Unions Issue Advisory to Members: Do Not Part Fights

Submitted by Bajanspice
School fights getting dangerous!

School fights getting dangerous!

The Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) and the Barbados Secondary Teachers Union (BSTU) recently issued an ADVISORY to teachers advising them against rushing to part fights at school. If this is their position, I want to know whose duty it is to part fights at school?

I trust that the BWU and the NUPW would also issue an advisory to their members working at both the primary and secondary schools to bond together and heed the warning of their fellow workers union. As a concern citizen, I trust that the Ministry of Education look into this matter and put measures to curb this behaviour and publicly state whose they appointed/delegate to deal with this daily occurrence.

8 thoughts on “Unions Issue Advisory to Members: Do Not Part Fights

  1. If students are bold enough and bad enough to ignore a teacher’s verbal command to stop fighting the police should be called.

    That is what they do in Toronto.

    Teachers are not trained to deal with thugs and vagabonds.

  2. If young people refused to stop throwing stones and bottles in the presence of the Prime Minister, forcing him to run for dear life: do you think that they would give two hoots about a teacher.

    Teachers are somebody’s mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters just like the rest of us. They are not super men and women who just rush in like tv characters to save the day. Some of these children carry knives and other implements fashioned to be weapons. What is an unarmed teacher to do?

    I served on a school board once and we had no choice than to expel a male student who flattened a female teacher who was provided cover for a student that he was beating. When the principal came the student promptly announced, “Don’t f…ing touch me” and the principal who was smaller in stature had to get reinforcements.

    I agree with Hants, call the police.

  3. 1) 12.01 pm Teacher observes fight
    2) 12.02 pm Teacher calls police
    3) 12.07 pm Teacher observes that one or both combatants have obtained injuries requiring medical assistance
    4) 12.08 pm Teacher calls ambulance
    5) 12.09 pm Teacher walks away, job done!

    I hope the directive from the Union is not a direct order but advises the Teacher to use discretion in these circumstances. Two 11 year olds fighting is a whole different kettle of fish from two 17 year olds. In my day there were some people who wanted to fight and Jack Smale secured some Boxing gloves and let them duke it out at lunch on the school grounds which was a source of entertainment for us and got the itch out of their systems.


    mace them,/ pepper spray , there is a bully some where, people dont send there children to school to get hurt

  5. Surely schools have trained security guards in this day and age.

    I am pretty sure I even see a “guard hut” at the Crumpton Street entrance of HC.

    The closest we came to a security guard in my day at HC was Mr. Harewood the Porter!!

    ….. and Mr. Harewood was light years away from being even thought of as a security guard.

    Authority was stamped on the school by the teachers.

    Different days!!

  6. … different teachers ……

    …. and different pupils.

    The Closed Brethren solved the problem by opening their own school.

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