TALES FROM THE COURTS – CARIBBEAN COURT OF JUSTICE Application No BBCV2013/001, Between Timothy Walsh APPELLANT And Stephen Ward, Bjorn Bjerkham and Nature’s Produce Inc. RESPONDENT [2015] CCJ 14 (AJ) XXIX

Chief Gibson Marston Gibson

Chief Justice Marston Gibson

As we all know by now, the CCJ has been even more harshly critical of the delays in the Barbados courts than ever before, for good reason.[…] We also know traditional media will be restrained to comment if we are judge from what we have heard so far!

And they have reserved special censure for Justices of Appeal Moore and Mason for refusing to recuse themselves, even in the face of compelling reasons for them to do so.

The Walsh case is not a complex at all. Rather, it is one well within the scope and capability of a first year law student. Real estate transactions require an exchange of written and signed memoranda and, to fulfil the requirements of contract law that there be offer, acceptance and consideration, that the consideration (deposit) be paid at or before the date set down in the written memoranda. But there are two other bits of trite contract law as well. First, neither offer nor acceptance can be conditional, as in “on approval of a solicitor” or “subject to contract” and it is this last that is so favoured in England and Wales in legally exercising the unsavoury practice known as “gazumping”. Second, the recipient of an offer must accept the offer as it stands – if (s)he replies with a counter-offer, the original offer is immediately void.

BU has just explained in 144 words that which it took the CCJ a very large part of 31 pages to explain on matters of well-settled law. Based on this, Mr Walsh’s case was very close to meritless and BU is astounded that Mr Barry Gale, one of Her Majesty’s counsel for Barbados, either couldn’t get this point across to his client. Maybe he was too busy dealing with the far easier task of persuading the legal assistant we have posing as chief justice to deny audience to (effectively disbarring) attorneys who either had refused to pay VAT on their Bar dues, or who had exercised their constitutional right not to be members of the Bar at all.

What greatly concerns BU, in reading this decision, is that the CCJ appears in great part to have reversed itself from its decision in the case of Application No BBCV2015/001 between SYSTEM SALES LTD APPLICANT and ARLETTA O BROWN-OXLEY (Executrix of the Estate of Glenfield Dacosta Suttle, Deceased) and SONJA PATSENA SUTTLE RESPONDENTS [2015] CCJ 1 (AJ). And without specifically mentioning that case and the points of law that it has, apparently, vacated. We note that two of the members of the CCJ panel in the Walsh case, namely Byron and Saunders, sat on this decision. Hmmmmm!

That it took so many years for this case to reach its conclusion, given its relative simplicity, is indeed a scandal, but then again there are almost 4,000 cases before the Barbados High Court and proportionately as many before the Court of Appeal that languish in the same position. The CCJ is right and duty-bound to level such criticism at the Barbados courts. Not least because the CCJ has been the conduit of tens of millions of Canadian dollars paid by the Government and taxpayers of Canada to Barbados to bring the speed of justice in Barbados in line with internationally-accepted standards. The CCJ complains that, “The unfortunate frequency of our lament suggests that the problem is systemic.” No sh**, Sherlock. To the Prime Minister we say, “We have ears to hear and have been listening to nothing but profound silence from you, despite the clear and abundant grounds you have to exercise your constitutional position and fire Gibson.” And we have to ask for an accounting of how much, if any, of the tens of millions of Canada’s dollars has been spent on Gibson’s trips etc.

We could expand on the ineptitude of the Barbados Bench, but we all know that they are, for the most part, a bunch of incompetent time-servers enjoying the perks and ultimately the pensions, without seeing the need to do one lick of the work that they are incompetent to do in the first place.

Finally, we come to the matter of judges recusing themselves when there is clear and abundant bias. Justice Saunders has provided clear guidelines on this that have been accepted by all the CCJ panel and which are timely and needed. But, once again, the CCJ is not consistent in its own practice. In an appeal from the Barbados Court of Appeal in the case of Knox v. Deane, counsel submitted that Justice of Appeal Moore had failed to recuse himself when asked on the basis that a judgement to be relied on by the Court of Appeal was one that Moore himself had handed down – and the CCJ chose to uphold Moore’s decision not to recuse himself, despite the clear presence of bias. As we know, Sherman could never be wrong and certainly never held a grudge in his life.

We agree that there is systemic rot in the Barbados courts, rot led (though not started) by Marston Gibson. For, if there is not a strong (and Gibson is certainly not strong, except on cocktail party intake) and credible (Gibson has no credibility) and example (Gibson has not authored a single judgement yet, discounting the rubbish he provided for the BA, which was NOT a decision, as it was NOT as the result of a credible court procedure) then, while the cat sleeps of the effects of its trips and parties and boundless ego-stroking, the mice will wreak havoc. And if the PM does not step in, then the executive, through inaction and therefore acceptance of the rot, will be seen internationally as not fit for purpose.

Prime Minister, to date we have blamed the major part of Barbados’ failure in foreign investment on Gibson and the courts. However, if you do not act in pursuance of your constitutional duties very soon, this blame will attach itself to you and your government, for you will be seen to be in collusion, not just by the Bajan electorate, but in the eyes of the international financial world.

We rest.

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  1. Everything in Barbados seem to be a lie, unless someone from out side say its true,We on this side know they are crooks, liars and scumbags in the Police, lawyer and the Bench ,

    Outside banking learning hard and inside the island will feel it even harder,, Until the DBLP government is removed once and for all nothing will change, The BLP is now packing their ranks with more shit like Quick Crook , “QC “Ralph Thorne supported by his equal Wife a Judge. Mia is there suckering people for the next generation of voting , Owen you not off the Hook.
    Well money laundering with Sir COW and Sir HIV Richard Ham and First Caribbean BANK will soon come to the top of list of things to clean up in BIM,

    We just cant seem to get by the COURTS in BIM and all lawyers running from cases dealing with going after their own in BIM ,

    Over 29 years ago when these Land fraud Lawyers and Minister got going , Are now today Judges and Prime Ministers to make sure their DIRTY DEEDS stay on the books as truth ,

    No Banks in the Caribbean or international will give any loans base on their paper work,
    No line of credit will be given out
    No loans for school
    No car loans based on land titles that are not CLEAR TITLES,
    CLEAR TITLE DEEDS must go back 70 years and not 20 set up by the fraud DBLP government to defraud the BANKS.
    Must go back to the Plantation deeds that were removed from the Land Registry and the Archives,
    Now removed from the History of Barbados, Beatrice Jemmott Henry and Violet Agard Beckles names must be replace in Barbados Books,History must be learned what part these two Queens of Barbados played in the building of Barbados,

    We already know the part the HAM , COW, MIA , OWEN, DPP , COP,ex AG/CJ Simmons played in this Massive Cover up and PONZI in Barbados , NOW the rest of the World Knows,

    • @Caswell

      You will recall when BU started Tales from the Courts we were roundly criticized by many. We have lived to see the day, regrettably so, the Barbados Judiciary the laugh and stock of the Caribbean.

    • David

      It is not only the judiciary that has become the laughingstock of Caribbean; our entire governance structure is mediocre and corrupt. Nothing will change unless we stop playing musical chairs with the people who occupy our Parliament.

      Judges are appointed by the corrupt politicians who make sure that their friends are in place to maintain the corrupt system. Incompetence does not provide a bar to judicial. The only thing that matters is that the politicians employ their friends.

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  2. What is happening to Barbados? We have become a country striving for mediocrity, falling short and then claiming success!

  3. Fifty additional lawyers good lord how will these paras…. ah mean legal eagles occupy themselves in a saturated lawyers market. The female lawyers on tv dressed to the nines with makeup befitting a Hollywood wannabee preening and gushing.

    Back in the real world the court system is backlogged beyond repair, lawyers by the score are accused of fuzzy math with clients funds and in not a few cases led off in handcuffs to HMP. Why the glut of lawyers where are the scientists, the agriculturalists, the innovators, the specialist engineers persons with professions that build nations .

    In a free enterprise system its free choice despite that the volume of young adults more so women deciding to be lawyers baffles. Is there gainful employment for them will they address the CCJ and international bodies charge of inordinate court delays that disadvantages citizens. Anyone who deals with lawyers knows that delays present opportunities to ‘earn’ money as cases drag on year after year decade after decade all the while the client pays through his or her nose.

    A cap on the number of lawyers flooding the system each year is in order. One thousand and counting is too rich for a mini state.

  4. @Just Saying, provocatively stated.

    A cap on lawyers is a function of that free enterprise system. Surely many of these lawyers are not going to put in the years and time and come out to earn a pittance. So a natural cap will occur…if it has not already started its impact.

    And of course as capable as the best brains may be to tackle engineering etc I think we all know that the hard science are more arduous and mentally taxing so many of us seek the path less difficult.

  5. @ Just Saying who wrote, ” where are the scientists, the agriculturalists, the innovators”

    They emigrated to the USA, UK and Canada and …..

    • When one has to criticize the judiciary the response is that the quality of decisions cannot be questioned.


  6. Mason,another DLP appointee whose crowning achievement in life was acting Governor General for a few days.Flotsam rising to the top again defying common sense.Ignorance is a curse and the DLP filled with it up to their gills.Barbados name dragged in the gutter by the likes of Mason,Stuart,Brathwaite,Carrington,Lashleys x2,Black lip Lowe,Jepter Ince,Quisling Boyce,Sinckler,Blackett,Kellman,Jones,and on and on.

  7. I have heard many lawyers complain about Moore, it appears he is so filled with his own self-importance he thinks it’s beneath him to render timely decisions and succeeds in frustrating the attorneys, defendants, plaintiffs and wasting years of the court’s time, everyone tries to avoid him, that means Justice Gibson, it’s time to persuade him to leave, he’s useless.

    It’s surprising that Mason, after the battle she has had to make a place for herself in a male dominated profession, is now seen as lacking, maybe it’s time to make these judges pay for their own security, housing and vehicles, the taxpayers deserve better. If Mason can’t cut it time for her to go. Stop treating the judges, lawyers and doctors on the island the way the politicians are treated, as though they are invincible, they are not; show them who pays their salaries and they will stop doing so much crap.

    Time to expose the lawyers who drag cases willynilly through the system for their own benefit, conveniently forgetting that they are supposed to be representing the best interests of the client, not many lawyers seem to care. There is one am aware of who plans to drag a disabled woman’s care for another few years so he can benefit from the interest, like hell he will, the only thing he will get is exposed, it’ shameful.

    The school need to subtly draw students away from law and certain areas of medicine, there are too many lawyers and doctors worlwide who are unable to find work. In law, when they pass the bar and looking for work they are exposed to the most corrupt older estalished lawyers like Leslie Haynes, Cheltenham, et el. In medicine they are exposed to the older establised corrupt doctors etc, nothing about that helps the community, the society or the country.

  8. @Well Well. Moore has retired, although if you went on the Supreme Court website, you will still find him listed there and I completely agree with your assessment of him. Of the present justices of appeal, there is only one that really ranks with me and would rank anywhere and that is Goodridge JA. Excellent jurist and a pleasure to appear before. She is also firm, but always courteous and she has the intellectual capacity sadly missing in the others. Put it this way, it is a pleasure for counsel to know that when they are arguing points of law that the judge understands and follows, rather than sitting there with a look of bemusement camouflaged as amusement, so that the fact that they haven’t a clue what is going on is not spotted. The High Court has a couple of solid, but not inspired, judges in William Chandler and Michelle Weekes. The rest of them? Forget it. Not a clue. Of course, I do not allude to the three acting judges recently brought in, all of whom are first class – but they are only temporary, sadly.

  9. The CCJ complains that, “The unfortunate frequency of our lament suggests that the problem is systemic.”

    Actually no. The unfortunate frequency of their lament suggests that the PM, CJ and this administration in general couldn’t give a flying jobby what the CCJ thinks, just like they couldn’t give a flying jobby about every other national, regional or international criticism of just about anything they are doing or for which they are responsible.

    • @mitchlans

      There is an abundance of evidence to support your point. This government does not take criticism/feedback well. It is a government always on the defensive. In the meant time all of the gains we have made as a country are being eroded.

  10. Amused…. I heard about the 3 judges brought in to deal with the jurist files, glad to hear they are seen as intellectually capable and above the shenanigans of those who are so inclined.

    The judges need to assert themselves more, although to be fair, I have seen Justice Cornelius actually doing her job and making sure she is seen as being fair and balanced, yet the young lawyers, both for the plaintiff and defence are disrespectful, ignore her advice or instructions which were given to avoid wasting the court’s and everyone else’s time, tney just continue to do whatever they feel like and to hell with the judge, acting like they and the insurance company who owns them and to whom they sell out their clients are the ones who own the supreme court. Now, that Justice Gibson has to do something about, that is definitely part of the problem at the supreme court, the judges have to start citing these disrespectful upstarts for contempt and make sure they spend nights in prison, send a message that it’s not a game as too many of them believe.

    The new judges also have to be aware that the young lawyers blatantly lie to the court and withhold evidence from the judges, so more often than not, the judge is not as informed about a case as they should be when making judgments. It’s sad that things have reached to this critical instant. As I said it’s time to send a message, if the CJ is serious about turning things around and taking back control of the court.

    There are also a few other male judges doing the same thing Moore did, wasting time, that is not what the taxpayers are paying them to do,as it is, the buck stops at the CJ, so given time, hopefully we will see some changes. After all, the CJ is in charge of the judges, or should be.

  11. The situation i alluded to where evidence was withheld from the judge in the form of a very important medical report was only discovered by the claimant when she insisted on taking her medical reports to the doctor herself and discovered that the report most critical to the case was missing, although listed on the List of Documents filed with the supreme court over one year ago; the claimant, no slouch, decided to check with the supreme court and found out the attorney never filed the report, then had the nerve to ask the claimant for a copy when she confronted him, since he could not locate one in his files. He colluded with the defense attorney to keep the evidence away from the judge, the judge was clueless.

    Suffice it to say, he will soon be able to define what the words real trouble means for trying to sell out his client to the insurance company, this particular claimant does not take prisoners, that’s just one example of how unethical and corrupt it has become and when too many of the younger lawyers have copied the styles of the older corrupt lawyers who did those types of dirty things to their clients for many decades and got away with them, time to put a stop to this behavior.

  12. @ Amused

    Your profession and your erudition are a poor second and third to your inimitable style/metre which is evident, even in your writing, comfort and confidence in the letters of the Law and intimate knowledge of the actors in Coleridge Street.

    Unlike the other place of so called Freedom, the Blogmaster here does not give up IP addresses and user names though of late I do not “d”s in verbs that the Venerable BU Champion heretofore did not let illy complexion his speech.

    “Can you see the wind?” I think one can and I see you

    Dere is only one of you.

    I prophesy this.

    The two of you (you and she) and you know the she I am referring to, are on a collision course purely because of (i) who you are and your predisposition to be the best that you can be, juxtaposed against (ii( who she has come to think she is and her ambition.

    You were all so trained, from birth, bootstrapped and you were, to be the best as opposed to others birthed under a roof of privilege.

    Because the “elements” that course through your veins are real, and rare like Thulium and Neodymium while hers, at best, approximate coal, not even diamond, so you are already feared.

    Listen to what de ole man saying.

    You have no speech impediment like the lisper and should you hold true as do some carpenter’s sons, there will be attempts to neuter you, notwithstanding the seeming current interest in your rise.

    As you travel through the valley of the shadow of death do not forget what ** and ** taught you

  13. Well Well& Consequence
    I think you should change your moniker to Well Well & Balanced.
    You comments are spot on and indicates that the inmates have taken over the asylum

  14. @Piece. I get your message. But you are confusing me with a possible three whose bootstraps I am unworthy (so far but I am trying) to unlatch. I am so proud and flattered by the comparison, but it isn’t true – yet. As for the lady, she bears many near-fatal scars from her run-ins with either one or all four of us and you can trust one or all of us to deal with her as and when necessary.

  15. The conclusion one would have to draw is — the entire island of Barbados is CORRUPT, politicians, legal system, police etc. — the question is what is necessary to correct this situation and get Barbados back on track.

    Maybe a little or a lot of USA Justice is required, lead poisoning via the GUN.

  16. Let tackle this from a different angle.
    I am looking at the cost per acre. Surely there are ordinary Bajans who could buy an acre each and put these acres to agricultural use. Looking at the monies involved, it seems as if large tracts of land are moved around for “not so large sums”; but sums are beyond the reach of the average Barbadian.

    It wouldn’t be interesting to know what would be the cost per acre if if this land was carved into house plots and sold as house plots.

  17. Allow me to tackle this from a different angle.

    “Sometimes we have to ignore the “ambles and preambles” and look at exactly what is happening.

  18. David,

    I comment on the matter of delayed justice as highlighted in this case in tomorrow’s Musings, but I must state here that in respect of his or her analysis of the legal issues in the case, your correspondent is less than charitable to the CCJ. While I agree that the legal issues in the case were not especially complex, much of the judgment was taken up not with an exposition of basic contract law but with a narration of the ruling and reasoning of the Court of Appeal and, of course, the todoment that eventuated there. Further, the veiled reference to System Sales Ltd is at best tendentious, given that he or she patently avoids any express mention of the points of law that were in that case, in the contributor’s own words, “vacated” (whatever that might mean).

    • @Jeff

      Thanks for your feedback, as always it is appreciated

      @The Observer

      The Cahill proposal suggests that the BBD700 million is investor money and not taxpayers.

  19. @ Mr. Cumberbatch.


    Mr. Cumberbatch “todoment” and “prolix’

    Dem is two words dat de ole man has was to go to de dictionary to read up pun.

    You musee does kerfuffle all uh dem lawyers fuh de defense and em judges.

    When you did was presenting in front uh dat wumman dat was de former Registrar dat retire, it must have been painful for you…whuloss

  20. AC…… in all fairness, your AG Adriel Brathwaite has to also take a stand before things go any further, not that it’s that far from anarchy when you have a vault attendant for the files in the supreme court having to be escorted from the building just last week, you know the system has hit rock bottom, everyone was talking for years about files disappearing and judge’s written decisions cannot be found, filed documents disappearing, employees taking bribes to disappear people’s documents cannot be allowed anymore.

    So therefore, the PM, AG, CJ and the bar association president has a duty to and owes that much to the taxpers to roll back all the damage done over the years to the court system on the island, if nothing is done, they will continue to swim through quick sand.

  21. @ Hants

    Dere you goes agin wid dat Fleur east ting, oh lawsie

    You see why i ent got you pun de DDU Committee?

    (https://barbadosunderground.wordpress.com/2015/10/07/clock-ticking-for-government-to-disclose-cahill-energy-barbados-agreements-more-leaks/#comments )

    You does be sending de ole man entrapments like how Clare Cowan entrap Downlowe and de rest uh dem Ministers dat sign de WTE Scam

    De Grandson was did to come heah and do ovah de Assification Plant Offering

    He axe me if i like dese pictures instead un de anemic girls dat he sent tuh me de past time?


    Well Hants, you know dat you is a fellow who send me to dat site wid de Kadooment girls dem, you dun know dat i cyan wait till he come and do de new one fuh me.

    De old IPO stop at 916 views so it would appear as if dat IPO dun reach its saturation level

    Anyways dis is de big up Lawyers blog and “cockroach nah got no reason tuh be at fowlcock dance”

    I gine talk wid you a nex time

  22. So what should we expect, in an island where “Taxpayers will receive 2013 tax refunds by September 30 2015” and “The opening of the St.John Polyclinic September 30 2015” evokes no criticism or complaint from the people ! Successive governments… the legislative,executive and judiciary branches… don’t give a damn! Delay ! Delay ! Delay !Tell the CCJ …dat is how we flow !

  23. @Wily Coyote October 17, 2015 at 6:13 PM “Maybe a little or a lot of USA Justice is required, lead poisoning via the GUN.”

    USA Justice?

    But didn’t Allen Stanford, Bernie Madoff et, al. operate with impunity for decades?

    Isn’t this the same place which criminalizes 40% of its young black men.

    Isn’t this the pace where they shoot classrooms full of 6 year olds?

    Isn’t this the place where you can’t go to the cinema without wondering if you will get back home?

    Isn’t this the place where college students feel the need to take their guns to class.

    isn’t this the place where one can obtain a dilpoma or a bullet in the head while at college

    USA lead poisoning by gun? No thank you.

    USA justice? No thank you.

  24. Well Well &consequences

    Fair enough , but it seems that there are symptomatic degenerative as well as contagious diseases that have infected the system ,
    A man of Gibson Stature i doubt very much can single handly sort out the sordid details that you mentioned in your comment/
    He is very meek and his humility would stand in the way

  25. They say that “To a hammer every problem looks like a nail”. Whilst I admire the erudition and eloquence of my country men, it seems as if the same solution is given to every problem. It is as if our thought are captured and funneled through a narrow channel, so that no matter what the origin of the discussion is, we all emerge at the the very same point and have the same discussion.

    In looking at the various contributions at BU, I am not quite certain how my countrymen value their money. In my opinion, the sum of $700M BDS is a large sum of money, but it seems as if the same safeguards to ensure that the $100.00 of the people’s money are not stolen are squandered are used to safeguard a sum of 700.00M.

    Then there is the ongoing discussion of if the valuation of BHL was the correct one; and now we have the sale of a plantation in Barbados where (to me), it seems as if a large portion of land is being transferred to former expatriate for less than what would have been asked for a local to pay.

    We can discuss BLP and DLP, but we have to get our financial house in order, or we will wake up one morning and find that we own some very expensive houses and house spots and the bulk of the land lies in the hands of others.

    I remember growing up and having an old Bajan chap drill into my head “ Education is not common sense”.,Perhaps it is time for us to put aside our dictionaries and our petty differences, time to stop patting ourselves on the back, and look at the tomfoolery we are engaged in as a nation.

  26. Perhaps there is something in our conditioning that leaves us unable to see the forest from the trees. We become so engross with minutiae, that we are unable to grasp the big picture.

    I have remarked once and will remark again that the conversations that we are engaged in now are the same conversations we were having thirty years ago when I departed from Barbados. There are some who hint at a glorious Barbadian past, but let me hasten to assure you that there was a similar rot existing in the island thirty-years ago. I can only conclude that earlier thieves were more sophisticated or less bold-face than those of today.

    We may fool ourselves that our numbers will allow us to correct whatever injustices that we confront and in the meantime we sit and bray whilst the resources of the islands are being transferred to others.

    Eventually, having sown, we will reap the whirlwind.

  27. Observer

    You have taught the natives a reality that they are unable to reach, given the space that they presently occupy. lol

  28. Observer

    The words of Mark Twain speaks to the National Character of the majority of the Barbadian people: ” Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it solely on those accounts. Broad wholesome, charitable views of man and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

  29. @ Observer
    Perhaps there is something in our conditioning that leaves us unable to see the forest from the trees
    There is….!! It is called brass bowlery.

    The prognosis is fairly obvious.
    We have created a society where brass bowls rule. People like YOU, Jeff, Walter, Piece, GP, Money B, Lowdown, Caswell, Mac Fingall, Donna, Pat … and the PRECIOUS few who have been spared the brass bowl pill, are content to sit quietly in a corner and watch the jackasses implode.
    Most Bajans are NOT smart enough to understand the VALUE of good leadership – until the storm comes… and those of us who are, seem to be UNWILLING to make the sacrifices needed to take up the mantle….

    Sandiford should never have been PM when Richie Haynes was around.
    Owen Arthur should NEVER have been prime minister in a Barbados with a Henry Forde.
    Karma would have dealt with David Thompson anyway…
    …and Fumble could not have been a serious contender in ANY other jurisdiction…
    How could ANY country expect to come out of such a legacy in any way but in shambles….

    WISE people go to GREAT PAINS to ensure that only the VERY BEST AVAILABLE talent is allowed to ascend to national leadership…while we follow the instincts of wishy washy ‘Ingrunt’ people who think like AC and Dompey…..

  30. Bush Tea

    I actually agree with you that Sandiford and Arthur had any business governing the affairs of our country, when there were men better qualified on the intellectual level than the both of these two guys.

  31. So what does David Simmons, former chief justice have to say in his defense about him serving as CJ as well as a director of CGI insurance, who flooded the Supreme Court with personal injury cases for over 2 decades and refused to lower the liability of the Transport Board, or end the many delays created by Leslie Hayne’s law firm of young, arrogant unethical lawyers.

    Siimons contributed to the destruction of many bajan lives, his own black people, and don’t care how many hypocritical honorary degrees are bestowed on him, it cannot remove the stains of what he has done and continues to do while still collecting taxpayers money, in pension.

    Simmons contributed to the corruption in the supreme court and still does so by taking a pay check from Peter Harris, as his advisor.

    Simmons cannot say he did not engage in conflict of interest or corruptuon, it’s in black and white at corporate affairs, Warrens, he cannot dance around this one with any legalese, it’s public knowledge.

  32. AC….Commonsense dictates that Justice Gibson needs help to destroy the monster in the supreme Court created by David Simmons, et al. Justice Gibson is not a one man army, he cannot do it alone, that’s for sure.

    Now the question is, and what you should be telling us is if your prime minister, attorney general and the 30 plus lawyers in parliament, some of whom have engaged in the same repugnant behavior against bajans over the decades, remember Michael Carrington, and that was quite recent; are any of them willing to assist Justice Gibson in ending the decades old corruption at the supreme cout?

  33. a good read of this case indicates that the the law trumps morals, there are many people especially the poor and uneducated making decision that would leave them empty handed and subjected the laws that were mostly founded to support the rich,
    Yes after reading the case .Although the law was plainly on the side of ownership. i could not help but think of the lack of moral persuasion (excluded)
    Then how is it possible to clean up rot that still lives and thrives within the laws that are supposed to direct our system.
    The length of this case is not one of a simplistic nature but because of laws which were define to exclude and give certain privileges to a few,

  34. Leadership is a topic that makes for interesting debate.

    Since the heyday of Barrow then Tom then Barrow we’ve not seen leaders who rose to their heights. Barrow was a visionary of world renown. Its not an idle boast when historians record he moved Barbados from a village to a modern democracy Tom his adversary was prone to dictatorship at the same time he was clever and he was a patriot. Bree, Sandi, Froon never threatened to scale the heights of Barrow or Tom.

    In retrospect Richie Haynes and Henry Forde were touted as heirs to the leadership of Barrow and Tom. They never got the chance.

    Owen and David Thompson were a cut above Bree, Sandi and Froon though not in the class of Barrow or Tom. Owen was a technician in economics. Before David Thompson’s life was cruelly cut short he gave a glimpse of a unique politician and leader. Alas we will never know.

    What’s in the future? As most agree there is a shortage of decent leaders at every level in our society. Leadership is found wanting in politics, the church, education, the unions, the business sector, the judiciary, sports etc. Where have the bright sparks and high achievers Barbados was known for disappeared to all of a sudden.

    Do bloggers notice a rising David Thompson, a Barrow, a Tom, a Grantley or Owen out there among our young people? What’s your take. Call names.

  35. AC…..according to the Bushman, you continue to type SHITE.

    Laws were created by man, no one else, some countries like the US, England etc make it all up as they go along, nothing is written in stone; laws are continually changed, disgarded, ratified, updated and on and on to suit the times or the agendas of the very greedy.

    As the situation at the supreme court stands, it’s Fruendel Stuart and his gang haveaccess to use the laws to exclude and give certain privileges to the few or clean up the goddamn supreme court or leave it stink, corrupt and rotten so people like me could forever beat them over the head with it, it’s their choice, and given that I am on an extended vacation right now I would be happy to continue to expose the whole filthy pit and as i have a very distinct dislike for David Simmons, because I know personally how rotten and corrupt he is, am not about to stop any time soon, so please do not provoke me with your insipid bullshit. Idiots like you just want things to remain the same.

  36. @ WW&C In your haste to chastise and reprimand you over looked the obvious one would clearly see that i have move beyond the challenges of the judicial system in barbados or what is now is represented as rot and decay and govt need to fix with quickness
    However i lended my voice to the Case in question where indeed the challenge of a moral persuasion which Mr. Walsh lawyer believed would be a “sort” of legal support for his client which might have gave him a privileged or preferential right as a “security ”
    in my opinion if one wants to finger point on lack of government control for the judiciary one can also included that all necessary recommendations were given as far back as ten years which would also show a poor reflection of previous govts,
    i had refused from commenting on the CCJ reprimand for reasons not to be caught up in political yardfowl politics noting that if all are quite honest (with self) the evidence goes longer than present time and necessary corrections were not made
    For indeed there are two fingers one pointing outward and one pointing inward
    Have a great day sir
    Keep spinning in YOUR own POOP

  37. AC…..The CCJ’s reprimand in the Walsh case is a reflection of and indictment on what is wrong with the degenerative rot in the supreme court in Barbados, it’s good and bad to see some things never change, it would never occur to you that they are connected , or for that matter that I am the same female Well Well, but I just added Consequences to my monicker,….. lol.

    Not surprisingly, you actually try to blame the other political party which is interchangeable with the present bunch, unfortunately for you there are only 2 DLP/BLP and both are corrupt…..lol.

    Sooooo…….exactly what is stopping your DLP party the last 6 years from helping Justice Gibson, who they changed the laws that allowed him to attain the CJ post, from cleaning up the supreme court and stop B’dos from being the laughing stock of the Caribbean?

    Or were the DLP politicians hoping that Justice Gibson would just continue from where David Simmons left off and dial up the corruption to more extreme levels?

    • Can we shift the discussion to what is required to grease the wheels of justice? What can be achieved by debating with political partisans who heads are firmly stuck up their anal opening?

      Justice delayed is justice denied. The success of Barbados was built in a court system that was respected.

  38. Unfortunately David, there is now a total lack of respect for that institution which did not start yesterday but decades ago.

    What I have witnessed recently at the supreme court is the disrespect by the younger lawyers, the disrespect by the older lawyers has not gone anywhere, but that disrespect by the younger lawyers has reached shocking levels and it has been refined so as to gain control of the court itself.

    They actually don’t care what the judges think. I spent the last 2 years researching and investigating certain aspects of the judiciary in Barbados and should not have been but was shocked to find that the politicians/lawyers sat on their collective, greedy asses and allowed the deterioration to spread worse than a cancer at the court.

    Now if these politician, most of whom are lawyers, would use that same collectiveness they use to practice greed, to help the chief justice to reverse all that damage done to the institution, then there will be no more justice delayed.

  39. For the record, I have no idea what they are teaching these young lawyers in law school these days, but lawyers are officers of the court, they are not supposed to controĺ the court, they are not supposed to defy the judges nor bully their clients into how they and the defense wants the case to go, because they are being bribed by the defense.

    The judge is supposed to be in control of the court at all times, not some little greedy, intellectually stunted boy or girl just out of diapers or some old has been lawyer who never learned to practice ethics.

    We can talk about this for decades trying to find a solution, but nothing will happen unless the politicians who have access to the legislations, rules and procedures actually want that change, unless the attorney general assists the Chief Jutice with the necessary tools to fight the renegade lawyers with their organized criminal intent and activities, because there will always be a Peter Harris out there willing to fund crime against people unable to fight back, in their own self-interest, then nothing will ever change.

    • @Well Well

      Agree with your last comment, the executive must allocate resources to support court admin to get the job done.

  40. David….it’s the only solution, no matter how much they are tempted by instinct to allocate blame, nothing else will ever work. I trust we will soon be seeing a paradigm shift in that direction because one of them may possess the intelligence to make that first move.

    It’s not like they have a lot of time left before someone goes postal on one of the lawyers in Barbados, after some of the things I have seen being done to people, using the court system, I was very tempted myself.

  41. WW&C

    In your earlier post you made relevant and pertinent comments while associating who the real players are that have hijacked and made mockery of the judicial system
    To which i agree
    Then as true as day follows night you hung your true colors out for the high wind to blow and exposed the “real ” person that you are
    A real hypocrite and a person with close political moorings,.

  42. AC…..shut up, you jackss,, you would not know what a political mooring is even if it bit you.

  43. Well Well & Consequences October 18, 2015 at 9:16 AM #

    ” are any of them wil”ling to assist Justice Gibson in ending the decades old corruption at the supreme cout?

    What a load of drivel. Claiming to know all, knowing very little.

    YOU are exactly what is wrong with Barbados today and why it is fast falling.

    And it will not stop because of the mentality of the likes of you.

  44. Crusoe…you just showed that you too are to blame for what is happening at the supreme court, I will not stop exposing the likes of you, you are dangerous to to the future of the island and it’s people;

    The supreme court did not get in that deteriorated state by itself, it was helped along by two many greedy lawyers who are not now willing to reverse their destructiveness.

    I will make sure the world knows what low life scum some of the lawyers/politicians in Barbados can be so that it will become like pulling teeth for them to be allowed in any other country to practice their destructiveness.

    How do you like them apples.

    • To repeat : we have a systemic issue here. Yes we name and shame when we can with some certainty BUT we have to advocate for changes at the core, how we hold the players accountable in a systematic way.

  45. @ watchman
    When the players are caught , he/she must leave the system carrying their shame
    That will NEVER happen as long as lawyers running things bout here …ANY LAWYERS.

    The reason is that they ALL carry one another’s secrets. It is one big interwoven mess, and when one fellow finally cracks, the WHOLE DOG DEAD.

    Even Amused here CANNOT come out and say what he KNOWS FOR A FACT….. far less the politicians like Mia, Fumble, the thieving speaker etc….

    Wait…. Do you understand a GANG?
    …..You understand the MAFIA?
    That is what we have Boss….

    Between the Bar, the Lodge, and the old school ties, those fellows can NEVER put out one of the gang unless he going six feet down….

  46. @ David [The Blogmaster]

    Say I live in Marl Hole (out there by the Globe) and I hire a lawyer to represent me in a matter against a doctor who lef a surgical knife in me muddah uterus.

    And me Muddah dead after sepsis set in!!

    De two lawyers dem one of whom say is working for the same Insurance firm that Well Well does talk bout heah alot and seem to have credible evidence against, Consumers Guarantee Insurance Harris and Bailey, sit down and decide dat dem gine sell out me scvunt.

    Jes leh we hypothesize for a moment and dem agree dat doah I entitled to $500K fud de untimely death uh me mudder, Petah and Bruce gine give me 50K to mess up de case. And of course dem gine pay dem lawyer $75K.

    Now dem agree wid me dat dem gine sen me lawyah some work value at 50K more a year fuh “towing de line”

    Now two tings happen deah you know.

    I los me case but dat lawyer dat represent me have supped wid de Devil and cyan nevah enter into de fold of the saved agin, dem is tainted meat fuh evah, like de wumens dat Downlowe interfering wid… Can’d touch dat…Hammer Style.

    I wud really like to kno, barring whu Well Well say in he post last night bout going postal pun a few uh dem, and you Corner of Shame and Disrepute heah pun BU how we gine hold the players, who does sking dem botsie at de judges when dem feel like, how is we gine to hold dem accountable??

  47. Indians especially in Guyana and Trinidad continue to prove how corrupt they are especially those lawyers with connections to the Indian politician.In Trinidad a current scandal has surfaced in which 2 Indian lawyers have been exposed for defending a dead man.They were still collecting money for the defense of the dead man in court recently when the new AG let the cat out the bag that the man was killed in a shoot out 2 years ago.One of the lawyers a fella name Debideen is up on a charge to do with the escape of some prisoners recently as well.Talk about wutless deprave lawyers…..Indians tek de cake.Harris is a full Indian,don’t be fooled by he anglo name.

  48. @ Gabriel.

    Fuh a lawyer you sure got de dirt pun alot uh tings dem in udder Caribbean jurisdictions.

    You is a pan regionalist or at least a fella dat have resided ovahseas fuh a little time or practiced in Trinidad or Guyana.

    But de ole man is notice a likkle xenophobia in you remarks not like in dem John Wayne and Glen Ford movies dat used to say “dere ain’t no good injun, but a ded injun tarnation…” but you doan directly have too much likin fuh dem thar “varmints” does you?

    Whu you mean by Harris is a full injun?

    I taught dat Peter Harris was a dugula, sorry duguli, since the masculine normative should tek an “i” in de latin (I gine axe Zoe of GP dem is classicists in Greek en ting)

    But from you statement, one wud get de opinion dat dis Cawmerian who does play hockey wid de niggers, ent really like niggers, unless dem is de dark beauties dat he does cohabit wid, periodically!!

    But you know dat Bruce doan mix wid de nigger doan, unless you call having policies wid de insured “mixing”

    I is jes axing a question

  49. Piece….Harris was born in India, his mother studied in England and brought him and his brother, I think it’s only one, if memory serves me, to Barbados When they were at the age for secondary school; they had indian names and it was changed to Harris by deed poll, am sure he still uses the indian names for his money laundering schemes in other countries.

    Condolences about your Mom, but Harris and CGI together with the corrupt plaintiff’s attorneys, have since graduated since the days of victimizing your Mom and since Harris acquired Bayview Hospital, via shady dealings, to bullying claimants who they are trying not to compensate, into surgery at Bayview Hospita, suffice it to say that this organized gang of criminals are not above killing claimants to avoid paying out money; certain restraints prevent me from saying more at this time, but soon.

    Claimants be very aware and do not trust your attorneys, they have no qualms about seeing you dead, as long as they get that paper money.

  50. Now you know some of the reasons why I fully intend to go after the dirty lawyers in Barbados, if they are honest, more than one can tell you how people have already died at the hands of these greedy criminals and more will die because of the level of corruption, a police force that is still to recognize white collar crime as crimes and that it can also involve murder, lawyers in a secret society that condone each and every crime committed by their colleagues, politicians who see nothing wrong with an insurance company and fellow lawyers killing people on the island, as long as they make that money and give them some. I can go on all day.

    I will not rest until something is done, one way or the next. That’s why I spent 2 years making sure I knew where most of them lived, it’s easy for me to get the addresses of the others, because I know when they see how many of their secrets will be out there for all to see, the only thing will come to mind is retaliation, when I have your address, that shit is already nipped in the bud.

  51. I pass Seaview St James Sunday morning and saw the BWA workmen fixing Harris pipe if it was my pipe, I would have to call many, many times

  52. Piece
    Axe Nefertiti if she fadah Rameses din bring harris fadah and muddah from india in the 70’s and put dem at the QEH.The fadah did a doctor too and pass on since den but they changed their names to harris.A leopard can’t change ‘e colours.Indian.All fuh demself.Axe thani,rami,chandani.shatrani and dem odder hindoos,any ‘o dem marrid black woman?Any ‘o de muslims marrid blacks odder than dat boy dat get kick out ‘o de clan.E live up in sin fillup.Get real man,dey en got no rite ‘o passage bout hey so!Stop de disrespek ‘cos the young wuns en gine tekit no moe.

  53. watchman, October 19, 2015 at 12:29 PM #
    @ Bush Tea
    have you seen DT lately


  54. That is what pisses me off about black leaders, they allow any and all minority to go into the islands and destroy their people physically, mentally and financially and even collude with the likes of Peter Harris to do so.

    Harris should be sitting in a prion cell in Barbados, with the lawyers, doctors and politicians whom he owns as his cellmates, this would include Lesley Haynes cause since clico died, in true snake style he slithered over to CGI to handle all Harris filth, but no, they allow Harris to run free and commit crimes against their own people, then actually expect the people who are aware of this to respect them.

  55. Well Well, your screed on the legal corruption is understandable and clear but it seems strange that you would come on a social media site and make all of these allegations and veiled threats about your imminent exposure of evidence of shenanigans. And knowing where people live and so on.

    If these fellows tek your seriously you don’t think they would really check you out and if need be basically tek you out if yu are a real threat.

    Of course if you just doing what we does all do here den carry on smartly!!!

    If you have indeed spent the last two years researching and getting actionable evidence then more power to you and I wish you to a speedy, successful end game. But you should be more practical,

    Incidentally Peter Harris – or Katuppa as his Indian name may have been – has more than one brother. Also definitely any malfeasance that he does is completed with absolute assistance of several Bajans of African descent.

    The ethic mouthings of ‘back to India’ sounds lovely on the political platform and indeed to the ears of neophytes but the man is now likely as Bajan as most of us here and so many Bajans would be complicit with whatever ‘shiiiiitttee’ you say he has done that I am really unclear how you can delineate which is Indian and which is Bajan ‘doo-doo’.

    I hear your distress but I just don’t get the rather impractical rant that he is an ‘outsider’ doing harm to unknowing Bajans.

    You are getting lost in the weeds of pain and anger.

    Stay focused on the deeds and forget the man. Doing wrong to Bajans is wrong regardless of skin colour or ethnicity or nationality!

  56. WORD……I know you mean well, but it is not as simple as you are outlining. The only way to kill a snake is to cut off it’s head. Look at the examples.


    Jack Warner

    That is just to name a couple.

    Last year someone told Harris they will get him, he told them he carries a firearm, the person told him that everyone in Barbados is armed.

    My reference shows that black men and some women continue to sell out their own to minorities, there are many black men and women from other islands in Barbados, some pretty wealthy and the only persons the leaders, politicians, lawyers, doctors who be nefitted from taxpaer funded education could see to sell out to is a minority.

    Peter Harris might have bajan citizenship but he hates black bajans with his whole being, because he has children with black women, don’t be fooled for one minute that he likes black people, he sees himself as owniing the blacks on the island, you are getting tied up.

    I do not make threats, I keep promises.

    The corrupt dudes on the island all haves clothes hanging out so they are busy looking for rain, i have no such problem and it’s that scaredy cat mentality have the criminals on that half a rock believing themseves to be invincible.

  57. As I said Mr Well Well, more power to you.

    Life has taught me that doers do. Act first. Talk after.

    All de long talk prior to action can sometimes be counter productive…for example your comment of threat issued to Mr Harris. If someone look me in the face and tell me something bout they will get me would it not be reasonable for me to get dem first!

    All that you say about the man may be 100% accurate (I have no idea).

    But he would certainly not be the only one with that affliction of ‘hatred to the average Bajan’ so if as you said you have the wherewithal to destroy a nest of snakes then you are a powerful and dangerous man.

  58. You don’t seem to get it Ingrunt…

    Well Well & Consequences travel via broom… (actually THREE brooms…) and knows MUCH more about Bajans that any ordinary person can possibly know….

    Even before hooking up with Consequences, Well Well demonstrated an uncanny knowledge, of otherwise top-secret Bajan tit bits, that confounded the BU family….
    Now there is consequences….

    See if you can pick sense ‘outka dat’….! 🙂

  59. The igrunt…….Do not complain about nothing changing in Barbados if you are going to look for 50 different reasons why nothing can ever change on the island, or why white collar criminals cannot get their comeuppance in Barbados.

    Maybe Harris scares you and all the other black men on the island; but I am a black woman and Harris could never trod a mile in my shoes, the weak mentality of the black man is renowned and always the downfall of his people.

    No, I am not the dangerous one, that woud be Harris, dangerous for the island, you cannot see the forest for the trees.

    You can try to bring 50 other people who are allowed, by the leaders, to show hatred to blacks on the island, but that is not my concern right now. I told you that you are getting tied up and there you go proving it.






  61. ”Well Well & Consequences October 19, 2015 at 11:52 AM # ”

    See what I said. A lot of talk about knowing so much and yet a post full of misinformation, hate and nastiness.

    Research what. A lot of rubbish and nastiness.

    Thank you for confirming what I already said.


    And yes, YOU are what is wrong.

    And to compound it, you claim to know where people live, for what purpose, to quote ‘That’s why I spent 2 years making sure I knew where most of them lived, i…………. that shit is already nipped in the bud.” unquote

    A clear threat.

    Not only do you talk rubbish, but you are also an idiot.

    If you think someone whom you accost, who is actually (out of the many that you ‘challenge’) of questionable circumstances, wanted to ‘retaliate’ against you, do you really think you stand a chance?

    Yes, you are clearly an idiot.

  62. Cruseo….please, you spent all day stewing, the bell cannot be unrung, I said what I said, it’s out there in the blogosphere, am sure it’s been picked up by certain agencies and there is nothing you can do about it, there is nothing you can do to me and I am happy you cannot sleep tonite because you are one of the corrupt ones with something to hide….lol

    So sue me…lol

  63. @ ADDMIIRRERR October 19, 2015 at 7:07 PM

    You are a boss, ya hear! You planning to overthrow the BU octogenarian ‘scion’ of Bajan euphemisms “pieceuhderockyeahright” (PUDRYR) or wah?

    You are referring to two peas from the same pod of what ole-time Bajans would call educated idiots.

    Imagine Froon promising to make sure that no more arable or agricultural lands are converted (under his watch) to housing or other commercial uses.! What a laugh!

    A promise made since 2008. We can view that promise similar to the one made to the CLICO policyholders, the dismissed public sector workers or even the promise made by Rev. Durant to the Bajan public that David Thompson cannot die under his watch. The go(o)dly reverend needs to change his name to R.I.P van Winkle the immortally blind.

    So what is going to happen to the hundreds of acres of CLICO lands which are reverting to a state of ‘nature’ that not even the early settlers, the Arawaks, would have recognized.

  64. @millertheanunnaki wrote ” no more arable or agricultural lands are converted (under his watch) to housing or other commercial uses.”

    But if I own 4 acres of arable land I can still bulld a 10,000 sq. ft. house and grow grass for my horses.

  65. Well Well & Consequences October 19, 2015 at 7:23 PM # ”…So sue me…lol..’ ”bell cannot be unrung, I said what I said, it’s out there in the blogosphere”

    As I said, you are an idiot.

    You have given just cause for the authorities, IF they choose, to go to the Court and seek the means to investigate you, via the blog.

    Because by your broadbrush but direct threat, you have depicted yourself as either a vicious individual or a random loon.

    Both are equally dangerous.

    And if you think that it cannot be traced, again, anything can be, and legally with the right warrant.

    I repeat, you are an idiot.

    And no, I am not corrupt and indeed, will sleep well.

    You on the other hand….have a lot to think about. But then, that is only if it gets through your thick skull.

    Commenting is one thing, expressing angst is another, but direct threats?

    I have nothing more to say to you.

    PS- go get a good lawyer. You likely will need one.

  66. Cruseo…..I slept well last night, my conscience is intact, I hope you had a very restless night, hope you cried..

    Here is hoping to see you in hnadcuffs in the near future, like Dr. John Ashe, with your owner Peter Harris standing right next to you…..lol

  67. And Crusoe…..you should really listen to the Bushman, he knows what time it is……lol

    This thing rocks both ways, you too can be traced.

  68. There need to be proper conditions to become a judge, master of the court etc pp

    1) excellent law examens
    2) advanced studies at an international top-10 university (Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge etc pp)
    3) writing skills shown by books on law (published PhD thesis, text book, lengthy articles in international top journals etc pp) and confirmed by good reviews or other qualified panels
    4) ability to write at least 100 pages of flawless decisions per month
    5) allegiance to the common good and the people of Barbados
    6) no membership in any political party
    7) job experience at least 10 years at home as lawyer, professor, consultant etc pp and 5 years on international level (arbitration, UNO etc pp)
    8) clean record, that is anti-corruption and pro-transparency

  69. @ Mockingbird
    It seems like the CCJ already adopted your standards ….. and now can’t find a Bajan Judge that makes the grade….

  70. It’s funny that Mockingbird should bring up the requisite requirements that should make a good judge and master of the court, but here’s the problem as it now exists, there was a master of the court some years ago called Roberts, I do not know what kind of master he was so am unable to say anything either negative or good about him; what I can telll you however, is that he has a son, Leslie, a lawyer who works out of Leslie Haynes’ office in Strathclyde, that means he works directly for Peter Harris and is part of the present problem in the supreme court, having no respect for the sanctity of the court.

    Now, Roberts is still young, so just imagine 20 years from now and he becomes either a master of the court or a judge and Peter Harris is still in full operational mode, what do you think will be happening then, barring an act of God, no one can see the younger Roberts changing his ways while he has even more control of the supreme court, particularly with Harris still being his master. That is how corruption continues unabated.

  71. @Bush Tea

    I agree that the bench of the CCJ is excellent, even against American and European standards. Some judges are known in the whole global village.

    However, some Barbadian lawyers might qualify for such high office as well. The question is: Are they locally allowed to serve the common good?

    @Well Well & Consequences

    Measures against nepotism should be added to my list. Thank you.

  72. Well Well

    Approaching Mr. Khan can do nothing for the person. If he/she has a complaint it must be made to the Disciplinary Committee. The chairman is only one person one of the persons on the committee. Mr. Khan has no role to play in the Disciplinary Committee.

    Sent from my iPad


  73. Unfortunately for this dude, this particular client , though sweet as candy, can be as cruel as death when provoked or rubbed the wrong way.

  74. Well Well

    I have no good news for you. If the Disciplinary Committee fails to do its duty, you have to take it to court. If you then win the case, the court would order them to do their duty but by that the term of office would have expired. A new committee would then start investigating the matter all over again and by the time it gets around to you that committee’s year would have expired.

    You can’t win following their rules.

    Sent from my iPad


  75. The legal system in the Caribbean is copied (uncritically) from the UK. You can sense immediately what is wrong with such mindless imitation by observing black jurists sweating like pigs (but of course, proud pigs) in robes that only make sense in temperate climates. The system of justice dispensed is not only unnecessarily complicated and barely understood, if at all, by the people it is supposed to serve, but it is so expensive it cannot be afforded in the amounts that are absolutely necessary for an orderly society.
    Even the UK itself is short on resources for this cumbersome system. How can poor little Barbados possibly cope. The Jamaicans are already on the way to bankruptcy as they struggle to pay for their judges and lawyers. When will we free ourselves from the prison of colonialism?

  76. @ Well Well

    I was wondering who this “dude” was and became instantly concerned because you have not been afraid to mention Peter Harris’s name here but seemed less inclined to name the dude which is quite unlike you

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