DLP Blames REVENUE for its Fiscal Indiscipline

Henderson Bovell

Henderson Bovell

These shameless people engaged an undisclosed and secret number of thousands of people in the Public Service of Barbados (all during a recession) and since 2008 (as part of their ‘oppressive’ fatted calf doctrine) and based on what Barbadians are saying – also found every conceivable way to funnel state-funds to dems, through their flawed, “political entitlement programme” and now that their fiscal recklessness has caused a stench – they are telling the country some crap that Barbados’ economic woes can be tied to some global crisis. But it gets worse!

Within days of Cabinet Minister, Dr. Estwick telling the country that the DLP’s economic policies are flawed and the country is on the wrong path, the Chairman of the same Cabinet (which did not willingly allow Dr. Estwick to prove his thesis, through a power-point presentation, as requested) announced to the world – that Barbados’ economic woes can be tied to some global financial crisis that ended years ago.

Now! Something is not making sense, here! How can there be two conflicting views from the same Cabinet on Barbados economic circumstances and reality?

How can PM Stuart be blaming a global financial crisis, which  ended in 2010, for Barbados’ economic woes, when former Economic Development Minister, Dr. Estwick, blames the DLP’s flawed policies and furthermore, since the circumstances of even the EU countries, improved since then?

Since the beginning of man every small country in the world has had to depend on the bigger more developed countries, to survive. And, from time immemorial, Ministers of Finance of Barbados knew that fact, as well as the fact that what was done here – has to bear some relationship with what is happening in the rest of the world.

Furthermore, what happens in the world has always and will always have the potential to affect Barbados! Out fragile open economy is not immune from external shocks. The good thing for us in the past was that Barbados had competent Government, fewer Ministers and much smaller but competent Cabinets who and which could cope! Certainly between 1976 and 86 and 1994 and 2008. Barbados was not that fortunate between 1991 and 94 and since 2008!

It is therefore puzzling why Prime Minister Freundel Stuart would try to convince the country that Barbados’ economic woes can be tied to some global economic crisis, which ended years ago.

But, you have to explain the Prime Minister!  This is a man who told the country that the ruling Democratic Labour Party won’t be cutting jobs in the public service, despite the tough economic times because doing such would be a recipe for disaster and would create additional hardships for Barbadians. This is a the same man who told this country that firing public workers may fall under the Barbados Labour Party’s agenda but not the DLP.

Incidentally the Prime Minister’ latest disquiet that the global crisis is to blame for Barbados’ economic woes comes at a time when Rating Agency Standard & Poor’s was giving Trinidad an “A” rating. In contrast he and his “eminent” DLP Cabinet have already successfully earned a “JUNK” rating for Barbados. Good thing they are “eminent!”

Surely Mr. Stuart must have seen a recent report, which shows that of thirty five countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, all of them are ahead of Barbados in terms of economic performance, despite being faced with the same global economic conditions as Barbados!  It is no secret that when the BLP was the Government this same Barbados was regarded as the number one (#1) developing country in the world and might have even reached developed country status.

But what of this — bogey-man and fictitious – global financial crisis the DLP likes to use as an excuse for it incompetence and reckless mismanagement of the economy because in their recent 2013 Manifesto, they admitted the so-called global crisis had ended? If reference is now being made to something that does not exist, and the argument is then made that: “a non-existent something,” is causing the DLP to so recklessly mismanaged the economy, and that ‘non-existent something’ would then cause the DLP to fire thousands simply to ensure that sixteen (16) keep their job – then the place for the DLP is not Bay Street or George Street but Black Rock!

This shows the utter stupidity of the DLP having presented a Manifesto recently, of things it plans to do and the folly of DLP Ministers promising that a “broke and broken Government” – will somehow be starting new projects, even while there seems unable to complete existing ones.

Barbados does not have a revenue problem but fiscal recklessness on the Expenditure side.  But if the blame is placed on revenue – then a global crisis can be advanced as an excuse. However, as part of its “fatted calf doctrine,” this failed-DLP-Government advanced a number of  ‘political entitlement programme,’ which are not off-set by the creating of any successful matching enterprises!

This brings me to the Financial Crisis because once it is properly explained, it does not help the DLP’ argument but in fact – shows how incompetent they are and how their uncertainty and ill-conceived economic policies – is causing unprecedented suffering for Barbadians.

Incidentally, it must be remembered that the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition – The Hon. Mia A. Mottley,Q.C., M.P.,  –  brought a no confidence motion against Minister Chris Sinckler charging that Sinckler is out of his depth and his ill conceived economic policies have resulted in untold suffering for Barbadians.

Minister Estwick has now been given the opportunity to prove that very point, albeit behind closed doors and in secrecy at Cabinet. Still, his presentation constitutes a vote of no-confidence against this DLP Government and its economic policies, even if the country does not find-out the outcome, unless there is an After Cabinet briefing!

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  1. I completely agree that Barbados has a revenue problem. I therefore cannot understand why Government has been blocking VAT officers from enforcing the law with more than $1 billion dollars outstanding. Many of those who owe VAT went and join the DEMS for protection against the public officers.

    Instead of allowing the public officers to do their duty, Government is setting up a statutory board called the Revenue Authority to have more political control over decisions about who to collect taxes from.

    Of course they would also be in control of the recruitment of staff. Already persons are saying that they have jobs reserved in the Revenue Authority.

  2. Barbadians will know the outcome of the Power Point Presentation,have no fear.If they do not go with it(they cannot at this time)Estwick will exercise his options.If they find it workable,the IMF will dictate future events,so one way or the other the electorate will be on standby.
    A coming event has cast its shadow.There is unease in the camp and their legal beagle is not as well as he has been heretofore.He is taking advice from his medical team which suggests to him to disengage.


    countryman | February 8, 2014 at 9:09 PM |

    barbados being sold for 5 billion us @

    That is the talk , now we can move from being slaves and now go right into slavery, Suckers

    PIMPS , crooks , liars and scumbags .What will they not do for money
    Soon the VAT will be 20%

    Exchange rate will drop in side the island when they take out the penny
    USDollar may now will go for 1.95 and to buy will be 2.05 , that will be a 10cents swing ,A way to make money, all over the place ,

  4. Of course there is a revenue problem!!

    Just check the Central Bank figures.


    VAT revenue is at the lowest it has been.

    Corporate Tax has taken a nosedive.

    The two are linked, business activity in the island is down, profits are down, value added is down …. so these two revenue components are down.

    There maybe billions owed according to Caswell (or they may not) but you can’t get blood from a stone.

    For me the most shocking revenue fall is in property tax.

    Remember, we have sold our country to rich foreigners who were supposed to bring jobs and taxes ….

    Check Property Tax.

    Down like the rest.

    We are on the wrong path, not just recently, from the 90’s when a bunch of crazy idiots decided to ignore the physical development plan and the wisdom that was available at the time.

    Of course there is a revenue problem … and of course we are on the wrong course and have been for decades.

    What do you expect!!

    There are three ways out ……

    Cut expenses, layoffs in the public sector, etc. …….

    Or ……Increase revenue, collect taxes, ensure they are fair and reasonable so people feel they are not being ripped off, etc. ….

    Or a combination of the two.

    This is not rocket science!!

  5. Fantastic test match just ended.

    Result is immaterial.

    Had me remembering the times when we could produce a cricket match like that.

    Those were heady days.

    I am on cloud 9!!

  6. @ John

    No where in your response to this dribble that is Henderson “Once Herald of David Thompson” Bovell’s ongoing littany that Mia can do better, do i find anything about investment and diversification of our economy to include things like

    (i) redploying our highly literate UWI students in determining if Finger Grower can be mass produced as an alternative to Cialis or if our marine species has any cure for diabetes or something which white people (of whom Dr Clive Landis is one) does get millions of dollars in investment for research dat we niggers, led by Leo Moseley and now Dr. Depradine seem bereft of any thought processes to secure.

    (ii) refitting our furniture manufacturing sectors with CAD enabled machines and CNC machines so that the stonehenge manufacturing techniques and labour intensive, expensive, antiquated processes can be brought into the 21st

    (iii) that UWI architects who go overseas to T&T can think of innovative photovoltaic cell construction to reduce our energy bills for $500million a year

    We doing what we does do best though, decry this incompetent bunch of DLP mofo’s and the other bunch of waste foops from the BLP instead of placing the blame squarely at our feet.

    But soft awhile… the true culprit is CO Williams and Bizzy and the buckra johnny white mens like Bruggadown who say dat we indolent and doan wuk and get castigate for telling de truff.

    So that nincompoops like this Henderson Bovell traitor and turncoat can come here and make much ado about nothing, NEVER suggesting one thing that can make Bulbados rise up from these ashes.

    While he and Mia pointing out all the ills bout here, causing we are ingrunt swine and need someone like you to point out the seat in the Office of the Opposition where you sat and supped with David Thompson.

    Yesiree John, Bovell is the epitome of progress, espousing what needs to get changed bout heah in Bulbados, edifying the cyberspace wid these glorious suggestions of what he and his newly found Caesar rather Calpurnia are recommending to be done, suggestions that clearly outshines this dogshit guvment and show definitively what we Bajans need…

    You gots to be careful washing ole cars doa… it spic an span but Milly, dat is whu i does call de car, it wun start so i home till de heathen mechanic come and fix it.

    He does doan go church and he does curse de pastor at we church so de Madam call he a heathen

  7. Since we are now into truth or dare and spinning heads on the other thread, it is only fair, in the public interest and more than overdue that a chronology of CGI Insurance Company and it’s owners Bruce Bailey and Peter Harris be put together in a bid to hopefully keep the eyes of Bajans wide open in the hopes of minimizing any damage in the event of another Clico-like scenario….because we all know that the authorities WHO SHOULD, will not pay any attention because of their esteemed friendships with the players or until it’s time for deniability and ass covering…….AND
    to also prevent another future sleeping, merry widow with a 30 million dollar estate who can sleep all she wants in Parliament, shown on TV, at the expense of taxpayers……….the DLP should realize by now that they have played out the Thompson card, but they haven’t…I can’t even begin to imagine if this was playing out in any other Parliament in the world what would happen, but it is accepted in Badbados.

    For the Cawmere Mafia types who are at this time proud of themselves about their association with the CGI’s owners, let’s hope you don’t lose your shirts and underwear in Clico-like gangbang style and be aware that ponzi-like towers, while seeming tall and attractive when piled high with greed, inevitably ALWAYS come tumbling down, just ask Leroy Parris of Clico fame….we would imagine that the Combermere educated would be intelligent enough to already know all of this…….

    It is said from reliable sources with public knowledge that CGI started in the house at River Road with seed money obtained by Bruce Bailey from his father who owned an insurance company in Bridgetown, Harris being Bailey’s friend also worked at the same insurance company and they both struck out on their own………….how very commendable.

    But, after becoming quite wealthy and successful over the last 2 decades or less from collecting Bajans’ money at CGI, it is becoming increasingly clear that Bailey who now owns 40-50 acres of Clifton Hall Plantation and can now boast “If Grantley Adams Airport loses their lights, they can use mine here on my plantation, they are that powerful”. How very wonderful, wish he would be that expansive, accommodating and generous when Bajan people put in claims to CGI for death, sickness and permanent disability/injury caused by accidents….AND Harris, who is being consistently complained about for having built up quite the reputation for being cold-blooded, vicious and consumed with greed, who would do anything not to pay out any claims, after all, he has all these properties, house, cars, etc to acquire for himself.

    This is like deja vu, reminds me so much of shades of Leroy Parris in his Clico heydays with his attorney and Clico Advisor David Thompson firmly by his side, joined at the hip…lol

    Even though these two individuals now have controlling interests in Sandy Crest, Coverly, Warrens and Bayview private clinics with Honda recently thrown in for good measure, and 4 MRI machines on the island, word is that if you need an MRI while having a claim at CGI, they get to screw you coming and going, they will tell lies on the MRI report even if you are severely injured. just so they don’t have to pay the claim, after all, they own the damn MRI machines. Even I found that little trick EXTREMELY cold-blooded and callous, way too cold-blooded for my tastes.

    Now lets follow the money….where is all this tens of millions of dollars coming from in one insurance company on the island, the island’s population has neither doubled, tripled or quadrupled in the last 2 decades, and unless I missed something, I don’t know of CGI being regional, someone can correct me if I am wrong. Is it possible that they have found a way to convince their re-insurer’s that they actually pay out these claims, when we know they don’t, but can still be re-imbursed by their re-insurance and pocket two sets of money, and why not OR they are in with those money laundering types. 1 + 1 is equalling too many millions circulating on so small an island, so I am going with both…

    Ask Leroy Parrs how he cambe by 8-20 million in the bank, and Clico is regional. Money the bank is smart enough to not want in their portfolios….that bullshit excuse about not touching his salary for years, so what was he eating and feeding his family, grass?? while living large and in charge in Badbados…it don’t add up, not even with Clico perks.

    Now enter the politicians, as usual we can’t seem to keep those crabs and parasites out of the nests of greedy vipers.Harris gleefully gets to pull the strings of DLP/BLP politicians and he seems to be really good at it too, and then there is Alex McDonald, most people are not even aware that he is South American, born in Guyana, now head of Barbados Private Sector, very good for him, an achievement to be admired, unfortunately his strings are being pulled by Harris, after all they are business partners.

    At this point, I am wishing and hoping for their sakes that the Judges in he Supreme Court in Barbados have not found themselves embroiled in this melee and have been somehow recorded taking bribes to ruin cases of claimants pursuing claims against this company. we know greed spreads like cancer. The Lawyers, there is not much need for any extended elaboration, they know their names will be called causing them to lose even more clients since they will be deemed to corrupt to touch by clients. I guess other Caribbean lawyers will start making tons of money in Barbados because they are smart enough to not become part of Barbados’ Corrupt Lawyers Brigade (BCLB).

    HPV Vaccine
    We are still waiting for an explanation from the DLP government on why a drug under investigation by FDA was imported to inject into the veins of minors and to hear Ferdinand gush about it, by force if necessary….who imported it, who paid for the drug,? the government cannot afford fertilizer for their cane crop, so it’s not them. Some group on the island saw HUGE $$$$$$$$ dancing before their very eyes going forward another 6-10 years, while medical types are running around the island trying to convince young people to inject this vaccine into their veins…..hope yall are paying attention to the fact that this drug is still under FDA investigation..In my experience, the more people get ill from a drug, the more money is made by healthcare types, why not create the illnesses? that will certainly mean more millions for health insurance and private clinics…………after all, the QEH hospital is now unable to cope.

  8. i try to make sense of this silly, Goebbels like propaganda to the forum and can never get my head round it.
    It has no intellectual content, does not do the BLP and favours and leaves the general reader just as confused as before reading it.
    maybe the author will give more consideration to making a positive discursive contribution to the forum. Or, on the contrary, leave his thoughts for the rum shop.

  9. @Well Well
    Lord put your words in that man’s mouth because he is surely in need of a depth Spiritual – Douche.

  10. Mark….that is what happens when people are consumed with greed and the population becomes complacent and accept any and all mediocre treatment……you will hear stories to make you cry, let’s hope the scum above starts to the right things.

  11. @Well Well
    I don’t know if I should believe the statement you have written above because you haven’t provided any credible sources to corroborate and substantiate your questionable claims. Now, with the lack of credible sources, one can’t help but to think that your rhetorical – prolixity isn’t an exaggeration in the service of the true. Remember now, the illustrious Jew philosopher Moses Miamonides, ( who happens to be my favorite philosopher) challenged us to, ” Follow the truth no matter the source.”

  12. Here is a classic case where greed outstrips hunger. In an inadvertent way this writer is telling all who are familiar with bajan politicians exactly why there needs to be a major shift away from what passes as the norm in Our country. This man is chomping at the bit. What for you may ask? Resumption of the practices that gave birth to this administration. God please help Barbados!

  13. @Well Well
    You’re going to have to pardon me sir because quite recently, I’ve noticed that I’ve developed a propensity for omiting a word or two, as I have done above. And I can’t help but to attribute this condition to a cognitive -insuffeciency which accompany’s the aging process. It’s kinda like imaging what one wants to express psychologically but empirically, it comes out differently on paper.

  14. @ Hamilton Hill
    There’s anything wrong with Greed, especially if it is done within the prescribed confines of the law. What is at question however, is one’s moral compass and that we ought not legislate.

  15. @Hamilton Hill
    You might as well conviction the entire system of Capitalism because is it intricately interfused with Greed. The entire system of American Republican form of government was built upon these principles, with John Locke’s ideas being the chief -cornerstone.

  16. The Framers in their quest to construted this new Republican form of American government, took John Locke’s concept of Private – property and implanted in their Constitution and it has been a stumbing- block since then.

  17. @ well well, you may not have all your thoughts put together. you are on the traveling on the right road, we will hear in time to come .

  18. This particular PDC contribution is directly aimed at those many persons who from time to time come on to this blog network to read our own and many other persons’ written contributions to this network, whatever the lead articles are, but who still do not make any known written contributions of their own to the network to be read by others.

    There are many persons who fall into this category.

    A few of them are Dr Rodney Worrell and our friend Oliver, the tall bespectacled financial economist, Dr Don Marshall, Roger Rabbit, Peta, Fabian, Veronica, the worker at the QEH’s Emergency Ambulance Service, the teacher at Harrison College, the owner of the interior cleaning firm, and Mr Dennis Johnson,

    While the PDC is not associating them in any way with the production of this post, it is calling upon them to actively help – in whatever ways they can – in the PERMANENT removal of these two intellectually and politically decrepit and moribund DLP and BLP disorganizations from the political governmental landscape of Barbados, and to help – in whatever ways they can too – in the bringing about of proper replacements for them in this country.

    For, this country will NEVER Advance unless there is the TOTAL ABSOLUTE removal of these old, backward and visionless political factions that have had so many political opportunities – whilst in government especially – to idealize and institute an alternative and indigenized, egalitarian, participatory, people-centered model of development suitable for the sustainable development of this country, away from the present iniquitous anti-developmental westernist, oligarchist, dependency, exploitative-oriented ‘model of development’.

    But these ramshackled ramgoat political people – because of their being so absorbed steeped and washed in the overweening personal familial cronistic and other vices and corruptions afforded by this latter model of development, have NOT been and will NEVER be putting in place such a propitious model of development for this country.

    And they will NEVER EVER do it although they clearly know one is critically needed at this juncture!!

    Finally, what we are asking these persons who do not blog, post or in any other way provide written contributions to this network, to do, is to really help usher in such a new and particular model of development for the betterment of the people of this country, and for the amelioration of the productive and commercial sectors of it, for it is this new model of development that is what this country – Barbados – has been in fundamental need of since the 1980s.


  19. David,

    We are multi-focussed politically.

    The critical key is the TOTAL ABSOLUTE permanent removal of them both from the political governmental landscape of this country.

    The broad masses and middle classes of this country must be accepting of such and must as much as possible be part and parcel of the ensuing wider fundamental change – it is therefore not just removing the DLP and BLP but also they being removed in the wider social political material financial changes that must seriously come about in the country to make it far better and brighter across various fronts, eventually.

    You will see in our last post before this, that we made/make mention of the political opportunities they have over the years had to idealize and institute a new and appropriate model of development for Barbados, but they have not been interested in such, they have primarily been and still are interested in pursuing and ensuring that their own narrow personal, familial, cronistic, business, financial and foreign affairs are looked after, even within the context of the wide scale harmful social and other oppressions and deprivations of the current iniquitous anti-development westernist, oligarchist, exploitative, dependency ‘ model of development’.

    David, we cannot reasonably ask the die in wool, die hard gate keepers of this essentially regressive ‘model of development” to seriously properly change it, not especially when they derive great personal, money, wealth and other sources of satisfactions from its continued operation, notwithstanding the untold social political material financial damage that it is doing to the country and the vast majority of people of it.


  20. Maybe they are hoping to patch-up their lovers’ quarrel on Valentine’s Day but Minister Estwick’s presentation on Thursday will be ‘tough love.’ It will constitute “a sincere vote of no-confidence against the Prime Minister; the Minister of Finance; the Governor of the Central Bank, as well as in the Government’ economic policies” – even if the country does not find-out the outcome of that presentation – unless there is an After Cabinet briefing

  21. Motivated……i know, there is so much more to come, but first the international investigation is sorely needed and will be triggered shortly

    Mark……….all you have said, does not make the level of greed now being displayed RIGHT, …..so because America was built on greed and slavery, it’s ok, why not enslave some people while you are at it??????Barbados is a very small island.

  22. Mark………by the way, what damn corroboration do you need? suffice it to say that the people in Barbados know damn well of what I speak and know it’s all true, and anything else i write on that subject will be true,

    Harris’ many claimant/victims are alive and well on the island, just be glad you are not one of his victims or political bribe takers. The day Harris changes his dont-pay-out-claims policy, the mood and chatter on the island about his MO through CGI will also change. And you know full well anyone pulling that type of shit in the US, goes to jail when caught.

    • When Minister Inniss suggests that all blockers should be removed which currently prevent international business from being processed efficiently begs the question: doesn’t the Minister have a say how this process is managed? What is the role of policymakers anyway.

  23. Barbados at moment is a mess, bombarded with problems of all sorts. These problems, one must surely know were created by the BLP but continued by the DLP. The DLP group may not know what in the hell they are doing, the BLP group for certain did not know what in the hell they were doing. Proof of this is the Al Barack Contractor mess, VECO, ABC Highway, Violet Beckles and more. All are non-return gifts from those BLP crooks in 2007. The blog writer and ex-DLP supporter Henderson Bovell knows all about this.

    Both parties, the BLP and DLP shared CLICO. One must surely see the shining light on things in Barbados without difficulty. Owen Arthur took money from CLICO, just a lot less than David Thompson. Owen Arthur stepped down in CLICO mud as did Thompson, and both must wear that shame and embarrassment, but Four Seasons, that one hoards only the DLP group.

  24. How long did it take the DLP ruling party to realize there are blockers in the way of doing business in Barbados? what were they doing all the time that they did not realize this? it took Inniss a whole year, the guy before him obviously did not even see the blockers, what do they do for their salaries anyway?

  25. What is the Combermere Mafia? Where can I sign up? Cause I am true born Comberian and I never got any invites to their meetings, and have never benefitted financially from this so called ‘biggest Lodge’ in Bim.

    P.S. ** rubs two fingers together ** <– The sound of the world’s smallest violin playing “My Heart Pumps Purple Piss Just For You”, a special dedication to the especial fuckwittage that has been Barbados since 2008 in particular.

  26. VAT revenue is at the lowest it has been

    I made that statement and I realize now on closer inspection of the same figures that I am wrong.


  27. Estwick: The DLP’s Last Hope For a Back-door-fix. But The Entire DLP Becomes Obsolete, when the IMF’s Final Report is made Public!

    A few weeks ago I wrote an article in which I stated that the DLP might be receiving communications from the dark-side. The Prime Minister may have now proven my suspicion correct! It is remarkable that in 2014, he could have the same thoughts as David Thompson did in 1994, with only minor variations, perhaps to avoid copyright infringement. With the IMF already in the living room and devaluation almost in the community, Stuart said that he is not listening to his critics. An identical statement was made by Thompson in the 1994 Budget.

    Thompson said then that he was not prepared to listen to what he called: ‘armchair critics,” who (according to him) would not put their hands to the plough. He said he preferred to listen to the IMF because at least he could get money from them. He made it clear that ‘they know what we are prepared to do and when and we know what they want us to do and when.’

    The point is, this irrelevant- nuisance-DLP-Government lacks the moral authority to tell anybody to be “productive” or, that they should: “do an honest day’s work for their pay.” In fact, nobody expects that an unproductive Government – which constitutes a cost-overrun to ‘an almost broke DLP Treasury,’ a Government, which has caused Barbados to be downgraded to “junk” and the economy to shrink – would be so rude, that it would tell anybody about being ‘productive’ or that they should ‘do an honest day’s work for their pay’ – especially given that the same workers have made a tremendous sacrifice by accepting a pay freeze, for too long now. The DLP is therefore ungrateful! The very people it is criticising for short-changing the taxpayers and for being unproductive – have been ‘propping-it-up’ and saving it from drowning, since 2008! I told you that you need to guard your ears every time this DLP speaks. Because, this man, who now purports to be concerned about the prudent use of public funds, is already burdening taxpayers with a number of people the electorate rejected at the Polls, in the 2013 elections.

    If the Prime Minister is going to disturb the public quiet, then he should tell the country how many persons the DLP bloated the Public Service with, as part of its fatted calf doctrine, since 2008. I do not know that anybody is preventing the DLP from sending any message to those it eased-in, even during the election campaign. But, what is it exactly, that the Government wants or wanted to do – that ‘legitimate public workers’ were and are not helping it with because, its policies are flawed – according to Minister Estwick? If anything, like the Opposition; the Private Sector and other patriotic Barbadians – ‘legitimate public workers’ have been pulling hard on the rope, trying to get the DLP to recognise its folly and change course but without success. Everybody knows that this Government only listens to the IMF and people who have foreign currency to lend it, to be reckless with!

    It took Dr. Estwick to get Barbadians to finally realise that the DLP is on the wrong path, but he too had to wait for close to a month before he was taken seriously by the DLP and perhaps only because they see a real threat to their pensions and financial security. So that while the Government gives false lectures, as part of its ‘blame doctrine’ and as a distraction tactic to hide its incompetence – nobody in this country, except of course, the DLP’s extremely large unproductive Cabinet – believes that their lives will improve or that conditions in Barbados will ever get any better, with the DLP as the Government! The DLP is simply irrelevant to a modern Barbados!

    Even David Estwick does not have confidence in the DLP economic policies or its fiscal direction. There is no pretty way to describe it: but come this Thursday February 14th (unless they reconsider and try to save themselves the embarrassment) David Estwick will present the evidence to show that Barbados is on the wrong path – irrefutable proof and essentially – a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance, the Governor of the Central Bank, the policies of Government; the entire DLP Cabinet and the DLP Government. All of those named, would have either told Barbados that this country was “stable” or that it was on some “pathway to progress!” Dr. Estwick says not – the exact point the Barbados Labour Party was making – long before the February 2013 General Election.

    Presenting ‘an alternative fiscal consolidation strategy,’ after publicly hinting that people are being fired or subjected to economic ruin, unnecessary – is a serious charge against any Government, furthermore the very Cabinet and Government of which he is a member. The DLP is ‘an intolerable public nuisance and a political humbug’ and since being elected in 2008, it has been busying itself with primitive cosmetic foolishness, like trying to put the names of dems on every school; road and roundabout or changing Nelson to face the opposite direction or Independence Parade, from day to night.

    So that, when the Prime Minister gives the impression that his Government is finally doing something, all the DLP is really doing, is “undoing the mess it has created.” He ought to be aware that nobody is taking him seriously and both he and the DLP will only be tolerated, until such time as the IMF’s Final Report becomes available to Barbadians! In the interim, Dr. Estwick is the DLP’s last hope.

    The country is just waiting for Thursday February 14th to come, so that he can finally explain to the Cabinet, why he believes that the DLP’s economic Policies are flawed and the country is on the wrong path. But, if the IMF’s Final Report comes first, then the entire DLP immediately becomes obsolete! This is the first time in the history of Barbados that a Government has so lost direction and its way, that a Minister of Government has had to present “an alternative strategy” to rescue the Government and put a halt to the political madness and slaughter of thousands of workers.

    But, ignoring all the internal turmoil within the DLP — and all that drama, the Prime Minister (who is said to have taken over a month to respond to a letter from a Minister who is concern about Barbados’ economic direction) some-how found time to call on the Private Sector to ‘do more.’ Now, that is cruel! Because this same Private Sector held strain and did not layoff people, even though it is stretched to its limits by the flawed policies of this, ‘tired and stale-DLP-Government.’ To now call on a patriotic group to do more (less than a week after the same Private Sector was told not to rely on Government but devise its own plan) is to now make the Private Sector look other than patriotic and as if they (and not this weak DLP Government) are the ones who are responsible for the perilous state the DLP has put the country in! Dr. Estwick (like the Opposition) is not confused or being fooled about who is responsible!

    Incidentally, the Prime Minister is begging the local Private Sector (and not his Cabinet) to do more and within weeks of his Government having dispatched a Minister to T&T with a begging bowl and with a similar request for T&T businessmen. This is ‘uppity’ and rude because those entities from the twin-island republic (which already have investments in Barbados) now stand to lose significantly because of the DLP’s reckless mismanagement of the economy. The Barbados Prime Minister ought to have sent his Minister to Trinidad with an apology instead of with a vulgar request for business people to be as loose and reckless with their and their shareholders’ money – as the DLP is with the Barbados economy.

    Meanwhile, the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal has given the Prime Minister until Sunday! The clock is ticking! Already irrelevant, time is running out on the DLP! Not long now before it becomes obsolete!

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