The Caribbean GIMME Nations

Submitted by Mr. Thompson
Blacks told to 'pull up the ass dragging pants'

Blacks told to ‘pull up the ass dragging pants’

The majority of the Caribbean countries, that had slave populations, have and are still wallowing around in the financial abyss. One has to ask WHY. Well one suggestion that is hard to dispute is that all of these nations have a large population of people descended from African Slaves. These descended slave populations, during the majority of their history have been looked after by Caucasian people and they have developed a GIMME/Support Me attitude. Work ethics and the ability to support oneself is not in-bred, just the opposite is true. The majority of these slave populations now blame everything on their slave history, it’s all whiteys fault. They may have a point, however it’s been 150 years, six(6) generations since the end of slavery and they still blaming the same devil. It’s about time these black descendants of Africa take an inward look at themselves, pull up the ass dragging pants and start putting the blame on themselves.

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  1. When you take away ones dignety…..when you completely destroy their historic values….then enslave them, not with chains and whips but with colonial attitudes that are inbread expecially with the British, then just what do you expect.
    I was brought up on an Indian reserve where we where likewise enslaved…..for us to move from the reserve to the white community proved more difficult than having a person from a forgein nation come into the country with out knowledge of the language and cultures. Of my family members only six of us were able to make the transaction….and each of my brothers and sisters who were able to migrate succesfully have made a very good mark on the world…..those who couldn’t…well they, to say the least, were enslaved to the reserve just as were my parents and grandparents.
    Yes….the black people should stand up on their own…..then drive their slave masters into the sea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. have u ever thought that is the negro way of telling whitey to kiss his ass,,,, so next time u see an ass dragging negro ,,think about it….. that message is for u …next don;t miss “blacks living in the pits of hell because of whitey” coming to a theater near u, and while i am at at it turkey .blacks did not ask to be put in slavery …whitey did it and whitey should own it, ..and also pay for the wrongs done, black should not have to be struggling and be told shit about what time it is , you guys made the fucking mess and you guys should be the ones to clean it up,.not expecting that the shit ur ancestors created and left on the steps of a black race should be cleaned up by blacks ..typical whitey always looking for servants and cheap labour,,,, now go buy yourself a couple wash cloths and a couple broomes and start cleaning up the 1 50 year mess your ancestors left as an inheritance to blacks …. you can afforded it FOOL.

  3. the ancestors of blacks struggle and worked for free, building schools hospitals and infrastructure through out the world fuh your ancestors to enjoy a good life and did not receive a penny for their hard labourer ;or could afford to leave a penny as inheritance for their children and now u joker penned some gobbly junk on paper instructing blacks with u racist crap to pull themselves up by the boot straps,,,fuh sure u need one or both of them boots being shoved right up your behind ,,,


    Georgep | February 4, 2014 at 11:57 PM |

    Our educational system surely failed us@

    Whos educational system is it? Ours? theirs, them? Who is behind and rule the system? Who is to blame ?

  5. It is things, like criminal evil wicked TAXATION, Interest Rates, the diabolical practice of recipients of monies/numbers (or access to such) from the relevant financial institutions having to give to the same financial institutions, monies/numbers equivalent to the amounts that were earlier got or accessed, the devil practice of so-called PUBLIC DEBT, etc, that must be absolutely removed and the correct developmental regimes to replace them installed by a certain future coalitional government of this country ( and of which the PDC shall be part of it), to help make sure that Barbados is placed on a strong growth and developmental footing and is ready to take its rightful place among the world’s leading nations on this earth.

    For, it is these and other destructive regimes that are surely taking and exacting catastrophic toll on the incomes, payments and transfers of the individual, household, productive, and distributive sectors of this country, such that it will become like how Jamaica has been for a long time running, in so many social political financial regards, on this current Eurocentric Westernist oligarchist dependency exploitative political trajectory, if those two monstrous disgraceful intellectually and politically discredited bankrupt disorganizations that are responsible for these inhuman regimes – the DLP and BLP – are not put down by the broad masses and middle classes in less than 4 and a half years.


  6. when are the West Indian governments going to do something about these young men who walk around with their “INSIDE OUTSIDE” ? it is the most idiotic and despicable sight around .

  7. Absolute pure racist BS! The total narrow-minded ness is laughable. Maybe it’s time to join the real world and quit living in your negative whinny little space.

  8. Larry Platt had it right…fool… if you think ..this is the way your people say kiss my ass to whitey……your wasting your time. I am sure it pisses off older black people as well. It gives me a chuckle every time I see them because I wonder how their poor parents are feeling. How do you introduce them to anyone…..this is my son , no he is not retarded he is telling whitey to …..but we are all black people here at the funeral….well maybe some whites may come by and he just wants to be ready…..ridiculous

  9. @Michael Saunders

    “migrate succesfully have made a very good mark on the world…..those who couldn’t…well they, to say the least, were enslaved to the reserve”

    The authors point exactly, those that remain enslaved are the masters of their own situation, stop blaming others for your situation, get on with life and if you want changes make them.

  10. The black race needs to work like ants to get out of dependency. We do not support each other’s businesses, so how can we be free from this syndrome? Free our minds first! We do not trust each other; that begins in families.

  11. these are typical whitey terms of endearments used to describe blacks and inherited by blacks!.NIgger!.Stupid.!Lazy.!.inferior.!.broad nose.!.monkey.!Lowclass.! yeah these terms were use to prove whites superiorty over blacks and guess what those terms are still used today as effectively against blacks as during many blacks using such terms are unaware that those terms were used against their ancestors to gain control and keep them in mental bondage seeds meant to divide remain in our pysche

  12. So you think wearing your pants below your butt with your underwear hanging out makes you look high class ?. Get a grip. Forty seven years on, and still living in the past who are you going to blame 20 generations from now if nothing has changed. Thank God this seems to be only a younger male phenomena, I would hate to see if the old ladies like AC and Well Well took it up with their granny undies. It would look like a bunch of weather balloons running around Bridgetown on shopping day.

  13. ac | February 5, 2014 at 9:26 AM |

    You continue to cuss the whites to high heavens and consistently blame them for your current lot in life while crying down their way of life.
    You make it a habit of blaming slavery for all your present problems but still buy their processed foods and consumer goods made from the same slave and exploited labour of blacks.

    Yet you foolishly perpetuate the worship of their white god and slavishly follow the religion the white man has easily forced down your throat. Even Bonke had a ball in November 2012 laughing at you stupid black people dressed up like Europeans in the cold even though he could not raise the dead as a miracle to blacks.

    Until you blacks kick the white man god and idols out of your lives and psyches and turn to the force that gives you daily life and kisses your black skin you will always be in chains both physically and psychologically.

    Yes fool, carry on blaming the whites while being brainwashed with their religion and culture.
    Dem white people really laughing at “wunna” while the Chinese and Indians running straight to the bank.

  14. An old Bajan is not feeling well so he goes to the QEH.
    The doctor says we will need a urine, sample, a blood sample, and a stool sample. The hard of hearing old man turns to his wife and asks what did he say?
    She said….he wants your underwear

  15. @Wily Coyote:
    Well stated…….
    As I stated before those in my family made a choise to break the stigma of the reserve system and to break away. It waas dam hard and the obsticles that we had to overcome were very great but the biggest obsticle was breaking away from our own stigma.
    Personally I had to fight the rasem (coming from both sides) but mainly the numerous roadblocks that were placed in my path….again placed there by both sides of the coin.
    It took years of very hadr work to overcome these obsticles but my children had a chance to enjoy some of the good life….something that is not found living on the reserve.
    Even today I will come across some bigited A-Holes who state that I should be on the reservation away from so-called good people but these are few and far between….and given the fact that I am a highly trained investigator and social activist (Thanks to the training that I recieved in the amy) AND NOT AFRAID TO TAKE ON ANYONE WHO TRIES THEIR BS ON ME….. goes without saying that these people back away very rapidly….
    Then I look at those who sit on their duffs and whine and cry about how WHITIE has enslaved them on the Reserve……(and this includes numerous of my relitives) and my only advice is that they get a backbone and do something about their situation!!!!!!!!!Fight back and make a stance if not for themselves then for their children……
    Enslavement is something that exists not due to chains and walls but the mental attitudes that prevail and these attitudes can be overcome if the person is willing to take a stance and break the memtal chains that binds them.

  16. @ miller
    Are you aware of the fact that the greatest democray in world ( United States of America) had abandoned the practiced of Racial- Apartheid a little under fifty years? And that the whiteman, the Indian as well as Chinese have had four- hundred years ahead of the Blackman to perfected they business skilled. Miller are cognizant of the fact that the blackman have had his so called self- determination a little under fifty years, after being enslaved by the whiteman for over four- hundred years? And finally Miller, there is an old adage which states that,” The Past with its Good and Evil lives in the Present, and that the Old is in the New concealed and New is in the Old revealed.” Yes we ought to use Slavery as an excuse to justify many of issues now which afflicts the black community. Miller, you ought and must get your hands on Dr. Arthur Lewis book; he dealt specifically with many of problems which undermines black progress. Historically as well as contemporary!

  17. not going to get here on BU and kiss ass an talk about how many obstacles and hard work it took for me to achieve ..bull shit not one to appease anyone feelings ridding them of guilt far from it i will continue to point out the many wrongs done to my ancestors andspeak out reinforcing the problems that many blacks have to endure in order to”achieve” not going to be a hypocrite Agitation works like a ram rod

  18. @ Miller
    If the people of colour had been given an equal footing after the evil institution of slavery. There would had been any need for persons such as: Marcus Gravey, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela and the likes. Dr. King fought well into the 1960’s for basis humam rights of the blackman and you want to convince those persons of colour that there isn’t something very wrong about that.

  19. As usual AC you are clueless to the perp walk, that is how the pants below the backside came about in the US, when perps are arrested, their belts are taken away from them, so are their show laces, that results in the pants sliding down the waist, it was turned into a style in the US and of course the asses in the Caribbean must ALWAYS copy the NEGATIVE when there is so much POSITIVE to copy from the US>

  20. Even in the America of today, there are certain unwritten rules that the people colour know they ought obey, to avoid be shot by the white police in America. And this applies specifically to black male….!

  21. @ Mark Fenty | February 5, 2014 at 12:54 PM |
    “And that the whiteman, the Indian as well as Chinese have had four- hundred years ahead of the Blackman to perfected they business skilled. Miller are cognizant of the fact that the blackman have had his so called self- determination a little under fifty years, after being enslaved by the whiteman for over four- hundred years?”

    Which physical location are you grounding your argument? Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, USA, Barbados, Trinidad, Guyana, UK, Ghana Nigeria or Benin?

    When you have established your historical bearings we could possibly pursue to contention.

    Why not stick to Barbados you know well because the USA might not be too kind to your argument or liking as you could find out some blacks too had slaves.

    BTW, slavery in Barbados really got off the ground in the mid 1600’s and officially ended in 1833-34.

    Chinese and Indians did not arrive in the Caribbean until after abolition of slavery. They were brought in to replace the so-called freed black to work on the new sugar plantations in the Guianas, Jamaican and Trinidad.

    Chinese arrived in the USA in the 19th Century to work in the building of the transcontinental railways. They suffered even worst discrimination and deplorable conditions than the blacks.

    Before you argue about such serious and important issues you need to get your facts straight. But then again you can always blame the white man for depriving you of an education, right Marcus?

  22. Well Well, I can’t see the sense in wearing one’s pants below one’s ass but I guess it has some kind of meaning to these young black kids in America. Some of these kids defines it as style and others defines it as a sign of militancy against the establishment.

    • @Miller

      Surely you are aware that long after slavery was abolished Blacks had not achied freedom, Apprenticeship and all that…

  23. Miller, actually Chinese and Indians arrived in the Caribbean between 1838 and ended in 1917. Chinese actually arrived in America in the early 1800’s and not the 19th century as you claimed. Miller have you read the Chinese Exclusion Act implemented by the Congress in the late 1800’s. Get your facts correct Sir!

  24. Well Well you are correct, and as I said to my father-inlaw many years ago…when you get CNN coming to the island be prepared for the good and the bad

  25. @Miller
    According to the history books, slavery was abolished in the West Indies between 1834-38 and the Civil War Amendments brought emancipation to the American blacks in 1865.

  26. Wow and a well well. It makes no sense what so ever hurling insults at this white perspective that seeks continuously to malign, entrap, and even enslave the thinking of black people to a conformity that says: we are incapable of succeeding. The truth is that black people are still inhibited in in their thinking by the ravages of slavery hence the inability of the black man to come to higher level of consciousness. Their struggles and the struggles that black unity face in becoming an establish way of life, has been carefully blocked by white conditioning and white programming to a point in our history where blacks will not support their own because success is equated with whites and failure to that of the blacks. This is the reason why we continue to spend our money with white and other ethnic businesses and not our own.

    Slavery and the psychologies used to keep the black-man mentally enslave are still being depicted in our everyday living in the form of TV programmes that show white families are for the suburbs and black families for the projects or ghettos. What is depicted of the the black man in TV and movies roles is not one of articulation and genius but more-so the roles of toughness and low levels of intellect. We must therefore be thankful to God for Sydney Poitier, Denzil Washington, Will Smith and few more others for show casing intelligence equal or far more superior than that of those whites who dominated these roles.

    What this white perspective is trying to do is cast the blame in a reverse psychology on blacks that says: blacks have had more than enough time to adjust and change hence their behaviours and lack of success is attributed to their own fault and decisions and not to that of slavery or anything that the whites are known to have done to them. . Though I agree somewhat with this perspective the evidence of black oppression has never stopped and therefore it behooves me to say that this white perspective is nothing more than a heap of shite intended to do one thing. TO CONTINUE THE OPPRESSION OF BLACK PEOPLE AS A WEAK RACE WHO NEEDS TO BE HERDED LIKE SHEEP AND TREATED LIKE ANIMALS.

  27. Lawson…….AC is a lost cause, nothing can change that fcked up psychology that is really self-inflicted after 4 decades.

  28. WTB how do you know that your people don’t support their own because of conditioning, maybe even they don’t want to bet on the dark horse

  29. Mark…………it’s all in their mind, the best way to show militancy toward a racist system that shows prejudice and disadvantages others, is through education and knowledge, the best revenge, not showing your crack to others, it is disgusting.

  30. Miller, actually, after the emancipation of the blackman in the Bristish West Indies. The exslave refused to work on the plantation any long, so this presented a challenged for the white planters, who turned towards China and India to full the labour shortage. This started the Indenture which started in 1838 to 1917…..

  31. Well Well, I am quite sure You will take affront to my comment, because in my estimation an education is of little value when one isn’t give the opportunity to use that education as he or she should. Listen! liberty can only be realized, when there is an equal distribution of laws, conditions and opportunities available to every citizen in America. Unfortunately, a great number of black people in America believes that the system does not represent they interest as it should.

  32. How do the uncle Toms define freedom. u think that owning a big ass house and drving the latest SUV is freediom .well tell me …..cause the blacks are still enslaved bind to a chain that is owned by the white establishment working like jackasses and owning nothing well i guess a house and a car… and u know why cause the minds are blind to the truth and causes and effect of slavery still content on blaming wunna selves and enjoy living in economic slavery … god dam fools

    • @Well Well

      It can’t be about education alone. What about the structures which support a way of thinking and doing business? How are these structures which act as blockers dismantled?

  33. Mark and David….i should have given a more in-depth suggestion re education, I don’t mean the education as it pertains to the European experience which is all fantasy and bullshit meant to keep the discrimination, racism and disenfranchisement of a whole race of people intact…….i really meant the re-education to fill the missing gaps that would see the black descendants of the African slave trade, re-define themselves, their existence and find a sense of great pride in their history which is without question the greatest history in existence, the problem is finding the people who would be proactive in finding the information or better yet, instead of trying to acquire reparations in the form of paper (money) why not petition the culprits in buckingham palace and the vatican to give up the information and proof of the true history of blacks directly affected by the european experience of enslavement, we know the information and proof exists.

  34. Believe it or not, I see that information that has been maliciously and viciously hidden for centuries by some of the most evil demons, now deceased, and their equally malicious and vicious descendants, quickly undoing centuries of psychological damage in a very short time, KNOWLEDGE works like a miracle, it is very powerful.

  35. speaking of structures look at the way this society is structured ,how many whites do u see patronize local black rum shops or bars on any given night or even shop in the neighbor hood village shop given they are not many ..this society is totally equally divide even though bajan blacks would pretend it is not so,,,,,,, but just take a look at how these two races interact and it says a lot about who trust who and how much economic power those in charge would give black bajans,,,,this all goes back to an engrained mindset adopted by the new generation of whites taught to them by their parents resulting in fear and mistrust of blacks be it at home or aboard,,, now tell me how can a cycle as vicious as that be broken,,, then tell me if fear and mistrust being the dominate force how can blacks over come these challenges which stand in their way of progress, yes one might say hard work and dedication but one still have togo to those who have the financial control for approval.

  36. @ ac | February 5, 2014 at 6:33 PM |

    What the ass you know about white people.
    These are the same people you blame and condemn for the woes of blacks . You seem to despise them and would prefer to refuse to socialize, mingle or mix with them.

    White Barbadian, although intellectually backward because on interbreeding and insular in their mindset, are socially more Bajan than blacks.
    They speak like real Bajans, drink more rum and eat more indigenous foods than black mimics like you who have a caviar-like taste for everything imported like “big mout” of drinks vodka, brandy and whisky to wash down the macaroni pie with large helpings of New Zealand lamb.
    That is why the whites have no qualms about making easy money off you guys by selling you imported stuff the same way Indians sell you false hair to cover your natural locks while you sweat like monkeys stealing bakes trying to look like them.

  37. @ Miller
    “White Barbadians, although intellectually backward because of interbreeding”
    Miller, that is one of the most racist statement I’ve heard in quite sometime. ( but I am quite certain that I’ve interpreted what you have written above incorrectly Miller) And furthermore, I think that you’re misinterpreting what amounts to be an honest assessment of the people of European stock. I don’t believe that most people of colour would dislike white folk because of the colour of their skin, or at least I would hope not. Whites such as William Wilberforce, John Brown, Abigale Adams etc, were loyal soldiers in the fight against the evil institution of slavery. And more importantly Miller, memories of slavery and racial apartheid are still freshly cemented in the collective conscience of the people of colour. It is not that easy to forget four – hundred years of mistreatment by the man of European descent. Miller, are you aware of the fact that my great grandfather who I saw in photo hanging on my grandfather’s wall as a child, was a slave in Barbados?

  38. Could someone please explain how a bunch of “intellectually backward inbreeds” run the island, and given the chance most of you would trade places with.LOL

  39. @ lawson | February 6, 2014 at 8:42 AM |

    It only goes to show the sad state of blacks when it comes to the ownership and control of businesses in the Island when an in-bred group like the “Closed Brethren” could turn blacks into consumers and workers.

    Any black man or woman who would want to be like them would have to be in mental slavery. These are people who are severely afflicted with all sorts of genetic disorders as result of dipping into the same gene pool too often and prone to skin cancer from living in the tropics.

    But you might just be right, lawson, many blacks spend loads of money trying to emulate them. Just look at the amount of false hair imported and rumoured to be in the range of $2 million annually.

  40. @ Mark Fenty | February 5, 2014 at 9:17 PM |
    “Miller, are you aware of the fact that my great grandfather who I saw in photo hanging on my grandfather’s wall as a child, was a slave in Barbados?”

    Fenty, how could I be aware of that fact unless I am your daddy?
    Was he a white slave or a black slave? The name “Fenty” is very much British (is it, English, Irish, Welsh or Scottish?).

    For you therefore Mr. Fenty the man of Scottish descent to argue the following:

    @ Mark Fenty | February 5, 2014 at 2:18 PM |:
    “Miller, actually, after the emancipation of the blackman in the Bristish West Indies. The exslave refused to work on the plantation any long, so this presented a challenged for the white planters, who turned towards China and India to full the labour shortage. This started the Indenture which started in 1838 to 1917…..”
    While still arguing the Indians and Chinese had 400 years in the Caribbean to ‘hone’ their business skills vis-à-vis the black man only goes to confirm (in your case) the assertion of interbreeding can lead to intellectual backwardness.

  41. Lawson
    How do you know that they support there own. What are the black business success stories on the island that you can shout and ‘holla’ about.

  42. What I was saying it may not be conditioning that they buy products from or use white businesses it may be value for money, dependability, the deep pockets to be able to see a job through to the finish. Quite frankly when I go to a store I don’t care what middle man a product has come through as long as it is the best deal. The corner shops here in Ottawa are dying out because of the larger sellers, the ones that have survived stay open 24 hrs, offer fresh goods etc its not a black thing or an indian thing its a value thing

  43. Mark………….what Miller said is true, like it or lump it, shit is true, racist my ass, do you even recognize racism any more?.

    By the way, the white youths in the US also wear their pants below their backside, it is so bad that one law enforcement type in one town in the US had the practice banned and made criminal.

  44. Lawson

    I see your point re the issue of value and maybe appeal in aesthetic design and presentation. Blacks do not own much businesses here and maybe if they did, the skew would not tend so much towards white own or ethnic group businesses. Plus black businesses, for example some of the supermarkets that are own by blacks (exception being the Emerald City and A1) but using ricks and popular as examples, are not so appealing and their location maybe a turn off to certain elite customers. Maybe you are right. It might be a case value and I would add..location

  45. Well Well and others google wikipedia” instituionalised racism. and you would understand what u don.t understand….and the many loopholes whites yes they control the wealth in this globalise economy….yes the many loopholes that are used to suppress blacks and minorites from achieving. by use of a sophisticated coded system. one of which i heard was identifying blacks by their african names another way of denying them jobs.We live in a global society and thy rules are our rules wetheru like it ornot

  46. Of all the garbage Miller spouts daily on this site, surely this has to be one of the top contenders. Hear the Great Miller:

    “White Barbadian, although intellectually backward because on interbreeding and insular in their mindset, are socially more Bajan than blacks”

  47. @Whose to blame
    Ricks Supermarket has been long gone, and as far as ownership of Emerald City and A1,that is debatable,as we all know that Sir David Seale has a big stake in those businesses.

  48. @ac
    It is the same with Indians living in Canada….I once was denied a liquor license due to the fact that I was an Indian…….and numerous times I had positions turned down due to my race……
    Instead of crying about this injustice I fought back!!!!! I was trained as an intelligence officer in the US Army and I put this training to good work!!!!!!
    The person, a unionized government worker, after two weeks of having his picture and employment location plastered in every news outlet and office place in the province….after he faced numerous assaults both physical verbal….after his family was plasticized and refused service and, was fired…..then I made sure that he would not be employed in that province ever again……after his house and car mysteriously burnt….after his children were beaten up by native youths….after he was denied protection after position by those in power….well to say the least he got the message and not only left the province but also packed up and went back to the garbage heap that he immigrated from.
    If someone has been denied employment, discriminated by those in power and/or faced racial discrimination due to their race or colour then they should fight back and do as much damage as physically possible to those who are using their position in life to degrade them.
    Believe you me it works!!!!!!!!
    In the past twenty five years no one has had the balls to discriminate against either myself or my family due to our race…….they know toooooooo well what they will face if they are stupid enough to try!!!!

    Some people might try and say that I went too far but this I just laugh at…..I made such an example of this person in power that any other person who had the slighted inclining to repeat his actions would have second thoughts at doing so. If these people want to discriminate against someone because of their race, creed, color or religion then they should get whatever retaliation that can be mustered out!!!!!!

  49. Whose to blame | February 6, 2014 at 9:31 AM |
    How do you know that they support there own. What are the black business success stories on the island that you can shout and ‘holla’ about.
    I always like to tell the story of the two shops on opposite sides of the road at Eastmond Corner , thats where Station Hill meets the Bank Hall and Bridge Roads. These two shops were owned by a Mr Worrell and over the years many Barbadians rented these two shop, but had to abandoned their entrepreneurial efforts due to a lack of support from fellow Barbadians.
    Not to be discouraged, an Asian set up business in one of these shops, and was forced , shortly afterwards, to install wrought iron burglar bars, and other security measures , as business was doing so well, he had these fears of being robbed. And this story is repeated in Roebuck Street, Tudor Street, Baxters Road and all the other parts of Bridgetown where , previously there was an abundance of successful black businesses.
    If you pass by what was ACME Engineering in Roebuck Street, you will see that the building has been given a facelift, and the Star and Crescent has been concreted into the facia.

  50. @ 123 | February 6, 2014 at 2:08 PM |

    Well then, show how the statement is garbage, instead of the ad hominem.

    Here are three pieces of evidence to support my position:
    They were in Barbados before you blacks.
    They are not pretentious and certainly don’t imitate Americans like the blacks with their put-on false accents while making ‘mincemeat’ of the Queen’s English.
    They don’t wear other people’s false hair as a sure sign of self-hatred.

    Now where are yours, “123”, to prove otherwise?

    Write your answers on the lines below:

  51. @millertheanunnaki!!!!!

  52. Ad hominems? Show you how the statement is garbage?????
    If you can’t see what is wrong with your comment,
    “…White Barbadian, although intellectually backward because on interbreeding and insular in their mindset, are socially more Bajan than blacks…”

    then perhaps you are a bigger fool than your words suggest.

  53. @ 123 | February 6, 2014 at 4:04 PM |

    Then correct the big fool, biggest fool!
    Evidence is required. Not just attacks or grammatical corrections.
    Maybe you are part of the inbreeding brigade.

  54. MS shouldn’t you be running cigarettes over the border or something. Army intelligence…….jumbo shrimp……serious joke

  55. @lawson |
    I entered the US Army on the 3 of May 1965 and served til Sept 1985.
    Of this time frame I spent twelve years in the Intelligence branch working as a data tec. haven’ been trained for such by the Army……How much time did you spend in the services??????
    And when you insulted my intelligence with the statement re:”shouldn’t you be running cigarettes over the border or something”…well it goes without saying the level of brain waves you enjoy. And by the way…..isn’t that the job of WHITEY??????? The last that I heard they were the ones running the illegal smoke racket……….In the city I live in over seventy people have been arrested selling and/or transporting illegal smokes….and guess what……not one of them were Indians!!!!!

  56. My grandfather was given the mm at the somme, my father was a chindit, I spent 34 years in the fire service, we are a family of blue collar straight shooters, who know that the measure of a man doesn’t come from race or color but how he reacts in the good times and the bad. I believe how you reacted over your liquor license just about says it all. Your hollow victory says more about you than you probably realize, Revelling in the sins of the father being visited on his children and wife is alien to most men .Maybe working in an office environment instead of on the front lines has given you this skewed vision of what is right or wrong.

  57. @lawson

    When You Wrote…RE:Maybe working in an office environment instead of on the front lines has given you this skewed vision of what is right or wrong.Maybe working in an office environment instead of on the front lines has given you this skewed vision of what is right or wrong.
    With four tours in Nam!!!!!! Being with the ground forces in Granada!!!! another two tours in in the middle east…..sitting in an office??????? I think not!!!!. And my victory was not hallow…. I was able to get my liqueur license…. something that an Indian had never gotten before. Since then there has been eleven other natives open licensed restaurants ….something that would not have transpired if I had not stood up and fought!!!!!!
    My children have all gone to collage and have excellent jobs but more important they had the opportunity to do so.
    I now have six grand children in collage and nine more in school……not one dropout to this date….yes a very shallow victory!!!!!
    I am now long since retired with a good pension haven worked till I was seventy four and am still married to the same woman….something that is unheard of on the reserve a very shallow victory!!!!!!
    The VICTORIES that I have been able to obtain were ones that can be passed on to all those who come after me let they be native indians or anyone who is surpresed by the white neo-christian race and their better than thou attitudes.
    I have spent my life fighting for equality and will fight on until I pass over to my ansesters.

  58. I commend you on your fight to stop stereotyping of all people, and to that end you have convinced me to give up at least one of my preconceived whitey notions .Never again will I think that all old Indians are wise.

  59. “Then correct the big fool, biggest fool!
    Evidence is required. Not just attacks or grammatical corrections.”

    What evidence?
    I give evidence in my papers and reports not on plain-as-day Millerisms…

    Nonetheless would the Miller like evidence that:

    he writes the most nonsense on the blog while pretending to be the Mr. Uber Sophisticated?
    he is a regular Party Hack ?
    he may (or may not!) have read widely, but not is well read at all?
    he is not nearly as intelligent or cultured sophisticated as he thinks and pretends he is?
    he is just another bitter old man with too much time on his hands who recently discovered the world of blogging?

    PS: Your latest gaffe is evidence of all the above :

    “…White Barbadian, although intellectually backward because on interbreeding and insular in their mindset, are socially more Bajan than blacks…”

  60. institutionalized racism and how it is hidden and define within all societies

    Persistent negative stereotypes fuel institutional racism, and influence interpersonal relations. Racial stereotyping contributes to patterns of racial residential segregation, and shape views about crime, crime policy, and welfare policy, especially if the contextual information is stereotype-consistent. A great percentage of white Americans rate Black Americans and Latino Americans as less intelligent, preferring to live from welfare benefits rather than work, and “more difficult to get along with socially”.
    Institutional racism is distinguished from racial bigotry by the existence of institutional systemic policies, practices and economic and political structures which place non-white racial and ethnic groups at a disadvantage in relation to an institution’s white members. One example is public school budgets (including local levies and bonds) and the quality of teachers, which in the U.S. are often correlated with property values: rich neighborhoods are more likely to be more ‘white’ and to have better teachers and more money for education, even in public schools. Restrictive housing contracts and bank lending policies have also been listed as forms of institutional racism. Other examples are racial profiling by security guards and police, use of stereotyped racial caricatures (e.g. “Indian” sport mascots), the under- and mis-representation of certain racial groups in the mass media, and race-based barriers to gainful employment and professional advancement. Additionally, differential access to goods, services, and opportunities of society can be included within the term institutional racism, such as unpaved streets and roads, inherited socio-economic disadvantage, “standardized” tests (each ethnic group prepared for it differently; many are poorly prepared), et cetera.
    some might argue that there is a difference in the way things are done in the island but one must not be distracted by geographical location since these policies are already in place and would never change at some point and time as the wealth of the minority in get carribbean gets larger the challenges for blacks and minorities to get financial power would become harder as these policies to undermine would be acted upon…,

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