Excerpts from the Book "Britain's Black Debt"

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GRANTS AND AID ARE THE NEW BRIBES ON THE BLOCK. Their pur­pose is con­di­tion ame­lio­ra­tion and not African lib­er­a­tion. They are used to secure the alle­giance of allies, and thereby per­pet­u­ate the sta­tus quo of enslave­ment with­out repa­ra­tions.

GRANTS AND AID AND HISTORY (excerpts from the book “Britain’s Black Debt”)

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  1. Live in the real world. No one is going to turn up in ships and aeroplanes bringing the millions or billions in bank notes some feel they are owed.

    It’s a pipe dream and a dead end to nowhere.

    Do something useful that is of benefit rather than trying to attach to someone’s coat tails.

    As a boy the current topic was that Britain didn’t pay us the proper price for sugar during the war – that went nowhere.

    Many years ago here on TV there was a debate between newspaper editors, not specifically to do with so-called reparations but it was one topic brought up by the black editor.
    The response it got from one editor with the tacit agreement of the others was “I never enslaved anybody”.

    Convince them they owe you anything.
    I know they don’t owe me or my family anything and we get on with life just like the millions of other people in Britain and we are better off than many of them, not by handouts but by personal effort.

    • Many Caribbean islands have joined others around the world to form reparation committees. The world exploited and created great wealth on the backs of Blacks. The heinous act of slavery has given some an advantage as reflected in the ownership ‘wealth’ and the strappings of power which is a consequence. It cannot be forgotten or swept under the carpet. It has to do with going a long way to repair the Black psyche.

  2. From the dawn of mankind up to now as known history records,we have been killing,raping,enslaving and generally being as brutal to each other as possible.All of a sudden we in the 21st century want to hold each other accountable for past deeds…..how far back are we going to go?All of us are dealt our hands let us play them and get on with our life and presently we in the Caribbean have been dealt a great hand,if only we can see it and move forward.

  3. Haynes

    With the greatest of respect, the reparations movement is a valid one. Maybe you should sit this one out.

    I went to the launch and WAS NOT IMPRESSED by the presence of the Min of Culture who was there to “hear the concerns of the community ..”. Now this is the most tired response by a representative of a type of institution with a history of dragging feet on topics such as these. It was for this reason a waste of time, as it served only as a photo op for the minister (as always), and an opportunity to market two books, one by Commissiong and the other by Beckles

  4. Black Bajans are in no position to “demand” reparations from Britain unless they radically change their own still enslaved mindset.

    They first have to admit (like a drunk admitting to being an alcoholic) that they are the descendants of an enslaved people and not of the English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish aristocracy and stop pretending to be more English than the British themselves.
    If you ask the average Bajan if he is African he would flatly deny such heritage and foolishly identify himself as West Indian.

    Just look how Bajans slavishly follow the many totally irrelevant mores of a bygone period of Victorian culture. From its Westminster system of governance which is adhered to more in the breach than in its observance to the judicial and educational systems long left behind by the British. Even the same religious teachings and strategies used effectively by the British to control the subjects in the colonies of the Victorian Empire have long been abandoned by the real modern British people.

    Look at the way Barbadian leaders and the copycat social elite’ dress up’ in clothing totally unsuitable for the tropical environment but done merely to ape what they see Europeans who need to keep warm do. These politicians with poorly fitting “business” suits are the butt of jokes to many white people looking on behind the scenes. The man Jones aka cracking heads and shooting black people is a classic case in point.

    Until Barbadians see themselves as people of African descent and carve a mindset not unproductively embedded in a Victorian Britain but one acculturated to tackle the 21st Century challenges Britain would continue to ignore calls for reparations, especially of the monetary kind, from this quarter and would continue to laugh behind the scenes of the theatrical comedy being played out by the former colonized who still feel they are more English than the Irish.

  5. Reparations is a big issue in the Caribbean. In the UK it is not even on the radar.
    People can spend any amount of time they like in Reparations Committees but when the case gets presented to the UK Government, they will say all the right words – even apologise for what their ancestors did 8 generations ago – but that will be it.
    In saying that, the Government will be representing the views of the vast majority of the people of the UK.
    Most people are aware that their ancestors in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries (the tail end of the slavery period) were agricultural labourers working on the land. They therefore don’t feel any personal responsibility for slavery. They would be amazed at the thought that people in the Caribbean believe that the average worker in the UK should foot the bill for something that their ancestors were not involved with.
    Don’t expect this to be easy.

    • This is against a situation where millions in the UK don’t have a guaranteed take home pay if they have what’s called a job, old folk having to choose between eat and heat, people in London where they have a job but depend on the government to subsidise their rent – the subsidies are reduced or taken away and they are forced to move out of London to somewhere where the rents are less expensive but there are no jobs so they end up worse off either way.

      No UK government would survive if it told its citizens they must suffer aggravated hardship so that they could borrow even more heavily to provide mass sums to Caribbean governments.

      It would certainly be prudent for the people of the Caribbean not to pin their hopes on an economy in crisis that is having to borrow heavily and still not seeing it make any substantial impact.

      This looks to the UK like an act of sheer desperation by a people who either lack the ability or know-how to carve out a future for themselves.

      Not many years ago the political joke was that once the colonies were clamouring for independence from Britain but now Britain was having to seek independence from former colonies.

      The likes of Jamaica received 100% debt relief from the British chancellor Gordon Brown but that had no impact on Jamaica’s debt.

      In the current world climate it’s every man for himself and every country for itself.

    • Reparations should not be trivialized by linking it to affordability. It is a principle which be trashed out and agreed.

    • Affordability equates to having the money which is not a trivial issue.

      The plight of the world economy is the issue of huge importance that is currently exercising minds everywhere and is the cause of the misery here in the UK, Greece, Spain, Italy, Barbados and across the globe.

      Here on TV yesterday they were interviewing people in the street, they are cutting back on non-essentials and basics like food and still finding it tough.
      People are taking their own lives and the ever increasing volume of voices are asking just how they are to find the extra money to pay for increased rents, child care and everything else.

      Not many weeks ago the latest suicide took place not many miles from here – the lady left a note saying the government’s demands left her with no alternative.

      Not many are driven to the ultimate of despair but there is still grave anguish amongst many.

      Some who are working have to depend on food banks as they can’t afford to eat and pay rent or a mortgage plus gas, electricity, bus fares, etc. that are all increasing in price .Their numbers are increasing.

      Out goes the holidays to Barbados, Disney and other far off places. Even UK holidays bookings are affected.

      You are not looking at a country overflowing with riches, Mrs. Thatcher butchered industry back in the 1980’s so we make very little to export and earn so we are to a large extent dependent of unhealthy borrowing upon which interest has to be paid and then there is the capital to repay.

      I am sure reparations however hotly debated in the Caribbean is not on the agenda here now nor in any foreseeable future.

      The historians can pontificate all they like, the debate is going nowhere beyond the books and the debating societies are leading it.

  6. The fear is that the whole meaning for the movement is lost to future generations … so let’s all play our part in ensuring that that does NOT happen ..!

  7. The main principle here is the realisation that there is a present day responsibility for those who are the products of an unjust legacy to keep the possibility alive for the delivery of a TRUE apology from those who now benefit from that legacy through natural inheritance. A true apology includes an admission of wrong doing, an expression of regret, a promise not to repeat the action, and a offer of reparations. These are legal expressions and if you are not aware of issues such as these, and are not prepared to be brought up to speed, please, with respect, but to hell out …! … with respect …!

  8. Thanks for the respect and with respect to you and like thinkers I see no principle,nor am I interested in an apology.Instead of concentrating on turning the table,you and your ilk wish some mealy mouthed apology and prey tell,what will that achieve….reparations…is that your value???

  9. If I am prepared to speak for me I would be speaking about vengeance, clear and simple … but no, that would be irresponsible as I have a whole group, and a very large group to think about, not only a living group but a group that is yet to be born. My feelings have nothing to do with this so I will NOT be a part of a campaign to stymie the efforts of others by putting my personal bias ahead of a greater good. Carry on with your Jackassery … with respect …!

  10. @ BAFBFP…..what bright up to what speed what?..!??

    First thing is that any TRUE apology MUST have its genesis in seeds germinated from the OTHER side of this matter.
    Second thing is that for any expression of regret or “promise not to repeat” to be intrensic and thus genuine or meaningful, we would have to have been seeing such expressions NATURALLY being developed and displayed by these people…
    Lastly, Bushie DOES NOT want any blood money in exchange for what was done to those past generations of slaves. ….NONE…..what an insult to their memories….!

    ALL the bushman wants is justice……
    …and if possible, to live to see when they pay the REAL cost of their deeds.

  11. Bush

    I am not at odds with what you have said … but I will not stand in the way of those seeking to do what OTHER groups have done, successfully. The word apology when used at this level of discourse is a legal term, and not a “mealy mouth” epitaph on an issue thought dead. I stand on the side that says many other groups (including Jews) were awarded the respect of a legal apology, and Blacks too must see themselves as equally entitled.

    Fair enough …?

  12. Baffy,
    ….who ever wants to take reparations can take….most people are just like the ones they want reparations from anyway….
    Take the Jews….
    …after what THEY have been through – would you EVER think that they could turn around and treat Palistinians so….?

    …some people are only about material things anyway…so reparations may well be suitable for them…..
    ….but you see how Mandela DID NOT take an eye for an eye? …or envy their riches?
    …you see how foolish Bajans allows a tiny minority whose ancestors exploited our ancestors for CENTURIES……to continue on their sweet way – in peace and harmony….?
    …you see how MLK turned the other cheek to Uncle Sam’s Crows?

    …..some people are ABOVE being valued by materialistic trinkets and US dollars….
    …and some are for sale at the right price.

  13. Bush

    How you go’n now mek turning the other cheek a valid campaign …? Uncle Sam luvs when people turn the other cheek and avert their eyes … such activity lies at the centre of its ongoing success at making a mockery of international convention.

  14. What stylistics David?
    Bushie is talking about human PRIDE. ..the real stuff.

    And Baffy, it is NOT a “valid campaign” TACTIC to turn the other cheek…. It is an expression of a higher level of existence….to be able to repay wickedness with kindness…
    …than when a man robs you of your IPad, you can offer him the earphones and case….

    If Wunna just want to beat up on the man till he relents, say sorry, and give wunna a new iPad in return?….what is the difference…?
    Um is just who is the baddest then?

  15. The Catholic Church got money .. The Anglican Church got money … A whole host of End Tails including Diana Spencer’s family got money … The Bank of England had money …

  16. Maybe we could get some money from those who made their fortunes selling off their brothers and sisters into slavery? Nigeria got money……oops, they still got slaves too! The market in African slavery is flourishing

  17. Wait Victor

    The slaves in the Caribbean and the New World did spend over three hundred years working for Nigerian concerns right …! Hmmm guess not … seems to me that the Nigerians have already been paid for their services and apparently are till being paid (going by your claim) … Why the f#ck are people like you even born … huh …?

  18. Kiki in London proud emancipation person …

    Maybe Bush man take money to grave … no? Proud emancipation people no accept Bush money …!

    • This reminds me of a family matter over inheritance in Barbados.

      Grandmother dies at age 103, daughter dies later at age 90.

      Granddaughter had looked after grandmother for over 30 years, replaced the wooden house with wall and all the amenities to make the old lady comfortable throughout the remainder of her life.

      Granddaughter was left the land. When she died her will specified 5 cousins as beneficiaries to not only what grandmother left but to her far more extensive properties.

      Up comes on of the beneficiaries who said that grandmother’s land should not have passed to her but to his mother.

      He was his mother’s 6th. child and none of the older ones were interested so he hatched a plan.

      He consulted a lawyer who said he had a case and he got the ball rolling.

      Mother by name (deceased) vs. cousin by name (deceased).
      So far it hasn’t come to court and I don’t know if it’s being proceeded with.

      In case you wondered, this is about my close family.

      Everything about the reparations idea smacks of the same idiocy, a case of deceased vs. deceased.

  19. I am unable to understand the obsession with apportioning blame,getting apologies and receiving some sort of largese for something perpetuated by two tribes one African and one European of which the majority of us in the Caribbean are the mixed tribe progeny of and at the same time doing nothing to move ourselves forward in a meaningful manner in areas such as e.g medical,technological,etc,etc discoveries that can benefit us.

    • It’s far easier wallowing in the unproductive limbo of self pity than making the effort to do anything constructive, that seems to be the African way.

      Africa grows rice, rather the Bangladeshis grow rice in Africa largely for consumption in Bangladesh.

      Africa in some parts are developing large highways, rather the Chinese develop them, no doubt for the benefit of the Chinese.

      Africa has all the riches, gold, diamonds, oil, etc. but it is the Asians that mine them for the Asians, any the Africans get their hands on are exchanged for guns, ammunitions and machetes to mutilate Africans.

      The Chinese are the ones with the large productive farms in Africa.

      Something is dreadfully wrong there for which Europeans bear the blame, next will be the turn of the Asians to take the blame.

      The previous issue to the reparations one was “technology transfer” which was debated until it died and a similar fate awaits the current loose belly load of runny talk.

  20. Bafp

    I’m in Sri Lanka. They have servants here too but they are poor people of the same race. People don’t hate poor they try to help them give them jobs and eventually build small houses & send kids to school etc

    Blacks were physically strongest best workers and should have been treated with respect not as sub-humans animals, monkey and gorillas by the pigs swine pork chop patrol pasty faced devil people

    (tort law)

  21. As a practical exercise,kindly view and read Sunday Sun 22Sep2013 pg 27A and tell me how reparations will affect this family also London Bourne(African,ex-slave,Plantation owner) and Sarah Anne Gill(Mixed tribe,Methodist,National heroine) both of whom owned slaves and their family.

  22. Orthodox history is a lie and must be placed back into its proper perspective. The veil of White supremacy has thrown us off track about world history truths and who we are as Black people in relationship to everyone else on the planet. Whites have many believing they are not only the progenitors of civilization but also the progenitors of humanity. Our ancient heroes and saviors have been whitewashed. The world believes that everyone on Earth who’s not White is primitive and uncivilized.

    First, we must understand what White skin really means and who White people really are. In a nutshell Whites are mutated inbred albinos.

  23. @ yr | September 22, 2013 at 10:09 AM |
    “First, we must understand what White skin really means and who White people really are. In a nutshell Whites are mutated inbred albinos.”

    So how would you describe people of Oriental ethnicity like the Chinese Japanese, Koreans and Vietnamese? You first have to accept the fact that these “Oriental-type” people make up the majority of human beings in the world whereas black-skin Africans are a minority. Or do you want to dispute that?

  24. Black man gets knocked down by car driven by white man while walking on sidewalk. Court concludes “misfortunate incident and adds that black man should not have been on sidewalk anyways since it is built for people not dogs”

    White pedestrian, black driver, court rules “murder in the first degree, nigger incarcerated for life”

    People like the Sid Boyce’s and the lets get on with our lives will be the first to say that the Reparations paid to the Jews were well done, as those to Japanese Americans etc.

    That argument of “Deceased vs deceased” is par for the course for people of the ilk that wish to forget the agony of a race of people subjected to the ignominy of 1500 miles in 18 inch spaces with faeces, piss and dead bodies, manacled, beaten at liberty, chattel used at the whim and fancy of a melanin lacking race, heirs of the first lepers in the Book that some of you ascribe to be the panacea of the conquering nation and opiate of the people.

    We have been brainwashed into a complacency that if they were to beat and rape and kill our sisters and mothers, and in some cases our brothers today, we WILL FORGET their murder tomorrow, with an ease akin to the vaseline that Sinckler and company have applied liberally to our pooches and reams us daily.

    Compensation for Enslavers and nothing for the enslaved, hip hip horray to the Sid Boyce’s that abound in Bulbados, the uncle toms that stand ready to prop up Rule Brittania and “Britons never ever shall be slaves”.

    I remember the anthem pre 1966 very well you cur, one that we sung lustily for fear of a royal beating by the headmaster. I also know that the anthem that replaced it is full of hot air, signifying nothing for without Reparations, these field and hill beyond recall WILL NEVER BE OUR OWN.

    There is no statute of limitations on murder and that Uncle Tom Boyce is what slavery was, MURDER OF A MOST HEINOUS TYPE, entrenched in law!!

    I too like Baffy, if i were free to exact what my heart wishes, would do carnage on the descendants of this scourge but I am cognisant of the consequences.

    Reparations are the sole right of the Black Man and irrespective of the fact that this British isle and its Magna Carta is currently in economic turmoil, we sons and daughters of slaves need to reach out and demand what is ours from this parasite that has f*cked up every continent that it has touched, as is the legacy of most things white, and secure what is ours.

    @ Boyce and you other Uncle Toms

    Here is it simple and plain for imbeciles like you.

    Imagine that i came by your house, took up your daughter (and son) and carried them to my house 1500 miles away, screwed them both, the British have a propensity for bulling men so there is no restraint in that department, had the two of them have sex together so that their superior gene could produce offspring and have that offspring, that offsping’s offspring, and that offspring’s offspring’s offspring work in my house, my son’s house, his son’s house and etc, how would you feel Sambo?

    Then to add insult to this pernicious injury I make a law creating the status of chattel for Africans “providing that they were slaves for life and that their condition as slaves was transmitted to their posterity”.

    Scum like you need to read the slave status passed to descendants through the mother as in the Virginia 1662 statute

    “All children born in this country shall be held bond or free only according to the condition of the mother” (Hening, l819, 3:252).

    I may be 8* but my blood still boils at the injustice and crime that slavery was and what it has left us in the form of people like you, devoid of any sense of what blacks endured and why we have no choice but to secure Reparations for this Crime against Our Humanity

    • I am Scum if you say so but I am not detached from reality and never had to base my life or future of my offspring on a SLAVE BABY mentality.

      Follow the Japanese and Jews if you like and recount in first person terms how you slaved away in a plantation all against your will.

      This is the 21st. century and at a time when it’s tough for everyone and to expect that sitting on your brains and expecting other people to earn you keep is crass stupidity.

      I’ll bow out of this tom foolery of a discussion by people who have never done a hot day in a plantation field but want to be compensated for having done so.

      I am not dependent on anyone, past present or future – no one’s slave baby and no massa to look up to.

      You can pass on to yours the idea that they are and will always be inferior and born to beg, I haven’t and I wouldn’t.

      If you haven’t noticed, many of the richest people in Britain were not even born here and a significant number are not even of European descent.

      Come back and tell me how many billions of pounds you get in reparations from Massa Britain and I’ll admit I was wrong and by the way the Boyce’s won’t take a red cent.

  25. @ Sid Boyce

    Reparations and the genocide the is practiced in Rwanda are two different matters.

    You seek to equate consequence and matters arising with the source and genesis of who we see ourselves as and why we do the things that we do.

    A child is kept in a dog pen in Black Rock for 14 years (go to the Nation archives and see this case) and you get on a sanctimonious horse and cast aspersions at him because his body is bent in a permanent arch when you (condescend to) invite him to your “Feed My Sheep” luncheon at your home on Sunday!!

    It is people like you i fear Boyce, the Uncle Toms who use circuitous reasoning to obuscate the main issue.

    “What is your mirror image”? Does that ring a bell with you?

    You raise a people 400 years with a cracking whip at their heels, and then you wonder why they jump when they are a circus and the lion trainer cracks his whip?

    Post EWB, not one Prime Minister has sought to focus on the collective consciousness of our people. Every one of them has been a sell-out.

    Jump across the continent to Africa and tell me, after the coming of the white man, which nation, led by a man of similar vision, has been allowed to focus on the collective growth of its people so that the Chinese, the Germans, the Dutch, the Afrikaans, don’t continue to rape the resources of the people?

    Any time that anyone attempts it you and your ilk murder him and put his body in acid and keep his gold teeth.


    • I see, you are claiming damaged goods status.

      What makes you think the descendants of the originators of this damage should be responsible and supposing they feel they are, would the billions make you smarter.
      May be the thought is it would allow you to continue in your old sweet way. The pathway to “Easy Living”, eh?

      The difference between you and me is that I am not sitting here fat dumb and lazy hoping the families in this country struggling to put food on the table, heat their homes and pay rent and rates, be they black, Asian or white owe me anything.

      It’s a waste of energy and you are more likely to be struck by lightning down a coal mine or Cole’s Cave than in pursuit of this.

      You are trying to convince the wrong person anyway. I expect nothing and I seek nothing, so carry on calling all the names you can think of.

      Talk to those who you should be talking to and convince them. The alternative is to waste your breath, gaining nothing and in consequence still die poor, ignorant and backward and pass the baton on to succeeding generations so they can repeat the same folly.

  26. @ Sid Boyce | September 24, 2013 at 11:54 AM |

    Well said.

    The current, or should it be modern, rich people in Britain who would be expected to bear the tax burden of any monetary reparations are not the descendants of those British aristocrats that benefited from slavery in the West Indies.
    Many of the ‘noveau riche’ Brits are very much from the Middle East, Eastern Europe, India and Pakistan with many of them in influential positions to determine, if not control, the decision-making process at the national and indeed at the local council levels of governmental.

    Any attempt to couch the demand for reparations in financial or monetary terms would immediately be rebuffed with a curt ‘over our dead bodies’.
    There is absolutely no way money would leave the UK Treasury to go to any government or groups in Barbados or Jamaica for it to end up in less than 5 years in China or some other manufacturing centre of goods for conspicuous consumption and not long-term investment.

    Those behind the claims for reparations should promote the concept of holding Britain responsible for underwriting the financing of the restructured sugar cane industry and a 50 year commitment to paying for all the tuition and economic costs to the UWI for all students of Afro-Caribbean backgrounds and those who want to come to the UK to pursue post graduate studies or specialized training in areas crucial to the development of their country.
    Monetary transfers will only end up in the hands of the local business clan made up mainly of Middle Eastern, East Indian and Chinese ethnic backgrounds whose fore parents did not suffer the indignity of slavery but whose offspring would certainly benefited tremendously from the profit windfall coming their way.

    • Agreed on what the sure response would be.
      Deep down those trumpeting the call for reparations still regard their islands as colonial territories.

      To see it from my side, I would look a total imbecile if I went to people I have been in charge of and who have had to seek and use my advice and direction over 3 odd decades and say to them, BTW I am the lowly descendant of slaves so you have to take pity on poor me.

      I have never and could never see myself in that light. When even in retirement I have to advise people around the world I do so on the basis of being a normal rational human being like themselves, whether dealing with someone who needs a lot of hand holding or professors or even a Nobel prize winner – I don’t grovel to anyone and that’s the message the reparations clowns don’t get.
      They are trying to perpetuate the very same things the say they despise.

      They still see anyone with a white skin as their master while whites don’t want to be their masters.

  27. And that is the crux of the matter Mr. Boyce.

    The nuance of indelible right that Baffy in saying “I stand on the side that says many other groups (including Jews) were awarded the respect of a legal apology, and Blacks too must see themselves as equally entitled” is lost on people like you, the rainbow coalition crew, neither black nor white, purposely engineered to be neither cold nor hot, but lukewarm, needing to be spit out of the mouth.

    You are like the Commissiongs of this world who, in their youth looked white, and passed for hunkie for a while but, after the passage of Father Time, due to the nature of the “gene” are now seen to be really who they are, and seek, in hurried apology, to take up the mantle of the oppressed and try to apologise for the very group that, earlier in this incarnation, they spurned just to be accepted by the bajan whites.

    I know you well, humble niggers that whitey is confident in giving the keys to, assured that you will guard them more fiercely than he, whitey, would.

    We all live on borrowed time, and I, on less time than most but if there is one thing that i would say to the Reparationalists, give the f*ckers no quarter.

    Use all of the literature and letters that they have stockpiled in their Liverpool libraries, written evidence of their atrocities, to bring them first to shame in the eyes of the world.

    Show all the world how, under the current guise of being philanthropists and humanitarians, how they have raped and continue to rape our black countries.

    Show how they persevere, even now in 2013, to punish Haiti for the single act of throwing out the British, Spanish and the French and seek, through these piddling acts of Aid and pretend Development Funding, to assuage their guilt. Aid that is designed to impoverish us further.

    Even if, and Lord forbid that this is the outcome, even if all that is secured is an apology, it would bode better than this “the primary offended are deceased” and “three decades have passed BS” than you apologists are so ready to submit for Rule Britania.

    And finally dont get me wrong, i am not one of those who things of some mathematical calculation to apportion Reparation $$ to descendants like some dole.

    If i can graft from the Anunnaki, i would establish our equivalent of Affirmative Action Funds that feed into initiatives which we people of colour can, if qualified benefit from.

    THis is not any free ride for the increasing wuk up specialists across Bulbados and just in case i have not said it before, i too have wukked in the hot sun from dawn to dusk for years to support this frail body of mine, so i am not one of the lazy po-rakey parasites that talk the talk but have not walked the walk.

    From your Uncle Tom hunkie lover PODRYR

    • Praise? I have never in my life been called “humble”. An English colleague once called me an “opinionated bastard”, I smiled broadly and said “Thanks Joe”.

      Some have said I always had a bad attitude to which I would always reply “I’m sorry but that’s the way I f’ing well am”.

      When some have tried to put on the pathos trying to tell me we about how contrite they were about making us slaves, I told them there were slaves and the enslaved and some of our forefathers counted themselves as enslaved, so don’t come the sympathy with me – I have heard a few say “He thinks he’s better than any white man”.

      Now I am being told that to be wise and upstanding I must seek an apology or reparations from WHO?

      Not my way at all, I don’t ask for favours, I don’t do crawl! for no one.
      I tell the world what I think and I don’t give a shit for what they think of me.

      You say “pretty please” and depend on getting a reward for doing so, see how far you get.

      I don’t need no stinking apology and I don’t need no stinking reparations.
      No one can hold me dependent which is form of self enslavement.

  28. I rest my case Mr. Boyce

    Your (puerile) reasoning of Reparation representation being “BTW I am the lowly descendant of slaves so you have to take pity on poor me” gives me no choice but to retire from the fray.

    With compatriots like you living in “Englant”, sans any idea of what reparation is and why it is important that they stop doing it, “they” do not need to fear doing it again for they have “the enemy in our gates.

    I am sure that your ilk cheered when your hero Botha would have said things like “”I am not prepared to lead white South Africans and other minority groups on a road to abdication and suicide,” and “Not only will we survive (economic sanctions), we will emerge stronger on the other side.”

    I am sure that you believe that Steven Biko deserved what he got and Mandela being able to rise to be president was a mistake of the SA government, he should have had “an accident” right?

    Your Uncle Tom

  29. The simplicity of it all…..you are for reparations(black)…..you are against reparations(white)…..if only the world was such.Human beings individually or tribally will always kill,rape,pillage,subjugate,torture,mutilate,burn at the stake,flay,etc,etc each other,it is part of our DNA.History shows that all the tribes of this world irrespective of melanin content has had a bite of this cherry.
    What will an apology and this special fund do or provide that is presently not available?

  30. What will an apology and this special fund do or provide that is presently not available?
    Well…for one thing it will establish some kind of equitable rule of law.
    It would send the message that blacks are people just like all the others who received reparations….
    It would suggest that there is some kind of fairness in our world

    …which of course is NOT the case.

    So Bushie’s position is that any such apology and fund will be nothing but a SHAM!

    MEANINGFUL apology and reparation MUST genuinely come from the guilty – IF IT IS TO MEAN SOMETHING TO A BUSHMAN……
    …anything else is an attempt to BUY Their way out of unspeakable atrocities….and they don’t have enough Money to afford that.

  31. Thank you BT you have made my point very well.It all boils down to “Vi et armis” if I remember my latin correctly……Might will always decide the law.In order to change or enforce laws one must achieve might and this can be either with brain or brawn,not wimpering or begging.

    • Some say it is a philosophical thing and maybe those who are morally equipped may step up to take ownership of an injustice done to a race of people. Whatever the reason there is right and wrong.

  32. @ Bush Tea | September 25, 2013 at 7:14 AM |
    “MEANINGFUL apology and reparation MUST genuinely come from the guilty – IF IT IS TO MEAN SOMETHING TO A BUSHMAN……”

    The miller is bold enough to tempt fate by journeying into the realm of controversy in order to entice the wrath of many including you Bushie from the sake of bringing balance to this most contentious issue.
    Would you be prepared to “extract’ a similar apology from the descendants of those black bounty hunters on the Gold and Ivory coasts of West Africa who made small ‘fortunes’ in the capturing and selling of their black brothers and sisters from neighbouring clans or communities?

    It is well known that many black businessmen on the African West Coast were very much against the abolition of the trade and even petitioned the British government to reinstate the trade. Maybe the players behind Reparations Movement can also incorporate a resettlement programme in their agenda aimed at the restitution of the economic dignity of blacks in the Diaspora. Instead of 40 acres and a mule what about 400 acres and 10 tractors but not made in China. Ghana is doing fine and could do with a “re-importation” of skilled blacks especially those unemployed or underemployed in places like Barbados Jamaica and the USA.

    What would you say, Bushie, if it were argued by the white negotiators in response to the demand for an apology and material compensation that the black man should be grateful for being enslaved since it was ordained by your BBE and clearly stated in His Word as acceptable in His sight?
    The white Christians can strongly argue with wide support from many Christian black quarters especially in the evangelical movement that if not for slavery the black man would still be in abject darkness in the jungles of West Africa not knowing of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    As I said Bushie, this position is meant to stir up controversy in the debate and does not necessarily reflect the personal views of the presenter. LOL!!!

  33. David….right and wrong only exists for a given point in time….inalienable rights for instance are what mainly men create to suit themselves to achieve a specific purpose.
    Miller….I have always wondered why no one followed in the footsteps of London Bourne who reclaimed his African heritage by repossessing lands in Africa.

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