2014 – Barbados’ Year of Faith

Submitted by Douglas
A call for Barbadians to work together.

A call for Barbadians to work together.

Happy New Year to all of Barbados!

Most Barbadians have enjoyed yet another festive holiday season, refusing to let the naysayers and predictors of doom and gloom try to spoil their mood. As we reflect, Barbadians were reliably informed about the challenges the economy has been facing due to predominately external factors.

The Democratic Labour Party would admit that it is indeed a weary road we have trod, because as a consumer based, import

economy, which has for decades been dependent on tourism, the international economic climate has affected us heavily due to increase in fuel prices, which directly affects the cost of transport and food costs; an unfortunate reduction in domestic exports; and reduced spending power of individuals locally and abroad.

International governments, such as the US, Canada and the United Kingdom have implemented measures which then have a devastating effect on our main sectors. The Air Passenger Duty Tax by the United Kingdom has had a devastating effect on tourism arrivals from that market, although we have seen an increase in arrivals which makes things a lot better than previously projected.

The United States and Canada have come down hard on Caribbean islands trying to tax their individuals who invest in accounts in our countries, attempting to incorrectly label some of us as tax havens. Whilst that suits their objectives politically at home, it sends out a bad message to other investors across the world and affects our reputation and market.

Therefore, as Barbadians, we have to make the appropriate resolutions to be more competitive and efficient in order to compete and thrive in the world market, export more and import less. The DLP had started before, through the Medium Term Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS) 2013 to 2020. In the First Status Report of the Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Framework, from August 2013 to November 2013, there are quite a number of positive indicators. Perhaps all Barbadians should resolve to band together and help our country through this period.

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18 thoughts on “2014 – Barbados’ Year of Faith


    Who the hell wants to work with fraud , better learn truth and not faith in crooks , liars and scumbags,
    stop the long talking and deal with the Facts and an Audit , to know what is going on and to fix with truth and not cover up with more lies and delays,

  2. @ Douglas (Leopold Phillips) aka Destructive Lying Party.

    “The Air Passenger Duty Tax by the United Kingdom has had a devastating effect on tourism arrivals from that market, although we have seen an increase in arrivals which makes things a lot better than previously projected.”

    Douggie, you are contradicting yourself here, man. How can the APD have “a devastating effect on tourism arrivals” but at the same time you can see an “increase in arrivals”? What kind of epigrammatic political hogwash nonsense is that?

    You are even being fooled by your own lies and trapped by your foibles of deceit.
    Was St. Lucia and the other Caribbean destinations also devastatingly affected by the APD while experiencing growth in tourist arrivals from the UK?

    Why don’t you stop trying to blame outside forces for every thing going wrong in Bim? Why not look within your own four crumbling walls of managerial incompetence to find the real causes of the massive tourism decline in the country?
    Simply put the problem is one of “Value for Money”. Barbados has lost its charm and sincerity. Tourists especially from the UK are not stupid, my friend, and are not prepared to be ripped off all the time.
    Clean up your act by offering ‘value for money’ in a safe, friendly, environmentally attractive destination and then you will see how Barbados will again be a diamond in the Caribbean tourism crown. If you wait any longer, expect tourism to go the way of the sugar industry.

    BTW, when don’t you give us a time line when these numerous projects will be exiting the planning pipeline and actually start to come on stream?
    Specifically, what is position with the Cane Industry Project projected to cost US $ 250 million and should have started in 2013 and be ready for the 2016 sugar harvest? What’s the hold up here, Douggie my mate? Finance from the Chinese or the non-arrival of the undertaker to remove the carcass of a dead industry?

  3. David,

    Quite frankly, were this our blog, these DLP and BLP people – who have been making submissions to the blog in the manner like the above submission – would surely not have been able to make those submissions to the blog.

    For, these DLP and BLP people have already in their grasps many other avenues through which they can continue to put out their mindlessness and their foolishness.

    It is clear that by your possessing and publishing these kinds of submissions, you are NOT adding anything of value to this blog that you and many others including some of their own partisans have built.
    There is nothing that is being added to this BU network by those kinds of useless negative submissions that could not have been added elsewhere before, or moreso that as kinds of submissions went or could have gone elsewhere but not without actually taking away from or possibly taking away from the environment in which they were or could have been placed.

    Whatever the Nation Publishing Company did, it rightly did in discontinuing those party political columns in the Weekend Nation edition (our only regrets go to the PEP that was actually producing many excellent contributions in the said Weekend Nation newspaper columns).

    Anyhow, the thing about these crude and vulgar partisans is to like parasites tics suck the blood of this BU blog for as long as its survives or they are allowed to, whilst continuing to do nothing to promote and enhance the blog culture in Barbados. To show how parasitical, degrading and vulgar these these two older factions have been they have had their own blogs established over the years, but you know with all these news gathering/information technology professionals in their ranks, or accessible to them, they have done nothing to build them up upgrade them, which shows that they are really not fundamentally interested in having any blogs.

    It is mainly because blogs are a form of new media that they were primarily seen by many people in Barbados to have gone and been part of what is for them – the new media fashion. Other wise these is no commitment dedication by them to the development of blogosphere in Barbados.

    Such an unholy affair is a follow on from other greater similar disgraceful affairs pertaining to these factions’ demonstrating a lack of commitment dedication to certain other affairs of this country, which invariably see them parasitically benefiting from the operations of institutions established in these markets whilst at the same time making no contributions what so ever to the development of the sectors within which these markets are found.

    For, having been around for so long and having been the beneficiaries of so many professionals in their cadres – it is a damning eternal shame that they have nothing really substantial to illustrate to many citizens of this country that they – as organizations cum disorganizations – have been making significant contributions to the country’s growth and development.

    Hence, as they from time to time run around begging for alms donations and other things to help carry on their activities from institutions or corporations established in these sectors, they themselves own no substantial farming construction manufacturing tourism wholesale retail enterprises in these sectors in the entire existences of the factions.

    Worst is that they have established no cooperatives of any sorts.

    Furthermore, it is reprehensible that the principals of these parties with no track records in local industry and commerce could be found to be aspiring to and in many other cases to be helping run many of the affairs of government at the highest levels in this country. What is even worse is that many of these DLP and BLP people in government now have no track records in social and political studies in this country yet they are holding the reins of government in this country. Shame too on all the mature sociological political studies practitioners (where are you Dr. Don Marshall, Dr Rodney Worrell, Dr Tennyson Joseph, Cynthia Barrow Giles, Peter Wickham who have been failing to form their own parties ( and in the case of Dr George Belle who failed to continue with the Workers Party of Barbados but who now can be perceived to throwing little pebbles at the relevant trade unions for not fully backing the workers who are supposed to be laid off from the government but trade unions that need to go permanently from the political landscape of this country ) to help run the affairs of the government, but who would prefer to be on the sidelines of government.

    Moreover, if many of us in Barbados are so serious about changing this country in many ways and for the better then we absolutely need to stop these very crude and backward DLP and BLP people from attending our various social gatherings and, more so, from addressing them and using them as publicity gaining media events.

    We need to stop them from joining or otherwise supporting our various social cultural organizations as well.

    As well, we need to stop joining or supporting their stupid DLP and BLP organizations, to stop going to their political events, and to dissuade many others from doing these things!!

    We need to stop ourselves from perceiving their influences in the media – we need to absolutely reject the media’s influences to go to their various useless political and/or entertainment events.

    Additionally, we – and again, many of us who wish progressive change for this country minus the presence of the DLP and BLP – need to stop them in whatever ways from giving us food hampers in politically cheapening ways at various times.

    If we so desire food hampers in the very critical moments of our lives, there are many non-partisan organizations that are not looking for partisan political mileage and to score cheap political points over our suffering that we can go to for assistance in such times of need.

    We also need to stop ourselves from asking them for monetary donations no matter what the crises are in our lives. There are many other far more mature non-partisan non- publicity seeking egotistical people – with or without their own organizations – whom we can go to for such assistance.

    A similar thing applies to many of us who are going after thorough going uplifting change for Barbados. We must dissuade ourselves and our fellow citizens from seeking employment/opportunities via these corrupt DLP and BLP people, and from having our/their businesses seek business/opportunities in this country via these despicable give me a cut back DLP and BLP people. For, there are many more palatable non-cut back giving avenues that we can use for the benefit of helping procure and obtain decent non DLP BLP backed business in this country.

    We need to totally exclude the possibilities of giving ourselves and those decrepit backward DLP and BLP villians the chances to use the state’s apparatus to give us useless laughable demeaning colonial and other type honours, decorations and scrolls.

    In concluding, it is very clear that those and other forms of political financial dependency and non-dependency relationships referred to above that have been existing between many of these DLP and BLP people and many of the relevant business financial institutions and corporations in this country, on one hand, and clear too that those and other types of political financial dependency and non-dependency relationships referred to above that have been existing between these DLP and BLP people and many of our own people that would like to see serious betterment for the country, on the other hand, are patently ones – by their very nature and scope political financial relationships – that have also to be and are being used by the PDC to help explain the reasons why the country has gone into its seventh successive straight year of political economic depression.


  4. “Happy New Year to all of Barbados!
    Most Barbadians have enjoyed yet another festive holiday season”

    — This is almost insulting given the present circumstances. Some propaganda isn’t worth comment.

    • The front page story of the Sunday Sun sums up the real problem of this administration. It is not that average Barbadians do not understand that times are tough, it is the damn silence. Imagine businesses writing to the government and the MP Adriel Brathwaite for the area but no response. This is the problem, a lack of honest communication.

      On 5 January 2014 13:37, Barbados Underground


    We wrote to PM Owen no reply , we wrote to MIA AG no reply, We wrote to Inland rev. , no reply , We wrote to Town and Country no reply, We wrote to Inland Rev, no reply, We wrote to the AG Adriel Brathwaste no reply , We wrote to the AG under PM David who is now PM no reply,

    ONLY person to reply was who is dead now David the PM,

  6. what is insulting are the predictors who have been calling from 2008 to throw the poor and vulnerable out to sea without a lifeline now see it fit to be sitting in high moral judgement against the same actions that they called for which are now being taken……

    • Barbados has become the laughing stock of the Caribbean. There was a time when the region looked to Barbados for leadership now we can’t find it on the local front.

  7. DAVID



  8. are u surprise,,,,,,nothing that is happening to barbados was not predictable as a new guard took charge some of the old guard lost some of its “MIGHT” now in their eagerness for revenge a holy war of sort has taken root,,, battle lines were drawn from 2008 and become more apparent feb of 2013,,,,,,with the biggest losers being the economy and the people,,,,,,Who ever said that giving control to anyone member of a household was a good thing,,,, for though WE walk through the valley of darkness WE the people shall FEAR no evil from where it cometh or where it goeth,,,,,

    • @GP

      You maybe surprised and even IF it doesn’t it is our right to express how we feel.

      On 5 January 2014 21:15, Barbados Underground

  9. @ DAVID

    While standing in RBC Broad St in October 2013 speaking with Pastor Steve Moore (G4S Security Guard) – I have it on good authority that DOCTORS, high profile civil “servants” (LOL) & politicians READ Barbados Underground (hands down)!

    So your statement – “you may be surprise” is not really a SURPRISE at all!

  10. We had the Bader-Meinhoff, setting out to wreck Germany
    The IRA , wrecking Northern Ireland and parts of mainland Britain.
    ETA , Basque Terrorists targeting Spain.
    Al Quida , targeting the world.
    And many others who have left wreckage and destruction in their theaters of operations.
    History will show that this present administration deserves to be added to the above groups, in the way it has bloodlessly brought this island on its knees.

  11. History will show that despite all the negative challenges that barbadians are a resilient people and understand the when “push come to shiove” We the people are bound and determined to do what,s right and justifiably best in the interest of the COUNTRY… The confernce yesterday identifed our challenges and equally as important prepared the country for the road head while enforcing a positive attitude that govt would do it.s best to lessen the pain for those who sacrifice

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