Obama’s America is Hitler’s Germany of 2013

Submitted by Pachamama

Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive(Sir) Walter Scott

President Barack Obama seeking the approval of Congress to strike Syria.

President Barack Obama seeks approval of Congress to strike Syria

Even in the face of clear evidence that the Syrian government had nothing to do with the alleged use of chemical weapons (CW) in Ghouta around the 21th August 2013, the war party advances. Indeed, the evidence now points clearly at the Western backed, Takfiri, Al-Qaeda, heart eating, hand chopping, head severing terrorists supported by America and her allies that include Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, UAE, France, UK and Qatar. Terrorists, who used CW in Syria 14 separate times, some of whom were caught with CW in Turkey, were responsible for the CW attack in Aleppo where 28 died and who have projected themselves on an endless number of YouTube videos testing chemical weapons. The feign moral pretense by John Kerry, Barrack Obama and their acolytes must be accompanied by a massive propaganda war to hide the lack of morality or truth in their pack of lies. The United States and its allies are indeed the ones who most often used CW or supplied them to belligerents in times of war and peace. Indeed, the USA has vast stockpiles of all kinds of chemical, biological, conventional and nuclear weapons waiting to be used on humanity. Not even Gorbachev could persuade the American to destroy its nuclear weapons.  And whereas, there were many times in the recent past where chemical and other banned weapons were use by America, Israel and other belligerents supported by the West. And whereas, the United States of America has, from its establishment, used false flag operations or ‘national security events’ as reasons for engagement in foreign wars in order to achieve political objectives or even change political calculations at home. And whereas, the determination by Obama and the military-industrial-security apparatus is just another bald-faced lie by this administration, to pimp Obama out as a war criminal to achieve corporate objectives, we must conclude that this here war is premeditated.

During the early 1930’s Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich rose to power in Germany. The forces at work in this circumstance were not dissimilar to the powers that are driving this irrational thrust into World War 3. We have previously, like Naomi Wolf and others, compared the USA post 9/11 to the rise of Hitler’s Germany. Though no two historical moments are ever precisely the same, the naysayers bring up all kinds of tangential points as to deflect from our central determination. They say that Hitler killed 6 million Jewish people while totally relegating the up to 70 million that died in WW11. Of these nearly 30 million were from the USSR. Well, today the United States of America through its proxies in eastern Congo, alone, has supplied weapons that have killed between 4.5 and 6 million people since 1995. But of course, these are Black people, so nobody is expected to make the critical connection even on numerical significance. The naysayers have an entrenched belief that somehow we are in some enlightened or modern era and that human depravity, as expressed by the wickedly great Adolf Hitler, could not be applied to the humans of 2013. But these very expressions are being exhibited by the ‘modern’ western ‘civilization, in some ways we are worse, much worse.

Although IBM, Ford and others supplied the Nazis with war materiel, intelligence and technological knowhow, Hitler lacked a generalized global information supremacy which Barack Obama now has. It was his information Czar, Goebbels, who said, similarly to the ‘banksters’ of an earlier period, ‘I care not about the politics, give me control of the media and I will determine what the people think’. Obama knows this well. At the beginning of the push to war escalation less than 10 percent of Americans were in favour. Less than 10 percent of Europeans were in favour. In the last 4 or 5 days we have seen the work of Goebbels in 2013 America. A work that undergirds the ‘modern’ public relations/advertizing industry and originally theorized by Edward Bernays, the cousin of the Sigmund Freud, and latter Walter Lippmann, changed the perceptions of the American people to an acceptance of the involvement in far off  wars, especially World War 1, women smoking, ‘women liberation’ etc.  The number of Americans who now perceive a war with Syria as a good thing has increased dramatically to nearly 30 percent in just 4 or 5 days. Not even Goebbels was so proficient. Of course the Nazis did not have satellites, they did not have a rampant NSA, they did not have a globalized eavesdropping network that dominates all communications and they certainly did not have more than 10,000 thermal nuclear weapons able to destroy all life on earth many times over. Obama and the West are many time more dangerous than Adolf Hitler ever could have been. But this will not persuade their followers from supporting their acts of war, including illegal threats to sovereign states.

The blatant invasions of world countries by Hitler are only surpassed by the continuous assaults by the American Empire on what was once seen as the sanctity of national sovereignty. There are some who, in defending Adolf Hitler, have argued that Germany was ‘unfaired’ after World War 1 by an ‘international community’ that took its colonies in Africa and other demands for war reparations etc. Today, it is Obama and Bush who have extended Empire to Africa with Africom – the African military command. They contend that certain Jewish figures in the global banking establishment conspired against Germany. Today, these very interests have declared war on the world and are seeking to consolidate all resources into fewer and fewer hands.  Before World War 2 Germany invaded Slovakia (1939), Lithuania (1939), Czechoslovakia (1939), Sudetenland (1938) and Austria (1938). During the World War Two, Hitler invaded Poland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, France, The Channel Islands, Greece, Yugoslavia, the USSR and Egypt. In the last hundred years the American Empire has invaded countries in the Western Hemisphere more than 100 times, all told. But this is to them ‘old fashion wars’, for the global war as declared by Empire is constantly at work against all countries. Whether it be eavesdropping, trade wars, space wars, secret wars or the old fashion hot wars of conquest, Obama is worse than Hitler as the instrument for colonial domination of the world. Certainly, his irrational determination that the hot war in Syria is to be escalated is reminiscent of the acts by Hitler himself.

There are those of us who are quick to ignore the technological narrowing of the gap between actors as it relates to the ability to conduct hot warfare, or any kind of war, for that matter. There are some who would want to hold firm to a simplistic notion of a war theater while ignoring the ever changing tactical situation, they hold fast to a singularity of strategic vision. There are some whose judgments are colored by an emotionalism that just serves as cannon fodder for the propagandists. Less still have ever seen a war or even a shot fired in anger, but feel competent to make judgments as informed by mainstream media. Most have never seen the places where these wars of conquest are fought, they do not know the peoples, the wider culture and are guided by an inbreed thinking that regardless of the righteousness of the ‘other’, the English peoples of the world have some ‘God’ given right to the eternal domination, exploitation and eradication of other peoples. Years after and even when the truth is known we hear not about war reparations from the guilty belligerent. We, in the West, do not even want to recognize war crimes committed by America in Fallujah, for example, where depleted uranium (DU) weapons used by America has contamination the gene pool thus making generations for the 25000 years pay a price for America’s sins. But it is Obama and the current generation of war hawks and their supporters who would want to commit this future crime on the unborn of the Syrian Arab Republic. This thinking is just as culpable as that which came from the Hitlerian mind. It is a thinking which is indeed no better than that from the mind of the man who solemnly promised change but ends up being as brutal, as warlike, as Hitler himself.

We contend that any escalation in the Western sponsored war in Syria, as one of many scenarios, could see the manifestations of World War Three. That Obama and others could, on the basis of a pack of lies, be the chief cheerleader for this possible scenario tells us that hidden forces are speaking through him, that this was his intention from the beginning, that his office by its very nature can only be held by war criminals and that Obama has been assigned the duty of ending any resistance to Empire anywhere on the globe. On balance, America has been able to advance its cultural domination by telling a long series of lies in order to instigate wars, coups and other ‘unfriendly acts’. Whether it was the invasion of the Philippines, the Spanish-American War, the Gulf of Tonkin, the Iraq wars, the Grenada invasion, Lebanon, Haiti or Kosovo, the same game is played from the same play book of deception. Obama’s war of deception on Syria will fail, for this criminal act cannot be allowed to succeed. These tangled webs of deceit must be carefully unwoven if we are to find our better selves and assign all forms of warfare to the pages of history.


  • @ Miller

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  • A Brilliant Mess …..Timothy Egan

    After a staggering display of mush, muddle and miscues by the world’s lone superpower, a rogue nation appears ready to give up the chemical weapons it supposedly never had. Without a shot’s being fired. This, of course, is a miserable failure in the eyes of the gaseous class, amateur hour in real time, because, well — it wasn’t planned.
    How can you have 10 days that shook the world when it was never gamed out, move by move, by the pedigreed cardinals of geopolitical intrigue? The answer is in the very thing that my colleague-for-a-day, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, decried in his self-serving opinion piece on Thursday — American exceptionalism.
    It was little noticed, but President Obama made a point of highlighting the “If this were a tennis match, it would be the umpire shouting, ‘Advantage Putin!’” said Paul, still trying to find that lasting zinger. But wasn’t the senator from Kentucky on the side of Putin, because Putin’s on the side of Assad, who is on the side of the Christians? (But also backed by Iran.)
    special burden of “the world’s oldest constitutional democracy.” He used those words twice — once in deciding to give Congress a say on striking Syria, and again in the Tuesday night speech pleading his case.
    That democracy, in all its messy, inconsistent, incoherent cacophony, was there for the world to watch in the September standoff. Some of it was pigs-fly-thrilling — hard-right conservatives joining voices with peacenik libs. Some of it was comic — John McCain playing poker on his cellphone while Congress mulled a military strike. Much of it was appalling. This is what happens when you let 535 elected representatives have an actual role in foreign policy.

    The net result, accidental or not, is that Syria is no longer just an American problem. They say they will give up the poison gas that, wink, wink, was never used. The principle, as Obama said, “that with modest effort and risk we stop children from being gassed to death,” is there on the table for a world that preferred to look the other way. And, added bonus: the neocon warriors are gone, homeless in both parties. All of this is a hugely positive leap from where we were a week, a month, or a year ago.
    That democracy, in all its messy, inconsistent, incoherent cacophony, was there for the world to watch in the September standoff. Some of it was pigs-fly-thrilling — hard-right conservatives joining voices with peacenik libs. Some of it was comic — John McCain playing poker on his cellphone while Congress mulled a military strike. Much of it was appalling. This is what happens when you let 535 elected representatives have an actual role in foreign policy.

    The net result, accidental or not, is that Syria is no longer just an American problem. They say they will give up the poison gas that, wink, wink, was never used. The principle, as Obama said, “that with modest effort and risk we stop children from being gassed to death,” is there on the table for a world that preferred to look the other way. And, added bonus: the neocon warriors are gone, homeless in both parties. All of this is a hugely positive leap from where we were a week, a month, or a year ago.
    But outcomes don’t really matter to those obsessed by who won and who lost, those who see all politics as up-and-down nonsense instead of a clash of ideas with real consequences. So this past week has to be cast in the tired terms of the daily struggle for sound-bite supremacy. It’s a debacle. A blunder. A humiliation. “This rudderless diplomacy,” said Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican Party, “has embarrassed America on the world stage.”
    You want embarrassment? Just consider some of the public statements of Republicans in the last two weeks. The worst stunt was when three of the most empty-head members of Congress, Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert and Steve King, went to Egypt to praise a military coup against an elected democratic regime. They compared a general who authorized mass shootings of protesters and sweeping roundups of dissident voices to George Washington.
    “We are with you, and we encourage you,” said Bachmann, looking like a hostage as she read a statement on state-run television in Cairo.
    Senator Rand Paul, the Tea Party Republican who wants to be president, initially expressed indirect support for his fellow ophthalmologist, Bashar al-Assad. The Syrian dictator, he noted, was on the side of Christians, so maybe we should think twice about attacking him. A week later he said Assad deserved to die if he gassed those kids. Now, he says, the president “is asking us to be allies with Al Qaeda.”
    Obama is asking no such thing; he’s calling for global censure, backed by the threat of military strikes, against a government that kills its own citizens with poison gas. But in one very dark and lonely corner stand the politicians who most want to pick a side and go to war — the last of the neocons, McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham. They are in the party of Rand Paul, Michele Bachmann and Reince Priebus.
    It would be nice to think that what happened this week was all part of a secret plan, an outgrowth of an idea that in fact was presented to Putin at the economic summit in St. Petersburg. But there’s little evidence of that. Obama, the most cautious of presidents, opted for diplomacy on the fly and in public — something you’re never supposed to do. He opted to give every armchair secretary of state a say.
    In truth, it’s burden Putin. He has to back his words that he’ll broker a deal to get Syria to give up its chemical stockpile. And having stepped to center stage, he has to start acting more like a global citizen, instead of a thug with convenient petro pals. And it’s burden world, in that the 188 other signatories to the treaty banning chemical weapons can no longer leave all the heavy lifting to the United States.
    In the mess of democracy, the stew of free speech, the best ideas are supposed to rise to the top. That’s the theory, taught to schoolchildren since Thomas Jefferson’s day. For now, the best idea emerged — a path to getting poison gas out of the hands of a mass killer, without United States military action. And if Obama blundered into it, if he looks uncertain, weak or waffling , his heart and mind genuinely troubled, so be it. That’s what happens when the world’s oldest constitutional democracy lives up to its title.


  • The President of the USA and the Caribbean having cleverly used his opposition to the invasion of Iraq to place him in an advantageous and inevitably a win-win position over his pro war rivals Mrs Clinton included in his planned bid for the Presidency. The Great Black Hope who in response to a troubling question from a member of the Black caucus angrily and sensibly replied that he was the President of all of America and not just Black America now finds himself hoisted by his own petard and in order to save face having campaigned on a platform of “change” – excluding murder of bin laden ole western style justice; unleashing of drones collateral damage notwithstanding -is now placed in the embarrassing position of having to grab the lifeline dangled before him by the fraudulent Putin to save face having now been confronted with the real world of corporate governance.


  • but then if corporate goverance has a hand in the decision making on this foreign policy it does elimante that corporate goverance need for war is real. since without war the military industrial complex which is all part of corporate gov.cannot become rich /if by having a say in this outcome through peaceaful means they have gained nothing on the financial scale .


  • Friend, we have noticed you have a special liking for plays, musicals, and movies and possibly poems and paintings of a specific genre that reflect the esoteric makeup of life’s opposing forces.

    @ Miller

    All is correct as stated. Mr. Miller, actually I do believe in evil and or demonic beings like witches, witches and warlocks. These things, witches and warlocks are exposed in the holy bible written by men of God.
    God in the bible tells us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against rules of darkness (New Testament/Ephesians 6:12). The principalities, powers and rulers of darkness are demonic like beings: witches, warlocks, etc).


  • so what we have here is an avoided strike and a muderer who is allowed to hand over his weapon and walk free, Even in the international court of law the voices of victims are unheard, what a travesty of justice done to the people of syria by JOhn Kerry and PUTIN as if once was not enough a crying Shame.


  • ac wars like any other business is profitmaking and in aspiring for profit however small, direct or indirect, tangible or intangible some win, some lose. for example bitter wars erupt between spouses, and their families out of marriages which only a little while ago promised so much with some winning the property and smiling all the way to the bank and others losing all that they put in and committing suicide and going to the great beyond in doom and gloom. In real wars lives are sacrificed for good or ill.


  • look there was even war in heaven . there is a need for war even heaven could not escape that reality , whether metaphoricaly or real. there comes a time when the evil forces of this earth who terrorise and destroy human lives must be eradicated and war is the only means by which to do so,


  • A The United Nations chemical weapons report will soon be released and likely name Assad responsible for the August 21st mass murdering, thousands of people through the use of chemical weapons. Assad is not an innocent man. Putin knew this. Obama knew this also. The United Nations General-Secretary, Ki Ban Moon himself said that Assad has committed many crimes against humanity”. He no doubt is responsible for releasing chemical weapons on those people in Syria (08/21/2013). He, Assad, therefore should be punished in some form or fashion, but the United States should, if could be acknowledge and honor the United Nations resolutions.

    Putin turned his head and looked away from Assad crime because Putin makes money from Syria, a lot of money. Putin wants that money and needs it. Putin is just what Obama says he is “a jackass” but Putin aboard the United Nations was allowing prohibited crime and putting himself in danger. No country should be in violation of chemical weapons but no country should be in violation of international law, not even the United States. No country, likewise should allow violation of international law either, not even for personal or financial gain, can’t do that, especially in the United Nations The whole world now laughs at them, Russia and China, insistence on aiding and abetting the Middle East for financial gain (Russia) and need (China).

    Many had doubted Obama, attacked the United States on the issue of credibility. George Bush upon entering the Iraq war bruised the United States, somewhat. Obama though was careful, extremely not to make the mistake (s) of Bush and wear his embarrassment. Obama may have thought of disallowing and or dishonoring intervention of the United Nations but altered his decision. Putin, only Putin in this situation exemplifies stupidity and bruises his credibility.


  • No matter ways one look at this situation the fact remains that atyrannical dictator is/allowed to stay in power to continue his evil ways. -T DOESN,T MATTER WHO THE WINNNERS ARE. ANOTHER FACT iS THAT THE SYRIAN People would contnue to be the Losers as the civil war rages on.


  • http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-202_162-57602924/united-nations-syria-chemical-weapons-report-overwhelming-secretary-general-ban-ki-moon-says/

    Assad murdered thousands of his own people through the use of chemical weapons. Release of the United Nations Report will likely confirm this, proving that Assad and Putin are liars NOT John Kerry. The United Nations Chemical Weapons Report was released just today,awaiting confirmation of its contents. Obama and Kerry did their part, the United Nations must now do its part. According to Pamela Fault of CBS News (09/13/2013), United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon says Assad will be brought to justice and there will be, surely the process of accountability when everything is over.


  • United States and western allies puts things in order dealing with Syria. Putin in Russia is cooperating.


  • Putin and the Russians are pathetic.but need money. Hurting Syria in any way is hurting cash flow from Syria to Russia.


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