The Back Story on Mia Mottley

Submitted by Mark

Please permit me some space on your blog to share some information regarding the leadership of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP). It must be made known what damage Mia Mottley is doing to this party. Mia has cast aside the party along with the parliamentary group and now runs the party with a group of people who really have no connection to the party but are her personal friends, most of who are seen as DLP members.

Mia’s chief adviser is Hartley Henry. While Hartley is a professional one can understand why and how this would cause problems for most in the BLP. Her relationship with the MoF is well known, so it does not surprise many when she eases the pressure on her friend, Chris. Anyone who knows Mia Mottley well would tell you her best asset is the loyalty she has for her friends. The likes of Lucille Moe, Debra Hughes, Carol Roberts and Avinash Persaud etc. The look on the MP’s faces was priceless when Avinash entered the room to advise them on Barbados’ economy a few days ago.

Mia does not have the support of the parliamentary group because of these relationships and the belief that the BLP is to be run like her house with no one outside her circle of friends knowing her plans. Mia believes she can bring down this government by the middle of the year. This is what she tells the group but no one knows how. This approach does not instil confidence but it makes persons question your judgment and motives.

When you add all this to the fact Mia would of tried to make more than a handful of BLP candidates lose in the last election, it is easy to see why she will fail before she starts the job.

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  1. Well Well

    AB has NEVER denied the help he had as a kid from a white person. What does that prove? Some white people are not all bad? AB didn’t make his own success? His case proves nothing other than this – for some, race is totally irrelevant, which is as it should be.

  2. Ross….again you missed my point, AB could have done it on his own without help from any white person, it’s not about white being good or bad, it’s about black people also having the ability, potential, ambition, know how, brains, intelligence, etc to be successful ON THEIR OWN in a black majority country without help from any other race….OR without the black population erroneously thinking that another black or rather all blacks need the help of other races to excel…i can’t simplify it anymore, i know you got my drift…

  3. The drainage unit when implemented with no funds to pay the workers. the payroll came from the NIS fund. that money has now run out.

  4. Distractions distractions….mam has not had a chance to show her leadership skills and yet you all are ready to to crucify her. The reason I didn’t vote for the blp the election before last is because OSA treated her terribly and was falling into the 15 year comfort zone where it was a free for all the ministers to pad their nests. I vote for the blp the last time because their was within the first five years a loss of direction and ineptitude….no one to lead. I don’t care b or d…I want us out of this mess and the best solution is to have a young dynamic leader like mins and an intelligent elder statesman like Owen to get us out of this mess that Chris Sinclair has got us in. B nor d will matter when we get devalued and our unemployment rate skyrockets….I know we are in this for the next 4 years so that this Ossis Moore crew get their pensions but instead of stoking the fire between Mia and Owen we should be hoping that they can work together for the betterment of this place we call home
    Codify and power seems to be the order of the day.

  5. Wow, Millertheanunaki compares Owen Arthur’s wife to Jezebel. Why are some BLP supporters trying to throw Arthur “under the bus” because the man exposed the lack of integrity of Mia Mottley and her refusal to keep her word to him.

    Arthur as a former PM was treated as a pawn in Mottley’s political theatrics and games and he said that he wanted no part of it , yet she persisted because she thought that she could invoke Arthur’s name to boost her fortunes among the Arthur faction of the party.
    As usual, she was thinking of herself first and now comes out with a “focus group tested” response.

  6. @ Bajanfuhlife | January 14, 2014 at 7:26 PM |
    “because the man exposed the lack of integrity of Mia Mottley and her refusal to keep her word to him.”

    Wow, Bajanfuhlife has the guts to talk about somebody lacking in integrity!

    Why don’t you look inside your own house and see who lacks integrity? Why not start at the top and you would see where all the integrity has disappeared from.

    What more evidence can you ask for than to classify a liar as totally devoid of integrity? Now try to argue against that one and prove yourself a liar.


    Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition: No opposition and not a leader .

  8. Wait David, you read that story in Barbados Today on the football probe?
    Dog bite muh!!!! That look like nuff bassa bassa yuh!

    You see how much money FIFA used to give to the BFA?
    What the hell!!!!
    …and our football has been getting poorer and poorer….shiite we can’t even beat The Grenadines …..

    Perhaps we are beginning to see now why these BIG-UPs fight so hard to keep their positions
    They CANT AFFORD to have the Randy Harrises of this world initiating probes into their dealings…..

    One wonders how other sports in Barbados are any different in this regard…..
    Perhaps we need some more probes and audits…..

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