More Action at a Secondary School

Hon Ronald Jones, Minister of Education

Hon Ronald Jones, Minister of Education

Coming in the wake of the classroom sex video BU is looking into another matter at Princess Margaret School. It appears a teacher was beaten by a school boy and fainted from the experience. What is alarming is that other teachers who were present were scared shitless to offer assistance to a fallen comrade.

It is not surprising we are told that the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) has been slow to take action and the BSTU as is the norm is being ignored. Can we expect the Ministry of Education to take action? What about the embattled Minister of Education?

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  1. By taking the side of the recently suspended school children, over the word and authority of their Principal, has put the tail that wags the dog, into the hands of the wayward element of our our school population.
    Like father like son. Wasn’t it a former Attorney General who informed, the wayward element of our society, that it was illegal for the police to stop and search a car on the public highway without a warrant? Giving rise to the relatively hassle free transportation of drugs, guns, stolen vegetables and butchered cows across the island.

  2. Some teachers talk down to students creating an atmosphere of discomfort for the students. Nagative remarks are levelled at the students, resulting in retalation.

  3. O. Mayers, only ‘duncy or bad-behaved’ children get talked down to. In 1966 a teacher at QC called us ‘sheep’ because we were wandering all about the classroom. Did anybody beat up anybody? Nope! We sat down immediately! Stop findng excuses for low-life children.

  4. Ormond Mayers ….So you are supporting a pupil assault on a teacher? It is so obvious that you didn’t spend much time at school especially in English class. I can understand why the literacy rate has fallen so drastically.

  5. Criminal charges should be brought against the damn MINISTRY of education.
    Until we get RID of the Ministry of Education and back to the situations like the days of Tank and Major Noot when the School boards and TEACHERS ran the schools, …we will be wasting time and money – and producing brass bowls…and sex maniacs spreading aids and unplanned children…

    • If we want to build a society these are issues we have to begin to confront, minister Jones, Laurie King, Pedro Shepherd, Mary Redman…

      Will you guys let it fester like the AX matter?

  6. @ All those in the same age group as I…Think about if a teacher reported to your parents that you in some way were less than respectful. You dreaded that three o clock hour for wrong or right,you were wrong and the roasted ass was yours.In the world in which we live today we could find an expert who could rationalize every behavior.What these experts have missed is the fact that today’s parent is of a different breed.Ours is a world where child and parent exist on the same level,where they share everything…in some instances that includes partners.Right here on BU someone gave the last name of a teacher who had recently impregnated one of his charges,The name called was Mr.Dottin.Do you think that in our tiny little country this alleged pedophile cannot be found?Do you think anyone in authority looked for him? Hey perhaps the way to look at it is that one cancels out the other.We know the problem,question is do we really want to fix it?

  7. @ David
    Boss man,
    Bushie is GENUINELY sorry about the pissy attitude and the foul language of late….. But shiite man, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE ‘BOUT HERE…?

    In EVERY other country, when things go wrong – THOSE AT THE TOP are called upon to account…..but not here….

    Our schools have now become a $500M a-year dating service, while being INCAPABLE of producing anyone to run a national bank, a Power Company, a damn little pissy Almond hotel….or even its own Government intelligently……


    Those asses have been there before the present clown for a MoE and will be there long after he too moves on into oblivion….yet we blamed children, parents, police, drugs ….every shiite except the asses who conceptualize the stupid policies that fcuk the whole thing up…..
    If they are going to over- rule Principals, then LET THEM BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE FAILURES…… Is that not common sense
    @ Colonel Buggy
    You are so right as usual….. Just like the asinine Ministry and MoE, always side with the wutless children and their back-street parents, Maurice King took that most ignorant, retarded and questionable decision to come out on the side of the CRIMINALS rather than law abiding citizens …..and AS A DIRECT result, have facilitated the operations of CRIMINALS in Barbados.
    If we wanted a DECENT, SAFE, LAW-ABIDING society we would have NO PROBLEM with police doing regular checks.
    If we cared about praedial larceny we would support this mechanism.
    If we were REALLY concerned about illegal guns, this would be an OBVIOUS measure
    ….but these “bent leaders” often take such decisions based on petty, personal agendas and concerns that are at variance to the PUBLIC INTERESTS…..

    King has single handedly set up Barbados’s best asset of “SAFETY” to become our worse nightmare…..
    …and we just continue smartly…

  8. check pudding and souse in Sun on Saturday, a student was caught having sex in a car park. When the principals wanted to maintain a firm grip on the student is their respective schools, Ronald Jones and Joy Gittens-Adamson were encouraging students to break school rules. For example, when the principals organization got together and decided to ban cell phone in schools, the same Jones and Joy Gittens were at various seminars making comments to the effect that the Principals should embrace the technology.

    Please mr. Roy Morris at the Nation, give us some more sex scenes from the schools. Make sure you catch some of the male teachers and the female students too. They are the main perpetrators.

    WE GONE TO THE DOGS AS PREDICTED IN 2 Timothy 3 “1-5,7
    This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

    2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

    3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

    4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

    5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

    7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

    • @Bushie

      The BU household is very much aware that you and Caswell and a few others on this blog – who live in Barbados – are very much aware as to the nonsense going on in our schools. And we are making reference to the primary, secondary and not us let discuss the UWI, BCC and SJPP.

  10. @ GP
    “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth”
    No better confirmation of this than this Barbados….

  11. LOL
    …and talking about the Ministry of Education, if you want to understand KARMA, study Ralph Boyce….. One of the jokers to champion the mass imposition of co-education in Barbados back in the 80s
    ….now every damn day he in the news crying ‘ bout how women unfairing the poor men….beating them …and won’t let them see their own children… πŸ™‚
    Lol….and begging government for paternity tests so that the poor fellows could have proof that HE is the one (of often dozens of possible candidates) who is the true child father to have to pay the $60 per week to the woman….
    Bushie can’t think of a better person to fight that losing battle…

  12. Bushie you are one wicked Bushman! How you could be laughing at Ralph Boyce the saviour for men. LOLL One must be careful what one wishes for.

  13. You Islandgal….. If um is one person Bushie hope that Boyce fix – um is you….fuh that 2X4 incident…. πŸ™‚

  14. BUSHIE





  15. What I noticed is that school children just loved the attention they got from this Nation article and have gone into a frenzy……the amount of cell phone videos that have surfaced since are enormous, many gone viral…. Just in case some people don’t know… some of these video are being sold amongst these kid $ 5 a pop… $ 30 if original …not the mention payment to participants…..We giving them a field day and as one said….”wunna slow”…..we need to watch BIG HAIL the CBC program on Saturdays 5.00 pm to get the scoop…..

    • It seems unforgivable that we have Ronald Jones presiding over the precipitous decline of discipline in our schools and the PM has done nothing to date. A shake up is needed, he can’t give the appearance of fiddling while Rome is burning. He needs to send a message to the players for crissakes!

  16. @ David

    Leaders? …what leaders? Have’nt you noticed nowadays it’s a free for all…when last you hear leaders….? Since Ronald opened ee trap an talk bout batsons and bullets rather than mo mistakes ee educatedly gone quiet….As to giant….business as usual…. I tell you since Alexandra..the kids looking on…better believe that

    • There is hope yet, Jones finally resigned when the Barbados position on FIFA ranking dropped to 175, several places lower than when he took the helm. Mediocrity is the new benchmark but we like it so.

  17. @Bushie
    Bushie your views here prove conclusively that you are not a BBowl!!!

    What idiot educators seriously gave thought to this Co-ed nonsense?
    Bajans are descendants from the Chinese village of PHOO-PING! We love that heritage! How you going to decide to place Bajan youths of both sexes together in school?

    Interesting that Springer was never integrated? HC youth use to avail themselves of such “young ladies” regularly and especially in the HC school buildings on Sports day.

    The harm of these ridiculous policies has spread far and wide as it has totally decimated Sports at HC, which always had a relatively small population in the first place. HC should only be for Males and QC for Females!

  18. @ MB
    What idiot educators seriously gave thought to this Co-ed nonsense?
    If you check carefully, you will find that it was mostly driven by some totally devoid of balls and testosterone, and who therefore would be unfamiliar with the urges to which you drew reference.
    The problem therefore lay with those of us who sat by and allowed them to destroy our youth through their ignorance.

    Can you picture GP or Onions in a class with sexy young things like Islandgal at age 15? …..WA LOSS!!!
    …all like now so GP would be a ZR conductor with dread locks, and Island gal would be a huckster selling okras and 2X4s to help support the 40 odd children and grands….and Onions would be in Dodds…. πŸ™‚ for Bushie, the bushman would still be in school all like now so…having failed every shiite except “advanced percolation studies” (as market vendor would term it…) LOL Ha …. along with ac….

    Bunch of Brass bowls….we gone and mash up THE VERY BEST EDUCATION SYSTEM AROUND – that produced GIANTS……but
    THAT is what you get when you listen to people like Peter Wickham and that ilk – who could not pass the 11+, but went and acquired mock degrees and came back for revenge…. LOL…and does put THEM so in charge…..????!

    OUR BEST AND BRIGHTEST SHOULD BE OUR LEADERS!!!…not retards and rejects.

    • @Bushie

      Did you hear Dame Billie on the afternoon talk show last week? Unabashedly she admitted she could not get buyin from all the stakeholders to agree to deliver age appropriate sex education during her tenure as Minister of Education.

  19. Our prime ministerial leadership in this country reminds me of the days in the village when you,as the captain , pick a side to play a cricket match. The boy who owned the ball, and the other one who owned the bat had more say than the captain, who would lag behind and allow the ball and bat owners to call the shots, fearing that the game may come to an abrupt end, if he got on their wrong side.
    On the Belleville team we have 11 eager players , and the captain is the water boy.

  20. BT WROTE
    Can you picture GP or Onions in a class with sexy young things at age 15?


  21. @ David
    Bushie would not have heard her.
    Even if the opportunity presented itself, she would have been turned off……&$@!
    She have children?
    She ever had sex though?
    She had a family?
    What RIGHT did she ever have bulldozing her way through the then education system of Barbados, imposing her feline nastiness on what was then a global benchmark?

    She should be brought to justice for what she has imposed on this country in that regard…..she and Tull….!
    Shiite man, at least she could say sorry…..

  22. @David, GP and Miller among others who have contributed to thisarticle, particularly Well Well.
    Which party did Dame Billy belong to? Which government was in power/ But Miller does not want us to talk about the past.

  23. We had at least one contemporary at HC who allegedly”relieved “his lustful loins 9 times per diurnal period. Can you imagine him having to contend with actual sexy females. The Family Planning Dept would have loads of work!
    It was quite a trial and tribulation for most of us to control ourselves in not molesting the female teachers and girls from QC. Mirrors strapped to shoes, hiding under the 3 Storey Stairwell etc for just a glimpse of the delicates. Many chaps soiling themselves fantasising about the “proper Bev”.

  24. Alvin………..the nastiness in the BLP party either matches or very narrowly surpasses the nastiness in the DLP party…… there, hope you feel better.

  25. Wasn’t this post about some teacher who was beaten til he fainted? Princess Margaret Secondary School needs a shake up. Wasn’t that the school the boy was bullied and ran and was struck by a car and died?

    Alot of non-sense seems to go on at that school.

  26. Two children copulating at school is an issue of morality and discipline. Should be dealt with by the Principal, the Ministry of Education and the parents.

    The distribution of the video may be a criminal act. the BU Lawyers can opine.

    The beating of a teacher is criminal act and should be investigated by the police and charges laid.

  27. I think in retrospect that the Princess Margaret School is the worse off for not ensuring Freundel remained on their staff in his other life,that of a good teacher.That is his vocation and Barbados is suffering because the then Ministry of Education did not recognize the man’s talent and gift.It was a sad day and ominously so when Freundel Stuart exited Princess Margaret for the last time and decided on a carriage while the chase was on.Now all ‘o we paying fuh it.

  28. Looks like when that carriage was changed, there was a mix up between the driver and the jackass that was pulling it.

  29. David

    I am now only reading this thread after 34 comments, and I must say to you that teachers getting their asses kicked at Princess Margaret is not new: it is a regular occurrence. The only thing new is that the teacher fainted.

    • Sorry AC, you got it wrong again. Like Bushie, I strongly believe that co-education has done more harm than good.


  30. How can co-ed possibly do more harm than good .even communist china realised the value and the importance co-ed is to children,s development and a necessary tool in helping them to avoid stigmatizing each other in adult years. really from what is being said hear the argument against co-ed boils down to sex arguably as chiildren mature sex would become an issue one than should be dealt with by parents and society. as a whole.

  31. O.k ac wrong RIGHT. Caswell what are your scientific findings . outside of muslim countries having beliefs and traditiions which indicate that genders should not be mixed before marriage all other countries have co-ed based on physchological findings which states that both sexes when introduced and interact at early ages shows more tolerant and respect for each other in adult age and when engaged in a work enviroment the possibilty of understanding and engaging each other is less stressful.

  32. Caswell did your former employer not cover up for one of its staff members for troubling his step daughter===what did child careboard did –yet he can be on my TV specking about government breaching contracts —what did his employer did to the secretary that slP THE TYPIST on her Bottom and feel up her bubbies —what did the Presideny of that organisation said or do

  33. Shite man ac…
    There MUST be something that you actually understand – and can speak coherently on….. no one can be so TOTALLY stupid….. Not with Google, TV, radio, books…..

    @ Pat
    …..ohhhh alright, that was the last time.
    You know that your wish is Bushie’s command…. πŸ™‚
    …and leave Bushie out of that vacation planning. Too many damn typhoons in that neck of the works bozie….

  34. why dont u approach the issue of co-ed in an intelligent way instead iof talking shite about children sexual encounters. give an intelligent point of view. all this shite talk from u having both sexes in the same school is antiquated ole foggie. maybe if u had attended a coED school u would have a better understanding of woman and more respect.look at how u buddy jeff broomes lost he way around females u think if he had learn or interacted at an early age he would had so much problem.idiot.

  35. U bush tea think u so smart u can fool a lot of them who u can influence wid u igrunt petty talk. not me. u continue to live in the dark ages get up in her and pontificate on 2013 issues with the intelligence of a cave man.

  36. @Ormond Mayers
    You are one retarded and apparently a bad behaved brute too. You seem not to know the proper spelling for NEGATIVE and RETALIATION. I feel that Myselfandi refers to you about retarded children. You got to be drunk coming around the place supporting violence against our precious teachers. Have you never heard the saying,’ Whoever you are a teacher assisted you’ ? I know they must have his tail charged and sent to prison. We must make an example of him. Teachers are off limit. with that kind of violence.

  37. Lighthouse said;
    “We must make an example of him. Teachers are off limit. with that kind of violence.”


    Unless that teacher is a pervert/pedophile molesting the island’s children..then another example is required.

  38. 1.The Police can pull over any driver whose vehicle is not in compliance with the law;be it a light not fucntioning,or a light attached to a vehicle and gives of a ray of light which colour is incompatible with the law etc.Based on the questions asked and answered if the Police have a reason to be suspicious,permission to search a vehicle may be asked of the driver and where it is refused,notation is made and follow up action may result.The Police must have the technology in place to demand the license of the driver and call in to check its bona fides.Similarly for the Insurance of the vehicle.Any mis step is ground for further action.
    2.Co-Ed in my humble opinion is for Tertiary Level education.The importance of the Primary level education cannot be over emphasised.Primary schools should be receiving the bulk of the Education Vote.This is where the real socialising begins and is carried throughout one’s life.Since the majority of Bajans express themselves so terribly,there should be a period of indoctriniation of the children in junior reception to be taught to pronounce words correctly and stop this bad habit of assigning equal emphasis to every syllable found in every word.For example the CEMENT.We are in the bad habit of saying SEE’MENT.This should be SUH’MENT.Westbury should be pronounced WEST’BREE. BEFORE is BIH’FOE and not BEE’FORE etc.Until we learn to pronounce the English Language correctly,we will not have that Pride and Industry we are supposed to exhibit in our work and play.It’s such a pleasure to see and hear those students who do well in the Common Entrance and when interviewed on TV,speak with such confidence and clarity.
    The Primary level is where the emphasis should be.Co-Ed has no place in a well ordered society when its at Secondary level.It’s just wrong and unfair to the young males and was introduced to address an inbalance in the marking system.The number of places for girls was reduced so as to facilitate the number of boys entering the system but with less marks compared to girls.I recall one champion of the redressing was Harold Crichlow who has 2 girls!My beef however is that the Primary school is not given the pride of place it deserves in our Education System.Speaking of pronunciation,cast your mind to the likes of Ronald Jones teaching kindergarten age children to pronounce words.Lawd have its muhsih.

  39. We are always on the cases of our children when thay are allegedly engaged in actions deem inappropriate – having sex or beating teachers. But we do not want to accept that we the adults must take some responsibility for the actions of our children.
    In the school system, we have administrators, teachers and auxiliary staff using, abusing our children.
    Teachers taking out their anger and frustrations on innocent children. In many cases, using some of the most vile, insulting language in their condemnation of our children. In many of those cases teachers resort to physical abus.
    David of Bu and the other commenters on this blog who are constantly on the case of our children, while not expose the abuse our children encountered on daily bases from the po

  40. David of Bu
    The space I have to comment is not expanding as usual and as a result what I type is now being cut short.Can that problem be examined & rectified?

  41. It is well-known that girls at all-girl schools do much better academically than they do at mixed schools. There is also evidence that boys at single schools do better than they do at mixed schools.
    To suggest that single-sex education prevents socialisation and an understanding of the opposite sex is absurd. A child’s social life is not all about school, most people have siblings or relatives or neighbours of the opposite sex round about their own age; their friends have brothers and sisters they can mix with outside school.
    At a co-ed school sex becomes a distracting issue. School is primarily a place for academic learning; socialisation can take place out of school. Or after school, check out Fairchild St or Speightstown bus station after school gets out!
    This is a small island, everyone knows each other anyway so what is wrong about keeping the sexes apart during school hours?
    I’m not saying co-ed schools are wrong per se but I think parents should be given a choice about whether they want their child to attend a co-ed school or not.
    The classroom should not be regarded as a place providing an opportunity to have sex or engage in sexual activity.
    Schoolteachers who sexually abuse children must be prosecuted.
    Some children have a hard enough time at home already, dealing with adults’ sexual behaviour with other adults and sometimes towards the children themselves.
    Let school become a place where for once they do not have to confront this on a daily basis, at an early, impressionable age. If you are a child from such a home, a teacher’s predatory behaviour could seem the norm. School should be a place where sex is NOT acceptable outside the curriculum teaching and textbooks.
    The Caribbean is already world-famous in literature, song and statistically, for incest and teen pregnancy, having one of the highest rates of child AIDS in the developed world. Can we please keep sexual activity out of the school room?

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