not go down to good with your Daddy and he may use his two legs, those undoubtedly strong appendages that got him up the Alps, to kick me and mine out of your house when he comes back.

    I however thank you very kindly for those words to de ole fellow, it made me feel …… that warm feeling you get when you imbibe an Alleyne Arthur, not to be confused with an Owen Arthur

    If i was a believer in science fiction movies I would hope that during the coming years a pill of some type is found to reinvigorate the body, so that it might remain for yet a while with the calcified mind

    Unfortunately that is what movies are for, and we who hope for a Life Everlasting, smile, reminisce of times gone, and move speedily on.

    You are also a very frank young miss and keep it real …. I pray you well and that time brings you kind and gentler friends with benefits who are worthy of your comforts.

    I will warn you to keep away from one Baffy because he is a wild man on de udder han’ you may find he appealing causing you is a spritely thang youself.

    And steer clear uh that other fellow I forgot his name now but he is a pieceuhmadmans so less he rub off dat foolishness pun you avoid he like de plague…

  39. Oh Lawsie, Island Girl246 did heah while i was meking sweet talk with the Sweet Sultry Sirene SSS!!

    Oh whuloss it all ovah, I taut dat you did out dis evening wid Hants, Island, pun an Island tour or sumting

    If i remember correctly, one uh dem was to bring a bill fish or sumting by you, he or Onions it tink? Man I cyan remember too much tings nowadays. I know it ent de 3rd fellow causing you and he doan seem tuh “congregate” too well, i learn dat word from Sister Headley when she pass today after service.

    I gots a question fuh all wunna beautiful damsels and creatures of pulcritude, why wunna wait till peeple cud only salivate tuh say dese tings dem? Man dis is wusser dan Chinese torture!!

    I gine hafta get David put a filter pun “solicitations of the fourth estate” and “temptings of de Lazarus Crew” causing you gots tuh have real power to resurrect de dead, if you gets my drift…dribble dribble

    Dear Suzanne, doan agitate youself too much, sometimes you got to live in a hole wid a creature dat in a nex time you was gine destroy but it builds your character to live and let live.

    How wunna feel bout de vendors pun de highway dat if wunna is driving along (de ole man license get tek way” ) and got to swerve to avoid a dead dog in de road, wunna gine run into dem coconut stall and kill a few uh dem?

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