Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler’s News Conference

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler held his much publicised news conference today and here is the question which BU hoped would have been answered – are we confident he and the government of Barbados are rolling out turnaround polices?  BU’s answer is a resounding NO!

Sinckler’s rumshop delivery when addressing serious matters  gripping the country did not impress. Delivered in a style more suitable to a political platform in Deacons his constant harping about how the media (VOB) treats with issues related to government’s handling of the economy and frivolous references about callers to the VoB talk show who in his view mashed the crease has reached a tiresome level.  Sinckler’s delivery was unflattering to those who have perfected the art of style over substance. His news conference was infected with a political undertone which derailed his weak attempt to raise the confidence of a rudderless nation. He gave the appearance of a garrulous old soul.

For the umpteenth time we heard there is a CLICO solution in the offing, the Barrack deal is still on the ropes despite repeated promises over the years by several ministers, and whither Four Seasons? We know these to be difficult times but Sinckler and the government’s willingness to overpromise and under deliver has now become an embarrassment.

The biggest disappointment is the off again on again approach to government’s decision to retrench 3,000 public sector workers . Sinckler confirmed that there is a meeting with the NUPW to discuss the matter on Thursday, really? What is the role of CTUSAB and the Social Partnership? If the government has to fill a 143 million dollar hole which must obviously include sending home public workers, why not appreciate that the Social Partnership should have been apprised at an early stage to co-opt its support? Perhaps if the consultative process was done less clandestinely the Opposition might have been persuaded to vote to amend the law to reduce salaries to prevent a DLP government  having to walk the same path as 1991. In the process saving a jobs.

Incoming head of the private sector agency Alex McDonald after a meeting with Governor Delisle Worrell today indicated the international reserves to be 13.5 weeks. We find this interesting when juxtaposed with Sinckler’s revelation that there was forex outflow immediately after the last general election. The question which the Governor needs to clarify in his upcoming economic review is to identify strategies used to stabilize the reserves. Is it as a result of loans or have the policies which the Central Bank put in place for quarter three done the trick? Frankly BU is a confused about our forex management.

BU agrees with the Minister of Finance that managing the economy in the prevailing climate is challenging, we believe the government has added to the problem because of poor execution. For our children’s sake we hope implementation improves in 2014. Especially with some new projects like the cement and WTE projects and a few others.

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  1. Okay, let us be fair and practical. Within the first 15 minutes of Sinckler’s diatribe, he suggested on no fewer than four occasions that the DLP’s policy prescriptions are designed to ‘protect the Barbados dollar.’ Now my question is: if the dollar is not threatened by devaluation, then why is there an over emphasis on protecting the dollar when much more could have been said about recovery and growth of the economy?

    With Sinckler, the mischief is always in his ‘cat’ language which sometimes comes across with a forked tongue. Politically cute, economically dangerous.

  2. I agree with your assessment. I thought the same, the same old tired promises which he knows are LIES. His performed as I expected…..descended down into the gutter, the only way he knows how!

    What a waste of air time! If I thought that there would be any hope held out for the future of this country, it all vanished. And to think the man had the nerve to lambaste those who share a different opinion and said if you are suffering from post election syndrome, get some medication and get over it. Hey Stinkliar, many cant get their medication, did you not hear Professor Fraser?

    Barbados, brace yourself for the very worse! There is no hope under this political idiot!

  3. George Brathwaite don’t think that Owen Arthur constant public humilation of Mia Mottley is caused for BLP concern ?


    Same Crook , Same liar, Same Scumbag, same MOF,, same fool of 2013 , same fool for 2014 different year.

    • We found Sinckler’s answer to a reporter that they should pose their question to the Prime Minister a funny moment.

      Is the government starting a Question Time?

  5. By Sinckler’s admission today, in 2008 the DLP ‘selected’ persons and pulled them from ‘social welfare’ into ‘work’. Now today these same people are worst off and have been discarded to the lines of unemployment and unsure of even the safety net of social welfare. Sinckler, you are impoverishing thousands of Barbadians and making their lives very miserable. Good grief, you have failed and would not admit it. I guess that can be said of your Cabinet colleagues.

  6. @ David, did minister Sinckler give the formula for the municipal tax when asked by a reporter? He attempted to answer, but he didn’t seem certain about the percentage to be used.

  7. Wait a minute did you listen to the same Press Conference as the rest of Barbados? Whether you B or D the Finance Minster handled himself well except for mixing up 2012 with 2013 and the BHTA with the BTA he was confident and on top of his game. He never backed down from any questions including Ian Bourne’s question as to why we don’t grow and export marijuana.

    Mia’s reply to Sinckler’s pc took me aback she didn’t come across with the usual aggression and in your face reply to which we are accustomed. In fact she was flat it seemed as if she would rather be somewhere else speaking on some other topic. After Arthur took the umpteenth turn in her backside today her lukewarm reply was not surprising.

  8. @David
    “Alex McDonald indicated the international reserves to be 13.5 weeks”

    — Is this with or without Credit Suisse???

    “What is the role of CTUSAB and the Social Partnership?”

    — rendered irrelevant and insignificant. Layoffs and contract terminations continue as we speak.

    Here’s the magic question, if up until this day “they” can’t explain the sudden drop in forex in April which triggered where we are now, who’s to say that “they” can prevent another “unexplained” drop at any other random time???

    This press statement sounds like someone trying to convince themselves that they are absolutely right in the face of all evidence that they may not be.

    Just observing

  9. @ David, Re your 8:40 pm post, I thought he handled that question about reducing the size of the cabinet very well. As he hinted, that decision has to be made by P.M. Stuart.

  10. George.

    So are we to believe that all those people who suddenly got jobs cleaning the roads just before the election who came from St Michael South and Christ Church East were on welfare? the minister said that this was a welfare to work program. But minister, these are all able bodied men and women, you mean to tell me all of these people were on welfare? Dont believe you, Stinkliar!

  11. I had the choice at 3 pm to listen to the MOF or take a nap. I took a nap.

    When I woke up, nothing had changed. As expected. These guys have been ordered to implement hardship so tough noogies to you and yours. 2014 is going to be a very rough year. Wake up people, the horse has bolted, de dawg dead, we up the creek without a boat far less a paddle, we up that brown street up to we necks and frankly these guys are incapable. So half of us think that we economy will soon be mash up beyond repair and the other half pretending that nuffin wrong. And half of the second half hoping that fairy tales come true.

    So yes, we keep going around in circles, saying the same thing over and over again – or do like some highly placed people and not say anything at all – but it is time we figure out as individuals how we going to minimize this tidal wave coming our way. I need to do some research and find out which organizations have a good track record of ACTUALLY helping people (well that excludes any government entities and political harlots that masquerade as NGOs) and share what I have, or lend my time, involve our children and help them understand this runaway disregard for money has consequences. We as a people have to do something. Keep waiting for these politicians to do it. While you wait, I’ll be out there finding some way to help somebody. Even if it is only one body.

  12. “Okay, let us be fair and practical. Within the first 15 minutes of Sinckler’s diatribe, he suggested on no fewer than four occasions that the DLP’s policy prescriptions are designed to ‘protect the Barbados dollar.’”

    that is so true. he had me waiting to hear that they are going to devalue the dollar the number of times he made that reference.

  13. look ah’ dat sinckler out foxed uh guys another ,,,,applause ,,,,no matter how you blp yardfowls pick and nit the mof got second helpings,,,,,,,,,

  14. The MOF set out Government’s policy when he gave the ministerial statement in the House. The NUPW found itself looking really bad having collaborated with the Government by not looking out for the best interest of its members. As a result, the Government is now proposing to meet with them in order to help NUPW redeem itself in it’s members’ eyes.










    DUL-ENIS DULLMAN-(Kellman)–doubull DULL


  18. I agree 100% that this Sinckler continues to devalue the Minister of Finance portfolio.This guy is undeserving of a press conference.The garbage I was hearing made me turn off my radio.What a stupid ass this Sinckler is.This creature has no class nor sense of occasion.He could as well be on a platform at Deacons talking to the block.And to mention a new justification for the continued payment of bus fares by school children.It was to prevent them from being taken overseas and placed into prostitution rings.What is this?
    Where is the replacement for Eric Fly Sealy?

  19. @ Gabriel | 06/01/2014 at 10:42 pm |
    “And to mention a new justification for the continued payment of bus fares by school children.It was to prevent them from being taken overseas and placed into prostitution rings.”

    What is being suggested here by that sickening man Sickliar?
    Why is he sullying the professional character of the Immigration officials who allowed school children to leave and return to Barbados without passports or not in the company of their parents? Can we therefore conclude that the CCJ was justified in ruling in favour of Ms Myrie because of the totally unacceptable performance of the Immigration officials?

    Were these cases of child abduction for illegal nefarious purposes i.e. prostitution- and clearly known to the MoF- brought to the attention of the Child Care Agency or the UN representative for the protection of the rights of the children in Barbados?

    How come senior managers from the Nation Newspaper could be charged for printing alleged sexually explicit material involving school children but people involved in the human trafficking of school children for prostitution are allowed to walk the streets of Barbados free of fear of the law just like Leroy Parris or the two men who, it is alleged, threatened the life of the same MoF?

    Now if this man is not fired after today’s revelations may the God of Bajans have mercy on this terribly sad country that has fallen from the pinnacle of decency and pride enjoying both the admiration and envy of many to the cesspool of moral decay, political thuggery and filth.


    Never seen shit pile so high and it talks

    • Denting Bajan pride
      Story Updated: Jan 5, 2014

      I have always been an admirer of Barbados and Bajans. It is easily the most disciplined of Caribbean territories. Bajans understand that they live in a very small country with limited engines for generating economic growth and sustaining prosperity. It is why they have placed so much emphasis on education, and why they have not equated service with servitude, as some other Caribbean territories seem to do. They are cautious and risk-averse. Like other Caribbean nationals they too like a party, but they are not generally given to excess. Which is why the recent developments in the policy landscape and the dramatic intervention following the Article IV consultation by the IMF are surprising. Small countries are of course better off avoiding the IMF altogether, and that means pursuing consistently conservative policies which keep stable the critical economic indicators, particularly on the external account. Policymaking has to be preemptive and proactive. Key indicators are the Net International Reserves, debt ratios (debt/GDP, and external debt service to exports of goods and non factor services), the overall fiscal balance and the primary balance. There is a tremendous onus on the fiscal authorities and the central bank to measure and read the indicators correctly, and to act decisively when action is needed. Barbados has special policy burdens because it has elected to maintain a fixed exchange rate regime and to eschew devaluation. It has held the exchange rate at BD$2:US$1 since 1975. The first burden is that the real effective exchange rate has been appreciating, but it seems that the appreciation has not been fully offset by higher productivity, so that the economy has become more expensive and hence less competitive over time. This means that the exporting sectors have had to do more just to stay in the same place. The second burden is that when it is required, adjustment must fall on employment in order to adjust real incomes to the level required to restore external balance. It also means that, as in any structural adjustment, growth in the short run has to be sacrificed in order to restore external balance, which is and must be the primary objective. It is not possible to have one’s cake and eat it. It appears that those basic lessons were glossed over or overlooked by the fiscal and monetary authorities. And the question that has troubled me is, why? Part of the explanation is obviously political. The death of then prime minister David Thompson in 2010 left economic and political management in less confident hands at a time when the global recession and the impact on the local Barbadian economy required astute management and tough, proactive policy action. Instead, economic management failed to face up to reality and floundered. The policy posture of the central bank of Barbados has also been puzzling. Its governor, Delisle Worrell, is a competent and experienced economist and has been a career central banker, interrupted only by his stint at the IMF. In June 2012, a presentation authored by Worrell entitled “How We Keep the Economy Stable” was circulated. The presentation betrays no lack of grasp of what was required— tough fiscal action to raise revenue and cut public sector spending in order to reduce the deficit, and investments to accelerate export growth and close the current account deficit. However, it promoted the curious notion that Barbados does not have a debt problem because its debt ratios are comparable to Germany, a large, highly diversified and competitive First World economy! The projections presented by Worrell just 18 months ago and the actual out-turns presented by the IMF following the recent Article IV consultation are so far apart that it seems the central bank was completely misreading the signs and held an overly optimistic view of the economic prospects and of the government’s resolve to address and fix the fiscal situation. When rating agencies, as well as regional and international organisations indicate that the situation and prospects are very difficult if not dire, or that policy actions are not credible, serious introspection and reexamination of one’s thinking are warranted, not denial. Moreover, the role of the central bank is always to speak truth to power. Politicians hate bad news and avoid difficult and politically unpopular policy choices. Yet delay and dilution only serve to make the required medicine even more bitter. An IMF-imposed adjustment programme will restore external balance and more importantly, reopen access to the external capital markets, including policy-based loans from regional and international organisations. But the cost will be high in terms of employment and incomes over the medium term and the incumbent administration is likely to pay a high political price. The greater challenge for Barbados however, will be determining where to make the investments in those new exporting activities where productivity is much higher, and in those existing export activities that are able to expand export volumes (tourist arrivals and expenditure) at a much faster pace, so that the sacrosanct exchange rate can be maintained. In respect of the second of these, getting Butch Stewart and the Sandals Group on board, while not well-received in some quarters, is in my view, a step in the right direction. Barbados will need to leverage its highly educated labour force in innovative ways beyond offshore finance. And even if the exchange rate parity remains inviolable, consideration might still be given to loosening exchange controls on the current account and allowing nationals, including Caricom nationals, to hold foreign currency accounts in local banks. The central bank might be surprised at how much capital might return home! Barbadians are a proud people and having to submit to IMF dictates will certainly dent Bajan pride. I am confident, though, that, if it does come to that, they will swallow the bitter medicine, keep the programme under the Fund as short as possible, and emerge from their difficulties with a sound strategy for implementing a reconfigured and competitive economy, much as they did in the early 1990s. •

      Dr Terrence Farrell is a former deputy Central Bank Governor and former chief executive of One Caribbean Media Ltd.

  21. Come on! This is what ya’ll guys call productive conversation? I’ve seen better and ya’ll guys ought and can do better than this mess. Listen! I am quite sure that some of ya’ll here are cognizant of fact that partiality of opinion leads self – righteousness? And an objectivity of opinion leads to open – mindedness.

  22. @ David
    It has become apparent that you intend that this blog should be a vehicle for discrediting Barbados and the DLP regardless of the justification . Your assinine comment in respect of Mr Sinkler’s reply to the question about reducing the size of the Cabinet is a case in point . Is it not the function of the Prime Minister to decide who should be members of the Cabinet , the size of that Cabinet and consequently the person who should be questioned about a reduction of its size ? You often too refer to the comments of persons like AC as those of blind partisan apologists ; I am amazed that you do not see any blind partisan apologists when the large majority of BLP supporters write their irrational nonsense on this very blog . It would be of interest to hear your comment on Mr Arthur’s discrediting of Miss Mottley’s suggestion about forming the special group as nothing more than a “GIMMICK” and the fact that it took George Griffith a FORMER general secretary to appear on radio to try to do damage control . Maybe the know it all GEORGE BRATHWAITE could assist with this announcement which was BY FAR THE MOST SIGNIFICANT POLITICAL HAPPENING appearing in yesterday’s Nation newspaper . Finally it must be said that there was a lot to be admired about the way Mr Sinkler OUR MINISTER OF FINANCE handled himself in reporting OUR GOVERNMENT’S position on the steps being taken to keep OUR COUNTRY BARBADOS from falling under the pressures brought about by this deadly world recession and no amount of sycaphantic BLP rantings can detract from that .

    • @Truly Amazing

      Your comprehension skills need a boost. When will reporters get a chance to ask the Prime Minister any questions? Does he hold regular press conferences if any at all? The cycle is always the same, a government enters a second term, the honeymoon period goes and you guys do the predictable, attack public opinion. We have seen it all before. Last time we check BU updates submissions from the DLP but even those have been infrequent. You guys are struggling, admit it! How can you have a prime minister who hides from interacting with the damn public?

    • By the way BU was first to post a comment on this blog reacting to the gimmick comment by Arthur but guess what, the DLP occupies Bay Street.

  23. hi all u “economist terrorist”” take note you are being carefully watched some time in the future YOU will be the yesterday news conference reference was made to suchhhh, and to efforts use to undermine this economy We know who YOU Are..
    Any how ac noticed that these said people might have now turned their attention to the once again decapitating of MIA,,,,, bring out the OLD (OSA) to lay the ground work against the NEW not impressive MIA,,,,,,,,YUH guys Not easy…………
    Please Note that Bajans LOVE this country and are not going to let hungry power money grabbing self serving imbeciles LEAD or control this economy.

  24. @ David:

    Is it true that some of the workers fired from the Drainage Division have returned to their jobs?
    If, indeed, they have been taken back what kind of monkey madness is this?
    What has changed with the government’s finances since December 31st?
    Or are those “special” workers taken back on the job from the SMS constituency?

  25. ac

    Don’t we already haven wear hungry money grabbing imbecile leading the economy? Also don’t we have a nitwit at the central bank, a physical fool and a quisling in Bay Street pretending to something about economics and public finance?

    • @Miller

      This is what the union is saying, perhaps Caswell can confirm. It all adds to the confusion yet BU is criticized by some because we highlight the obvious. If it is one thing which must separate Barbados from the rest is our ability to implement, a benefit of being a highly educated nation. So we are told anyway.

  26. Enuff,
    The MOF has a definite problem reading numbers. I think whoever writes his speeches should write the numbers in words. I seem to remember the CB governor saying 4%, though!


    “You can’t just leave those who created the problem in charge of the solution.” ~ Tyree Scott


    ” A lie has many variations, the truth none.” ~ African Proverb

  29. A quick question for my friend Christopher ‘Scapecat’ Sinckler.
    If as you said yesterday that “the Barbados economy has been through much worse challenges and has always managed to emerge stronger than ever,” why do you constantly harp on the condition that Barbados has experienced the worst recession the world has ever seen?
    Furthermore, why do you want to give the impression to Barbadians that your sojourn as Minister of Finance was the most challenging of all finance ministers? Why do you boastfully beat your chest as if to connote that you have surpassed all others in terms of what you have accomplished?
    My problem Mr. Scapecat, is that you often speak with a forked tongue and I never know or can differentiate what is the truth from an elongated stretch of the imagination?
    Mr. Scapecat, can I take this time to remind you that the ‘modest but persistent rate of growth’ that you pointed out which was traditional in Barbados for more than 60 years and which you said assured “has underpinned the steady improvement of living standards in this country since the 1950s” clearly has been on a course of destruction and disaster under your watch as Minister of Finance.
    Surely, we all want to work together and to save Barbados. The more pertinent question is from whom or what?
    I wish to surmise from the evidence since 2008, that you Mr. Scapecat, your Cabinet colleagues, the current Prime Minister, and the regressive policies that you have followed, present a more serious threat to Barbados than any thing that the recession or the BLP threw at you. Sorry, sir, you have failed!

  30. And there are thiose lurking in the outskirts who are bound and determined that they way is better ofering up chaos and confusion wrestling with the minds of the electorate who so far seem to have lost way. then there are those who sees what can happen and are bound and determined not to be manipulated and help those terroist kick the can down the street.

  31. Barbados would recover inspite iof and despite off all the negative that have been said and done…in spite off all the mad influences and propagandising by YOU know who the cutlass weilding opportunist .they all know that this tiny island is and would be again recogonised and appreciated by all. yesterday sincklar response was positive sending a message that our survival lies entirely within ourselves…good job chris

  32. As meteorologists are haggling over the ramifications of the POLAR VORTEX that has seen a loosing of the polar arctic air that is slam-dunking NORTH AMERICA – most notably CANADA as well as major parts of Northern EU, we can see an ominous corollary between FUTURE apocalyptic GLOBAL COOLING/WARMING and the current financial MESS we are witnessing in BARBADOS!

    All I can tell you GUYS is to wrap up properly, damp proof your surroundings by plugging fiscal loose ends (i.e. DEBT etc); make sure you have a storehouse of ESSENTIALS (staples of basic commodities, i,e. batteries, rice, lard oil etc) and stash away any excess liquidity you may have in case you’re STUCK indoors because given the current trends OUTDOORS may become physical hazardous to health and well-being!

  33. @ Prodigal Son | 07/01/2014 at 9:10 am |

    The man either has a pernicious case of “numerate” illiteracy (pardon the oxymoronic slant, if that sicko Jackass Bowman would permit) or is challenged by a severe case of “numerate” dyslexia.

    The same challenge in ‘basic’ numeracy is expressed in his rhetoric with the Solid Waste tax. Is it 0.7% or 0.07% levied on the site value or has it been changed to 0.3% or 0.03% on the “improved site value” or is it the improved value of the property?

    The poor dense fella needs to go back to primary school. His stint at the Garrison has been a total waste of time. We wonder what his old head teacher Mr. Sealy have to say about his former charge who is proving to be a massive embarrassment.

  34. Most students of the older secondary schools have or exhibit a sense of pride when speaking in public,knowing that their manner or content of speech might result in a follow up ribbing at the next gathering of the clan.This might also obtain at some of the newer secondary schools.I doubt whether there is yet that self imposed awareness by the likes of the low life Sinckler man.He has learned nothing of the word ‘decency’ or the
    word ‘morality’ in respect of public life.You may as well be speaking to some within the dumb animal kingdom class.

  35. @ ac | 07/01/2014 at 9:54 am |
    “yesterday sincklar response was positive sending a message that our survival lies entirely within ourselves…good job chris”

    How come he did not mention the projects he promoted in the August 2013 budget? You know what we are talking about.

    David Estwick must be really pissed off to see his pet project the “Sugar Cane Industry Revival” has been dropped from Santa Chris’s bag of project goodies for 2014. Have the Japanese financiers backed out of the deal?

    What about the Exmouth lower income housing project and the Chinese-funded Performing Arts Centre in the MoF’s constituency itself? What about the refurbishment of the old Empire Cinema building.

    Is the MoF signaling the closure of the Arawak Cement plant by announcing the Alternative cement plant?

  36. @George
    The question is why if we have been through(along with the rest of the world I assume)the worst recession the world has ever known,how come we are, unlike most of our Caribbean and Latin American neighbours, not forecast to be on any growth path any time soon!!!And is it true that the GoCB is quoted as saying that Sinckler is the best MoF Barbados has ever had!!Lawd have its mercy ‘pun we Which wun worser?.

  37. Miller

    Sincklers list of project changes because his sponsors Maloney, Bjerkhamn and Tempro are constantly revising them depending depending on access to funding.
    The alternative cement project is a Maloney / Bjerkhamn pie in the sky dream of reducing cement cost in Barbados, dislodging the workers at Arawak and ensuring more construction projects built using precast in a factory at Lears where very few people are involved in a mechanised process.

  38. @ Gabriel | 07/01/2014 at 11:23 am |

    The MoF is a severely paranoid and intellectually insecure ‘conflicted’ man who being an incompetent pathological liar cannot help contradicting himself even within the same convoluted sentence or breath of deceit.

    On one hand, he says the current recession in Barbados is no worse than those experienced in the recent past with the 1991 characterized by even worse fiscal and foreign reserves strictures of today. On the other hand, he is saying the country is faced with a recession not seen in 100 years.

  39. Telling reporters to direct the questions to Stuart means they are passing the buck, problem is this is not the 1970s-80s where the likes of Lionel Craig, Hugh Brathwaite, Billie (the goat) Miller and a pit of other vipers in both DLP/BLP did and said as they liked in Barbados and the voters were not educated enough or intelligent enough to question these demons…….when will the DLP/BLP realize it’s 2014, most people (yardfowls excluded) are well informed, well educated, highly intelligent and cannot be fcuked with…..when will they get it through their thick ass skulls.

    Clearly the voters in the the 1970s-80s were far more educated and r intelligent than those who voted in 2008 and 2013.

    Do you really think that the voters in 2008 and 2013 are well informed, well educated, highly intelligent and cannot be ——– with?

    So why did they vote in this bunch of ineffective, incompetent idiots?

  41. miller,
    Did you notice that on nearly every project he was questioned on he said ….oh that is going to be taken to cabinet in about two weeks,,,,every thing was being worked on………..liar.

    When asked about Four Seasons,he said it was being worked on etc, etc….but what he did not say was that his recommendation to accept Jada’s bid caused the buss up in cabinet and the original investors have said that they want the government to accept the highest bidder and not the Jada one which needed government input as well!!

    What an idiot we have in charge of our finances!

  42. @Miller
    And Media so called let this man get away with these off the cuff,not properly thought out statements.The Media is piss poor.The Media must understand that when a supposedly key press conference is called,they get together and strategize who will ask what and who will follow up on what and who will throw the ‘curve ball’etc.The Media as exist here is a circus which seem to be after a free lunch or a laugh with the Minister whose sole pupose is to manipulate them so that he looks good.Where was Peter Wickham?Is there any truth that he and Ellis are in the business of reshaping Sinckler’s image,those two who are alleged to be in the business of “spin doctors” or “media consultants”.Given these guys’ access to radio microphones,is there any truth in this perception of the art of prostitution in its diverse forms?

  43. Now that MOF has taken some of the “sting” out of the political rheoteric of the opposition one waits with baited breathe and anticipationas to what issus are left for them to wrap themselves in and unleashed another round of Verbal assulats on the can only hoope and pray that they would put country ahead of all else

  44. ac

    It wont take long, have you heard about the IMP/IDB proposal to the GOB which mandates the devaluing of the Barbados dollar by 50%? That only came out today.

  45. after politics Sinckler should open a rent-a-fool/rent-a-clown business………….that would be a major success and he aint even got to hire anyone else, just himself.

  46. The Voters in 2008 and 2013 included a lot of people born in 1990

    1991 means nothing to them
    Richie Haynes called the 1988 DLP Budget , a backstreet abortion
    These things , they dont know. Somebody needs to write the stories, write the Histories

  47. @ Gabriel, you are spot on – it was a pathetic display by “poor rakey” so called Journalists they are not worth a pint of …. where was Patrick Hoyos ? wonder if he was invited most likely not as his questions would have put the MOF under pressure.
    Competent journalists would have done their research and when the MOF make his statement they would have been in a position to pose the type of questions which would have put the MOF under pressure. Instead they served up a diet of full tosses & long hops to the MOF which allowed to hit them all over & out of the ground.

    Even the great David Ellis was lukewarm in his performance
    , then again not surprising considering where his political affiliations are.

    • There is a meeting between the MoF and the NUPW today. BU advised Sinckler and the government to come clean about the 19 statutory entities being evaluated. When consolidation occurs more public officers will be sent home. They need to make sure the country does not have to go through this nonsense again.

  48. I have a question or two for Sinckler:-

    reasons behind the recent sharp decline in foreign direct investment (USD 326m in 2012 to USD 74m in Jan-Sep 2013)?
    plans and measures to improve foreign direct investment?

  49. i) reasons behind the recent sharp decline in foreign exchange reserves (USD 729 mln at the end of 2012→USD 505 mln at the end of June, 2013 (import coverage ratio (foreign exchange reserves/monthly import volume): 3.1months))
    ii) any plans/solutions to improve situation of foreign exchange reserves (reducing fuel import seems the key element for the foreign reserve with diversification in fuel / sources of power supply)
    iii) Government policy for the appropriate level of the foreign reserve under the fixed exchange rate system

    i) reason behind not to issue the USD500m euro bond recently
    ii) next bond issuance plan and schedule including use of funds and how to secure these repayment sources
    iii) any negative impacts in case of not issuing these bonds

    the details of each existing loan extended by bilateral and multilateral organizations
    criteria and procedure to prioritize on each project for issuing Sovereign Guarantee within the Government

    World Economic Environment and Barbados
     Euro/US economy situation and Barbados
    – impacts on followings by slowing down of Euro/US economic recovery due to US debt ceiling issue and forthcoming QE3 by FRB while Barbados’ deep linkage to these economies
    i) economy in Barbados especially on tourism sector
    ii) financial sector (bond issuance, financing and capital flow)

    – detailed results from FY2009 to FY 2012
    – estimation for FY 2013 and the prospect for FY2014
    – factors of increasing of the current account deficits
    – plans / measures to reduce the current account deficits and its specific financing plans to fill the gap



  51. From the speech

    “We have acquired that Almond property …………Cabinet has signed off on the proposed financing arrangement for the build out of the new Sandals Beaches at Almond, with the Chinese Government”

    When will Barbados taxpayers (owners of the property) be told the terms of the financing they will be saddled with?

    Also from the speech

    “We also know that a major new entrant into the construction sector will start operations during the first half of 2014 with the erection of the first Alternative Cement Factory in Barbados. This will not only bring foreign direct investment into the country; but also new technology that will drive down the price of cement”

    Sounds like Government is out to whack Arawak

    DD guesses the major new entrant into the construction sector will be The China State Construction Engineering Corp., which is100% owned by the Chinese government.

    The press release will include “Several hundred Chinese workers will work alongside several hundred Barbadian workers over the life of the construction period.” ……….. The Export-Import Bank of China, which is owned by the Chinese government, is financing the factory.”

  52. Some of us are wondering what the BIG BOYS at the FREEMASON GOTHIC TEMPLE in St. George are planning for the FUTURE of Barbados?

    Both sides of the political aisle ALL have members at this HOUSE OF WORSHIP!

    What hovers below the RADAR of mainstream political intrigue are the PLOTS, SCHEMES & SHENANIGANS of those who believe they PULL the LEVERS of social control in our country.

    Maybe time for a discussion on who REALLY controls and RUN BARBADOS!

  53. @ Just Asking, re David Ellis – check and see how many of the moderators Ellis had on VOB before the 2008 elections and who were rewarded by the DLP after the elections,, begin with Maxine McClean….

  54. Satanic Temple unveils 7-foot goat-headed Baphomet statue for Oklahoma Capitol…

    A satanic group unveiled designs Monday for a 7-foot-tall statue of Satan it wants to put at the Oklahoma state Capitol, where a Ten Commandments monument was placed in 2012.

    The New York-based Satanic Temple formally submitted its application to a panel that oversees the Capitol grounds, including an artist’s rendering that depicts Satan as Baphomet, a goat-headed figure with horns, wings and a long beard that’s often used as a symbol of the occult. In the rendering, Satan is sitting in a pentagram-adorned throne with smiling children next to him.

    “The monument has been designed to reflect the views of Satanists in Oklahoma City and beyond,” temple spokesman Lucien Greaves said in a statement. “The statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation.”

    The Satanic Temple maintains that the Oklahoma Legislature’s decision to authorize a privately funded Ten Commandments monument at the Capitol opened the door for its statue. The Ten Commandments monument was placed on the north steps of the building in 2012, and the Oklahoma chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has sued to have it removed.


  55. Some Barbadians especially the members and supporters of the Barbados Labour Party are a special breed. Time and time again calls were made for government to reign in its expenditure and to make adjustments. It is doing that now and at appears all hell has broken loose.
    If the government has not done anything it would have been criticized and now it is doing something it is still been criticized.
    Hon.Christopher Sinckler and Hon.Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and the rest of the great DLP team please continue the programme to restructure the Barbados economy and in the process safe Barbados from the horrors of a devaluation in our currency and hence a devaluation in our standard of living.
    It is noteworthy that not one commenter on this blog has put forward alternative suggestions to help rescue our economy.
    To all the BLP yardfowls and lackeys get with it the Barbados Labour Party is in opposition and will continue to be in opposition for a very long time. Barbadians do not want Mia Mottley,Owen Arthur and the political nincompoops of the Barbados Labour Party as a government of Barbados. We will swim or sink with the great Democratic Labour Party

  56. You are a DLP stooge Negroman so what do we expect but the drivel that you write here.




  57. @ ANON | 07/01/2014 at 3:54 pm |

    ANON, I am putting it to you that 99% of the black idiots who are financial contributors and misguided worshipers at that “FREEMASON GOTHIC TEMPLE in St. George” are woefully ignorant of what Freemasonry is all about; just like the millions of people who attend the so-called Christian Church without even understanding who or what they are worshiping or adoring.

    There is no difference between the symbolic representation of Baphomet as a goat-head figure (Aries) and the Pope as a fish (Pisces) in the Earthly representation of Jesus Christ Lord & Saviour of mankind.

    The psychologically important act of portraying the former ruling House as oppositely demonic is absolutely necessary in the process to control the thinking of man.
    Why do you think Moses the Saviour and Christ of his age is mythological portrayed as a destroyer of ideologies that existed under the Bull (Taurus) to make way for the domination of the ram or goat as ordained by Father Abraham depicted in the symbolic sacrifice of the lamb caught in the thicket instead of his son (like Jesus) representing the eternal Sun of Righteousness rising in the constellation of the Ram.

    Same thing is happening to those under the loosening influence of the god Pisces, a fisher of mankind.

    As you witness the dismantling of the aging House of Pisces it would be interesting to hear from you which watery and enlightening ascending House will rule mankind represented by the modern Satan in the form of the Internet.

    In my Father’s abode. there are many mansions (houses).

    Here is a hint for you, my most intriguingly intelligent friend:
    “On the first day of the Festival of Unleavened Bread, when it was customary to sacrifice the Passover lamb, Jesus’ disciples asked him, “Where do you want us to go and make preparations for you to eat the Passover?”
    So he sent two of his disciples, telling them, “Go into the city, and a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him.”
    Mark 14:12-13.

  58. @ Negroman | 07/01/2014 at 4:51 pm |

    Hi Negroman, what’s up with you?
    Why are you such a two-faced hypocrite?
    How come a “herbalist”- who likes to propagate the fields of St. John with indigenous seedlings only to be cut down in their infancy by backward guardsmen- is so ardently backing a man who yesterday made it clear the local mary jane will never rule Barbados to drive down the price of the imported version.

    Are you forgetting your man Thompy, the Baron of St. John, promised you a free market if elected to high office?
    Why are you backing men who are not serving your interest, Negroman?

  59. The IMF will revise UPWARD its global growth forecast in about 3 weeks says the Telegraph today.Year on year growth in 2013 quoted in October as 2.9% and 2014 of 3.6% will be revised UPWARD and will no doubt be a shock to the GoCB and the MoF. They cannot blame the world recession anymore.Fools! Everybody growing except BARBADOS,NORTH KOREA,HAITI, and SOMALILAND.You rotten DLP yardfowls see how wunna hoomiliate a once proud country and wunna manage to bring it to its knees.The DLP died with Errol Barrow.and foolish bajans still think the DLP is Errol Barrow like if he gine rise again.Fools!



  61. Cuba is way down the line too but is gradually making its way out of the Castro outdated philosophy and politics.Even as it is Cuba is attracting visitors in the millions.In another 5 to 10 years,the Yanks will be back there in full force and it will be curtains for tourism in Barbados unless we upgrade our 50’s, 60’s era plant and permit casino gambling on a controlled basis.

  62. The rise in the value of the Barbados dollar in the last two years compared to such currencies as Canada, Japan, Great Britain and Brazil which in some cases has exceeded 25% should cause concern for us. Consider our tourism product to be an export and you will see that we have made tourism more expensive than other competing destinations who do not have a fixed currency regime.

    But a more fascinating question that perhaps the Minister could explain is why have food prices risen so much when their landed costs, including a significant part of local input costs for things such as feed has gone down as a result of the increased value of the Barbados dollar.

  63. Still waiting to hear a credible and sizeable spending cut proposal from the 14 BLP members in our Parliament.
    Sorry, that would be constructive politics and not the political opportunism which is the philosophy of this piss poor opposition.

  64. A very good and informative news conference by Hon. Chris Sinckler. He speaks in a way that the average man can relate to. Let us all unite for the good of Barbados as we work hard to increase our productivity and boost our economic fortunes.
    This expenditure cut has to happen and it is sad that when the world economy was booming that the economic restructuring and diversification was not undertaken by the former administration.
    However, that time has passed and I have FULL CONFIDENCE that this Minister of Finance will take the bold decisions that need to be made for the long term health of our economy and society.

  65. SithI am not sure if this will help but for poultry the price of corn went up because of a drought in the US by near 20% even though your dollar rose against other currencies the feed from US would have been more expensive.
    I am sick of this DLP /BLP , he is a crook, he is incompetent etc etc this is going to solve nothing. All these men are trying their best but they are in a bad situation. Thirty years ago I told my father inlaw Barbados was screwed, it was over priced then, I kept telling him once castro dies americans wont be coming here.(Not thinking he would last this long) Everyone can play the blame game hindsight is always 20/20 but everyone better get on board before it all ends. You have to cut costs plain and simple

  66. @Lawson
    I was at a Walmart recently and saw BBQ whole chicken for $4.58 each. I see them in Barbados as well but there they are about $15.00 US. Are US chicken eating different corn? Don’t think so. How the hell can chicken be 3 times the price in Barbados. Then I checked the price of rum at the same Walmart. A 1.75 litre of 5 yr old rum can be purchased for $13.48 us$. The cheapest 1.75 litre in Barbados is $20 US. And why did cars from Japan not go down 20% last year.. The Japanese yen did. I telling you there is a lot of money being made by some people. Cost of living was up about 12% last year in Barbados. Does that mean if we did not have this artificial increase in the value of our junk bond rated currency , cost of living would be up 25% in the year. Something very very wrong and the scary thing the FX reserve drop by $400 million and nobody know why?

  67. Sith I am no economist, but we do have the same problem in Canada compared to US. The only answer I ever got was economy of scale, I guess more people buying keeps price down . Cost of shipping ,hydro ,wate r etc maybe more labor intensive, not as much automation, cost of insurance, different taxes etc I honestly do not know. No doubt certain people know how to make money, why does the price of gas jump every long weekend? In Ottawa the radio station tells where the cheapest gas is in the city every day maybe there can be a Barbados watchdog letting people know what is the best deal around on basics, in the end if people avoid places that gouge the price will come down. Years ago I thought I heard there was just one main importer of food for the island that kind of makes a captive audience
    Explain to me if you string 10000 concrete blocks together how that equals 500,000 US housing is way overpriced. It is much cheaper for me to rent than buyI wouldn’t want to be holding any realestate bought in the last 20 years in Barbados you may be getting a haircut sometime soon.

  68. @ Bajanfuhlife | 07/01/2014 at 11:52 pm |
    “…. I have FULL CONFIDENCE that this Minister of Finance will take the bold decisions that need to be made for the long term health of our economy and society.”

    Baje, we are prepared to express similar sentiments if only the same MoF would stop filling his “bottomless” goodie bag of projects ever time he speaks.
    What has become of the Sugar Cane Industry Revitalization project described in the DLP manifesto, confirmed in the Throne Speech, listed as a viable project in the 2013-14 Estimates as a way of returning growth to the economy as a major plant of the government’s alternative energy programme and confirmed in the August 13, 2013 budget a firmed-up project scheduled to start in December 2013?
    If this project has indeed fallen out of Santa Chris’s sack, Minister Estwick will certainly be hopping mad his sweet sounding gift has not been delivered he might just, once again, consider crossing over; with 16-1 = 15 = 14+1= DLP loss.

    You mean to say things of so obviously corrupt in the DLP’s last term in office for the century that “preconco” known for its house building has followed Michael Lashes to the Pine and is now not only an Alternative Cement producer but a well-established and experienced road construction mogul to share in that $50 million (plus $10 million in overruns aka kickbacks). What’s the next move; construction of roads with Alternative cement?

  69. @ David:

    We notice your query regarding the journalists’ refusal to raise the issue of the UWI funding (now at crisis proportions and the MoF’s politically convenient omission to avoid that ever increasing crisis)- has not been taken up by some of your more enlightened bloggers.
    It would be interesting to hear Bushie’s views on this “oversight” by the MoF.

    • @Miller

      Another issue is why the MoF would feel constrained to apologize to the unions given our touted social partnership. If does not make sense does it?

  70. Miller & David

    Despite the recent polished political posturing of the MOF the truth is he will be overtaken by events shortly. One only needs to use OSA as the barometer to know that some very inclement weather is facing CS and the DLP.
    How the hell can he (of limited, very limited intelligent) prescribe the solution(s) when he is intellectually incapable of diagnosing the problem? Tell me, I am all ears folks.

  71. Sinckler did not create Barbados problems…………………he just made/ is making them worse, a lot worse.

    We facing a lost generation folks.

  72. No I think what he is saying is the MoF is incapable of helping with Barbados’ worsening financial situation. A resignation to IMF help bu the MoF is hard to stomach since it could have been avoided. However with that said, do you have confidence that the MoF has the mental capacity to negotiate the turbulent IMF white water river thereby helping Barbados to make it thru their rapids?

  73. David

    The time for political camouflage is over, we talk about losing a country and all its gains buddy.

  74. But David the Minister himself said Barbados has been thru this before came out of it. By his own account he does not see it as unprecedented, you understand the challenge?

    • What the minister can be interpreted to mean is that Barbados has had to confront economic challenges and we came through it. The challenge rather than the nature of it.

  75. David
    The solution to our economic and social state of affairs rest with the selection of Owen Arthur at the helm of a united BLP administration.The unity is secondary as a lot of it is perceived gobbledygook fed by a disruptive group of the Fatted Calf Brigade.Arthur is the tour de force of a confident solution to our disgusting slide to ignominy led by wannabees never before seen in our short history of self governance Imagine a Barbados that has been governed relatively successfully from 1639 to 1945 by a Barbadian elite so called but which gave us the giant head start we have,and who reluctantly bowed to societal changes and external pressures and handed over the reins to a neo elite group from 1945 to 2007,who in turn handed over to an as-yet-undefined-lost-their way group in a maze in a daze and can’t find an exit.History will name them.
    Ross please say a prayer for Barbados,that we be rid of these idyuts dat leading we up a hill and down again and up again and down again,gine round in circles led by the pied piper of marchfield,your fellow pastor.

    • @Gabriel

      Are you saying the Arthur is still in the frame from where you sit?

      On 9 January 2014 21:43, Barbados Underground

  76. Stop man excuses for him David. You declare your indentity every you make excuses for him while not losing an opportunity to put a lash in FS or DE or DI.

  77. Mia knows this play book already the tragedy is she can’t do anything to stop the events. She must be able to salvage one from the other side to be able to remain at the helm of the BLP.

  78. David
    Definitely so.The man was in fine fettle in his interview with Ricky.Ihave an opinion that is unshakeable.Owen Arthur is the one person that will sort out our problems and it is because of the confidence factor and the expertise he has shown in matters of Public Finance.The man is a scholar of repute and a politically savvy leader par excellance.I am in the business of seeing a prosperous Barbados and prosperous Barbadians.The DLP is bad for Barbados and Barbadians.Stuart and his substandard cabinet instill no pride in Barbadians.They are an embarrassment to us.

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