Blue Horizon Sold to Bjerkham and Maloney?

Blue Horizon Hotel

The average Barbadian is blissfully unaware about what goes on in the Barbados business underworld. Deals are made in smoke-filled rooms and the ordinary Barbadian is left to emit sounds of fury on the talk shows and on social media. How was Vision Development incorporated in the nick of time to land a deal to develop the Hyatt hotel? How come government was 100% receptive to Mark Maloney when he decided to import cement to force prices down in Barbados and he was able to secure the contentious site on Port Authority lands? Is it a coincidence this matter has been mired in legal rigmarole? How much foreign exchange is being spent anyway to import Rock Hard cement? How come Mark Maloney was able to secure a sweet heart deal with the government to plant the houses at Coverley? If BU is correct there was a plan to develop an area in Bushy Park similar to Coverley.

The latest question BU is asking.
Has the Blue Horizon hotel, the GEMS property been sold to Bjorn Bjerkham and Mark Maloney for 5 million dollars?
By our calculations this computes to less than $5,000 per room. The last valuation bandied about in public was 17 million dollars. The enduring legacy of the Stuart government will be the shroud of secrecy and more than a hint of corruption attached to transactions.
Will somebody SHOUT GROTTO and the use of the Housing Industrial Fund to pay Maloney?

274 thoughts on “Blue Horizon Sold to Bjerkham and Maloney?

  1. @ Carson C Cadogan August 15, 2017 at 3:13 PM
    “If our Prime Minister was WHITE he would not have written such garbage to him.”

    If your Prime Minister was white Barbados would not be in the awful nasty looking state it is currently in. The garbage would be picked up regularly and the detritus filling the gutters and blocking the pavements removed post haste.

    Because ardently slavish blacks like you, Carrion, would have been the most productive peons in the gang of cleaners to make Massa country look nice for the tourists and white residents.

    Why not make Bjkerham the PM of Bim and see how fast you and your ilk bow and scrape to make sure Bim returns to being the gem of the Caribbean?

  2. Arthur wrote a note as an ice-breaking joke to the ‘prime minister’ and he showed it around the island like a little pissy girl….talking about how Arthur wanted to get rid of Mia…
    The Prime Minister is a patented jackass ….and paranoid at that.

    His is a cabinet of retards who do not understand decimals; cannot multiply whole numbers; and whose comprehension skills are frightening…

    It is not surprising that Carson, angela and Froon would interpret serious words of advice as a threat….

    Stinkliar probably thinks that it is a 0.007% threat ….and Lil Hitler probably thinks that if he multiply 200,000 by 10 it would be 20 Millions threats…

    What a bunch of degenerates….. at least find someone else to cuss who is not head and shoulders above the best that wunna have….

    How about Dr McClean? …who seems to have worked out that wunna ain’t nothing but a bunch of losers….

  3. Money Brain

    And tell him to speak the TRUTH too.

    He said at the meeting that the new tax was written by 8 or so or less people.

    Our PRIME MINISTER had to set him straight in his wrap up. He let him know in no uncertain terms that the entire Cabinet was involved in the new tax, numerous technocrats in various Ministries were involved, and persons outside of Govt. were also involved.

    Now you see why our PRIME MINISTER had to have that so call social partnership meeting Televised for all the World to see?

    So many lies would have been told afterwards. But it is now difficult to do so when Bajans saw everything for themselves.

    • Carson the Govt has totally mismanaged the country, it is a terrible mess everyone knows, excepting the yardfowls.

  4. Money Brain

    “”Carson, De fellas getting real brutal better U tek cover, yuh hear!””

    First the threat of “”Social Unrest”” now this?

    • “”Carson, De fellas getting real brutal better U tek cover, yuh hear!””

      First the threat of “”Social Unrest”” now this?

      Forgive me for thinking of your psychological health, stay pun here and tek your licks then. Hard ears and head.

  5. The sad part is that in 12 months time we may very well have these, by then chastened operatives back on here making sensible points for a new boss,that we will start agreeing with.

    Happens all the time…….all knowledge and commonsense resides in the heads of the opposition……..never when in govt.

  6. @ Carson C Cadogan August 15, 2017 at 3:36 PM
    “Our PRIME MINISTER had to set him straight in his wrap up. He let him know in no uncertain terms that the entire Cabinet was involved in the new tax, numerous technocrats in various Ministries were involved, and persons outside of Govt. were also involved.”

    Sounds like the same group of 20 “Eminent Persons” Mia minus her LEC had begged the buffoon for a PM to convene ‘imminently’ since 2014.

    Is that your PM’s version of contracting-out the responsibilities and functions of his Cabinet of monkeys conducting the people’s business?

    Don’t worry Carrion Cadogon(e), help is on the way in the form of the IMF Calvary as soon you are unable to pay for that next shipment of finished petroleum products and supermarket stock of food out of Miami.

    Coming very soon, at a gas station and supermarket near you!

  7. @Bush Tea August 15, 2017 at 3:33 PM “Arthur wrote a note as an ice-breaking joke to the ‘prime minister’ and he showed it around the island like a little pissy girl….talking about how Arthur wanted to get rid of Mia…The Prime Minister is a patented jackass ….and paranoid at that.”

    It is alright to pick on the Prime Minister as he offered himself for public office, and he gets paid from the public purse [you almost made me say, eats at the public trough or feasts on the fatted calf with the rest of the political class] so he has to take his lashes from the public

    But I object to your picking on little pissy girls (or formerly little pissy girls). What we do you? We have never been patented jackasses. We have never been paranoid. We have never been any of those things, even when we were 2 or 3 years old and had not yet quite mastered the art of lowering our little lady drawers in a timely fashion.

    I now launch a formal objection with the blogmaster and demand that he makes you withdraw those words.

    David you must make Bush Tea apologize to all 4 billion of us…otherwise one day coming soon we are going to get him.

    We are the majority.

  8. @Bush Tea

    SS got you, so do the right thing , I know you don’t need help in describing the PM action , but may I suggest you think of something real UGLY

  9. Looka Bushie crosses nuh!!!

    @ Simple
    The reference to ‘pissy little girls’ was only made to analogise the concept of a ‘tell tale tit’…. You know the thing…!!
    …a fellow barely give you a little wink and a nudge …
    ..and you running to mommy …talking bout how ‘Bushie little boy interfere wid you’.

    Big people do not get on with such childishness – not after their ‘pissy’ stage of around age five…
    …and it certainly was NOT to say that ‘little girls’ are patented jackasses or paranoid. …Froon has managed to gain those accolades all by himself.

    So sincere apologies to you and all little girls ..if it seemed that Bushie was attacking little girls…. au contraire.

    Little girls are JUSTIFIED in being ‘tell tale tits’ …. else the vultures ’bout here would literally eat them alive…
    But no one wants to eat an old ugly shiitehound…. so why is he behaving like that…?

    A man that can’t tek a joke…
    …can’t tell the truth
    …can’t find a wife
    …can’t tek criticism
    …can’t mek a decision
    …can’t stay awake
    …Paranoid as shiite…. and yet the eleven johnnies lost their eagerness…..

    ..and some brass bowl clown called Carson C Cadogan clogging up the column with a lotta Kant about the Cubba called Froon…

  10. We really need to drain the swamp!

    But wait………..Michael Carrington is a QC?

    Oh my goodness………..this scumbag is a QC? Talk about the degeneration of that title!!!!

  11. The ignorance of these people.MBAPE is no university qualification as in a first or post graduate degree.The stupidity of LEC must be treated in the same fashion.JA’s only show their shallowness when they quote these as tertiary qualifications.Another example of all pappy show designed to fool stupid Dems.All show,no substance hence why Barbados in ducks guts.Effin lackeys and pirates have taken over the ship of state.Errol Barrow and Tom Adams must be wondering HOW DID WE GET HERE?

    • Errol and Tom was spinning so atomically fast dat dem brek out dey by Brandons and de coffins just went round de harbour wall—dem leffin!

  12. MBAPE=MBA in physical education!(using the grey matter)Wuhloss!Muh belly!
    Here the pussy Glyne Murray arguing with Miss P.She is saying the PM should have addressed the country yesterday.Murray sez to Miss P, a Canadian National that he didn’t think the PM of Canada would be expected to address the Nation for every snow storm.What the shallow,stumbling would be public speaker removed from the equation was the important fact that Barbados was on LOCK DOWN.It was no ordinary evening.Folk were told to get home,businesses were told to close,buses were removed from the roads…and the citizens were told not to venture out before the ALL CLEAR was given…it was no walk in the park decision.

  13. MB

    Neither EWB or Tom were paragons of virtue,stated by someone who knew them outside of politics.

    …EWB’s major failing was taking over a party and using it to rule Bim as opposed to creating an institution with a solid foundation and a succession plan in place for the future.

    ….Tom took over a country that was to become his personal fiefdom and to the day of his death he was feared by the majority of Bimmers.

    • Vinni,
      No one is perfect but I would like Dippa to have been Skippa in the last 8-9yrs.

  14. @ Gabriel
    Glyne Murray is a brass bowl clown by any standards. He is beginning to remind Bushie of Alvin… Cawmere was not a bad school, …but some shiite happen in between hear….?!

    He could have so easily stayed off the air …and let us all continue to believe that he had some common sense….

    His stammering, ‘hymming and hawing’, stuttering, repetition, and swallowing of words (and ideas) is distracting, unprofessional, irritating ….and then he keeps talking over the callers with his juvenile ideas…

    Shiite man!!
    He makes Peter Wickham look good…. but Bushie has long argued that this was his role when he was hired… and to kowtow to Ellis…

    But he was right to cut off Baffy’s friend today (when he questioned how Froon can hire a personal friend to ‘defend him’ on a government matter)….. whose ass should be here on BU, where ideas can be properly explored – rather than sucking up to VOB’s hosts for a few shiite minutes of crosstalk.

    Barbados – the land where mediocrity is king….
    Bushie would not be surprised if angela works at VOB as an ‘Analyst’ or some such shiite…

    • Today’s debate about whether Stuart should have addressed the country last evening is interesting because Glyne Murray missed the point. Stuart is a silent leader and it is in this context Bajans will use every opportunity to ask him to speak. In other words the call for Stuart to open his mouth a al Gonzalves is symptomatic of the fact people want to hear him!

  15. Bjerkham for president! He rocks the island more than any hurricane before.

    His title shall be: His Excellency, Borg Jerkham, President for Life, Bjorn Jerkham, VC, BMW, MB, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in the Caribbean in General and Barbados in Particular, uncrowned King of Scotland District.

  16. @ David,

    It must be noted. The people who actually mattered were on VOB last night and in the news today.

    The head of the DEM and Joy Ann Haig from the BWA and others who were ” wide awake “.

  17. @ David
    How is it even conceivable to be the elected LEADER of a country that is about to undergo a NATIONAL shutdown, ..bus service suspended, …businesses closed,…emergency services on call, …its people are brass bowls ….. and not say one shiite??!!

    Especially when the last few ‘shutdown’ were as controversial as hell?

    Shiite man, even if a primary school is to be closed early the damn principal would call everyone together for 5 minutes to put them on the same page, and reassure them that everything is under control.

    This man is beyond jackass….

  18. Prodigirl

    You better address him properly…..

    He is his Excellency Most High King Freundel Jerome Stuart

    The King of Barbados 🇧🇧……who jackasses like could only cuss everyday…..but cannot outfox fuh hell !!!!!

    He is smarter than clowns like you !!!

    Tek dat !!!!!

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