Stephen Ward, Timothy Walsh, Bjorn Bjerkham and Nature’s Produce Inc (Case No.20 of 2005)

Extracted from Rosemary Parkinson’s Facebook Page
Protecting food production must be a priority.

Protecting food production must be a priority.


I hope this is a rumour. I truly pray this is a rumour. Please, please let this not be so. I just heard through the grapevine that Bjorn Bjerkham has been allowed to purchase all the land of Nature’s Produce in St. Peter – the home of the best organic produce and eggs on the island. I am told that Timothy Walsh, owner who leased the land, is so heart-broken, he is packing up and leaving the island as a result. Nature’s Produce is a glorious farm, and a beacon of hope for the island’s food security. Timothy has worked so hard against so many odds to bring ‘clean’ to our tables. Please let this not be a fact. Because if it is…we shall be soon eating concrete! To wake up to this sick news is just not on. Oh! Barbados how the selling out of souls for the almighty dollar is going to hurt in the long run….but then….at least they will be cemented for evah in history. If we even survive long enough to have one that is worth saving! I feel devastated this morning. I really do.

So I pray that someone with knowledge about this will let me know, make my day actually, and tell me this is SIMPLY NOT TRUE!!! Please wake me from this awful nightmare I seem to be having!!

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  1. “owner who leased the land” is confusing.

    Are you somehow challenging the right of a landowner to sell the land that she owns?

  2. What else do we expect from our governments who promised to protect our agricultural land. Governments use the votes of the small man to protect the interest of their paymasters. Pathetic with a food import bill of nearly $800M. I will not vote again until we have a credible third party serious about proper governance and stamping out corruption in high places. So damn fed up

  3. Come on Nation get it right and report the facts as they are and not as you would like them to be.

    Mr Hallam Gittens a NHC worker and family gets laid off together. 

    This story in the Nation Newspaper is misleading and dishonest journalism. 

    These are the facts of the case of Hallam Gittens he was employed at the NHC in 2008 whilst living alone at Eastbourne St Philip and Andria Brathwaithe was employed whilst living in Blades Hill. 

    They came together in 2012. And Andria moved to the home of Gittens. 

    They do not pay rent. 

    The son never lived with them.

    He resides at Blades Hill. 

    They have never lived together as one unit.

    By the way Gittens let me ask Mr Gittens have you paid back the $2,500.00  you swindle from that lady you promise to get a house for under false pretense.

    What about the the $500.00 dollars you tried to swindle from the lady wanting a low cost unit.

    Isn’t it true you got a call from a retired police officer for the return of money for the said old lady and Is not also true that you only paid $200.00 

    Also please let us known that it isn’t true they had to move you from loans for suspect crinimal behaviour to maintainence. Isn’t it also true you falseify a degree to get a job, is also not true that you were reprimanded for being drunk on the premises while in the employment as a member of staff of the NHC ?

    This is the furthest from the truth that Family loses jobs.

  4. Isn’t the BWA’s Haymans pumping station in very close proximity?

    That contributes about a million gallons of water per day to the total produced by BWA.

    Would be interesting to see how the Zone 1 area lines up with development plans for this area.

    Thing is, BWA has maxed out the available water resources since 1995/6 so it can’t be argued that it is only a million so we could do without it.

    I understand BWA has signed a loan for $50 million to purify water at the Belle. If that is true, it is no doubt related to the intensive (some would say idiotic) development in the Warrens, Millenium Heights, St. Thomas area.

    If my understanding is correct, it would appear that so called development is of significant danger to the water supply of the island, and probably could be classified as inimical to the National Interest.

  5. @Fair & Balanced
    You have just raised suspicions about one of your Cabinet members. Furthermore, I am tired of this nasty, vindictive type of politics you and your kind play. Very, very Rovian. Is it only this month that these alleged incidents took place?

  6. Enuff. Thanks for revealing this vicious vindictive character called Fair and Balanced. I thought he only made such statement on the Estwick article in which I criticised him, but I now realise that he wrote the same shit on four different articles. David, we know that multiple cut and paste is not permitted.

  7. Of course Bjorn Bjerkham could of course claim that he will contribute through the creation of temporary construction type jobs and the FOREX that comes with FDI…. (Stupse I getting like David Ellis now … stupse)

  8. Gittens was the foot soldier of Michael Lashley and was quite recently appointed to the constituentcy council. He is a staunch member of the ruling DLP

  9. It’s a shame if this means a good farmer is put out of business, but I do not see how a land owner can be stopped from selling his land to whoever he wants. If there is an error in the judgement, tell us.

    • PSt.Georges

      Perhaps Estwick the MoA can declare the property a national asset given our food security vulnerability.

  10. @ David
    The very fact that any individual with enough money can buy our fields and hills and do what the hell THEY like in THEIR own personal interest ……is enough to clearly demonstrate what a bunch of brass bowls we are here on this island.
    One day the hot headed son of some billionaire gangster will just buy the whole brass bowl thing and turn it into a free for all shooting range or some shiite…

    Is it possible for a people to be so hopeless….?
    And wunna expect different results to those we are reaping under Freundel…?


  11. This plantation needs to be acquired by the government in the interest of agriculture and national food security.

  12. @David
    Perhaps Estwick the MoA can declare the property a national asset given our food security vulnerability
    First things first: Isn’t the MOA busy solving the economic woes of the country? Seriously there are other plots of arable land lying fallow which can be put into food production and the sale of land is the Bajan way look how many beach front properties are sited on land where modest homes or chattel once stood.

    Back to the subject the MOA is in love once again, he has fallen in love with the sound of his own voice. Look for him to break out into ‘O solo mio at his next press interaction.

  13. It’s as well to remember that this case started in the 1990’s, long before anyone thought about a recession, and the housing/building boom was proceeding at full tilt. There has to be a lot of doubt as to whether any kind of housing, or even a golf course, could be viable in that location today. That’s not to say that Bjerkham will not “fly a kite” as he has done at Port Ferdinand, but it is unlikely just because of the inland location. Bjerkham is determined to outdo COW, so he will get his hands on whatever land he can. Of course the landowner has the right to sell to whoever he wants, but this case is about whether or not his agreement to give Walsh first refusal trumped the subsequent agreement to sell to Bjerkham. The Court of Appeal thinks not, but it’s not over yet. It is a great shame, because Walsh has battled against the odds to set up a successful market gardening enterprise. Instead of seeing him wiped out, we need more like him.

  14. It’s as well to remember that this case started in the 1990′s, long before anyone thought about a recession, and the housing/building boom was proceeding at full tilt. There has to be a lot of doubt as to whether any kind of housing, or even a golf course, could be viable in that location today.

    As I understand it the Apes Hill Development could not have proceeded for purely economic reasons if the developers were forced to provide water by desalination from the sea.

    The project manager, Philip Atwell, is quoted in a newspaper article of 2nd June 2006 ” ….. the only other option was a desalination plant, but that was too costly.”

    So the Farmer’s Dam was built, diverting water from the Trents Catchment to the Golf Course.

    I suspect housing developments anywhere in Barbados will also be uneconomic if the true cost of water is factored in.

    What will happen is that more and more areas will suffer disruptions in their 24 hour service as BWA struggles to allocate what water is available.

    What was the point of all the development during the boom if within a matter of years we can’t use our water resources because of contamination?

  15. Folks need to know that Bjerkham is not even flying on his own wings, he is always in the pockiets of some financier from the US, even if said financier is under investigation by the US Feds, just like the Port Ferdinand financier.

    Bjerkham used to raise chickerns in his poor days before he caught on or was directed to the easy ways of moving around the black politicians/leaders on the island like so many chess pieces.

    It always leads right back to the black leaders,.of course AC will soon jump in and tell me that not one of the BLP leaders (no error) has ever been corrupt or taken a bribe.

  16. Thank you David for posting this. It is indeed very disheartening that this situation has even reached the courts. I am just not understanding how an innovative, hard working man like Timothy Walsh who has done nothing but good for our food industry…he supplies hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and the general public at Farmers’ Market at Holders…can be given such a hard time. I feel for his family who thought they could make a good life from farming. What sort of message to we send out to our young who might want to follow this career – I have already had one mother message me saying her son wants to go into farming but what is happening here is scary for him as he would also need to lease land.

    I wonder how Mr. Walsh can get up in the morning and even want to continue farming until yet another court case has to happen, and more money that he can ill afford paid out to lawyers, and the time it all takes… all the indecision… and then who knows what the outcome with be.

    As I understand it, Mr. Walsh won the first case…and lost the second. And there is to be a third. Really? Why? As a farmer who contributes so much to our food security, how does he have the energy to continue knowing that perhaps all he has done, all the futuristic equipment he has invested in to increase his output…all the innovative designs to provide more food…may be all for naught… the way I got a message from Mr. Walsh thanking me for the support myself and my many concerned friends on Facebook have shown…he has not in any way attacked anyone in particular just wanted to thank.

    I do not know what we can do, there are many avenues the people can take…I would prefer that Mr Walsh decides how we can help…best so… as I would not want anything to hinder further litigation. I have asked him to let me know. One thing I do know is that I can urge more people to look out for Mr. Walsh’s products from Nature’s Produce, and his eggs under the label Island Fresh – all of it so clean, fresh and with that wonderful taste of real that the use of pesticide seems to screw and buy them. Just buy them.

    In all fairness…here are some points I placed on my Facebook page when I saw that many were attacking Mr. Bjorn Bjerkham as if he is the only one involved in this rather stuped fight:

    Bjorn Bjerkham wants the land and he is doing what anyone with the means can do, fight for it, and fight for it for whatever reason, and for whatever money it takes. He is right.
    Mr. Ward wants the most he can get for his land at whatever cost, even if it means breaking a gentleman’s agreement, an original handshake and legal letter-promises to Timothy Walsh. He is right.
    Timothy Walsh is the one who leased the land with a promise and paperwork to have first option and the opportunity to match any other offers for this land. He has worked the land, has put on it a working farm that not only provides employment for families but feeds families with healthy organic produce with a quality that is not found on the island to date and that if thrown off the land will have many of our tourism-based industries (hotel, restaurants etc etc) in a quandary forcing them to return to the route of importing…and let us not forget what our US reserves are like at the moment. Shocking that our import bill is so dyamned high and a man who is definitely reducing it has to be treated with such disrespect by both the above parties, and by the courts.

    We all know that Mr B can wait for evah for this court decision and he can pay his lawyers handsomely while he waits. He has nothing to lose. Timothy Walsh has his livelihood, his future and that of his family to lose…a farm needs constant work…can he afford to be going through all of this, soul wise and money wise right now, with things as tough as they are?

    But it is just not Timothy Walsh that has a lot to lose…Barbados has a lot to lose if this man is not given the opportunity he deserves to buy the land and continue his work – by the way he has recently invested in a huge project for fresh water fish et al – Mr. Walsh can teach young upcoming farmers a mode of farming that is safe and fruitful financially.

    Oh! Just mentioning this as a by the way. Notice please that there is a natural water supply on this land. Okay…now moving on….but not before I just say a big hmmmm to this business of water.

    (a) I would like to see Mr. Ward see the greed in his soul and decide to sell the land to Timothy Walsh instead of Bjorn. I hardly think this will happen unless he gets a visitation or an epiphany.

    (b) I would like to see Bjorn Bjerkham let us see his true love of community, his undying love for the country, and understand that what Timothy Walsh is doing on this land is important to Barbados and withdraw his offer…or even sit down with Timothy and see how they could work this out so both benefit…guess I will have to ask for another visitation and/or another epiphany…

    …but you know what…I do believe in fairness and do pray that what is right and fair will for once prevail. It used to. We lost this ability to see light. But perhaps we can turn another corner in the history of Barbados, and see it again! Here endeth the lesson. Amen.

    • This is indeed a sad case and one which begs us to pause and ask where is the justice, what is right, what is wrong. What should be our priority?

  17. A Google Search of Barbados Land Use shows an seemingly endless list of hits.

    They include the 76 page 2004 publication, The Barbados Sustainable Development Policy at:

    DD wonders if either party has bothered to read, analyze and implement.

    Another hit at:

    Includes these:

    David | June 1, 2009 at 9:57 PM |
    Barbadians should have seen when they passively allowed the West Coast to be sold to the higest bidder. Now they have a chance to speak out on the rich black fertile soil being developed to build houses and commercial properties. It is within our grasp to tell our government how we feel about it. Importantly for BU is whether the Forth Estate will rise to the challenge this time around.

    Hopi | June 1, 2009 at 10:32 PM |
    WTF…..Just read a piece in the Nation dtd 5/31/09 “Farmer Losing Ground” to the Chinados Construction Ltd. How de hell can the Chinee leave China and come and tell a native born bajan whose family lived on that land for about 50 years that he is encroaching on their (the chinee) land? Did they put that land on a barge and ship it over from Xi’ning? OMG! Look at the state of Barbados! Look what 98% literacy has done to Bim! No longer has the Black man any balls to stand up to these invaders and whoring, thieving, scandalous political bloodsuckers. Is this why the people changed from BLP to the DLP for more of the same shite? Just sell out to the highest bidder! What a bunch of ph..cking literate obedient serfs..all 165 sq miles. Just walk around with all pride and no industry. May ‘god’ help wanna.

    Five years later nothing change; except “the whoring, thieving, scandalous political bloodsuckers have continued to “deepen the relationship” with these (Chinese) invaders.

    See PM Stuart’s October 2013 comments at::

    “Over the past 36 years, Barbados and China have enjoyed a rich and ever growing relationship. People to people exchanges between Barbados and the People’s Republic of China have been growing and I am sure I am correct in saying that every Prime Minister of Barbados, with the exception of the late Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow, has paid a state visit to the People’s Republic of China.

    “And, that should indicate the esteem in which the People’s Republic of China hold Barbados, but also the esteem in which Barbados holds the People’s Republic of China,” he told his audience which included Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave and Lady Belgrave, as well as Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson.

    China’s Ambassador to Barbados, Xu Hong, also spoke about the strong friendship, noting that it dated back to the establishment of diplomatic ties on May 30, 1977. He said the bilateral economic and trade relations had developed rapidly and cooperation in other areas had been fruitful.
    “China has provided Barbados with assistance within its capacity and Barbados rendered strong support to China in many areas. It can be said that Barbados has long been an invaluable friend of China,” he stressed.

    Deepen relationship indeed.

  18. Actually, I spoke to one farmer, local bajan white, about a month ago and he was very concerned that soon there may not be any farms left in Barbados because of what the BLACK LEADERS in Barbados are allowing to happen.

  19. Can we please, for once, leave the race card behind. Just for once. This matter nor any farm matter is about black or white, it is about ignorance from all ethnic groups, all members of all classes…i.e. every single man, woman and child living on this island…it is about food security and clean organic food, it is about farms versus concrete, it is about tourism our only real export and money-maker. It is about Barbados. Can we just for once have a real outpouring of understanding the issues, and perhaps even some discourse on how we can help to stop this erosion in our system with regards to food. NOTHING ELSE. Please. Time to put aside the politics of it all…time to try and see how the people can at least save one farm and set a precedent for the future, for those who farm now on leased lands with permission, and those who future might want to be farmers! Let us shock each other and be productive on this particular blog. Thank you.

  20. @John
    So the Farmer’s Dam was built, diverting water from the Trents Catchment to the Golf Course.

    OK John, I get your point, but so far there has only been one year when the water from the reservoir was needed in any quantity on the golf course. This year, for example, they haven’t needed it at all. Meanwhile, the reservoir is full and any added water is overflowing into the Trents catchment. A win/win, I think, to be fair.

  21. These calls for an analysis of a symptom of the corporate culture of Barbados that ignores race and class is wholly misplaced. It is like asking us to be ignorant for the sake of one issue. Now! this writer has been for more that 30 year a strict and healthy vegan, alternative health and qualified holistic practitioner and advocate holism globally. This writer has long lamented the anthropocentric nature of what we like to call ‘human civilization’. However, to absent the actions of White people and their colorized human systems in Barbados cannot be a reasonable request. We now have studies that racism has entered the DNA of Black people. So to talk about what we can eat while ignoring the illnesses that are spawned by crypto-racism of Barbados is a monumental misguidance. Professor Randal has done some signal work on this issue, so has Elsa Elbesing on the psychological damage from slavery. So yes, there is a pressing need for ‘clean’ food everywhere but this cannot be a function of a system that tries to protect elites who pretend to have now come to an awakening about holism. In fact, real holism considers all aspects of our cultures.

  22. Now you better understand the brilliance of Tom Adams’ tenantries legislation.The fact remains that unless people like Walsh own the land they “work”, it can be sold, unless government is willing to enact legislation to provide some security of tenure to people renting land for agricultural purposes. On the issue of “food security”, why do we continue to promote the idea that this must be done via large farms? How many of us have lovely lawns and driveways at our homes and not one single fruit or vegetable planted?

    • @enuff

      How does your last comment accomodate economies of scale and ‘managing’ food security? Shouldn’t food security because of national import have some national oversight/directive?

    • @enuff

      Agree that we must stoke the kitchen garden culture which is about changing the bad attitude to agriculture but as Warika suggested government has it within it perview to push people the way to go.

      We need to ask Estwick if when he will be able to deliver on his big projects when he delivered with force at the Passage Road meeting during the last general election.

  23. @ Warinka | February 6, 2014 at 3:58 PM |
    “Tax the land owners so they have to put the land to use. Tax their rass I say.”

    Is it that easy? It’s OK to say tax the land but would the law be enforced and taxes collected or land forfeited and sold?
    It’s not that easy to deprive people of their property under the Constitution.
    The Barbados government, under both administrations D & B, could hardly collect easy taxes like VAT (paid by the consumers) and income tax. How the hell can it collect taxes on unproductive lands owned by people who are supporters and financial backers of both political parties?
    BTW, do you know if the municipal solid waste tax is going to be levied on vacant lots?

  24. Peltdownman | February 6, 2014 at 2:11 PM |

    So the Farmer’s Dam was built, diverting water from the Trents Catchment to the Golf Course.

    OK John, I get your point, but so far there has only been one year when the water from the reservoir was needed in any quantity on the golf course. This year, for example, they haven’t needed it at all. Meanwhile, the reservoir is full and any added water is overflowing into the Trents catchment. A win/win, I think, to be fair.

    Just 2 questions:

    If there was only one year since it was commissioned that the water was actually needed from the dam, then why on earth go to the expense?

    What was the output from the Trents pumping station during that year when it was necessary to divert the water to the Golf Course?

  25. Forward he cried from the rear and the front rank died,,,,,,,,the General sat and the lines on the map moved from side to side…………..

  26. Sometimes I feel like selling out and getting as far as I can from this tainted country. Quite recently, I know of a gentleman, who has been trying for almost 15 years to have a small portion of his land sub-divided so that his children could build on. On about four occasions his application has been refused, yet now THIS government is looking at removing large portions of land just a short distance away for redevelopment. The irony to this is, the portion of land the gentleman wants for his children, is PURE rab land, close to developments of three sides, while the large portion this government is about to release is actually, some of the most fertile agricultural land in Barbados right now. These fields and hills beyond recall are no longer bajan owned, the bajan man children will now have to go buy a lot of land from the rich WHITE man, while their father’s land just a short distance away remains idle. Where is the fair play in this country?

  27. Do you see why young people in this country have lost interest in politics? I shutter to think what Barbados is going to be like in another 15 to 20 years.

  28. The prophet The Rt. Excel. E. W. Barrow once said, ” one day bajans will awaken to find that Barbados no longer belongs to them.” I have been awakening for a while now and I am seeing MY COUNTRY, the land MY FORE-PARENTS worked so hard to develop, being sold out by our own bajans that the same Barrow fought to give free education to. What a slap in that GREAT MAN’S face. Our politicians should be ashame, they should be in the cane fields and in construction like their ancestors, this country would have been better off.

  29. John, they will have gone to the expense because it was mandated that they must supply their own water. As for the output of the Trents pumping station during the dry year, I haven’t a clue.

  30. Rosemary, you may not know this but the older farms on the island are owned by the local bajan whites and have been for many decades, not only will they be wiped out but their local black employees will lose their jobs, I believe they are right to be concerned.

  31. Peltdownman | February 7, 2014 at 10:03 AM |

    John, they will have gone to the expense because it was mandated that they must supply their own water. As for the output of the Trents pumping station during the dry year, I haven’t a clue.

    ……. but it is the BWA’s water, not theirs!!

    It supplies Trent’s pumping Station !!

  32. The quality and freshness of Tims produce showcases the potential of our agricultural sector on this island. He has raised the bar and saved us millions in imports. I cannot believe that something can’t be done to assist him. bJERKham lives up to his name. Between him and the minister we have seen outrageous unnecessary projects scar our landscape. Coverly is the first that comes to mind.

  33. Who is the person/s interested in the projects between Six Roads and Staple Grove? By the way the soil at Staple Grove is considered to be some of the best in the country, yet “rab” land from poor people, who can’t offer anything, is denied helping their offspring. I would bet if this man sells his property to one of these “land thieves” they would have it developed within a year. We might just end up like Antigua and Sandford.

  34. Now I understand why my father had written into the deed and again in his will, the we, his children, can only sell our land (his really) to each other. He told my mother it has to remain in the family. I have no intention of returning to live, so my son can build on mine if he wants. It is near the sea and million $ villas and condos, but no developer will ever lay hands on it.

  35. june boy | February 7, 2014 at 2:27 PM |

    Who is the person/s interested in the projects between Six Roads and Staple Grove? By the way the soil at Staple Grove is considered to be some of the best in the country, yet “rab” land from poor people, who can’t offer anything, is denied helping their offspring. I would bet if this man sells his property to one of these “land thieves” they would have it developed within a year. We might just end up like Antigua and Sandford.

    I remember a long time ago a former deputy PM (DLP) and MP (BLP) were interested in Staple Grove and Ridge.

    They were in business with a fellow called Glyne Bannister.

    Lucky guess ….. I guess

  36. i sure hope not.
    where is this Bjorn Bjerkoff from any way. and why is he allowed to live in barbados??????????????????????
    OK, could it be money?
    where is his son? that murdered his son?
    if this fat jack monkey from some Scandinavian place think he own barbados it is for the government to let him know .he does not.
    what nonsense.OK
    bad boys take this fat bastard out of his misery and the sharks hungry.
    make like he son and disappear.
    i would not want to be him. he better get more body guards.
    i done talk. god bline muh.
    the lord will fix all.not to worry.

  37. that land is owned by p de freitas…… like a lotta lotta land in bim….an defreitass is selling that land to bjerkham who has paid off the towm planning people…with chicken money… know?

  38. I remember when the Chinese had a little plot in Sayers Court,up above (east) Enterprise…I used to live in Enterprise and would buy vegetables at ridiculous prices…Apparently the Govt O.K”d the experiment….That land or soil call it what you may was and is some of the most thinnest of topsoils I have seen cultivated in Barbados…but the Chinese certainly had the wherewith to extract for many years produce until they departed and the area went into neglect,with dunk trees(although a possible source of something) and a rab land look…Recently I have seen it who knows?…All this comes down to the point where there are thousands of acres far more productive than Sayers Court that are simply left idle,ignored,forgotten,could’nt give a *%$##@@..,deliberately unused to prove a point…etc.,,,,,for wanton greed,manipulation,…when we BARBADOS could be selfsufficient to our agricultural needs…….
    Neccessity is the mother of invention……during and after WW2 Barbados was faced with a neccessity to produce locally for its own consumption…and it bloodly well did…Forty five years ago I was taught in school that the population of Barbados was approx two hundred and fifty thousand people….I understand today (and hearing figures quoted) that it is still around that figure (although I have no confidence in the real estimates of Govt census’s,,bearing in mind most Bajans either “ent home’ when the officers come round to check on them,or just tell bare lies)…
    So if we have not multiplied to any figure far beyond those during and after WW2 I can see no reason why Today we cannot feed ourselves with our present land resources..given even the “Modern Agro technology” available for our use.

  39. Can anyone confirm that Natures Produce is no more? Products have disappeared from supermarket shelves. Has the land finally been sold to Bjerkham?

  40. It appears that Mr. Walsh has lost his farm. I have no more information than that. The court has allowed the sale to Mr. Bjerkham….I would like to think that the latter, in the interest of food security for our island…would be kind enough to allow Mr. Walsh to continue the farm…after all Mr. B’s projects are about housing people, and people need clean food. Hmmmm… We shall see. I am mortified to think what kind of precedence will be set by this long-winded and sad court case. Timothy Walsh, my heart goes out to you.

  41. Bjerkham is a CU*T! And so are the judges who presided over this case. A country that cannot feed itself is not a country at all! All the interior land of Barbados should be organically farmed. The sprawl and housing/luxury schemes that are taking over the island need to be halted in the interest of food security and the environment!

  42. DW
    The chinese used to urinate on their produce and used excrement to fertilize the same produce!!!They had a housing project in Crystal Heights and some of the homeowners complained to the health authorities for those same unhygienic practices they brought here from China.These Chinese hawk and spit in the streets as they do at home.You might remember their leader Mao Tse Tung used to have an enamel vessel,(that which bajans euphemistically refer to as a po and which would be at his side constantly for the man’s hawk and spat..yuk…Chinese produce taste good eh.You didn’t know you were eating piss and shoite..Many commuters in the van stand used to see the chinese cook on the former Queen’s College site when it was being transformed into the Ministry of Education,would see the cook come out and pee on the chinese cabbage,then on Saturdays they would have that cabbage for sale at the side of the road on Constitution Hill.Since then I stopped eating chinese produce of any kind.

  43. @ Gabriel
    That is the REAL joke…
    …ALL those greedy f$&^$rs are going to die…..
    Many sooner rather than later….

  44. Ah folks, do not be ridiculous. Land is there to put buildings on, the cheaper to build and more expensive to sell the better.

    What do we need food for. Monsanto has all we need to import.

    Ho ho, these fields and hills are now our….

    Hahaaaaa… what a joke.

    Hate to say it… but we in deep xhit.

    I guess we can always eat flied lice up by Sam Lods.

  45. “It is near the sea and million $ villas and condos, but no developer will ever lay hands on it.”

    Pat have you ever heard of eminent domain???

    It seems concrete is the preferred food on this island.

    Gabriel I can see that you are no farmer and will NEVER become one. Human and animal waste have been used as a fertilizer for centuries. Do you know the natural form of Urea???? Before the chemical form was introduced what de rass yuh tink people were using???? If you think Chinese are dirty then you haven’t seen the stinking pissers of Bridgetown.

  46. @Gabriel, in addition to Islandgal’s point on human waste fertilization for farming I also recall that pee as a beverage of last resort has saved lives and literature abounds on the supposed benefits medicinally.

    Of course in both situations that’s principally the use of one’s own urine but the point is that surely a good wash of that cabbage should have given you reason to feel safe.

    Unless a person is sick can their urine be any more toxic or harmless than unwashed cabbage with remnants of cow piss or cow dung?

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