Another Strategic Defeat for Global Arrogance

Submitted by Pachamama
War in Syria continues

War in Syria continues

While Caribbean peoples are deeply engaged in an ever increasing battle for meagre economic survival, events half way around the world may have more to do with outcomes than any expected amelioration in the steadily deteriorating circumstances of Western capitalism. As we write the Syrian army and their Hezbollah counterparts, buttressed by support of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), Russia and to a lesser extent China are completing mopping up operations not far from the Lebanese border (al-Qusayr) and elsewhere. Even Obama and his ‘international community’ are less vocal with their illegitimate but central demand that the prospective victor in this Western led conspiracy against a sovereign state, Bashar Assad, be removed from office – logic turned on its head.  The West is on the verge of losing all influence in what they have called the ‘Middle East’. We are persuaded that America’s decline in the Middle East has accelerated since 9/11 and the influence of other actors, like the IRI, China and Russia has markedly increased.  On the other hand the Americans and Europeans have loss several of their clients states and will in short order loose Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and more. This will mean not only a loss of strategic control of the regions oil reserves but will extend to the removal of America’s cat’s paw (Israel) from the region. These will represent a seismic shift in Great Game politics. The events in Syria can be seen as an historical moment. This is a moment not dissimilar to the period after World War Two when as a ‘presumed’ victor, the USA, through the CIA, pressured the British out of the Caribbean and elsewhere. So Caribbean ‘independence’ was and is merely a function of Great Game politics. The same will happened again, in reverse.

In the war on Syria the West has been revealed as an ally of al-Qaeda, a group they sometimes call a terrorist organization. It is this very USA government which gave birth to al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda was from the beginning a CIA/Saudi/Zionist project. The evidence presented by Sibel Edmond is unassailable. Recent USA actions in Syria confirm her findings.  They have armed them, given them chemical weapons and diplomatic coverage for more than two (2) years in spite of a long list of war crimes committed by their terrorist proxies. Obama has long decided that the USA is only able to fight ‘smart wars’.

This is double-speak for the consolidation of a hidden image as the largest terrorist state on earth. It means having feckless Gulf monarchies (dictatorships) like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE fund armaments to insurgents while a neo-Ottoman, Erdogan, Turkish regime, elements in Lebanon, the Jordanians, Sunni elements in Iraq and the Zionist regime provide safe passage, logistics and other materiel support for the destruction of the Syrian state as promised by Netanyahu six years ago and as consistent with the Zionist inspired manifesto of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC). We now know, beyond a shadow of doubt that 9/11 was a Western, disaster capitalist, false flag operation to initiate the series of events now taking place in the region and beyond. Where is the outrage in the West when their own terrorist proxies cut out the heart of a Syrian soldier and eats it? Why are we not appalled by preparations for the use of deadly and banned chemical weapons by the al-Nusra Front – the spearhead of the Western conspiracy against a sovereign state? Is it because they are our terrorists? How can it be that dictators in Qatar and Saudi Arabia can lead a supposedly Western inspired democracy movement in Syria? What about the genuine revolution in Bahrain? We guess Hamad is a good dictator.

What kind of global governance have we, when the Americans and the Europeans revert to an anthropology that seeks to create war amongst dominant currents within Islam? In creating divisions, they have again raised the question Gandhi asked more than 50 years ago. What is the nature of this so-called Western civilization? Like the fictitious battle of Armageddon they have brought terrorists from 29 countries to topple President Assad. Why must Assad be toppled, by any means necessary? He represents the axis of resistance to American imperialism – a roadblock in the American, bi-partisan project for full spectrum global dominance. A dominance that is unprepared to coexist with other equally influential regional actors. Some commentators see the Syrian confrontation as but a step on the road to Tehran, then Moscow, then Beijing. In the American Senate we have resolutions being passed to openly fund terrorist organizations in Syria. The Americans appeared to have temporarily eased the leash on its primary attack dog in the region (Israel) to bomb Syrian, under a flimsy pretext. However, it was the Russians who told Netanyahu that the next time he bombs Syria in support of the Western terrorists, Tel Aviv will be flattened.

All of these actions by America and its allies are illegal under international law – an international legal regime that was largely established by the United States itself, in more enlightened days. This surely, along with all the other breaches, must represent the essence of a failed state, a failing empire, a lawless state and there is no legal remedy for the Syrian peoples or government. For the United Nations (UN) is nothing more than a toothless tiger, for most, but can be brought to do the bidding of the American/NATO Alliance when their interests are in ‘danger’ (John Bolton). In these circumstances, American allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey could sponsor terrorist attacks against a sovereign state, almost daily, in Iraq but nobody cares about this, even when these terrorists kill American soldiers. Collateral damage some say. We say that the people like Obama are only ‘front men’ for corporate interests and shadow governments. The Zionist regime could innumerably violate international law by almost daily threatening war, invading neighboring countries, occupying Palestinian territories, establishing illegal blockades and having an illegal arsenal of nuclear weapons.

A real independent country like Iran has to be destroyed by war – so say the Americans, Europeans and some of their regional proxies. It has to be the subject of tens of billions of dollars in congressionally approved and ‘black budgeted’ military spending to subvert the Iranian government and inspire unrest. This policy purposely ignores the maturity of the Iranian regime, the staggering achievement it has made, in many fields including science and technology, over 33 years, the constructive complexity of its governing structures and the rich culture of its peoples. These however, could not stop the Americans and Europeans from supporting anti-Iranian terrorist groups like the MKO.  Sometimes we tend to be persuaded that Caribbean peoples and indeed the Caribbean intellectual class are at sea when it comes to non-English speakers, they internal politics and other cultural tendencies. We tend not to know Hafiz or Rumi. Even Martin Carter and Timothy Callender remain relatively obscure, within the Caribbean. China and Russia must be surrounded with several of the 1000 military bases the American Empire has around the globe. Africa is to be re-colonized, not just economically by China but militarily by France, American and NATO supposedly to protect what they deem as their interests, against Chinese intrusion. The real prize in the Western mind, as Brzezinski has argued, is still Central Asia. Syria, Iran, Iraq are the gateway to the stupendous resources of Central Asia as coveted by the Western capitalist class.

The events in Syria have profound implications for the peoples of the Caribbean. The levers of economic revival, to the extent this is desirable, cannot and should not be exclusively based on the performance of Western powers in their dirty wars for a broader domination of global resources. There is little evidence that Caribbean peoples are likely to be the beneficiaries of this new world order construction. The Caribbean politician must be force fed with a new kind of thinking. A kind of thinking that will transport him/her outside the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea. As a people we must also lessen our reliance on this political class which is at sea in a more turbulent world. Foundationally, it is time we start looking more seriously at what we think we are and should be. Let’s stop the Americans and the Europeans from again imposing a new hegemony on us!

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  1. @Baffy
    It is Ironic that you refer to ” embargoes”, since that was crucial in getting rid of the Boers in SA! They preferred trade and money to Apartheid, in the end!

    BTW Cuba does tremendous business with the USA, in fact the US is now their biggest trading partner. Indeed, the key reason why the supposed “embargo” on Cuba continues is to PACIFY the CubanAmericans who have loads of votes and hate Castro for taking their land and wealth.

  2. @money brain we show up but we are limited and powerless inthe decisiom making of those institutions.we are there as tokens to make them look good.

  3. Money

    You have such a twist on things. Boers in SA ARE NOT COMPARABLE to Iranians (whose brain power has been exploited (along with Pakistani) in the development of Nuclear and Rocket Science by Westerners for ages) I have been down roads like this with you in the past and have gotten absolutely NOWHERE. So I know that it is futile. However I would like to pick you up on just one point. The decision to bomb an innocent civilian population twice was taken over a number of weeks. It was premeditated. The Russians and the Germans were no SWEETBREADs either. The bombs could have been dropped on desolate islands close to the mainland. Footage of the first test, and there was a lot of footage, could have been delivered to an emissary to the attention of the Emperor of Japan. But blowing up innocent people was NOT designed to only stop the war in Far East, it was designed to frighten the rest of the world into acknowledging the potential ferocity of the new lords of the world. Those ruthless deaths was a heralding of the dawn of the era, that of world domination by the United states of America. But thanks to the heroic efforts of an enlightened husband and wife duo who were later executed as spies, the “bomb” technology was shared with a competing rival and it resulted in balancing of power that kept the hawks at bay for a few decades.

  4. @Money Brain

    which contry dropped nuclear bombs on another country? Remind me again? Israel has nukes? Does it? Just stupidly asking? Didnt the crsaders kill in the name of religion? Did wewitness the japanese suicide bombers?

    yes i wold like to see iran obtain nukes to coun ter european imperialism.

  5. @money

    u r simplistic in r thinking? how did iran capture an american drone which is spposed to have had such superior technology. iran can jam too

  6. @Newblood
    It is interesting that U want Iran to have Nukes BUT the many Iranians I know here in Toronto dont want those Theocratic Clowns to have Nukes.
    Do U appreciate that just like Cuba, Nth Korea et al the Iranians living in Iran just would like the Clowns that lead their Nation to COMMIT MASS SUICIDE!

    Do U seriously believe that any Iranian that has the opportunity to migrate to the TERRIBLE WEST says NO or having migrated, goes back? The only ones that wont leave are the Military members who typically benefit first and foremost. Bajans who live in the UK, US, Can are always considering retiring/ returning to Bim.
    Where did I say that Iranians lack Technological ability? I know better since I went to Uni in England with some geniuses from there. Many of the cleverest have migrated to the West where practical. Many have died by the Israeli military! The Israelis are better organised, better financed and have a very small piece of land to defend…so they have to get things right! Iran is one of the toughest Countries to attack since it is very mountainous.

    U, Baffy, Pachy are so very sophisticated in your thinking that U back lil Dictators in places like Iran! If that is what happens to sophisticated “thinkers” i would prefer to have my IQ cut by 20%, so then I would only be in the top 10% and not the top 2%.

  7. @AC
    Why do U have such a bad ATTITUDE towards your own people? We are tokens, and soon you will say that they are manly “Uncle Toms”.

    So Colin Powell ( could have been the first President of colour) and Conde Rice were just tokens? If they knew the neo-cons were pushing for War in Iraq by any means then why did they NOT resign, when the evidence was questionable? May be they were convinced of the quality of info?

  8. @Baffy,
    We Westerners are so stupid that without exploiting the Iranians and Pakistanis our Nuclear, our Rocketry etc would have been totally FUTILE???
    Please read the history! The Germans, including Jewish Germans were by far in the Vanguard of this technology! The Germans had V2 rockets in 1945 raining down. Fortunately the Allies cracked the Codes and put pedal to the metal to eviscerate Germany. Ask yourself why the Russians and Americans totally exonerated ALL of these scientists from prosecution after the War? They just about fought each other to maximise the number of these guys would come to their side! When did that occur over your genius Pak and Iranian scientist? Did I miss that? NO!

    BTW Werner Von Braun the chief Genius of NASA had a Bajan as one of his genius assistants, he was a Roach from the brilliant 3 Houses StP Roaches.

  9. @Baffy
    There are many logical reasons why Japan should have been nuked, here are a few
    1 Japan has a much denser population than Germany and so a ground War would be very costly. They vowed to fight to the last person, indeed on one outer Island everyone committed suicide when the Allies were invading.

    2 they were exceedingly cruel to our troops and women in occupied lands like Korea, China etc eg my mother in law was about 16 at the time in Singapore and she had to shave her hair off and try to flatten her chest in order to escape detection for rape!

    3 The War had been long and draining and the Japs outlasted the Germans should have appreciated their dire circumstances and still would NOT fold. The Allies had no intention of losing hundreds of thousands of men invading Japan.

    4 They were adequately WARNED both before and AFTER Hiroshima. When they saw the results of the 1st bomb why did they not surrender? Seems to prove the need to use the bombs in the first place. Germany folded before the bomb was ready.

    5 Japan is an island far from other countries whereas Germany is surrounded by Ally countries.

    6 U would argue the racial angle and naturally that would be a reason for NOT using a nuke on Germany BUT dont forget that Hitler was careful in NOT mounting a comprehensive ground attack on the UK. The Royals do have German blood!

    Baffy, U are suggesting that the Emperor needed to see the effect of the 1st bomb? So Sir the Enemy has eviscerated Hiroshima with ONE device was not enough. The Emperor was an IDIOT?

  10. Over the last few days reports are emerging that the disaster, casino capitalist that USA/NATO are developing a “Plan B”. This will be a game changer for the white imperialists and their servants. It has been previously posited that the USA/Russian talks being held in a few days in Geneva are merely window dressing as they have been calibrated to fail, by the USA. It is this failure that, in Obama mind, prepares the legal basis for a direct American humanitarian war, ala Lybia, of aggression in Syria. For it must mean a more overt military interference in Syria, given that the Axis of Resistance has nearly completed their mopping up operations against America’s Sallafist, Takfirist, Al-Queda, mercenary, radical Sunni fools who were transported to Syria as cannon fodder. So Obama is able to fight his War on Terrorism by letting President Assad and his axis destroy his perceived enemies even if he risks the capture of the Syrian state by rabidly sectarian, Saudi-esque madmen who are more interested in killing other Sunnis for merely voting that the enemies of all Muslims – the Zionists, the imperialists and the oil monarchies of the Persian Gulf. This is the essence of the ‘smart wars’ of Obama – use idiots, at home or abroad, to do the dying while his corporate friends enjoy the benefits of disaster capitalism and illegal war. Key players in the morally based Axis of Resistance have sent clear indications that a military front will be opened in the occupied Golan Heights should a renewed threat be directed at Syria. This is the essence of Obama. The time has come where he has to put up or shut up. Should he decide to ‘put more boots on the ground’ there will be a wider war, bombs will go off in US cities, no oil will pass through the Persian Gulf, oil prices will reach 600 dollars a barrel overnight, all the oil refineries/installations in the Gulf will be ablaze, western economies will collapse in short order, nuclear weapons will be discharged, Israel will cease to exit as an entity, tens of millions will die. This is the scenario that the corporate elites have prepared for. The stakes are high for us all, too high.

  11. Pachy
    I been saying for a long time that these guys want to CULL the global population. They keep thinking” why do we need 7 BN people” when we have 1 ROBOTICS at $3.24/hr 2 Nanotech soon 3 Graphene chip soon to replace Silicon and its 10,000 X faster?

    So why share the food and resources with so many peeps who are now pure COST?????

  12. @moneybrain

    remind me of yor iq again. You wold be in the last 20% of intelligence, did say that. Why rnt the europeans insisting on european democracy in saudi arabia, among others?

    Iranians will migrate to learn how to fight the euopeans and improve on their technology. like what the japenese and chinese have done.

    why do think that the iranians have been able to gide a drone into its territory, not de to ignorance?

    Again, the europeans are interested in war to give a boost to their economy. The emergence of the chineses as a counter, as well as the russians have slowed the eropeans agression. They have lost two wars;the iraq and the afghan, and they will lose any war in the middle east. Those people have a nascent nationalism and that is why the americans have not been able to subde the iranians. They tried to talk abot rigged elections and were defeated in their attempt to stir up trouble. Again your ethnic group killed in the name of religion? Did remember

  13. @Newblood
    Firstly, Iran is a FAILED state (just like Nth Korea, Cuba et al), the vast majority of Iranians hate the Theocratic clowns and Ihamanutjob their front man. Iran will be crushed INTERNALLY real soon. That wont happen if they piss off the Israelis in the near future because time is running out.

    Secondly, U refer to Europeans, please define that as I am not sure who U mean,1 Western Europeans 2 Western Europeans, Nth Americans Australians?? U are also talking about Europeans and Russians, when Russians are Europeans, U seem very confused.

    Thirdly, make up your mind whether U want Westerners to influence politics in the ME or not! When they get rid of nasty Dictators U are upset and when they do not displace the Saudis U are also upset, VERY CONFUSING to peeps with HIGH IQ!
    I have already agreed that there are clever Iranians BUT Technologically they are very far behind the WEST. They will have a FEW minor victories from time to time. Like the current WI cricket Team!

    Japan was rebuilt by the Americans after the WW2 and they taught them superior management techniques, the Japs are very clever BUT should have listened in 1941 when Admiral Yamimoto, who had studied at Harvard, told them that attacking the Americans was like “kicking a sleeping Giant”. The Japs have made the major mistake of NOT encouraging Immigration and so with the highest proportion of Retired people on Earth they are in deep financial trouble from which they have attempted for 23 yrs to extricate themselves. SAD!

    WAR has always resulted after Financial Collapse. First, it will be Social Unrest and then “leaders” will point outwards to deflect the culpability.

    ALL ethnic groups have killed in the name of Religion! Do Pakistani Muslims love Indian Hindus??? Do Nigerian Muslims love Nigerian Christians???
    Naturally, I condemn people who attack any one on the basis of religion what do you do..grant exemptions to non whites only????

    The key purpose of the Iraq War was to remove the Heinous Dictator, SodamnInsane, who represented the Sunni’s who are only 22% of the Iraqi population. What possible rationale could anyone have for NOT freeing the Shiite majority from that Bastards grip? He used chemical weapons against Iraqis! Murdered hundreds of thousands!

    Why is it that people hate the Americans or Europeans so much that they condone such Dictators in Iran, North Korea, Cuba et al? Cbean peeps had better pray that other Ethnic groups dont rule the World because at the very least some whiteys are GUILTY about the history of Slavery. Chinese, Japs, Indians DONT give a Rodents Rectum bout dat! I have spent my life around Indians, Chinese, Japs etc…they are much tougher on other races than U might think!

  14. BAFBFP, May 26, 2013, 11:13 AM, doth spake thus:

    “If it is that you have succeeded and thrive in a world that the Terrible Whitey has provided for you, stick with that as your core, but spare me the useless comparisons as you nor I have have [sic] grown up in either Iran or Cuba … Stupse, and just when I thought that we were making progress … F#ck, now you are blaming the Japanese for the Nuclear attacks … They were “arrogant” …”.

    There can be little doubt (and ALL respectable and reliable historians will back me on this, er, ‘posit’) that the nuclear attack on Japan was a false-flag operation engineered by Jap emperor “Hero” Hito in league with Mosanto which is owned, obviously, by the Zionist Crusaders who faked the moon landing and killed JFK from the grassy knoll as a covert, black-ops and, indeed, “clandestine” operation in their relentless quest to bring about Armageddon through their disaster-capitalist 9/11 false-flag plots using Walt Disney characters (Daffy Duck was REALLY at the yolk on United 93) to mind-wash the sheeple so that the Da Vinci Code could remain a secret among the Templarian-Crusader-Zionist-Rothschild cabal who, in league with the Bilderberg Group and the Masonic Pachmamaist Running-Dog Lackeys of 1960s Maoism have for centuries wanted to control the fish fry at Oistins on Friday night. This is their aim, sheeple! Be alert!

  15. who ia bigger idiot than money brain, except money brain himself/ iran will have the nuke and the whites cant stop them, why havnt been able to dominate them sincw 1979?

  16. @Newblood
    You may soon have to change your moniker to NewBrain cause the current one is lacking!

    If the jokers in Iran attain the nukes then all hell will break loose with Israel and Allies wiping out the facilities, the plans have long since been drawn up and as U should know the Israelis sent their bombers to the Western Med a
    couple years ago to test various refueling et al strategies.

    You can be as Racially prejudiced against whitey as U want BUT when the shit hits the fan ie Armageddon, who going FEED your rass, Iran????? Nth Korea??? Cuba??? The majority of the food imported in Bim is still going to come from Nth America and Europe. HAHAHA! Why U dont stop eating food, clothing etc from white Nations, call up Africans and ask for supplies of—— exotic meats AKA large lizards, monkey, agoute, large rats LOL

  17. Good Samaritans bought 19 rooms at Weston Premier Inn then donated them to freezing rough sleepers, only for the hotel to turn the homeless people away
    Just send this Viral & BoyCott Premier Inn
    Hit them where it hurts PROFITS
    Also this:
    Looks like hard working dedicated NHS staff are not good enough to stay.
    Hotel chain ‘refused to give NHS staff a discount on their rooms’ when they couldn’t get home during severe weather
    “No housekeeping, no restaurant facility and cost me £150”…/hotel-chain-refused-give-nh…
    Premier Sin: 19 hotel rooms, bought and paid for, sit empty while people ‘turned away to sleep in snow’
    Good Samaritans bought 19 rooms at Weston Premier Inn then donated them to freezing rough sleepers, only for the hotel to turn the homeless people away
    A woman has slammed a Premier Inn after its ‘disgraceful’ and ‘discriminatory’ treatment of local homeless people.
    Sarah Parker-Khan, 38, booked 19 rooms at the Premier Inn on Hutton Moor Road in Weston-super-Mare for the night of Friday, March 2.

  18. Did Premier Inn explain why they turned away the homeless people whose rooms were already paid for?

    And has Premier Inn returned the money, with an apology to Sarah Parker-Khan?

  19. Bush Tea got ma bawlinnnnn on May 24, 2013 at 9:18 AM

    “@ Pachamana Excellent as usual…

    “@ Pieceahderock…Once the USA’s self-destruction becomes evident, Isreal will be nothing but a sitting duck

  20. Ya got ma bawlinnnnn, Bushie. Bonny got ma bawlinnnnn. What whacker what?

  21. Know what I like about the Bush? No eminents. Me, Harold Hoyte, Patrick Maxwell, Bobby Pitcher, Jeff Broomes, a judge – all at the same level.

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