The National Security State of Barack Obama and the End of ‘Free’ Speech in the Caribbean

Submitted by Pachamama
A young Obama pictured with his mother

A young Obama pictured with his mother

Just over six years ago Black people in the Caribbean and elsewhere welcomed the elevation of Barrack Obama to the presidency of the United States. He came in with all types of grandiose promises of change. Expectations were high. Large numbers of misguided Blacks generally proclaimed all manner of transformational and transcendental narratives and imbued the social consciousness, universally, with a massive mis-direction. Obama promised much and much more was expected. This ‘happy talk’ was even espoused by some of the backward elites in academia in the Caribbean and at Cave Hill. In response, we warned them that Obama came from a CIA family. We argued that a man whose mother was a NOC (Non-Official Cover), whose father was a NOC, whose step-father was a NOC, whose grandfather and grandmother were NOCs; whose career was skilfully managed by his mother’s friends in the CIA for his introduction as a Manchurian candidate, would be largely unhelpful to any people, especially Black people. Our central critique was well rooted in our judgment that the political system in the USA was largely collapsed and in any event, given the unparalleled power of ‘lobbies’, it was IMPOSSIBLE for any USA government or president to do anything, exclusively, in the interests of the American people, far less – Black people alone. All Black people have gotten from Obama is the faux ‘strict father’ bullshit that he learnt from Reagan. Obama has outdone Bush in his contributions to the development of a most perverse and radical Neo-fascism that surpasses anything that ever occurred in Germany after the Reichstag fire.

Glenn Greenwald’s recent and continuing disclosures in the Guardian Newspaper led the Washington Post to report “They quite literally can watch your ideas form as you type,” the officer said. Greenwald’s reporting includes proof that Obama has had his secret FISA courts issue subpoenas to collect vast amounts (terabytes) of metadata data from 100 million Verizon customers daily. We now know that all the other communications firms are doing likewise. This ‘son of a bitch’ is listening to your calls to your grandmother. He is listening to your calls to your wife. He can watch you from the sky. He can see us tying this article on our computer right now. He can see every fax you send. He can see all the people who are called by the people you call. Caribbean governments are supine in this respect. We are willing to argue, in the absence of empirical evidence, though we may have access to other anecdotal evidences, that the phone carriers in the Caribbean are axiomatically part of this NSA (National Security Agency) big brother worldwide society. Not one Caribbean politician will have the ‘balls’ to address this issue. Even if there did the USA sells them their communication equipment and there are means to intercept all communications within the Caribbean. The corporations in the Caribbean, like, LIME and Digicel, have a history of  active cooperation with the international security services agencies. More broadly all of the communications of the people of the Caribbean have been for decades monitored by external security services.

These latest revelations by Greenwald must NOT be seen in isolation. They must be properly located within context of 9/11 and all the measures taken by George Bush to shrink civil liberties. Obama makes Bush look ‘quaint’ by comparison. We must extend that thinking to the ambitious wars of aggression overseas and a war at home against the American people, all of which have been accelerated by Obama. This is a bi-partisan war party running the ‘American government’ for the interests of an all powerful hidden corporate regime. Obama signed the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act). Obama has instituted a new kind of drone warfare that recklessly kills innocent men, women and children in up to a dozen countries, so far. Obama, while pretending the opposite, has illegally made huge investments in a new generation of nuclear weapons. Obama has taken the unprecedented steps to ‘‘openly” align the United States with groups that the United States itself has determined to be terrorists groups. Obama has kept Guantanamo Bay opened and is building a large network of detention centres within the United States to hold Americans citizens when the uprising starts, like they must. Obama has kept his secret pledges to large corporations, pledges that complete the full integration of the political establishment and the economic oligarchs. This represents the quintessential ingredients for Neo-fascism. This is the world that supine Caribbean politicians are creating for us by they wilful ignorance. We are like ‘sheeple’ going to the slaughter without even a whimper.

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  1. A guy a spy dat fi die coppa shot inna dem
    Heart or inna dem eye Waterhouse seh!
    From you a spy yuh fi die
    Wi suspect seh yuh work fi FBI tru ah

    • FOCUS: Glenn Greenwald | NSA Collecting Phone Records of Millions of Verizon Customers DailyGlenn Greenwald, Guardian UKGreenwald reports: “The National Security Agency is currently collecting the telephone records of millions of US customers of Verizon, one of America’s largest telecoms providers, under a top secret court order issued in April.”READ MORE
      FOCUS | Al Gore Calls Obama Administration’s Collection of Phone Records ‘Obscenely Outrageous’Aaron Blake, The Washington PostBlake reports: “Former Vice President Al Gore on Wednesday night leveled some rare and harsh criticism at the Obama administration, attacking its reported collection of phone records for millions of Americans.”READ MORE

  2. Pachamam said:

    “The corporations in the Caribbean, like, LIME and Digicel, have a history of active cooperation with the international security services agencies. More broadly all of the communications of the people of the Caribbean have been for decades monitored by external security services.”

    So my question to you Pacha, why are you blaming all of this on Obama who has only been at the helm of the US government for 5 years? Sounds like misplaced hatred to me.

  3. Quoting Pachamama, June 8, 2013: “Obama has outdone Bush in his contributions to the development of a most perverse and radical Neo-fascism that surpasses anything that ever occurred in Germany after the Reichstag fire.”

    This goes beyond political and historical illiteracy. It exceeds the purest stupidity. This is madness. Is the Obama government engaged in ideological genocide on an industrial scale, a campaign that involves shoveling the twisted little bodies of millions of children into ovens?

    The opinion is not mere cretinism. It’s madness. It is, quite literally, a symptom of a mental illness. I would have to talk to the patient directly and at length before venturing a detailed diagnosis, but on the evidence to date I suspect some cognitive disturbance akin to paranoia.

    Kraepelin’s early contributions are still valid in much of the literature, though clearly at this stage it would be unethical to suggest paraphrenia, much less schizophrenia. The subject, nonetheless, does seem to present indications of some dissociative disorder.

  4. J. Edgar Hoover started tapping phones and collecting phone records decades ago and Al Gore the ahole never said a word, the Bushes never stopped seeing Hoover was a buddy, the likes of Gore only open their mouth when they themselves are targeted.

    • The attack on Obama must be because he happens to occupy the chair at this time. Surely this is not about Obama.

  5. Obama is just one branch of the US government, the executive arm and as such attacks should not be directed at him personally, we can just image what it would be like under Romney where people like Pacha would not be so free to target him if he was US president.


    Pacha… all caught up in his own madness and the spreading of untruths and half-truths…….the above link dictates that security agencies today make sure that what transpired back then can never easily happen again, most of us are only now aware of what happened back then 7 and 8 decades after the fact, some things happened nearly 100 years ago and we are now hearing about them………..Pacha, you really need to pack up or come with some unvarnished and credible truths.

  7. I do not understand one damned thing you are discussing.
    WHY.You are judging the actions of PUPPETS and NOT the actions of who is pulling the strings.
    What you never ever seen a puppet show.
    It ent real man it ent real.
    The Puppets get made and made in anyshape or Colour to suit the SHOW,
    JUSUS CHRIST wise up you Phuckin Idjits.

  8. This information is from 2 days ago:

    Washington: Computer hackers who target US agencies and companies on behalf of countries such as China and Russia would be denied entry into the US and have their bank accounts frozen under legislation to be unveiled on Thursday.
    The measure, sponsored by US Representative Mike Rogers, calls for deporting foreign nationals who are suspected of being cyber spies for other countries, said Kelsey Knight, a spokeswoman for the Michigan Republican. The House Bill also would deport or bar US entry to the hackers’ family members.
    This is putting a face to the criminals, Knight said in an interview. If you’re a foreign agent working on behest of a nation and participating in cybercrime, you will not be allowed a visa into the country, nor will your family.
    Rogers, the intelligence committee chairman, will introduce his Bill a day before President Barack Obama meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping, a summit where computer security is expected to be among issues discussed. Hacking has emerged as an irritant between the two nations, with the US accusing China of waging a large-scale campaign of cyber-espionage.
    A Pentagon report in May for the first time accused China’s military of penetrating US computer networks to steal sensitive data. Mandiant Corp., an Alexandria, Virginia-based computer security firm, released a report in February concluding that the People’s Liberation Army in China may be behind the hacking of at least 141 companies worldwide since 2006.
    China, Russia
    The Bill is primarily intended to stop hacking attacks backed by the governments of China, Russia and Iran, said Representative Tim Ryan of Ohio, its lead Democratic sponsor.
    Those are the top three that we’re most concerned about, Ryan said in an interview. The Bill should also help Obama in negotiations with Xi, Ryan said.
    I think it’s important for him to know that we’re going to aggressively get his back while he’s in negotiations, Ryan said. The two leaders are set to meet starting tomorrow near Palm Springs, California.
    Under the House measure, Obama would be directed to develop a list of hackers working under orders from other governments, Knight said. The names would be put on the Treasury Department’s Specially Designated Nationals list, a US government database of suspected terrorists and drug traffickers, Knight said.
    None of the punishments in the Bill would apply to US citizens, Knight said.
    Representative C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger of Maryland said in an interview that he doesn’t support the Bill because some of the punishments are too severe and could have negative repercussions for the US. His opposition marks a rare split with Rogers. Ruppersberger is the top Democrat on the Intelligence panel.
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    First Published: Thu, Jun 06 2013. 02 24 PM IST

  9. This is the definition of cyber war released this morning:

    Washington: On the site of a former military golf course where president Dwight Eisenhower once played, the future of US warfare is rising in the shape of the new $358 million headquarters for the military’s Cyber Command.
    The command, based at Fort Meade, Maryland, about 25 miles north of Washington, is rushing to add between 3,000 and 4,000 new cyber warriors under its wing by late 2015, more than quadrupling its size.
    Most of Cyber Command’s new troops will focus on defence, detecting and stopping computer penetrations of military and other critical networks by America’s adversaries like China, Iran or North Korea.
    But there is an increasing focus on offence as military commanders beef up plans to execute cyber strikes or switch to attack mode if the nation comes under electronic assault.
    “We’re going to train them to the highest standard we can,” Army general Keith Alexander, head of Cyber Command, told the Reuters Cybersecurity Summit last month. “And not just on defence, but on both sides. You’ve got to have that.”
    Officials and experts have warned for years that US computer networks are falling prey to espionage, intellectual property theft and disruption from nations such as China and Russia, as well as hackers and criminal groups. President Barack Obama will bring up allegations of Chinese hacking when he meets president Xi Jinping at a summit in California that begun later on Friday—charges that Beijing has denied.
    The Pentagon has accused China of using cyber espionage to modernize its military and a recent report said Chinese hackers had gained access to the designs of more than two dozen major US weapons systems in recent years. Earlier this year, US computer security company Mandiant said a secretive Chinese military unit was probably behind a series of hacking attacks that had stolen data from 100 US companies.
    There is a growing fear that cyber threats will escalate from mainly espionage and disruptive activities to far more catastrophic attacks that destroy or severely degrade military systems, power grids, financial networks and air travel.
    Now, the US is redoubling its preparations to strike back if attacked, and is making cyber warfare an integral part of future military campaigns.
    Experts and former officials say the US is among the best— if not the best—in the world at penetrating adversaries’ computer networks and, if necessary, inserting viruses or other digital weapons.
    Washington might say it will only strike back if attacked, but other countries disagree, pointing to the “Stuxnet” virus. Developed jointly by the US government and Israel, current and former US officials said last year, Stuxnet was highly sophisticated and damaged nuclear enrichment centrifuges at Iran’s Natanz facility.
    New rules of engagement
    US government officials frequently discuss America’s cyber vulnerabilities in public. By contrast, details about US offensive cyberwarfare capabilities and operations are almost all classified.
    Possible US offensive cyber attacks could range from invading other nations’ command and control networks to disrupting military communications or air defences—or even putting up decoy radar screens on an enemy’s computers to prevent US aircraft from being detected in its airspace.
    The shift toward a greater reliance on offence is an important one for a nation which has mostly been cautious about wading into the uncertain arena of cyberwar—in part because gaps in US cybersecurity make it vulnerable to retaliation.
    But former homeland security secretary Michael Chertoff said the US must be ready and should articulate—soon—what level of cyber aggression would be seen as an act of war, bringing a US response.
    “One of the things the military learned, going back to 9/11, is whether you have a doctrine or not, if something really bad happens you’re going to be ordered to do something,” he told the Reuters summit. “So you better have the capability and the plan to execute.”
    Reuters has learned that new Pentagon rules of engagement, detailing what actions military commanders can take to defend against cyber attacks, have been finalized after a year of “hard core” debate. The classified rules await defence secretary Chuck Hagel’s signature, a senior defence official said.
    The official would not give details of the rules but said, “they will cover who has the authority to do specific actions if the nation is attacked.”
    ‘A fragile capability’
    At Cyber Command, military officers in crisp uniforms mix with technical experts in T-shirts as the armed forces takes up the challenge of how to fend off cyber penetrations from individuals or rival countries.
    Even as overall US defence spending gets chopped in President Barack Obama’s proposed 2014 budget, cyber spending would grow by $800 million, to $4.7 billion while overall Pentagon spending is cut by $3.9 billion.
    Until its new headquarters is ready, Cyber Command shares a home with the US National Security Agency (NSA), which for 60 years has used technological wizardry to crack foreign codes and eavesdrop on adversaries while blocking others from doing the same to the US. Alexander heads both agencies.
    “The greatest concentration of cyber power in this planet is at the intersection of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway and Maryland Route 32,” said retired general Michael Hayden, a former CIA and NSA director, referring to NSA’s Fort Meade location.
    But NSA’s role in helping protect civilian, government and private networks has been controversial—and is likely to come under greater scrutiny with this week’s revelation that it has been collecting telephone records of millions of Verizon Communications customers under a secret court order.
    A January report by the Pentagon’s defence science board gave a general picture of how the US might exploit and then attack an adversary’s computer systems.
    In some cases, US intelligence might already have gained access for spying, the report said. From there, Cyber Command “may desire to develop an order of battle plan against that target” and would require deeper access, “down to the terminal or device level in order to support attack plans,” it said.
    Because gaining access to an enemy’s computers for sustained periods without detection is not easy, “offensive cyber will always be a fragile capability,” it said.
    In cyberspace, reconnaissance of foreign networks is “almost always harder than the attack” itself because the challenging part is finding a way into a network and staying undetected, said Hayden, now with the Chertoff Group consulting firm.
    Purple hair and jeans
    Cyber Command’s new joint operations centre, due to be complete in 2018, will pull disparate units together and house 650 personnel, officials said. Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps components will be nearby and, a former US intelligence official said, the complex will have power and cooling to handle its massive computing needs.
    Those who have worked at Cyber Command say the atmosphere is a mixture of intensity and geek-style creativity. Military precision is present, but it is not unusual to see young civilian computer whiz kids with purple hair, a tie-dyed shirt and blue jeans.
    “It’s made to be a fun environment for them. These are people who are invested and want to serve their nation. But there is some military rigor and structure around all that – like a wrapper,” said Doug Steelman, who was director of network defence at Cyber Command until 2011 and is now chief information security officer at Dell SecureWorks.
    Cyber Command’s growth and expanding mission come with serious challenges and questions. For example, how to prevent US military action in cyberspace from also damaging civilian facilities in the target country, such as a hospital that shares an electric grid or computer network with a military base?
    And some doubt that the military can train many cyber warriors quickly enough. Alexander has identified that as his biggest challenge. The former intelligence official said Cyber Command’s new teams won’t be fully ready until at least 2016 due to military bureaucracy and because it takes time to pull together people with the special skills needed.
    “To be a good cyber warrior, you have to be thinking, ‘How is the attacker discovering what I’m doing? How are they working around it?’ … Cyber security really is a cat and mouse game,” said Raphael Mudge, a private cybersecurity expert and Air Force reservist. “That kind of thinking can’t be taught. It has to be nurtured. There are too few who can do that.”
    Would-be cyber warriors go through extensive training, which can take years. A recruit with proven aptitude will be sent to courses such as the Navy-led joint cyber analysis course (JCAC) in Pensacola, Florida, a six-month intensive training programme. The top 10% of JCAC’s students will be selected for advanced cyber operations training, said Greg Dixon, a vice-president at private KEYW Corp., which conducts intensive training classes.
    The company can train a JCAC graduate to become an analyst in five weeks, but it takes 20 weeks to become a cyber operator. Dixon would not divulge what an operator would be capable of doing after graduation, but said it would be “a lot.”
    “They’re going to pick the cream of the crop for the ‘full spectrum cyber missions’,” the former US intelligence official said, using a euphemism for cyber offence.
    Before a future cyber warrior can begin advanced training, he or she has to pass through the arduous security clearance process, which can take six to nine months for personnel who are not already cleared.
    Troops earmarked for cyber warfare have found themselves washing floors, mowing lawns and painting at military installations as they bide time waiting for a clearance.
    There is the concern about retaliation for a US cyber attack. Some analysts say Iran increased its cyber capabilities after being infected with Stuxnet, which was revealed in 2010. Reuters
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    First Published: Sat, Jun 08 2013. 12 47 AM IST

  10. To put it in a ‘nutshell’ all of this IS* just another arm of the sinister, EVIL, Satanic, End-Time, One World Order, of which Obama was ‘chosen’ to be President at this specific time!

    Obama IS* a student of that wicked LEFTIST* radical Saul Alensky, of the 70’s and his book, ‘Rules for Radicals’

    All of this IS* accurate Bible prophecy coming to pass before our very eyes; and it AIN’T go NOTHING to do with COLOUR!

  11. Pachamama what the hell are yuh smoking??? I asked you a question in a past blog when you stated that many Arab /Muslim countries were doing well under a non capitalist system. I asked you to name them and to date I never got a response from you. What a load of cat shoite!

  12. Lawd I wish some people would stop cutting and pasting these long passages boout hey. Not one original thought in dem head.

  13. @islandgirl

    Maybe we were referring to the historically high level of petroleum products. This does not mean however that there is equity in the distribution of this wealth, there is not.

  14. Pacha…

    In the light of recent events which began in the public reckoning with Benghazi, I am sure much of what you write is entirely accurate. He comes over though as a glib, seedy wise-boy with an ego just a little bigger than the Titanic…no, sorry, Asia.

    Despite Well Well on Romney, I am sure he is a much nicer person and would actually have made a fine President. On ‘niceness’ – see his failure to castrate Obama in the debate when Benghazi was raised and the lies began.

  15. Then since Romney is so nice, you should make sure he becomes the next president, his own people did not want to see him there and the voters were majority white and they had a very valid reason for not wanting him there, the voters spoke. Obama is one of the very few with any real raw intelligence, his detractors are jealous haters who will never reach his level.

  16. Well well

    I agree they did not – well well after the event. But as for the rest – gee all that :”raw intelligence” – it’s quite sobering isn’t it? Wonder how he is in bed. The man is a slick smuck and makes Nixon one removed from Raphael. Honey you are funny.

    Pacha…since I suppose we’re on intelligence

    I’m sure you are right to speak of the intelligence/MI6/CIA mindset. We are as we are conditioned to be. Calculation is king.

  17. Of interest to BU is that Dropbox is included in the sweetheart deal with the NSA. Maybe this is the reaction to Wikileaks. Does anyone believe that the US and UK governments will leave the information highway unregulated?

  18. aw gawd………………honey it was you who gratuitously brought up ‘rawness”. Do you have fantasies about him?

  19. Now you see, that is where you lost me………..i have no ulterior motives when analyzing the world’s reality…………..unlike Islandguy who has been modeling around on BU as ‘islandgal’ to get at the religious and bible thumping zealot the Bushtea, had him going really good too……… i am really lost Robert Ross, Obama is just a man, with superior intellect and a high level of intelligence, yes i find it admirable, but that does not equate to a bedroom…..get your thoughts together.

  20. On a good day you can do better than that – well, I suppose. But don’t fudge the question – do you?

    See – it’s OK for you to make snide though irrelevant remarks about Romney, but when someone dares to blink at your own darling – whether it’s me or Pacha for that matter – you simply can’t take it. Isn’t it time for you to look at the record and self question the adolescent mooning? In short, why don’t you consider the difference between image and reality?

    • Where is the logic in debating the ‘raw intelligence’ of president Obama when all are agreed that the president of the USA whoever he or she is has to march to the beat of a drum?

  21. Ross………… really need to do some research on Romney, it is in the public domain…………he is your sweetheart………….i will keep the Obama image as the intellectual human that he is, he is less likely to disappoint wouldn’t you say?…………forget the bedroom that is a figment of your overactive and still adolescent imagination.


    All Phones calls on cells are over the air , The Phone calls in Barbados is collected at District A police Station Station Hill Bush Hall. on going in to the gate on the right hand side behind the wind Mill of the plantation grounds. Building looking like a stealth Navy Ship out of water . American Embassy also collects information , As the twinkle twinkle little star, if it dont twinkle in the sky, its a spy satellite beaming down on the waters out side an on Barbados. Any boat moving more than 30 knots will be picked up fast and hunted down for drugs.
    We dont mind the spies for We know then they have records of the truth we say. We want the world to know of the massive Fraud in Barbados. Maybe they will get the crook lawyers and Minister Bank and wire transfers ,
    We got our own water gate and IRS fraud in Bim , If it and it does touch American Banks with The Estate
    We Welcome the FBI , CIA, DEA, IRS in the name of Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckles , Finders fee to all who solve the case and locate the Funds , We Calling the proper Authority to Help , there is no life in Barbados Government only Fraud.

  23. David…………until it is changed, the US will continue to be managed based on the US Constitution entwined with the families who have been ruling the earth since they financed slavery and have been financing everything else for quite a few centuries……….it all has to run it’s course, which might take another few centuries…………it puzzles me why people thought Obama had the power to jump in and automatically change everything, he never said he would or could, the whole thing is much bigger than him, he did say, yes we can do a lot of things…….he is however trying to make sure the world does not regress to it’s former practices, as we all can see most of us are still free to bitch, moan and groan without being gassed.

    • Glenn Greenwald Breaks ANOTHER NSA Story
      Glenn Greenwald
      The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald is on a roll this week with revelations of top-secret surveillance programs conducted by the National Security Agency.
      On June 5, Greenwald broke the story that the NSA was collecting phone records from millions of Verizon customers every day. The next day brought an even bigger scoop: the spy agency had “direct access” into top tech companies, including Google, Facebook, and Apple.
      The details of that program, dubbed PRISM, were leaked to Greenwald in a top secret, 41-slide PowerPoint presentation.
      But the leaks are not over. According to Greenwald, there’s a new program called “Boundless Informant” — a top secret tool to count and categorize communications records worldwide.
      Writes Greenwald and Ewen MacAskill:
      Read more:

  24. @ David
    We wish you Well in your honest efforts to persuade the brain dead. The intemperate people who do not read anything really – but believe that they have some right to talk foolishness, ad infinitum. They are not even interested in the careful read or listen to what they presumed protagonists have to say. We have determined that this selfless pursuit of your, though we wish you well, cannot be a job undertaken by this us. There is too much to know. Most questions cannot be answered with a few words. We wish you Well but have long decided to demur. Thanks for the video just posted. We are listening right now.

  25. Secret Courts is more disturbing than secret spying
    Lawyers still charge extortionate fees. Freemasons after property is same scam that Deeds alludes to from way back

  26. I don’t admire the ambition of people who believe they can change the plans of people who have more money and world power than them and will for a long time to come, through advocating useless violence, they ultimately only succeed in getting innocent people including themselves killed needlessly. I would not stop them even if i could, everyone has to learn lessons the hard way, sure as hell will never join them. If anyone sees a way that they could stop what is going on in the world presently and introduce their own laws, rules, financial systems or lack of, more power to you, i would watch from the sidelines and wish you the best of luck. If they could take down the current leaders and put in place their own, more power to you………..talking is one thing but you have to be able to walk the talk.

    Looking back on world history for the years i have been around, I am of the belief that mankind makes plans and the earth and universe makes decisions.

  27. Kraepelin’s thinking is strikingly acute on the matter of dementia praecox, not least because the thinking came so early in the professional field. It’s as if someone had discovered penicillin a hundred years before Fleming.

    Kraepelin identified monotonous repeated actions (like, say, in our day, pointlessly and repeatedly posting YouTube videos or links to fringe websites that almost nobody will ever read) as a symptom of intermittent psychosis, rarely but non-negligibly punctuated by fugue states of psychogenic delusion.

    It’s important for Pachamama to know that with our current understanding of,the psychopharmacology, dementia praecox is a non-curable but treatable condition. He’ll always have it, but his distress can be alleviated with proper palliative care. It’s our hope that the psychopharmacology will develop to the point at which these kinds of cognitive disorders, dementia praecox foremost among them, are not only treatable but curable.

    Yours with best wishes,

    Dr. Jock J. Baumann (who is a NOC and was flying United 93 on 9/11 by remote control from a bunker in Jerusalem while considering whether to attend a meeting of the Bilderberg Group, which is a front for the neo-Zionist big pharma whose main aim is to take over the Oistins fish fry and establish a neo-corporatist, neo-colonial, neo-neoist neoism).

  28. @ Pachamama
    “This ‘son of a bitch’ is listening to your calls to your grandmother. He is listening to your calls to your wife. He can watch you from the sky. He can see us tying this article on our computer right now. He can see every fax you send.”

    so let him do it, who cares, i have nothing to hide. i would add that a top White House official sent me a friend request about 6 yrs ago and i accepted. i don’t know how he got my name (my visibility is limited to friends of friends) but i assumed that since I was on Rihanna’s (the real deal) friend’s list, maybe he got it thru her. never-the-less, i deleted Rihanna (now regret it) and eventually deleted him as i became increasingly suspicious of him..i.e. he had access to my wall, pics, friends list etc but i had access only to his wall (and could not make any comments), neither his friends’ list, pics etc. i felt really uncomfortable too because of his career and the fact that he was always in the headlines. hearing what’s going on now, i believe that my suspicions have been justified

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  30. mario ray
    but drones kill more than illegal rendition prison without trial
    400 + innocent civilians same colour as bum obama black ass
    Responsibility for 1 of 2 Human Right Breaches ain’t bad
    looking forward to transparency spy cams of greatest hits on youtube

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